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11:00 AM
@Lix I could switch to this avatar
@Bart We have a new avatar for @Shog9
The all new META MAFIA
@AlulaErrorpone are you online?
Haha, I just saw them in Boston, @Lix.
Who knew they were on Meta as well.
11:07 AM
@jadarnel27 - been a while :) How you doing?
Good, man! How are you?
Feeling kinda blue...
But other than that I'm doing great :P
Haha, right.
The whole split fiasco brought me back to the chat rooms... I missed the shenanigans
Was fun mashing my F5 key last night till 4AM :P
It's definitely kind of a big deal.
11:09 AM
"Who migrated our cheese"
Why does my coloring script no longer work after the split?
What script?
@Lix Roquefort? Gorgonzola? Stilton??
Blue cheese is a general classification of cow's milk, sheep's milk, or goat's milk cheeses that have had cultures of the mold Penicillium added so that the final product is spotted or veined throughout with blue, blue-gray or blue-green mold, and carries a distinct smell, either from that or various specially cultivated bacteria. Some blue cheeses are injected with spores before the curds form and others have spores mixed in with the curds after they form. Blue cheeses are typically aged in a temperature-controlled environment such as a cave. Blue cheese can be eaten by itself or can ...
@JanDvorak - I'll have you know I opened an account only so that I could flag as spam
Also, the top bar on drupal is very transparent...
11:14 AM
@SPArchaeologist - Can't say I know Stilton (by name at least)... But a big yes to the first two :D
(wrong domain in @match)
does the old URL still do something?
redirects here
so nope
updated, thanks.
11:17 AM
I had to make the same change in my stylesheet
aaalmost works. I still have an ugly blue frame around my posts
Stilton is an English cheese, produced in two varieties: Blue known for its characteristic strong smell and taste, and the lesser-known White. Both Blue Stilton and White Stilton have been granted the status of a protected designation of origin by the European Commission, two of only ten British cheeses currently produced to have such protection. The PDO status requires that only cheese produced in the three counties of Derbyshire, Leicestershire, and Nottinghamshire and made according to a strict code may be called "Stilton". History According to the Stilton Cheesemaker's Associatio...
11:25 AM
How do we have to handle questions on Meta Stack Overflow that are a duplicate of a question on Meta Stack Exchange?
@JanDvorak - so many new accounts for me today :P
@ProgramFOX the same as with other existing metas.
Unless they're worthy of migration, there's no reason to do anything. If they are, migrate -> VTC as dupe.
11:27 AM
the parent site changed
@JanDvorak- point taken :)
11:43 AM
@balpha to the rescue :) Feeling any better?
Nice, @balpha.
What will be the resolution for these type of question? meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/250104/…
@Lix soso
@JanDvorak context?
11:44 AM
9 mins ago, by Jan Dvorak
@Lix http://meta.stackexchange.com/questions/110030/should-spam-posts-be-edited
On mSE at least one commenter mentioned it also bugs on mathematics so I guess it is considered a SE netwotk wide bug.
@rene The question stays as if there would be no dupe unless the original is migrated back
@balpha msomso
11:45 AM
oh, wait, that was a person-reply
@JanDvorak that shouldn't onebox, it contains more than just the link to the question
Q: Should Spam posts be edited?

Mad ScientistI noticed that the posts of the recent spam surge on AskUbuntu were all edited by community members into something like EDITED - REMOVED SPAM ANSWER or similar. While I understand why the users have done this and I too don't want to leave the spam content visible for longer than absolutely...

sorry for the confusion
@3ventic'sShadow hmmm OK
@JanDvorak I broke your onebox :P
@rene I'm just 3ventic again
I banished the shadows.
11:47 AM
@3ventic - ahh.. refreshed and got your blue avatar now too :P
Meta changed from grey to blue, so did I :P
I just did my first contribution to github :o
@3ventic Didn't notice that :-)
F5 solved everything...
waits for the extension to update
Why does the site name in the image URL (stackexchangemeta) not match the site name in the API (meta)?
@balpha :D
12:01 PM
Hmmm. chat.meta.stackexchange links are opening the SE Android app now.
Do they open a chat too?
It says "Unknown site" at the top.
It's the "active questions" list, but it's blank.
will fix
Hey look, I got the 6th Mortarboard on meta.SO! I have no idea how that happened but yay! :P
Thanks, @balpha. Can't you just pawn it off on that @Kasra guy?
12:09 PM
I can in fact blame it on him
Haha, excellent. At least there's that.
however he's a manager now, so I don't know that I want to let him touch code ;p
Oh, gotcha. I had no idea.
Nah, he's still coding. But he was also made the mobile dev team lead and thus has to endure every PHB joke you can think of.
can we get a blacklist on this phone number, please?
12:12 PM
A: get back your lost lover +91-9914703222

Buscar 웃Do not waist your Down Vote!!! use the Flag instead to close this post.

hahaha what?
oh, wait, I've already flagged that one.
@balpha Poor guy.
I should really get around to restoring my phone, to rule that out as the reason for the app crashing all the time.
Rather, to confirm that the problem is with my phone. Which I think it is.
So many things are just slow. It takes 10 seconds or so to open Google Hangouts on a fairly regular basis.
I think the SE app just doesn't deal with that very well, or something.
Of course, that's total speculation.
@Jan I have started my spam-detector-izer-er
This user is creating tag wikis out of copied content which are being promptly approved by robos. Could somebody stop this user? stackoverflow.com/users/2649012/…
@devnull edit in attribution?
12:19 PM
Ah, he's still at that? He's made a crap ton of mediocre edits the last couple of days
@devnull copied content AND wiki not useful.
Why have the tag wiki edits go through a review if everything is approved.
we need to smite the approvers
@JanDvorak Yes, I know that. I rejected the edit but three others approved it. There are tons of edits to tag wikis being done by the user.
I flagged it for mod attention a while back.
12:21 PM
still active?
@JanDvorak Yes. Approx 60 suggested edits on tag wikis during the past 24 hours. Most of those approved.
Is your flag still active?
Ahhhhh... it's nice to have the good ol' tavern back.
@Bart Yes, it's active.
I thought that I might one of the mods out here.
OK, now you might figure the extent of it. He has been hitting rep cap solely (almost) by suggesting tag wiki edits. stackoverflow.com/users/2649012/bob-malooga?tab=reputation
Given that he's at 561 suggestions, that should stop soon
Assuming the majority of them will have been accepted.
12:31 PM
Isn't it also about stopping someone from copying content?
Moreover, most of those wikis aren't really helpful.
Sure, that should most probably stop. Just saying that if he's in it for the rep, that might soon stop
I'm rewriting my spam bot in Ruby
That message was sent via bot :P
@Doorknob Why are you making a spam bot? And why did you tell us?
This user has just started with a tag-only edits where the all the signal tags are being replaced by signal-processing. Is this okay? I rejected a couple but there are other users approving it as usual.
@TheGuywithTheHat a.) To stop spam betterer and b.) So that I could test the bot to see if it was working :P
12:37 PM
@Doorknob Oh, you made a spam detector. I thought you meant you made a bot that spams.
.... sigh
I just used LoginUser pinvoke to force the creation of the user folder under c:/Users
results? Folder created, but the folder name is just some gibberish japanese kanji.
Win32 apis continue to mock me.
"Well, look what we have here..." - This sounds a bit too GLaDOS-y. Should I be in fear for my safety and well-being? Who's running things there at SE now? o.o
You never feared for your safety and well-being on Meta before @animuson?
@jadarnel27 fix is in the next app update
12:51 PM
Is it just me, or should these two Qs get merged/one closed as duplicate?
Q: Error on the Search Screen

Ramesh RajendranI am testing the http://careers.stackoverflow.com/?bmidr=1bbbb website I have found a issue on the site with searching. When I have entered very long values in the what and where textboxes, you end up at a blank screen See these screenshots: Search Page Result Page I know the URL is ...

Q: No error message if the URL is very long

Ramesh RajendranI entered a URL with a very long parameter on Stack Exchange. I have type this url http://meta.stackexchange.com/?_=36470510464564565466456456456456456456456455555555555555555555555555563647051046456456546645645645645645645645645555555555555555555555555556364705104645645654664564564564564564564...

Ah, it got migrated to MSE now? I tried to argue that before on MSO. Not going there again.
> A photo is a picture of some real world scene captured by a mechanical or electronical device.
1:06 PM
[SE-spam-detector-izer-er] Allcaps title: android.stackexchange.com/questions/67691/… (HOW STORE VAULT STOREAGE FROM INTERNAL MEMORY TO EXTERNAL)
Ooh, we have a bot again?
@Bart ManishBot seems to be dead so I'm running my temporary JS bot (which will soon be superseded by the Ruby one I'm writing)
Oh you and your fancy languages
@Doorknob you just want to practise using Ruby or you absolutely hate JS?
@Qantas94Heavy The JS one isn't headless :P And I already know Ruby quite welel
1:10 PM
... you and your big fat heads.
Thanks, @balpha!
How many things should I have? I thought I should have eleventeen because reason and otherreason.

Answer 1:
Well ya see, reason and otherreason.

Answer 2:
Take into account reason and otherreason.
edit: So how many things you should have is up to you.
How many roads must a man walk down, before we can call him a man?

It is pretty annoying I can't close MSO questions as a duplicate of content I know exists on MSE
@Lix Nice avatar.
1:24 PM
@JeremyBanks - Thank you. Getting into the MSE spirit :P
@Bart feature-request?
I guess @rene
And at second glance the question probably should have gone on MSE anyway
Could be a sort of migrate-and-close-as-duplicate action...
but yeah, not within 6-8 lightyears
@rene light years are a measure of distance
So? Is that a problem?
1:29 PM
in other words, not on Earth?
Yes, not on earth.
Is this maybe caused by migrations running? I don't see evidence on the post that something happened as described but I might be missing something...
1:46 PM
@TheGuywithTheHat tnx for the fine edit on that post...
Well, I've gained enough rep to offset that -160 hit from that answer that became collateral damage, so I'm off.
Ah. You're welcome!
1:53 PM
You'll have my full attention after my daily dose of George Carlin
@GnomeSlice - Once they are done with that - continue here:
@Lix Love KOAN Sound.
@GnomeSlice - my brother sent that link to me last night... been looping it all day :D
It's a pretty good EP
1:59 PM
Most certainly...
@Bart Just add an answer and cross-link. That's faster half the time anyway.
This is a recent favourite of mine: soundcloud.com/serious-url/lemaitre-high-tide
This Wisp EP is not half bad either...
@Shog9 Yeah, that's what I did. But hey, I needed something to complain about today.
May or may not
It's a little more esoteric
2:03 PM
@GnomeSlice - will listen soon... Gotta run to the office happy-hour :D
Beer & ice-cream... can't go wrong!
@Lix Hit me up if you want more tunes some time. =]
Wow, it's so frustrating to have to click through SO to get to MetaSO now.
They really should have moved the color scheme to Meta Stack Exchange, and created a new one for Meta Stack Overflow.
[SE-spam-detector-izer-er] Allcaps title: travel.stackexchange.com/questions/26167/… (CAN AN AIRLINE OPERATE TO THE SAME DESTINATION WITH THE SAME FLIGHT NUMBER TWICE IN ONE DAY)
Though he does reference the original source there
But still not particularly helpful
Does anybody find the MSE background too bright?
Yes. I loved the muted colors we had before.
2:23 PM
I generally find any background that isn't close to black too bright so..
Even the blue seems to be just too blue.
Before I post this , this makes sense, right? Add migration path from MSO to MSE
I'll upvote that.
@Stijn You mean as a default option in the VTC interface?
2:28 PM
@AsheeshR Yes
Is there a need?
Do the other sites in the network have that option?
Or did they to migrate to MSO before the split?
I guess there's your answer then
@Bart Thats what I was thinking too.
2:29 PM
@AsheeshR It might take a while for people to realise there's a new Meta. Here's one: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/250132/…
@Stijn I guess that's something we can deal with for a while?
@Stijn That happens a lot of the time. People on per-site-metas ask questions about the engine and MSO/MSE posts are referenced or pointed out.
Now, that MSO is MSO, I would expect the same there as well.
Hard migrations are not the solution for that.
@Bart No, but moderators migrate quite often based on my observations
So we have to start trusting moderators now @3ventic? Pfff
Ahem ... of course I do trust @Andrew'saUnitato .... phew
2:59 PM
@Bart Bad, bad idea... ;)
3:10 PM
Must not hit all the people wanting to migrate each and every bug report to MSE..
@TimPost: Would love your input on this now looooong thread of comments when you are back in the saddle.
Lol. Barely 20 seconds and getting downvoted.
Q: Could we mute the theme a little?

AsheeshRWhile I get the excitement and everything, the color scheme of this site is quite harsh on the eyes. The white background of the page coupled with the very bright blue header is making it fairly uncomfortable to read the text, specially on the home page (where the text is also a shade of blue). ...

@MartijnPieters Oh my, yes. And good answer by the way.
@AsheeshR I could go for something a little lighter. Like maybe lighten the blues?
Vindicated! :-P
@AsheeshR: Actually, I kinda agree; I am telling myself I just need to get used to it but I do find the design hard to work with at the moment.
@Martijn I thought the discussion was finished when you posted the quotes from Tim and Oded. Only just saw it's still going on :)
3:15 PM
@AsheeshR I didn't vote yet but I am still thinking that the only thing missing on all this blue is Rainbow Dash mark replacing the Stack bubble.
@Stijn: No, Travis disagreed strongly, and it appears my word and quotes are not good enough.
@TimPost: Thanks for your comment. I don't think Travis will be converted by it, though.
So you feel it is better not to give the community a migration path, right? Because there is a difference between don't worry, we'll handle this and no, we don't trust you to make those calls.
@MartijnPieters Not right now - not yet. What we want to stop is the 'you did something wrong, you should have gone here!' brow-beating that 's been going on. That just deflects new participants with potentially huge ideas.
After we get a firmer grasp of what we've been sending there, we might open a migration path, but not for a while.
Thanks, that's an excellent motivation to give, mind if I quote that?
@Undo That should work. I was thinking a maybe slight grey tinge on the background.
@MartijnPieters Sure, I've said it several times myself.
3:29 PM
"new participants with potentially huge ideas" ... ooh, ooh, MSO doesn't have a "require comments for downvotes" question yet @TimPost
@Bart We did briefly have a Community Accepted Answer post, but the OP deleted it again.
@Bart give it time ... give it time
What we're seeing right now is people coming out of the woodwork saying "Oooh, it's safe! We can participate!" -- that's extremely healthy, and nobody is being mean to them, so let's let this ride a bit.
@MartijnPieters dangit, I need more SO rep to see that stuff.
There are really a lot of people online right now. My rep counter is going crazy (both up and down, though).
@Bart You didn't miss much; it was a run-of-the-mill misspelled quick idea toss without much groundwork.
3:34 PM
@TimPost Do we want that? Does this mean we have to be nice? Geez, I thought this split was a positive event ...
@Bart: Behave, now!
It's weird, getting all these 'silent' upvotes on MSO.
I'm used to Newt telling me about most upvotes until hitting the cap.
All I got told about now is the Mortarboard badge..
Ha, all MSO is doing for me now is telling me how much my SO participation sucks. :)
3:40 PM
Q: Users Can Report Bugs On Whatever Child Meta Site Suits Them

Tim PostI touched on this quite a bit in our recent blog post, but I want to reiterate it again. It's fine if users post bug reports or feature requests here on MSO, there's no need to close them as off-topic. Please, don't do that, it's off-putting and rude. On every other site in the network, our gu...

Perhaps add "support requests" to that bold section @TimPost?
Needs more bold text.
I frequently wish for a nice, red, moderator-only [beating] tag.
I could lend you my smiting stick?
3:46 PM
I have guided them. They should pray that I do not guide them further.
@Bart What would you do if I were to steal your smiting stick and sell it on Ebay for $18?
Smiting sticks always return to their owner @Undo. After which smiting would take place of course.
oh :(
So where'd you get yours?
Is it trying to return to its owner?
Heh, until searching for it in the communities list I forgot that MSO is still differently-named (Meta-prefixed) than the other site metas (Meta-suffixed).
It's still special!
3:50 PM
One does not get a smiting stick @Undo. A smiting stick finds whoever it belongs to.
So what was it like when your smiting stick suddenly appeared in front of you?
I felt smitten
I feel in need to smite something
So when can I expect to acquire a smiting stick @Bart?
It will find you when the time is right.
3:59 PM
When is the time right?
fires up smiting stick
4:22 PM
meta.stackexchange.com/users?tab=moderators wow total freedom at MSE, moderators tab is empty
I am second-guessing my understanding of the Heartbleed bug. Can a web application not running on HTTPS be vulnerable if it uses OpenSSL internally somehow (for secure communication, or some other kind of encryption)?
@jadarnel27 only applications running TLS are affected
@gnat wow. Much freedom. Many programming questions expected.
@Louis wow. A high-rep user asking this
@JanDvorak Yeah, no kidding. I guess one can get to that level of rep without really knowing what's on topic. :-/
A cherry on top will be if he scolds me for commenting
4:42 PM
@Louis or, too broad
@JanDvorak Yeah. When I see questions like this I consider whether an edit would make it better but this one is close-worthy either way.
@Shog9 Area 51 isn't handling the split very well.
The user rep on the flairs is counting MSE rep twice. (on the commitments page)
@AsheeshR meh. Expect things like that to take a while to work their way out.
Why did I just get mortarboard on MSO?
@jadarnel27 only if the attacker can send a heartbeat message to something using OpenSSL to respond to such messages would it be vulnerable.
@TheGuywithTheHat You'd have hit 200 points if points had been available on Meta.
4:53 PM
@MartijnPieters Oh, is it that way for all metas?
A: Should I really have been awarded mortarboard on a Per-site meta?

Jeff AtwoodJust redefine it as "you received a lot of upvotes in a single day". So I think it is correct in spirit.

@TheGuywithTheHat yup.
@ProgramFOX Okay, thanks.
So my first mortarboard is on a site that has no reputation :P
@Martijn Nice! That's what I was thinking. So the app would have to have some kind of weird API type thing that used OpenSSL with heartbeat enabled.
5:38 PM
@jadarnel27 exactly. If by some weird means you can sneak it a TLS heartbeat client_request record, and the OpenSSL response is routed back to you, then you can exploit this issue
but since this is part of TLS (tranport layer security, aka SSL), you'd have to go to great lengths to expose that bug in non-TLS setups.
Smited Voted to close.
I recognized the question but the OP also had the hmm... "kindness" of linking to their first post. I love it when they help like this.
@Louis do you suggest I shouldn't have downvoted? ;-)
@MartijnPieters tsk, you don haz teh strikez pawaz
5:46 PM
@Braiam do now; forgot we have that syntax here..
@JanDvorak Well, that OP was helpful in not quite the way we want. So.... :)
In light of the new MSE theme, I'm currently listening to
6:10 PM
Who do I have to sleep with to get an iOS app invite :P I haven't gotten one in months and I filled the form :P
I have a feeling the latest revision here is incorrect.. Can someone confirm? (Also, Chrome has updated 2 versions again)
Hmm, seems suspicious indeed ...
6:26 PM
Absolutely. But then again, that doesn't come as a surprise, or does it?
Ehm, .... did the Tavern just disappear?
@Bart I use it every day. I was answering another question when I found this one. — Paul Sweatte 11 mins ago
saw it
I don't really know what he means in his last comment though
6:42 PM
I think he just meant that it works, similarly to IE mobile
@Bart if it's any consolation, you weren't drunk -- DNS issue that was quickly fixed, but these things tend to be in various caches for a few minutes
Heh, cheers then @balpha. ;)
@Bart: We are still here it seems.
But I'd have totally voted on that great question title!
I was almost disappointed to see chat come back @MartijnPieters ;)
ooh, blog post
7:32 PM
4 hours ago, by Bart
"new participants with potentially huge ideas" ... ooh, ooh, MSO doesn't have a "require comments for downvotes" question yet @TimPost
Q: anonymous first downvotes

TaWAs far as I understand the system downvotes should educate the useres and help keeping the standards of questions (and answers) as high as possible. Agreeing with a downvote and adding one more is understandable; it stresses a point. (If one was made..) But where is the educational value of an ...

Don't forget to prohibit anonymous upvoting while you're at it, otherwise people won't be able to understand what's good about a post. — Servy 20 secs ago
@Braiam They also offer a free top hat for interviewing. =P
@JeremyBanks NICE! I need a hat
7:59 PM
1 hour later…
9:07 PM
No modz :(
@AnnonomusPerson Nope, you're on chat.meta.se now!
This is just a test to see if I'm blue (given that I have mod powers on both chat.SO and chat.SE
Only blues here are MSE mods (devs) methinks
Is anyone using Microsoft Outlook and subscribed to any of the Stack Exchange weekly newsletters?
9:20 PM
@Tom err... if someone says yes, what's the next question?
Do they experience this:
Q: Newsletter, Outlook hangs "Contacting cdn.sstatic.net"

TomSomething in the Newsletter emails causes Microsoft Outlook to hang for about a minute when I try to open them. This used to happen a while ago, then stopped happening (for the last few months?), today it's happening again (with the Programmers Weekly Newsletter). This dialog appears: And Ou...

It's bugging me!
1 hour later…
11:25 PM
[SE-spam-detector-izer-er] Allcaps title: math.stackexchange.com/questions/758501/123-12222313321552 ($(1+2+3+…)=(1+2+2^2+2^3+…)(1+3+3^2+…)(1+5+5^2+…)…$?)
Er... @Doorknob?
Why's it on?
Ok, there's a question that I've run into that I swear is a repost of something I commented on earlier. But I'm guessing the user deleted their earlier question because I can't find it. Judging by what I'm seeing from searching Meta, there's no way for me to find that deleted question unless I already have a link for it, right?
That would be correct
Unless you ask someone who has a diamond
(and someone took mine away...)
[SE-spam-detector-izer-er] Allcaps title: math.stackexchange.com/questions/758501/123-12222313321552 ($(1+2+3+…)=(1+2+2^2+2^3+…)(1+3+3^2+…)(1+5+5^2+…)…$?)
@mmyers :(
11:33 PM
At least I can get into this room now. An overzealous filter has been blocking chat.SO and chat.meta.SO for months
But not chat.meta.stackexchange.
No, chat.SE and chat.meta.SE are fine, apparently
That Stack Overflow site is evil
I like this chat theme so much more than the Meta SO chat theme we had before.

 Charcoal HQ

Where smoke is detected, diamonds are made, and we break thing...
I blame badp. :P

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