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@Feeds From AOL chat rooms to Wikipedia, Reddit, and now, Onebox
5:32 AM
Hi, is this about meta.stackexchangfe or meta.stackoverflow or about any site on the network?
6:12 AM
@ParibusCeteris The chat talks about pretty much anything, but it's mainly tied to meta.stackexchange. If you're looking for more information about a specific site, each site has it's own chatroom and I believe there is also a chatroom for meta.stackoverflow where you may have more luck: The people that use those sites are more likely to be found there than here.
6:27 AM
this is really the parrot chat
Okay, note taken... I'll just go do work all day then.
now i'm picturing a sentient parrot actually living a normal life, working a 9 to 5 job, etc
...she's a terrible gossip, though.
pssshh, normal lives are for the birds
err, wait
6:42 AM
@Mithical Ouch. I'll pay more attention to that, because if there's one thing I hate it's gossip. Thanks for letting me know!
@Tinkeringbell you really don't like drama I remember
like, even less then I do
Yeah. I have a very low tolerance for the BS that comes with drama :)
Either fix it or shut up XD
you are quite dutch
this is really the parrot chat.

Am I doing okay?
6:53 AM
@magisch Maybe... I don't think it's just Dutch though, because there's plenty of Dutch people doing drama :P
@JNat Network wide spammer with spam profile description for the nuking: stackexchange.com/users/21987826/online-front
7:22 AM
@Tinkeringbell That's the human condition - you might be immune as you are a fairy
@ParibusCeteris Named after a fairy that dies when she doesn't get attention XD I think fairies are more dramatical than humans :P
@Tinkeringbell yeah, you're right, especially in the small fact that they don't exist
Fictional characters are like that...
you know i've been reading a metric ton of fantasy novels
it's like my tv
I haven't been reading much lately, but what I've read was mostly just 'fun facts' I guess... I read a book about books, and one about letters XD
Weren't you always big on reading fantasy?
7:31 AM
@Tinkeringbell yes it's my favorite genre bar none
but i've put away over 400 books since the pandemic started
Wow. That's quite a few, yeah :D
amazon kindle unlimited and 0.99€ books make it possible
Heh, I guess :)
@magisch Ugh - that's like saying that 99c big macs allow you to eat a lot of meat :6
@ParibusCeteris you know a lot of those books are really good
or at least, they're good enough for me and I enjoy fantasy in general
7:36 AM
Would you dare to actually recommend any? I might be pleasantly surprised, against my prejudice...
I don't know enough about which tropes you don't like to do that
I also like fantasy in general and I prefer the ones going straight to the point like, say, sanderson, butcher, mieville, rothfuss and less the verborreic fantasy authors like tolkien or le guin.
John Conroe's Demon Accords are on Kindle Unlimited, and they're excellent. If you don't mind a heavier romance focus, most of what Erin Flynn writes is really good (and also free on Kindle Unlimited). Vortex Chronicles is also very good and free on Kindle Unlimited. World of the Lupi is also a very good series
most of these are urban fantasy since that's what I mainly read
btw, is verborreic a word?
7:39 AM
If you don't need HEA in your books the Alex Craft Series and Mercy Thompson Series are also very nice
I know what you mean, and I'm the same
I don't like overly wordy
Kingmaker trilogy is also really nice for more high fantasy like
@Luuklag \o
There was a time, oh, what a time, where the light glistened over the small green leaves on the ancient trees at the top of the hill. What things have those trees seen over centuries, they even knew the small beetle Gupt
I enjoy most fantasy books for what they are
even if they're not sanderson I still get enjoyment reading them
The thing is that some are really trite and boring, that's not to say that there aren't "cheap" good ones though
I just put shouldiblamecaching.com in an answer :)
7:44 AM
but as long as there is no guilt on stopping to read them, everything's fine
I'm a sucker for interesting and varied magic systems too
@ParibusCeteris ...Tolkien is like the archetype at this point
which is why I really enjoyed Hidden legacy by illona andrews, allthough those books are 2/3 romance and I usually don't enjoy that part too much
@magisch Have you read any Pratchett?
most of what pratchett wrote, yeah
7:45 AM
Pratchett is so awesome - I love me my word play
he has a very whimsical yet satisfying and insightful writing style
I'm not always in the mood for pratchett but it's very high art in my opinion
The only person I found who has a similar style to Pratchett is Douglas Adams
I'll just stick to reading the newspaper :)
7:46 AM
And even then they are not the same
They do have the whimsical quality but they are different
Jasper Fforde
I don't think there's anything quite like pratchett out there
I loved Shades of Gray
7:48 AM
i really didnt
like really, really, really didnt
heh - I didn't like the literary meta on his other titles
but shades of gray resonated
I might have written an essay somewhere about how I think it's cultural pollution
I'm gray
you're not talking about the bad twilight fanfiction right?
7:50 AM
shades of gray by jasper fforde
in that case I didn't read that one yet
I thought you were talking about the bad twilight fanfiction turned bad movie
I view a good book rather like a movie, but it's more detailed and I can watch it at my own speed
And without forcing you to picture their stereotypes. That's why it's usually underwhelming to see a movie after reading the book - unless you have a lousy imagination :-D
tbh I like books better then movies in almost every aspect
7:56 AM
@SmokeDetector N
it's easier to get into, more enjoyable, there's much more content there and it's at my own pace
Michael Sullivan's Ryiria series was somewhat enjoyable for me too!
8:10 AM
@Luuklag nah, took the pic before starting to eat. Coffee is half level because I put it in the cereals. Spoon not clean because it was used for the coffee. ;)
@ParibusCeteris hello gray!
@ShadowWizardWearingMaskV2 hellow (which is a yellow hello)
9:06 AM
Is anyone else having trouble accessing chat.stackexchange.com? isitdownrightnow.com is telling me it's up, but I can't access it.
@terdon works for me
9:21 AM
Changing DNA solved it. What a weird thing though, everything except chat.se was fine.
@terdon your DNA or the DNA of another species?
@rene Yes
@rene lol. DNS.
I spend most of my day discussing DNA, so I guess it's become a habit :)
10:05 AM
ok, let's have a look at that backlog, then
@Luuklag gone
wall of pings incoming :)
I mean, I get all my pings spread out over a week (or however long it takes me to get to 'em). Y'all are lucky to get mine back all in a bundle ;P
Luckily I mute my chat tab ;)
@Luuklag gone
need to find a way to force unmute your tabs just for this ;P
haha, you might need some browser injection script then
10:10 AM
@Luuklag gone
@Luuklag which I totally have the expertise required to write on my own... xD
@Luuklag gone
@JNat I bet you could base it off off your hangman game :)
lol, unlikely
@Luuklag gone
@Luuklag the part I didn't mention in my question is how little use I have for the new answers that keep popping over the years on a question I asked ~9 years ago
imagine if I was still stuck with that same problem now xD
@JNat yeah that would suck ;)
But then again, it isn't about you, but it is about the greater community ;)
m-hm :)
@Luuklag gone
Or at the very least "the next guy with the same problem"
I'm kinda trying to decide how to answer that question
10:19 AM
@Luuklag gone
meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/303988/… covers the bones, but quite a lot has happened in 6 years
@Luuklag gone
@JourneymanGeek Well, it was about how you got started here, so that would be about right
@Luuklag gone
@Luuklag in a sense, its written for a particular audience
10:27 AM
@Luuklag mmm, unsure of whether they're a legit user or not... cleared sessions; lemme know if you see anything else funky coming from 'em
@Luuklag gone
@JourneymanGeek but the core of it should still be the same, no?
@Sha I read you guys are getting new covid measures, but ones that actually make sense it appears?
@JNat It talks about SO (which frankly isn't that important) and SU (which everyone knows is important to me)
It dosen't talk about SF (which is one of the places I hope finds its feet again) or the smaller communities I'm involved in
@Luuklag gone
and after a decade I'm not sure some of the story is really important :D
@Luuklag gone somewhere above (~25 minutes ago, to be precise, it looks like)
@Luuklag gone
10:32 AM
ah your almost done
@Luuklag gone
@Luuklag is that a bad thing? xD
@Luuklag gone
@Ollie gone
@magisch gone
and that is all for now
Congrats. When will your big red nuke spam users button be ready?
hopefully some time in Q3, if I'm not mistaken
That would be nice
@Glorfindel perhaps you should switch the status tag, on that banner bug report to -review again?
Let's give them 24 hours, perhaps the caches will have refreshed by then.
10:43 AM
Good thing you pointed out about the VPN, that was also what fixed it for me, unknowingly
VPN is always an easy thing to try (especially when it comes to caching). There are other solutions such as taking a flight :)
You're not very mindfull of the environment, are you @glorfindel, you should have taken the train on such a short distance ;)
I haven't taken a flight since February last year, that compensates ...
Also, in that period, I have traveled a longer distance by foot than by car (or any other engine-powered thing).
@Glorfindel yay for google tracking you ;)
10:52 AM
I'm not afraid of Google, I have nothing to hide.
same here :)
This month doesn't do my stats any good, about 1k km in car :)
11:13 AM
@Glorfindel :scream:
Everyone is watching you everywhere
@Glorfindel angry dpo noises
i had a good laugh about someone who honestly believed microchips were in the vaccine
he was disseminating this story on his latest smart phone
they dont need to put chips on vaccines to know all there is to know about you
you already have several in your pocket
11:29 AM
yeah that's the headscratcher there
you have an outlandish conspiracy theory but the goals of the conspiracy aren't even aspirational, just stupid
even if you got a microchip with your vaccine what good would that do? The range of rfid chips on skin to skin is a few meters from the person at most
they don't read enough good urban fantasy
why use that when your smartphone is a fully functional internet enabled computer you carry with you every day and that knows a lot more about you then a positional rfid chip could ever know.
@ParibusCeteris btw, do you have some recommendations for good UF?
Mieville and Butcher
But I doubt their books are at 99c or on Unlimited they are rather famous
@magisch Actually... I actually (kinda intentionally?) carry a literal tracking chip :D
@ParibusCeteris I buy books too, even famous ones
Just the majority of what I read is on KU or cheap, to avoid breaking my bank entirely
I spent like a month's salary last year just on ebooks
11:36 AM
@magisch I kinda like the rivers of london series
which is fine but I could not afford to buy every book I read for 5+€
@JourneymanGeek I read that one in full including false value which came out recently
very nice
Well then I recommend the Harry Dresden Series from Butcher and Perdido Street Station from Mieville :)
I also really enjoyed the series about the probability mage
that sounds interesting, a probabiulity mage? Does spells to change probabilities?
his main skill is to see short term probabilities
which translates into excellent combat skills, since he can see which moves he has to make to not end up splat on the floor
It's the alex verus series
I especially enjoy it because it's a massively interesting and varied magic system
11:43 AM
in a world where people can throw fireballs and melt holes in walls alex is one of the most badass characters out there, since nobody can ever win against him
Dosen't he constantly get into trouble tho?
because he ran away from being an apprentice to a dark mage
I hope that's on purpose, and not for not foreseeing short term probabilites
still massively interesting imo
well without spoilering the dark mages in that world are very big on might makes right and it is expected that one apprentice out of however many a dark mage has kills all the others to become a dark mage
and alex was not okay with that
He's kind of a big deal because probability mages in that universe usually go insane
Like whenever he fights someone he gets to see a side reel of all the ways he could go splat on the wall when making the wrong move
11:56 AM
@magisch Sounds a bit like one of the characters in one of the Darkover books. They could also see all possible futures, and almost went insane.
alex is just grumpy and reserved and very paranoid as a result
Oh, no I don't think this character was different/reserved/paranoid. More like constantly struggling to stay calm.
still interesting
may take a look later
It's not too bad of a series, the darkover one. There are a lot of books though, and some of it gets rather 'trite' after a while. I don't know, I guess there's just so much you can write about 'humans land on a different planet, humans grow psychic powers, humans inbreed, humans are rediscovered and have to learn to live with that...'
I downloaded a game, run it, and... there's a 20gb patch on a 40gb game applied by their launcher ._.
12:08 PM
reminds me of rift
Watchdogs legion...
download the whole v1 game to start the launcher, which will then take you through all the patches sequentially
the DLC apparently is charecter based, and it was on half off :D
watchdogs 2 is pretty good
I loved the first 2
not really sold on the "anyone and everyone can be your PC"
12:12 PM
me neither
I liked the pc in watchdogs 2 because he was sympathethic and had a backstory
Is the statute of limitations on spoilers over on that?
The bit where one of his crew gets killed was.... Its a good piece of writing, and set up the next bit well but daaaamn
g3rv4 is here
@JourneymanGeek As far as I'm concerned... I don't care :P
@Tinkeringbell this reminds me
Didn't you want to get giant flemish rabbits?
Yes. I still do, but I have to see if it's possible. Apparently, there's going to be a playground behind the apartment too, and I don't really want to have to worry about kids tresspassing and hurting the rabbits/letting them escape.
And I also don't want to always keep the rabbits locked up or indoors.
So... it'll take some time, see how many kids there are and if they've been raised properly.
12:22 PM
get a sturdy fence/wall
@magisch Yep, planning on that. Still, a ball thrown over the fence can hit a rabbit hard.
If you ever do get giant flemish rabbits I need to come visit sometime
I always wanted to see some of those
@Tinkeringbell If someone hit our office dog with a ball that person wouldn't be leaving in one piece
@magisch I think I already said you'd be welcome to :)
If I do get them, I'll let you know :)
@magisch Exactly ;)
you know
people who abuse animals make me incredibly mad
one of my cousins always bullies my aunt's cat
12:39 PM
Well I have to admit I'm not too kind to cats either. At least not when they hunt birds in our garden or use it as their litter box.
They might become a problem too in my new neighborhood, another reason to wait a bit with the rabbits... while I was visiting the build site a few months back, there was a cat using the dirt as a litter box :/
12:59 PM
@Tinkeringbell ahem I mean meow
@curious Shoooo!
<insert more appropriate timezone greeting here>
I can't lie I love most animals
I even like snakes and reptiles
1:03 PM
I love all animals, except humans - they are nasty as a group
everyone knows my favorite person in the office is the dog
40 messages moved to Chimney
@ParibusCeteris Dresden is great. :) Changes a lot over time, too.
Hey cat
long time no see
@Catija The "not-a-toddler-anymore" angry phase made me want to curl into a ball this morning and I had a thought for you lol
Hope all is well with you!
1:15 PM
@magisch Hey you! :D Always nice to see you here.
how have you been
@curious I've heard some people call it the "hulk smash" phase. Gus is in it now. Things are going well, though. Bennett had his first swim class yesterday - didn't go in the pool, just wanted to watch, so that was stressful in its own way. But things seem to feel more... "Normal", whatever that is.
my coworker's twins are 5 now I think
you can see the exhaustion
@magisch Good. I'm a lot happier with things now than I was at one point in time. Today's my 3rd anniversary :D
thats nice to hear
1:19 PM
@Catija Hulk Smash sound very appropriate! I think my girl had this phase too but the lack of a sibling made it easier. At least if they fling toys in anger, there's less chance of someone getting injured (and they break their own toys)
@Catija Happy anniversary!
I always wanted twins. But it does seem very exhausting. Bennett will be five next month, so we'll see. He swings back and forth between being helpful and crying on the floor because he didn't get what he wanted. This morning he had a meltdown because Andy opened a new jar of peanut butter and he didn't get to scoop the first knife-full.
Waffle cake? How appropriate.
@Catija Having kids sounds so very lovely :D
Yeah - the people who pressure people who are childless by choice or apathy into having kids do it because they don't want to be the only ones suffering. This is why I tell people "having kids isn't for everyone"
Honestly not sure it's for me, either, but there's no return policy for them so I'm kinda stuck.
1:23 PM
@Catija I think it gets easier... fingers crossed
That's true of almost anything worth doing :D
@curious ... and that's the lie we all tell ourselves to keep moving forward. :P
@curious or you get better at it
but I know the feeling. I consider myself to be typically very patient and sometimes I don't recognize myself anymore ^^'
@JourneymanGeek Is that called resilience? lol
hm, maaaaybe
1:24 PM
@Catija hah, huge +1... once they're here, we just try to do our best ;)
it could be called a lot of things :D
I yell at the boys a lot. They both like being physically in contact with me and (as someone who likes personal space and often can't be touched) it is really hard.
@g3rv4 Indeed! And there are bright spots. They're often very cute and they give nice hugs and sometimes they even help. Maybe they'll keep me company when I get old.
You are their safe space :) I wish I could keep my boy closer...he has absolutely no conception of danger and wants to try aaaaallll the things
"and sometimes they even help" lolz
"he has absolutely no conception of danger" - this is 10 out of 16 years of having a dog :D
@Catija def bright spots, and very bright. I love my kid like I don't love anyone else. Still, if I could go back in time...
1:27 PM
Something about second children - I've always heard they tend to take more risks but that's definitely true with mine. He's always getting jumping off things and getting into scrapes.
@Catija Well technically I'm number 4 (but 2 in terms of survival) but we're stubborn, hard headed, and do what we feel like... so... this is true :D
@g3rv4 I have thought many times about how much more fun this pandemic would have been without kids - working from wherever... lots of free time to chill or explore. Way better than being trapped in a house with kids and no way to entertain them at the places built for that.
@JourneymanGeek and where are the 6 easier years? Asking for a friend...
@curious old age
about 4-5 of those are excellent and chill
1:29 PM
@Catija oh when people complained that they had read ALL the books after a few weeks of lockdown, I wanted to go berserk lol
hahaha glad to hear Daniela and I are not alone in our thoughts... it's kind of taboo around here, kids are supposed to be the best thing that ever happened to you
@curious Or talking about their hangouts/zooms with friends. Yeah, the pandemic has been hard on everyone but I have to feel like people with kids, particularly preschool-aged kids... have a really hard time.
@Catija People who pressure others to have kids are presumptuous, rude, nosy jerks is what they are. I've never been able to understand the gall of these people. Just because you (or I) want kids doesn't mean everyone does!
@Catija ...oof. Guilty, I'm afraid.
and heh
I haven't actually had any of the pandemic WFH 'fun'
1:33 PM
And, the fewer people having kids the better, really. We should applaud those among us who can resist the biological imperative and don't procreate, not berate them! Most of us probably will have kids, the urge is so strong and there are soooo many reasons to have them, but those few who manage to resist should be applauded.
@terdon I'd amend that to "People who pressure others are presumptuous" :) - unless someone's hurting someone else or something. I felt identified by the VHEMT when young
@Catija We tried to have a few Zooms but the kids treat it like a mirror and end up just making silly faces and disrupting the whole thing.
@ParibusCeteris Yep.
@terdon I think the only people who have any place pressuring me to have kids is my parents, and uh.... they can't :D
@terdon Also, it's not great if you're a kid and your parent felt pressured to have you :/
1:35 PM
@terdon :) Yeah. And it can be really hurtful in some cases, such as people who can't have kids but want them.
Yeah, the half one has control over is how to feel when someone pressures you, and we should be able to just let the pressure slip over
@JourneymanGeek Exactly, and even there there's a limit. But OK, parents and close family members may get to have an opinion, but all of these nosy jerks who go "ooooh, and when are you planning to have some kids" as though this isn't one of the most invasive and personal questions in the world just drive me up the wall.
@terdon that said, apparently most of my neighbours have been asking my parents when they're getting another dog
@terdon Haha
@terdon eh, if you chose to, why not?
Well or chose not to
1:37 PM
@Catija Heh, that was apparently my mother's goto response to nosy jerks before she had me: "Why don't you have kids?" "Because I can't". That shut them right up!
I can see how the helpful asshole would follow on with, "well, you can adopt"
"As oppose to shop?"
Heh, yeah. Some people have no boundaries.
@Catija WAIT there's not? Mom always told me she would return me to the stork if I didn't behave.... XD But yeah. And it's too sad to sometimes see how grandparents end up being the one caring/trying to raise kids as best as they can because it's really not for the parents :(
1:38 PM
It's funny, I didn't get a ton of people asking me when I was going to have kids (that I can remember) but I feel like I had a lot more asking when we were going to have a second one.
Although a good answer to "you can adopt" would be "Yes, I was thinking of adopting yours to save them."
Yeah, you already started, you can't stop!
@Catija Are they asking you if you want a third now? ><
Just like with Pringles
@curious that's an excuse to break out the death glare (tm)
1:40 PM
@JourneymanGeek yep haha
Once our kids are older, we're thinking about maybe fostering a few older kids (one at a time) - ones who are about to age out but could use some good support those last few years.
I've entertained that idea too... I like to think that we could do more
@curious I've had a few people but I just say "are you kidding, I'm done"
At the same time, it's a bit early not knowing how your kids will turn out to be as teenagers
@Catija Wow. Kudos. That is brave and absolutely wonderful of you.
1:42 PM
Oh, I don't think I told you, @curious the younger one is out of diapers so we're officially a diaper-free household! Sooooo awesome. And he made the switch around 2.6 years, which was a lot earlier than the older one.
people tell me, little kids little problems, big kids big problems...and it's true too. Flinging toys isn't all that bad compared to getting in actual real trouble
it's just exhausting to handle for the parents!
@Catija oh congrats! that must be nice
Just being in the beta phase of being able to blow their nose is already a nice upgrade haha
@curious It is! I mean, there are still accidents from time to time but it's been nice - we did the three day mesthod.
@Catija I'm googling that right now lol
It's the method our montessori school recommends - we did it with both of the kids and it worked pretty well for us, you just have to be firm and patient with it.
I'm not sure he's ready but I'm bookmarking it
anyone else watching the Tokyo opening? There's a ball in the sky made of drones I think...looking awesome O_o
1:48 PM
@curious It's so amazing what they can do with drones now. I'm not watching it but it sounds cool.
2:32 PM
A Dyson sphere is a hypothetical megastructure that completely encompasses a star and captures a large percentage of its power output. The concept is a thought experiment that attempts to explain how a spacefaring civilization would meet its energy requirements once those requirements exceed what can be generated from the home planet's resources alone. Only a tiny fraction of a star's energy emissions reaches the surface of any orbiting planet. Building structures encircling a star would enable a civilization to harvest far more energy. The first contemporary description of the structure was by...
3:00 PM
Is this allowed?
@Tinkeringbell this line is quite funny, at least on my monitor :P
@Wolgwang Probably not
There is the wiZZard and there is the coMMunity, I see no problem at all.
Finally, after years of flags they fixed the typo.
@Wolgwang if you think there's a reasonable chance of confusion why not flag the user and explain the situation?
3:16 PM
@JourneymanGeek I would say that if someone created a new user with that name and that avatar, they were specifically aiming at creating confusion in the first place.
Doesn't seem casual
@SPArcheon sure :D
Generically tho
3:56 PM
@SPArcheon Nice!
Also completely impossible with the tech we have right now.
And probably with the culture we have right now too.
and resources
4:21 PM
@Luuklag what do you mean?
Next week any place hosting people in closed building will have to require people to show proof they're vaccinated (or tested negative in last 72 hours), but you really think people do it?
When the requirement was in place few months ago, out of 5 places I visited, only 1 actually checked.
(it's called here "Green Pass")
@Wolgwang no, should be reported and reset, if repeated behavior, suspended as well.
@JNat cross site imposter can you please reset all the profiles name and avatar? Thanks! (that user is using the name Community and the avatar of Community account on all sites.)
@ShadowWizardWearingMaskV2 first time I've heard that ;) Is it that big of a deal, though? Their reputation and rank is nowhere near Community's.
Only place where it might come within a blink of being a problem is on SO, and they haven't got any badges or a diamond there.
Now, if they were to take my profile pic...
... and name
4:38 PM
@ShadowWizardWearingMaskV2 Ohk
@Feeds maybe @Spevacus's theory was correct...
Never doubt "6-8".
4:54 PM
@Spevacus Shouldn't that be zes tot acht now?
@Spevacus yep, was mane six in the first episode, then they added Sunset and if you actually count Spike it is eight. Illuminati confirmed.
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