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12:06 AM
I should probably stop procrastinating and go do this thing.
Yay new mail server is all set up.^_^
And now you never have to worry about that garbage again.
It's past midnight UTC.... and we all know what that means!
The unicorns are coming out to play?
I just got 200 more flags to use!
12:17 AM
I would like to play your flagging game, @Undo.
@jadarnel27 You want access to the tool?
Yes. The tool beckons.
Ok. I don't really have a decent signup system, so I actually need an email address so I can send you a password.
A good signup system is... planned.
I'm about to head out for a meeting. But I should be back in a couple of hours.
Or you can visit erwaysoftware.com with the email in the URL - then I can see the logs and get it.
12:21 AM
Even Google doesn't fix pluralization bugs!
@animuson :(
I use Google's webmail system, @Undo. And the address is my SE username.
Good =)
@Undo We'll expect the usual 6-8 week timeframe.
12:22 AM
More like 6-8 minutes :)
Wait, seriously Google? When i add the email address that I'm paying for, it makes me verify that email address in order to pay for it? That doesn't make any sense...
@jadarnel27 You should be all set up to start handling psuedo-flags.
Honestly, I think Stack Exchange is among a very small number of companies that fixes bugs at the level of inanity of the pluralization "bug."
@Undo Mine is "me" at my domain (animuson.net). :) Or my username at the same webmail system as Mr. Darnel over there.
@animuson You wants in too? :)
12:27 AM
And that's how I feel about a lot of other bug reports I see on Meta about the resolution of random, tiny images in the interface not being high enough, and UI elements being off by a tenth of a pixel in some browsers.
I want to play. I'm not sure how exactly flagging as a moderator works though. Maybe I can break something.
Thanks @Undo. I will check it out in a bit!
@animuson it's just a list of links to them - what you do to them after that is up to you :)
And I shall make animuson an acount also.
Q: How does Google know the position of my wifi router

SlumpAI found out that using the network/wifi based location on my android device I can get quite an accurate position from my home wifi router (without using GPS). Obvoiusly for that to work, Google must know the position of my home wifi router. So my question is: how does google know the position of...

@animuson You should be set up. Go forth and break things!
12:33 AM
Dinner time!
12:46 AM
Chicken, potatoes, and corn.
12:59 AM
Why does everything interesting happen while I'm asleep?
@michaelb958 Because you sleep when interesting things happen.
@Undo: I think it'd be much more helpful if you used "comment obsolete" flags instead of custom mod flags
@ThiefMaster Aye, ok.
@ThiefMaster Would you prefer one per comment that's obsolete or one per comment thread?
@Undo Interesting things shouldn't be allowed to happen when I'm sleeping! They should be queued until I'm awake and on Meta.
I prefer one flag on each comment that should be deleted
1:01 AM
@ThiefMaster Ok, could you ask someone to kill my rate limit? :P
Also, I only have 100 comment flags I can use - what about when I'm out of those?
And I only have normal flags left.
well the problem with mod flags is that they require a ton of clicks in this case:
one click to view the full post, another one to show all comments, then deleting all them, an then dismissing the mod flag manually
for comment flags it's just one click to delete per comment ;)
Ok, sounds good (I don't know the workflows).
@Thief Another question, though: When I'm out of comment flags (I only have 100), can I use normal post flags?
Because my goal is to beat Andrew Barber's flag count.
that's not a valid reason :p
anyway, in that case i'd either wait for the next day or flag posts where ALL comments are obsolete and mention that in the flag message
1:06 AM
Then I can only get a hundred or so helpful flags a day :(
Instead of two hundred.
And less stuff gets cleaned up. But ok.
But I do think we need a consensus on preference for these flags - it's a little confusing.
types furiously
oh, and while cleaning up is a great thing it's not really a big issue if comments on a 4-year-old post live a bit longer
1:25 AM
sits around and waits for Google to answer his support ticket
Q: Could we have some consensus on how to flag bunches of obsolete comments?

UndoI kind of like flagging obsolete comments. I have infrastrure I've built around flagging obsolete comments. Like, 50,000 row MySQL db's and queues and things. It all is very, very good at finding the obsolete comments - but flagging them actually turns out to be rather difficult. I'd like to ma...

^ Answer away!
@animuson You didn't report that pluralization bug, did you? :P
Haha, no. It won't let me generate a DKIM record for my email. :( Keeps giving me some generalized meaningless error.
@animuson Like this?:
> You can't do that because that cannot be done by you.
> We are unable to process your request at this time. Please try again later. (Error #1000)
Maybe they can't process your request at this time.
Maybe you should try again later.
1:56 AM
@Undo has placed a bounty on Beta sites should be in the Data Explorer:
> Please please please! This would enable me to flag even more comments on beta sites in need!
2:13 AM
A: Beta sites should be in the Data Explorer

Tim StoneThis is in the works, so hopefully beta sites will have their data become available in SEDE within the next few weeks.

2:34 AM
^ we're basically waiting on hardware, some of it was racked today, the rest arrives soon.
3:26 AM
@Nick Awesome news!
4:18 AM
Oh my god, the Panthers might beat the Patriots.
I really need to work on getting 10k on SO.
@animuson Could us non-10ks have a screenshot? Please?
Where would be the motivation in reaching 10k in that?
@animuson Heh
4:44 AM
Does anyone else see weirdness at the bottom of this post?:
A: How can I get a jquery css container to pop up letting the user know data was successfully entered?

Paolo BergantinoI'm not going to mark this as a duplicate, but you are essentially asking the best way to show notifications using jQuery. And that has been asked before. In a nutshell, in your basic setup all you need to do is show a div and fade it in, but there are a lot of plugins out there that handle more ...

Holy crap, the Panthers did beat the Patriots.
@Undo That's pretty odd.
I'm reporting it.
I wouldn't bother. That bug is likely long gone by now. The post just hasn't been updated since it apparently mega-failed at being saved.
@animuson You broke the weirdness with that edit, FYI.
Keep in mind that post contents are not live. The markdown is all stored at the time the post updates. So a post from 2009 used the code from 2009.
4:50 AM
I think he was trying to =)
Yeah, I didn't realize that until I read it in a bug report on Meta at some point. The post contents are basically "markdown'ddd" at the time they're saved, and then the HTML isn't updated again unless the post is edited.
(or the devs do a mass rebuild, which I think they've done before)
Q: Some kind of weird injection on SO?

UndoI just ran across this answer while on comment patrol. It seems normal in almost every regard... Except it isn't. For one, it's cut off - look at the source and you see that there's quite a bit more that isn't shown. Another thing: the code block formatting is.. um... overflowing: I don't kno...

Whoa whoa wat?
Yeah. Like animuson was saying. If there was a bug in the markdown code / HTML rendering at the time the post was edited, it would still be evident in the post.
Oh. Darn it.
Posts aren't run through the Markdown parser every time someone loads the page. That would be a huge performance hit.
Reason #157352 the SE devs are smarter than me: caching :P
I would be counting stuff every time someone loads the badge page and stuff like that.
How to Get A Stack Exchange Employee To Look At Your Question: put 'injection' somewhere in the title.
I bet the employees have a search for 'injection' in new questions on Meta hooked up to an alarm clock.
Probably some kind of smoke alarm in the office.
Injection! Evacuate! No wait don't!
5:06 AM
I had to kill off your tag. :P
@animuson I didn't figure it would last long.
Is that how you get employee attention?
I didn't even notice it at first until I looked at the stats tab in the 10k tools. Gotta make sure those new tags are up to par!
"Some kind of weird injection in the endless close votes queue"
@jadarnel27 Yeah, they keep injecting close votes!
5:09 AM
Btw, oh mighty mods, how am I doing with the flags lately? Are they correct/convenient?
I'm gonna write a userscript that I can tell to flag comments and it automatically puts in the 5-second gap, closing the tab when it's done :D
Programming question nuked in a minute. That was quick.
6:13 AM
I demand to speak to life's manager! I have some lemons to give back!
1 hour later…
7:14 AM
Protip: don't apply percentage font sizes to *.
2 hours later…
9:28 AM
How can I switch to stackexchange.com with the new super collider dropdown?
1 hour later…
10:52 AM
A: The new top bar is out on meta. Consider it a beta

Sha Wiz Dow ArdTwo things missing: There used to be direct link to http://stackexchange.com/ when opening the multicollider: Now I can't find direct link anywhere. "more inbox messages" link in the bottom of the inbox. Convenient shortcut to going to my Stack Exchange profile and to the inbox tab i...

11:09 AM
@michaelb958 we don't support text zooming, since every supported browser has full page zooming which is way more reliable - there's good reason every browser moved this direction
2 hours later…
1:05 PM
I'd suggest adding a / at each post if it was done in that Thread.
(Yes, I used Thread. Because it is not a normal question.)
I could suggest that edits with suggested edits. How meta is that? :P
3 hours later…
4:27 PM
Response from Google:
> 'Error #1000' is basically the catch-all error message of Google Apps, and usually occurs for transient errors. Therefore, I suggest you try reproducing this action on a different computer as well as on a different browser and see what happens. If the error appeared recently, just give it a bit of time. However, if after you tried during some time you still encounter the message error, just let me know and I'll certainly see what I can do for you from there.
Ok I don't understand what trying in a different browser or computer has anything to do with receiving an instant 500 Internal Server Error from Google, but whatever...
Did you try turning it off and on again?
@animuson @bart ^
4:44 PM
@Undo Hey, what's the purpose of the two buttons in your flagging app? Just for your own tracking purposes?
@jad Yup - for tuning of the algorithm. And it removes it from the queue for everyone else.
What do you think would happen if I just replied to the email with "shibboleet"?
Gotcha, @Undo. That makes sense.
@animuson Try and let us know
@animuson Knowing Google, it might be a coupon code that makes google pay you to use their software.
But you try it first.
5:34 PM
How is that WAMP Meta question on the SO community bulletin board thingadongdong?
@jadarnel27 I think stuff that gets a lot of activity on meta goes there automagically.
Do mods add things to that? I can only recall it showing new blog posts and Meta posts tagged "featured."
An event?
What is a straw poll?
@Undo That would make sense. However I find it odd that it has that other text (that animuson just mentioned).
Straw poll is like an informal survey.
I think the term has its roots in American politics.
But I am too lazy to Google it.
Shog added it. :P
5:39 PM
in Ask Different Chat on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 41 secs ago, by Daniel Lawson
When see the big yellow badge light up with a bunch of flags and it turns out they're just comment flags I get very annoyed :-)
in Ask Different Chat on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 40 secs ago, by Daniel Lawson
@Undo Now I know who to blame.
Ah. That makes sense, @animuson.
Q: New Community Bulletin box in side area

DragonLord the FieryI've noticed that a new "Community Bulletin" box is being rolled out network-wide: Can someone describe this new feature?

I forgot we get a fancy Community Events section in the mod panel. So it's not all automated.
Indeed. I forgot that it wasn't all automated. I guess it's used pretty sparingly on SO.
@animuson Still have a low flag count?
No. It's back up to 131.
Go to sleep for a measly 8 hours and this is what happens...
What the hell is with all these NAA flags? None of these look like non-answers. o.o
5:43 PM
@animuson Oooh! Decline-fest!
The sad thing is they all have 2 or 3 NAA flags on them. :/
Whoa, wat?
From the same three people, perhaps?
5:56 PM
@Oded Want that reversed or something?
@Undo - only if you really want to
I can actually decode that in my head.
And that is what I like about Oded.
6:00 PM
Why in the world does this have an undelete vote?
(10k only)
Probably from the author.
@animuson They can vote to undelete?
There's a problem there.
Why wouldn't they be able to?
I dunno... it just seems... weird.
And now it'll be in the 10k tools for a month.
6:02 PM
Eh. They can't undelete it by themselves. So. No problem ;)
1 hour later…
7:12 PM
I am so tired of filling out pointless and unnecessary forms.
@jadarnel27 Please fill out Form 20537-C to file a formal complaint against filling out forms.
7:26 PM
@AndrewLBarber, Ohio, USA
#StackOverflow Community Moderator ♦; Programmer; Libertarian. Opinions expressed are those of random voices in my head.
2.7k tweets, 412 followers, following 461 users
Anybody who doesn't follow me on twitter is a weirdo. Or, probably very sensible.
> That all displeased me, so i farted in the store and left.
Best review conclusion ever!
@AndrewBarber If I follow you, what do I get in return?
@Bart You can't hide from Shog.
I noticed @Undo. What's even scarier is that he's looking though my windows right now. And I'm on the 3rd floor.
Only complete idiots follow @AndrewBarber.
@Bart Complete, utter, total, absolute, wild-eyed... Present company included, of course.
... seems to sum me up pretty accurately.
7:36 PM
Taco dip!
7:53 PM
^ an attempt at userscripting.
I feel like I would enjoy using Twitter, but that I would probably spend more time than is prudent on there if I signed up.
@jadarnel27 I agree! Hmmm...
I didn't realize you knew me that well, @Andrew.
@jadarnel27 Well, you seem to be exactly like me. And, didn't we have this discussion before? It involved web cams... or, am I thinking of someone else?
(Probably a mirror.)
8:07 PM
I didn't realize you knew me that well, @animuson.
8:20 PM
I thought we agreed to never talk about that, @AndrewBarber?
Jeez. Some people.
Yes, we agreed. But my fingers were crossed.
2 hours later…
10:30 PM
SO with no flags in the top bar looks weird.
@ThiefMaster Getting bored?
Because I have a cure for that.
10:55 PM
After struggling for so long, I finally submitted a review.
11:51 PM
I just reviewed a Meta suggested edit. I feel powerful.

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