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2:00 PM
wants key lime pie. Right *now.*
@RichardTingle I agree - it's cruel how a feature of the site has allowed him to accidentally get rather banned.
I only just realized what @Bart meant by his message.
I was looking up and down the transcript everywhere
That amuses me more than it really should.
2:09 PM
Trying to find a reference to everyone stopping talking
Then I realized that you were talking about me.
We should make a joke exchange!
A place to exchange jokes?
Or a SE site that is itself a joke?
Knock Knock!
Who’s there?
[Status declined]
[Status declined] Who?
I am so bad at recognizing jokes
I don't get it.
2:14 PM
I don't either
My youngest went through a spell where she thought every knock knock joke ended in Don't cry, it's only a joke!.
Wait, they don't?
@RyanCarlson that site is called Skeptics
She'd make up nonsense variations ad infinitum, tell you the joke, give you the punchline when you responded with [nonsense word] who? and giggle herself sick.
2:16 PM
Beats our family's joke.
> How are a bicycle and a kangaroo the same?
> They aren't
All because the only real knock knock joke was a Halloween one: Knock Knock / Who's There? / Booh! / Booh who? / ....
@RyanCarlson that's not an actual site
@ChrisForrence Why is a bird? / It's one leg is just as long.
My son's idea of a classic joke is: What noise does a cow make? BAAAAAA!.
2:17 PM
if you don't like the idea of Skeptics being the joke site, then... Science Fiction and Fantasy
Q: Our spam needs reviewed too, not just code!

hichris123It has come to my attention that Spam Review, a site that has serious potential to help Stack Exchange people and spammers worldwide improve their spam, has been closed. This seems like a serious bug to me. First, example one: I think it's best to hear it from a spammer who is deeply affected b...

@Flyk - Is there a double feature?
@ChrisForrence could be both sites for sure
@Flyk Awesome.
Oh. The reason I came here. I was going to ask for cv-plz
2:20 PM
But seriously
we should make a joke exchange
@RyanCarlson I love the way Chris circled the reopen votes.
I +2'd for the freehand red circles
@RyanCarlson - It'd make for some interesting off-topic reasons ("This post is off-topic because it discusses the weather instead of telling a joke")
The entire site would technically be off-topic
I just realized something!
TheStackExchange™ MultiCollider SuperDropdown™ is not dead!
It's still on A51!
The only guidelines on what makes an acceptable A51 proposal are here:
So a Joke Exchange proposal won't necessarily be closed.
Questions about jokes would probably be fine (techniques, structures etc) but just a site where people tell each other jokes isn't likely to get very far
2:34 PM
Does anyone else think it's weird that the (gold) Reversal badge has been awarded 564 times, but the (bronze) Self-Learner has only been awarded 555 times?
On meta
Not really
Reversal is pretty trivial to earn on Meta
Good point
All you need to do is summarize the community consensus in a suitably authoritative manner on a the occasional 'I did something totally stupid or backwards and you guys cannot see why that would be normal!' post.
I got 7 reversals with that.
Ah, a good number of those were on feature requests where the OP did not think things through.
So that's a good way to get one too.
2:48 PM
"You guys are all elitist freak-faces with your things and your stuff" - "No we're not" <--- BAM Reversal badge
This one is my fave. Both reversal and populist, because the OP posted an extremely ill-advised off-topic joke post on Stack Overflow.
Then complained about how it was shot down with offensive flags.
@Bart Guilty.
@TinyTim Yeah, but that doesn't give you the right to call us out on it!
I got about halfway to getting the reversal badge on this:
Q: How do I earn the "Passed Judgement" and "Reanimated" hats?

RyanCarlsonThe description for the "Passed Judgement" hat says: participate in closing or deleting a question (the description for "Reanimated" is similar) Is that only for close votes, or does it include flagging to close? What about closing my own questions? Does the the question actually have to b...

Then a lot of people upvoted the question
Not certain if a self-answer qualifies for a reversal..
2:54 PM
@MartijnPieters That's every reversal badge I've ever earned ;)
@MartijnPieters Darn.
Does that mean I won't get "Enlightened"?
I was the first to answer,
It has a score of ten,
and I just accepted it
A: Why didn't I earn another “Enlightened” badge?

Jeff AtwoodSelf-accepts are not eligible for this badge.

3:16 PM
@RyanCarlson Yeah, that just screwed me out of a Guru badge too. The sadness. I coulda had that hair.
On this?:
A: When should I make edits to code?

jmacReviewing Code Edits When in doubt, click 'Skip'. "Learn to love that Skip button." Editing Code in Questions Code in questions should only be edited for formatting and readability. Editing the syntax or correcting typos in code in questions can fix the problem that the person asking the quest...

I was very saddened.
Now I have to hang my hopes on a dark horse candidate
(not that there's anything wrong with that)
I already upvoted that
My subtle marketing campaign is running out of easy targets, errr, victims, errrr, customers.
This person is getting off to a rough start. I feel like there should be something we can do to help.
3:20 PM
@jmac I wonder if that works on CW questions...
Hey, and it's in @Bart's tags too.
(My subtle marketing campaign is also running out of subtlety, but that is a separate issue)
I think the number of downvotes he's gotten on those two questions is a bit excessive.
yet he has 6 rep...
I never liked the "no negative rep"
Hey user, welcome to Stack Overflow. Don't get discouraged! The best questions here explain what the problem is, what they've already tried, where they're stuck, and what they are looking for specific guidance on. When people hear something like, "How can I do this?" on its own, they think you are looking for someone to do work for you, rather than trying to get past some roadblock that you've hit. If you could explain what you've tried, what is happening now, and what you want to happen, people will be much more willing to help. You can edit your post with that info, thanks in advance! — jmac 11 secs ago
(I assume that's what you were looking for?)
3:26 PM
For sure. Something like that. Thanks, @jmac.
Ha, someone took a standard tutorial there @jadarnel27.
That's not his code
If it's still around a bit later I might have a look if I can rescue something
Haha, yeah. I could tell that @Bart. He's pretty lost, as far as the programming goes.
I just wanted him to have a better experience, as far as the community goes.
Instead if just being downvoted to oblivion and then ignored.
Ew, he updated the wrong question.
If he understood the "grounded" check (which is explained in the accompanying video) he would know what to adjust. Any way, I'll check in a couple of hours, if he's still around.
Haha, oh there's a video that explains this? Wow.
3:33 PM
His attempt to capture the double jump is actually kind of funny. It shouldn't be, but it is.
Nice, @Bart.
else if (Input.GetButtonDown * 2 ("Jump"))
Myeah, that's a bit of the problem with Unity. It lowers the bar, but also has a lot of users get by until the get stuck.
Right? Just see if the jump button is down twice. So, "times two."
Should work, shouldn't it?
Many of them unfortunately don't realize they actually need to learn how to program
That makes sense. I used Unity in college, and it certainly is easy to do some really basic stuff. And just kind of thrash around with what you get from tutorials, without really...ya know...knowing anything.
3:47 PM
dammit, all I can think of now is that Kris Kross makes you wanna 2 ("Jump")
Sorry @Duncan. Edit clash there.
No problem.
@DreadPirateXmas if (Clothes.Backwards = true) then { jump; jump; }
4:06 PM
I don't even know why I'm at work today. Hardly anyone is here. The people that are here aren't doing anything.
hi, is it possible to hide certain review queues in the review tab?
not at the moment
I believe there was a related feature request
4:52 PM
@jadarnel27 I'm beginning to think I might have to change my name to brownfeet
That would probably be in your best interests.
@JeroenVannevel makes me think of bash.org/?5300=
4:57 PM
Haha, that's one of my favorites bash.org entries.
It's a classic.
Indeed, @AnnaLear. Indeed.
@Bart Thanks for your contribution on that (probably still doomed) question I linked earlier.
Myeah, we can help as much as we want, but there's not substitute for actually learning how to program
Haha, right. It's like when you were trying to help me the other day with that converting world coordinates to screen coordinates thing. One of these days, I'm going to learn to program.
I have had a lot of success with pretending to know what I'm doing so far, though.
I think I need to change my answering strategy if I'm ever going to make it to 10k on SO.
@jadarnel27 that's what my career is built upon
5:10 PM
Glad I'm not alone haha.
I sometimes fear that that's what the entire industry is built upon, given some of the questions asked. ;)
What are your careers? I would assume you are programmers..?
I do voice-overs @JoshC
The simpsons, right?
You can ask @jadarnel27 if you don't believe me.
5:13 PM
Haha, he totally does. Pretty sure he's a programmer too.
Senior researcher ...... what's in a name. Yeah, pretty much a programmer
And yes, I'm a .NET developer. Mostly working with ASP.NET / C# these days.
...webforms (blegh).
wishes his job used more current tech
So.. as an enthusiast who wants to pursue a careers in development/programming... do you need a college degree, or can you get a decent job/experience without one?
I can't argue that you cannot get a career without one. But get one. And then get plenty of experience with your own projects, internships, open source collab, whatever
I personally got a college degree before trying to pursue a career in development. I think it's probably helpful.
Though a lot of the job listings I see now say they require a degree or "related equivalent experience / dedication" or some such nonsense.
Seriously though. 100 points for this answer. Then, when I actually put some effort forth and solve a more difficult problem, maybe 15 points. 25 if the user has enough rep to upvote.
@JoshC You're in SC? We're practically neighbors.
5:21 PM
Oh - you're NC
@jadarnel27 Rep ~ numberOfPeopleWhoUnderstandAnswer ~ 1/difficulty
Haha, whoever upvoted my SQL answer, thank you. And also I hate you a little.
@JoshC Yep. Charlotte area.
@Richard Right. Bikesheds and all that =)
5:37 PM
Lalala, not listening!
@MartijnPieters He can't because he's not holding his headphones anymore.
Oh neat, moderators can earn the flagging hats on the sites they moderate!
What are you saying? I can't hear anything in this helmet.
Wish I could resize the hats, in addition to moving them around.
5:52 PM
Feature request for 2014
Well, they at least added moving for this year. I'm sure if they add resizing next year I'll probably ask for the lighting to be alterable or something too.
drop shadow
.gif hats
5:53 PM
The zombie head should really be chewing on my balloon.
The hats need more red freehand circles
^^^ True, true ^^^
Will Stack Overflow have its own meta any time this decade? Just curious. — Jeff Atwood Dec 16 at 5:58
If I say "yes", I'll jinx it again. So... Hopefully. — Shog9 Dec 16 at 6:03
Heh, this exchange took place a week before Tim announced that they were planning to go through with it.
6:00 PM
I wonder if Jeff's nag had any influence.
My day is going so badly
@JeremyBanks not really
@ChristmasUnicorn =[
@ChristmasUnicorn hugs
@AdamDavis Thanks... :(
6:31 PM
@AdamDavis Wonderful hat placement there.
Thanks! It's hard fitting most hats on my tiny, tiny head, so I'm glad they provided a hat that works so well for my avatar.
Typical, Jeff Atwood can wear two hats at the same time: meta.stackoverflow.com/users/1/jeff-atwood. :-P
At least he didn't make it Johnny Three-Hats to really rub it in.
6:46 PM
ha. I've seen other users change their avatar to include a hat, so it's actually happening elsewhere...
The Peanut Gallery hat has such a relevant name; it's funny.
It's not even a hat though, I don't get it.
7:44 PM
What's the license on the hat images?
Stack Exchange paid someone to create those, so they're our property.
Were you just idly curious, or did you have some reason for asking that?
Ah, thanks, @Pops.
I was just looking for a small nurse cap image to use in an app I'm working on.
Of course, the goal is to sell the app. So that sounds like a no no, since it's SE property.
Do you think it's worth my time to ask someone (through the contact form, I guess) if I can use that image in that way, @Pops?
@Pops And by someone, you mean Jin, right?
Actually, I heard they contracted out the hats this year.
Eh, you'd only reach me. I believe the answer is no, but if you really love that particular image, I could check.
Wrapping up a project with a great freelance illustrator @elias_stein. A++++ will work with again.
7:51 PM
@Pops Haha, no use doing the form thing then =) No need to go to the trouble. Thanks though.
Darn, only 18 hours left to generate 200 views for meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/212628/…
I need a can of twitter followers to rip open and unleash.
@Pops Ah, Jin being engaged elsewhere.
Here's a quick question for you; is it inappropriate to use a sock puppet to gain a hat?
@3ventic probably.
@3ventic what hat were you hoping to gain?
If you're not actually breaking any site rules, I don't see what the problem would be.
Not listening
7:54 PM
"is it inappropriate to use a sock puppet to" --> yes.
Since the general rule seems to be that sock puppets should never have anything to do with your real account
While it's not always true, it is basically always true for any situation where you feel like you have to ask out loud.
@3ventic Anonymous users can make edit suggestions too..
That was my next thought.
If you ever create a second account that interacts with your primary account through votes, edits, etc... we'll come down on you for it.
7:55 PM
I don't even remember why I originally created my second account..
I haven't used it in a looong time
I can't log out of it tho
Undownvotes don't appear in the topbar as +2, but downvote changed into an upvote appeared as +7...
8:24 PM
Is tiny tim here??
Or one of the debs?
oh yes he is :P
what's up?
Sup, just want my bright opportunity :P
Because I know how to get Chuck Yeager
A: I have a Secret Hat

DoorhandleI know exactly why you have that hat after looking at your activity, but it is a seekret! However, I can give you hints! I know this works by confirming my activity with robbmj's, and right when the thing that wraps it up happened, I immediately earned the Chuck Yeager badge. ! ...

@Doorhandle email me (cause I don't feel like setting up a private chatroom :))
oh wait, that's your post
nope, you didn't get it right
okay :P
sorry :)
8:30 PM
Well can I get it because I know how to get the Eureaka hat
@AnnaLear does it count?
it counts, but you gotta tell me how to get it. Email, please. :)
Whats the email?
okay I see it
@AnnaLear Sent :P
bingo :)
You have to win a game of Bingo to get the Eureka hat?
Area 51: Bingo StackExchange
8:37 PM
Can I get an upvote for O65?
@jadarnel27 It's one of the letter-number combinations from Bingo. Follow the conversation!
I have no idea how to play Bingo
How can I tell if I'm reviewing suggested edit for tag wiki excerpt or the actual wiki?
@animuson Wow. I'm slooooooow. Thank you for explaining that haha.
8:57 PM
How to occupy an idiot for hours:
show them this question
Q: How do I earn the Johnny Three-hats hat?

RyanCarlson This question already has an answer here: How do I earn the Johnny Three-hats hat? 1 answer I recently earned a secret hat. Is there any way to tell how I earned this hat?

Okay, maybe not hours.
How do you get I see your point?
I got it on SO, I'm not sure how.
Huh. That freelance client I was complaining about the other day finally got back to me and asked me to move forward with the project.
Maybe complaining in The Tavern is the solution to all my problems.
@jadarnel27 Nice. =]
@hichris123 You got it on Meta, really.
9:01 PM
@hichris123 You could earn it elsewhere too, provided you go gather unicorn points on their respective metas.
@MartijnPieters Wait, can I earn it on MSO?
@RyanCarlson It is your activite on MSO that earns you the hat on SO.
Same way Oh the Horror does.
I know
I was joking
9:06 PM
@MartijnPieters @Ryan Thanks.
@ElfSlice See? Getting stars is not easy. I just posted 2 funny things within a few minutes of each other, and neither of them got stars.
@hichris123 You're very welcome
@RyanCarlson Needs more self deprecation or profanity.
self deprecation...just a moment.
googles "define deprecation"
You need to post messages that are funny out of context or propose red freehand circles.
Or "Oy"
@3ventic did you just change your avatar?
9:10 PM
I'm dumb.
It needed more funny looking dogs in it
@ElfSlice no.
You are not dumb
If you say so :P
@ElfSlice I assume you posted that to try to prove your point about self deprecation getting you stars?
Well, yes.
Didn't go so well
9:14 PM
Well, it worked
Oh, so it did
for a few seconds.
9:32 PM
Why aren't edits like these being improved?
There were more things wrong than just the title.
I don't understand how anyone got the Eureka hat without utilizing the massive amount of hints in this chatroom.
@hichris123 Because reviewers are lazy
Hmm... can you edit that for me @Shog9
I put the not in after the fact, because I thought that I didn't put a negative in there anywhere.
Point taken.
I'm lazy. Does that mean I could be a reviewer, @Shog9?
@jadarnel27 how lazy are you?
9:41 PM
He's a programmer. Is there anything lazier?
@Shog9 That's the reason why I'm not a reviewer. I'm not lazy, even though I don't have 3K rep. I guess I am lazy...
@jadarnel27 is so lazy that .... meh, can't be bothered to finish that joke
@AdamDavis programmers who don't bother getting 3K rep on SO?
@Shog9 So lazy I was born with a lazy eye. I'm genetically lazy.
Could be. There's all sorts of people these days who claim it's hard to get 3k, and it's not like it was in the good old days.
9:44 PM
I have my doubts. Keep meaning to try getting a sock up to 3K though, and haven't yet - so I guess I'm lazy too.
I'm too lazy to retaliate against @Bart's halfhearted insult.
Anyway, I'm here to make my monthly plea that the powers that be consider unlocking this gem of inestimable value to the community:
Q: Don't close questions where the user has requested that it not be closed

Adam DavisThe system should search posts for the word "please" in proximity to the phrase "don't close" or "do not close", and if found together disable the close link for the following reasons: They asked nicely They knew enough about the system to understand that posts can be closed, and thus are exper...

Pff, something something lazy @jadarnel27 something punchline
So, be honest. How many of you are here trying to get the cat hat?
9:47 PM
@AdamDavis Do you just want to go down in rep?
Haha sweet they finally removed the manual reputation recalc button. :)
@AdamDavis always wants to lose Meta rep.
@hichris123 Well, that's not all I want...
Love that question, by the way.
9:48 PM
Though now that the split is imminent, I'm wondering how I'm going to manage my meta rep.
It's truly on the same level as "Question title that doesn't describe the problem."
Or something like that.
Q: Question title that doesn't describe the problem

Adam Davis Pre Edit 4: Pointing out that thread's popularity is a direct result of programming community interest in said subject, and that someone likely stands to become rich and/or famous by solving the problem none of the answers, save my own, came even close to resolving. Long salutation desc...

LOL I forgot that you posted that as well.
Aww. I forgot that that was locked.
I only wish I was responsible for the funniest ones, but I'm glad several of mine still bring amusement.
9:51 PM
What is funnier than those two? Though I do have a soft spot for "Everything should be different".
For some reason I enjoyed the whole Gravatar shape similarity debacle
Q: Everything Should Be Different

j_random_hackerI feel strongly that the current SO website would be much more effective if it was completely different than how it is now. Problems include: Closing eyes or adjusting monitor orientation causes site to disappear from view. No useful information about paint. Everything should be different. I...

What's that, @Bart? I don't remember that one.
Nice! I'm voting to reopen. I totally agree that everything should be different!
@jadarnel27 Haha! ;]
The whole swastika thing @jadarnel27. That had a hint of seeing Elvis in your toast to me.
9:57 PM
At least we still have this option:
Q: Script to remove useless SO content

Adam DavisI find that the body of the questions and answers really gets in the way of randomly voting things up and down, reading comments, and commenting. Watching the patterns of usage on SO, I can see a lot of other people have this same problem. Does someone have a handy greasemonkey script that hide...

It's not as good as changing everything, but it comes close.
And I'm still pushing for them to implement full contact moderation:
Q: Full contact moderating

Adam DavisWe've all seen, and most have participated in, more than one open/close war. Things are said. Feelings are hurt. It's very personal for many of us, and yet so impersonal due to the lack of face time with your accusers. So I'm asking that SO implement full-contact moderation. Once a question ...

Also, since you apparently have nothing better to do today beside read silly stuff:
Q: Jon Skeet Facts

Bill the LizardI'm looking for Chuck Norris Facts style answers. In case anyone is curious, this question was inspired by Jon's own comment to this question. EDIT: If you're into cryptography, you may enjoy these facts. Now with official sanction from the powers that be!

@AdamDavis It was so awesome it took four diamonds to close it.
I have to admit, I didn't think the topic could be quite so divisive:
Ah, good times, good times.
Anyway, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and I hope you all enjoy all other holidays or celebrations you might be observing!
10:20 PM
This really looks like a rare occurrence:
@Bart Ah, that one. I remember now. That is pretty funny indeed.
10:47 PM
So how does Shog do 2 hats at once?
Is it because of his multiple personalities?
The first one is a part of his gravatar
Happy hour?
Every day, like clockwork. We're very happy people. We're Meta People.
It's evil to use the same notification sound for pings and notifications
I had to check through all my tabs before I thought of looking at the top of the page instead of bottom of it
They should have full customization of sounds, at least for Meta.
11:07 PM
This sounds like a good idea:
Q: Flags in chat are defective by design

Benjamin GruenbaumYes, I know the topic has been discussed before. I know that Meta already has threads that complain about how flagging doesn't work. I wanted to give a practical example. Today, a user came in to the JavaScript chat and asked the following question: Hey guys, as soon as I embed javascript,...

11:29 PM
One more way we could be voting (and another excuse for hats):
A: Give moderators the ability to mark reviews as "bad"

Lance RobertsI noticed some real egregious reviewing going on also. I was thinking that maybe there should be a mechanism to "flag"/"vote on" the reviewer and the specific review, by clicking on his name on that review and a dialog comes up, and ultimately building a rating for that reviewer based on commmun...

11:40 PM
I just got serial downvoted, I here it's ok to mention it here. User's don't get banned for serial downvoting?
I'm inclined to think it was the same person that did it last time.
If they do it enough they will be banned. I imagine they get a warning the first time.
I guess. It just sucks. 5 downvotes on good answer :(
Anyway, peace out.
Hmm, actually it got reversed already, but the questions still have downvotes
is that normal, does that get changed also?

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