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12:28 AM
Where can I ask questions why good questions were put on Hold? Is Meta appropriate?
@BDillan try to fix it first :/
Q: Java - Linking a Linked-list onto the Tail of another?

BDillanI am having trouble hitching linkedlists together. Imagine you were given two linkedlists of the same Object and wanted to merge them together so after the tail of the currentlist another list wad added. Here I include the linkNodes method within the Nodes class so it takes the current instan...

Im going to complain against the mods
This is ridiculous
could you remove the "Java -" from the title, there's already tags for that
btw, what was the result of the code you wrote?
Its part of a much larger program, I get a error with a draw method associated with it
But it would be even more unclear if I put the error
why don't you try a Minimal, Complete, and Verifiable example that reproduces the error?
12:34 AM
I've copy edited it a bit to improve the quality.
@BDillan 4 reopen votes.
There you go @BDillan!
I appreciate it. Thankyou guys
1:06 AM
I love pho!
i had it for dinner and you should too.
This message is brought to you by the Pho Council of America.
Q: What flavor of SOAP is defined by this WSDL, and how to consume it with PHP?

Quinn ComendantWe have a PHP application which needs to connect to this SOAP web service—here's the WSDL: https://arixss.arifleet.com/QA/DriveAwayWS/DriveAwaySrvc.svc?wsdl The vendor claims it uses "WS-Security (wsHttpBinding)". This doesn't mean much to me, as I don't have experience beyond "normal" unauthent...

If you didn't know what the acronyms meant:
Why is this PHP guy eating flavored soap?
Messages by the PCA are not sponsored by the US Government, The Freemasons, the Illuminati, Scientology, FEMA, the New World Order, the Federal Reserve, Citigroup, Halliburton, Google, the Vatican, Bilderburg, Walmart, the Rothschilds, the Knights Templar, HAARP, the UN, Skull & Bones, Bohemian Grove, the Koch Brothers, George Soros, the Trilateral Commision, the Knights of Malta, the CFR, Exxon Mobil, the Zionists, the Vril Society, the Lizard People, or any other official or fictional thing
HAARP is a live album and video by English alternative rock band Muse, released on 17 March 2008 in the United Kingdom and 1 April 2008 in the United States. The CD documents the band's performance at London's Wembley Stadium on 16 June 2007, while the DVD contains 20 tracks from the performance on 17 June. The total number of audiences watching the band's shows on 16 and 17 June 2007 was 180,000 (150,000 seated and 30,000 standing). It was named the 40th greatest live album of all time by NME in 2010. Set design For their performances at Wembley, Muse had the stadium decked out with m...
Why are so many people voting to undelete that...?
@JasonC No idea.
Can't see it so I have no clue.
It's a can-I-haz-tool question?
1:22 AM
I was about to say it has an awesome answer then I realized the answer doesn't even... answer the question?
Seems like a long drawn-out explanation of why the tool for which he wants an alternative shouldn't be used.
...wat. Imgur jpg-compressed it. :(
Meh, best I can do :P
@Doorknob Thanks.
@Louis Only ~500 rep until you can see deleted posts too!
1:24 AM
only 7,300 for me
@BlueIce just gotta eat your waffles, and it'll happen.
And I'll grow big and strong.
Completely off-topic: I just gave my profile "about" section an overhaul :P
Wowie zowie @Doorknob! Looks... new!
I need to update my about page at some point also...
1:34 AM
Q: Cant read and write to serial port in QT

RaviI am using Qt 5.1. I have a board which is programmed to respond to a set of RS-232 messages. I tried making a PC client to send a set of messages to the board so that I can test the response. The boards expects a message every second and then responds to it. But I could not read or write prope...

CV please.
1:48 AM
@animuson Lol, Norton thinks your website is attacking it:
It's this crappy VPS I use.
Maybe it is. Would you trust a guy with big ears and fuzzy paws?
@Doorknob Is attacking what?
@hichris123 My computer?
Oh. :P
1:54 AM
Fixed now. Temporarily.
2:36 AM
Q: C++ Code Coverage Tools with Visual Studio Integration

Atocilcurrently working on a school project that requires us to use a code coverage tool. We are using the native VS2012 unit testing framework, which I know Microsoft supports code coverage for with VS Ultimate, but we don't have that. What is a good tool that integrates with VS2012 via a plugin perha...

I would personally close it.
2 hours later…
5:09 AM
If a new user posts an answer on a 5 year old question, and that answer is correct but is also pretty much a duplicate of the other solutions already posted, do we want to keep that answer? Or is that flaggable as something?
A: Integrating DISQUS into a Windows 8 app

user3505372Thanks for posting this general briefing about API wrapper app store

^ spam
why would anyone make this miniature edit to my post?
I think he got pissed off that I pointed out an issue with his answer which got deleted.
@JasonC: thanks, downvoted, marked.
5:27 AM
I didn't actually get to score a spam flag with it :'( I reflexively marked it as naa when I saw the "thanks" before I realized it contained that link.
@JanDvorak: cv-pls is empty for me.
@LaszloPapp I've changed my mind upon rereading the question :-/
A: Displaying ActiveReport 7 in LightSwitch application

nietsHas anyone solved this? Please do say how you resolved it. I've had the same issue. Thanks!

5:37 AM
@LaszloPapp how do you manage to find so many of these?
review queues + moderator tools
5:54 AM
This makes me giggle every time I look at it:
@encadyma Did you eat them?! — Blue Ice Apr 2 at 5:26
A: How to delete an object by id with entity framework

Nan@ acarlon, "context.Users.Delete(u => u.Id == id);" this gives me following exception. "The query must be of type ObjectQuery or DbQuery. Parameter name: source" what i'm doing wrong here?

A: WebDAV standalone server (HttpListener) : Mapping with Windows Explorer impossible

tony CrossDon't suppose you have the completed code do you? I'm just starting out with a WebDAV server, but instead of pulling it from a database I'm planning on pulling it from the hard drive, but building an offline files part in so it works like offline files but checks if there is a newer version first...

6:19 AM
Your question indicates unfamiliarity with basic C++ syntax. — Mike DeSimone 26 secs ago
I do not understand these posts. Instead of helping, they are just ranting at newbies.
I lack a copy of the C++ standard, so I can't quote "how to call a method" chapter and verse. Sorry for the inconvenience. But this is something a C++ programmer should know before coming here; SO is not a tutorial and teach-languages-from-step-one site. — Mike DeSimone 1 min ago
Q: What are the pros and cons of XML and JSON?

Julien GenestouxWe're an XML shop (we use both XMPP and RSS/Atom feeds a lot, so I guess we have a little or no choice). Yet, I keep hearing about people who "hate" XML and sometimes refuse to use APIs who can only return XML in favor of JSON. It looks like many many prefer JSON to it, but I'm still not so sure...

delete votes, please.
7:27 AM
I do not understand people. I got 6-7 downvotes for good answers the last few 1-2 days without any comment.
I must have 1-2 people doing childish revenge because I pointed out a few issues the last 1-2 days in others' answers.
A: Are there any downsides to using double-slashes in URLs?

user3111325The Cheap GHD straighteners uk took an exclusive and prudent advancement to housing their likeness by only joining together themselves with hair salon’s and hairdresser, spotting itself as a specialized styling tool, used by professional hairdressers. And amazingly through this approach Cheap GHD...

A: Add audio clip via VBA to PowerPoint Presentation that spans multiple slides

user171611Steve Rindsberg Can you please help me . I need to start sound if the answer is correct . Example: IF textbox.text = 1 then MsgBox ("The Answer is correct ") ''Here the code starts Sound Else Exit sub End IF So , How can do that please? thank you

@Lazlo if this keeps happening and the irregular voting script doesn't detect it, you can mail the team to take a look.
I usually stand 1-2 downvotes without explanation, but it is getting uncool after the 5th or 6th within such a short while, even for otherwise upvoted answers (or even selected).
@JanDvorak is Baba a meme now or is that still the same guy spamming?
@Stijn I assume the latter
7:45 AM
@animuson 110 socks and only 7 days of suspension? You're too good! ;)
8:01 AM
@rene the enthusiasm is dripping of your message
Yeah, I'm only on my second coffee yet...so...
and already closed 100 questions. :D
8:16 AM
A: Rails Assets Precompile just not working

coffeelovesmilkThanks, that was of great help - worked perfectly for me

8:31 AM
Third coffee...
@rene nice, I had only two so far. Third will arrive within 2-3 hours. :)
Hmm... let's test something
oh, no good
What was it supposed to be?
Chat doesn't like ASCII coffee
I was trying to copy some coffee from here, @Stijn :)
And what happens if you put the ASCII coffee in a code block?
                          )     (
               .-""       )    (          ""-.
         .-'``'|-._             )         _.-|
        /  .--.|   `""---...........---""`   |
       /  /    |                             |
       |  |    |                             |
        \  \   |                             |
         `\ `\ |                             |
           `\ `|                             |
           _/ /\                             /
Ah, it works!
8:40 AM
@ProgramFOX you stole my coffee! ◕︵◕
gives the coffee back to @ShadowWizard


10 hours ago, 1 hour 3 minutes total – 37 messages, 5 users, 3 stars

Bookmarked 2 mins ago by michaelb958

I'm not sure about this. Is it an answer or should it be a comment?
It's an answer
Thanks @ProgramFOX! ;)
8:50 AM
It is not the best question which in general attract some low quality answers. But it is an answer.
@michaelb958 what about it? :)
@ShadowWizard I found it a little funny.
@michaelb958 yeah, sometimes people love trying to find logic and context where none of those exist. That poor user was most likely just typing blindly to fill the required 30 characters. :D
@ShadowWizard Happens. hkjcmd gcgruhgkcdscgl kjsdhmra,
@michaelb958 gkdrog ggijg! fsdgsg gggh? sdngjdgn.... 593mgf adf.
9:02 AM
@ShadowWizard vkyscugluklhkiuigdhc,fd? fklweajxgyoresk kdgjalcmrh8usegk.
Hmm... I have an idea for a cool answer here. Hope I will have time and muse enough to see it through.
OMG... can it be that he posted it 399,000 (!!!) times?
And on some sites his spam is still available... :-(
@ProgramFOX yep looks like Stack Exchange is the only place fighting spam with 100% success rate.
Amazing he doesn't give up!
They must have a good bot-net to post that amount of spam. I asume they don't want to pay for the bandwith it would require to post that from your own pre-paid bundle....
10:00 AM
Morning everypony
Morning @SuhosinPony!
Lunch time, see ya guys, girls, and Ponies! :D
11:06 AM
@Louis the first one is deleted by the owner, the second one has a CV from me
12:11 PM
Account is blocked since 12 days... :( and by posting on meta you just added another 12 days to your suspension
@rene yeah, just noticed that.
Don't Mess with the Oded!
That is so true...
Oops we agree...
no icecream for you!
@rene got a link?
@ShadowWizard That was a good answer thanks (on the 'undelete' meta post).
The mod locky thing is what I was missing.
12:23 PM
@Stijn meta.stackoverflow.com/q/228657/152859 but it's deleted now
Ooo did some of those deleted users start posting on meta?
@JasonC cheers, I also found it strange at first (clicked undelete just to be greeted with shiny error message) but got used to it. :)
@JasonC you mean question banned and yes, some of them try their luck on Meta.
That didn't take long...
However in the case @rene mentioned the user got account on SO for over two years with some fair questions. Looks like he's right on the edge.
Lol ^
12:28 PM
Yeah we were just discussing this, @Doorknob.
I know; I found the profile via that link.
I've never seen "suspended for posting programming questions on MSO" before. :D
@Doorknob it's quite rare as most users take the hint, looks like that user didn't. Plus, he was rude (naive?) enough to openly admit he's question banned on SO.
Oded choose the 30 day suspension which would indicate a 7 day suspension was given earlier?
@rene not sure, we can't really know.
I saw Tim Post put 40 years suspension in one strike.
12:35 PM
Yeah, it was the Indian teenager who came in and started to offend everyone
I can has link?
I remember that one...
Dang, can't find it! But I did find this...
That's how he strike trolls/spammers/hackers so well!
@Doorknob it's a backdoor, mods can put 'for selling umbrellas' in that reason if they really want to.
12:49 PM
> This account is temporarily suspended for abusing unicorns. The suspension period ends on the day when the sun won't shine again.
Though not sure they can customize the time period? ;)
I don't think that would fly in societies where unicorn abuse is an accepted cultural norm.
@JasonC Show me a society that condones unicorn abuse, and I'll show you a valid nuclear missile target.
12:52 PM
@michaelb958 hmm... dragons dislike unicorns, isn't it? So where dragons rule, unicorns might be abused. :(
@ShadowWizard Then nukes dislike dragons. Problem solved.
Can unicorns disarm nuclear weapons?
@michaelb958 dragons are immune to nukes, it's a well known fact!
On another note: Guess who's baaaaack!
OMG, he's watching us!
No way it's a coincidence :(
12:55 PM
Oh my goodness, he's using that picture a page up as his profile picture! Code brown! Code brown!!
brown for the rescue
That would have to be the fastest descent to -12 I've ever seen.
@TimPost sorry for calling It back!
@michaelb958 ah crap.
Lol the post is still in Google's cache
12:57 PM
@JasonC and my memory
@ShadowWizard IMHO, don't be. How else would they train the Bayesian filters?
well... We the Tavern do hereby agree that we shall do everything in our power to stop these bored humans from blaspheming our leader.
@michaelb958 good point. Hey Indian hacker, show yourself plz. Pretty plz?
opens realtime page
@JanDvorak 'Fraid so. The Meta appearance was clearly just a warmup.
(Same username, same profile picture.)
I think he's responding to us, he just said "i'm 24 years old" in a comment. ;)
1:02 PM
24 is kind of old to be a basement monkey.
so sad...
Lol I wish @BlueIce was here to cry with me.
let me demonstrate lying for you, @ShadowWizard:
I am a 9-year-old cat.
1:04 PM
Fear I got to go for a while, hope I won't miss more fun with that guy!
@Undo somehow, I believe you! :D
@ShadowWizard And they have 13-, 14-, and 17-year-olds sitting here laughing at them. "How does that feel? How does that feel?!"
1:05 PM
@michaelb958 I'm 32 :(
@michaelb958 laughs :D
I hope I don't really come across as 13...
@JasonC I'm probably the oldest here then? 35, soon to be 36! :(
@JasonC Chat is confusing me by placing your message before mine. :(
1:06 PM
@ShadowWizard no, Rory comes in here occasionally.
@michaelb958 reload. :)
(Was referring specifically to Doorknob, Undo, and myself respectively.)
@Undo sure, mean here among the currently active users ;)
I love the internet; it's the only place adults can get legitimately schooled by 13 year olds.
1:08 PM
the only place where adults can get destroyed by thirteen year olds :P
Future prediction?
WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE?! — Tim Post ♦ 55 mins ago
@ShadowWizard I can't ever reload!
A: Old favicon in chat page

balphaThe CDN still has the old version in its cache. I've changed chat's cache breaker to work around that.

@michaelb958 user script can surely replace favicon ;)
@ShadowWizard I'll have to get right onto it.
1:11 PM
well I think the spam has stopped, I'm gonna quit watching for it.
@Undo That's what they want you to think...
Q: Evaluating the risks of allowing teen moderators on the SE network

user774411I have a David vs Goliath case here involving a teen moderator on Stack Overflow. His display name is BoltClock. I'm a low reputation SO user (less than 150 points) who was recently suspended for Voting Irregularities by BoltClock. Eventually the mistake was corrected by another non-teen moderat...

@ShadowWizard I disagree...
@Undo Well, keep an eye on stackexchange.com/users/4290231/… ; new accounts keep popping up.
@JasonC currently no post
1:18 PM
better keep an eye over this.
@rene not from the network activity list, probably cached
It is always caching...
Should I feel honored he chose me over Tim? :D
1:21 PM
he's watching us
when you post spam links, put them in big bold 'SPAM' links. So that I can see them.
@michaelb958 keeping in mind that Indian troll got a botnet (or can mask his IP), he keeps creating new accounts so it's the same guy, 99.999%
@Undo Ninja tag edit!
@ShadowWizard Why would the Indian Hacker Team be worried about $THAT_MIDDLE_EASTERN_PLACE?
@michaelb958 I fear it's only because what he saw in my profile
1:28 PM
Well, there's only person in our chat list who has never posted a message in chat, ever, and was last seen 30 seconds ago.
@ShadowWizard Facing an enemy that adapts to our every move and possible weakness seems... strangely thrilling.
Now taking bets on how long it is until he attacks us SE-dwelling teenagers.
Is there an offline contact to reach SE moderators?
@JasonC moderators or CMs?
1:33 PM
team@stackoverflow.com IIRC
(if that qualifies as offline :P)
And now for a pleasant off-topic interlude: optics!
Thanks @Undo
@michaelb958 Didn't survive long though. I was just-in-time with my flag...
1:37 PM
It's weird though.
@JasonC eh? Who's that?
Good morning!
@jasonc I'm here to cry with you now! :p
You'd think he'd at least direct his angst at something worth complaining about, like, some corporate site or something. Not a hub for free sources of information like SE. It's as backwards as doing DDOS attacks against the pirate bay.
@BlueIce waaaaaaaaaah
@jason yarp that's the stuff
I leave for not even ten minutes and the place turns into Tavern on the Whine...
1:40 PM
Or we could just call it "Tavern on the waaah"
Is it just me, or does it take one less person than a week or two ago to close a question?
always been 5
unless a mod votes
Huh. I wonder why I thought it took six before.
*Waaaaaah*vern on the Meta
1:47 PM
@TheGuywithTheHat how did you manage that?
@rene Seekrits
@rene Okay. I actually did it with the help of a few friendly unicorns.
1:49 PM
@TheGuywithTheHat do you have a link?
<!-- comment -->
@rene No, I just remembered wrong.
1:51 PM
@TheGuywithTheHat I love how we're just totally winning this.
@michaelb958 I know. It's fun.
I sorta want to know which way you did it, but then the secret would be out.
Ah ha!
@jason bye!
Even editing it does not work...
1:54 PM
The Society of the Blank Message. Best meritocracy ever.
Lol, I gotta go to work. Later guys.
@jason whoops, I edited my previous message to say bye.
@jason bye for real!

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