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12:24 AM
@bjb568 Yes! it is!
I just asked my second question on Stack Overflow and I'm terrified.
> In fact, asking a question on Stack Overflow is the absolute last thing you ever want to do. You want to avoid it at all costs. You want to think of it as a horrible shame1 that will forever haunt you and pass down from you to your descendants.
Why did this get three upvotes and three favorites in one minute?
Q: unable to select text area in jquery

nafiza alamI'm tyring to select a text area in jquery. but i dont know why its not selecting. here is my code: html markup <textarea name="editor1"></textarea> <script src="//cdn.ckeditor.com/4.4.4/full/ckeditor.js"></script> <script> CKEDITOR.replace( 'editor1' ); </script> Js $(":textarea[name=editor...

Must be sock puppets; the same thing happened on all of the user's other questions:
12:53 AM
@hichris123 I got that with a complaint,
@AstroCB CV the user's questions.
@bjb568 Why?
var tag = document.location.href.match(/tagged\/.+\?*/)[0].split("tagged/").join("").split(/\?*sort=.+&.*=\d+#*/).join("");
^ Now, that is how you extract a tag's name from its page URL.
(Seriously, though: if there's a better way to do that, do tell.)
@AstroCB Because they all match close reasons?
@bjb568 Ah.
1:12 AM
@bjb568 lol. Complaining gets you a badge, I guess.
1:29 AM
A: Amending subject line to attract searches

hichris123These edits are great! Thank you! Now for the back story on this: there's been various questions about editing the titles of a question. We've been discovering that popular questions have crappy titles. Sooo... why is this a problem? Well, when people are coming from Google, they see the title f...

@AstroCB Cleaned up.
@animuson Great.
@animuson Ouch.
Oh does it combine them all into a single event for regular users?
Apparently if you sort by time it combines those events together. Interesting.
1:46 AM
@animuson no
Only if you sort by time.
Also, y u no close vote.
I did
1:51 AM
Oh, a while ago?
I was first
@hichris123 ^ did I spell it right? :P
@Undo Sure. ;)
Hmm, I wonder if @animuson is around. :P
@Undo is vim > emacs? :P
but no sekrits involved this time ;)
Why does adding and p.ClosedDate=NULL to this query make it not return anything?
2:11 AM
@Undo Because NULL != NULL. NULL IS NULL, but NULL == NULL will always equal false.
... o..kay
thanks @hichris123
A: why is null not equal to null false

just somebodyrelational expressions involving NULL actually yield NULL again edit here, <> stands for arbitrary binary operator, NULL is the SQL placeholder, and value is any value (NULL is not a value): NULL <> value -> NULL NULL <> NULL -> NULL the logic is: NULL means "no value" or "unknown value", a...

meta.stackoverflow.com/review/close/1320 ... "cannot be reproduced"? It's a discussion...
@Bart I think you're getting a gold tag badge on mSO today. ;)
2:27 AM
Are you proposing adding security risks here? — iStimple 18 secs ago
2:57 AM
Holy crap I have an Instagram account?
I am a bad person.
I have one too... but it's only for developing an app, I swear!
4:26 AM
Good Morning friends...!!! Have an awesome day and week ahead...!!! :)
4:53 AM
@Jamal thats a troll
1 or 2 people please close my above ^
to all else, I apologize, but I am out of cv's already
@Unihedron primarily the 7 that are all together posted about 2 hours ago
The close reasons are bugged stackoverflow.com/questions/24268243/…
4:58 AM
@Unihedron that's strange. you should start a bug report, if you want
@Unihedron the first listed reason is "recommendation", the second listed reason is "recommendation", they are not the same, and yet there's only one "recommendation" reason available for closing with.
Why don't they merge?
They are one, but not the same
Oh, ok.
5:01 AM
@JanDvorak they aren't identical, right, but there should only be 1
Recommendation: here, here, and here
bonus points if you can tell whom I am parodying ;-)
@JanDvorak U2 song
I hate suggested edits with the word "grammer" in the comment...
@iStimple nope
5:02 AM
Or is that even a word...
@iStimple thats the point
it's funny to do really bad spelling in the suggested edit box while at the same time saying you fixed their spelling
I know right?!
@JanDvorak are you parodying someone here?
5:04 AM
@iStimple I'm parodying the catholic concept of trinity
6:32 AM
still there^
(That's because I flagged it... Sorry for not doing so earlier, I was writing an answer)
ok, now it's gone
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: WRITING A 5 BYTE DATA IN EEPROM on electronics.stackexchange.com
smokeDetector should be renamed to screamDetector
7:12 AM
Is the 3rd revision here a valid one? I don't feel so, but I need some 3rd person point of view before I roll it back.
@R.J nope. the <br/> should be simply two spaces at the end of the line
NoobEditor is really a NoobEditor...
looks like a concurrent edit; rolled back
@Vogel612 - I guess so too :)
Jan - Even if it was concurrent, I really don't get why NoobEditor should include so much into the question just out of nowhere.
@R.J I didn't check the post, but maybe something from comments?
7:19 AM
@R.J agreed
@Vogel612 - Na. There was nothing in the comments, or atleast till what I had and have seen.
8:09 AM
what to do with this guy? (note the offensive stuff past the right edge) stackoverflow.com/questions/25481250/…
doesn't seem to be related to the question -> offensive?
even the username is offensive
@JanDvorak NAA
It's outright offensive. I've flagged the post too..
It may seem as NAA but the cuss words..
@DroidDev it is an answer, so the NAA flag is wrong here. The offensive flag is the correct one.
@Stijn I'm not sure what is the question, but this doesn't seem to answer it
@JanDvorak ah right, I mistakenly interpret it as a command to install some package.
8:19 AM
in which case the package would be an OS
but the question isn't about how to install anything
While this link may answer the question, it is better to include the essential parts of the answer here and provide the link for reference. Link-only answers can become invalid if the linked page changes. — Tom Tanner 4 mins ago
what link is he talking about?
@DroidDev misclick?
9:47 AM
Good evening!
It's always morning ;)
but a good day to you too, @AndrewT.
Goood morning!
10:27 AM
@bjb568 Morning!
Deleted before R17 abuses me about it.
11:03 AM
Today's Listening | Dubstep / DnB / Breaks (Mixsets day 25)
12:43 PM
1:42 PM
@GnomeSlice thanks
returned after two weeks to see a spam wall. Ye guys can't have fun without me around.
I challenge you to a game of chess, @SPArchaeologist
They even stopped starring everything I say @SPArchaeologist. It's horrible!!
@Unihedron chess? Would you believe me if I said that I never learned to play chess at an acceptable level? We could play, but I presume you would have more fun playing against a rock:P
Mmm, rocks.
1:58 PM
@Bart Bart, I know that what I will say will make no sense to you... but know that when I knew the almighty floor god it somehow remembered me of you.
we had some fun, discussing for hours under the floor in the glitchland that lurks beyond the normal clipping bound of the bar.
@Bart: Who stole your stars? o_O
@SPArchaeologist "I know that what I will say will make no sense to you" ... spot on
2:16 PM
@Andy if we get the Mario picture to 120 stars, do I get to get on the board roof to find ShogYoshi and get my 100 1up?
@SPArchaeologist Yes
2:37 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: HAIL ALL AIDS FAT AMERICANS on superuser.com
^ Needs a roll back. It's self vandalism
... Still no one stars Bart's messages...
@Unihedron Bart has enough stars for a lifetime, it's time for new stars to shine!
Hi @EdCottrell!
I've seen you around SO
@ShadowWizard I have trained you well
2:46 PM
@Bart but I feel bad for taking all my stars and hiding away in the Den D;
Crap flushed.
Actually, maybe, no, no, no, not a good idea, it's not tasty
@Sumurai8 how do you know? Ever tried? :P
Any Stack Overflow mods around here?
It smells bad; I never dared to try it
@Bart which remember me I should try to see if I can finally persuade VLC to download dailymotion videos ad 720i quality.
2:54 PM
@Sumurai8 good for you! :)
@ShadowWizard just ping all of them. They won't mind ....
@Bart you first
/me pretends to be busy
/me pretends to be sumurai8
/me plucks Bart out of the corner
OK, I'll just ping the nearest mod then
2:57 PM
wondering how the "nearest" part will work out.
@bluefeet can you please reset the "website" field in this profile? It's dead and just cause a file download. The user himself can't do it anymore.
(I flagged one of his posts a week ago, still active :))
@Unihedron Good morning!
Ooo, deputy badge on MSE
@Unihedron tha's the bright side of all the spam we get there ;)
@ShadowWizard :))
3:09 PM
only 143 deputies in whole MSE, that's not much
154 flags away from Marshal. :(
@ShadowWizard I'm slowly getting there, but I almost exclusively flag spam. Sometimes other flags when I'm really sure they're correct. Currently on a perfect 166 helpful out of 166 total flags :)
@ShadowWizard done
@Stijn nice, though on MSE it's harder to submit a wrong flag ;)
@bluefeet thanks!
3:29 PM
Someone converted a screenshot to code/text, but is it reasonable for a suggested edit reviewer to check if it's completely correct? Can I reject it or should I skip it? stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/5620051
@Stijn Looks legit to me.
And of course robo reviewers have already done it... one person managed to review it 20 seconds after the suggested edit was done.
@EdCottrell well yes, but is it expected of reviewers to spend the time required to check if it's 100% correct?
@Stijn I would say no, it's not expected, and the proper thing to do is skip it if you're not personally going to spend that time. In practical terms, though, the robo-reviewers always get there first, as just happened here...
@Stijn The guy has 10 score on Python tags (and most scored tag as his field too), so I wouldn't worry.
There actually is a typo, 1owercase should be lowercase :) anyway, I'll skip these then in the future.
3:34 PM
@Stijn You sure? I think it was already 1owercase in the screenshot...
Guy must have mastered this: thc.org/root/phun/unmaintain.html
Guys, I was assured of SO t-shirts by the SE team... more than 2 months have gone by but I've not got it. What to do?
@AmitJoki ask a CM. @Pops can you take a look at that?
CM? What's that @Stijn
Community Manager
@AmitJoki poke Tim
3:43 PM
got it @Bart
I believe @TimPost mentioned something recently about shipping swag that wasn't shipped yet. Not sure what the details were though.
@Stijn I can ask him (we're about to talk in a minute) but more than likely there'll need to be an e-mail.
But is it even feasible to send those all over from US (or UK?) to India??? I would be surprised if I received it ;)
There are a few places that just seem to be impossible for us to ship things to, for reasons I do not understand. Some parts of India are on that list.
They shouldn't be in theory, but they seem to be in practice.
@AmitJoki I guess it can take a while. I'm still waiting on something that I would get, from the beginning of July and I'm in Belgium.
3:46 PM
I think @Pops hand delivers those on his unicycle though @AmitJoki.
@Bart I stopped doing that in protest when we graduated the Bicycles site and wouldn't even put Unicycles SE in beta.
Fight the system @Pops!
how many have got them? any statistics??
@AmitJoki Send Tim (tpost@) an e-mail with your info, explaining that you never got your shirt, and we'll try again. I'm being told that, in the past, it's taken as long as six months to get through customs in India, though.
I still had this room open.
is there an ETA on network-wide escalation of spam/offensive flags?
I must have missed that feature request.
Got a meta link handy?
4:05 PM
I don't know if there's already a request
There is this @JanDvorak ...
Q: Allow moderators to handle spam flags network-wide

MPDThere has been lots of discussion here about the sports-related spam. On high volume sites, and sites with OCD^H^H^Hactive moderators, spam vanishes quickly. Either the users flag it to oblivion, or the moderators see it or the flags, and take care of it. In other words, the system works as in...

4:23 PM
@Pops Tim's email?
@AmitJoki tpost@
is that it? where's the domain part?
stackoverflow dot com
tpost@stackexchange.com ?
@Bart ok. got it..
SE and SO will both work. So will askpatents.com if you're feeling really weird.
4:29 PM
@Pops any idea when will the next mod election will be held?
@AmitJoki isn't the question more where?
@Vogel612 well SO
@AmitJoki this is the SX-wide chat.. Better ask before assuming ;)
yeah.. @Vogel612
Not sure if SO is in immediate need of more moderators. Unless some step down.
4:37 PM
@Bart I'd rather have a few more mods in the team, than taking to long to "restaff", but that again comes with increased cost of moderating moderators, right?
I'm sure elections will be held when necessary @Vogel612. But more moderators is not always an improvement I guess.
SO just has that enormous volume... and thousands of questions and flags every day...
I think one or two mods more can help relax the situation a little for all other mods don't you think?
I don't know about the state behind the scenes @Vogel612. And finding people interested in the diamond is one thing. Finding actual good moderators willing to put in the time and effort is another.
@Bart completely correct.
Wouldn't wanna to their job.
Well I think it's to be decided between the SX-team and the mods.
and it's good that it is
because these guys know best how "critical" it is..
@Vogel612 despite them being evil nazi poo-heads, sure.
4:43 PM
@Bart now that's what you said ;)
I was just trying to say somehting nice about mods...
but you were unable to @rene ... understandable
@AstroCB hmmm.... someone wanna superping that user to make him take a course in basic english??
4:44 PM
@bjb568 Robo.
@Bart I couldn't beat your comment...
@Vogel612 The edit is blatant vandalism.
@AstroCB #i-tried
try to see the good in people
The sole user who approved it has approved 21 edits and rejected 0.
even though they are mostly , , ...
> Review audit failed 5 mins ago:
GeekTantra reviewed this 5 mins ago: Approve
4:49 PM
@AmitJoki There isn't one on the horizon.
got it @Pops BTW your name sounds nice "Pops" :)
It was selected due to popular demand...
5:06 PM
A ★ for @Bart, Andy took the rest.
5:28 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: HOW TO LEARN LINUX IN WINDOWS7 on superuser.com
5:42 PM
6:03 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] SmokeDetector started (@Undo)
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: HOW TO FLASH LG E451G? on superuser.com
7:02 PM
7:12 PM
@TGMCians you can find me in the close voters room...
@rene yeah I found you. :)
@AstroCB cv-ed
@TGMCians Jippie!
7:27 PM
I got stuck in close vote queue
same here
It's Josh's fault
few minutes back, chat system was also in maintenance
looks like they screwed the IIS boxes...
> Server error
7:31 PM
Y U 404
meta still works
and.. it's up
[ SmokeDetector ] SmokeDetector started (@Undo)
Let's post on meta ;)
A minor firewall change had some very ill effects, we have reverted and are digging into the issue.
7:57 PM
@rene mm... no UPS failure?
@Braiam Yes, but they don't now yet....
Well...that's broken.
@AstroCB You could deal with him yourself…
(invited to the robo-room tho)
@AstroCB Try reloading.
But it looks like a position: relative isn't being applied.
@bjb568 I could, but you're the one who knows how to expertly generate the mod reports and has the ability to invite to the robo room.
@bjb568 Nope. Anyone else?
@AstroCB What? I don't report them to the mods very well, and aren't doing it anymore (too time consuming). Anybody can invite to the robo-room:
8:10 PM
@bjb568 How?
...and then I would enter that room and tell you to mind your own business...
@bjb568 Ah.
Not again...
Q: Is SO controlled by an old guard that puts off new users from contributing?

worldofjrPerhaps I'm being a devil's advocate, but as a new user - but with a good level of knowledge - there have been a couple of instances I've seen over the last few weeks, where a user (with high(ish) reputation) has basically told me or another user that an answer was not good enough, but didn't try...

They call me an old guard now...
@rene, you are #8 most close-vote reviewer. Clearly you have committed terrible crimes. — gunr2171 1 min ago
8:23 PM
If you leave me at it I'll close all those 7,883,009 questions...
The guy is probably angry because the question he asked today got closed as a duplicate: stackoverflow.com/questions/25478256/…
> A question that everyone has thought of at some point, but was too afraid to ask!
Actually not everyone has been too scared to ask. See stackoverflow.com/questions/5341451/…cabellicar123 18 hours ago
Q: Alert Questioner when Accepted Answer Falls Below a Given Threshold

worldofjrIs it possible to add a feature that alerts a questioner when an answer they've accepted falls below (for example) 0 in votes? Or perhaps -5 from the votes at the time of accepting. This could be useful when an answer has been accepted and another, better answer is posted afterwards that perhaps...

@AstroCB Yup. Ahh… no.
... why in the world are we closing as a dupe of 'Negative as of late?'
@hichris123 We need to close it as something.
8:38 PM
@bjb568 ... and why? Maybe as 'unclear'... but it's not a dupe.
@hichris123 Fine, but it shouldn't be reopened.
This old guard was to mellow and casted a reopen vote...
@hichris123 It's another "The world is ending! Stack Overflow is doomed! Run for your lives because the Meta police are coming to destroy all of your questions!" question.
A: make shape and simple tracking that in video (realtime)

miladroll a joint bro ;) it will help :)

Oh my.
8:46 PM
Flagged NAA.
@hichris123 I just got that answer in the First Posts queue.
@hichris123 I meant to remark I was wondering what the answerer had been smoking... but then I realised I probably already knew.
Rolling a joint is the reason why stupid comments like this are left. — rayryeng 4 mins ago
is that offensive, though?
@AstroCB Don't waste your time editing those questions. They'll be deleted soon enough... unless you can make crap into gold don't bother.
@JanDvorak meh.
8:50 PM
also cv'd the question
@JanDvorak I flagged it as such, but mostly just because it should be deleted quickly; it's not exactly offensive.
@hichris123 If I see it, I feel compelled to fix it; whether the OP takes that bait to fix their terrible question is up to them.
What does it mean if an offensive flag is "disputed?"
I though that only mods could handle those.
@SmokeDetector huh
it happens when a flagged revision is rolled back
8:55 PM
@AstroCB I cleared it from the post via the "remove spam/offensive flags" option
@AnnaLear Ah.
Q: alphabetize a string javascript

mikeandikeI am trying to take a string and sort it alphabetically: function AlphabetSoup(str) { var newstr = str.split(""); newstr.sort(); newstr.join(); newstr.replace(",",""); return newstr; }

Great. What's your question? — Brad 1 min ago
It doesn't exactly help when people answer it anyway.
They'll just continue to ask questions the same way.
9:13 PM
@AstroCB he waited for his comment actually
9:42 PM
@bjb568 Now, the share menu won't load at all.
A: Feedback requested: Runnable code snippets in questions and answers

AstroCBIn the javascript tag, we get comments like these all the time: JSFiddle please It would be better if we had a JSFiddle I can help you if you give me a JSFiddle We outsource a lot of content to JSFiddle, so having Stack Snippets onsite would certainly help (though it does negate t...

9:53 PM
A: Should JavaScript questions be down-voted for not providing JSFiddles?

BoltClockPersonally I think it's incredibly unfair to expect an asker to provide a fiddle in every question just because it could benefit from one. If all the code that is necessary to recreate a fiddle is in the question, then anyone else can just make one themselves without having to burden the asker. ...

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