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12:00 AM
@Unihedron piles on a vote.
oh, sent 3 times the same message? caching D:
> Thank you for reviewing 20 low quality posts today; come back in 23 hours to continue reviewing.
12:06 AM
@Doorknob RejectRejectRejectRejectRejectRejectRejectRejectRejectReject
> Andy reviewed this 3 hours ago: Approve
@ColeJohnson ^?
@Braiam You didn't reject it? D:
@Doorknob Y BRAIAM NO 5K YET?!
tag wiki/excerpts are at 5k
> Access reports, delete questions, review reviews
Upvote me plz i needz 5k repz.
looks up to the sky with a convenient lens flair as gold rains down
> Thank you for reviewing 40 close votes today; come back in 23 hours to continue reviewing.
12:19 AM
@bjb568 So that you can review tag wiki edits?
That's not too exciting.
oh god why
@AstroCB upmrk me plz i needz 10k repz
> Daily up/down vote limit reached; come back in 23 hours.
> You have no more close votes today; come back in 23 hours.
@GnomeSlice NOOOooooOOOOOOoooooOOOOOOOooooooooooOOOOOOOoOOOOooooooOoooOOOOo
my ears! my ears are bleeding!
/me plowing full speed:
50 votes just isn't enough!
I've seen better from robo reviewers...
12:25 AM
12:47 AM
@Doorknob around?
@hichris123 Yes
I mean no
<<out of cv's
12:51 AM
@hichris123 Those are like in the first 50 in the CV queue...
@bjb568 ... are you sure?
@hichris123 Yeah, just went thru there.
No filter except for no dups.
These are all ones I just have open in my tabs.
@iStimple still have cv's?
12:53 AM
4 mins ago, by iStimple
<<out of cv's
oh. :(
Run for mod and stop pestering people! :P
<<out of votes
@bjb568 ... yeah, I wish I could be elected. Though it's not likely as the SO people usually elect high-rep users... :/
12:55 AM
Alright, I totally need 10k for del-votes.
@hichris123 Who me? looks around
For some reason I didn't post this one. Another for ya. stackoverflow.com/questions/11871030/…
Okay: thanks for telling us. However, that one line of code doesn't tell us much and Stack Overflow is not a code-writing service, so you're going to have to tell us a little more about what you've tried and give a specific problem. — AstroCB 12 secs ago
1:45 AM
@hichris123 There's nothing at the start of cmon. If you feel the need for a singlequote, c'm'on.
A: Is it acceptable to flag one of your own posts notifying moderators of unreversed suspected serial voting?

Bill the LizardWe have no way of knowing if those three votes were legitimate or not. We look at a lot more than just "a few votes cast around the same time" to determine if they're suspicious. Two of the votes were on accepted answers and they were cast within 7 seconds of each other. That doesn't look good, ...

^ Probably R17.
I guess it could be an edit reviewer or something too, but probably R17.
> I really wanted to unbind the spacebar. Alas, no luck.
2:03 AM
Did anyone in here just upvote one of my answers?
no comments
That means one of two things: 1) Someone on Meta clicked through to my profile and sifted through my answers for whatever reason or 2) For the first time, one of my answers showed lasting value, meaning that someone found it in search results and thought it was useful: interesting.
3) someone misclicked
^ Or that.
2:09 AM
anyone home?
mine or yours?
2:24 AM
@AstroCB You don't like it? >:) Upvoted.
@bjb568 Ah, well thanks: just wondering. Because, you know: jQuery.
I mean I upvoted after you complained in chat, not the jQuery one.
2:58 AM
@bjb568 Oh.
Well, thanks anyway.
Aug 9 at 20:21, by AstroCB
I need to write a userscript at some point to go through posts when editing and change all of the "i"s to "I"s and "StackOverflow"s to "Stack Overflow"s...
^ Done. Any other suggestions that annoy you and you usually edit posts to fix?
@bjb568 That earned me a bronze tag badge.
You can find a lot of questions close vote worthy at the tag (stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/bios)
Like my reject reason?
@ColeJohnson Please don't play around with flags; they're meant for serious things
@hichris123 All closed except this
And a very bad one too
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: SIMPLE DS PROJECT on programmers.stackexchange.com
@ColeJohnson I love that seal.
c-c-c-combo breaker!
And now I can't continue...
3:53 AM
Another c-c-c-combo breaker!
@InfiniteRecursion No thank you
A: About The Vote Down Thing

Cole JohnsonPlease tell me what I'm doing wrong. Because I certainly don't feel like a god when I downvote.

@ColeJohnson Thanks for bringing it to our notice, downvoted it :)
@InfiniteRecursion do you feel like a god now!?
@ColeJohnson Yes, an absolute goddess!
4:18 AM
I remember someone mentioning before that the great wall of china has a bug tracker where citizens can request a whitelist of something with justification, anyone happen to know where that lives?
Yeah, believe it or not, the firewall administrators have a public site where folks can report 'unintentional behavior'
We're seeing an uptick of people that can't access sstatic.net (or use our sites subsequently)
morning folks...!!! :) Have a Great Day and Week ahead...!!! :)
How do you know they can't access sstatic.net if they can't access it?
4:24 AM
@SilentKiller school starts this week for me. Will you silently kill me?
@ColeJohnson nopes.. :P study is important and School life is the best life. i wanna join again ;)
Yeah, I like school. I just don't not being able to relax all day.
@TimPost I got another 3 (serial?) downvotes, seems like something is going on.
4:26 AM
@Qantas upvote :p
@bjb568 sorry about that
Just upvote it to prevent him deleting t
flag other
upvote. :O
I upvote, flag spam and it go poof
4:27 AM
I was about to add a comment with the phrase "accept rate" in it to pile on to the abuse, but poof.
Like this post
leik if u cri ever tim
1 leik = 1 praer
i too. :D
4:29 AM
liek au lait?
@TimPost You are supposed to liek bananas, not milk!
lait au liek.
@bjb568 on SO?
@InfiniteRecursion mlik and bnanas mak god mlik saka
@TimPost Yeah.
4:31 AM
@bjb568 you were downvoted yesterday also.
@InfiniteRecursion I like to eat, eat, eat, the souls of my enemies.
I need 5 kay
@bjb568 Mmmh. See if the system automatically reverses it, it's a few votes, but the votes do seem to be genuine 'i disagree with something you wrote here' and not 'i just hate you'
Star plz so link evryone can c
4:36 AM
@bjb568 may be the downvoter is taking bit of time between downvoting like 5 to 10 mins so system won't be able to catch that as Serial DoanVote
@ColeJohnson :P
Or use sockpuppets
Use reverse sockpuppets
I like reversed not-sock not-puppets
get your sockpuppets to downvote all your posts and then go on meta complaining about your professional answers
upvotes guaranteed in 6 to 8 weeks
And because it's not using sock puppets to directly upvote self, it's free, easy, legal, and cheap!
But wait! We'll double your offer!
4:39 AM
I'll have my socks get with your socks, they'll have kawfeet.
Downvote in the next 10 minutes, and we'll double your upvotes! Just pay processing and handling
@ColeJohnson nice offer. :D Offer valid for everyone..?? ;)
@SilentKiller only for sockpuppets
Image not found
I should make a sock puppet and set that as my profile picture
4:44 AM
@ColeJohnson i'll adopt it. :D
I sell for 3 upvotes
hahaha upvoting business. :P
upvote cole and you get unlimited downvotes for lifetime
@Qantas94Heavy and I'll use my sock puppets so it won't be "unserialdownvoted" Jeff Atwood
gimme ip of sock]
need ddos
much love
4:48 AM
@InfiniteRecursion Yes those. And before. And a couple weeks ago.
@bjb568 Yes, I saw on your profile. Lots of downvotes :(
Think I'm going to have to put together questions on Math.SE... school is going to kill me
Hiya @Uni! Holidays are over. Happy September!
4:57 AM
@InfiniteRecursion If you're a mod or account owner, you'll also see lots of downvoted :P
@InfiniteRecursion Thank you! September is not so very happy though, with school starting.
@bjb568 I will remember those words of wisdom :P
Eternal September. Never forget
@Unihedron Go tell all your friends what you did on SE during the holidays...and after you come back from school, tell us what you did in school today :)
It's day 7669 of eternal september
So September 1 2014 is day 7670. I nice bumber
5:07 AM
@InfiniteRecursion need to ask a query. may i.?
@InfiniteRecursion Ha! I took AP computer science last year
@SilentKiller The room is open for all :)
@ColeJohnson Peh! Isn't that about Java or something?
@bjb568 yep. I hated it. I loved the class, but hated the curriculum
Too much Java for a Java-hater
5:09 AM
My school doesn't teach anything in the programming lesson... We just draw diagrams for program flows.
Goodnight, meta!
Good night!
But having friends in the class to joke with (in program form) and getting a 5 on the ap test was nice
@InfiniteRecursion this answer is useless so which tad i should add before it.? Should i add SPAM or cv-plz .?
5:10 AM
Good night!
@Unihedron Wait till you reach the UML diagrams, flowcharts are nothing compared to those.
@SilentKiller NAA (Not an answer) because it's a question posted as an answer
Programming with UML and flowcharts are for losers
@InfiniteRecursion It's a comment posted as an answer, but still NAA.
@ColeJohnson and professionals
@InfiniteRecursion ohk. :) thanks buddy.
5:14 AM
@InfiniteRecursion professionals who like to waste time. real programmers code by the seat of their pants :p
@ColeJohnson 75% of your time will not be spent programming :)
Right, forgot about:
^ see the graph :))
^ see the xkcd :))
5:17 AM
:D randall forever
New xkcd alert
> Time to dance in front of Mary Jane! If I'm lucky, she'll turn out not to practice pre-copulatory sexual cannibalism!
Is it just me or the syntax error is really obvious, even to non-javaers? stackoverflow.com/q/25594978
I preemptively closed it
I voted to close as well.
It seems that we have many new, unexperienced wanna-be programmers on the [bukkit] [minecraft] [minecraft-forge] tags.
It's closed now
5:37 AM
@ColeJohnson dude. Dance behind Mary Jane.
also, I don't think you understand spiders
also, who flags this.
I have stuff. To do.
Flags. :O here too.. :(
Morning @Jan
@JanDvorak gone
Morning @JanDvorak!
Hia @Shog9!
@JanDvorak Good Morning...!!!
5:44 AM
not much spam this morning so far...
So you want lots of spam? (turns on the spiced ham vending machine)
@Jan you should change your name to SpamKiller. ;)
I'm not complaining
@Jan from now you are awarded as spamkillerofstackexchange9001 :D
Congratulations on your new title! :]
@SilentKiller why do you think there's an owl stuck to my face? ;-)
@JanDvorak i don't i don't I am toooooo innocent. :]
@SilentKiller hint: winterbash 2013
@JanDvorak I wore the owl hat too for most of the time, it was one of my favorite hats. And the orange upvote hat was nice too, blended well with my yellow avatar.
@ColeJohnson necrophilia warning
either that, or a more benign kind of psycho
It is 1993
Musically, not bad
great audit
6:03 AM
@Unihedron spam, rite?
Yep; It was dead obvious, with the user deleted too
@Unihedron robots don't look at link colors
again Image not found :/
90s videos were still weird
6:05 AM
@Unihedron I am able to see the image
I think that spam might be NSA recruitment?
More creepy 90s videos. This one comes with super good censoring at 0:40
@ColeJohnson censored for my countnry
What country?
Somewhere in the middle of Europe
6:20 AM
I want a hat like the guy's wearing:
6:36 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected: Which Gamma Blue 11s on ux.stackexchange.com
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected: Gamma Blue 11s into the on tex.stackexchange.com
also, what Smokey says
What does Smoke Detector say!?
> [ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected: Gamma Blue 11s into the on tex.stackexchange.com
@ColeJohnson it tries to detect spam. This time it was actually right
6:44 AM
@JanDvorak my post was a reference to "What does the Fox say?"
another weird 90s music video?
not that old, 2013-2014ish
No. An annoying pop song
Video is creepy if you ask me
it was somewhat less annoying before 0:44
then I paused
The weird thing is, it was made to make fun of American pop...
> Again with stopwatch in hand, Quickly pour the blix solution Gamma Blue 11s into the the top developing tank until the tank is full. Start the stopwatch when you've filled the tank up. again, Smack the tank against a counter a couple times to disengage any bubbles.
> To rehab a sprained ankle you need to do this. I understand that sprained ankles are painful - I sprained my ankle twice and I know the will to just do nothing about it. But to rehab a sprained ankle properly it is important you can do is get started right away Grape 5s and work at getting it back to normal.
> This is basic school physics. The idea is that the carbon dioxide in the earth's atmosphere absorbs infrared radiation emitted by the earth's surface and thereby blocks its direct transmitting to outer space. When the carbon dioxide finally makes Taxi 12s a change from its excited state to a lower energy, It emits another quantum of infrared energy that is as likely to go back the actual earth as it is to go towards outer space.
> Transdermal application allows the substances in the medication to be absorbed into the skin for the same affect as oral medications. It's simply applied externally to the effected area for fast, Much time-Term relief. Some ointments have an exclusive mechanism for absorption that allows the medication to enter into the muscles, Muscles, Suspensory structures, And nervous feelings.
The elephant suit would fit me, though
> i want to install squid proxy server in ubuntu14.04 desktop with two network cards which connects my LAN with WAN
@SmokeDetector vlq + offtopic
@Unihedron Not going to school? I thought you left...
@JanDvorak gone
@InfiniteRecursion I'm back from school a while ago already :)
Time zones.. :p
6:49 AM
@Unihedrom but it's 11:49 pm
It's 14:49
@Unihedron Ok, nice :) How was school?
I call it how it is
@ColeJohnson not too bad except during the chorus
ok... that animatronic fox is bad
@JanDvorak yep. That's what I thought
Liking EDM myself, if you get rid of the vocals, it's actually a pretty decent song
6:50 AM
back to Kerbal Space Program marathon...
@JanDvorak You must be seriously bored today if you have decided to listen to "not bad" music to pass time...
@InfiniteRecursion "not bad" ~ "good"
@Inf: Mostly entertaining, some comedians in class, et cetera. But I'd rather hunt for good questions on SO honestly.
All my music I own is "not bad"
@InfiniteRecursion I'm not listening to pass time, I'm listening to it to get @Cole's obscure references
6:52 AM
It's not obscure if you live in America
Fun fact: you can get tired of awesome music
And then love it again after not listening for a while
@JanDvorak Hmm, that sounds like a more valid reason to listen to the music. You always have the option to ignore the obtuse refs btw ;)
the key is variation
> Please can some one help as my laptop microphone jack has disappeared and my headset mic no longer works with the laptop.
6:54 AM
@ColeJohnson I blame the carnivorous pets
Your "jack" can't be removed. What do you mean it disappeared exactly? — Ramhound 11 hours ago
@Ramhound Illuminati — Cole Johnson 15 secs ago
Q: Is my laptop fake or real? (Dell)

William232Well my father just bought me a new Dell laptop few day ago, the computer was Core i7,.... at first I work, play game everything fine but recently the computer began to crash my game and work (havent save yet) driving me crazy all night. Now I was wondering if the dell was real or not because the...

My computer is fake. Like, it doesn't exist.
@Ramhound it can disappear from your cable. If that happens, though, usually it's time to visit the veterinary. Or the pediatrist. — Jan Dvorak 9 secs ago
Q: Incredible graphic glitch

NortisanI tried to watch a video on Youtube, on HD. the very moment I hit play, my screen enters the matrix : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dmDPLUnbnZI I immediately reset, and my screen now blinked like it was about to die. used some built-in LCD conditioning and it fixed temporary. I get that blink...

@Unihedron That sounds fun.

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