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12:04 PM
What do you expect from us? You might want to take the tour and read How to Ask to better understand why we have to downvote and close vote your post. — rene 10 secs ago
@rene well said!
With enough practice I might become a nice guy after all....
Persistent user here
Can we have some delete votes on those two meta posts?
@bjb568 What's going on with DD login? I log in, go to a page and suddenly I'm logged out.
12:21 PM
Did you pay the rent?
no repro here
I can happily login and stay logged in
@rene ooh, thanks for that ....
@ProgramFOX Yay I have 53 repz on DD!
1:02 PM
@Unihedro Nice!
1:13 PM
There is a similar answer on that same question deleted a couple of days ago
^ @Frank in a comic
1:36 PM
@Unihedro hey, be nice xD
2 hours later…
3:37 PM
Yay, I forgot that now I'll get +2 for my every approved edit on MSE :D
4:00 PM
3 hours later…
It's quiet here...
g2g, bye
bye @jan
@Doorknob冰 HATS ARE AWESOME. Winter Bash will end in 0 days, 7 hours, 57 minutes and 46 seconds. :(
ahh nice
one more delv needed
I don't have such privileges :(
/me go answers regex questions for quick rep
4:08 PM
:D Doorknob冰
I haven't seen @inf here today, is this because of chat.meta.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/2860699#2860699
@Doorknob冰 gone
> deleted by Doorknob 冰, Patrick Hofman, Community♦ 1 min ago
@TGMCians Yes, it is. You scared the duck away... ;)
she set her location . Far far away :D
@TGMCians Ah, spam flags. Didn't think of that
I dont know C#. me neither
4:17 PM
me also
Why do you think your question can be asked here? — rene 2 mins ago
@TGMCians ... did I miss something?
@TGMCians Someday I expect a clever answer ...
@Behaviour around?
@hichris123 plz send teh coffee
Anyone up for helping me get a pizza hat? :P
@Behaviour Can you undelete & edit your lorem ipsum post in a minute?
4:26 PM
Okay, will do.
@Behaviour You forgot "me" :)
@hichris123 Undeleted / edited. But it may be on the ignore list already?
@Behaviour Possibly, but I broke it. :(
@hichris123 Running since 16:26:23 UTC
I think it's better to get a new post on a different site, before EE folks ban me for life. MSE maybe. :)
4:30 PM
Can you edit it again, @Behaviour? (testing locally now)
@ProgramFOX No repro make sure cookies are enabled and stuff.
meta.stackexchange.com/q/246533/180276 <-- Answers for pizza hat plz? :P
@hichris123 I posted this just now.
@Behaviour Huh. No error that I can see...
But it did crash.
4:36 PM
ProgramFOX did not see any error in logs either. If more testing is needed, feel free to edit my MSE post even if the content deviates from author's intent... (Doorknob edited in "jQuery".)
What? I have no idea what you're talking about
@bjb568 They are, but anyway...
@hichris123 It was probably caused by a typo.
Try hard reloading!
Check firewall and proxies!
All those fun things…
@bjb568 Didn't work.
@bjb568 I haven't made any changes since a few days ago.
What headers did you get from login? Do you see your id cookie there? Does it actually get set as a cookie?
4:43 PM
@Behaviour Running since 16:41:37 UTC
^ edit to the all-caps post crashed it.
The last status comes from a restart after pulling.
post edited...
@bjb568 I don't know if this causes DD login fail, but worth fixing anyway:
else if (f = val.match(/^(\d+|[A-z])[.)] /))
(main.js, line 169)
I'll now run a local SmokeDetector copy to see whether I get something...
4:47 PM
@ProgramFOX main?
I got rid of that…
There's front and buildpage and sockets.
Oh, you mean client side?
yes, client side
Oh, the md parser.
What's wrong with it?
@bjb568 Shouldn't it be ==?
4:49 PM
Firefox gives a syntax error at it, so I thought...
@bjb568 And then you talk about good coding practices on DD learning page. :/
Works on WebKit
local Smokey running, /me goes to edit post
4:51 PM
@Behaviour Hay, that's optimization.
Still nothing in the logs... will have to fire a debugger
@bjb568 Not for those reading the code, who have to stop and think "is this a typo"? Have you tried jslint on it?
argh, I cannot log in to DD even after force-killing all browser-related data to it
@Behaviour Lint? No, that's crap.
I do jshint sometimes.
So I can log in, see the "Welcome back" page, then I go somewhere else and I'm logged out.
4:54 PM
@ProgramFOX What's the first 3 letters of your id cookie?
@ProgramFOX Use webkit because mr developer obviouly only uses that to test his &^%$$
Sep 18 '14 at 1:11, by Jan Dvorak
SP... oh wait. http://meta.stackexchange.com/questions/239550/infrared-23-11s-air-storage
@bjb568 ewy
Come on Eclipse, please load faster, I have to debug something.
@hichris123 Cool! Never knew about that. Thanks!
4:56 PM
@ProgramFOX wat… your cookie is null in the db
@ProgramFOX Hey, thank @ThiefMaster.
@bjb568 O_O
@bjb568 Hint: one of 20 instances of if (a=b) in your code should have actually been if (a==b). But just one.
@Behaviour I hope you're trolling.
4:59 PM
@hichris123 Running since 16:50:38 UTC
@hichris123 Running since 16:58:28 UTC
finally, debugger launched
@hichris123 Sitting on my ass since forever
@bjb568 No, we are not! go fix it... please
… troll
5:00 PM
Edited the post, debugger caught it.
@Bart You're a little late for Mistletoe. :P
@TGMCians I will be in the neighbourhood, fell free to poke me :)
shouldn't you write a mock to test this stuff... — rene 7 mins ago
Yeah, that's on my todo list, @rene.
good, prioritize it, will you ;)
... so there is also a bit of problem with our error logging because my local SmokeDetector copy has apparently been running for -240 seconds...
5:04 PM
As a substitute we will mock you until you have written it @hichris123
@Bart Yay mocking!
@ProgramFOX Well, I think I fixed the bug.
@ProgramFOX Wheel of blame...
Y'know, we totally need the "not my fault" bot in here.
@hichris123 Because I did startup_time - now instead of now - startup_time.
@ProgramFOX lol
5:07 PM
Eugh, I lost PyDev's Expressions tab.
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: THIS IS ONLY A TEST by Behaviour on meta.stackexchange.com
phew, I found the tab back
@nicael lolwut
@hichris123 what a mess is that ws.py file....
5:11 PM
A: How can I help a child learn to program?

Bharat SankannanavarStart with a HEADFIRST series.

@rene Yeah, kinda.
Umm... I get this error:
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "C:\Eclipse\dropins\PyDev_3_5_0\plugins\org.python.pydev_3.5.0.201405201709\pysrc\pydevd.py", line 473, in processInternalCommands
    int_cmd = queue.get(False)
  File "C:\Python27\lib\Queue.py", line 165, in get
    raise Empty
@ProgramFOX You broke it!
Actually, nevermind, it's balpha's fault.
@bjb568 VLQ?
@bjb568 Thanks, login works again!
5:15 PM
Mah head!
@bjb568 I DVed and flagged VLQ.
Okay, I have the error:
in Charcoal HQ on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 40 secs ago, by FOX 9000
Recovered from AttributeError: 'list' object has no attribute 'strip'
5:23 PM
@hichris123 Running since 17:20:42 UTC
I edited it once more and it did not post (which is good), now checking
@ProgramFOX Running since 17:20:42 UTC
Okay, everything is fine again!
@Behaviour You should probably delete your post now.
Oh no, my rep! It was at +4 -5, for the net gain of 10. Deleted.
5:25 PM
@Behaviour By the way, this might explain why we never had any reports for blacklisted users -- that feature was broken for the same reason (and is also fixed now).
Hi @ThiefMaster! Thanks for your message about PyCharm; I was still using Eclipse but PyCharm looks a lot better.
> (post deleted or otherwise unavailable)
Does it work with CW or self-answer?
@hichris123 It was this one: i.stack.imgur.com/rt7yT.png
5:50 PM
@hichris123 And you helped 59711 people with that!
@Behaviour "helped"
@Doorknob冰 What's the answer?
Why deleted?
Ah, no no no, you reached 60k people. Because obviously that makes the arbitrary number so much more useful.
Including me, as of now.
@Behaviour Go download the JDK. :P
5:53 PM
@Doorknob冰 I thought undelete always takes 3 votes, and only deletion requires more for high voted posts...
@hichris123 i.stack.imgur.com/6sFcV.png <noonebox>
@Behaviour Apparently this one requires 6 undelete votes (of which 5 are already cast).
@Doorknob冰 can you remove the 1 idea per answer remark since you already got your pizza?
@Doorknob冰 Found the explanation here. Not easy because that post is closed as a duplicate of How many votes are needed to undelete? which despite its name, does not answer the question.
I could copy Jarrod's answer, but then if they rules change, they'd have to be updated in two places. What to do?
I guess: rename the closed post, and reverse the order of duplication?
5:58 PM
@Sompuperoo That's not the reason I put it there...
Which is very easy because Meta Stack Exchange has so many active mods...
If there's multiple ideas in an answer, and you like one but dislike another, how are you supposed to vote?
@Doorknob冰 oh ok, but I don't want to leave 11 or so separate answers.. polling doesn't work right, so I'll leave mine as 1 answer
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: IPHONE ACTIVATION PROBLEM 4S by leah on apple.stackexchange.com
@Doorknob冰 leave a comment "+1 for all ideas except this one"
6:00 PM
@Sompuperoo you plagarized my idea....
@rene lol, did not mean too
We split the votes, OK?
@Behaviour just copy/paste or quote Jarrod's answer as your own answer or community wiki on the descriptive titled one, linking to his answer of course. Leave the duplicate and everything else as is.
@rene no, but you can have a slice of my pizza
@Sompuperoo Hmmm, okay .... I was planning to skip dinner but this changes things...
@Sompuperoo Hm, but I don't even know if the rules are current. It says question + answers' score, with "answers" in plural. Which for deletion was changed later to the top answer, I think.
6:07 PM
@Behaviour you could state exactly that in your answer
And the math does not check out. In @Doorknob冰's case, the question has score 72, the answer has 138. That's 210 total. According to Jarrod, this should require +7 extra undelete votes. So the total would be 10. But Doorknob says it's 6.
I think it's easier just to post a new Meta question.
@Behaviour Maybe @Doorknob can't count. :P
@Doorknob冰 upvote answer, comment "upvoted, but I hate this part".
This guy thinks otherwise about wearing multiple hats. — Scimonster 36 mins ago
Also, I want to make @Bart participate for the full bash next year instead of disappearing for like 2 weeks
Found up to date info; the scaling is 20:1, only Q+topA count, and the same rules apply to undelete. Which still contradicts @Doorknob冰's observation about 6 required undelete votes; it should be 10 (max possible).
There is another question marked as a duplicate of the above. And the original is not a harmful question that needs to be deleted.
6:45 PM
@Sompuperoo :D Give me a break. I figured that an entire year without a day off wasn't a good idea, so I took the 2 weeks now.
@Bart Ok, maybe I/u/sum1 will need to make a bartling botling for when you away next time
@Sompuperoo It could reply with a random Bart quote.
"@Bart around?" - "nice comments? You make me sick."
Is there any good way to download the entire chat transcript? I mean, better than scrape it page by page.
@hichris123 yes, that is good idea, the bartling could even run during the night shift when @bart is not around so the nighters could enjoy the @bartness
6:53 PM
@Behaviour Shog said something about that a while ago...
Yes, I remember now. The answer is more or less "no".
Q: Obtaining full chat transcripts

Nick THow do I download all chat messages or those from a particular room (over all time)? Some dopey script may be able to do it, but is there a more convenient way? Is there something at http://data.stackexchange.com/; all I see are the QA sites. Trying to learn some data analysis stuff, figured I...

No answer unfortunately
Dec 27 '14 at 3:53, by Shogging through the snow
I had... a reason... to construct a single-page transcript for a room once. This is a little bit different, in that you can automate loading each transcript page with a bit less overhead than loading them into a live room
You beat me by a few seconds.
I don't understand the requirements for the Red Baron hat. Specifically, what has to be "+3 after"? ....the question? the answer?
.....if anyone here has that hat, I'd love to know how you got it :)
7:05 PM
@Shokhet question must be -3 or worse at one point, then +3 or more after that, and your answer must be +5 or more
@Sompuperoo Got it. Thanks!
tough hat to get, no?
it's your usual reversal badge, isn't it?
@JanDvorak no, not at all
... diluted reversal badge?
@JanDvorak No, reversal is where I get a good answer (+20?) to a really bad answer (-5?) ....here, question score has to change
7:07 PM
The hat is what reversal badge should have been.
Well... good luck then
....last night, I answered two -3 questions; both answers now have a score of one. One question is still -3, the other is now -1
@Shokhet yes it's very tough.. seems like they probably got the idea for that hat , b.c of these new badges that were implemented, to try to get answerers to edit the question they answered to a better question
@Sompuperoo Ah. That makes sense, actually....I was wondering what was to be gained by the red baron hat.
Yes, Red Baron is a tough one; the rarest hat except the manually-awarded Eureka. The only hat that Doorknob doesn't have.
7:09 PM
@Shokhet I'm hoping to at least get a Necromancer badge for those answer; it's unlikely, though.
Best chance to get it is on a question that is downvoted for being unclear or poorly formatted, but is actually good underneath that.
@Sompuperoo HATS ARE AWESOME. Winter Bash will end in 0 days, 4 hours, 50 minutes and 16 seconds. :(
@SmokeDetector Oh dear. I don't have that much time to get Red Baron, now do I? :(
7:11 PM
OMGWTF!>!>!?! :(
> Stack Overflow is currently offline for maintenance
thankfully going to log off now anyways, but that's sad, bye
Good, no questions to close for a little while.
Same on Math.
I actually got a similar message on the winterbash site -- wanted to check the leaderboard
Mi Yodeya is up, though
....SO works for me
Why's Meta in RO?
@Sompuperoo This was for me for one minute, now works.
7:17 PM
MSE read only?
Why is it read only?
MSE is read only for me also. I've never seen that before.
Abby finally got tired of comments.
7:22 PM
Expect read-only to persist until the end of WB.
Stars still work...
Chat still works. (Empirically observed)
Is there any reason why "known good" audits in LQ review appear with fake 0 score when they are answers, but with true positive score (+5 usually) when they are questions?
I understand the first part, not the second.
7:35 PM
Makes those audits kind of pointless, since a +5 question could not be flagged VLQ.
Winterbash site is back up (discovered in another chat room)
Meta's back.
was that planned?
@Unihedro Good afternoon! ;-)
7:41 PM
@Behaviour IDK
@Behaviour Agree
lol dev meta beta :D How to change language there, switcher in the bottom doesn't seem to work :D
7:55 PM
@Shokhet HATS ARE AWESOME. Winter Bash will end in 0 days, 4 hours, 4 minutes and 48 seconds. :(
BUG it shouldn't say 0 days!
@SmokeDetector :(
@nicael Will be fixed in a few hours...
hmm... is four hours enough to get Red Baron? :P
7:59 PM
@Scimonster HATS ARE AWESOME. Winter Bash will end in 0 days, 4 hours, 1 minute and 34 seconds. :(

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