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1:01 AM
This is for @jadarnel: i.sstatic.net/ETEua.jpg
1:13 AM
Sometimes Stack Overflow makes me wonder. I think I want to do something simple. Find a dozen answers on SO on how to do them. Try all of them. None of them actually work as advertised. Cry.
The HTML/CSS world is like that for just about anything. Most answers are work-arounds that only apply to that specific use case.
It is silliness, why does everything require a separate library? It makes me feel the internet was designed to hire more internet engineers (yes, I believe that is an official designation).
"How can I save svg as a text file?" "Well, it depends on your browser." Why?! I mean, it is a bunch of text. I can manually copy the SVG text and save it in a text file, and it works (doesn't matter what browser I use). Why the heck can't I just download that text to a file without having to leap through hoops?
When it's quicker to do something manually than to find an automated solution for something so seemingly simple, I think there is definitely something horribly wrong going on in between. </rant>
(added irony points in that I can alert the damned thing using alert(), but I can't find a way to download the same stuff as is in the alert, and that's the mind-boggling thing to me. I'm sure there's a reason there somewhere having to do with security, but for the love of Job, I just want it to work)
1 hour later…
2:44 AM
@animuson LOL
You have a problem.
Lies. Six Justin Bieber CDs is a problem. I only have five...
3:02 AM
I don't think we define problem the same way.
3:20 AM
@animuson Bah, why did I click this link. I really don't want to have a JB image in my head before going to bed.
3:40 AM
You should know by now that whenever I ping jadarnel with an image, it's usually something Bieber-related.
well "mega bugs wtf gallery (very NSFW)" on reddit helped me replace the bieber image with something less weird. and /r/aww removed the images from the nsfw bugs gallery :p
devises an evil plan to post a Justin Bieber photo to /r/aww
@animuson Why is that, by the way?
I'm gonna cover one of his songs, and put it on YouTube on of these days.
Just for animuson.
4:04 AM
The SO mods better hope I never get my hands on this:
Q: How might I get a copy of all comments on the site (SO)?

UndoI kind of like flagging comments (as several mods will attest), and I have a few systems in place to aid me in flagging those comments (queues, etc.) Now, it's recently come about that one of my more complicated attempts to dredge up obsolete comments on SO requires a copy of the entire comments...

I don't know if the others have noticed yet, but I've been loving the obsolete flags lately. — Bill the Lizard 2 mins ago
this is only the beginning
evil laugh
4:42 AM
Was just cornered by three physics mods and told how to streamline my flagging practices :)
Long story short: I was doing it wrong. Now I shall do it right.
@Undo Exactly how are you going to do it?
Flagging every single comment? :o
@Manish Just how we talked about: flag one as obsolete in each thread.
Really, they should just let me delete comments on every site :P
And give me an API to do it.
DROP TABLE Comments - Done.
3 hours later…
8:11 AM
Is it bad to keep posts in meta active by editing them every few hours?
A particular post i mean
@AshishNitinPatil If the edits are substantial and warranted, it's probably fine as long as you don't go overboard (that is, not every ten minutes for hours). If it's just useless "bump" edits, most would consider it a bit rude.
Well, many of the edits were substantial, but then I did bump 2-3 edits at about 12 hr interval. Thanks!
Edits just for bumps are not good. Juse a bounty instead.
Ok. Thanks! Will do.
2 hours later…
3 hours later…
1:15 PM
Hmm, I really should put something up for shouldiblamecaching.com.
@TimStone - A massive YES?
That would be a good start. :P
BTW - if you have those SEDE notes, why not send them on to me? ocoster at se
Which notes in particular?
You said something about Nick having some ?
1:21 PM
No, I told Nick to let you know that if you wanted me to work on anything in relation to the style reconciliation to free up time for other things you needed to do to let me know, since I'm back to being not terribly busy again.
Beyond that I have a clusterfu...mess of todo items and such in my head, but. :P
Oh - thanks for offering. It is under control - kinda waiting on other things now...
Nothing major happening - a bit of a front page redesign and we intend on including beta site data in there.
Yeah, redesigning the homepage as you're doing was one of the outstanding todo items, so I didn't want there to be any overlap.
The project also needs to be reconciled with one of the outstanding PRs I think so it can just be updated to VS 2012, because trying to keep it 2010 was just obnoxious.
I think we did that? I know Nick updated something in this regard, may not have gotten deployed yet.
1:28 PM
Possibly, when I talked to him the other day we were wondering if you had 2010 installed, heh. ;)
So it might have been updated in the interim.
lol - actually I've gone 2014
2:21 PM
I was given a circular saw over the weekend. I can't imagine this not turning out like the "Homeownership" xkcd comic.
(I didn't have any tools before that except a small toolkit given to me by my lender at the closing, which contained zero power tools)
So @Oded, question: I want the entire comments table. One of the answers I got to my question said to just call the API 245,000 times to get them. Would you strangle me if I did that?
@Undo - Not me. Nick might though.
So it's a bad idea?
I'd think it is available through SEDE? Is there where the limit is?
I can only make SEDE give me something like 50,000 at a time, actually.
2:28 PM
But hammering the API like that? Not sure.
I figured as much. I'll just find a way to get it from the data dump, then
That's why its there ;)
Okay, then. I'll try to make it work :)
2:44 PM
@TimStone Massive "YES" Subtext: "(results may be accurate or delayed due to caching)"
cachedisstackoverflowdown.com: "No" (this result might be inaccurate due to caching)
How to get all the comments from a beta site?
It oscillates.
@JohannesKuhn soon, the data dump - for now: API
2:51 PM
Grrrrr @Oded
What would happen if caching was turned off for a few minutes?
typing-comment-to-guide-lost-new-user-on-meta .... subm....DAMMIT!
@Undo apocalyptic failure
That's it?
2:52 PM
It would be nice if you can just download a single table.
Also, why is the stuff from the data dump .7z'd?
@Undo wouldn't really matter. The caching itself is cached, so that would kick in.
@Undo otherwise the torrent would be massive
It's caches all the way down.
@Bart wat?
2:53 PM
Was just typing a lengthy comment.
@JohannesKuhn you can effectively, any modern torrent client will let you pick the files you want
oh wait we .7z per site, hmmm
Sowwy. The formatting just got to me.
@NickCraver Down to the site, but not to the table, right?
yeah, is this for Stack Overflow?
I could see a case for per-table zipping there
2:54 PM
@NickCraver Me?
open question :)
Yup - I'm planning more ingenious ways to make work for the mods.
Just because size, @Undo
Oh, makes sense.
Wow, the .xml comments table for dba.se is 19.1 MB.
@Undo someone is going to be "popular".
2:55 PM
For the SO data dump, having an archive per table makes sense - it is sooooo big otherwise.
I would really appreciate that, @Oded.
@Oded note that somewhere? We'll do that next dump
I think it's split into 700 MB (?) chunks right now.
2:56 PM
for reference: last data dump: 76.3GB, zipped: 14.8GB
Oh wow.
XML, repeated attributes and text...compresses very well
IIRC, over 12GB is SO.
Now I have to figure out how to extract this XML to a nice SQL db.
@Oded zipped or unzipped?
2:57 PM
@Undo Sam saffron has a tool for that
@JohannesKuhn zipped
@Undo I suggest SAX.
Q: Fast Multi Platform Data Dump Import for SQL Server (2000/2005/2008), SQLite and MySQL

Sky SandersUpdated compilation platform to enable execution on x86 and x64. UPDATE: Confirmed with March, April, May and June dumps. The application readme file and hosting will be moved to http://soapi.info/tools/soddi.aspx. Links are in the readme text below. Stack Overflow Data Dump Import v.11...

SQLite is good.
2:59 PM
it's... for.... windows :(
I prefer enterprise SQL with half a terrabyte of ram, but whatever works really =P
This tool no longer works on the April 2011 data dump. Posts gets an error "Input string was not in a correct format" and Users gets an error of "The given value of type String from the data source cannot be..." and the window isn't allowed to maximize, so I can't tell you the rest. — Brent Ozar May 12 '11 at 20:43
And it looks a bit old - I believe the schema has changed a bit since.
SQLite is good for a standalone application. If you have more than a handful concurent clients, use something else.
code is there was the main point, probably needs little tweaking
3:00 PM
So I guess that I'll try to write something to parse it while cut off from the rest of the inter webs.
Because practice.
unfortunately the data explorer doesn't import the data dumps anymore, it actually is the staging area for generating them
@NickCraver I bet you guys aren't limited to 50,000 rows, right?
@Undo whatever will fit in 384GB ;)
35 mins ago, by Undo
So @Oded, question: I want the entire comments table. One of the answers I got to my question said to just call the API 245,000 times to get them. Would you strangle me if I did that?
3:01 PM
50,000 rows? Who would intoduce that limit?
34 mins ago, by Oded
@Undo - Not me. Nick might though.
To be fair, HAProxy would likely ban you before I noticed :)
So I guess that abusing the API is a Bad Way to go about this, right?
It's not our preferred way, no...that's not really what it's there for, and higher pages are more expensive
Oh. Okay.
3:03 PM
I think the best way would be a mix of "data dump" + all comments since this time.
So now I have to parse XML :(
It's really simple XML though
@JohannesKuhn I really don't need a really current one, actually. There are a surprising number of obsolete comments.
@Undo again: For that ammount of data, use SAX.
Now I must go Google what SAX is.
3:03 PM
What are you trying to do?
Is SEDE not helpful at all in this case?
@NickCraver I want the entire comments table.
that doesn't answer my question
Isn't SEDE limited to 50,000 rows?
Undo: dom parsers will load the entire thing into memory (which will probably not be the best), while SAX can parse a stream.
It's limited to returning that many yes
The point of SEDE is to filter down the information to what you need, does that not help at all here?
3:05 PM
but you can do LIKE.
Well... yes, it did for my last project, but now I want all of them, for contexts and such.
And to run stats on, etc.
Ok, well it's a 12GB table (before indexing) so you'll need something decent to run that with
I'm starting small - but I suppose that my humble '09 MPB isn't enough? :P
dunno, try it :)
3:15 PM
@Undo You could use the OData interface (no, don't do that)
Also I think I have an updated version of SoSlow somewhere...
Or something. I haven't imported data in a while.
Getting a /System/Library/Frameworks/Ruby.framework/Versions/2.0/usr/lib/ruby/2.0.0/rubyg‌​ems/core_ext/kernel_require.rb:45:in require': cannot load such file -- mysql`
on this.
(I know absolutely nothing about Ruby)
3:32 PM
Undo: sounds like you have to install a mysql ruby packet (I think they are called "gem"s)
$ sudo gem install mysql found when searching for ruby gem mysql install
1 hour later…
4:38 PM
Ender's Game was amazing.
3 hours later…
7:46 PM
@jadarnel27 jealous
@animuson You should go see it!
I also really want to see the new Thor movie.
Is there a way to easily see all the review audits I've gotten in the close votes queue?
I just failed one for the first time today :o
I'd be more excited about having to work Thanksgiving evening if our company paid us holiday pay...
8:01 PM
Oh, that's lame. You should totally get some kind of holiday overtime.
If you work Black Friday, you should probably get combat pay.
We actually have like a hundred Wal-Mart security posts listed for Thursday. xD
> Assist on site crowd management. Provide safe environment for customers by enforcing store policies.
Haha, nice.
Because Wal-Mart is where I'd want to go spend my Thanksgiving.
8:36 PM
9:09 PM
What is the canonical "Bring back too localized" Meta feature request?
Surely there is one?
@animuson I see this poor guy's ads in the subway all the time: justinbieberlaw.com
Imagine how he must feel
@animuson Do you know why this is happening?
Q: Duplicate questions show up as "on hold" and "closed" in recently deleted questions

gparyaniIn my recently deleted questions, those that have been marked as duplicates show up as "[on hold]" or "[closed]", which should show up as "[duplicate]". Examples: A question that was marked as a duplicate less than 5 days ago and later deleted will show up as "[on hold]" in the recently deleted ...

@gparyani Someone probably forgot to add in that check on that page. The search results used to do that.
Also, I like how the notification icon ("1") on the bottom left corner above the user name renders as a square in some browsers, and a circle in others...
I'll try summoning the developer who solved a similar problem but in search...
@NickCraver Why does this problem happen? You fixed it for me in a different place...
And why is there an ellipses after everything I post?
@gparyani Screenshot please.
In the question.
9:24 PM
I'd guess a field used in calculating that isn't populated on the query - we'll take a look soon, working on top bar perf right now
mmm, top bar perf
What should I name my comment-flagging framework? Any ideas?
Show me a demo
Image not found
9:27 PM
It's there - look for it again.
Oh wait, I forgot that Imgur is blocked from where I am...
@Undo We need more flags. Some certain people went through the entire flags queue over the weekend and now there's only 10!
@animuson Screenshot of the flag count or it didn't happen.
Do recommend closure flags count? I can cast some...
@gparyani Not anymore.
9:28 PM
@gparyani No, we don't see those at all.
Unless you're in the huge Close Votes queue...
@animuson Okay, flags inbound.
@animuson Could you pull some strings or something and get my flag rate limiting turned off? It's driving me insane.
Can diamond moderators even do that?
</joke class="hopeful">
What HTML standard is that part of?
9:31 PM
Or is it XML?
It's not.
You make up the tags in XML
@animuson If you're bored, I can give you access to a queue I use to flag the comments :)
Or any of your mod buddies, for that matter.
Bring out your flame-thrower, @animuson.
What about community managers and developers?
9:34 PM
@gparyani If they want in, sure!
My goal is to have more helpful flags than Andrew Barber by the end of the year.
If it is XML, why do I not see the <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> at the top of the page?
@gparyani Wait, what are we talking about?
Wow, this is the fastest mod response time I've seen yet.
I never thought I would ever see this on SO:
We're working on opening our own Jimmy Johns.
I need some buddies to help in my queue :P
(seriously. Anyone want to?)
I no longer feel like I can inundate the mods with flags anymore - it's more like putting comments through a wood chipper.
9:50 PM
I am getting sooo good at typing 'obs. comments'.
You mean you're not just copy-pasting?
That's ridiculously easy to userscript
@animuson No, but I think I might start.
Then again, that's my standard reply to just about anything
9:53 PM
@Manishearth How?
I want a user script that adds an 'oc' item to each post toolbar that submits that flag - how would I make it?
I just hope I didn't write that in my paper today. "How would one find the the poisson brackets of this hamiltonian" "Just userscript it"
@Undo Take a look at the other script I showed you. Essentially, all it does is add an item to each post toolbar, which, when clicked, sends a $.post containing the post id and other info
Figure out the POST request for a flag, and tweak.
@Manishearth Ahhh.... okay.
Mods, you get a break for a few minutes.
In related news, I just crossed 1,000 helpful flags.
SO? Phys?
9:56 PM
Phys I have 250 on, IIRC.
You need better things to do
@animuson Noooooooooooooo!!!!!!
@animuson fixed
Oy @Andrew!
My plan is to have more helpful flags than you shortly.
9:58 PM
Oh me! Just popping in to get my pings working! About to head home from work.
> like bold tekst
When did people start using "tekst" for "text"?
@animuson yes him. kill with fire
@animuson About the time they started asking for help with their Engrish.
@Undo Good luck! ;)
@AndrewBarber For comparison, what's your current count?
9:59 PM
Wow, it got 3 downvotes. Bored mods?
@Undo We ought to play flag-pong with the mods.
@Undo 9674
@AndrewBarber Ok, that's doable.
Mine's only 1908. :(
10:00 PM
hehe, yup, @Manishearth I think there was a regular comment thread of updates to it on my nomination post.
@Manishearth Ooh ooh if you log in to the tool now there's a 'switch sites' button that takes you to an SO queue - want to help me?
@Undo yay
Okay; I'm leaving now! See you all later! Don't get into too much trouble. Or, nothing @animuson can't handle, anyway! ;-)
Ok. Sheepish grin.
10:02 PM
Mods! Don't despair! We shall not let you waste yourselves in idleness!
I need to get some water. Brb.
@Manishearth Now's our chance!
Make it be 300 when he gets back!
I need to study :(
But yeah, I'll put in a bunch
@balpha: Does the websocket message for the last "offensive" flag (i.e. the one that dismisses the flags on the message) always lack a 'message_flags' entry in the payload or is there some way to find out if the last flag validated or invalidated the flag? Without using a separate AJAX call to check if the message has been deleted of course.
10:04 PM
@Undo Btw, why are all of the usernames "userxxyyzzzz"?
@Manishearth Because for some reason SEDE didn't give me usernames for all of them.
Only maybe 0.5% had usernames attached to them.
You're supposed to say "To make people like you ask questions."
I'm winning!
@Undo Don't make me jquery all the valid buttons :P
10:07 PM
That would be called cheating.
And would kinda break my system.
Oooo I like breaking things.
whoa response time
Apparently it doesn't want me to purge SO's comments.
@animuson Sometimes I sit and clear the whole Phys flag queue, and then think to myself "why stop there?" and go on and clear up all the review queues. You guys might wanna try :P
Found it: flags/posts/id/add/PostOther
10:14 PM
yes that
> 100 comments flagged
Yup, I now have a toolbar item to flag for obsolete comments.
Done for now.
Woo my computer now has a blu-ray optical drive. :)
@animuson Which you will use for... ?
For having in my computer, of course.
I don't need 32 GB of RAM either but I have it anyways!
10:19 PM
@animuson because brown.
@animuson Well, you don't need it now that all the flags are gone at least.
Tempted to append '(semi-auto)' on the end on my semi-auto flag message to confuse mods.
I'm trying to figure out if I just attach another LED fan it will still be controlled by the LED fan switch or not.
I wonder if the unicode bidi character works in flags. That could cause...issues
Then again, @animuson has put far worse in flags, amirite?
Oh dear.
@Manishearth likes to put hamburgers in flag responses, I know that :P
Don't spread rumors! But yes, flags used to allow images and JavaScript.
10:22 PM
Poor meta mods
They now just allow links and bold or something. Bo-ring
@Manishearth And pandas!
Hmm, interesting first gold badge to get on SO.
@Manishearth What, did you get Marshal?
yeah. forgot that comment flags add up to it.
All my first golds are interesting
I have Unsung Hero on Phys o.o
Marshal on SO
I have a freakin' Reversal on Gaming Meta. A site where I only have one post on (on meta, 0 on main), and 101 rep.
18 flags waiting for review :)
I think I'm already building the backlog back up.
10:27 PM
@Undo animuson just refreshes the queue every five minutes and hits all the delete buttons he sees
That is, if you're using comment flags like me
Custom flags: then I can't tell.
@Manishearth My special little script only works for custom flags.
And I'm out of comment flags.
I was eating yogurt.
@Manishearth But if that's the case then we could make a jquery animuson.
@Undo your favorite mod, now with 600% more jQuery!
We should just script all the mods
I should first script myself so that I don't have to do the scripting.
But that may lead to scriptception
You could make yourself run around the chatrooms posting 'use a userscript!'.
10:29 PM
These days I script less, I tell others to :P
He wrote a userscript for writing userscripts.
Speaking of userscripts, I have a few to update as a result of the recent top bar changes before anyone notices.
Speak of userscripts and the userscript master appears.
must get references correct.
good excuse to rewatch futurama
10:57 PM
> Congratulations, you have successfully verified your ownership of animuson.net.
No thanks to you and your completely inaccurate instructions.
11:10 PM
sits around and waits for his MX records to update
11:47 PM
@animuson Whatcha going to use it for?
@Undo Transferring my mail servers to Google Apps because I'm tired of dealing with the mail server myself. I'm not a networking person and this crap confuses the hell out of me.

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