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12:13 AM
> We've tested on the following devices: ... ... Android HTC EVO w/ super old crappy version 2.2+ ... ...
That looks professional...
1:03 AM
it seems like after i got vote-to-close privileges, almost all of my flags are now "not an answer" flags
is this normal?
1:30 AM
don't worry, most crap on SO is actually NAA stuff
(besides the occasional spam/rant question)
1:40 AM
yeah, i think the close votes queue has almost doubled since i got vote-to-close privs
2:06 AM
Is this article from June 2013 about Healthcare.gov common knowledge? It's full of crazy buzzwords about how great the relaunch is going to be, and contains some (to me) bizarre quotes.
> "You're just using HTML5, CSS, and Javascript, all being done in responsive design. The way it's being built matters. You could in theory do the same with application servers and a CMS, but it would be much more complex. What we're doing here is giving anyone with basic skills to basic changes on the fly. You don't need expensive consultants."
> "It's fast, built in static HTML, completely scalable and secure," said Bryan Sivak, chief technology officer of HHS, in an interview. "It's basically setting up a web server. That's the beauty of it."
Ahh ok it makes a bit more sense now:
> The code for the informational part of Healthcare.gov — the "frontend" of the site — was written by a Washington, D.C. startup and a small team of innovative consultants. The code for the healthcare exchange — the "backend" of Healthcare.gov — was built by more than 50 contractors and was never made public.
Ah, a frontend and a backend written by completely different entities. What could possibly go wrong?
2:29 AM
Is anyone else not seeing off-topic close votes counts by other people on SO?
2:56 AM
Woo, my network email now correctly signs with DKIM. :)
1 hour later…
4:07 AM
@probablyPekka That is hilarious (all of the stuff you just quoted, actually).
Hilarious in a sort of scary way.
But still.
4:54 AM
Where did I see that funny "Yo dawg" meme picture about running SSMS while remote desktop'd into the SQL server?
Something about using RAM while you use RAM.
I think was in this chatroom. But it might've been in a blog post or something.
It was also probably at least a year ago.
So...someone with a better memory and better search skills than me go find it.
Please and thank you.
I'll check back in the morning.
The best thing about reviewing on SO is that when you hit your review limit in one queue, there's always another one to jump into.
2 hours later…
7:19 AM
Don't know whether it is cache or not but on meta.sports.stackexchange.com/questions it shows 0 answers for this question but it has an answer posted last 4 hours ago (while posting this comment)
7:32 AM
Just see the time stamp of modified given on this picture and this answer's timestamp
If this is due to cache, why such heavy cache?
7:47 AM
good question
8:05 AM
@hims056 the automated "community eval ended" answer didn't update the denormalized answer count. This would've been caught and fixed by an automated job later today, but I updated it now (and fixed the bug). Good catch, thanks.
@balpha Glad to report it. And thanks for fixing it quickly. :-)
8:22 AM
@Undo Needs more checkboxes.
8:46 AM
Q: Retag all [service] questions

Johannes KuhnCurrently there is a service tag. It has 9201 questions It usually contains questions about android-service windows-service web-services I belive we should retag that questions with the more specific one, but with that large number of questions I believe it is not really doable by hand.

How did this tag survived that long?
1 hour later…
10:04 AM
2 hours later…
11:49 AM
2 hours later…
2:08 PM
(bringing it back to basics)
2:29 PM
forgot to remove utf-8
2:43 PM
| |__  _ __ _____      ___ __
| '_ \| '__/ _ \ \ /\ / / '_ \
| |_) | | | (_) \ V  V /| | | |
|_.__/|_|  \___/ \_/\_/ |_| |_|
2:57 PM
Basic enough for you, @jadarnel27?
Asked 1 minute ago, deleted 54 seconds ago. Now that's a programming question on Meta.
Yes, @Oded. That I can dig.
So...GoDaddy's email support is awful. That, or I don't understand it. Or maybe both.
Glad to be of service. And - brown
The mods are caught up with my comment flags again.
3:00 PM
I still haven't really had a chance to use your comment flagging system, @Undo. But I will.
3 hours later…
5:54 PM
Out of comment flags :(
Now I am working on tuning my system to whack NAA's :)
6:24 PM
I do want to make sure that the mods know that they're always free to yell at me here if I start flagging the wrong way - I'm always looking for ways to improve the workflows of everyone.
6:41 PM
Rest assured that if the mods are unhappy with your flagging, they will let you know - whether you want them to or not =)
@jadarnel27 I know... but I'd kinda prefer to see it coming instead of just getting whacked alongside the head.
What's the fun in that?
6:57 PM
@Oded The fun is mostly for me, and it's in the form of not-not-fun.
I was talking from the mod perspective ;)
Same thing applies :)
But now I know what mods plot all day - how to whack unsuspecting users alongside the head.
If by unsuspecting users you mean sock puppets, spammers and trolls, yep, absolutely.
ok, you distract them with a mod message, I'll sneak up behind them with the banhammer
7:36 PM
"Removed because brown" - I guess that's cool.
Q: A non-competitive, chat-based event for reviewing close-votes?

acheong87tl;dr "Many hands make light work." Based on the belief that incentivizing moderation (e.g. close-votes reviews) via competition can undermine the integrity and quality of said moderation, this is a proposal for a non-competitive, camaraderie-focused community event, designed to chip away...

Heck, I'll organize it if need be.
1 hour later…
8:48 PM
Is there a staff meeting going on in a room I can't see?
Where the 'h' is @Pops? And has the Pedantic Whatever Thing been discontinued due to his new job?
@jadarnel27 Pops-Perturbing Pedantic Problem of the Day: getting pinged into the Tavern for no good reason when I'm hard at work doing... uh, hard at work making... oh, fine, never mind.
I'm usually here but lurking lately. Just... don't have much interesting to say.
That is a reasonable explanation. Carry on, then.
9:18 PM
@michaelb958 Looks like it.
One has to wonder what they talk about.
@Pops What are you working on these days? Or are you still getting settled in to your position? Or is it TOP SECRET?
Chasing down SCRAPERs, for one.
They're typically not very generous with their contact information.
@Pops No kidding!
One would think that someone that's breaking the law would prominately display identifying information!
Or no, wait...
@Pops Haha, that sounds like it could be frustrating =)
Top Secret is the name of a mainframe security platform I work with at my job. Which makes for really misleading email chains about "Top Secret" databases / usernames / updates and such.
And there's a lot of browsing around sites about topics I know nothing about and therefore never visited in the past.
Dispensed a diamond on Code Review earlier this week, too.
9:27 PM
@Pops What's the diamond-dispensing thingy look like? Does it take a quarter?
Shog9 dispenses the diamonds.
Does he take quarters?
He sure asked me for a lot of quarters, though.
9:29 PM
joke about Shog being a disembodied head
In related news, my latest userscript adds a button that surely strikes fear into every moderator's heart:
9:45 PM
@Undo I'm not even a moderator and I'm worried.
Not an announcement, @Undo - this is just an expedient way for me to get a feature-request into the system before a deadline... (which is 6 minutes away) — Shog9 50 secs ago
So there is a meeting...
(because it's not an announcement)
(because they're thinking about it)
10:49 PM
I should finish writing that blog... Kind of got distracted with the whole family thing.
11:14 PM
I was about to open a request for the wording of the 'unclear' flag reason, but found it was already asked, sadly he proposed a poor rewording and is currently at -1 score...
but some others have noted this too
tl:dr (see image below)
So you underlined all the "you"s? What's wrong with them?
what do you guys think?, far too much of time and energy was wasted on this, and the change would probably take just couple of minutes
@animuson it kinda looks like they are saying "it was YOUR fault" but I was flagging someone's else question
Well, that's the message that's going to be shown to the OP. How would you phrase that reason and description without referencing that the OP needs to provide more information?
usually they word it like "this question was closed because X", and the OP knows it was meant for him, so it could be rewritten as " As it's currently written, it’s hard to tell exactly what the question is asking."
11:40 PM
@Mods (/cc @animuson @thiefmaster) Another flagging question:
Can/should I use a custom 'comments purgeable' flag on posts with only two comments, both obsolete?
(when I'm out of normal comment flags)

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