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5:02 PM
@InfiniteRecursion @Undo how you know it wasn't an answer? The question could be "how cute are cats?"
5:23 PM
> Too many of your recent flags have been declined - please review them instead of flagging this post!
How long do I have to wait for that to go away?
@Braiam but then the question would be subjective and need to be deleted :'(
@ColeJohnson the sliding window is one week, IIRC
@JanDvorak It'd be nice if they told you how long you have left
@ColeJohnson You should worry about your past flagging activity instead
@JanDvorak Now I know why new users get upset when their accounts are perma-banned and they don't know why
I honestly have no idea what I did wrong
@ColeJohnson check your recently declined flags
5:29 PM
Those were my last flags before the ban. Anything after are comment flags
I've had a good flagging history. I get 100 a day.
the ban mechanism only looks at your flagging activity in the past week
@JanDvorak Ok, that clears up some of my confusion.
So from the last week:
Non-comment (post) flags: 6 helpful, 4 declined, 1 disputed, 1 active
@JanDvorak I guess that ratio is qualifying unless there's something else in play?
at least 25% declined and at least 10 total
10 declined flags?
10 total flags, declined + accepted. Not sure if disputed count.
5:36 PM
So 10 total flags and 25% declined is a ban?
in the last week
Ok, that's nice to know. Thanks!
@JanDvorak Have 10 reputation :)
@JanDvorak One last question: Is the window rolling? Or does it do a check like every 6-8 weeks on Monday?
@ColeJohnson it's a sliding window
5:54 PM
@TGMCians There should be a way to lock a question closed, but still allow editing the posts to keep them current
So the question becomes an FAQ of sorts.
@Braiam because I read the question too to see if it needed flagged too :P
@Undo But that takes the fun out of it :(
@ColeJohnson Oooh, we're sharing screenshots of that? Awesome!
true. fires up flagbot
@ColeJohnson no IMO
5:58 PM
@TGMC: I flagged it for locking. Should be locked soon.
There's a link, true, but there's still some useful info in the answer. IMO that's a downvote not a flag.
It's borderline
But I don't like downvoting upvoted posts. If the score's in the positive, the OP's never gonna delete it :( </sarcasm> (sortove)
I'd flag, but I'm banned from post flags
That NAA one looks like he's trying to answer, but there's nothing he can do.
I fixed it.
6:01 PM
@ColeJohnson he's a 2ker, he should know that belongs in a comment
@Undo exactly. That's why I'm skeptical. It looks like a half-answer to me
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: HELP ME - DESPERATE FOR A/C on diy.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector rofl
@SmokeDetector MAKE HIM SUFFER
@Undo Should I share mine?
6:02 PM
@bluefeet yes pleeeeease
It looks like it is an answer
anyone willing to lowercase that?
No @Jan, you can fix it.
6:04 PM
@bluefeet As a Mod, do you still flag stuff?
Why would he not?
@Sam yeah, mods flag spam. And occasionally to request other mod's opinions on stuff.
@Sam only spam if I want it to count towards a penalty
@Cole: She, not he.
Mod-spamflags instantly nuke the post and give it the -100 rep penalty.
6:05 PM
Ah ok. Thx for explaining.
@bluefeet, now I am inspired to flag more often :)
@InfiniteRecursion I meant "he" as a gender-specific pronoun. Because I was referring to all the mods.
@InfiniteRecursion it is time consuming to flag that much
@bluefeet depends. I have a script that helps me find stuff to flag
@JanDvorak But it still takes time to review to see if it actually should be flagged.
just because it is found in a query doesn't mean it should be flagged for mods
6:15 PM
If it's got a trailing link, multiple paragraphs of words with no periods, it's probably worth flagging.
I agree @bluefeet. Validating the post and writing detailed description for every flag is very time consuming. That makes your flagging contribution more remarkable.
@bluefeet SELECT * FROM Comments WHERE Text='You are a retard and should burn in a hole'
^ I disagree ;)
@Undo If I go run that am I going to get results or be disappointed?
@Jan: She didn't flag spam. She flagged the other posts which exist in abundant volume, are really bad and need to be read by a person and flagged on case-by-case basis
@Andy if you do, tell me so I can get in on the flagging fun
6:20 PM
@Undo Disappointment
SO isn't that mean and unforgiving yet
@Undo There are cases when a query or script would work, but everything should still be reviewed prior to flagging for us.
@Undo "retard" appears about 1500 times, but a quick glance shows that most of them are either self deprecating remarks or directed a Stack Overflow itself.
Stack Overflow and retard? Did you run the query on MSO? :D
6:27 PM
@torazaburo are you a retard? plz check my post carefully. — user3788310 Aug 9 at 20:02
^ Get it
Anyone who downvoted is mentally retarded, this is the solution that works, I asked the question and this answer is what works. Sorry if you can't answer it due to lack of knowledge, ppl stop downvoting for hating reasons. — Hard Fitness Aug 6 at 22:30
I appear to be out of comment votes for the day.
A: Animations Not Working In XNA

IvatrixNever mind I'm a retard. I was forgetting to draw it! :( problemo solved.

@Mysticial What do you mean by implode?
lol, I swear it was down 30 seconds ago.
I guess it's back up.
waves hands Ta-da!
6:34 PM
A: Worst technobabble you've ever heard

Neil McGuigan"Global impact paradigm shift" as spoken by my former, retarded, CEO.

^ lol
@Undo how do you only have 1 waiting for review? did you get to 3k right away or just not flag to close when had lower rep?
I guess I'll show my goods too.
I guess I will keep mine a secret.
@InfiniteRecursion How'd you guess?
yesterday, by bjb568
@InfiniteRecursion How did you know?!
23 hours ago, by Infinite Recursion
@bjb568 Ducks know everything.
@InfiniteRecursion why keep it a secret?
6:49 PM
@bjb568 Ducks know everything.
@bluefeet It isn't as impressive as all the ones shared here.
@InfiniteRecursion I felt like bragging because I'm kinda mean and I'm a booby
@bluefeet It isn't a secret from you, you can see everything with your ◆I am hiding it from the rest of the tavern-dwellers, especially @Bart.
@InfiniteRecursion your history is very respectable for a duck
so cute seeing the mother duck helping the baby duck
7:05 PM
Looks like the recommendation tab is down again. And as soon as I say this, it'll be fixed. :)
@Mysticial yup because it's working for me
who's your friend @InfiniteRecursion , just checking out your facebook.
@bluefeet Still down for me. So it's probably localized.
7:19 PM
@Mysticial There is nothing left to recommend for you?
And I just got logged out.
Huh. SE doesn't like you.
Did you pay the internet bill?
Oh, did you pay the NSA bill?
I'm at work. And they kinda are the internet. :P:P:P
7:32 PM
Ah, you work for hamsters co?
7:46 PM
@TimPost - Re: meta.stackexchange.com/a/231761/178816 , so I waited 6-8 weeks, and then 6-8 months.. did anything ever get sent? :(
@TravisJ Top star on the star board
8:32 PM
Someone wants to close this question...meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/270574/…
I'm not sure If I want to also just because I can or not
I'm not using my vote...but I do notice a couple of well known commenters on that question...
8:48 PM
@InfiniteRecursion ... don't you worry, I know ....
@bjb568 nah Tubes-R-Us
9:04 PM
Are the notifications delayed or is that only in IE11?
@Andy - Ah, I see. Thanks for that I just stopped in to ping and lest.
@TimPost - Sorry I didn't see the star pinned, please disregard my message :)
lest == leave (didn't want to multi ping by editing)
@Bart I knew I saw that question before...
... not sure if trolling or ... @rene
I dunno...the SO question is OK-ish but a bit of a code blob which cause the downvotes.... his meta behavior is just trolling...
9:20 PM
Myeah, and self-answering questions does (somewhat unfortunately) seem to attract a fair bit more criticism than a a regular Q&A
10:20 PM
@lostsock I didn't flag to close too much <3k, mostly NAAs and thousands and thousands of comments. Thousands.
Those were fun days, right @hichris?
... right.
@lostsock I have a grand total of... zero waiting for review!
Undo's Method of Getting a Good Grade in Statistics Class: Write a small script that runs the little 'hands-on activity' a million times and spits out the results.
8507 (0.85%) occurrences of 0 women pilots
72624 (7.26%) occurrences of 1 women pilots
223799 (22.38%) occurrences of 2 women pilots
329133 (32.91%) occurrences of 3 women pilots
248696 (24.87%) occurrences of 4 women pilots
96995 (9.7%) occurrences of 5 women pilots
18630 (1.86%) occurrences of 6 women pilots
1581 (0.16%) occurrences of 7 women pilots
36 (0.0%) occurrences of 8 women pilots
^ That's like fifteen lines of Ruby, and five points of extra credit >:D
@Undo If only I had classes as easy as that...
10:36 PM
This is only Ch 1.1. It gets harder :P
My world history textbook @Undo ^.
Oh, no one told me we were sharing photos of flag histories!
11:13 PM
@hichris123 ugh. Hope you survive.
@hichris123 How to Java ^
the C++ and C# where just besides it... they were thinner
@hichris123 A book?! pukes
11:29 PM
@bjb568 I have tons of textbooks.
And eve more books.
Same here.
... I didn't mean eve. I meant even. :p
^ problem user, getting mod intrest
CV the only non-deleted question
11:56 PM
what the hell is vaporwave
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