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6:00 PM
@BlueIce Maybe you've got a better handle than I do on the reasons. :) Very often I feel that question that say very little (like this one) are hitting multiple close reasons.
@Louis I completely agree.
A: How update a fragment in viewpager tab?

msnCheck this link might be helpfull for you..

downvote, flag, etc, please ... let us burn it in fire.
downvoted because asked to
6:05 PM
No problem :)
I wish more companies used this career stackoverflow site.
@Laszlo downvoted and flagged VLQ
OK, my bug can be free!
Q: Too many flag throbbers

Blue IceDescription: I noticed some strange behavior when you have a really slow internet connection and you click the "flag" button on questions and answers more than once. At first, a single "loading" throbber appears next to the "flag" button. But if the internet is slow, and you click the "flag" bu...

I see, upvoted !
@BlueIce dupe (but I suck at searching)
A: How to find time complexity of an algorithm


is it spam and/or I am a helicopter?
6:15 PM
flagged NAA
@LaszloPapp It's not spam. "Low quality", though.
NAA means to me it would be useful in one form or another, like comment, duplicate flag, new question, etc
but it is just rubbish as is.
The NAA flag description also contains "... or should be deleted altogether".
@LaszloPapp hmm...
6:18 PM
@LaszloPapp By the way, sometimes mods disagree on the "link only" thing; I've found 100% success if I flag link-only answers with custom flags and leave the detail message: Not an answer. Undesirable link only as per meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/225370/….
I flag link-only stuff VLQ
I pretty much stopped using generica NAA flags for link-only altogether.
it most of the time gets deleted, then.
without any moderator or even 10K+ work.
You must be from the future. — Laszlo Papp 6 secs ago
@JasonC: you are from the future, too, lol.
6:23 PM
oh -3475
@animuson 71 users removed. :O
That is one huge voting ring
6:27 PM
@Doorknob There are still users waiting to be deleted... Haven't gotten them all yet.
@JasonC Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo :(
@tgm thx
Hey @animuson, just out of curiosity, did the close vote queue slow down / did complaints about it slow down since the count was fuzzied? It's something I was really pushing for, too, curious if it actually worked.
@BlueIce waaaaaaaaaaaah
And with that community event and all.
71 users in how long time?
@Jason Did you see the screenshots? The freehand circles?
6:31 PM
@BlueIce Lol yes
Well, darn. And I thought I was so original :) — Blue Ice 2 mins ago
^ You were killing me with suspense here too, haha.
@JasonC Lol sorry
It's so sad, that you worked so hard, and drew those circles, and then it was a duplicate, and all you wanted to do was try and help, and then... and then... :'''(
and, and, and, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
That one's better, haha.
6:35 PM
@JasonC aaaaaaaah what is that... thing?
@BlueIce For your enjoyment: japaneseemoticons.net/sad-emoticons
Well then...
6:38 PM
@animuson The guy's rep was split in more than half because of that thing.
Kaboom indeed! The user's rep is still imploding.
@3ventic Is that from animuson's guy?
@BlueIce Oh, it's still going down. :D
Who are you talking about?
6:39 PM
@Doorknob I told you I wasn't done... :P
It's fun watching posts go from +48 to +5 in a matter of minutes.
Brought to us by animuson.
Oh @JasonC....
~(。☉︵ ಠ@)>
6:41 PM
"Voting Irregularities" doesn't begin to describe that reputation history...
^ Since about 5 minutes ago I keep getting that with failed page loads on MSO.
@animuson This one looks suspicious.
@JasonC hum. Are you at work?
@BlueIce Haha, ~(。☉︵ ಠ@)>
6:41 PM
Also the user who asked the question.
@BlueIce No, at home.
@Doorknob Holy cow.
Oh Meta is working again. Weird.
@Doorknob Probably is. I've only been going through the list of users that don't have display name for the moment. Which is only about half the list.
A day in the life of an @animuson!
6:43 PM
so is it the deal of 15 vs. 40 reputation, i.e. 25 gain per user?
Mods have a lot to do sometimes, it seems
So if I downvote every single one of a user's questions, not because I dislike him, but because every one of his questions independently sucks, will I get automatically flagged for some sort of serial downvoting?
@3ventic Popcorn time!
@ChrisJester-Young (I know you're in here) P.S. ^ Note the actual work that moderators do. :P
@JasonC We don't have any of that craziness over on PPCG. :P
6:47 PM
@Doorknob Oh, we can manufacture craziness for you if that's what you need.
Or sadness. We can manufacture lots of sadness. :'(
I really want to write a Q&A style "How to do everything with Scanner" that I can start linking all these stream parsing questions too. I just don't know what the Q should be. I want to cover newlines being left after next(), InputMismatchExceptions, tokens being left on the stream after nextXXX() failures (and the infinite loops that follow), and all the other gotchas that people keep asking about.
I see those questions so often.
> -5065 User was removed
6:55 PM
This is so fun! A +41 post just became a +1 deleted post. :D
@Doorknob This one was a +86 post...
Bets on whether this user will ask on Meta if he'll get all his reputation back after the suspension?
7:02 PM
So now we have a grand total of 110 removed users. (So far.)
How is it that you guys are able to connect users in these voting rings?
@JasonC Mod tools.
Sometimes it's pretty hard. This one... well once you find one the others just stand out like an eclipse.
Sounds kinda fun actually. I love digging around through data like that.
"Sure, I'll totally give you all 5 seasons of Adventure Time, I have them downloaded, no problem." -> Realize I have nothing to copy data to. -> Run around on Sunday looking for an electronics shop that's actually open to buy a thumb drive. -> Crap, I forgot to check how much space I need, 4GB will be enough but I better be safe with 8GB. -> Run home. -> 10.5GB. :''( Keeping promises sucks.
7:18 PM
You could ask a question on SU how to fit 10.5GB on a 8GB thumb drive....
Make your bits smaller, obviously
Hi, I am curious. I edited many posts but recently I realized that they are gone and my reputation decreases. I have not written any stats so I cannot figure out if review stats were decreased as well. It is hard to achieve Strunk and white badge, if somebody deletes my edits.
@LeosLiterak When you go to stackoverflow.com/reputation does it somewhere on that page say "earned 1000 reputation from suggested edits"?
@LeosLiterak Or perhaps easier, what does it say at the bottom for "earned ... reputation from suggested edits"?
earned 116 reputation from suggested edits
thanks for link I was not aware of it
I can see decreases like:
-- 2014-03-19 rep +27 = 1242
3 22252990 (-2)
3 22127126 (-2)
I am not happy that reputation can be decreased by somebody else action
But I want to clarify if number of edits is decreased as well
7:35 PM
@LeosLiterak Those are from downvotes on your questions here and here
You lose 2 reputation per downvote on your question.
oops, wrong items
btw were they commited by same person? Is it serial downvoting? It was same minute
Impossible to tell I'm afraid
This link does contain undo for deleted edits. For example today:
-2 7 hours ago removed Caused by: java.sql.SQLException: ORA-01747: spécification utilisateur.table.colonne, table.colonne ou colonne non valide
and the linked page:
-- 2014-04-06 rep +4 = 1449
Do you have a post ID for that one? Like in 3 22252990 (-2) , 22252990 is the post ID
@Leos You lose all reputation from suggested edits when a post is deleted. Similarly, you lose reputation gained/lost from upvotes/downvotes when a post is deleted.
7:40 PM
It is frustrating. I stopped editing low reputation user posts.
I do not have id. As I wrote reputation page does not contain removed items
@LeosLiterak If it's any consolation, once you hit 2000 reputation you stop getting +2 from edits anyway :)
and the badge?
According to meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/125380/… the counter for the badge goes down when a post is deleted.
thanks I thought so
7:56 PM
@animuson So that guy you suspended was last seen 20 minutes ago. Wonder what he's thinking... :O
Cue meta post in 3, 2, 1....
It takes all I've got sometimes not to put in a comment saying "Let me consult the chicken entrails to decipher what you meant with your question."
We need this:
@Doorknob So what was up with that guy? Did he have 100 accounts or something?
8:45 PM
@Doorknob So... how cool is having the 10k tools?
@hichris123 more cool than the 3k tools, and marginally less cool than the mod tools.
Great answer.
Except... there aren't any 3k tools.
close votes!
... you call that a tool... especially on SO?
It's a tool...
and the 10k tools are more cool.
8:51 PM
How much more cool?
or we could say that the 10k tools are more cool than no tools
@hichris123 About five MegaFonzies.
@Undo Lol, I was just going to post some arbitrary unit. But you trumped anything I had to say with MegaFonzies.
makes @Undo give screenshots of all of the mod tools to compare the coolness
> The proposed SI unit of happiness, puppy, is derivable as the quantity of happiness that a one kilogram beagle puppy whose body temperature is 310 kelvins produces when held in skin contact for one second.
8:54 PM
But... Manish said it's okay!
@hichris123 linky?
prepares to beat Manish with a stick
@JanDvorak @ping Sorry for the late reply - my flag was ultimately declined. Quote: "declined - This user copy/pasted this answer to a dozen questions to promote their library."
in Charcoal HQ on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 22 hours ago, by ManishEarth
@Undo Meh. Flag queue okayish, vote panel not
That area.
That's... for when people could in theory see your screen.
8:55 PM
not for shoving screenshots in people's faces :P
He gave you the go-ahead to post screenshots!
So... post them!
put it this way: mod tools are cool enough that I want to keep them :P
I need Bart's pointy stick.
It can fight against hammers!
8:56 PM
@Bart someone's trying to steal your smiting stick again.
@hichris123 but my hammer is made of diamond. Bart's smiting stick is made of that cheap petrified wood stuff.
@Undo But your hammer doesn't work that well on mSO since it's not on your own site.
well true
@Undo Therfore, hammer < smiting stick.
Q: Why do italics sometimes work and sometimes do not work?

StarkersThis is definitely the most irritating aspect of an otherwise excellent service: As of 6/4/14: No Italics: *app/controllers/users_controller.rb* Italics: app/models/user.rb Why? Because there's an underscore in the first path? This is a bug, right?

He's right, though.
9:15 PM
@Undo you rang?
I shall have you know that my smiting stick is made of wood that's petrified in both meanings of that word @Undo.
@Bart Oh, so this is the Addams family now?
@Bart yeah, you are a scary guy. :P
Q: Error message: Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: -1

VioletteI am in my first class of Java programming and one of the assignments we were given was to create a value string which displays in reverse order separated by commas. I know I am probably missing something very simple, but after hours of trying I just don't know where I am going wrong? My code wo...

Can new users with 1 rep not upvote / comment on answers to their own questions?
@hichris123 "They're creepy and they're kooky, mysterious and spooky, they're all together ooky" .... yeah, I'd say that applies to the Tavern.
@JasonC The profile image immediately made me think chat.meta.stackoverflow.com/transcript/message/1953054#1953054
9:21 PM
@BlueIce Lol! It's a sign.
Q: Do you know a book about weak scaling?

moralejaSinCuentoNiProverbioI'm searching about any paper or book about weak scaling, because I am looking for straightforward way to measure 'weak scalation' of our parallel algorithm O(N). The algorithm haven't single processes solution and we need at least 8 concurrent processes to solve the least instance of problem. U...

^ Yes, yes I do!
@BlueIce you'd think the guy would pick up on a hint.
Welcome to SO. Please read How to Ask and help center on how to ask a question. — Deduplicator 6 mins ago
I am sorry . I did know the rule. Please help me.\ — jahan 5 mins ago
@JasonC You might want to add why he never sees his first printf
Thanks @JasonC. +1 ;)
That OP is like his program, a lot of input, broken logic, no output...
9:34 PM
^ The includes aren't even aligned.
Maybe he used Python before?
@hichris123 The first line being out of alignment is a common mistake for new users struggling to figure out how SO's code formatting works.
But i am not going to ask more questions on SO. You people are better in giving downvote. :p — jahan 1 min ago
@JasonC Ah, true.
@BlueIce Look ^, all that guy wanted to do is ask a question, he was just trying to get his code working, then he got 12 downvotes, then he gave up. It's just... so sad... it's all so sad, everything is sad... :''''(
@Bart Haha, I see the indentation was keeping you awake at night as well.
9:43 PM
Yeah, it annoyed me enough to do something about it. :)
Ooh, evil Andrew Barber performed some comment cleanup it seems. :) Ah well, not my downvotes anyway, so who was I defending?
That was a bit overkill, or?
What was @user13500?
-13 on that Q ...
@Bart Partially my doing; I flagged the whole side-conversation as not constructive. Nothing personal, it just wasn't directly related to the problem and didn't seem to be going anywhere (plus I think the OP got the point).
@user13500 Yeah that one got ganged up on pretty hard, haha.
Ah yeah, attention has that effect @user13500. It's why I didn't pile on. It was already at -7 or something when I got there.
Not that I disagree with the downvotes as such.
9:54 PM
It's like a gang of children spitting at a grandma that has fallen out of her wheel chair.
I kind of just want to give him a pity upvote.
No worries @JasonC. I think I would have flagged similarly at some point.
Why is the size of my todo list always directly proportional to how nice of a day it is outside? :(
It's like being grounded as a little kid and hearing all your friends playing outside while your mom makes you finish your homework.
@JasonC I have, like, nothing to do :)
I'm building a toolbox right now
Because I can ;)
10:15 PM
@undo hi!
no, hi!
@hichris123 Amazing! Only because of being able to see deleted stuff.
I love seeing deleted stuff. But it made me really self-conscious about posting stupid answers when I realized deleted posts stuck around, lol.
@JasonC I know about the deleted answer thing, but I post dumb answers sometimes anyway :/
10:40 PM
@BlueIce Of course the very first answer I posted after saying that was completely retarded...
10:50 PM
Q: SQL 2014 error which is not giving output

user3453861SQl developer 2014 dfdbsf jkshdfnrs jhuaewe jhuf jknbjn sdfsr jklnljn sdfrw mnj sddfejkn

I think the lkwneouvuxou might be the problem. You should try onwioeunxing the knapfjgni. — Doorknob 8 secs ago
@Doorknob Actually I believe the answer is 484848484848484848484848 (stackoverflow.com/posts/22897679/revisions).
@JasonC Blasphemy! It's obviously 323232323232323232332323232323232323232323232.
11:07 PM
Hi, I didn't find my question looks like a full duplicate... meta.stackoverflow.com/q/228615/242800
So @JasonC, quite the heated debate we're having over on that post, aren't we? ;)
@Doorknob Don't joke about it, lksnuiinwhrn is a serious problem!
The OP must be so confused!
I just read your last comment, haha.
I'm actually really torn between loving gibberish and not wanting to take this too far.
You can never take flkmcaklsate too far! :P
...okay, maybe you can.
11:20 PM
looks like there's no flagging for reopening questions: You can't point out question that may be reopen: Just hope an admin browe it...
@user2284570 Ahem, the question you linked isn't closed.
It only has 2 votes.
@Doorknob It is closed in the way is is marked as a ducplicate and you can't append any other answers... :(
@Doorknob Clearly you didn't read the manual.
You didn't read correcctly : "This question may already have an answer here:"
@user2284570 Yes, you can add answers, and it's not marked duplicate. Check again...
@JasonC Hahahaha :D That is brilliant!
11:26 PM
@JasonC Is your manual cyrptographicly secured?
@user2284570 Not sure but it is validated by eCOGRA.
A cryptographically secure pseudo-random number generator (CSPRNG) is a pseudo-random number generator (PRNG) with properties that make it suitable for use in cryptography. Many aspects of cryptography require random numbers, for example: * key generation * nonces * one-time pads * salts in certain signature schemes, including ECDSA, RSASSA-PSS The "quality" of the randomness required for these applications varies. For example creating a nonce in some protocols needs only uniqueness. On the other hand, generation of a master key requires a higher quality, such as more entropy. And in the...
@Doorknob Haha
11:29 PM
@user2284570 The lnkbllsmgh manual is everything! I hope you've memorized the first fifty pages, like everyone else has.
For reasons I can't understand I'm actually feeling competitive about this debate, haha.
Lol, for reasons that nobody will ever understand. :D
Haha OK. It's time to enjoy what's left of a nice evening. Later!
:D Okay, me too. I have to go eat dinner anyway.
11:53 PM
@Doorknob rofl

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