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1:01 PM
MSO is back
Tracing route to meta.stackoverflow.com []
4    17 ms    17 ms    17 ms  0.ge-0-2-0.xr1.sara.xs4all.net []
5    18 ms    17 ms    17 ms
6    18 ms    17 ms    18 ms
looks like I stay in amsterdam
@rene you're hitting a CloudFlare edge node.
yes, it is back now
A: AVR ATmega324A I/O register

Joseph LemmaI am a co-tutor for CSSE2010. Creating a throw away account on stack overflow does not ensure anonymity. This post is evidence of academic misconduct and I am currently in the process of co-operating with the moderators of this site to gain access to your session data. These moderators have been ...

Someone got into trouble here..
1:17 PM
@BretCopeland there seem to be remaining issues with stackauth.com
yeah, that's known, and being worked on.
@JonasCz Wonder if it's a troll anyway? Question makes so little sense and is so incomplete it's hard to imagine a Google search would have uncovered it.
@JonasCz he's just trying to scare the guy, I doubt mods will provide id information
@BretCopeland OK
@Braiam yeah, it's clearly a bluff.
1:19 PM
and the edit on the question adds fun...
btw, I have no idea what he's asking...
I don't either. I just deleted that "answer". It was pissing me off.
If posts that piss you off warrants deletion I guess you have found your self a day job...
I use the AVR ATmega series quite a bit and have no idea either, especially the "in decimal places bit". You can find the register address in the data sheet, perhaps the challenge is to convert a hex number to decimal...
@rene not an anwser+wrong+pisses me off = deleted. Subtract any one of the three and I won't do anything about it.
I'm not big on moderating SO.
What's a correct non-answer?
1:24 PM
Got it in the LQP queue, do you know how many "recommend deletion" are necessary to delete stuff ?
6, I think
@JonasCz 6
or three normal votes
but if 3 20k users vote there it's also enough
1:24 PM
@JanDvorak something which is factually, or arguably, correct, but does not answer the question.
20k user voting Recommend Deletion in review on post with negative score actually cast "full" delete vote
@ShadowWizard Oh, that is a good reason for me to get to 20K and pick up reviewing in those queues again
Haha, I just had a quick look at the ATmega324A datasheet and the answer I think is correct is DDRD = 0x2A = 42 in decimal
@BretCopeland "Unicorns are awesome."
1:30 PM
@PeterJ ... would not warrant deletion from me.
@rene There it is still alive, but my SmokeDetector clone is dead...
@rene stackauth is most likely back, or will be any minute now.
Oh, it seems to be just a timeout that crashed it. Restarting...
@BretCopeland yep, works! tnx
Oh nevermind, Undo is going to run his clone.
1:39 PM
@rene why? no extra privilege by doing it from review, it's the same as if you clicked "delete" in the post itself
@BretCopeland is the above related to the downtime? ^
in Charcoal HQ on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 8 secs ago, by ProgramFOX
@Undo Well, I've tried to start up other bots just now, and they all have chat login problems, so Smokey won't work either right now :/
Using imgur directly for now so no big deal, but better have the upload ability back.
@ShadowWizard Oh, there was a downtime? That might explain those chat issues ^
25 mins ago, by Bret Copeland
yeah, that's known, and being worked on.
Ah, yup, it's OpenID that's down.
1:43 PM
So guess bots can't login now? Or any user, actually?
@ShadowWizard checking...
@ShadowWizard yeah, it's related.
It's because our primary is ISP is dropping outbound packets. It's mostly solved because we switched to using CloudFlare as a proxy which has a dedicated ISP, but normal outbound traffic, such as a request to upload an image to an external API, is still going out over the normal ISP, and therefore not actually going out at all.
@BretCopeland ETA on a fix? Or should we start bug report and wait like with any other bug?
Nothing we can really do until Cogent gets its act together.
All major properties should be online. We’re still having trouble with outbound traffic; services like sockets and image upload won’t work.
1:58 PM
We lost an ISP uplink for return traffic - we’re swapping providers now.
Stack Overflow should be back online for most people now - we are bringing the other properties over to alternate ISPs in a moment.
All major properties should be online. We’re still having trouble with outbound traffic; services like sockets and image upload won’t work.
wow... @Feeds was down too?
All services are back online - we’ll be making some additional routing changes are things stabilize later in the day.
I'd never noticed there were so many users with negative user ID's before like:
@PeterJ many of them are for our internal chat bots, like that one.
I thought it was nicael's sock :P
He likes doing things differently.
2:11 PM
@Bret, you want to be careful with that, if they become sentient they might resent their low place and want to rise up in status
Have you seen the state of work on our chat system? I'm not exactly worried about it gaining intelligence.
lol, but you never know it has a lot of insightful input to work with
Are you sure you are not offending @Balpha with that statement?
Yes @uni, @nicael is going to test the penalty box during his suspension. It's a new time limited opportunity he got. He wasn't suspended earlier, so he couldn't test the "suspended" user features. I think he is going to be very busy for 30 days.
@InfiniteRecursion :D
2:17 PM
@rene Balpha wrote an internal doc recently titled "The State of Chat - Hint: It's Abysmal"
Even then it looks and works a lot better than most of the chat systems I've seen on the internet.
It just isn't being actively worked on. If we had decided to make chat a product back in 2010-11 I think we would be a pretty big competitor in the market, but instead chat has been in pretty minimal maintenance mode for years.
And probably most of the improvements or new features which have been written are largely driven by our internal needs.
Eat your own dog food is still a great way to improve the quality of any product you have users for
In some ways, perhaps. In other ways no. I'm not sure things like integrating with our HR system to know whether an employee is on vacation when we try to ping them counts as improving the quality of the product for our users.
2:26 PM
I have no problem reporting my vacation to your HR people...oh wait...
The company is definitely interested in improving chat though. We've discussed it, and all the way up to Joel, people think that it's worth investing in improving chat for the sake of helping our communities. It's just that we're a bit strained on developer resources right now, and it's not at the top of the priority list.
And given that chat hasn't been actively worked on in so long, there's a lot of technical debt to deal with before substantial improvements could be made.
@BretCopeland Careers team got dozens of devs from what I see, can't they help somehow? :)
haha, you do know Careers needs developers too, right?
But careers has a box (as in, sells a product so more resources are warranted)
2:31 PM
The Careers dev team is probably the most active in building new things.
Just post a "Write a new chat system" question on SO with a 1M bounty and block any close / delete votes.
blacklist candidate supplementsecure.com
> DO NOT TRY Elite Test 360 - BAD Side Effect AVOIDED IT
@hichris123 Careers still tells me I applied for that position, and wishes me good luck.
Recruiters are like sales people, once the deal is closed they are done with you
2:35 PM
Has nothing to do with recruiters, it's just the message Careers shows on a job listing after you apply.
@BretCopeland ... then why'd you apply?
@bummi I just blacklisted it.
thank you
@hichris123 I don't know. I guess in a moment of weakness I decided I wanted to work at Stack Exchange.
So you want to have two SE jobs? That's okay with me as long as you do 2x the work. :P
2:39 PM
He was just looking for something completely different....
No, I only applied once... that was sort of the first step in getting the job.
I want Shog's job. I think I'd be good at it. I'm bitter, I love passively telling people that they suck, and I have tons of bad ideas that I'm passionate about. Also I like graphs.
@ShadowWizard What! No way, I'd probably just name it and give it a nice window sill to live on.
See! I knew I was right!
2:50 PM
@JasonC really?! Too bad it already went away on its own then.
@rene you're always right! (or is it left? ;))
Given the little disagreement on this....
@Braiam Wth is wrong with these people? More importantly, how do I encourage blogs to start bashing Firefox's lack of responsibility?
OK OK, @rene, hint taken
Dammit and my previous rage was just starting to go away.
Have some of my ice cream @JasonC
to cool down...
2:52 PM
it's spider flavored
@ShadowWizard That's adorable.
@JasonC you're welcome :D
@rene Takes ice cream and shoves it down Masatoshi Kimura's stupid pants.
@ShadowWizard By the way this is a great question for Lifehacks.
@JasonC haha, will take picture next time, can't post it without a picture. :D
From Nicaels avatar on the right: I can't talk in chat unless I find a way :) but I can edit this. I found the bug which allows you unaccept through Android App (sorry @Sha) while being suspended. Please report! Maybe @Sha would do it
2:58 PM
Haha, relentless.
you're slow, @Jason
Q: Suspended users can unaccept answers via android app

Shadow WizardSee the timeline of this question: Looks legit, right? But now see the profile of the question OP: Suspended for over a day now. The unaccept was done via the android app. This should not happen. Credits go nicael for letting me know of this, kudos!

@JasonC icecream in pants makes a total mess
Maybe he'll take a moment to reflect on social responsibility while cleaning up the mess.
@JasonC what did he do to deserve your wrath?
@ShadowWizard I take it you haven't read those Firefox RC4 rage bug reports?
3:02 PM
yesterday, by Braiam
rage https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=999544
4 hours ago, by Braiam
@JasonC more rage https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1124039#c2
you contribute to Firefox then, @Jason?
Now go rage.
Almost ashamed to admit, I'm not much into Firefox. blush
@nicael that's the only bug you found?? :D
@nicael Please post more bugs in your chat profile so we can battle over who gets the MSE rep.
> Thanks, @Sha :) Next bug: I can edit my chat "about me" being suspended :D
This is like a scavenger hunt.
3:17 PM
@AstroCB I believe that's already known. cc @nicael
> (warning: if you report, I'll lose my ability to report there)
lol, I won't report this. ;)
grr stupid ENTER
@nicael so you can unaccept but you can't accept back? So can't exploit the bug causing your suspension in the first place?
Writing a bot to transcribe @nicael's messages...
Q: Extend profile hiding in chat for suspended users

Madara UchihaWhen a user is suspended, his account is reduced to 1 rep and all of his privileges are stripped. However, they can still join chat rooms. This leads to various forms of abuse possible (all of those I've seen by suspended users): Join/Leave spams Expletives in profile messages Hold one sided ...

> 1) Yes, can't accept back. 2) Idea! :D 3) next bug: i.sstatic.net/FW3mt.png 4) @Astro Cool!
3:26 PM
I'm sure he enjoys the attention :D
Wow, that's like YouTube, without the videos. You might just be on to something there; you should explore this idea more. — Tim Post ♦ 21 mins ago
YouTube - videos = WorkPlace
@nicael can you please upload a clean version of the screenshot? I admire your hand write and huge screenshot but prefer my own FHRC ;)
(when you do, I'll submit a bug report later, if nobody else will do it :))
lol, he's fast!
3:37 PM
@AstroCB That is freakin' hilarious.
Hm, I seem to be doing a lot of conjecturing, hypothesizing, and presuming today.
@tchrist I would like to bring back "conject" as a verb. Would you endorse this effort?
It's important to me to have your blessing on such matters.
3:59 PM
> Astro, next mission: write a bot to allow me to post! Then vote... then edit... then comment... then?
I'll just rewrite Stack Overflow.
that moment when you realize you're already helping to rewrite stack overflow when you said you would
in before @AstroCB is suspended for helping nicael to evade a suspension.
I'm sure the SE team's job would be much easier if they just suspended everyone in the Tavern.
Who will flag spam then? :P
4:07 PM
> @hic then I can place all the updates all the updates in, for example, some jsfiddle and... ask @Astro to extract text from there, if they agree. this doesn't sound criminal? :D
First you need to start with coherent sentences.
@AstroCB What you don't seem to realize is that even though there are about 4.2 million users on SO, only 32 of us actually perform any actions on the site. It'd fall apart if they were all suspended.
What am I looking at?
How much I slept last night.
4:11 PM
How does it know?
@JasonC I'm entering the data.
How did you manage to enter the start time at the same moment you fell asleep?
And are those 61 minute intervals in that weird UI spinner?
@JasonC bjbot did it for him.
Also you'd have 5 bars if you had Verizon.
4:16 PM
@JasonC off-by-one bugs fall in the same category as pluralization bugs
@JasonC minute and hours are separate duh
@bjb568 That explains the inexplicably massive space between the two.
This @nicael bot is hindered simply by the fact that Chrome doesn't handle click events properly.
in Botlings practice room, 4 mins ago, by xkcdBot
I hate Chrome.
I guess I could run it under my account on Safari, but that seems risky, as I don't know what nicael is going to put in that about me...
Perhaps put [message by nicael] at the start of a message, as a sort of disclaimer.
Safari iz bettah
4:29 PM
@ProgramFOX I already do, but it still seems risky.
@ProgramFOX he could get around that
^ and that.
That's a good point. He's still nicael, after all :P
sighs Why are my favorite tags always filled with nothing but homework questions?
aww, Smokey's dead
!xkcd blame
4:31 PM
@AstroCB It's nicael's fault.
That seems right.
Yeah. It probably is.
@AlexisKing Yeah, probably due to the recent downtime. I tried to start up a clone, but got errors.
New message from nicael:
> @hic then I can place all the updates all the updates in, for example, some jsfiddle and... ask @Astro to extract text from there, if they agree. this doesn't sound criminal? :D
That almost worked.
xkcdBot's back to normal; nicaelSuspendedBot will run on my account and check for a new message once every three minutes.
This is a great idea. Nothing bad could ever come from it.
Adjective: suspended
  1. Caused to stop for a while; interrupted or delayed.
Verb: suspended
  1. simple past tense and past participle of suspend
  2. suspended
4:41 PM
@hichris123 Exactly.
If @nicael uses it for malicious purposes, ping me and I'll disable it – bug reports only.
@AstroCB I think you're missing the point here: you're deliberately helping a suspended user evade their suspension.
@hichris123 Only for positive uses.
... and one couldn't just wait a month to report such bugs?
Positive or negative, it doesn't really matter..
Is there any particular reason why @nicael can't just keep a list of bug reports and report them in a month? o.O
@hichris123 Dammit.
4:44 PM
Type faster @JasonC. Better find another keyboard.
@3ventic True; probably a bad idea. We'll see how it goes.
In the words of the great Shadow Wizard,
@Tim actually, I don't think he did that to get around the block, since he didn't try to exploit it further and informed us in chat about what he did. Finding such bugs are in his very core, he just can't resist it - and in the long run, it's good for SE. — Shadow Wizard 3 hours ago
I mean, if anything, @AstroCB, it kind of just stretches out the drama of this whole thing. We don't need to be reminded of it every time nicael edits his profile.
Just let him deal with his suspension like normal people do.
@JasonC I'd really like to, but I just spent half an hour writing a bot.
I like chat bots
4:48 PM
If there is even a remote hint of this catalyzing the standard Tavern drama / gossip corner I'm definitely tattletaling.
Then you have come to the right room
I wrote my own chat bot for Twitch chat
@JasonC 5 things Jason C has been caught doing
The fact that @nicael hasn't tested it yet signals to me that s/he is working on a malicious way to use it.
You won't believe what the Tavern has been up to!
4:49 PM
@hichris123 Worst buzzfeed list ever.
@JasonC I thought their standard was far lower than this?
AKA 5 interesting ways to get caught drinking under age
@hichris123 Then people would think s/he was rep-farming if s/he posted 15 bug reports in an hour.
So? Spread them out. Or if they're reasonable bug reports, who cares.
@JasonC True enough, but s/he's usually called out for the opposite of what's going on right now, so people must just not like bug reports.
4:54 PM
The point is when you're suspended, you're suspended, and you put off whatever you were going to do until it's over. It's a normal thing to do, there is literally no sound argument against.
7 mins ago, by AstroCB
@JasonC I'd really like to, but I just spent half an hour writing a bot.
Hypothetical consequences of that are irrelevant.
If you said "exactly" I think I was unclear :P
@JasonC Precisely.
4:55 PM
Anyways I've already forgotten what you said about the bot. Can I get a re-quote?
1 min ago, by AstroCB
7 mins ago, by AstroCB
@JasonC I'd really like to, but I just spent half an hour writing a bot.
8 secs ago, by AstroCB
1 min ago, by AstroCB
7 mins ago, by AstroCB
@JasonC I'd really like to, but I just spent half an hour writing a bot.
27 secs ago, by Jason C
Anyways I've already forgotten what you said about the bot. Can I get a re-quote?
Sep 7 '10 at 11:37, by Lasse V. Karlsen
Feb 10 '12 at 14:20, by jadarnel27
I'm interested in your mom.
Interesting that there are no results for "No."
Feb 3 '14 at 2:59, by Undo
4:57 PM
Inb4 everyone gets suspended but me, and I'll keep shrugging off Smokey's reports anyways
Q: Unable to search for "no" in chat rooms

Jason CIn chat searches, any search for the text "no" yields no results: "No" said by me in the tavern (no results although I have definitely said "no") RSS Feed for "no" in general (it's empty) I thought perhaps it was because of a minimum search term length, but "ok" yields results: "Ok" said by...

> New message from @nicael:
> *maliciously pinging @Sha to report my previous bug*
^ And that post was a result of the last time we did the all-quotes conversation thing I think.
Well done.
@AstroCB Can you at least give your bot a new ignorable user account?
4:59 PM
@JasonC That would require rep-farming.
Just post nicael's next bug report, lol.
Nice rep cap, @JasonC.
It happens.
Does the chat search use elastic search?
@AstroCB Ugh.
And you have 1 waffle today, @JasonC.
Q: Waffle vote counter

ManishearthIt is my firm belief that every +10 vote after reaching the repcap can be redeemed for free waffles{*}. I often hit the cap on MSO, and I like to see how many waffles SE Inc owes me. So I have a bookmarklet that does the job--it adds up wafflevotes for every day on a page. javascript:$(".grid...

5:02 PM
@AstroCB Maybe give it a once-every-15-minute update throttle or something.
3 waffles I think.
@JasonC It's supposed to check localStorage, but it didn't that first time because I ran it manually.
@JasonC Maybe we should ask Manish.
We are back in on our original ISPs (which have better routes). All systems are online. http://t.co/pjtBogHR6J
Shaddap, feeds.
5:06 PM
!xkcd find feeds
@AstroCB If you mean check localStorage for message changes; not sure if you noticed but the second (removed) message was slightly different from the first. Had the words "trying to" added to it.
@JasonC Oh, then it worked.
I'll change it to 5 minutes, then.
I though you were "ugh"ing because nicael was making minor changes to force your bot to repost, which is why I was "ugh"ing, and why I don't think this can turn out well.
strip the @-symbol
5:08 PM
Change it to 60 minutes. There's no reason for a suspended user to be able to talk even every 5 minutes. Or change it to 24 hours and just force him to say things that are worthwhile.
@JasonC Done.
and !, in case he's trying to play with bots
6-8 weeks
Convert evertyhing to morse code. If we're not interested, we won't decode
Oh it should definitely convert to small caps, too.
5:09 PM
@AndrewT. Done.
.. or to base64
Or to base65 but don't tell anybody.
dont forget to hash it
@JasonC pcg question?
@JanDvorak If I found a magic lamp, erasing Lifehacks and PCG would be my first two wishes.
5:11 PM
!xkcd find cryptography shift
@JasonC why???
My third would be a bottomless drawer full of bacon in the fridge.
Then I'd spend the rest of my life regretting not making better wishes, but at least I could take the edge off with bacon.
Ok I gotta get out of the house. Or something. It's 80 degrees and disgustingly humid right now, and I don't feel like busting out the window A/Cs just yet. Maybe there's a breeze outside.
All the books on my shelf are soggy.
celsius, please
The humidity makes it worse.
5:24 PM
O.o @nicael really got suspended network-wide :o lifehacks.stackexchange.com/users/21/nicael
@Mooseman he found his way back, curious how this will end
@bummi Yup...
I like him, but now I'm really concerned
@JasonC Aim higher, a drawer always full of perfectly cooked bacon held at just the right temp and humidity.
5:30 PM
@TimPost Aim higher, a hammerspace fridge with everything unlocked
including small enough non-food items
@TimPost Cooking it is half the fun though!
The popping grease and bacony smoke, mmm.
meh. I'd just eat it raw
Ugh I'm supposed to be outside.
closes tab and runs
5:44 PM
@AstroCB haha, so that's from the bot?
> i want to make my own programming language
^^ Today's winner xD (Just add "what language should I use?" and it's perfect)
@Mooseman ha ha
5:50 PM
It almost makes me a little sad because, as someone who wrote her own programming language for fun, there aren't very many resources out there to actually understand how to go about that.
@SouravGhosh There's even a pending edit to polish it !
@AlexisKing please see this, it's a potential goldmine stackoverflow.com/q/1669/2173917
@JonasCz not very sure, but I guess just for the +2
@SouravGhosh I wrote an interpreted language, not a compiled one, so a lot of those resources weren't what I was looking for.
PLAI is pretty cool, but I didn't find it until (relatively) recently.
@AlexisKing thanks for the comment in that q, maybe will help OP. :-)
Using flash is so inefficient that playing a simple animation uses so much current that it draws battery power when my laptop is plugged in.
5:56 PM
@SouravGhosh I'm pessimistic, but I can be hopeful. ;)
@bjb568 Um. No. That is... not how electronics.
Unless you're joking, in which case, zing! :p
@AlexisKing I'm interested, have you shared this anywhere ?
@AlexisKing the only reason I discourage these kind of question is because I don't want a lot others to come up with similar one, it's genuinely too broad to answer. Nothing else. :-)
You need to upgrade your laptop charger
(cpu temp in ˚C)
5:59 PM
98F or C?
@JonasCz It's just a wacky little lisp-like language with a prototypal object system.
Heh, then that's inaccurate.
Intel CPUs should barely ever make it up to 90C.
It runs at 400%.
@JanDvorak 45A, it says. It burns my paw to touch it.
And I run at 500%.

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