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12:04 AM
Okay... Not hey, folks
not hi, @J.Musser.
Morning is in double-digit stars now. Yay.
@hichris123 :D (<-That face with grinning teeth)
No emoticons. So I can't grin. I'll just have to make a calm face. if I can remember how
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
there it is.
@bjb568 Yeah, people star the funniest things.
12:48 AM
this user's last 6 answers are all identical: stackoverflow.com/users/1772385/…
@bjb568 yes, also, plse don't roll back my edits!
I didn't like that one.
And yes, good, I was thinking yes.
1:14 AM
(is actually night, but who cares?)
1:25 AM
@AstroCB it stays away from code, right? :/
1:36 AM
A: Automatically capitalize i

Cody GrayThis is a client-side feature, not a server-side one. If you want automatic text correction, then you should find a browser that supports it natively or install a plug-in that does this. That is best because it gives the user choices. They can choose not to use anything, they can choose to use s...

2 hours later…
3:21 AM
@Andy Don't flag, it will get declined. I flagged a few users who did the same, all flags declined - "flags should only be used to make moderators aware of content that requires their intervention"
If it's really the same problem, I think it'd be better to find the dupe target... possibly this? stackoverflow.com/questions/9379899/… (I don't know about PHP though)
3:40 AM
And one for Smokey:
@JanDvorak That post has many issues other than shouting - "So the problem im strogling with.."
@JanDvorak edited, but I'm not sure I could improve it more than that.
does a close reason apply?
3:57 AM
doesn't know, enjoys coffee
I don't know either... not touching xCode
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: ABCDE + BCDE + CDE + DE + E = AAAAA on math.stackexchange.com
oh, poor Maths
Solving on paper has its own charm:

CranePlease check those scratch paper below. Scratch paper 1 Scratch paper 2 Scratch paper 3

4:12 AM
Is this an answer, or a question? If it's an answer, what does it say that the other one doesn't? Apart from that... people don't like reading handwriting on the Internet. Also, search engine bots don't. Also, people reliant on screen readers don't. — Jan Dvorak 30 secs ago
^bad English
decided to join Drupal to help sp... flagging the spam
@InfiniteRecursion look up "markov chain generators"
@AndrewT. 7 out of my 12 accounts were created exclusively for flagging spam, I have no idea what magneto, drupal etc are...
@JanDvorak Thanks
@InfiniteRecursion I want a pony.
one more spam flag needed ^^^
5:17 AM
@JanDvorak gone
Darn, too late. :-/
Do you want people to post spam here? — Jan Dvorak 21 secs ago
should I flag the question itself as spam?
@Jan Dvorak: I just did. It's entirely reasonable to interpret this as spam. — BoltClock 18 secs ago
As did I
i pasted wrong text and i edited , it's not spam — alireza 1 min ago
his other questions seem legit... though
meta spam #1 is gone, meta spam #2 needs one more vote
:2365451 the one you linked to that just got killed? It surely was.
@JanDvorak Is it spam? I am not sure, so am confirming before I flag it.
6:20 AM
the drupal one is... weird
He admitted that he "pasted" wrong text, but why? Suspicious, but no proof.
@JanDvorak Yes, I cast the last flag on that one, and incorrectly linked it. I was unsure about the Drupal one.
It was a wall of random text, then got grace-edited into just a poor question. OP claims it was a bad copy/paste, but I'm surprised that (or if) he did prepare his current question in an external editor.
meta spam #2 gone
Howdy @Infi
6:38 AM
@lostsock maybe
@lostsock yes, we had same one yesterday probably another account
^ spam comment too
@ShadowWizard gone
6:44 AM
@lostsock presumably from this question stackoverflow.com/questions/25616966/…
@AndrewT. I have cv'ed it
it's 99.9999% the same troll as this one
They ask similar silly questions
7:00 AM
@InfiniteRecursion wut
@Jamal "unclear what you are asking"
I know. I'm just amazed at that question.
@Jamal Yes, the one I linked below that for cv is also quite old, and no active cv/dv on either of them. Hope they get closed in the tavern now.
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: EXCEL HELP CONSOLIDATE on superuser.com
7:12 AM
the newest question page appears to be bombarded with 1 rep askers currently
<<out of cv's, sorrries
@lostsock Wut!! :'(
@InfiniteRecursion Too old to migrate, so it can only be closed.
7:16 AM
@JanDvorak how many SPAM you found in a day at drupal..??
as many as there were ;-)
So annoying when your spam flag gets the votes to -6, yet the spam is still there.
@Bart you can downvote twice if you like, the spam flag applies a -1 and you can manually downvote after that.
Use your smiting stick!
@Stijn yeah, but at -6 I always have the hope that there were 6 spam flags. i.e. POOF
8:12 AM
Who handles moderator flags on MSO? Employees?
Think so, yes.
OK. I've had one open since last Wednesday, perhaps they don't look often.
Ah, MSO?
Because MSO also regular mods look at
@JanDvorak nearly NSFW content
@JanDvorak uh yeah, how did that happen
I've never scrolled so fast in my life before
is it not a 1 rep account?
@Stijn to see her, or to not see her?
@JanDvorak to not see her :)
aren't new accounts blocked from including images?
that's per-site
meta apparently lets you
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: DIVISIBILTY PROBLEM on math.stackexchange.com
I'm back from school!
Anyone know of a userscript that allows of regex replacements in the inline edit interface?
Woot, found it.
9:48 AM
Q: regex editing tool

Mhmd Screenshot / Code Snippet About This is a javascript replace tool that makes editing posts easier and faster. View readme for more info Download from github Contact for any issues regarding this script please post an answer here or add an issue on github. Code

Eeeeeek Comic Sans! Is it possible you could use a less... painful font in that screenshot? -_-
Does anyone know how to install userscripts?
or greasemonkey if you still happen to be using the other web browser
Great! I use Chrome, so it will work.
9:56 AM
What is the grace period to undo the star in chat?
It differs @AndrewT. For my messages there is no grace period for example. Well, technically perhaps, but if you do my smiting stick and I will hunt you down
@Bart Eeeeek!... okay, understood :p
Through extensive research I've determined that it is less than 1 week.
> It is too late to undo this operation
10:13 AM
@Undo It does; I had a bit of trouble with that in the beginning, but I think I've fixed it.
@Bart Fun fact w.r.t. stars:
Aug 28 at 8:21, by Bart
@Bart turned out to be his termination condition
Repeats history by hovering mouse over Bart's messages to star and unstar
[Warning: ^Do not imitate. This stunt is performed by a duck. Ducks are awesome]
Today's Listening | Garage / Chillout
@JanDvorak gone, gone
@Unihedron good, good
@JanDvorak missed, missed
@InfiniteRecursion faster, faster
11:02 AM
pls, pls
11:14 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: NEW THEME NOT SHOWING UP IN THE ADMIN PANEL on stackoverflow.com
@InfiniteRecursion .... moves hand near smiting stick
@SmokeDetector cv-pls
@Bart ...... sharpens beak to break fragile glasses
@JanDvorak flagged, flagged
11:23 AM
@InfiniteRecursion both of them?
@JanDvorak Where is the other one?
@InfiniteRecursion You saw two, not me
@JanDvorak Sorry, it was just one. The sun is reflecting off my sharp beak, affected my vision.
gets back to sharpening the beak
switches to diamond lenses
is that because he only has an account on MSE ?
11:41 AM
@Sam ..... doesn't break friendly glasses
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: CABINET MINISTRY REMOVAL on politics.stackexchange.com
@Stijn this, and based on my common sense and troll radar, yep.
^and flag the answer
@JanDvorak meh, just wait for roomba
We really should gather together a brave team to patrol the [video-streaming] tag and close all those recommendation questions. :P
12:48 PM
@Uni private Sam reporting for duty
we can't downvote twice
DV the answer.
Use a sock.
Become Shog.
My sock can't DV.
My sock is the best
Wait - that's you! Ha!
1:38 PM
When the star board is just the morning train I know I did not miss anything important :D
(uck train in the Den, if anyone is interested by the way :))
@ShadowWizard And... There it blows.
@ShadowWizard and it's even yesterday's morning train somewhere in the late afternoon. This place is going to hell.
@Bart you are the only one capable of saving the Tavern from a terrible doom!
No @Bart, the ecosystem is restoring itself due to my new found silence.
@bjb568 the jQuery tag
1:45 PM
@InfiniteRecursion "... she said loudly"
@Bart ...... and fell silent again....allowing the ecosystem to heal
I hear the silence
@ShadowWizard (it's becme an "ar"-train)
@Vogel612 it's an ever changing train, taking new shape every time :D
@Vogel612 I crashed the train.
1:49 PM
that's the beauty of the game!
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected,Phone number detected: all problem +91-9799144164solution molvi ji on english.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector just say "baba detected" :D
:2366120 totally
@InfiniteRecursion I'd say just plain crap
@Vogel612 no, it contains contact info and advertising commercial product, hence 100% spam
there is not a single interpunction...
1:53 PM
@Vogel612 he's trying to dodge the automatic spam detection system that @TimPost is ever improving
it's a never ending battle
Baba comes from basically every single mobile network that India has, so yeah, he's going to get in once in a while.
the muscle spam is currently the trending one. I guess an automatic domain blacklist would help?
@JanDvorak They just change the strings.
@TimPost you think he's sponsored by the Indian Government? ;)
why community bumped this question? meta.stackexchange.com/questions/215928/…
1:58 PM
They really like putting URLs at the end. Even if a filter doesn't stop them, I'd actually like to see them annoyed :-)
@Braiam it didn't bump, the last activity was from a spammer
(account deleted, so it's associated with Community)
@ShadowWizard is right @Bart, you should keep speaking every once in a while
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected,Phone number detected: vashikaran specialist in haryana +91-9950211818 on english.stackexchange.com
Some chick threatened me this morning. Chick as in, the fluffy animal with an (apparently) sharpened beak.
2:04 PM
What's up with the latest Baba wave?
@Bart that must have been traumatic event (for the chick)
@InfiniteRecursion can tell you all about it @ShadowWizard
@Bart /me send telepathic message to @InfiniteRecursion
/me shows the beautiful shiny beak to @ShadowWizard
/me joyfully narrates the tale of shining the beak to @ShadowWizard via telepathy
2:11 PM
/me wonders what threatened @Bart so much in @InfiniteRecursion's beak
@Bart just wait till the acme package I ordered arrive. My little (zombie) lamb will destroy you all.
@SPArchaeologist I Doubt it. Vogel's dog will defend us.
@Sam Zalgo eats Vogel's dog for breakfast
@Sam All= all of Bart split personality. You aren't treated. Yet. Anyway, as @Shadow said... Zalgo wins over dog.
@ShadowWizard D̺͙̰̔̿ͫͫa̯̣͚͕͂̇̚r̟̦̟̈́͋̌̾n̪ͯͥ̽̍ͣ̾ ̿i̎ͬ̋tͪ
2:22 PM
@ShadowWizard Should we create a new variant of Rock/Paper/Scissor/Lizard/Spook?
@JanDvorak if you can give me some reliable title keywords, we can train SD on 'em
@Undo Currently I'm just monitoring the sites they like
SD could be posting all metase questions here
Could you please leave my dog outta this??
they keep posting to mse and drupal
2:25 PM
@shog9: how dare they break your flair: stackexchange.com/users/flair/620.png
while he's a friggin giant, he's behaving like a lamb...
Surely there's something about it that's reliably filterable.
@Undo trailing URLs
but the websockets don't contain the full body
2:26 PM
oh, not in the title. Gotcha.
@MartijnPieters what's broken there?
Think there'd be any use running things through the Gibberish Detector?
@ShadowWizard I get a fail panda
Must be just one of the machines in the cluster
2:27 PM
Roight, the fail panda is on my end, the redirect must've been inserted by my OpenWRT router!
now it won't break anymore :D
Yeah, I believe it is working for you.
@Undo seems nice if you can get hold of enough of body
I got a fallen panda too @Martijn
2:29 PM
wait... fallen Panda is the 404 or 500 page?
@InfiniteRecursion See! See! I AM NOT CRAZY, PEOPLE.
/me hides
@JanDvorak I'm gonna experiment with it.
Image not found
Hello @MartijnPieters!
2:30 PM
I sure wish we had that spam dump @TimPost was taunting us with ;)
@Unihedron That's the one-boxing failing.
Oh I see.
@JanDvorak I was about to ask about the last word then noticed you edited :)
OMG that panda is so cute!~
It says - Something went wrong, with the picture of fallen panda on a slide. Can't see error code on mobile.
2:31 PM
@Undo Suggestion: In addition to using Sherlock Holmes as the corpus, use "good" posts from here. You're going to end up with posts with numerals in it a lot. It might be a good idea to test how those work out against both the Holmes corpus and a big list o' SO posts.
500 duuuur
hmm... can't believe onebox is treating URL as image just based on extension
But I've seen this before; one machine in the cluster having failed to render the image, the rest of the cluster works just fine and only a percentage of users is directed to the broken one.
--(wonders if he can fill the zombie lamb with TNT and replicate the worms explosive sheep)--
@Andy yeah, that's on my list if it looks like this has promise.
2:32 PM
@ShadowWizard alternative?
And now I am directed to a different box and it is working again for me too.
@bjb568 check the extension before the ?, if such is present
Yes @Uni, panda is very cute, far better than @Shog's severed head image ;)
@ShadowWizard Oh. Yeah, URL parsers are good.
@MartijnPieters looks fine to me?
2:44 PM
@Shog9 It does now. But I have seen this before; flair images failing for some people.
clearly, the undeserving
And when it happens, there is no way for me to know if it is isolated to just one machine in the cluster or for everyone.
Other than step in here and be ridiculed by the regulars, of course. :-)
@MartijnPieters It's because we like you.
Just 'like' is it?
2:45 PM
@MartijnPieters how often does it happen?
@MartijnPieters maybe is suki?
@Shog9 I sent you an email a little while ago, not sure if you're busy or simply disagree with it or if it didn't reach you?
I'm wondering if I should call my script "spam canary". Thoughts?
@ShadowWizard infrequently, probably, but I've seen others report bugs on Meta about this and most people not being able to reproduce it before.
2:48 PM
@Braiam if caching can be blamed for masking the issue, then sure.
@MartijnPieters maybe it's like the associated accounts sometimes being 0, some temp glitch that fix itself shortly, aka "meh" :)
@JanDvorak The Spamihilator™
@Jan: Spam canary sounds awesome.
@ShadowWizard and once in a while, having analysed the traceback emailed when the 500 error happens, you find a bug that explains the intermittent failure and a host of other gremlins you never knew how to reproduce.
2:50 PM
@ShadowWizard probably it is to much. If I really wanted to make Bart disappear I would just replace his microfiber lens cleaning cloths with a sheet of sandpaper...
And the devs can feel all proud having sussed this out! :-P
@MartijnPieters I think they get thousands of 500 error logs every day or maybe every hour, so doubt they'll start to really seep through them
@ShadowWizard hrmz, I'd not be best pleased if a site I built generated thousands of 500s per day.
@MartijnPieters you would, if the site has millions of unique visitors every day :)
A project I launched 2 weeks ago with traffic levels similar to Stack Overflow (not quite as high, but busy still) generates 500s at a rate of a few a day.
@ShadowWizard I launched a new revision of one 2 weeks ago.
We know what those 500s are, they are old URLs with mangled paths we don't care about visited by broken bots. We can ignore those. The rest produce more meaningful errors.
3:04 PM
Congrats @Martijn for the traffic and the project :)
(Sorry to interrupt the 500 analysis)
@Stijn I'm a bit behind on emails; I'll look for it

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