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1:24 AM
@BlackVegetable: badges (one bronze/silver/gold for each queue)
1:45 AM
@ThiefMaster Well, yeah. But it's nothing quite so prized as reputation. I've already earned the bronzes as they just require one of each, and I'm close to silver for the suggested edits... I wasn't certain there was a gold for each queue though.
2:41 AM
Anyone here want to help me test out a new creation for flagging obsolete comments?
I have a pilot program for Physics.SE, hoping to expand to SO soon.
what does it do?
@ThiefMaster You know all those comment flags I was generating yesterday? This is a decent interface laid on top of the system I used to do that, based on my humble understanding of how the mod queue works.
And it's really good at it:
ah so basically a way to quickly flag a bunch of comments as obsolete?
@ThiefMaster Right now, a quick way to get a link to those comments.
With quick flagging a... near-future plan :)
Q: Suggest comment "thread" deletion

ThiefMasterOften there are discussions between two or three people in comments - and most are finished without moving or simply become obsolete quickly due to edits in the answer/question. Of course one could now delete the now-useless comments but with replies from other people it would become pretty conf...

reminds me a bit of this old suggestion
2:52 AM
Indeed, that would be convenient.
3:25 AM
One of the comments to this answer appears to be spam, but the question is locked so I can't flag it.
@BenVoigt Yup, spam. Look at the guy's answers :)
I did
He's using StackOverflow as a forum where he provides support for his commerical product. Nothing inherently wrong with that... if he discloses that he's the author.
@BenVoigt He really doesn't have to do that, either - at least for questions about his product.
But his user handle suggests nothing of the sort, his profile page has only a tenuous link...
If he's suggesting use of it on questions not specifically mentioning it, then it's a problem.
3:30 AM
mmm, depends on whether he's pushing the product or neutrally answering questions
I'd think that even answering questions, having disclosure on the profile is important
you need to know you're talking to someone who won't be suggesting alternative solutions, even if they are far superior
I'm talking about questions that are asking about the product itself.
Anyway, I came across that answer, saw the comment, and something sounded fishy
Yeah, it is.
eww, take a look at his activity. A lot of rejected edit suggestions.
well, maybe not all of them are so bad, but some are pretty atrocious
@BenVoigt I think that would be forgiveable on its own, but combined with everything else...
I'm looking into his answers.
3:36 AM
Here's another comment: stackoverflow.com/a/2423302/103167
(which I did flag)
Yup, this search turns up a bunch of shameless self-promotions.
Yeah, good search query
One of those answers actually mentions that he wrote it. Most do not.
Well I'm gonna split. Good luck getting a mod's attention.
I'm custom-flagging the user.
> User seems to have a history of self promotion - this search turns up a bunch of answers promoting what seems to be his own product, and this answer is one of them. More: stackoverflow.com/a/14837170/1849664 stackoverflow.com/a/8795814/1849664 stackoverflow.com/a/16839237/1849664 stackoverflow.com/a/16839480/1849664 stackoverflow.com/a/16839622/1849664.
That ought to do it.
3:54 AM
Oy @Chacha102
I haven't been round here in a while
But 425k messages. Good work.
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8:06 AM
user image
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10:08 AM
Ah, Flack Overstow...
> The score says "stuff this, I'm outta here" and begins to move in line with the delete button, which moves progressively further downwards as too minor. It is already approved... It could be rolled back, but it's just an optical illusion caused by the bottom border of the comments below this answer
9 hours later…
7:11 PM
@michaelb958 Don't make me brownvote you!
2 hours later…
9:14 PM
Darnitall, @Bart, at last a legitimate reason to close something as "This question appears to be off-topic because I'm a little teapot." and it's a duplicate instead! — Josh Caswell 8 mins ago
2 hours later…
11:41 PM
With this bug
Q: Moderator site analytics chart is buggy

xiaohouzi79With the analytics chart when I try to hover over a particular point it shows nothing or flickers for a split second on Firefox, on IE it shows an x and y value (date to count) which is something new so I guess there has been an update. Even in IE the dialog box mostly flashes. The x / y think i...

The problem stopped over the weekend, but it is back again and the question has been tagged as status-completed, should I open a new question or something else?

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