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12:08 AM
@Doorknob wut?
1:04 AM
Q: I'm seeing stars! (I can see who starred a message and so can you)

DoorknobSo I was making a chatbot in Ruby for SE chat, and I discovered that I could find out the starrer of a message. I'm pretty sure stars, like votes, are supposed to be anonymous. Although this knowledge would help for cases of star trolls like this. Here's the specific slice of code that do...

Omg that bug tag is driving me nuts. I'm making a custom style. Not waiting for that fix...
I know it's so incredibly meh.
Btw @animuson do you have power on chat.stackexchange?
I may need you to do something diamond-y. :P
@Doorknob yes.
y == yes, not why. :P
I think so. I only ever hang out in the TL on Chat.SE
1:09 AM
I am not a herd.
Fine, gently leads?
@animuson Drags?
1:23 AM
Is this till relevant?
Q: How do I participate in Meta Stack Overflow and not die trying?

rlb.usaMeta Stack Overflow doesn't like me; I can't seem to keep my points. How can I post better and be well-received?

Or was that just due to the MSO-MSE mixup.
@AsheeshR I would delete it
MSE is for non-MSO users too and MSO don't have reputation anymore
@Braiam I VTCed
1:36 AM
1:49 AM
just ran some tag cleanup on MSO
Amazing how fast people can fill up a trash can.
2:24 AM
I just did the longest phone interview I've ever done.
I don't know what the longest was before that, but it couldn't have been an hour and a half.
The only phone interview I've ever done was just basic application questions like "Can you work overtime?"
I imagine that was a lot less time consuming =)
These were all somewhat open-ended questions, or questions asking for specific experiences I've had in my development career.
At the Election Commission, we sometimes get calls from people who are trying to contact the County Health Department and they'll sit there and tell you a story about how they contracted different diseases and you're just going "Why are you telling me this???"
Hahaha. Wow.
Best of luck!
It's a strange time of day to have a phone interview, though.
Unless you're applying for a moderator job.
Moderators like to do things in the dead of night, as we know.
2:35 AM
What other use would we have for our evil glowing eyes? Scaring people? That's absurd.
@Pëkka It was a bit odd, when they told me 8:30pm for the call.
They were trying to work around mine and the interviewer's schedules.
@jadarnel27 Hope it works out!
(If it sounds like a place worth working for, of course.)
@Pëkka Thanks!
It does seem like a really cool opportunity.
They told me they'd be calling me back for a face to face interview early next week, so that's good news.
2:39 AM
That one will be a full 8 hour work day interview.
Haha, I suppose if the trend continues.
2:58 AM
@Pëkka squares?
1 hour later…
4:09 AM
Ummm, @Shog? What did you do to my test question? O_o
4:33 AM
whistles innocently
4:44 AM
@jadarnel27 should've just closed them all as "too opinion-based".
5:21 AM
Anybody out there?
Q: cin >> operand cannot work with enum

user3547704This is a code i did for practice. when i compile this, it wldnt allow cin >> choice to be compiled. It says "Error 2 error C2088: '>>' : illegal for class" and "Error 1 error C2371: 'choice' : redefinition; different basic types" Can i get some advise on how to solve this? much appreciat...

I gave a downvote with explanation, and then the user instantly gave a downvote to my answer without explanation. Is that a childish revenge?
@LaszloPapp The other day one chap (who had posted an answer to the same question that I'd answered) downvoted my answer citing stupid reasons. It turned out that there were problems with his answer that were evident and even commented by the OP. I cited my own reasons on his answer in a comment and downvoted it. This guy got a sock puppet to downvote mine and upvote his.
@devnull: there is a room for discussing these issues. It is sad that it is happening all around. I prefer to comment on bad answers and downvote them, but the reaction is 50+% is that the childish revenge is taking place instantly. Moreover, I now expect 1-2 downvotes every day for the next couple of days. That is what usually happens when you criticize a comment with a reason.
I do not think "being nice" is good for the goal of the site, i.e. not pointing out bad answers with explanation.
(and before someone says it might not be that person, he had 660 rep before my downvote and then his reply, and now has 557)
@LaszloPapp Yes, it's happening all around. I just noticed that a couple of my comments on the post I referred to have vanished. Amusing.
I just added one more comment. Lets see when another mod cleans it up.
So it seems that using sock-puppets is ok. But telling that one uses those isn't. That comment needs to be removed!
@devnull: we had a proposal to mandate downvote reason after 2-3 downvotes in a row, and this means only one reason per group, but people seem to be very negative, and pretend this issue does not exist daily.
@devnull: yes, that is unfortunate. It is a daily problem.
5:35 AM
And like a few others I've noticed, this guy also downvoted the question after his answer was not accepted.
It is so sad to see this happening daily, getting many people frustrated in the process, and yet people are reluctant to address this, and keep repeating the mantra of "get over it" when they also see it is just not like that.
Just FYI, I'm going to be starting a bunch of MSE => MSO migrations in a short amount of time
It is really hard to contribute with critics when people get into this personal battle most of the time when their ignorance or lack of skills are pointed out. Then, there is also the other group when you get critics rightfully, you appreciate it, you correct your answers, but then they still hold the downvotes, ah... so much for recurring and unaddressed issues.
Hello @TimPost I posted a query on MSO a while back. I wasn't sure if it was appropriate for MSO or MSE. Could you please suggest?
@devnull That's just fine on MSO. Let's use that as an example, it's a good one.
If, say, this became a bigger problem on other sites, we might migrate that to MSE
But right now, it's fine where it is
5:43 AM
I thought that it's probably ok on MSO. Just wanted to check. Thanks.
@TimPost Why have reviews at all if pretty much anything has to be approved?
@devnull: hah, got another downvote without reasoning. It seems that I might be the victim of puppets, too. :)
Uh, you completely misunderstood.... The provided answers alone won't help is incorrect. The other answer was already pointing that out, regardless when you happened to write this, it does not hold true anymore, hence incorrect. Your way of casting in C++ is outstanding, especially with C++11 and on. Those are the two main reasons for my downvote. However, you have not provided any critics to my answer to help with improving it, yet you downvoted. That is called revenge, and moderators seem to punish that with suspension if it happens repeatedly. Please stop this behavior right here. — Laszlo Papp 1 min ago
oh, how accidental, I got another downvote for another answer, without explanation, of course.
that is three unexplained downvotes within half an hour.
6:08 AM
@LaszloPapp you seem to have a rather odd definition for "revenge"
But, that's the thing about voting: everyone thinks they're being upvoted because of their awesome skills and suave demeanor, while any downvotes are due to grave character flaws on the part of the voter.
I rarely see you constructive. The last couple of days, I saw you only shouting and so forth. As you can imagine that first sentence was not in any way productive.
@LaszloPapp You just accused someone of revenge and threatened them with suspension.
pff, not again this personal mess.
6:10 AM
Not sure you have room to talk here...
you ALWAYS think people complain about downvotes because of personal stuff.... That.Is.Just.Completely.Wrong.
People have told you many times already it is not because of that.
@LaszloPapp Why do you think you're being downvoted?
@Shog9: read above.
yeah, yeah, I read your whole bitch-fest already. Full of boogiemen and victims who are you.
Be honest.
You're out there throwing out accusations you have zero evidence for, and then claiming you're doing folks a service by it. Frankly, it's disgusting.
If you care about offering useful feedback, then do that: stick to criticizing the content of the posts.
If you're gonna keep venturing into speculation as to folks' voting habits, it ain't gonna go well for you.
But, you'd already know that if you were paying attention: you managed to turn not only the author of the post you were critiquing, but several other readers against you in that thread.
Hope it was worth it...
I have really no idea what you are talking about.
first of all, I would appreciate a friendlier tone than shouting and "bitching" all around, especially when people bring up concerns, and some other people even agree about it.
Secondly, I did leave technical feedback on the comment, and the author has eventually fixed them (pretty much copying my reply).
Third, there are no "seveal other readers". There was another guy who actually left technical feedback, and that was useful, and was fixed, too.
Fourth, moderators do give suspensions for misused downvoting habits.
6:24 AM
@LaszloPapp what do you consider misuse?
13 mins ago, by Laszlo Papp
@Shog9: read above.
ok, I can see we're done here.
@Shog9 Don't get sucked in, it's not worth the energy.
Is there an SO general chat now? I've never been out of this room, I just realized I have no idea how the lobby works. Let's see...
56 mins ago, by Laszlo Papp
(and before someone says it might not be that person, he had 660 rep before my downvote and then his reply, and now has 557)
@Shog9: that I consider misuse
A downvote? One?
6:30 AM
It is not one, but many, all around, including puppets.
You've no evidence of that.
and it is not my "personal victim" experience as you can also read that above, or in the other channel. If you had put more effort into consideration rather than having the prejudice that these guys are always wrong, you would see this is constantly brought up by many people, not just me. I saw people even putting the same issues into their profile and suggesting behavior pattern change.
I have a lot of evidence eventually. The other days I got 10-20 downvotes without explanation within 2-3 days. H2CO3 got 10-20 downvotes similarly without explanation for 100+ answer which led him to delete his account.
@Shog9 I read that @TimPost blog post you promised me (lol). It all makes sense now!
Can't wait to see how it all plays out once the dust settles.
6:35 AM
or I could also say the 100+ comments that got removed after my flagging for "begging" for downvote reasons.
@LaszloPapp Look, man. This is my job. I do this every day. And, because I take it seriously, I thoroughly checked the voting patterns of everyone involved in this before I said a word here. So when I say it's paranoia, that you have no evidence, I'm not brushing you off - I'm telling you that there's nothing to back up your fears and that you should drop them before they cause you to do something stupid.
Yes, you get the occasional downvote. From lots of different people with no connections between them. You can brush that off, or you can maybe engage in a bit of introspection and try to figure out why. You can't force random people on the internet to tell you thinks if they don't want to though, and no matter how much you wish you had that power it just ain't gonna happen.
Frankly, I don't blame them. Given the way I've seen you react to any criticism at all, I wouldn't care to explain downvotes either.
Life's too short.
@JasonC Excellent, glad to hear it
not this mess again...
there is no point in discussing the huge downvote mess on Stack Overflow until you do not change your mind from "these people are bitching cause of their ego" to "downvotes are not helpful for the quality of the site if unexplained"
@LaszloPapp What everyone in the Tavern thinks whenever this discussion starts.
many people have told you, Shog9, that it is not about the former, but the latter, i.e. I have the same sorrow feeling when see other posts downvoted, too. But really, you still put it on the personal track for no apparent reason.
So, until you do not change it from personal complaints to how to improve the quality of the site argument, it will always get stuck at that stage without the change of proceeding.
@michaelb958: yes, including the people disagreeing with the downvote mess because it always is put on by someone as a personal offense about downvotes rather than useless meaning and measure, and hence misleading the objective measure of the posts on Stack Overflow. As others also said, even a junk downvote reason is better than no reason at all.
@michaelb958: do you also only say at your workplace, mailing list, or code review that "your stuff sucks"? How would any of the people react to that in any of those communities?
6:47 AM
@LaszloPapp if you actually care what I think about this, go read the posts I've written about it on meta. We've been talking about this there for 4+ years now. You can start here:
A: So annoyed with no-comment, vindictive downvoting

Shog9 In both cases, of course, no helpful comment because all that would do is reveal how spiteful and/or vindictive the downvoting was. So why care? You've already talked yourself into believing you know who down-voted the answer and why they did so; why not just talk yourself into believing tha...

Sound familiar? There's a reason I'm a bit weary of these same tired arguments...
@LaszloPapp Look. When you communicate with people as intensely and abrasively as you tend to do, you can't expect us to build a system that nullifies human nature when people react as people do. It's that simple.
When you make people mad, they do stuff. We can't really help that.
@LaszloPapp That's because "many people" like to clump together and give each other high fives when they want to justify feeling like victims. People love jumping on bandwagons when it looks like it will give them an easy way to externalize their problems, and never grow because they don't reflect and own their issues. Occupy Downvotes doesn't really get anywhere...
Please show examples about my technical criticism and corresponding downvotes. Now, I would like to see it, really.
Let us see the aforementioned example:
"Which is what was already written in one of the provided answers... Perhaps you were not reading the edits? Also, choice = (options)temp; is not the best way to cast in C++... when you have static_cast, but I do not think any cast is needed here anyway. Also, please refrain from childish downvote revenge when you get a downvote with an explanation provided."
initially it was:
"Which is what was already written in one of the provided answers... Perhaps you were not reading the edits? Also, choice = (options)temp; is not the best way to cast in C++... when you have static_cast, but I do not think any cast is needed here anyway."
Beat that technical comment if you can.
Let us see the other from today:
"This is not always applicable in Qt, and that is why the Qt smart pointers exist. As far as I am aware, the OP was asking directly for smart pointers (i.e. unique pointer, etc). By the way, if you feel the question is duplicated, flagging so is the right way. Answers are not meant for marking a question duplicate. My -1 is for the latter critic, not the former."
What is wrong about those, really? I cannot see any issues.
and fwiw, my alternative answers got highly upvoted for those answers while they remained unupvoted.
@TimPost: show me what I could have written better there, and how I could have provided better contribution than good answers.
And yes, Stack Overflow could help with avoiding mad reactions from people not standing valid critics.
mailing lists, projects, bosses, etc... they all help with that in a healthy environment.
Let's make critic a verb for a moment - it's all in how you do it. More flies with honey and such.
When your statements lack any realization that the person receiving them has feelings, they tend to react negatively.
again, give examples.
what was done wrong in the above examples? Note, I am trying to be objective here. I am not much interested in "you are bad because you are bad".
7:00 AM
It's something you just have to keep in mind and be conscious of when being critical. That's .. the only advice I can give.
give objective measures, and then we can discuss it; objective measures that were provided above, too, to the post authors.
Human nature ain't science, so you have to think beyond objectivity and correctness a bit.
you are still not providing objective measures, just talking in general. I do think I did my best.
Ugh ... we're horrible tag taggers. Our tags tags are a tag mess on MSE.
(go to there, type 'tag' in the tag search and watch the horror)
I am happy that the community decided to give 10 upvotes for the two questions within a short while regardless the early unexplained "suspicious" downvotes. This is a positive thing from the community, and one of the bad answer authors already removed his answer.
7:03 AM
@TimPost "This tag can be used for questions that have tags."
This is what it's like to pave tags so bulk migrations work:
@TimPost Whatever; there will be plenty of time to sort out tags. As long as they're roughly in the right area, it'll be fine.
visual tag :O
Yep, I'm just going to make sure the target tags exist, we can sort it out on the much smaller-scale child meta.
@LaszloPapp Oh if only there was some kind of visual mass tag editor. Man, I'd pay good money for that.
The last split I did was AVP and Sound Design, if you go look at the tags on sound, ugh - gonna take a year to dig out of that mess, and I was careful.
7:12 AM
2/3 of the questions had only one tag, and it was a meta tag that only appeared on that question.
I was thinking this morning for a bit whether even the "smart-pointers" tag makes sense ...
void **tag FTW!
I do not think the tag has a really useful purpose other than another skillset stuff in your profile similarly to the linkedin ++ stuff.
they help a lot in advanced searching. e.g. is:question closed:0 [language] [framework] body:"something"
7:14 AM
fair enough (not sure how many people do that though).
But, at least from what I have seen, it helps me find stuff I know is there because I've seen it before.
I don't know how helpful that is to someone that just comes and wants to discover things.
Those LinkedIn endorsements are crap though @LaszloPapp. Mary has endorsed you for "needlepoint" ... wait what? Jeff has endorsed you for "Computer Vision" ... ok, correct, but Jeff doesn't know a thing about CV nor my capabilities, so why is he endorsing me.
@Bart: you can reject invalid endorsements.
Yep, and that makes me happy
7:18 AM
Nice try seemingly correct spammer
flagged both
hmm, but as what?
7:31 AM
@Bart: offsite resource.
or you mean to the previous posts?
can the bounty (as well as the rep) be lost for a question deleted?
The fpga one. I see no off-site resource request in that?
@Bart: buying an FPGA is not an SO resource.
Meh, went with too broad
Being the rebel that I am
I am impressed by the score recalculator.
it seems to get working again.
8:06 AM
Is this reproducible by anyone else?
@rene I don't have outlook, so... can't reproduce
I just subscribed to them...so I'll have to wait to Tuesday...
Oh the suspense
8:21 AM
Q: Greyscale MSE Favicon

michaelb958 Preview About When Meta Stack Exchange finally split from Meta Stack Overflow (yay!), the shiny new Meta's icon was revealed to be the same as the icon used for stackexchange.com. This makes it a bit hard to tell which tabs are on which site by scanning the tab list. (It also made my Firef...

8:40 AM
This should be a on Meta Stack Exchange instead.
Morning @AmalMurali!
Bah. All mods should get mod privs in here, too. Not being able to edit messages forever is annoying. :p
9:16 AM
@TimPost I am about to start one of my milestone style post, but I anticipate a lot of downvotes, may I request that a negatively voted question/answer to be disassociated from my account if I get question banned in advance? (the likelihood is small but I am not taking any chances). The new post isn't a troll.
somehow I've got the feeling the server-side filter isn't trying too hard
@JanDvorak It tried hard, but not harder. Maybe the filter isn't familiar with Karachi.
I am genuinely surprised it didn't catch this
Maybe the used fonts confused it.
Maybe the used fonts should be a part of the heuristic
9:29 AM
the magic of the hot questions list
Q: Just found out my 13 year old girl is Bi and dating a 17 year old girl in an "open" relationship. Huh? Now what?

user7283A little background- my daughter has never had a boyfriend/girlfriend or relationship and is in 8th grade. She has always been young for her age and had a tough time identifying with other girls and kids at her school (we had issues of bullying- mostly to her being shy) in which we switched her s...

@SPArchaeologist It demonstrates what sort of content people are looking for.
(See, you too probably clicked on it!)
@devnull I just looked at the title, expecting spam/Baba. Anyway, has anyone already proposed to filter the list to only include an user selected subset of sites??
9:52 AM
@telkitty.exe If you're just expressing an idea that is genuine but potentially unpopular, I'm good with that. As long as it's something you actually believe in.
It's in place on MSO to prevent chronic trolling - e.g. lots of "this is all a big conspiracy" and nothing else of value coming from someone.
MSO still has bans @TimPost?
@Bart MSE does. Child meta sites do not, at least not yet - and I doubt Shog and I would ever sign off on setting them on. If someone is being a total crank on a child meta, the thing to do is just suspend their primary account (which is also the deterrent for said crainkness)
Okay, as I thought. Thanks
Cool thanks :)
Is it possible to bypass repcap by offering bounties?
10:06 AM
@LaszloPapp just a little notice here, since the discussion about downvotes, aliens, patterns and such is still going.
First of all, let me precisate that there is a reason if I removed myself from the other discussion room (even if I created it in the first place) and that is that I get there is no more need to discuss the problem that board was discussing since the only thing we can agree on is that our views won't change.

That said - sorry if I don't have the time to read all the current discussion but please keep that discussion room out of your considerations. Continue talking how lon
Say I know beforehand that I'm going to hit repcap today. What if I offer a bounty of 100 on a question? Does it mean I'd get the reputation from 10 more upvotes after having hit repcap?
and seems that we can't ping two user in a single message. @Shog9, please read the my message above this.
/me goes to MSO, searches for obvious post containing information .... ah dammit .... goes to MSE"
I wonder what this answer should be flagged as.
10:09 AM
Oh, wait. I don't even have an account there.
I think the question should be protected
As (almost) expected : while the question (to my surprise) wasn't a trolling attempt, it attracted trolls like flea to an honey pot.
@AmalMurali I have now...I don't think I will become an active contributor on that site though....
That site makes me want to troll .... so no
@rene: Me too.
I think someone asked me to repost this question on parenting.SE but I'm not sure...
Maybe the question can be migrated?
10:26 AM
Nah, never going to happen
Parenting is Beta. And it would immediately become the highest scoring question there.
/me prepares to repost
BWAHAHA. All the rep!
Oooh, first parenting cross-site duplicate flag ... bring it on!! :p
Wow. Why on earth would someone approve this suggested edit?
Makes me think people are approving stuff blindly, without even looking.
Hey, someone added a tag. It's green. That must be a good thing
It MUST be. Green is always good. Right?
10:30 AM
It's no brown, but it's second best at least
But what happens if the bounty was offered before hitting the repcap?
10:51 AM
@AmalMurali Don't bother about suggested edits getting approved. If robo reviewers were to be banned from reviewing, then you won't have anybody to review.
Not reviewing is better than making useless edits.
It's hard to resist from reviewing if one has the privileges.
@ThiefMaster Heh, probably. Wouldn't be the first time I've coded first and thought later.
Gah, I'm tempted to point him to your post
10:59 AM
It's funny that one is restricted to deleting a max of 5 posts per day, but can screw up as much as one wants by suggesting edits.
11:19 AM
Yay, signed up on chess.SE :D
I'm so disappointed meta.meta.stackexchange.com isn't a thing
meta.meta.stackexchange.com should be a happy unicorn fun land!
(Kinda like the old old MSO - more-or-less completely unproductive.)
11:43 AM
hmm, I removed an answer where I lost 30 reputation with it. I wonder if I can earn that with three upvotes today even though I already got at least 20+ upvotes?
(it was not a selected answer that I removed)
Jeff is horrified by Shog catching up to him
Q: 'User was removed' and '+200 reputation' limit

MarcinJuraszekI've lost 10 reputation because of user was removed for the first time today and I'm just wondering, why there 10 points don't affect +200 daily reputation limit? To describe what I'm talking about just a bit more, I've got 4 accepted answers today, so I'm able to receive 260 reputation points t...

right, I think that answers my question.
12:03 PM
A: Google Page Rank - How to check SEO stats using PHP

alexey palamarTry to use this: GOOGLEPR::getPageRank('http://stackoverflow.com/'); Class: class GOOGLEPR { CONST SOURCE = 'http://toolbarqueries.google.com/'; public function __construct() { } /** * Function for set domain for search * * return Bool */ static function getPageRank($...

Nice solution alexey. Clever use of bitwise shifts. How long did it take you to code this up? — Amal Murali 3 mins ago
I wonder if he will reply to that. :P
migrations are going on...I get notifications in my inbox...
Oh? I haven't got one yet
@rene pics!
someone just hit the migrate lever!
Ah cool, thx
12:09 PM
will I get my -1 back for a downvote if a crappy answer is deleted, then corrected, and then undeleted?
@LaszloPapp Stop worrying so much about -1 and +1s.
that does not answer an objective question.
(I am really not sure why you think I worry, though)
asking a question can have other origins than -1/-2/etc worrying, surely?
You should get it back I suppose when it's deleted.
@LaszloPapp Because Unicorns Alicorns?
@devnull: I meant to ask about undeletion, not deletion. Deletion gives you a +1 in that case.
12:16 PM
It's possible that the scenario you mentioned exhibits undefined behavior.
(I figured what you asked. That's the reason I say undefined.)
in this particular case, I was just asking because I do not know whether I uselessly give updates to my downvoters with the delete/undelete.
I doubt it's undefined. Downvote -> -1. Deletion -> +1 (really an un--1). Improvement and undeletion -> -1 again (but now it's retractable).
when in the end "nothing happened" from their point of view.
@michaelb958: do I get a notification about the -1 again though? I am asking this because litereally thousands of posts were deleted with my downvote, and I imagine some of them came back in the end, but I cannot recall a notification for such an activity.
(nor an entry in the reputation history)
@LaszloPapp Oh, probably not. We all know about the annoying little policy of not notifying users about rep losses. (For what it's worth, I think that policy is a Bad Idea.)
The rep history? I don't know. I haven't had a post go through that cycle before.
@michaelb958: that is true... although I would expect something in the history, at least.
or at least reputation drop, but I cannot recall any of them, so my assumption is that you do not get the -1 back.
otherwise I would have experienced a reputation drop at least once for those 1000-2000 deleted posts when the post came back.
12:22 PM
I'm guessing either three entries (-1, +1, -1) or one entry (the original -1). Could be wrong, though.
ok, well, I hope I did not give much buzz to the 15 voters.
I like the sites's clean design :)
@AmalMurali plagiarism from where?
12:44 PM
@Bart: Many sources, I am not sure which. Googling for "Mining PageRank is AGAINST GOOGLE'S TERMS OF SERVICE. Yes, I'm talking to you, scammer." (with the quotes) lists a few sites.
>How long did it take you to code this up? I wrote this code long enough, I do not remember how long it took. Thank you for your kind words :) — alexey palamar 17 mins ago
Oh rly?
That's what I mean. Identify the original source and you have a point. If that's not possible it's difficult to do anything about this.
So does that mean I can copy entire classes from external sources and use it in my answer with the variable names changed?
Not really no. Problem is, what do you expect to happen?
I don't know what qualifies as plagiarism then. I expect it to be deleted by a moderator.
If I can identify an original source, then you can check for license and give proper attribution or take other actions. If it's content that's all over the intarwebz, that gets particularly difficult
I can't see a moderator taking action on this without a clear source
@alexeypalamar some users have raised a concern with your code not being entirely your own. I can see similar code online, but can't determine an original source. If you have taken code from somewhere or were particularly inspired by it, perhaps include some attribution of your sources. That would help and take away any concerns. Just a hint, see what you do with it. ;) — Bart 10 secs ago
@AmalMurali ^^^
12:54 PM
@LaszloPapp Deletion makes your vote 'not happen'; e.g. the system acts as if it never happened.
That's why you get your -1 back.
But undeletion makes the vote 'exist' again.
So you'll see your -1 reappear again in your voting record, at the time it was cast.
Ah ha, so just the original -1.
@TimPost: Should I just repost the zombie tag FAQ or is that a post that should be migrated too? I'm thinking it still has a place on MSE, but fixed to talk in general SE terms.
@Bart: Nicely handled, +1
1:12 PM
@MartijnPieters That's a good MSE post. It would be okay on SO, but it's a problem all sites have
That was my thinking; the post refers to SO, so should be reworded on MSE.
How do you link to an SO tag here?
[stackoverflow-tag:foo] => [stackoverflow-tag:foo], [so-tag:foo] => [so-tag:foo]
Hrmmm, I don't think there's a magic link for that.
But [tag:foo] =>
Rats, my favourite proposed syntax doesn't work either.
1:26 PM
you can't link to tags on other sites unless you post the normal link
Side-effect of the migration is me loosing rep on mSE and therefor fallback in privileges...
I've lost 100 rep so far
Doesn't seem much
I haven't lost at all
I lost 200... no big deal. Creating tag synonyms wasn't something I was doing often...
No loss here. Yet.
1:34 PM
If you have a look at this I vote closed as unclear but left a comment to ask for clarification mainly because I thought DJ KRAZE jumped to a conclusion. Now the OP has accepted my answer. Is the question closed based on the wrong sentiment?
If the OP edits in the response on my comment could the question be re-openend?
Or should we leave it at this...closed but answered.
@AmalMurali no problem.
Ah DJ KRAZE, we meet again
I broke chat:
^^^ Look at the timestamps.
@ProgramFOX Chat gets desynchronised far more often than you'd think. I severely doubt it's actually broken. (F5, man. F5.)
F5 repaired it :'(
Told you so.
1:49 PM
@Bart Is that bad?
Anyone else seeing a lot of whitespace under this answer?
A: Brainteaser: What is the one thing a queen cannot do that all other pieces can do?

GrizzyRawrzI'll have a go at saying the queen is the only piece that cannot reveal a discovered check.

@AmalMurali not for me...
It take more whitespace because it is the accepted answer?
This is what I see.
Probably because of the tickmark.
1:53 PM
@AmalMurali I'm seeing it. I'm theorising it's the table-based layout. The left column has upvote, score, downvote, accepted-mark; there's just one line of text in the right column.
Yeah. That is a bug in the design, right?
@AmalMurali it is the same for me
@rene previous encounters did not go well. But that's a looong time ago
Questions incoming on MSO!
I've had an answer migrated; that's an eventual -40 on MSE.
2:08 PM
I just got some wierd migrations, anyone have an opinion: How are flags assigned to moderators for review?, Weird symbols on a comment. Neither are SO specific
2:23 PM
The second one I'd say is SO specific. As in, it's pretty much only SO where people would opt for Zalgo. First one is strange though
2:45 PM
checks which CM he can bother
Bother all the CMs!!!
3:05 PM
Captchas aren't working when I try to post to stackoverflow.com/questions/…. I get the Human Verification pop-up, but the animated ellipsis under the photo is never replaced with an actual captcha. Anyone else having this issue, or should I reload Firefox?
@MartijnPieters: ok, but why don't I see reputation drop?
Nevermind. I restarted Firefox and it seems to be working now.
3:21 PM
Were you accessing it through https instead of http @samwyse?
@Bart I generally access SE sites through https but do not recall this specific problem. Then again I don't recall SE sites giving me a captcha, ever.
Q: Captcha is missing in Data Explorer when connected over HTTPS

PraveenWhen I tried to run How many upvotes do I have for each tag?, I got the below screen: The captcha is missing! I tried in other browsers too. Update: From @Oded's comments, I changed to HTTP and it was working perfectly. Out of curiosity I would like to know why the captcha isn't working ...

Not sure if it was the same issue though
@LaszloPapp The reputation drop reappears in your record as part of the day you originally downvoted, I think.
So you don't see a -1 on the day the post is undeleted.
A: Call a php method from javascript

LX-3There are already many threads on this, don't loose your time and save the planet with less bytes on hard drives thanks all. And, I agree with @Roberto Reale for the JSON idea.

@MartijnPieters: yes, but I would need to see my reputation changing from X to X-1.
@Bart Just tried that query in the post you linked to. No problem here.
3:33 PM
@LaszloPapp What post are we talking about here?
the one you just linked to?
@MartijnPieters: nothing, I just assume some of the deleted posts came back.
and I have never seen strange reputation drop (including even just a -1).
The post history on that one doesn't show it was ever deleted.
that post was not demonstrating the issue. I just linked it because I think it is an inappropriate post and worth burning.
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