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12:00 AM
@Behaviour wat
@bjb568 I think this change means the end of flag weight, but I may be wrong.
@Frank There's no "i" in "denial"
@Behaviour I don't think so.
@Doorknob冰 I don't think so.
@bjb568 "some sort of flag weight.... No, this is gone, and not replaced with anything that we can see. (As far as I know.)" -- Bill the Lizard
@Doorknob冰 are you lonely?
12:05 AM
there's a flag weight to order the flags (first those that has high weight) but it's hidden on all UI's @bjb @beh
"@beh" :P
@Doorknob冰 didn't say there was
12:09 AM
@Braiam If you're sure, rollback.
Better yet, edit to update again.
... dunno what post you all are talking about
@Frank yes you did
A: What is the difference between disputed and declined flags?

bfavarettoDeclined flag: the flag has been reviewed by a moderator who did not agree with you. Disputed flag: one or more non-moderators disagreed with you. A common cause is a Looks Good review. There is no flag weight anymore.

12:11 AM
@Doorknob冰 nope
@Frank yep
12:16 AM
12:16 AM
12:17 AM
I win, nope has more chars than yep
12:17 AM
I win, yes has more chars than no
And my bot works!
We used nope more than no
!comp nope vs no
someone might want to read this meta.stackexchange.com/questions/141292/…
dumb bot
12:19 AM
@Braiam IDK if it's right
12:31 AM
I edited it a bit more, to make the whole thing flow better.
@Behaviour so just the description for a disputed SPAM flag is missing
If I flag something as spam, but it's deleted by a mod not as spam (they simply delete), is the flag disputed or helpful?
@Behaviour The mod would have to explicitly decline the flag, I believe. So it would be declined/disputed
That bit me once when I tried to just delete something with a spam flag on it, the 100 rep penalty kicked in without me explicitly touching the spam flag
@Behaviour helpful
here, let's test it
12:35 AM
That feel when you figure out how to solve the thing you've spent all day googling
That feeling of shame when you realize how simple it is and stupid you are
@UndotheSnowman no need to test, there's a recent MSO post about an audit where someone flagged as spam, the OP deleted and it was marked as helpful
@Braiam right, that was the OP.
@UndotheSnowman I flagged as spam. :)
okay, deleting it without explicitly touching the spam flag
checks behaviour flag
12:38 AM
that marks it helpful, but the spam penalties kicked in
you got -100 rep?
@Braiam it's a meta post, so no. But I know the penalty kicked in
But it was your own post....
just undelete and dismiss the spam flag
@Behaviour Don't think it matters here
12:39 AM
I can also flag that question if you don't want to keep it around. :)
Now if I retroactively dismiss that flag...
gah where'd the button go? :/
inb4 FR that selfdelete post with spam flag shouldn't be marked it as helpful
ah there
there, killed the penalty
And that undeleted the post
Now the flag is disputed.
12:40 AM
Yes, I refreshed the flag summary page and "helpful" changed to "disputed".
So there's your answer
I forgot what the question was.
How to get a disputed SPAM flag
@Behaviour disputed if the mod screws up and accidentally leaves the flag and deletes the post, then clears the spam flag, declined if they decline it before deleting. Helpful if they delete and just leave it.
@UndotheSnowman I have a disputed spam flag [perhaps my mistake] on this meta post; what happened to it? (I don't have 10K).
12:44 AM
It's the one of my 221 spam flags on meta that's not helpful.
@Behaviour I don't have shiny mod tools here to see the timeline, but my guess is that it got deleted manually, then the spam flag was invalidated, then it was manually deleted again.
The user is still around
It probably shouldn't be
Pulsa Murah, Indonesia
1 1
I think that's what happened, you'll need someone with more power than me to verify
thanks for the clarification, I was curious for a while, I have to leave now ... cu
Fake parenting kitten hunts werewolves!
And now Parenting is in your list of sites above User Experience. Found your true calling.
12:54 AM
I think @Doorknob冰 made a concerning entry at Parenting
@Behaviour Gah! Will fix.
^ Thing #NNN to hate about new profiles. Any stupid upvoted question is forever in everyone's face.
And of course, it's the silly questions that get upvoted the most.
> How much information should be given on the front page?
Should I ask that on UX?
Balancing page speed to user content to site information.
1:04 AM
Too broad.
Ok, good question then.
Will replace parenting post.
^ everyone who hasn't upvoted parenting post yet, please do.
You can disassociate yourself from the post, you know.
Why would I want to do that? :P
Q: How much information should be given on the front page?

bjb568On the front page, you must strike a balance between site information, stuff that would make the user want to stay, and page speed (a larger page takes longer to serve/download/render and I imagine usually increases cognitive load). I have a site which is largely made up of user contributed cont...

1:22 AM
inb4 xkcd773
I checked my university's home page... definitely on the left side. And with this photo...
Oh, should I have asked the UX question on !Saturday?
1:38 AM
Small things please small minds ... but I have to admit I've been looking forwards to this for some reason:

visited 541 days, 100 consecutive
seen 39 secs ago
I almost had that, but then my internet disappeared for a week :(
And then, christmas. I was so busy I forgot to log in on christmas eve :(
1:59 AM
@Behaviour But... but... shouldn't the computer just know what to do? It's a computer!
I don't remember more cases that result in a disputed flag @beh, but this is the most accurate you can get meta.stackexchange.com/a/95277/213575
I added a link to "the difference between" posts, because one question naturally leads to the other.
@hichris123 Yeah, of course it should. The result of running a program can be only one of two things: (1) everything works as expected; (2) it doesn't work! help plz!
@Braiam It could be his own content, though. The user appears to be a contributor to that project.
@Behaviour but that content is licensed to himself or to the project? who gave permission to copy it? Does it has attribution? it's helpful for SO?
Strange, when did SE's Markdown parser start recognizing ordered lists that don't start with 1?
@YiJiang blame balpha... he's just too awesome
It always did
2:29 AM
err... no Jan
A: Can't start a numbered list on a number other than 1

balphaGiven that the vast majority of people want this feature, CommonMark, which we eventually hope to use, supports it, so it would come eventually anyway, the impact should be minimal since most Markdown lists start with 1., even where this isn't the case, nothing will change until the post is edi...

It didn't always preserve the numbering, but it did recognise them
2:51 AM
Q: soprano getting worse and worse

catersEver since I was 10 I have started singing higher and higher notes. Also at this time I could sing all the way down to the contra octave and still sing some 2nd octave notes. Now I can sing up to F# in the 3rd octave but only down to E in the small octave. I first extended to 2nd octave notes, t...

3:07 AM
@bjb568 Told you it was too broad. User Experience is not a free-for-all discussion club like Parenting
3:29 AM
@Sompuperoo HATS ARE AWESOME. Winter Bash will end in 0 days, 20 hours, 30 minutes and 46 seconds. :(
"0 units" shouldn't be displayed, really.
I search, but I'm really terrible at knowing what words to search for :C
@Frank There's an observation bias, though: those who searched and found what they wanted did not post a question, so they are not on your radar.
The clueless x% are clueless, but x is much less than 100.
I'm thinkin we need a Phytolacca americana q/a site so all these questions can go somewhere.
4:25 AM
Smokey's been quiet.
Hopefully he's alive.
@Behaviour HATS ARE AWESOME. Winter Bash will end in 0 days, 19 hours, 33 minutes and 38 seconds. :(
Oh nice, hats'll be gone when I'm back from church tomorrow :(
I'm gonna wake up to a hatless SE :/
@hichris123 Smokey did not catch Skin Care or Wrinkle.
Maybe it should be renamed as Hat Detector.
@hichris123 Yup
4:51 AM
@hichris123 Running since 04:34:47 UTC
When were those questions posted?
@hichris123 About the same time, 20 minutes ago. They are still there.
@Behaviour What UTC time? (should be on the tooltip) Sorry, can't see them as I'm on mobile.
Me too, but I'll check in a couple of minutes.
5:00 AM
0500 @hic
@hichris123 04:33:54 and 04:35:22
I think the spammer infiltrated Undo's server to mess with Smokey. :(
@Behaviour Ok, will edit
That means it might have been restarting when the questions were posted.
Smokey was alive at 04:27, when he replied to /hats. Just his/our luck, I suppose.
5:07 AM
It started up again at 04:34:47. Add in some time to load stuff...
No, apparently just rebooting. Not clear what made it reboot at that time, though.
@ProgramFox added auto-ignore to all-caps reports today, and we haven't had an all-caps report since. Maybe there's a bug there that causes Smokey to crash?
Nah, it reboots once per hour because the websockets have issues occasionally.
5:16 AM
What would be a good site to post an all-caps question at? I'm thinking Ask Ubuntu, it should be right at home there.
Go for it!
That was early in the life of the site. Everyone's happy to get questions then.
So I need to add more context?
So I posted this...

BehaviourLorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Cras pretium erat eu euismod rhoncus. Morbi rhoncus dolor et enim suscipit malesuada. Mauris efficitur massa ut purus rutrum aliquet. Nam quis iaculis justo, at pretium dolor. Vivamus dignissim gravida quam. Donec at nunc ex. Maecenas susci...

5:22 AM
@Behaviour plz send teh coffee
@hichris123 Something's up here ^
Huh, weird.
Now I'm curious how long my Lorem Ipsum will survive on ExpressionEngine® Answers...
My fault for proposing auto-ignore for all-caps reports. Now they are ignored too thoroughly..
5:25 AM
meh @beh, you could have posted it in MSE and smokey catch it the same
err... that if smokey still catch all caps title
Yes, but I did not want to get -100 on MSE.
@hichris123 Running since 05:20:09 UTC
Why is there so much Community bumping over there?
Huh. cc @Behaviour ... try undeleting & editing.
5:28 AM
@hichris123 My question was posted at 5:20:44. Will do.
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: LOREM IPSUM DOLOR SIT AMET by Behaviour on expressionengine.stackexchange.com
There we go.
Just unlucky when it decided to reboot.
I see. Now I should edit it again to find if auto-ignore works...
Well, it's restarting so.... :p
(it auto-reverted for no reason)
Hmm. I'll wait till it's on. I suppose the ignore list is not lost at restart.
5:32 AM
@Behaviour Running since 05:28:25 UTC
(have to wait until 5min grace period is over...)
That 5min?
No, the 5 minute between consecutive edits.
5:36 AM
I edited just now, creating a new entry in revision history. No report. Auto-ignore works. \o/
But you waited 1:27 more than 5…
Self-deleted now. No downvotes or spam flags were received...
6:29 AM
@TGMCians HATS ARE AWESOME. Winter Bash will end in 0 days, 17 hours, 30 minutes and 55 seconds. :(
6:56 AM
School will start and things will return to normal :(
I wonder why my calculus final still isn't posted.
Not that it matters for my semester grade…
@bjb568 probably enjoying winterbash?
It's like probably a week overdue.
Even my weird spanish teacher put up my grade.
… tho she probably just gave them out randomly, not that I'm complaining
A: Is there a vector field that is equal to its own curl?

Jesse MadnickI'd like to offer a high-brow answer to this question. While I realize that this solution is likely to be above the OP's level, I'm hoping it'll be of some interest to others. Claim: Let $u(x,y)$, $v(x,y)$, $w(x)$ be any real-analytic functions (defined on a neighborhood of $0$). Then there...

Ooh this looks kewl
I don't understand any of it, but Cauchy seems like a kewl guy
7:12 AM
"Weight Loss" not recognized. Does Smokey keep rebooting at the wrong time?
@ProgramFOX ^^
@bjb568 Yes, that's a neat question, on multivariable calc level, but I never thought about it.
Before anyone else points it out: $F=0$. — hjhjhj57 4 hours ago
^ "inb4" hasn't been adopted on Math yet.
7:17 AM
@TGMCians Yup
@SmokeDetector No
@ProgramFOX ^^
That spam was posted at 6:58:35; the shouting at 6:56.
@Behaviour Running since 06:57:59 UTC
@TGMCians It keeps restarting and missing the posts.
7:19 AM
Make it not restart!
@TGMCians This spam comment is still there... Any flag like rude / nonconstructive will do, since there's no spam flag on comments.
hmm, I;m using custom reason
7:43 AM
@Behaviour meta needs mods..
Yes, it does. Someone to delete comments, change room owners, suspend users...
wb @ShadowWizard !
oh hey @sha
hey @TGM and @Somp :D
WebStorm is sloooowww :/
8:42 AM
@Behaviour spam comment still there
How did you flag it?
Hm, it's a resilient comment. Not that it causes any damage where it sits, but..
@Behaviour nuked
> This comment is 6 month old spam! Brought to you by 1 reputation comment everywhere privileges! :(
8:52 AM
how you find these comments @Somp? SEDE?
^ October thing is gone.
@Sompuperoo how are you flagging those? Offensive, since spam is missing?
^ 8 messages up
8:58 AM
@bummi i did other on one and rude/offensive on the others..
@TGMCians custom does not cause auto deletion, and it might take weeks until an employee will take a look in the flags so better use "real" reason to have the spam auto nuked.
thx, sorry did not read enough :(
i think these are spam too.. here and here
on one of Jeff's post no less... wow
@ShadowWizard hmm but no spam option there
@ShadowWizard this query is better
9:02 AM
Yep, on Atwood's post. Unbelievable. Then again, considering the number of notification he must have been getting, it may be one of the safer choices.
rude fits because spamming is rude.
@Behaviour Hmm... restarting at an unusual moment means there is an error. I'll try to find it. /cc @TGMCians
@ProgramFOX Kinda sorta
@ProgramFOX thanks :)
It does auto-restart every hour, but if it restarts this much...
@ProgramFOX Running since 08:59:36 UTC
@Sompuperoo gone
This won't be easy to debug as I'd have to wait for an all-caps post...
@ProgramFOX You'll get it right now ;)
9:06 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: LOREM IPSUM DOLOR SIT AMET by Behaviour on expressionengine.stackexchange.com
... is that still there? rofl
@ProgramFOX Running since 08:59:36 UTC
oops, was going to use the hammer to close properly as dupe but forgot I already voted to close
@ProgramFOX I undeleted and edited.
can you close this one please? (of this)
9:07 AM
ah, I see
Umm... so this one was catched fine.
@Behaviour ah, it catched that one fine because Smokey auto-reverted to a previous version after too many errors...
@ProgramFOX Yup
@ProgramFOX ... did I miss something?
Can you edit once more @Behaviour? Now I've also running a local copy to see the errors.
I'll post another copy, to avoid grace period thing.
9:11 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: LOREM IPSUM DOLOR SIT AMET 2 by Behaviour on expressionengine.stackexchange.com
^ That crashed my bot.
goes to check logs
Seriously? There's nothing in there!
Uhh. Maybe just revert and forget about the auto-ignore feature? Anyway, I'm out.. way too late here. Deleted my LOREM posts; someone else can troll slow betas for testing purposes. :)
@hichris123 It has a reason, because the all-caps posts crashed my local copy, without any logs registered.
Okay, cya!
I'll try to debug this.
Heisenbug: Lose 5 sanity. Skip a turn. Return this card to the deck and shuffle the deck.
@TGMCians @ShadowWizard is there any such option ?
9:23 AM
... so a potential reason might be because there's a typo.
@TGMCians meta.SE is the only site where users with 1 rep can comment everywhere, so there is no spam option on comments since spam in comments is pretty non-existant on every site except meta.SE. in any off cases of spam on another site you would just flag as other and explain.. not sure what the official policy is for comment spam on meta.SE... it's easy to catch if the spammer posts a spam question and then comments on same question.. but not so easy when they only do a comment on an old post
now it should work
famous last words
@Behaviour @TGMCians @hichris123 @UndotheSnowman ^
@TGMCians nope, no "spam" option for comment flags
9:28 AM
hmm ok fox :)
@ShadowWizard hmm then what option is best so that it auto delete, rude ?
@TGMCians I went with "rude or offensive".
hmm ok
weird @inf ^ closed that question... is she watching us?
9:44 AM
thinks Inf is always watching
inf is always monitor us
dat grammar
@Bart for the rescue!
I'd like to flag as spam stackoverflow.com/a/27762404/1699210, since it's the 4th post of this kind, due to a disputed yesterday I'm hesitant
/me goes to get coffee. The pressure is too much
@bummi disputed flags don't contribute to a flag ban
/me unplug the coffee machine to force Bart back
11:00 AM
@bummi use an "other" flag.
@ShadowWizard I win. French press. Nothing to unplug :D
/me goes back in time to 1929 and prevents Attilio Calimani from inventing the French press
/me wonders if 2015 will finally see the decline of the use of /me
bad bots!
You feel ignored?
11:06 AM
You feel ignored?
I want a cow
I think @Bart deliver those...
No problem. I can send you one of my patented dehydrated cows in the mail. Just add water.
11:09 AM
@Bart will she still have milk?
Dehydrated cows? Should I call the PETA?
@ShadowWizard milk powder for now
@Bart hmm.... useful for space travel. So guess it would do. :D
@JanDvorak not at all. It's entirely animal friendly. They are free range. The cow-cubes are all in a field. And they don't really move all that much.
11:13 AM
Looks like that one could have come over the mail...
@rene yup, but no milk :(
I'll drop some milkpowder in an enveloppe right now and send it to you....
Make sure to package it in small plastic bags @rene
Will do
11:20 AM
@rene how much you charge?
@ShadowWizard 20K rep, an unicorn, a goldbadge in C++ and room owner of The Lounge? Just to have some fun....
How about we just get you one of those snazzy diamonds?
@rene For such a price I also expect some space cookies to arrive with the powder
@Bart Nah, that would ruin the surprise...
@ShadowWizard I'll hop in the coffeeshop...
11:39 AM
Should I comment "you have to write code" or answer "you can't because you haven't written any code" or vtc too broad? stackoverflow.com/q/27755029/3622940
or #3

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