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@Undo He totally is. Don't you see the ♦ next to his name?
@hichris123 [status:closed] now you can close your chrome tab.
Oh, and close these questions while you're at it: stackoverflow.com/questions/2335484/…, stackoverflow.com/questions/33723/… (@Undo)
"Pavlovian reward zone" -- ha ha, right on the mark. SO has evolved into a massive echo chamber / circlejerk. Pointing it out automatically triggers a "circle the wagons" defense. — Robert Dodier 10 mins ago
@TGMCians Thanks. :)
6:11 PM
@hichris123 already done
Oh, @animuson's here.
Not the first time Robert there has posted that exact same sentiment to Meta.
To my eyes, the button, on a line by itself is much more visible than a link. The weak contrast difference is not making it clear that it is a link - if you want to take this to the extreme you seem to want to, then all links at SE shoud be underlined too! — mplungjan 10 hours ago
Oh look, he finally complained.
... instead of editing out <kbd>'s, go close some questions @animuson!
6:21 PM
@hichris123 boom and boom
I haven't edited one out in a week or two.
oh animuson is here...
6:25 PM
this time I was quick
also, I'm surprised I actually left a +120 comment.
The real question: Why do you think that your wireless toaster is a keyboard? — Undo Aug 6 at 16:03
6:26 PM
@Undo distracted me with wireless toasters.
Mmmmmm toast.
that question no longer exists
This really needs to be deleted: stackoverflow.com/questions/21654997/…
6:28 PM
races to get CV's in before @animuson nukes them
@AstroCB Oh god. "What is a directory?"
@hichris123 Exactly
And what is this edit?
6:30 PM
animuson is scary fast on the delete button
@AstroCB what about it?
Xcode - X code
Other than that it's terrible
@Undo That's what I meant
github -> git-hub
6:32 PM
it's [tag:cv-pls], @TGMCians
@AstroCB A guy who's about to lose a bit of reputation. :P
Q: Using google analytic in chrome extension

Som PathakCan anyone help me to include google analytic in chrome extension which contains manifest and js file.

6:35 PM
@hichris123 I am there on which you answered.
Ah, lol.
do you make Android TV apps also ?.
I wish...
I applied for an ADT-1 but haven't heard anything back yet.
nice.. I also just started to learn Android Wear
Yeah, Android Wear looks pretty cool.
6:40 PM
you need Android Studio for development, ADT doesnt have feature for this yet afaik
ADT - Always There
lol wrong ADT @animuson.
Hey guys, why did we close this as a duplicate?:
Q: Is it OK to downvote new users answers?

BrunisMy question was sparked from reading this fine post: Is it fine to vote down, mark too broad or put on hold and close new users' first questions? I've been reading the site for ages, obviously because every attempt at solving a problem by googling it, usually turns up an SO article within the fi...

@Cupcake ... why did you close it in the first place?
@hichris123 that's what I'm wondering. Mistakes happen :P
Why does this still exist? Questions like these are usually obliterated in seconds!
Q: Using google analytic in chrome extension

Som PathakCan anyone help me to include google analytic in chrome extension which contains manifest and js file.

Too be honest though, the question is a little unclear to begin with.
That certainly didn't help.
6:46 PM
@AstroCB voted...
@animuson It's a programming question on Meta SO that would probably be closed even on SO.
Probably why he's question blocked on SO.
6:52 PM
This account is temporarily suspended for asking programming questions on Meta. The suspension period ends in 3 days.
You can ban people for that?
mod can do
right ?
I thought that came under 'rule violation', @animuson.
With a little HTML editing you can enter whatever you want there.
Like "for leaving the milk out"
6:53 PM
I just finished a massive purge of old, crappy off-topic questions on CR. Fresh air at last...
@Jamal We're purging old SO questions now.
@Jamal I hear Glade Plug-Ins are good for that too.
I'm proud that I single-handedly burninated a tag, but I feel guilty about the rep I accumulated for it...
Q: Tag burnination request: [c++primer]

metacubedThe tag c++primer seems to be far too specific and refers to mainly exercise-type questions. Tag wiki: A book written by Stanley B. Lippman, Josée Lajoie and Barbara E. One of the best books for C++ beginners. There are currently 7 questions with this tag.

6:58 PM
@animuson Oh... well, too late.
@hichris123 he has no votes left to close questions :p
A: Yet another disgruntled new user

Tieson T.Given that the SE network is always growing, I'd expect a larger quantity of disgruntled users on every site, including SO. I'd be curious to see whether the actual percentage of users having (a) bad experience(s) has trended upward. I suspect it hasn't. Perhaps it would be beneficial to make su...

Most of the observations here are correct... However, they are orthogonal to the problem of rude behavior, which is an immune defense in any established population. Also, if there was no official rep system the folks here would just create there own - again, this is just something you have to either expect and work with or... Well, let it blindside you. — Shog9 ♦ 8 mins ago
@Cupcake Oh no; Shog made a typo.
7:01 PM
@hichris123 It's just silly what type of questions were allowed back then O_o
@AstroCB typo?
@Cupcake "if there was no official rep system the folks here would just create there own"
@AstroCB happens all the time, even to the best of us.
7:03 PM
@Cupcake I would assume that if you write 10-15 long answers/day it's bound to happen.
Especially if you're an SE Community Manager (so doing so is part of your job).
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: PROTEST FOR UNFAIR TREATMENT on meta.stackexchange.com
SPAM ^ ?
no, just a rant of some kind I think
hmm I see
7:14 PM
I can't suggest edits for closed questions?
Q: We need a cannabis Q&A site!

Grangie LuneI run a small cannabis private equity fund. We have quite a few consultants who want a place to answer general cannabis questions on the web. Their are already forums, but nothing like the SO/SE model. If people are interested, our fund would be happy to oversee the creation of a cannabis Q&A ...

I'm kind of surprised that that actually hasn't been proposed sooner.
Or maybe it has, and I just never heard about it.
I can click the edit link there just fine?
@Sumurai8 not me.
7:16 PM
@Cupcake Check with Santa Claus if you have been naughty. That might be related then ;-)
7:37 PM
@Cupcake Not a viable proposal.
@SmokeDetector Wat
Was just about to post that.
@Jamal closed
Should it be deleted?
Note to self: we're not under attack. That's just the annual fireworks display you forgot about.
@bjb568 why is it not viable?
Lots of people are interested in weed.
Internationally, and in the US.
7:53 PM
It's even legal now, in some states.
@Cupcake It's legal in CO. SE has an office there I think.
@bjb568 uh, yeah. Do you live under a rock?
@iStimple that would explain a lot.
@Cupcake Define "rock".
@iStimple They had a Denver office, but I think they moved out.
7:54 PM
@Cupcake That alone is not enough for an SE site anyway.
@bjb568 why not?
@ShadowWizard - they moved to a new office... — Oded ♦ Jul 24 at 11:41
I'm sure people hat lots of questions that they could ask about weed.
@Cupcake People have to be interested in an SE site, not just about the topic.
Um, what?
7:55 PM
There are SE sites for niche topics.
Bicycles, Bitcoins.
Share Point.
I don't understand how weed is not a viable topic for an SE site.
People can ask questions about cultivation and consumption.
Will it make the internet a better place, anyway?
7:57 PM
I mean, we have a cooking SE after all.
@bjb568 for pot smokers.
The edit reviewers are crazy enough as it stands.
Or cultivators.
People running a business.
People could ask questions about the medicinal properties of weed.
7:58 PM
You can't upvote/downvote wikipedia posts.
@Cupcake that would be better on topic on a health/medical site
@iStimple you know, I'm surprised that we don't already have one of those.

Proposed Q&A site for physicians, doctors, medical specialists, dietitians and anyone with health-related questions

Currently in definition.

Wow, someone just had to go and ask this one, huh?
@Cupcake Dumped it 5 votes.
@Cupcake Is this cancer?
I could see that SE being split into two more specialized SEs.
Like how there's Mathematics and Math Overflow.
And CS SE and Graduate CS SE.
8:02 PM
There could be Health Professionals SE and just general Health SE.
You would need to find a large enough userbase that's interested in the professional version though.
@hichris123 that just says they moved to a new office. It doesn't say that they moved out of state.
@iStimple ... uhm, yeah... :P
Q: MSO "Users/(Voters|Editors)" subsubmenu page selector borks subsubmenu

bjb568Click "Users". Click "voters" or "editors". Click a time span. Click a page number. For me, this makes the time span subsubmenu go back to it's default "all time" state. Could not reproduce on MSE or SO.

@Cupcake Ha! Like "Should I give my patient sjdahdgiahdpoahdfb or awdghaefhqpweoiughrqe?" vs "who shud i sue for kid git autism poke vacin"
> Please do not “fix” lowercase i’s in my posts. It is a conscious decision on my part.
8:15 PM
@Jamal where is that?
Oh geez, not that nonsense again.
@hichris123 The editors's profile.
Now I'm tempted to go look through their profile for lowercase "i"s
@animuson Way ahead of you...
I'm doing that too.
8:16 PM
Haven't seen any yet.
even In the mIddle of words
@Bart He also moved the URL from below the post to inline. Seriously? You know you could've just fixed the typo and nothing else, right?
All the ones I've found are already capitalized. LIAR!
He must've just said that so others would view all of his posts, thus increasing exposure and views. Well played...
8:20 PM
@Jamal I always do. It's default on macs.
I need to write a userscript at some point to go through posts when editing and change all of the "i"s to "I"s and "StackOverflow"s to "Stack Overflow"s...
@AstroCB I'm figuring out the whole greesemonkey thing, but when I'm done, all questions on the front page will be dv'd and cv'd automatically! Bwahahahaha!
You should ask whats-his-name on meta @AstroCB. He's always editing just that. And I suspect he has some sort of script to help him ...
I'm writing a complaint on meta about the VLQ flag.
I'm writing a complaint on meta about users complaining about the VLQ flag.
8:23 PM
@Bart I'm writing a complaint on meta about Bart.
what happens when someone does a feature-request for something that already exists? status-completed?
@hichris123 finally. His behaviour is getting out of hand.
Yay ... the fireworks are setting all the car-alarms off :D
@Bart you live in one weird country
@Bart Fireworks should be illegal.
Why @bjb568?
8:27 PM
@Bart They blow things up.
Also guns unless you actually… you know… aren't an idiot.
Themselves mostly @bjb568. High up in the sky. Above the lake in this case.
@Bart Yeah yeah, get a professional to do it.
@bjb568 ehm ... this is an annual hour long professional fireworks display.
I don't get why using lowercase i is a conscious decision.
8:29 PM
A "personal choice".
Like, is it a lifestyle choice?
@Bart What, how does it set off car alarms if it isn't an idiot doing it? What, idiot car makers?
Rebel against the Proper English Authoritarian society?
What a wonderful world…
Maybe he likes pissing off Grammar Nazis.
8:30 PM
@bjb568 The thunder is so loud that it vibrates the fuck out of everything close to the lake. Including my windows and apparently those of cars.
@Bart Shouldn't it not be that loud then?
Meh, make car alarms that go off when something really happens.
This guy appears to enjoy hunting witches:
Q: Suspicious users found: active only one day, many upvotes cast

BananaUsing data explorer, I have found several users that match the suspicious criteria: User account was created and abandoned the same day. User has no posts themselves but edited others posts to gain reputation enough to vote. User upvoted at least 10 posts. The query matched 20 use...

@Bart Or get rid of them. They've trained society to ignore them. Like the speed flashy things.
8:32 PM
@bjb568 Wouldn't be too far off, honestly...
True. The only effect car alarms still have is people calling the police about the annoying alarm that's going off
@Bart Obviously government workers are also idiots.
@Bart Possibly; all of his edits use the same summaries as well, so there must be something to that...
@Cupcake I like hunting and witches. Just not T-SQL.
@Cupcake +1'd
8:34 PM
@Cupcake Yes, with the witch-hunting script.
In the absence of users, all programs are correct. This plan is A+. — Blackhawk 24 hours ago
@bjb568's usercard is slightly trolly. I think we should ban them.
Or at least suspend their daily supply of icecream.
I bet he's not even a kitten.
8:42 PM
Hey @Bart, you show up in my newsfeed on Facebook, it's kind of eerie:
It's like you're always watching me O_O
he is always
I have been modelling lately to make ends meet @Cupcake. I apologize for the nudity though.
I mean, I can even feel the disapproval all the way from here.
8:43 PM
Q: The Very Low Quality flag is broken

bjb568NAA is for answers that don't make any attempt to answer the question: asdfjhaklsefuh I like cows Thanks! Did you find the solution? Sometimes link-only answers, but not all mods will approve that VLQ is for posts that are: very low quality (no, that's downvote). have severe formatting or c...

@Bart i thought it was illegal for you to not carry a swiss army knife at all times
Oh but I am @iStimple.
@Bart oh ugh bad visuals bad visuals help!
Q: Unify “not an answer” and “very low quality” in a single “delete” flag

GillesThe “not an answer” flag on answers is meant to be used when This was posted as an answer, but it does not attempt to answer the question. It should possibly be an edit, a comment, another question, or deleted altogether. The “very low quality” flag on answers is meant to be used when T...

can/should this be reopened? at least open for a while so it can be updated
Any chance this can be updated? Other questions are pointing here now, but since the best links in this answer are dead, not sure we'll see a current answer added. See: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/54396Nick Craver ♦ Jun 21 '10 at 2:00
8:49 PM
@iStimple Yep. Open it.
@animuson voted to close it back in 09. That close reason doesn't exist anymore. reopen?
What'd you ping animusion on for?
Just because the close reason doesn't exist anymore doesn't mean a question should be reopened. That's still a horrible question that should be closed.
@animuson it has 41 upvotes, 13 favorites, Nick craver want's an update. Seems like it should be reopened at least for a few weeks every year if not always.
I don't see a reason it should be closed.
8:54 PM
Another declined flag on a deleted answer. Speaking of flags, I still have 185 pending close flags. :P
I dunno why we can't upgrade our flags to votes…
Oh, that's not helpful to you, low rep peasant.
Or...you know, remove them altogether...
Spare change rep?
@bjb568 b.c weeks/months/years can go by before users hit close vote privililges.. So that's A LOT Of questions that have likely been edited and improved , thus not needing the CV anymore. So that would just burden the queue with leave opens..
8:58 PM
@iStimple No, not automatically. Manually CVing posts again if we really want them closed.
@bjb568 What effect does that have? Close votes show on the question, but what effect has that on a year old question? Both flags and cv's show up in the review queue, but since that is back-logged, neither of those will make a difference.
@Sumurai8 2 flags are required to get a post into the CV queue on SO.
so... if you have flagged a question and no-one else did, the flag will linger on forever? O_o
Do not flag them. I guarantee you the flags will be declined Looks like we found Animuson's socks!!!! — iStimple 16 secs ago
@Sumurai8 Yup.
9:09 PM
UPDATE: They definitely aren't animuson's socks. He has very few upvotes on those days, less than normal. — iStimple 28 secs ago
Wow, not doing so great today:
Q: What's the key to NOT being voted down?

MansaMusaHow does one keep from losing reputation points? What is the benefit to the community in voting down a newcomer who takes his or her first shot at answering a question?

Why did we close that as a duplicate?
The other question is asking if it's OK to downvote answers.
This one is asking how to avoid them in the first place.
9:09 PM
The linked question says "What is the benefit to the community in voting down a newcomer who takes his or her first shot at answering a question?"
A: Is it OK to downvote new users answers?

MichaelTUp vote what you want the site to become. Down vote what you don't want it to become. If the question or answer isn't indicative of the quality you wish to see on the site, down vote it. The familiarity of the user with the norms of the site may be taken into account when explaining a vote, bu...

And imo that answers that question
@Cupcake There is no me in cupcake. I don't know why you did. However, must give you props for going back and checking all your past close votes.
@iStimple didn't you know that there's a U in cUpcake?
Oh man, but the comments from the OP on that question...
@Cupcake you got me there. I'm really disgusted to learn that puke is in cupcake though..
9:13 PM
@Unihedron Right. Just stay off my comments. Like Tim Peters says, "Errors should never pass silently. Unless explicitly silenced." There was an error in the demeanor of this site. I've said my portion to correct it. May the Gods be with you. — MansaMusa 8 hours ago
> Please don't vote me down for this. I just want to build enough reputation so I can get a job as a programmer.
@Cupcake Wait, that means the more reputation I have, the better job I get?
starts rep whoring
9:36 PM
^ Its not Oxford Dictionary domain. Down votes would make sense if the post is completely incomprehensible, not when a capitalisation is missed. We're coders, not english literature doctorates. Down votes for bad code, maybe even indentation. Or asking to do their homework. I'm here to learn about code not my grammar. I still stand by the fact that down voting on silly little grammatical errors is unjustified. Maybe @Neeku can frequent a different Stack Exchange site to deal with any correction compulsive tendencies? I'm sure there are some for Linguistics and translators? — Neo 2 hours ago
This guy just doesn't get it.
Talk about dense.
@Neo you're making a lot of false assumptions. Your first false assumption was to assume that Neeku downvoted you. The second is to assume that the rest of the downvotes that you received were entirely due to your capitalization. Though it's not justified that it is happening, I have a strong suspicion that many of the downvotes were because of the way you handled the situation (i.e. completely inappropriate email to Neeku). — Cupcake 1 min ago
Flagged the answer for deletion.
@bjb568 um, why?
9:41 PM
@Cupcake Not constructive.
It's not a rant, and there's nothing offensive.
> There was absolutely NO NEED for an edit. I specifically had the naked link in there so people would recognise the repo in question without having to click on it.

What you did was absolutely pointless and a waste of time for everyone involved. The question itself is clear, capitalisation of the letter 'i' does not make the question any more clear.

I sent you the email because I couldn't contact you directly on this. It's not stalking, you're on the internet. Why not invest time on helping people rather than making their lives more miserable. I got a negative on the question after your c
@Cupcake It's a waste of everybody's time. It's noise.
@Cupcake I would have personally let that answer die a silent death. Another comment isn't going to sway him.
9:44 PM
@bjb568 it's unpopular, for sure, but other than that, there's nothing particularly wrong with it, discussion-wise.
@Cupcake It's not constructive. Nothing of value is there, or will ever be there.
@bjb568 don't be surprised when your flag gets declined :P
@Cupcake Is -101 a record for MSO?
The new mSO, not the old though.
And, of course, the most upvoted one is closed...
@hichris123 searches for questions containing the word "sir"
...just 16? Wow
Well, that's 'sir please' and not just 'sir', but you get the idea.
'sir' generates 984 results.
'madam' 298 ... then again, most of those are for the asp.net module it seems
10:04 PM
And only 3 results for "sir" on CR. :-)
Oh wait, only one is in that same context. The two others are used in code.
Q: can someone improve this code?

Customized Namehere is the code, HttpFileCollection collection = _context.Request.Files; for (int i = 0; i < collection.Count; i++) { HttpPostedFile postedFile = collection[i]; Stream fileStream = postedFile.InputStream; fileStream.Positi...

And I wish I could think of a better title.
^ that
10:08 PM
Q: procedure of preparing the solid pellet of cow urine

user11189To, Respected sir/madam i was very happy to see vast benefits of mother cow,also the uses of cow urine pellets . but sir/madam i been working on the same project was not able to properly proportionate the amount and the quality of alcohols( CH3OH, CH3-(CH2)3-OH),ethyl acetate and hexane amount i...

10:53 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: ESTIMATION OF A PARAMETER OF A MULTIVARIATE DISTRIBUTION IN R on programmers.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector The same user has another bad question, which is also a dupe.
If anyone wants some free flags... go cleanup Ask Patents.
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