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1:00 AM
-choose @Doorknob @NotDoorknob
Choice: @Doorknob
-choose to doorknob or not to doorknob
Choice: or
... :/
1:00 AM
Hey winner is @uni already. @uni - 4 @shok - 3 @sci -3.
-choose I'm_a_good_bot I'm_a_terrible_bot
Choice: I'm_a_good_bot
-choose "to doorknob" "or not to doorknob"
Choice: doorknob"
1:01 AM
@hichris123 ... sorry. :P
-choose hello goodbye
Choice: hello
@NotDoorknob Hi!
1:01 AM
eagerly watches the final roll
6 mins ago, by Shokhet
< drumroll >
-choice yay aww
@nicael According to.......
Unknown command choice.
1:02 AM
-choose yay aww
Choice: yay
@nicael Congrats @Unihedro! :)
@nicael YAAAAAAY! :D
(@NotDoorknob said so)
thinks this is like a game show - everyone tries to be amused or cheers or to be happy no matter what happens
Oh well.
1:03 AM
Where's @bjb568?
@Unihedro :'(
@Scimonster ? :/
this post: +12/-12, +500 repz.....looks suspicious, like they were planning this or something......:P
(@Unihedro @nicael) ;-)
he started another bounty for 500 on the same question!
@hichris123 Finished sushi
1:07 AM
@Sompuperoo very suspicious.....
@bjb568 Yummy.
@Sci and @Shok Don't worry, your presents will be given to you tomorrow :)
(500 reps)
@nicael Oh, you shouldn't have :)
@nicael Thanks! :D
@nicael You serious?
He's alergic to repz.
1:08 AM
:D repz for everyone!
And i can't even see how much he has due to that hairboat.
@Unihedro I'm outta stars. Consider this message starred!
@Shokhet Theoretical thanks for your theoretical star :p
@Shokhet Consider it done.
And I'll think about other good... users :D but later :)
1:09 AM
And... now i'm out of stars.
GG no re
Come back next year at the same date for more bounties by Nicael!!
@Unihedro star
I wonder whether moderators are going to drown in obsolete-comment flags tomorrow as a side effect of the resoultion hat …
@Scimonster yep :) btw, YAY. My offered bounties > 10k now :D
1:10 AM
@nicael Wow. You're good :)
@nicael :O
+1. I hadn't considered active bountiers, that's a great point. — Shokhet Nov 12 '14 at 6:13
(from that question)
....of course that's who @nicael thinks about.....
Q: One-box repositories, issue tickets and such on GitHub in the chat

UnihedroGitHub links are posted in chat quite frequently, but the support of the appearance is somewhat poor: <html><head><link rel="stylesheet" href="http://cdn-chat.sstatic.net/chat/css/chat.stackoverflow.com.css"></head><body><div id="transcript"><div class="monologue user-2246344"><div class="si...

^ Post your opinion to win a +50 bounty!
Or not, I don't know.
meh, only 50 reps...
1:12 AM
@nicael :P
in V'dibarta Bam on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 28 secs ago, by Scimonster
Having retaken first place, i will go back to sleep.
@Scimonster star
Gnight @all, I gotta go. Happy UTC New Years!
I am going to sleep for... a.... while.... hrrrrrpshhhh
Y NO FIX?!?!??!?!?!?!
1:26 AM
> Also, why does this allow 3k chars?
> Last but not least is RSI. Your child will be typing. A lot. I took a summer in grad school to learn to touch-type in the colemak keyboard layout, and I'm very glad I did. Worth checking out.
Why doesn't know how to touch type?
Especially by pre-teen?
> the fundamentals of HTML, CSS, and JS, which I don't know anything about
^ ? Or perhaps you are referring to JS specifically.
As for Y NO FIX: Jin accepts only bacon, not imaginary internet points.
@Behaviour It's in 3rd person of a year ago myself. Written by an imaginary parent.
1:31 AM
user image
@Behaviour How to convert?
Yay, DV rep reached on parenting.
Ooh, my question is on the hot list.
As a teenage programmer myself (and used to be a professional one), I do not believe engaging with school professionals are directly helpful - being paid, they are of too far in skill level to interact with a student; and on the other hand, developers don't always have a bright view on each other, such as presented by this 9gag pic. Of course, this all depends on the child's technology level, but as one other than the child, it is best not to advise such imo. — Unihedro 4 mins ago
backseat commentary ^^
@bjb568 Which means that SO users are about to see it and recognize the name... :D
The only people on SO that seem to recognize my name is the chat flamers.
@Unihedro - what language do you use? Because if it isn't Perl, I'll just ignore any developer related advice you have to give <g> — user3143 1 min ago
1:46 AM
^ here come SO users.
What's <g>?
@bjb568 It's an emoticon.
A flying seahorse with its eyes shaped to convey that they don't care, probably.
But honestly, keeping a blog to document the downvotes received....
1:50 AM
@Behaviour ... doesn't he realize that the blog is just encouraging whoever the guy is to keep going? I bet he gets a fresh laugh every time he sees that blog update.
@Behaviour wat
There's also Project Euler among other sites that are noteworthy of mention. To answer your side question, I do not believe Perl is any effective language for the child - As noted, they are interested in web development. It may have been useful once, but few people use it now for decent reasons. I was professionally hired as a Java developer, and Java may be the future of mainstream industry for software development. I also deal with system administration and web design, although irrelevant. — Unihedro 8 secs ago
Even more backseat commentary ^^
@Unihedro lol Java future of development?! no.
Also: you never gave me that code.
@hichris123 Ask @DroidDev.
I think they do only Java at work, though it might have been SilentKiller instead.
Also, the keyword here is "may" - I said it to reflect that Perl will possibly never be used in mainstream development because it's not practical for web designers. Have you seen Perl being used in applets?
1:55 AM
On the topic of languages, the worst is probably PHP. PHP is awful. It is unlike other languages so it's unfit as a starting language. It's also awful as a language in general. I would recommend C-like languages. Swift seems pretty good. — bjb568 8 secs ago
Some backseat commentary of my own ^
Java sucks. PHP is the worst. But it doesn't change that Java has a decent ecosystem, and it's not a sinking ship - JRuby builds on it. JPython builds on it. Grappa runs on it. Communities fork and reuse it. O-T is made out of JDK.
@CoderTao It's starting to not work now. What do? — Joe Z. 26 mins ago
oh god... I have pity for that guy @uni, the one of the blog and kids
... you still didn't give me that code @uni! :P
@Braiam ??
@hichris123 You want the binaries? The source is a dialect though.
1:58 AM
@Unihedro I think everyone wants to slice every Java applet up sooo................................
@Unihedro I dunno, whatever I asked for a couple months ago. :P
@Braiam Oh, I link to that blog post pretty frequently, it's enlightening.
> 'Yes, give me the office of the President of the United States.... NO, I WILL NOT HOLD. This is an emergency.... Hello, Mister President, I'm afraid I have some bad news. I've just been informed that The Internet is not working.'
> This one's tricky. iOS is a lost cause, unless you jail-break, and Android isn't much better. I use Ubuntu-Touch, and it has possibilities. At least you feel like the mobile phone is yours. Okay, so I can't use 3G, it crashes when I try to make phone calls and the device runs so hot that when in my jacket pocket it seconds as an excellent nipple-warmer, but I can see the potential.
Java applets were fun back in the days when browsers wanted to run them...
@bjb568 ಠ_ಠ
2:02 AM
> My first PC was an ESCOM P100 with Windows 3.1
HA! I used 3.11
Ha! I used XP.
@Unihedro It is indeed.
I would play around with green X and blue W…
Those happy days…
I filled up whole spreadsheets with multiplication!
btw @Unihedro I disagree completely with you re going to a professional. You can learn so much if you get someone who is willing to work with you. But you have to find the right person.
Up to 65536!
2:04 AM
@Braiam 95 for me.
@hichris123 I disagree with your premise. You're being optimistic, but professionals will never be a good person technology-wise.
@Unihedro I disagree -- wait what?
@hichris123 Are you going to find that person at a school?
@hichris123 I disagree with your premise that a school-hired professional will ever be a right person to talk to in terms of learning anything technology-wise. There you go, I hope it's clearer now.
@bjb568 Probably not.
@Unihedro Okay, agree with that.
Unless school == college.
2:05 AM
Well, there you go.
@hichris123 We're talking middle and high school.
@hichris123 "child" implies < teenager
@bjb568 Right, but usually you have a community college around too.
Some prof's there might be willing to help. shrugs
@Unihedro Yes, and see tags.
^ @Uni
Even in college, you have to be really lucky for that.
2:06 AM
@Unihedro agree
@hichris123 Yeah, if you're lucky. I would rather join a SO chat room though. Far more productive than trying luck on some random person irl and having to socialize.
It's much easier to find people online.
@Unihedro Perhaps. But 1-1 contact in person is always going to be better than over the internet.
@hichris123 My point is that it's hard to find the kind of professors who could teach you something. There are simply too many fields within computer science that it makes me shiver just thinking about it.
@hichris123 Why do you say that?
2:09 AM
I care zero about parsing theory, to begin with. And concrete-abstract stuff makes me feel dizzy.
I don't think most of the CS stuff actually has real-world applications.
And there's always the kind of professionals who fake to stay wise.
"Yeah, to position you must use a table!"
Just my two cents, don't take it personally.
OMG that's so sick!
@bjb568 ... because it's so much easier to talk than to type.
2:15 AM
@hichris123 … how?
@hichris123 Well, skype with someone then.
You can use dictation if you can't type.
But I don't see how talking can ever be faster than typing.
If it's because you have "real interaction" like emotions and cheering, that's fine - For some, it may be worth the time, but generally not really.
@bjb568 Because humans developed speech before typing?
@hichris123 So?
2:17 AM
Therefore we had more time to perfect it.
I dunno -- I'm making this stuff up.
I'm not seeing any logical conclusions from your argument.
It's simply logical that it's easier to teach someone something in person than over the internet.
1 min ago, by Unihedro
If it's because you have "real interaction" like emotions and cheering, that's fine - For some, it may be worth the time, but generally not really.
@hichris123 To you.
2:18 AM
@hichris123 It's subjective. It may be true for some, but not for us generally un-confrontational (confrontional?) geeks.
@Unihedro ... mm... I still doubt that.
Doubting is good, it makes you think more.
@Unihedro or just stop thinking about the topic altogether because "it's complicated" :P
No. Thinking good!
2:23 AM
@Braiam I buy this one - "to (a) professional or not to (a) professional", is the question.
What if I press the b button?
up up down down left right left right b a
@JanDvorak this one takes a single downvote to get deleted. (No answer, ancient)


Post questions you want closed here with the same syntax as ex...
(rec tool is OffTopic/16)
(POB is OpinionBased)
Let's see... Someone is going over the tag, removing it from posts. This bumps ancient posts which -- surprise -- turn out to be recommendation requests. This is kind of... inefficient.
CV'd by the editor
@Behaviour I wonder if "free" as tag is really necessary...
is something doomed to be misused anyways
I just realized.
Laugh at me, then. :P
2:34 AM
How would it make a difference, though?
Why shouldn't I edit closeworthy questions as part of a burnination process?
@JanDvorak nothing
ignore it
:2853417 umm.... a tag which only serves to close questions is far off the main purpose of tags
> free is a function to deallocate memory obtained from malloc and other functions in C. Do not use this tag to refer to free software, mention that in the body of your question if relevant.
@Behaviour edit-pls
2:36 AM
I see; this is not burnination but tag cleanup. But it does have this weird side effect.
@JanDvorak Edit tag wiki? Not privileged enough.
In any case, not competent enough. :)
oh. I guess I should, then.
user image
2:46 AM
@Unihedro HATS ARE AWESOME. Winter Bash will end in 3 days, 21 hours, 14 minutes and 28 seconds. :(
@JanDvorak That was downvote -- two downvotes should get it roomba'd.
... or not.
2:49 AM
Nevermind then.
@JanDvorak It has upvoted answers. Didn't see that.
Originally when conventions were established, dv-pls was downvoting, and delv-pls was deletion; all of a sudden, dv-pls became deleting, and downv-pls became downvoting.
@hichris123 Accepted answer prevents roomba in all circumstances. Shog was thinking of changing that, but not implemented yet.
@Behaviour Yeah, I didn't see the answers.
@Behaviour On the topic of preserving useful content, while some posts are actively viewed by googlers and actually helps a few, the argument of keeping the site clean and with a positive image was equally reasonable as well. Personally, I think posts should be locked more often.
Especially since Stack Overflow has such a long history.
3:00 AM
Locked post => hopelessly outdated info in N years
Locking works better for Math, actually.
thankfully you can lock just the question.
@Behaviour One can still edit the answers. If no one edits them anymore, then obviously no one cares. Then someone should mod-flag or post on meta requesting deletion. That works. Nothing could go wrong with that.
famous last words
3:05 AM
@ɥʇǝS Nothing until anyone uses goto. Then a velociraptor jumps out of your bed and eats you.
How did the velociraptor get our of prehistoric times? Did he use a goto too?
goto: 21st century
Remember to label code lines in multiples of 10, so that new lines can be inserted later if needed.
good times
Q: Community Promotion Ads - 2015

Grace NoteThe dawn of a new year, 2015, now approaches, or has already approached, either way it means that it is now time to reset our Community Promotion Ads! What are Community Promotion Ads? Community Promotion Ads are community-vetted advertisements that will show up on the main site, in the right s...

@Behaviour multiples of 100 would allow for much more flexibility...
@LynnCrumbling Only until you discover that your version of BASIC does not support label numbers over 9999...
Who needs 10 kLoC anyways?
@JanDvorak Perhaps you don't, but if you begin by labeling in multiples of 100, that limit becomes real.
Maybe I can turn it into a useful code practice?
The first time I heard that there are languages without labels and GOTO, I could not understand how it was even possible...
3:21 AM
pats @beh in the back
no, in
Any goto spaghetti code can be 1:1 translated into a single for-switch statement that is just as unreadable.
you have a mess in your back from self-flagellation with all those goto
Keep your ungrammatical hands off my back. ಠ_ಠ
3:23 AM
*out of
@Behaviour I'm fairly certain that AppleSoft Basic (Apple //, circa '85) had a much higher limit than 9999. In fact, I'm pretty sure that it wasn't even limited to 99999.
and Jan strikes!
@JanDvorak send an email to the author of thc.org/root/phun/unmaintain.html
I believe you've outsmarted them.
@LynnCrumbling Such details varied wildly by version.
> Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum sonatur.
3:27 AM
> Vaguely hint there is some subtle difference, where none exists. However, if there are two similar functions that have a crucial difference, always use the same word in describing both functions
> e.g. print to mean "write to a file", "put ink on paper" and "display on the screen"
My favourites are openParen = (slash + asterix) / equals; and "Use foreign language dictionaries as a source for variable names. For example, use the German punkt for point. Maintenance coders, without your firm grasp of German, will enjoy the multicultural experience of deciphering the meaning."
Indeed. openParen = (slash + asterix) / equals is genius
/. anyone?
The next one is briliant as well
3:53 AM
> For classic examples of this technique, consult the Sun AWT JavaDOC.
4:15 AM
@Sompuperoo ...I ...am ...not ...in ...your ...list :'(
New year in eastern coming soon.
Hello, people of the past
4:53 AM
My new year is coming up in 6 minutes.
Yay! welcome back @bjb568 :)
Q: Which degree of professionalism should be expected for comments from elected mods?

πάντα ῥεῖI came across this question recently, and close voted as being unclear what you're asking of course. Though, the mod jumping in, gave a very unclear and unconstructive comment as "Use your fingers?" on the question. I don't think, that mod priviledges should allow to short cut closures, b...

^ minitech?
So, minitech. But dwelling on one comment that much is not particularly constructive either. Should have been a flag, not a meta thread.
New year!
<h1 id="countdown">Loading</h1>
	var countdown = document.getElementById('countdown');
	setInterval(function() {
		countdown.appendChild(document.createTextNode(new Date('2015-01-01T05:00:00Z').getTime() - new Date().getTime()));
	}, 0);
	h1 { font-size: 800px }
5:00 AM
Happy Eastern Standard Year.
Change time zone as necessary. ^^
@Behaviour Yay!
Not christmas. You can be sad now.
2 days ago, by Shogging through the snow
Don't smile, it's not Christmas
5:10 AM
Mood Gorning!
@Unihedro Entirely Java and xml(for layout design). But, these days I am also developing an app in phonegap(javascript, html, css) you can make an app in it and port it to any device. For porting it in Android, I'll also need to do some native(Java) code.
<!DOCTYPE html>
		<title>Newyear Countdown</title>
			h1 {
				font: 25vw "Helvetica Neue";
				margin: 0;
		<h1 id="countdown">Loading</h1>
		<small id="timezone">Loading</small>
			var countdown = document.getElementById('countdown'),
				timezoneText = document.getElementById('timezone'),
				timezone = -12;
			setInterval(function() {
				var text = new Date('2015-01-01T00:00:00Z').getTime() + 3600000 * timezone - new Date().getTime();
Hm… I may as well post it on CR.
Happy new year!
@bjb568 On the first run, you are removing a child that doesn't exist.
5:22 AM
"Loading" text node
Don't you think I'd have already run it? :P
@bjb568 How is that a child of "countdown"?
Text nodes are children.
Q: New year countdown

bjb568<!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <title>Newyear Countdown</title> <style> h1 { font: 25vw "Helvetica Neue"; margin: 0; } </style> </head> <body> <h1 id="countdown">Loading</h1> <p id="timezone">...

@bjb568 They are, but it's a child of <body>.
@bjb568 do they also review project structure there?
@DroidDev What's project structure?
5:25 AM
A work breakdown structure (WBS), in project management and systems engineering, is a deliverable-oriented decomposition of a project into smaller components. A work breakdown structure element may be a product, data, service, or any combination thereof. A WBS also provides the necessary framework for detailed cost estimating and control along with providing guidance for schedule development and control. == Overview == WBS is a hierarchical and incremental decomposition of the project into phases, deliverables and work packages. It is a tree structure, which shows a subdivision of effort required...
@bjb568, okay, I will have to give you that one. PHP does name some things poorly. Not to help your argument, but PHP's standard functions also have some pretty annoying parameter specifications. For example, there are several search-like functions in PHP (i.e., needle-in-haystack) and unfortunately they often ask for parameters in different orders. Some of the PHP functions will ask for parameters as needle first, haystack second, while other functions will ask for the opposite. That can get rather annoying because you must check the manual in most of those cases. — Spencer Grant Doak 47 secs ago
@DroidDev I don't think so.
@bjb568 should I propose one on Area 51? I think it could be useful
5:29 AM
@Behaviour that might do it, Thanks :)
woah! Github blocked in India!! Its the world's end...
I don't have a clue what our government or IT wing is thinking, but something is definitely wrong...
Yeah.... I somehow suspect the decision pushed by some politicians who don't understand what Github is used for...
Can you proxy tho?
That's the Irony, the ones who control things have no knowledge about things. Its just like...I don't know what its like....I doubt I can even find a real world example for it...
5:42 AM
ND>choose hi this worky?
uh… no
@bjb568 Can't do it with companies. Next thing you know, my company is sacked, because I used a proxy to access my code on github
What's this, north korea? I thot you guys were civilized there! :P
So... if your project depends on github, do you get a vacation until it's unblocked? ;)
@Behaviour I think we will get the github engine and install it on local(company's) server to keep things rolling and about vacation, troll.me/2012/11/18/grammar-correction-guy/go-home-youre-drunk :P
@bjb568 Its a democracy, at-least this is what we were told as kids ;)

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