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1:27 AM
If a new user is being particularly rude in a question itself, is there any point in flagging the question vs. just editing it out and letting it go?
@JasonC pattern = flag. Single case = edit.
or that's what I do.
if you edit you might want to leave a nice comment
@Undo Thanks
4 hours later…
5:17 AM
when unicorns mutate ...
why can't I find some single horned white donkeys on the web?
5:29 AM
data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/query/180833/tag-love Open (mostly) SO questions, ranked by upvotes with the math from evanmiller.org/how-not-to-sort-by-average-rating.html (95% confidence lower bound on upvote percentage)
Looks like we love git questions.
5:51 AM
Why does everyone think this is primarily opinion based?
OMG I figured out what's the horn is for on a unicorn. Omg omg omg!
@JanDvorak If I had to guess, I'd say two reasons. 1. At first glance, especially if you're not actually familiar with the topic, it looks opinion-based, and 2. There isn't exactly an ISO specification anywhere that says "q" = "query".
Personally, it doesn't seem opinion-based to me, because the real question is, "is there a browser/compatibility technical reason for this", and the answer is categorically no.
I voted to reopen
whoever created the unicorns was a pervert, but the horns were only meant to be on the donkeys not horse like creatures ... I can't believe I unlocked the unicorn mystery today
6:03 AM
A: ASP.NET MVC: How to allow some HTML mark-up in Html Encoded content?

edwardludowicihttp://hyderabadsys.com/dotnet-online-training/ The hyderabadsys on the web training .NET is among the hottest web development technologies which have been constructed on.NET framework. It utilizes full featured programming language for example C# (pronounced C-Sharp) or VB.NET to create scalabl...

starting up my spam-filter
hi every being in this chat
According to that query; the highest ranking tag on Programmers is "space-technology", lol.
Do closed -> reopened posts have a non-NULL ClosedDate?
Wait, is he declaring two entire countries as atheistic, singlehandedly? For what reason again?
6:21 AM
why is there a separate site for webapps :O
@LaszloPapp where would you merge it?
the programming related parts already exist on Stack Overflow.
IIUC, webapps = subset of SU + speck of SR
do we also have android apps, ios apps, blackberry apps, etc?
to me, it seems like a "web" tag would be more adequate.
6:27 AM
I do not understand the existence of these sites.
no blackberry, though.
@LaszloPapp a community is defined by the group of people. Once a community is big enough, it's given its own site.
or rather, if they want their own site, someone creates an area51 suggestion, then waits for the feedback.
you could split stackoverflow into many parts based on common tags, but that would kind of defeat its main purpose, and probably many users would leave.
and these subsites go into that direction.
Huh... I'm the only one who flagged that so far
I personally do not understand what issues those sites try to resolve compared to tags.
Yeah I dunno why webapps exists, lol.
6:56 AM
Can they be given a break?
@devnull Wow. The editor didn't even fix the typo in a word they bolded.
@devnull: but but ... it is fixing very important things!!! :)
Yes, suggested edits do fix important things all the time. At times, they fix even the OPs code.
I was about to reject this in awe but was alerted: ".. has already been approved"
IMHO, the edit review queue is a big devnull
7:23 AM
@devnull I've been seeing tons of crap edit reviews lately for some reason. I'm pretty strongly against freaking out about robo-reviewers, but it's been weird for the past week. Maybe they hatch in the spring.
@JasonC breeding time? :)
Yeah I guess they lay their eggs in piles of typos.
Now see this one!
(Not yet approved, though!)
@devnull rejected, one approve only
I too rejected, couldn't wait.
7:40 AM
stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/4504046 That one made me roll my eyes earlier; it got rejected, but two people actually approved it.
stackoverflow.com/posts/22789010/revisions And this feeding frenzy; I can understand the formatting, but that question had no reason to be on revision 6, especially not within 3 minutes after it was posted.
@JasonC are you sure it's incorrect?
@JasonC wow.
@JanDvorak The first one is debatable. Some people don't mind improving answers with code fixes. Personally I feel that stuff should be mentioned in comments instead.
@JasonC why? Is the answer's intention changed?
8:52 AM
For some reason https-requests to cdn.sstatic do not work on this computer, and I am clueless why :S
@Sumurai8 report as a bug, please
still garunted
@JanDvorak what is a garunt?
@Alex I guess he meant "guaranteed"
@JanDvorak I wonder who would answer on that phone number, and if you said to them, "someone is spamming your number on the internet" what might they say
@Alex They'd assume you're their customer nevertheless, I guess
9:01 AM
@JanDvorak oh yeah, because they seem to be a problem solver of some sort, so they might offer to solve the spamming problem for a small fee
or start to argue - I assume it's a paid phone line, so win for them.
@JanDvorak premium rate numbers should not be permitted, the only reason they exist is to trick and rob people
@JanDvorak Hmmm okay; Can you load cdn.sstatic.net/Js/stub.en.js?v=b15966ee8ffe for example?
@Sumurai8 I can, but not on my phone
You should carry your desktop computer around with you. Just saying. :3
9:08 AM
@Sumurai8 that would be impossible
Nothing is impossible :P Well, except for dividing by zero, because that's all different kinds of nonsense.
@Sumurai8 I can load that file
@Sumurai8 "Every time you get Not a Number, God kills a universe. Think of the universes."
@michaelb958 Are those universes with kittens?
@JanDvorak Of course. Ninja-edit pending.
Ah rats, it's been two minutes.
9:23 AM
There are no universes without kittens.
Just like there are no universes without unicorns.
@JanDvorak it's funny the things people post
movers and packers
I am not amused :-/
i wonder what goes through their minds as they post the stuff
what motivates them to do it
who are they, what is their story
@Alex They need to earn some money to eat and drink and feed the family...
@rene does this pay more than a help-desk? It's certainly much more boring.
9:42 AM
@rene perhaps it would be worthwhile to present spammers with a selection of advertising options, something like stackoverflow.com/help/advertising
I'm not saying it is high-qualified work...but for some it is better than being on the street
but more elaborate
though i imagine that the real problem is that they want to advertise something without paying for it
We have had an Area51 proposal for spammers :-)
@rene link?
spamming and advertising in general is often an evil thing, but can be tolerated if it doesn't interfere, i think there is definitely such a thing as appropriate advertisements, but most of the time adverts try to sell you something you have no interest in
9:45 AM
on the stack exchange network it is possible to target the adverts more appropriately because each site is kind of narrow in it's intended audience
@rene do you have a screenshot?
a problem this creates i think has occured with the english language and usage site and the english language learners site, the only reason I can think of to have two sites about the english language, is so that one of them can have adverts targeted at learners while the other can have adverts targeted at academics and non leaners among other others
@JanDvorak I have a screenshot. (Uploading now. Caution: it's big.)
@michaelb958 ha ha, how to spam?
9:48 AM
@michaelb958 thanks
@michaelb958 I wish you could provide a link to the actual Q&A :)
7 mins ago, by rene
@JanDvorak it used to be here http://area51.stackexchange.com/proposals/62657/spam-review
It was a sad day when the Roomba got that proposal.
@michaelb958 I don't see anything there. "Proposal removed". Any archive?
I think the screenshot is all that survived
@devnull The best I can give you is that screenshot, unfortunately. The Internet Archive doesn't have it.
9:56 AM
By its removal it reversed the 3 downvotes I got on one of my proposed questions as well I guess....
@michaelb958 do you happen to have a screenshot of the site closure reason dicussion?
@JanDvorak Nope (failed a Foresight check). I also can't find them on Area 51 Discuss. (You're welcome to try; I'm told that my search-fu is not great.)
Dec 20 '13 at 14:18, by RyanCarlson
Q: Our spam needs reviewed too, not just code!

hichris123It has come to my attention that Spam Review, a site that has serious potential to help Stack Exchange people and spammers worldwide improve their spam, has been closed. This seems like a serious bug to me. First, example one: I think it's best to hear it from a spammer who is deeply affected b...

all is removed
It got flagged as spam
That's bad!
nooo! everything's lost
9:59 AM
Look at the title: Our spam needs reviewed too, not just code!
Such an high potential for that site :-)
Yes, spammers the world over would love it. It had the potential to beat SO in terms of traffic. Lots of advertising $s lost!
@devnull do spammers actually earn money?
is there any proof of this? i mean you would have thought the only reason they do it is to earn money, but how is it measured, how can a spammer prove that their spam was the spam that suceeded
@Alex Sorry, don't know. Can't say either. But given the amount of spam that exists one would think that they do.
if a spammer can prove that their spamming is of benefit to the people they work for, then surely there is a clear means of tracking who they are and bringing them to justice?
10:06 AM
It's probably a cheap advertising mechanism. Someone would doesn't want to spend big might still consider than option in the hope of reaching out to a large number of people. Even a small conversion would be a good ad spend.
Maybe we could suggest to all the spammers to send their stuff to [email protected] ... Tax money well spent
It's probably a cheap advertising mechanism. Someone would doesn't want to spend big might still consider than option in the hope of reaching out to a large number of people. Even a small conversion would be a good ad spend.
I used to i think that the people who hire spammers should be held responsible as if they were the spammer, but that's naive, because often people use spam for reasons other than to advertise things, sometimes they try to trick people into trusting them in order to install some sort of malware or to obtain private information, so they pose as well known brands or companies
@Alex Right. Also to pose as someone who is looking for you in order to give away a fortune.
@devnull even in those situations, I have genuine sympathy for the victim, but i suppose there is a point where you can say "you'd have to be stupid to fall for that" even then, i say dont blame the victim
10:12 AM
@Alex If having an advertisement for your company in a spam mail is illegal, then there are more reasons to spam advertisements for your competitors than to spam advertisements for yourself. As more and more advertisements for the competitor arise, the state will sue your competitors out of existance!
@Sumurai8 exactly
Ugh; I hate that I can't log into some of the sites on this computer :-|
Pretty sure it is a company firewall that is doing strange things
@devnull the thing about spam, is that I feel it makes the product look bad, it makes the company that produces the product look bad. in my eyes spamish adverts can hurt a brand, i wouldn't be surprised if there are others who see things that way. it is in the interest of any company that cares about their brand to avoid allowing it to be used in spam
10:31 AM
@Alex When you come across a product you want to buy, how often do you find yourself going out of your way (ala go for a more difficult/more effort to obtain) to buy that product from an other producer, because you find the company of the first product acts unethical/slightly unethical.
@Sumurai8 i think that's slightly different to spam, in the case of unethical/slightly unethical personally i would certainly be likely to avoid that company should i do not approve of whatever it is they did. but with regards to spam, i'm referring to the overall image of the brand and the trust that people can have for that brand. true if it's cheap and you want to buy it and you're also certain that you wont get ripped off, then i imagine a sale will occur
but the problem with spam, is that it makes the product look dodgey, when I see spam, even for something i am interested in, the fact that it is spam causes me to disregard it
if i see some spam with a link i dare not click it
so i suppose the spammers job is to spam, while trying not to be spammish, but then would it be spam if it was not spammish
@Alex True, but the name of the company will sound familiar from that point on. If you have to choose a company from a list of 1000 companies, you'll go for a company with a name that you recognize, even if you can't actually remember why you recognize it.
What happens if I try to edit a known-good audit?
In which queue?
10:37 AM
in the edit queue an edit will pass both the 'bad' and the 'good' questions
errr; might actually be the LQ. edit was just spam -_-'
@JanDvorak Then I have no idea. In Suggested Edits, you fail if you try to edit an audit. I recently tried that to see what happened and failed the audit.
@ProgramFOX it kinda makes sense there, though.
ew. The poster should be punished for approving a crappy edit to their own post. I know how. I won't rollback.
Wait, what???? I was too late on that one but the poster approved this stuff???!
@Louis yes indeed.
Yeah, I just checked. Boggles the mind.
11:02 AM
vox authori, vox dei
A: Problem with Thinking Sphinx and scopes

ZardozI just found a blog post that solved my problem. It seems that also the fields I am using inside my scopes must indexed by Thinking Sphinx. And that wasn't the case in my application. Now it works as expected.

vox stulti in this case (if I recall my Latin correctly)
Q: Load data to memory for many times using

centuri0nEach time when I run my C++ program, it reads a huge amount of data from SQL to memory. It is a long time operation and each time the data used is the same. So I was looking for solution like loading the data in memory once with one program and use it with mine or something. I'll be glad if you ...

@Louis google translates that as "fool"
Google is right!
11:05 AM
it is interesting that I cannot flag questions for closure if I run out of the close votes when clicking on the another reason.
@LaszloPapp makes sense; do you still get questions in VLQQ?
A: Android fullscreen status bar flickers

CameronFound the answer here http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2965125/problem-with-notification-bar-in-fullscreen-app

I dislike such answers when people do not know how to handle duplicates.
@LaszloPapp flag answer as NAA, flag question as a dupe
I did the former, cannot do the latter.
good enough :-)
clo5ed now.
Also, I'm going to mark this question for Roomba to delete.
11:14 AM
ah, did that at least :)
nine answers and zero score? Seems legit
Q: CPU utilization of friendly arm

Amruta TalathiAm writing code in qt..and running that code on friendly arm..cpu utilisation of friendly arm reaches to 90 ercent as am updating GUI in qt based on timer .how to minimize cpu utilization

"Don't make me slap you with my unfriendly arm"
11:31 AM
is google only slow for me today?
I wouldn't say it is slow
if I can get rep slower, does that mean I am getting older?
@LaszloPapp most likely it means you moderate more
Please don't answer off-topic questions. It will only encourage more of them. — Jan Dvorak 8 secs ago
11:38 AM
downvoted, flagged as VLQ.
hopefully it goes into oblivion soon.
Quite OFF topic — Poomrokc The 3years 6 mins ago
piled on VLQ. Lemme see how it ends up
that comment is funny :)
concise and to the point.
How can we reproduce your issue? — Jan Dvorak 9 secs ago
"By doing the same as I do @JanDvorak" ... trololol
11:43 AM
Meh, I'd let him have that one
I always wonder why people write code like that. Had a colleague who did the same. Tons of unnecessary if statements
IMHO, too minor because the outer brackets are not necessary.
oh, it is Java, then I do not know. It would be unnecessary in C and C++.
but it is no harm approving it either since it improves the post IMHO.
Hmm, got rejected. Kinda expected I guess
12:17 PM
Edits that do not neceserally improve a post should always be rejected to discourage such edits. It will only cause wheel-warring about nothing otherwise.
literally seconds after I woke my ntb up.
1:10 PM
oooh spam wave?
@JanDvorak still happening?
yeah... spam
flagged all three
you mean 4
hey everyone !
2:19 PM
@Braiam hold on... yeah... all four.
Please take a look at this question. It was originally tagged PDO, but the question is not actually related to PDO (IMO) at all. So removing the tags was a correct thing?
It's just about a simple syntax error / typo. If I understand it correctly, questions should only be tagged with a particular tag if they're directly related to that tag.
@AmalMurali Can't judge this specific question quickly but yeah I think if the issue is not substantially related to what a tag refers to, the tag should be removed. One exception I can think of (perhaps) is if there is a common confusion in people's mind between the problem that actually occurred and the technology that the tag represents. People might be searching for that tag specifically.
@JanDvorak Nah, it's not that; but if a mistake is mentioned in the comments instead then 1. Other people will learn about it (especially people who may have already read the post and might not spot the change) and 2. Maybe the OP had it that way for a reason. It'd be different on that question if the editor left a comment (to me anyways), but he didn't. Looking at the edit we have no idea if it was actually even correct.
2:26 PM
@Louis The issue is basically a missing closing brace }. I doubt it'd be useful in future.
@AmalMurali Does not sound like an exception to the rule then.
@AmalMurali That question should not be tagged PDO. There happens to be a PDOException in the snippet but that's about it. Otherwise it's general syntax. The PDO tag adds no value there.
Also it's ridiculous that that question is on edit revision 9.
@JasonC: Rollback wars FTW!
3:26 PM
Hello from BCC2014 :D
@Undo what is that?
3:53 PM
@Undo Is it any good? Meeting interesting people?
@devnull rofl THAT'S MY POST.
@rene Nope... some CM removed it.
@hichris123 Are you referring to the spam review post :)
Hi everyone!
@hichris123 Don't take me too serious on weekend ...
@devnull Yeah. :D
@rene :P
3:57 PM
It's also Community locked... weird.
@rene The implication is that you are taken seriously on weekdays? Hehe.
Let me have my dreams please...
4:08 PM
I feel like I should actually have negative 10K on meta, thank god downvotes don't count for much.
@hichris123 I refuse to vote to undelete a joke post :P
@Doorknob Screenshot!
@Doorknob :(
The A51 one has a score of 10. :P
4:11 PM
"How do I make my spam seem authentic when I don't live in Nigeria?"
@hichris123 The question is deleted by Community. He can't even vote to undelete.
@ProgramFOX Oh, right.
I wish I got reputation for reviewing stuff. It's way more exciting than explaining to somebody how Scanner.next() works again.
@hichris sorry :(
@Doorknob just what did you do to that "3"
4:23 PM
@Braiam ...? What "3"?
@Doorknob The flag count.
10k tools.
what about it?
It looks like it's upside down or something.
weird font, I guess :P
The 8's are upside down too. What kind of crazy world do you live in?
4:28 PM
This is such a sad question; the guy is trying so hard, but I have no idea what he's trying to say.
Q: Reversible list with head - Java

user3501365//Adrian Adamiak grupa 6 import java.util.Scanner; class Car { public String name; public Car next; public Car prev; public Car(String nazwa) {this.name = nazwa;} } class Train { public String trainName; public Car head; public Car last; public Train nextTrain; ...

@jasonc And he even apologizes at the end... So sad :(
He just apologized in a comment too :'( and wrote "soryy" :''(
"now is ok... and i realy really sorry"
4:34 PM
And now I'm thinking about Doorknob's sad, abused and crippled 3. Waaaaaaaaah I need a hug. We all need a hug.
gives hug
snif snif it'll be ok, right? :(
The best we can do is power through it and be thankful for what we have.
4:58 PM
@BlueIce Oh my god, check the question again. Just when I thought we'd hit the bottom.
@JasonC yeah, it's awesome.
@jasonc nooooooooooooooo
@undo hi, btw!
@Undo Wow, that is one tightly packed schedule. I would go insane trying to pick.
@jasoc he's not sorry anymore:
Q: Reversible list with head - java .. edit

user3501365 class Car { public String name; public Car next; public Car prev; public Car(String nazwa) {this.name = nazwa;} } class Train { public String trainName; public Car head; public Car last; public Train nextTrain; ...

"he's not sorry anymore" What a jerk! I hate that guy! :'( → >:(
5:05 PM
Yup, he seems to be a little lost.
I love that he has absolutely no idea that this conversation is happening.
@jasonc yeah the ping was messed up in that message anyway :P "jasoc" lol
jasoc... :'(
sorry... sortof
5:08 PM
You can misspel my nmame if you wantt.
@YellowSnow Word
Ugh, I'm torn between wanting to get some work done on this embedded project, and the fact that the programming cables don't reach the couch.
That's not a misspelling, it's just... completely wrong. :P
"Yellow" is not the correct way to spell "Blue", and "Snow" is not the correct way to spell "Ice".
Basically, every single thing that everybody has ever typed anywhere is a misspelling of "JasonC rules!".
That's right @BobD!
@BlueIce how do you see that question being close-worthy. It is not a well-researched one, for sure.
And mistagged.
When I'm trying to change avatar on "my first profile page" the page gets grayed out. How can I change?
What is the rationale behind downvoting discussions on meta?
5:36 PM
@user13500 voting on meta is different. A downvote can be used to express disagreement
A: Add a note about downvoting on Meta

Jeff AtwoodPlease note that the text has been changed as per August 4th 2013. This was added to the FAQ here on meta. Why are upvotes and downvotes here different? Voting here works a bit differently from other Stack Exchange sites. On Meta Stack Overflow, voting is used to express agreement or di...

@rene: Yes, I get that. But downvoting on discussions is somewhat stalinistic. It's like do not propose a discussion on a topic that people do not like or you get a bad hit on rep. I get it on most other things, but on discussion?
One do not even need to agree to the topic being discussed.
Yeah, that is the reason that some people (even in this room) find it a rule/behavior that needs to be changed so that downvotes mean the same thing network wide
@louis I went with "too broad"- he wants us to explain the entire answer and doesn't show his effort so far.
No effort can also be no clue, which (If i get it correctly), was a close reason, but isn't any more.
@user13500 I think the "lack of minimal understanding" reason was used for those a lot.
In any case "insufficient information to diagnose the problem" works for that one; that's usually what I go with for questions that implicate that there is a problem but don't clearly describe what the problem is.
5:47 PM
@BlueIce I see.
The question is rather demanding though, which I guess tick most people off.
Some Android fans who can advice here
I rather have that OP self answer his question...
Yes, "lack of minimal understanding" was the thing I thought of.
That could be but he found the solution so if the OP post that we can close it afterwards?
But it does not lack information, IMHO ...
5:53 PM
Based on the comments under that question a couple of people don't get it what is going on...
So you could argue it is lacking information
Anyway: the OP is posting an naswr and accepting it. Tnx @JasonC
Oh, I was talking about Blue-Ice's cv-please Q. (If that was what you referred to @rene)
Oh, gee. What a mess I made of the chat lately.
My comments are so general they fit every debate...
@rene I'm a big fan of "You're wrong, because I'm awesome." It works in almost every situation.
5:59 PM
Is there any multiverse medicine against being butthurt on down votes?

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