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12:20 AM
@animuson Why didn't you ban this spamwhore while you were at it?
Also evening all :)
user3502452, United States
I never made it as far as actually clicking the button.
That was fast ;)
@Louis >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
@Braiam Er what?
2 hours later…
2:14 AM
Q: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected 'if' (T_IF) in C:\xampp\htdocs\file.php on line 15

user42992I'm getting this error: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected 'if' (T_IF) in C:\xampp\htdocs\ak.php on line 15 I've tried restarting my computer and purchasing a new server, but the error is presistent. Here's my code: <?php /** Big Black dick maker. Version 1.0.0. Copyrighted. **/ funct...

2:41 AM
Q: writen a c++ program by using base class

user3502632Write a c++ program to have base class Number and two derived classes: Square and Cube You will calculate the square number (a*a) and cube of the number (a*a*a) the out but will be like that

3:22 AM
stackoverflow.com/users/3111311/… <- Have a field day with too-broad / opinion-based. You can probably get a few easy offensive flags on comments here and there too. This guy's kind of a consistent by-the-book help vampire‌​.
3:34 AM
This guy has some damn fine suggested edits. I don't think I've ever been so amazed at suggested edits before.
3:44 AM
I think I love stackoverflow.com/users/1974184/shakib-ahmed 's profile image. He looks so... content :)
Yes, and now he's staring directly at me every time I look at the chat window. Thanks.
No problem, you unhappy human being :P
Im realy really soryy :'(
no you will make me cry
damnit, rollback time
4:07 AM
Wow that should not have been approved, @BlueIce
@JasonC An NSUinteger is not an NSinteger. Apparently 4 people think it is. :(
I know; it's stinky when code changes like that fly in edits.
trying to reproduce a bug on SO
Or stanky.
Well you have to get two bugs to love eachother first.
4:22 AM
got it!
@jasonc meta post coming right up!
That's weird it beeped at me twice.
4:36 AM
@JasonC I made an answer on the Orphan question- what do you think?
@BlueIce I think the guy is probably frustrated about having a question go unanswered, and he is confused and looking for guidance and a friend, and you just straight up told him "No" when all he wanted was a shoulder to lean on. And this makes me really sad. waaaaaaaah :'(
I mean, +1
@JasonC Maybe I'll put a bounty on his question? :)
Haha yes. Me too.
Oh right it's not eligible yet.
@BlueIce Lol I wonder why it's tagged tag-wiki.
Erm, not sure which one he wants...? he has a lot of questions!
I wonder what unanswered question he's actually talking about.
4:45 AM
@JasonC Because, um, I have no idea.
Q: Make server and console daemon as service in windows

PilotI have server and console scripts which keeps on listening on port for console and server requests. In UNIX environment I made both the server and console script as continuously running daemons which will keep them listening on port. Is there any way way in windows to keep them running like dae...

Um, what:
@BlueIce define cost of definitelyPilot 1 min ago
Haha, wth.
He bolded and italicized that last point in his question too. ASK HARDER!
I want to help him out, but I don't know what he means :(
@BlueIce Annnd, he just deleted all his own comments in that post, thus sapping any remaining coherence from the conversations.
5:00 AM
It boggles my mind how it is 2014, and yet transferring a file from one computer to another one sitting right next to it still somehow manages to be a painstaking process.
Honestly, I feel like I should just be able to touch the icon with my finger and fling it in the general direction of the other computer.
@JasonC Even copying files within one computer can take minutes.
Especially if it is a workspace created by Quartus II. For some reason, it thinks there is a need to create a new file for every minute step of the compilation process. And it adds a header to each file containing copyright info and license. The header usually takes ~6-8 times the size of the rest of the file.
@Jason I am so going to make an app for that.
Oh, got it. All I needed to do was dig up my SD card adapter and a microSD card, stick it in the card reader on the source machine, format the card and copy the file, take the microSD card out and put it in my phone, connect the phone via USB to the destination machine, put the phone in fileserver mode, and copy the file. Easy. The future is NOW, baby.
@Quincunx Ew; SSD's for the win, I guess.
Visual Studio has a bad habit of vomiting files all over the place too.
5:14 AM
> Please ..please – Pilot
Where are my razor blades...
@JasonC Is it sacrilege to use a Windows-branded keyboard with a Linux distribution?
@JasonC That's a much better way of wording it. My way uses a definition of "minute" that many people strangely don't seem to understand. Your way makes it quite obvious (especially from my vivid memory of trying to hold in the vomit while on a road trip; vomit flew everywhere)
Oops. I used @JasonC to reply to your "last" post, but the last post changed by the time I finished writing my post. :-). Now the @ is not relevant.
@Quincunx Ewww. TMI :P
5:18 AM
Haha what is going on here
Vomit discussion!
@BlueIce What? It's not like I actually described how I clamped my hand over my mouth to keep it in (at the suggestion of my brother) and the pressure built up from the first heave before it increased too much on the second.
@BlueIce I dunno, I think Linux eats Windows keys for energy, it's probably good to keep it fed.
@Quincunx Nope. Not impressed. Run-of-the-mill vomit. Got that t-shirt. Got it all over that t-shirt, actually. Next!
@Quincunx Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo‌​ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo‌​oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo stahp
Well, when I vomit, it looks like this:
5:21 AM
not pleasant, huh?
@Quincunx By the way, the trick is to swallow the first heave.
^ Win
@JasonC Not possible when there is <1 second between heaves.
@JasonC Auuugh
But I have done this thing where I vomit just before swallowing, filling my mouth with the pleasant taste of vomit.
@Quincunx Did it come out your nose? Lol
5:22 AM
@JasonC Nope. Just came out of my mouth, sort of like how air comes out of a balloon (except my head didn't fly around).
@Emilie Adorable! :)
@Emilie Looks like a whole bunch of unicorns vomiting rainbows. :-)
So, who exactly am I supposed to bribe so I don't have to add up all the users? :-P haha
5:24 AM
@Emilie Oh yeah... :)
Haha I am so tempted to try and out-gross you, @Quincunx, but I just don't have the balls to do it in SO chat.
and I'm taking that means there is no easy way to do this
And I don't think @BlueIce could make the text any more bold, although I suppose there's still italics.
I bet I know exactly what Calvin & Hobbes comic this is before I even click it.
Haha no I guessed wrong. Good one.
5:28 AM
Which did you think of?
@Emilie I got you an answer- I knew that you could find it on the front page, but I just forgot. The comment beat me by just a couple seconds :)
haha yea I feel stupid for not seeing that
but I'd still prefer to be able to run a query or something hmmph
thanks for making it WORSE
@JasonC Overall favorite Calvin and Hobbes: gocomics.com/calvinandhobbes/1990/02/11#.U0DmYPldXKg
Best poem EVER!
@Quincunx Crap I can't find it, I'll have to look through the books, and now I'm questioning my memory. It was Calvin throwing up and doing something gross.
@JasonC Like wanting to bring it to show-and-tell? (I know he did that for something like this)
5:33 AM
@Quincunx I remember a show-and-tell one too, but I think the one I'm thinking of involved his mom's cooking somehow, or maybe he was just sick in bed.
@Quincunx I kindof like the comic where he mocks the national anthem of the US :)
Man, it just occurred to me how long it's been since I read these. I used to drool over new books being released when I was younger. I still have them all buried somewhere. I will have to dig them up.
@Quincunx I think he says "Queen Fragg" in it somewhere... ?
@TGMCians Hi!
5:34 AM
@BlueIce I knew the one as soon as you posted, but I had to find it: gocomics.com/calvinandhobbes/1988/09/08
@Quincunx Yayyyy! You got it!
Oh. He got it first.
lol, duplicate chat posts.
@JasonC flagged as duplicate
@BlueIce Nope, don't know what you're talking about.
Just change the phrase=frag to phrase=whateveryouwant
@BlueIce Don't you love how a conversation can develop from something as simple as vomit?
@Quincunx Yup!
I logged in 2 chatrooms in the past 10 minutes, both had pictures of rainbow vomit. Nice.
@Emilie lol
@BlueIce I do this all the time when I'm thinking, but I forget how I got there. Then, I end up spending the next ~15 minutes retracing my thoughts to find how I got there.
@BlueIce What?? IT KNOWS?!
Oh. There's a "history" link. Fancy that.
@Quincunx Or I have a really good idea, and I'm too lazy to write it down :)
@JasonC Yup.
And that always happens in the middle of one of these thinking chains, so I forget it.
@BlueIce Or when I am falling asleep.
5:41 AM
@Quincunx Or when I am falling asleep.
@JasonC lol. I count 3 edits (make that 4 (5))
@JasonC flagged
@JasonC Yeah, it sortof refreshes, huh?
@JasonC :(((((((
:) ?
Lol, flood protection.
5:44 AM
Or turn off the volume.
While we are still near the topic of fun comics, here is my favorite xkcd: xkcd.com/1158
Oh it's goofy sometimes when I'm falling asleep.
I'll be thinking then I'll jolt awake like, "YES! OF COURSE! THE CATS NEED LADDERS! Wait... what?"
@Quincunx Hold tight, let me find my favorite
I can't post all the ones that are funny because they would cause the chat room to break
@BlueIce Why?
@Quincunx Too many :)
@Quincunx I just realized...
Don't get what you're getting at. Good comic though.
user image
^ That's one of my favorite.
@Quincunx Are we not the giant squid people? :P
Cool! I forgot I can put in images.
5:51 AM
@JasonC Go, Mario, go!
And of course everything PBF.
best jigglypuff picture ever
^ @BlueIce
@JasonC yay! Unicorn Power Forever!
5:55 AM
Lol, go Google.
@JasonC I try to stay away from that sort of joke. I don't like them much, especially since there are many other funny jokes out there.
@Quincunx PBF does get a bit dark sometimes.
Then there is a whole family of jokes/puns along this line:
"A man walked into a bar.... Ouch! That must have hurt"
"3 people walked into a building.... You'd think one of them would've noticed!"
You'll like this then
5:59 AM
@Quincunx ^ (SFW)
@JasonC That joke is more playing off of standard jokes rather than playing on words. I like puns much more.
But that is pretty good, like this one: "A cowboy walks into a bar. The bartender says, 'Is this some sort of joke?'"
Oh my god, I can't win!
@Quincunx Your bosons, they give me a hadron.
I like how it is acceptable to chat about off-topic things in chatrooms. This conversation is clearly closely correlated to the purpose of meta.stackoverflow.com
@Quincunx Meh, the chat room gets to decide
@JasonC nice.
6:04 AM
There's a reason that it isn't called "Serious Room" or "JavaScript" or whatever :)
It's the Fun Room!
@JasonC What do you do with an injured chemist?
What do you do with a sick chemist?
Lol, oh gawd.
What do you do with a dead chemist?
Oh there were some sausage puns here the other day:
A: Why Do Sausages Always Split Lengthwise?

BigHomieI'll have to take a page from my EE background and say it's because of the path of least resistance. If you look at the end of a sausage, there is already tension along that plane, in multiple locations: A chain is only as strong as its weakest link (see what I did there? :) ), so it's natural...

Hurray for textbook tidbits that they like to include in the margins and footer.
The same textbook had a limerick about these two boys who learned about recycling
But then got carried away and "recycled their mother's new van".
But I can't remember the rest of the limerick. :(
Does anyone know what the number next to the user is (in chat)
Is it the number of chat posts made?
6:10 AM
Like Quincunx 190?
That's your MSO rep
Yeah that's right. thx
@JasonC best comment: yours
@Quincunx Lol thanks
Oh, I like this one:
I was just like that :)
@BlueIce but what is it here (codegolf.stackexchange.com)?
That's not my codegolf rep
@quincunx All of your reps added togethar!!!!!
6:15 AM
@BlueIce Actually, my meta rep is 197
@quincunx It probably updates slowly
wow, I completely blanked on the thought that there is a meta.so chatroom
and my total rep is 9824
@AJ Hiya!
Plus more
6:16 AM
@AJ Nice questions and answers btw. I upvoted a couple :)
thanks, yeah, I've been trying to get more active on meta
@quincunx It probably updates reallllly slowly
Or you gain rep quickly
Well, lets see mine
one more
No, I didn't gain that much rep today.
@Quincunx It might be every week
tricky to find the time though when participating on three sites already and moderating one
6:17 AM
@Quincunx Yeah, mine's still behind
@AJHenderson Yeah, that sounds tough.
@AJHenderson The best chat conversation I had started here: chat.meta.stackoverflow.com/transcript/message/1952280#1952280
@Quincunx Darn.
@BlueIce Hey, no need for obscenities. :-) (thx for removing it)
I think I'll share the link on the nineteenth byte
@Quincunx And now it is edited and you look ridiculous :)
@Quincunx welp, we can swear here if we want to!
@JasonC ?
@BlueIce :'(
Wow! That's... enlightening.
@Quincunx On PCG your main site and meta rep are the same. And the number displayed in chat is lagged behind.
@JasonC did you see my links?
6:23 AM
@JasonC and my links are the first answers in the links! Recursion!
@JanDvorak That is really fast.
@BlueIce Haha:
@Jan too late...
Q: How do I use a shit nugget?

AssylumWhen you go to the toilet, there is a mini game where you can press out a shit nugget and use it to attack your enemies. In one of the first fights, I was unable to use it though. So how exactly do you use the turd nugget during a fight?

6:23 AM
@JasonC roflwat?
@BlueIce It was up at the top of one of your links, haha
Ah, gaming.SE
That was in the hot questions list.
I always get a little depressed hanging out in SO chat though :(
6:24 AM
gaming.SE makes for the best question titles
@AJ That's because none of them are unicorns!
nah, it's because I lack my magical unicorn powers
@Quincunx Wow, really? durn.
@AJ Where did you put them?
it's easy to get addicted to seeing your name in blue
like with the line a little bit earlier, I automatically started going for the dropdown menu before remembering I don't have it here
6:27 AM
wonder if that will change when they break Meta to SE
@AJ Not sure what you are talking about?
How do you see your name in blue? I see mine in a greenish turquoise color:
@Quincunx Mine is that color also.
It's like seawater in a bathtub
Wonder what chat would think of a "blank" message:
It won't eat it.
Well, it will eat blank images
That are 1px by 1 px
6:29 AM
@AJHenderson you can however respond to yourself
​​It won't even accept a zero-width space. It works with comments though.
@BlueIce I admire your talent.
@BlueIce Thanks! I think you are pretty neat also.
@BlueIce You are so considerate.
@BlueIce Wow, thank you!
@BlueIce @Quincunx @AJ multiple @s work too.
I thought.
6:31 AM
I got no notification on that
it's only the first I believe
unless it's a super ping
only 2 actually
@JasonC nope, but posting SE links to comments will commentize them
[ ](www.google.com)
@AJHenderson What's with the post in the Nineteenth byte (maybe I need to fully write out the name, let's try: @BlueIce)
Lol, anyways, I'm off. \o
6:32 AM
@Quincunx that was what I was refering to with the blue name
@Quincunx No, @blue works also.
pings work for as little as 3 characters
@AJ Ah.
@JasonC Cya!
@AJH this would be needed then.
6:33 AM
in GolfEye - a chatbot on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 15 hours ago, by DoorknobChatbot
New post - Equivalent behaviour polyglot in different languages! Triggers detected: new user @Doorknob @Quincunx @hosch250
It does ping me.
@Quincunx but it won't ping hosch250.
I think it does.
You can ask Doorknob about that. He's in this room quite a bit.
@JasonC @AJHenderson @Quincunx Does it?
@BlueIce most likely it's because they're not in the room
6:34 AM
hosch250 is very active on that site, and he hasn't said anything about it not pinging him (he requested to be put on the ping list (wait is he even a he, or is he a she?))
I got it.
Hmm. I thought I read somewhere about comment ping limits
Comments can only ping once
I might be thinking of comments, though.
but chat can ping much more :-)
@Quincunx ya beat me to it :)
6:36 AM
A: How do comment @replies work?

GnomeYou can use @name syntax anywhere in your comment to reply to a specific user. This will notify that user in their global inbox. There can also be notification through email if you click the "email settings" link at the lower left of your global inbox. In short: See comment replies in the M...

@BlueIce ok, that one worked, so I guess it is multiple in chat
@AJ guess so! You learn something new every day!
gtg. It's a bit late for me to be not going to bed (even if I can sleep in 2morrow)
@Quincunx byee!
Actually, I need to go to bed also.
So goodnight!
but yeah, being a moderator on the SE chat server, I automatically end up reaching for the controls when I see something that might need attention and don't remember that I'm on a chat room that isn't part of the SE chat server
6:38 AM
@BlueIce The first person on SE I heard say that was codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/22599/…
<Not exactly that, but still...>
g'night world!
@Quincunx lol close enough
bye for real!
@CowJumpingOverTheMoon g'night.
@quincunx No, I'm a unicorn :P
@Quincunx night.
A: Layout issues related to Multiple Screens Support

HarrYMultiple Screen support is being huge problem for developer to face , but it can be resolve in the following way as i explain in this answer check this out for knowledge complete answer here http://stackoverflow.com/a/22836383/3484813

5/9 answers are the same from this user...
@Quincunx there is a workaround though. Reply to user A, wait a minute for him/her to see the message then edit the comment and reply to user B instead. User B will be notified as well. You can do it again of course, until the 5 minutes comment edit period is over.
@LaszloPapp yup flagging one as Other and pointing it out should do the job :)

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