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11:01 PM
@Behaviour meyeah, I wanted to help, but just got turned off
We need to do better this year: Unix.SE beat us with -21. Let's get cracking people. — Andrew B 12 hours ago
people gets competitive in the weirdest things
Can you make a version that replaces "Follow us on twitter!" with "More negative than Server Fault!"? — Michael Mrozek ♦ 19 hours ago
Well, my revenge is getting the first-ever gold badge in on meta.math, which should arrive in a few hours. Mwahaha.
@Behaviour s/in a few hours/whenever the script decides to run/
11:20 PM
A: How can I help a child learn to program?

james.garrissStart with Scratch: http://scratch.mit.edu/ "Scratch is a free desktop and online multimedia authoring tool that can be used by students, scholars, teachers, and parents to easily create games and provide a stepping stone to the more advanced world of computer programming or even be used for a r...

13 answers…
Half are crap…
This guy didn't even read the question apparently…
Parents are weird…
awaits with elation the day bjb becomes a parent
Q: Teen-y Tag Clarification

Jeremy MillerYes, I had a little with the title. @Doorknob冰 brought up a conflict in the overlap of pre-teen and teen in chat. The descriptions claim a fuzzy factor, but their definitions disallow it IMO. pre-teen says: but before they turn into teens, so say from about 11 years of age to about 14 year...

As a mathematician and non-native English speaker, I always assumed that "teen" is 13 <= age <= 19, while pre-teen is age<13.
But apparently this is something fuzzy.
They also have the wrong spelling of behavior. That site is hopeless.
11:31 PM
@Braiam :O
11:48 PM
Who do we want?
When do we want them?
Go Botlings! YAY!
Probably not!
@Behaviour As a non-mathematician and poor native English speaker, I always assumed that as well.
Botling is here!
@Behaviour that is the correct spelling behavior... absolutely useless u unless you want to appear classy
Fine, fine. I'll change the name in 3-4 days, anyway. :) (no cheating this time; the 30-day period is about to end)
11:56 PM
please don't ever take my sarcasm as being mean
@inf is a meanie though! I offer her pizza and she just turns her head the other way

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