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2:06 AM
There's quite a few things that are going to be a bit off, we're sorting out everything from leagues to the tag engine to everything else. It's also very unlikely that I'm going to begin migrating stuff back over to MSO before this AM NY time, if anything explodes after the devs to go bed in a bit, well, that'd be awful.
Yay, success! :P
@TimPost Get Jin in here tomorrow ASAP. :P
Made it into the chatroom
Well, what an exciting day
goes back to code golf-land to continue war with CR
hey @Jin!
We've found a few design issues annoyances :P
Mainly excess or not enough padding on lots of places
(Tags, buttons, etc.)
2:15 AM
@Doorknob i'll be going through the site for style tweaks.
i gave up on launching a flawless css bug free site. i suck
@Jin You have the go from the comm team to roll out the hot dog stand theme at your discretion if complaints get too annoying.
@TimPost did you see the hotdog theme i did for SO a while back?
Lol, not bugs so much as just annoyances
2:17 AM
@Jin Yes, though I don't remember where or how I got a look at it
@Jin ... says the amazing designer for SE that everyone loves. :P
@hichris123 ha you'd think by now, after 40-ish site launches, i'd get the css down..
I was summoned.
I was told amazing things were happening, please explain.
@Jin What's the favicon for mSE going to be?
@hichris123 just se's
2:22 AM
@jin why does the CSS suck?
@TheWobbuffet css doesn't, i do :)
I think it's a really cool design by the way, @Jin. :D
thanks. i based the header off this SE shirt i designed.
@jin you made the mobile site's CSS?
@Jin Stop making SE's beloved designer seem decidedly un-beloved :(
2:23 AM
whoa we one-box instagram in chat now? nice
Im just saying the CSS could be better...
2:24 AM
Okay, time to update my site's homepage to say MSE instead of MSO :P
Idk, I'm adjusted to apple's stupid UI guidelines
@TheWobbuffet Y u put so much pressure on Jin :(
ha it's fine. i love launching new sites!
of course, in the case of meta.se it's a bit different
@Jin So... how do we buy that shirt? :P
2:26 AM
Oooh, MSE is in Hot Network Questions now
@hichris123 with the salary Stack Exchange pays you :P
(i.e., employee-only. sorry.)
Aww, oh well.
sets goal of working at SE
Shouldn't it say '2014 Stack Exchange Inc.'?
It says '2014 stack exchange inc.' currently
Things should be capitalized!
@Laura Only problem is I'm a kid. So... yeah. :P
@hichris123 You're a few months older than me though :P
And on the mobile chat room you can't view full site!!!
To edit messages
@TheWobbuffet menu -> edit last
2:28 AM
And the menu button has to be right below the textarea?
And there's a full site link in menu too
Ok the menu is a bit good, but should it really be a button?
not to self: ask SE to don't use 301 if they are going to change it anyways
Edit last? Nooo edit one!
Someone put my cheese back where it belongs and I am back in this familiar place.
2:29 AM
Ok done criticizing maybe.
Gtg, bye all
Whoa blue.
I love that MSE has a separate bugs and requests tab!
2:49 AM
The text on MSE is kind of small. I like the way the new design looks but it's not quite as readable.
I agree with @JeremyBanks on text; there's a lot of weirdly sized things. But the blue theme is totally sweet!
The text backgrounds here in chat could use a little more contrast though.
Same with the send/upload button; they're really close to the footer background color.
And whine... whine whine...
I expect it will be great after some polish.
Me too. Good to see it went smooth.
Pseudo-migration causes some weird sights on the MSO homepage:
user image
3:11 AM
What happen!
What did you do?
> We are currently offline for maintenance
@TCPMAN.EXE I'm going to write a chatbot that communicates only through internet memes of the past 15 years, and you two are going to have a mind-blowing conversation.
3:29 AM
Q: A shell script to show files in current direcroty with permission 777

Rahul SinghWrite a shell script that (i) lists all subdirectories with 777 or 766 permissions and gives them new permissions as stated by the user

^ Burn it, please.
3:49 AM
I am back.
something seems to have happened.
... no kidding. :P
Answered here: More options when flagging for migration (side note: someone please migrate that here) — hichris123 3 mins ago
@TimPost ^ Something for you to migrate in the morning.
@stevesliva Ok, my activity on this site seems to be having no effect on my reputation. Where is it going? — Wold 1 min ago
Same here.
Q: Should we flag questions on mSE that are strictly about SO?

UndoYay, we finally split mSO and mSE. However, in browsing the new mSE I'm noticing questions that are strictly about Stack Overflow. I'm tempted to flag these for migration to the new Meta Stack Overflow, but I banged to ask first. Do we flag questions that are about SO to request migration?

4:00 AM
Hmm, is there a Meta post on how per-site metas work?
@AmalMurali probably the updated "What's meta" will be helpful
"Votes on meta do not affect your reputation; your meta reputation is the same as your reputation on Stack Overflow (synchronized hourly), though you earn separate badges. You must have 5 reputation to participate on meta."
Already seen that. But then why do we still have upvote or downvotes on per-site metas? Do they affect your reputation? If so how? If not, why are we still able to vote?
checks email hoping for an invitation to come be an mSE modrator-monkey-with-gun person
is disappointed
Oh wait. This means those high rep users like Jon Skeet a lot more privileges than they used to?
@Undo Not happening. :P
4:07 AM
Yeah, probably not :P
This also means I can now view deleted questions and answers on Meta?!?!?!?!!?111
@Amal Skeet probably already had 20k on meta.
Skeet is 60k on mSE
like skeet. And not 20k anyway. More than that.
4:08 AM
Night all.
hello snazzy new tavern
I think someone painted in here..
@random please don't! There is a bunch of MSO specific questions with that tag. Please, revert back all changes. — Braiam 2 mins ago
Metas all the way down...
It's so weird seeing the SO mods diamondless on mSE.
4:17 AM
That may change in the future
MSE should totally hand out diamonds to every site mod.
@Jin Why are you using the Ubuntu Logo over the Ask Ubuntu logo? Just curious..
Other than that, awesome!
@ɥʇǝS it was the apple touch icon the Canonical designer provided me a while back i think
hmm actually i'm wrong. i have no idea. i'll update it
4:22 AM
That'd be cool :)
Is that going to be an actual T-shirt btw?
@Charles chaos would rain, the mods would decend with a loud shout, all programming questions would be closed instantly.
Basically, good idea.
Hmm, is it rude to edit an answer just to remove backtick abuse? (case in point)
@AmalMurali: rude? I don't consider it rude at all.
I've done the same edit before and the user still keeps doing it. :/
BTW, I've done it, if I cop any flak for it I'll let you know.
4:34 AM
It's absolutely not rude, and it's also entirely appropriate to remind users that code formatting is for code, not for emphasis and that formatting random words makes it hard to read.
Oooh neat, mSE questions show up in the supercollider.
just saw my flagging question.
@AmalMurali Don't give them ideas!
Can someone think of a polite comment asking the user to stop abusing backticks?
oh hi @balpha
4:41 AM
@AmalMurali "Please stop abusing backticks."
Pfft. Who needs polite when you can merely be not-rude.,
Added a thing.
Where? o.O
@NambiNarayanan, please stop using code formatting for emphasis. It's code formatting. For code. Not for emphasis. — Charles 51 secs ago
Oh, I didn't see that. +1
4:44 AM
Adios, folks. Sleep calls.
@Charles Thanks Here after i have this practice — Nambi Narayanan 20 secs ago
@Charles lolwat?
@Undo Nights!
@AmalMurali I'm gonna choose to parse that as "Thank you. Hereafter, I will follow your recommended practice."
@Undo Put it on speaker.
@Undo, you know, saying goodnight and then immediately leaving is the best way to get excessive notifications later.
@Charles: Oh. I parsed it as "I've been doing this for long, I'm not going to change it anyway. Thanks though!"
4:46 AM
@AmalMurali ESL is fun!
@Bart - Apparently, the OP did not like your edit and thus rolled it back.
Tempted to flag it
@AmalMurali - But flag it what? (O_o)
As plagiarism without credits. But I just rolled it back and added a comment:
When you're referencing parts of another answer or an external source, please add them in blockquotes. Check the Help Center page on Referencing for more details. — Amal Murali 47 secs ago
5:04 AM
cool :) just saw,
5:33 AM
Currently on full blast through SE headquarters (I hope): this music.
I missed the "L" in "flight" and had a bit of a head-scratch moment. — Nicholas 15 hours ago
Also, SO had six migration targets, for just a fleeting moment.
5:51 AM
@hichris123 flag it as 'other' if you wouldn't mind
6:02 AM
Just curious, is it only moderators who can delete accepted answers?
The community can delete them as well, IIRC.
Anybody feel like reviewing a few suggested wiki edits on Meta? >_>"
> There are no items for you to review.
@JeremyBanks I would if I could. I can haz upvotes? :P
@michaelb958 Ahh, it take 5k...
6:10 AM
@JeremyBanks Only 684 to go then.
Wait. It requires 5K?
@AmalMurali Reviewing tag wiki edits, not standard post edits.
Oh. I missed that "wiki" part.
@AmalMurali I edited it in very sneakily. ;)
Ah. :D
I was going to get more coffee.
6:13 AM
There seem to be an awful lot of design bugs on Shiny New Meta.
@JeremyBanks Finally.
@michaelb958: Shshh. All the free meta rep!
yay for poor edits on closed posts delaying the automated deletion ...
6:34 AM
@Charles: My interpretation was correct, it seems.
See this answer by the same user — they've abused backticks again :(
6:58 AM
Yay... tavern is back :P
7:32 AM
can somebody check this link?
it is just me or links to comments cause a css bug on the page?
ok - nevermind. Found a meta post about that
[status-This is a test]
[meta-tag:foo] =>
Like so ^
How do I link to an SO tag?
@AmalMurali actually I was checking if the status egg still worked
ta Stack Overflow/(any room): red tags
> Send a message consisting solely of [status-SOME_PLAINTEXT_STRING] and it will appear in chat like a moderator tag. Doing this as a reply to another message is okay, but other text or formatting will not work. The plaintext string cannot be longer than 50 characters, and must match the regex [-A-Za-z0-9_]+.
Don't we have any complaints about the "horrible blue which is hurting my eyes" yet?
7:47 AM
I like this color, actually. Better than old boring Meta!
@Bart - I've already taken steps to acclimate myself
gotta get some of those blue tinted glasses :P
@Lix Papa Smurf!
@Lix haha, suits you sir
Thanks @Bart :P And thanks @SPArchaeologist (I think :P )
7:54 AM
How do I launch Clippy?
> Uncaught Error: Attempting to use a disconnected port object
Oh damn. It's not working.
I thought $.getScript('http://cdn-chat.sstatic.net/chat/Js/eggs.js'); would make it work, but nope :/
If only Clippy were here to help you out
I'm downloading Game of Thrones using a torrent. Is it somehow possible to watch the first episodes before the entire download is completed?
I tried renaming the .part files in my ~/Downloads directory to .avi, but VLC couldn't play it.
@AmalMurali - torrents don't download sequentially
Thought so. So it isn't possible, right?
It downloads what ever parts are available in no specific order...
It is, and some torrent clients support it - but it kinda cancels the whole idea of torrenting something...
@AmalMurali - you should have enough seeders to get the episode pretty fast though no?
8:04 AM
@AlulaErrorpone S1 completed. I will move to S2 shortly. As I said, watching one episode at time - don't want them to end too soon.
@Lix S1 is about 4 GB. Are you talking about downloading the episodes individually?
ohhh...starting from the beginning :P
@AmalMurali - enjoy :)
I would. If I didn't have exams. :/
Can we already know which questions will migrate back to mSO?
A lot of the ones I guess
@AmalMurali Exam time is the best time to watch series
8:13 AM
Yes, it was during my last exam I started watching Sherlock. It was awesome!
But I miss it now. Y THEY NO RELEASE S4 :/
@Bart and the links stay the same for those migrated questions?
Not a clue.
Ah dammit, now I really need more SO rep.
Meh, I'll just bring out the sockpuppets to get me over 10k
Does anyone else have a weird redirect to Area51 if you click the Active tab in mSO in IE11? It doesn't happen in Chrome but I wonder if it is local for me?
In case of caching: I already cleared that...
8:22 AM
No repro
Hmmm...maybe I need to flush some network stuff here...
@user13500 Because the author deleted it.
> This question was voluntarily removed by its author.
Thought one could not delete questions with answers. It had one answer and I wrote my own. Did not get notified that it was deleted until I tried to post.
The OP can delete it if there are no upvoted answers
Q: How does deleting work? What can cause a post to be deleted, and what does that actually mean? What are the criteria for deletion?

jjnguyWhat circumstances can cause a question or answer to be deleted, and what does that actually mean? How can a post be deleted? When can't I delete my own post? Can I see a list of my deleted posts? How can I undelete one of my posts? What does deletion mean for a post? How do votes to delete wo...

"You can't delete any question that: has an upvoted answer, or has multiple answers (even if there are no upvotes)"
8:36 AM
@user13500 That question has one answer but no upvote(s)
Yes. Get it. Thanks.
IE11 finally decided to load and show everything as expected...
Why still use IE?
8:54 AM
@Bart. Wanting to give it a try since finally they have released version 1.1?
No, I don't like change...
Heh. Whenever I launch it my first response is "OH GOD NO"
oh shi is japanese for Morning!?
I just realized I forgot to update my stylesheet for the split
9:00 AM
...at least unless they invented the hiragana for "oh" while I was asleep
Let's try again
err... I mean - Morning
This new design is really growing on me.
9:05 AM
Meta is no longer grey, so neither am I
I like the design quite a bit
the chat is still way too bright, though
It certainly isn't Tavern-like @3ventic'sShadow. More like some sort of health-spa. I feel all refreshed and healthy. Yuck.
is red? How about
9:09 AM
This is the color scheme of horror movies ... blue ... ~shivering~
This is a horror site?
Some would argue so @telkitty.exe
Meta is horror
flesh colored notification ... now it looks like porn :x
@telkitty.exe actually, I were thinking of asking to add a small logo on all this blue. A little cloud with a rainbow thunderbolt will do.
9:13 AM
This blue is also ... very provocative - putting people into a fiesty mode, putting me into one anyways
Are you ever not in a feisty mode @telkitty.exe?
The dark-blue line below the buttons is much worse...
@Bart Sometimes I am in a huggable/love heart mode ... no, you don't want to know >_< I am annoyed by this blue, maybe this is the anti-troll color ~takes my leave~
That looks a bit weird
Tavern on the blue meta. Hmmm.
9:25 AM
Should I switch from Joe to Capitan Blue?
ok, chat moved.
was expected
Dangit, he found us
meh, used the old link
and hi @Bart
Hiya @JohannesKuhn :)
ok, how could I help with the split? Most questions/answers are for meta.so, shall I flag my old questions?
9:30 AM
Meta is now known as Padding Overflow
Q: Should we flag questions on mSE that are strictly about SO?

UndoYay, we finally split mSO and mSE. However, in browsing the new mSE I'm noticing questions that are strictly about Stack Overflow. I'm tempted to flag these for migration to the new Meta Stack Overflow, but I wanted to ask first. Do we flag questions that are about SO to request migration?

@JohannesKuhn ^^
Oops, had a webpage not found on mSO...now it is back again,,,glitch...
Meta reminds me of this song (I am blue)
10:01 AM
meta.stackexchange link in the top navigation points to meta.stackoverflow?
Not for me, no
10:16 AM
@3ventic if you click the logo on "http://meta.stackexchange.com/questions" you stay on meta.SE or you end up on meta.SO??
Then it is [meta-tag:DNS Cache Problem].
Stop drinking Tim's coffee @Lix
10:26 AM
I stopped reading after the first two words you wrote :/
is one of my favorite tags.
Well, damn.
10:40 AM
/me wonders if there is no such tag because you can't ever drink too much
Woah... there's only 150 users with >10K on MSE
On SharePoint only 10.
And I have some concrete reserve on some of them begin actual persons. I believe they may be corporate accounts used by a whole company.
If that is the case it makes me a little sad :/
On the other hand, if the content contributed is good - no one can complain.
10:56 AM
@Lix on the flip-side, there are a lot of users who still lead a normal life. :p
@Bart users who have not yet come to the blue side

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