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@LynnCrumbling in recognition of the gravity of this event, I will avoid making any Polish jokes.
@Shog9 An empty promise, since your jokes are never ... polished.
inserts into conversation Since we have blue people around... "sumer" - meta.stackexchange.com/users/270502/sumer-kolcak
12:27 AM
@AnnaLear well, that was kinda... rough
@SantaClaus funny, it works in the star wall :P
12:59 AM
> 432: Fuck yourselves with knives and shelves | The Workplace
@hichris123 mmm... uwt?
@Braiam ikr?
1:04 AM
A: Could we have some glazed meat substance early?

Anna LearHere are the titles from the past two months: https://docs.google.com/a/stackoverflow.com/spreadsheets/d/1RJjQmf9v2bkEwuo39TZH_eSfpaTLWYovWFtLN67YEz8/ I cheated a bit and only listed questions that were deleted by a binding Spam flag from a moderator, but that should account for the majority of...

@SantaClaus err... wut?
Woohoo, spam data!
uh huh
And I kinda took over CHQ... :p
@hichris123 ?
1:11 AM
That was to test this:
It's running on a ML API service.
waits for conspiracy theories about me turning over to the spammers
in Charcoal HQ on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 14 mins ago, by hichris123
Whoever put [[["stuff"]]] in a JSON response is... weird.
My "what were you thinking, designer" moment.
so tempting... :D
1:13 AM
ew, I suddenly got "Stack Overflow requires external JavaScript from another domain, which is blocked or failed to load." but I didn't do anything. ajax.googleapis.com is blocked. Is it my company's IT doing...
mm... yeah, never google kittens + skilled + game
@AndrewT. go yell at your IT department.
mutters something about vanilla JS and my beautiful wabsites with 4 request max from same domain
@bjb568 two words: sprite sheets
1:32 AM
Meh. Just inline SVG or CSS it.
Or use Unicode.
icon fonts are just fancy SVG spritesheets
... and webdings are just an icon font
> 412 The ultimate flava of pringles
Oh I love this spam dump >:D
it is amazing the flavors pringles has
1:52 AM
Ew. That does not sound like an amazing pringles flavor
I spent about 2 minutes trying to comment on or edit that and just gave up and flagged as unclear
@Andy a perfect appetizer while you're waiting for your shrimp-flavored ramen to hydrate
2:08 AM
Anything Smoke Detector sees with a bayesian score < 30 will be posted in here:

 Smoke Detector School

Where Smoke Detectors learn
If anyone's curious or wants to help look for false positives.
@AndrewT. self-deleted.
@AndrewT. It should say: The author deleted this question out of shame
we really need those new reject reasons... magento.stackexchange.com/review/suggested-edits/17848
or at least that reviewers understand exactly why they are rejecting
@Braiam perhaps they meant "too minor" instead?
@JanDvorak my edit does improves greatly the post...
2:18 AM
still leaves bad grammar behind
Of course, with the latest development of the official stances on "too minor", which essentially say "eh, no need to care about quality; we can't enforce that anyways"...
@JanDvorak mm?
@JanDvorak I mean standard fonts. Like sans-serif.
one problem is varying support for these code pages
2:29 AM
@JanDvorak Bah, support.
what was the second glyph anyways?
All I see is a square
It's a black flag.
Get a mac!
@bjb568 get TFO
<-- not mac, still see the glyphs, so: Get a real browser
latest Chrome / Win7
2:33 AM
why did I guess you would say Chrome/ium
@Braiam Give me a reason you need write access to the SD beta room.
to write... stuff?
@Undo how else to report true / false positives?
Ah, okay.
Done for both of you.
I would also like write access. And rite access.
And right access, if you know what I mean.
(you don't know what I mean)
((I don't know what I mean))
(((it's getting dark way down in these parens)))
((((I think four is enough))))
2:44 AM
{{ and now for the AngularJS version }}
@JanDvorak I didn't have that in mind what I started typing, but it's certainly appropriate =)
I really liked Lisp when I tried it in college. I haven't used it since, though.
@JanDvorak {{$loopy}}
slowly, starts walking away
Lisp isn't bad. Lisp is low-level with a kicker feature I don't have much use for
Haskell already has programmable semicolons
2:52 AM
I'm not saying is bad...
I remember trying Prolog, and thinking it was even cooler than Lisp. But I don't remember much else about it.
> > How many prolog programmers are needed to change a light bulb?
> No.
3:15 AM
Has Zephyr stopped?
3:30 AM
Seems so.
in Room for Low Quality posts, 12 hours ago, by Andy
@AndrewT. This format has been implemented. I'm working on a couple other fixes, but you should see it next time Zephyr activates
4:04 AM
in Smoke Detector Bayesian Test Room on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 4 mins ago, by SmokeDetector
[ SmokeDetector | BayesianBeta ] Quality score 8.21212728296: I&#39;m really confused!
^vlq, needs an edit. Poke @Braiam
all flags marked helpful... because yeah
@InfiniteRecursion OP needs a edit...
@Braiam OP is nervous, plox halp
meh, not sure what he is really asking.
@ɥʇǝS I'm not even sure he's asking something
that confused I am
4:19 AM
mm... cool, I need a calculator, so I just leave bc in one of my terminals
well, I am off to bed.
dream about flags.... flags everywhere
@ɥʇǝS Night, dream about stars
@InfiniteRecursion u sleep outside, so just look up
4:31 AM
@lostsock I sleep in my crib
oh, right
@InfiniteRecursion dreams about stars always include @Bart, and a dream with Bart is always a nightmare
Wow, It's late! I was doing calculus homework and it was fun. I didn't even notice the time... Anyway, goodnight!
goodnight @bjb568
good night.
4:35 AM
@Braiam You are right. Avoid stars, avoid nightmares.....sleep in a crib.
uhh.. it should be vlq, sorry
5:15 AM
@InfiniteRecursion Of course
spam^^ stopped at -4. seems all are busy
@SilentKiller It has just been a few minutes, on low traffic sites, it sometimes sits for nearly an hour
Aug 30 at 6:43, by Jan Dvorak
@iStimple you are, of course, welcome to post to meta, "please merge magento.se to so in order to aid moderation; the site doesn't even get six views per hour during off-peak hours"
5:33 AM
spam gone
we crossed 13k in starred post.
5:45 AM
gZ !!!
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected: How to use Nike Running with iOS 8's Health app? on apple.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector fp
6:08 AM
@AndrewT. Smokey posted this in the BayesianBeta room too
I just found something about mars @Inf
@SilentKiller Yo!
hows this possible ? alien duck
1 hour later…
7:53 AM
@Uni @InfiniteRecursion @SilentKiller @DroidDev Any improvements on this answer stackoverflow.com/questions/25892695/tooltip-on-line-chart/…
@ItachiUchiha sorry, but, I have no idea about JAVA, so, I'll leave it to others to figure it out. :)
@DroidDev Android without Java ?
@ItachiUchiha its kind of complicated, but still, I don't know much. I know somethings though
like I know, you have put supress warnings on top of class and I know why they are there
Alright :)
@all The wheel of blame doesn't center's its result after completing its rotation
@ItachiUchiha still +1, I guess its a good answer
7:59 AM
@DroidDev have you tried the wheel of blame ?
@ItachiUchiha let me
@ItachiUchiha its true! you should ask on MSE about it ;)
is it not centering for you as well ?
@ItachiUchiha yup
now, who to blame for that :/
ahhh, as I thought
@ItachiUchiha Good answer, upvoted :)
Hiya @uni @uni @uni @uni
8:07 AM
I wanted to know, if it can be improved
Hiya @inf @inf @inf @inf :)
on my way home from school :P
@uni welcome.
thanks @sil, hiya
@hichris123 Hi there
@Unihedron hey there, need some criticism on an answer that I just made :P
@ItachiUchiha means you want us to criticize your answer..?? :P
8:15 AM
Great, love that code formatting :)
@SilentKiller its more of a constructive critism !
Morning @Jan
I don't think you have to suppress those warnings @Ita :P @SuppressWarnings({ "unchecked", "rawtypes" })
8:18 AM
With the dark theme on my eclipse, it was making my code look all bright :P
I've heard about your theme in the java room before. :P I still haven't switched away from mine yet, it's colorful.
I guess, either I will have to switch to IntelliJ Idea or customize the theme myself, there are a few places where I don't like it
Instead of so many
series.getData().add(new XYChart.Data(dateFormat.parse("11/Jan/2014"), 23));
series.getData().add(new XYChart.Data(dateFormat.parse("09/Feb/2014"), 14));
series.getData().add(new XYChart.Data(dateFormat.parse("22/Mar/2014"), 15));
series.getData().add(new XYChart.Data(dateFormat.parse("14/Apr/2014"), 24));
series.getData().add(new XYChart.Data(dateFormat.parse("22/May/2014"), 34));
series.getData().add(new XYChart.Data(dateFormat.parse("07/Jun/2014"), 36));
series.getData().add(new XYChart.Data(dateFormat.parse("22/Jul/2014"), 22));
I would use something like
private String[] dates = {"11/Jan/2014", "09/Feb/2014"......};
private int[] values = {23, 14, ......};

for(int i = 0; i < dates.length; i++) {
generateNextDate( int i ){
return new XYChart.Data(dateFormat.parse(dates[i]), values[i]);
8:22 AM
Loops are magic :)
@Unihedron That's why they are teaching magic in your class :)
I think if you make an array final it gets optimization passes in the interpretation stage, loops, but I'm not sure.
@InfiniteRecursion One good suggestion. Actually I was trying to make it similar to oracle docs docs.oracle.com/javafx/2/charts/line-chart.htm#CIHIGFCI
@uni interpretation stage ??
@ItachiUchiha Well in java code gets optimized by the compiler translation to bytecodes, then the interpreter compiling the bytecodes and running on the virtual machine.
8:25 AM
I know that :P
still you asked.? :P
@ItachiUchiha I understand that, since you asked for criticism, so am criticizing :D Personally that's a change I would irrespective of what Oracle docs contain...
If I were to criticize, it would be the field naming :)
@InfiniteRecursion I said its a good suggestion :)
@ItachiUchiha enjoy criticism
8:28 AM
Wallpaper in construction? :)
it should be Avatar in construction @Sil
@uni yup.. searching something unique till that.
@DroidDev updates will be available after 24 hours. :D
Instead of commencing an update in that wording can't you construct an avatar already? :D
@uni :P work in progress
8:33 AM
I'd rather construct a bot, which will construct avatars for me
Mmm, automation.
35 mins ago, by ItachiUchiha
@all The wheel of blame doesn't center's its result after completing its rotation
lolz.. XD.. extremely true.
8:37 AM
@Unihedron ?????
Also @all doesn't ping anyone unless someone's name starts with "all".
@ItachiUchiha It's not a bug, it's a feature!
All @ItachiUchiha were you asking to this person..?? ;)
8:40 AM
@DroidDev That's how every Yahoo! answers looks like to me. :)
@Unihedron start believing, but wait... :/
@Unihedron you mean @all only pings "all"? :P lol
A: Does use of final keyword in Java improve the performance?

Jon SkeetUsually not. For virtual methods, HotSpot keeps track of whether the method has actually been overridden, and is able to perform optimizations such as inlining on the assumption that a method hasn't been overridden - until it loads a class which overrides the method, at which point it can undo (o...

@Unihedron ^Avoid giving that suggestion to anyone, I was a bit amazed to read it, so this one is for you :)
8:46 AM
@InfiniteRecursion Thanks :o
@SilentKiller the +1s, yes
@Unihedron Always welcome :)
@Inf: Actually, I read from somewhere that the final keyword tells to compiler to optimize the field away. I never actually knew what it was intended to do, so that was an enlightening read. :P
(also, cc @Undo: LQ)
@Unihedron Ok, that explains it. Use final only if it is a design choice, that is you never ever want anyone to be able to change it's value. In that case, you use a final. Also it improves readability, say you read the code of a large project for the first time, when you see a final field, you immediately know that this field's value will never be changed , without reading the remaining thousand lines, and you pay more attention to it's value at that point.
8:54 AM
never heard of it
loads for me just fine; haven't checked the links, though.
Must be my proxy.
@uni check room owners
8:56 AM
@SilentKiller Why should he check room owners?
3 mins ago, by Unihedron
Is it just me or http://sayhelloworld.webs.com/list-of-free-resources is dead?
in concern of this link inf.
Should I remove the image from this answer? stackoverflow.com/a/25906486/2982225
it should be small in size.
<insert a "that's not what she said" joke here>
SyntaxError: Unexpected end of input
    at Object.parse (native)
I hate javascript.
9:04 AM
@InfiniteRecursion Yes, I think you should.
seems you're trying to parse as object something that isn't
Thanks @uni, @sil, edited the answer
welcome inf
9:09 AM
@3ventic I just had a discussion with a co-worker. He said javascript is the best programming language and that you just need to know it and understand its logic. I cannot help but think he is mad.
@SPArchaeologist Just what I think when people say they like php. :)
@SPArchaeologist why don't you like javascript?
@JanDvorak made in 10 days, utterly nosense when it comes to some basic features.
9:17 AM
It has regex so I'm happy.
we're long past the first version
@JanDvorak for a start, "use strict" should be the DEFAULT
not the option
compatibility with old scripts
be glad it's even there
@JanDvorak and why it needs to be compatible? because it started bad.
9:20 AM
name one language that didn't start bad
@Unihedron Salvaged
Great, thanks @inf! :)
Morning @Sam
9:21 AM
Hi @Bart
Hi @Bart
Hi @Bart
9:22 AM
Hi @Bart
Wait ...
Hi @Bart
@Bart wrong sock
That's the height of being eccentric @Bart, you greeted yourself and then starred it with a sock :/
Don't worry @InfiniteRecursion. I've also flagged it. And if elections are soon, I might even get to handle it myself. Who knows.
@SilentKiller this question is almost definitiely not a close vote
it seems worth closing, though
yup that's why i asked...
@Bart That's why it's Bart's world
if i needed to use google than why would i post this question here — Varun Mad yesterday
9:31 AM
@Unihedron Thank :)
what a developer. :P
Review completed :)
@SilentKiller It was a bad post, flagged all comments, and the accepted answer, closed the question and edited to salvage the other answer. Tired...
user image
no-words :P
For those who sit a lot:
Q: Is sitting dangerous?

DeVilI recently was e-mailed this link: Sitting down is killing you. Apparently this is based on a medical study and much of what is said in this range of adverts campaigning against sitting down makes sense and they do cite quite a few references. However, this particular campaign just seems a littl...

9:45 AM
I'll go exercise later.
And the fruit of the day is watermelon, because someone doesn't like bananas
Q: Are there male and female watermelon fruits?

QuassnoiThis article, as well as folk wisdom, suggests buying "female" watermelons since they are sweeter and have less seeds. "Female" species are said to have a larger black spot on the side opposite to the stem. Wikipedia says that there are male and female watermelon flowers, of which only female o...

Q: Does drinking water after eating watermelon cause cholera?

user31782This question is about a myth popular in India. The myth is that drinking water or milk after eating watermelon cause cholera. Are there any experiments done on the human body that falsify/support this myth?

@Unihedron Good, I stood up after reading that :P
MSO. :(
9:53 AM
-7 and gone
What was the ping for @InfiniteRecursion? :)
@Bart To disturb you :)
@AndrewT. watching this endless list of new questions never gets boring
@InfiniteRecursion Skeptics, providing your daily dose of laughter since 1900
9:56 AM
@SPArchaeologist y2k bugged?
Skeptics and @SPArchaeologist providing us the daily dose of laughter
@InfiniteRecursion Wait a second. If that is the case, I cannot be Derpy - I must be Pinkie. Which is still strange, because my love for chaos still points to Discord.

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