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3:01 AM
@GeorgeMarian Because many people in the world suck? I dunno :P
I'm not cool with people being able to buy tickets under their name and give them to someone else just like that. I see no legitimate reason for that when you can buy tickets for other people no problem.
Heh. AFAIK, the practical reason is due to car thefts.
Ah, that seems a bit silly if no one reported the car stolen..
Right? People are insane
I reject your conclusion.
Everyone but me is insane.
3:09 AM
@RebeccaChernoff But everyone is your sockpuppet, meaning in part that you poke fun at yourself, which is surely a sign of craziness.
@RebeccaChernoff Bows to the lil' blue mod girl
Plus, let's face it, your weapon of choice to beat up waffles was a wet noodle.
Spaghetti is for eating, not whipping.
@TimStone That sounds like solipsism to me. :-D
@TimStone Hey, I've been slapped by wet noodles before - not funny ;)
3:10 AM
@YiJiang Now I have a mental image of this, and it's hilarious
@YiJiang, are you on skype or some other im service?
@RebeccaChernoff I use Pidgin with MSN and Google's whatever service
The title of that article made me think something very different than what it actually turned out to be. :(
@TimStone Unfortunately, @YiJiang's use of the word "slapped" brought on the wrong visual for me.
....I had to think on that one for a moment, hahah. shakes head
3:15 AM
@YiJiang with the gmail on your se accounts? or if not will you add me (rebecca@so) (:
Ah well, that worked I think
Warning: utterly shameless plug coming:
Q: What are the little arrows for in the CSS sprite in SO

TrufaI mean the little arrows under the big ones (the normal upvote/downvote). *link to image Are they for mods or something? Just curious. I can't believe nobody knows, I will retag as bug then ;) Thanks!

Hrm. It isn't snowing outside, and hasn't been for several hours. Maybe we won't get a foot of snow.
Any ideas?
@RebeccaChernoff Ah yeah, your area was supposed to get it pretty bad, wasn't it?
3:19 AM
Yeah. Where I am we stayed close to 32 degrees, so we got 2" of sleet. Of course, that's all frozen over now...but still, better than what they were predicting.
Round 2, the foot of snow, hasn't come yet, though it has reached other areas near here.
Ick, still sounds rather unpleasant. I'm not sure if it actually did anything here today or not, I know it was supposed to, but I think it just opted to look nasty out.
The ground is all ice, so I went out because I like driving on ice and slipping around.
Still more freezing rain on the forecast though, so I suppose it might surprise me.
It took me 45 minutes to chip away at the frozen sleet...except that I only got halfway up the driveway...one shovel-width... |:
I folded after that.
3:23 AM
@RebeccaChernoff At least you don't have to drive into work anymore, heheh
I was hoping to get it all clear before the snow came. The storm has moved south I think though. Ah, great timing with that picture showing the storm south of StL @DanGrossman (:
@Trufa Technically speaking, the arrows are for comment upvotes, but I believe you're referring to the triangles above them.
@GeorgeMarian absolutely
sorry, I'm editing my question
(related to your flooding issues, your ! could easily be on the same line as your first line q:)
@GeorgeMarian thanks, edited the question!
3:27 AM
weird timing. It just started snowing...but ever so lightly.
"This storm reaches more than 2000 miles from coast to coast, with 30 states under storm warnings and over 6000 cancelled flights."
@ChrisJesterYoung Sorry I went AFK (in case that wasn't clear :-) I may do that! I get, what is it, 15% off I think by using my Warrior card. maybe it's only 10%
@TheRenamedException 10%. But you can't combine that with this offer.
@drachenstern YEY!! Nice work
@ChrisJesterYoung Ok, that's right. So yeah, an extra 10% is nce!
@TheRenamedException If you go to the one by Southpoint, many of the people there (including one manager) know me by name.
3:32 AM
@ChrisJesterYoung Same here! You know Brandon by any chance? :-)
Or D.J. or Cory, no, wait, I think Cory left
Or, what's the other manager's name, I want to cay Chris but I know that's not it. Scott, that's it
As @RebeccaChernoff knows, I eat there a lot :-)
@TheRenamedException I think so, but I'll have to see. :-)
@RebeccaChernoff What, you eat at P. F. Chang's a lot too?
@ChrisJesterYoung Brandon's their best server. He's in a rock band :-D
@ChrisJesterYoung No, I always talk about it :-)
And she harasses me for it ;-)
3:34 AM
@Trufa A quick glance at the CSS suggests that those arrows might not be used...
Dec 31 '10 at 0:03, by Rebecca Chernoff
You've likely eaten everything P.F. Chang's has anyway. (;
@TheRenamedException Hahaha, awww...we eat there a lot because they have a gluten-free menu, and my wife is gluten-intolerant.
Nov 12 '10 at 0:05, by rchern
Aren't you supposed to be at PF Changs right about now?
Jan 13 at 17:06, by Rebecca Chernoff
To be fair @Josh, I don't believe I've ever made fun of you saying that P.F. Chang's is not good. For how often you eat there, perhaps. Or more likely just for no specific reason at all. (;
Is PF Changs food by chance all frozen?
@DanGrossman No.
3:34 AM
it tastes like it :/
@DanGrossman Your palate sucks.
They did launch this frozen in-te-supermarket dealie but I don't trust that
PF Changs is decent. It's not Chinese, but it's decent.
@ChrisJesterYoung agreed :-)
3:35 AM
@MichaelPetrotta Its decor may not be Chinese, but my folks think the food is good enough.
@TimStone ok, that might explain it but i would find it strange due to the effort the team invests in speed and efficiency!
their locations all have 3/5 stars or less on yelp
@MichaelPetrotta It's "California style". I don't know any good places for real Chinese anymore.
@MichaelPetrotta And my mother is from Hong Kong (i.e., have picky palate). :-P
@ChrisJesterYoung have you been to the Neo China in Durham? If so, is it any good?
3:36 AM
That's it exactly - California/Asian fusion.
@TheRenamedException I haven't. Sadly, few Chinese places have a gluten-free menu, so we seldom try a Chinese place unless I know it has a GF menu.
@Trufa Forcing people to download a new sprite image would likely be more wasteful than just leaving it as-is anyway, it's not like those 60 some pixels will cut the image size down by much :P
The Neo China in Cary used to be excellent but they went downhill after spending all their money on the Sushi Bar
San Francisco has real Chinese. When I lived there and worked with folks from China, I got taken to some great places.
3:36 AM
(as I'm sure do other cities)
sushi! want
(Chinese food is notorious for having gluten everywhere, not least because most dishes contain soy sauce, and most varieties of soy sauce is made with wheat.)
@MichaelPetrotta I wandered through Chinatown in SF once, it was huge and I got totally lost :-)
I want sushi too, dammit.
@ChrisJesterYoung yeah, good point
3:37 AM
@The: no good Chinese in Chinatown.
@TimStone i second that"
....I want to be in Philly so I can have sushi delivered.
That's for tourists
@RebeccaChernoff Which type of sushi do you like best?
@MichaelPetrotta oh, didn't know. I didn't eat there, just wandered around :-)
3:38 AM
@TimStone Mizu?
To Hong Kong! demands dim sum
@TimStone so, if you want, post it as and answer
@DanGrossman Yeah
@RebeccaChernoff Also, is there a Benihana in STL? If so, I'll take you there if we ever meet up, and we can do bottomless sushi. :-D
3:38 AM
@TimStone it seem a logical explanation
:had sushi today:
Then there was Nara's, but the only reason that anyone ate there was because they served alcohol without carding. >_>
@TimStone Hong Kong is awesome. I miss the place as much as I miss New Zealand.
@YiJiang's election page is increasing in popularity! w3counter.com/stats/visitors/47698/day/1000/0
/me was born in Hong Kong, but lived in New Zealand for 20 years.
3:39 AM
I visited New Zealand briefly, went mountain biking...good times.
@TimStone The only place where you can get real dim sum, if you ask me ;)
@TimStone but the question that the does come to mind is where is the sprite for voting on merging tags
3:40 AM
@YiJiang And I would, and I'd agree. :D
@ChrisJesterYoung No ):
@ChrisJesterYoung Brandon is in the middle on bass :-p
@Trufa Yeah, I'm not 100% sure though.
@RebeccaChernoff Awwww....
@DanGrossman Gaming's elections just started, and they've been quite excited by the stats page
3:40 AM
@TheRenamedException :-D
@TimStone fair enough!
@YiJiang oooh, more elections
@TheRenamedException Gaming, Webapps and Ubuntu
@ChrisJesterYoung Ah, I lived in Hong Kong briefly, then went to NZ on a school trip, heh. :)
Meaning more town halls huh @Rebecca?
@TimStone LUCKY
3:41 AM
@TimStone So what's your nationality? :-)
Now I'm hungry again, argh!
I just grabbed some food (:
I do not want to do a digest for gaming's town hall!!!!
@TimStone Me, I'm a New Zealand citizen, but currently hold a US green card, and live in the US.
I'm a U.S. citizen, although I've lived outside of the U.S. for a good chunk of my life so far.
3:42 AM
Nice, nice.
@TheRenamedException Put, in giant flashing bold letters, a message asking all participants to use replies ;)
At the moment I'm in boring ________ though. sigh
@YiJiang I will scream if thy don't :-)
@TheRenamedException Sure you do! ;)
3:43 AM
@ChrisJesterYoung It's a seeekret!
@YiJiang Oooh, so mysterious. :-P
@RebeccaChernoff What did you get? I'm trying to remember what I have to make, heh..
(I'm afraid @balpha's got us all)
@YiJiang What has balpha done?
3:44 AM
In fact @RebeccaChernoff I would appreciate it very much if you could mention for the next Town Hall (programmers right?) that it is helpful if candidates use the reply function when answering questions
@TheRenamedException, ya know, you don't have to do any town halls...
@TimStone The erhm... seekret thing
@RebeccaChernoff yes I know :-) I do intend to do Programmers, but I will probably skip Gaming :-)
@RebeccaChernoff He's doing work for you, for free...just roll with it!
Und also ze funny German akcent
3:45 AM
Yeah @Rebecca :-)
@YiJiang Ah.
@TimStone Well, there is this mysterious 250 unicorn exp bonus which I am hoping may be mine ;-)
I know I'll regret this, but I guess I'll do Gaming.
I bugged @MarcGravell about adding to the chat search functionality such that you can filter by room and by person. Then it'd be easy to just give a link per each candidate.
@TheRenamedException Oh, this is true. I had forgotten about that.
@TimStone I can do the giant flashing letter for you
@YiJiang Excellent, if candidates don't obey, I'll just cause them all to have seizures. That'll give me time to get caught up.
@DanGrossman Fancy geolocator.
3:47 AM
@YiJiang ?
@TheRenamedException, but you're not getting one for each THCD! q:
ooh, the heavy ice is arriving
@RebeccaChernoff Isn't that what you mean by searching per room per user?
This means that my meta rep now far exceeds my rep on any other site. I am proud to join the lame club and hail to my new president @PopularDemand!
ice storm warningggg, i'm gonna stay up late to watch it, and find my flashlight
@YiJiang You can't filter though, you have to give some search criteria.
3:47 AM
@YiJiang You can't leave the search keyword field blank though.
@TheRenamedException Hoorah!
@RebeccaChernoff haha, thanks. I do it out of love for the site and respect for the work you're doing, not out of need for rep. But I really appreciate the 250 bounty!
> You've earned the "discussion" badge. See your profile.
This weather announcer is funny... "There could be a thunderstorm with ice in it. I've never even seen that! And it might happen!"
For a second I thought that was a new chat badge! ;-)
@TheRenamedException Hmm, perhaps if we combine your Meta reps and my SO reps, we can soon reach 10K
3:49 AM
I would have so much more rep on SO if it weren't for chat
@TheRenamedException That reminds me, where's my [discussion] badge?
I know you didn't do it for the rep...but I know it took a lot of time and effort.
@YiJiang You should answer five more questions.
Just sayin', since you have nothing to do.
@TimStone Which I did, most definitely
It did, but, it was worth it. I was re-reading SuperUser's and it was very helpful in deciding who to cat my #2 and #3 votes for
3:51 AM
Oh, you mean 5 more questions
Erhm... how does that help?
@YiJiang "You must have a total score of 100 in at least 20 non-community wiki answers to achieve this badge."
My brain today... shakes head
Anyway, you only have 15 non-CW answers according to the tooltip.
@TimStone Ah, so I do have to answer 5 more questions
Y'all should bug @MarcGravell about that search functionality. q:
@RebeccaChernoff People should just post and answer questions appropriately :p
3:55 AM
:bugs @MarcGravell's computer:
I will! @MarkGavell! We need the ability to search for all posts by a user in chat!
@RebeccaChernoff or is there a better place? Chat feedback? :-)
:488346 :-)
@TheRenamedException I'm sure Marc will be bugged no matter where you @-notify him :P
Probably true!
A: C++ mysterious code. any security issue?

Noah RobertsDenzell Washington!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Actually @Rebecca I want to try a new idea for the Programmer's town hall, I think if I create a spreadsheet with columns for each candidate, and post new rows for each question, that will help me greatly in organizing as I go and knowing when everyone answered
Because that was my biggest difficulty (and what people emailed you about, LOL) was my missing answers / mixing them up
3:59 AM
@DanGrossman ...Huh.
Hmmm, they added a 'help' link
... which loads inline, huh
@YiJiang And here I was trying to figure out what the hell that box was supposed to be pointing at.
@TimStone That box is the result of a gnome-screenshot bug
@TheRenamedException That would be far more organized than I am. Tis a great idea though. Why didn't I think of that?
@YiJiang Who use gnome-screenshot, anyway? xwd 4eva!
4:01 AM
I don't know why I didn't think of that until this evening, again while cooking!
@ChrisJesterYoung Never bothered scouting out my options there, heh
@YiJiang (I was being facetious. xwd is the old-school way to take screen shots in X.)
With the SU digest I quoted you (using >) when you said "I see the following candidates present...", and pinned that, and for each question reviewed eah one. Today I realized I was doing it wrong
@ChrisJesterYoung Ah, right. Erhm...
@YiJiang It's like saying "who uses sawfish/metacity/Window Maker/Enlightenment/fvwm anyway? twm 4eva!". :-P
4:02 AM
I can not type today
Okay, having it output the binary result of my screenshot to the console is pretty fun (ahem)
On which note, twm (back in those days) forced me to learn point-to-focus.
And ever since, I cannot function with click-to-focus any more.
I have to use point-to-focus.
(But I am considering looking for a better screenshot tool)
(And OS X's non-support for point-to-focus (q.v. Steve Yegge's post on the subject) means that I will probably never use OS X as my main OS.)
@ChrisJesterYoung I can't make my brain work with point-to-focus. Maybe I just need a trial by file like that
@ChrisJesterYoung I thought there was a haxie or something which did that?
4:05 AM
@ChrisJesterYoung And you have to stop making reference to old school Unix software to me, I'm far too young to 'get' them
@YiJiang no excuses!
@TheRenamedException Point-to-focus is really, really awesome once you get used to it. It means you just need to move your mouse to be able to type in another window, without messing up your z-order.
Problem is I move my mouse too much :-)
You learn after a while to move your mouse to the right spot before you type. :-P
The problem with click-to-focus is that you have to click on the target window first, which brings it to the top.
This messes with the z-order.
@ChrisJesterYoung ok, reading now, and it appears I was mistaken
4:07 AM
Some X window managers support clicking on a window without bringing it to the top, but such window managers are not supported by GNOME, for example (not sure about whether KDE supports them).
@YiJiang Awwww.... looks up your age in MSO profile :-P
@YiJiang Wow, you're right. I'm almost double your age. :-P
@DanGrossman Bwahahahaha.
effin hilarious
@ChrisJesterYoung this article is outdated, Carbon is barely used anmore
@TheRenamedException *nods*
4:11 AM
Hmm...So I remember getting off my conference call earlier...
@YiJiang, careful...get off @ChrisJesterYoung's lawn.
And besides eat that pizza, I'm...not really sure I've done anything since then.
@RebeccaChernoff Hehehe
@RebeccaChernoff Lol.
scratches head Hm..
4:14 AM
lemme guess: you played Minecraft?
@RebeccaChernoff No, I didn't play anything o_o
That's why I'm so confused where the time went.
Q: Question Editing tools appear to have died. Hacked?

Brock AdamsI went to answer a question on SO and quickly discovered that the editing tools had disappeared! They're also absent as I compose this. The handy buttons for links, bold, etc., are gone. Also shortcuts Ctrl L, Ctrl B, etc. do not work. No obvious errors in Firefox's error console (just the us...

not even NFS?
@TimStone You were talking here, no?
Um, I just remembered that I came back to my computer after dinner because I was supposed to be finishing this project... but, I haven't done anything on it! LOL
@RebeccaChernoff Nope, no Xbox
@YiJiang Yeah, but I don't think any more than usual.
4:16 AM
@TimStone please someone talk me out of answering that he's been hacked. Please. Quickly
@TimStone Hmmm... the attacklabs global object is still there
@YiJiang Oh, wow, I didn't even realize that the problem was reproducible
@TheRenamedException To be fair, the names are kind of malicious-sounding :P
@TimStone Eh...
@RebeccaChernoff Since I'm a Unix sysadmin, NFS == Network File System to me.
Yes well, you're strange.
4:18 AM
@TimStone True
(I haven't been giving Server Fault very much love, though. Sad.)
@RebeccaChernoff <3 you too!
@RebeccaChernoff What did you mean?
and I happen to know that @TimStone plays way too much Minecraft and NFS. (;
I read that the same was @Chris did
@RebeccaChernoff I mostly play Forza at the moment :p
4:19 AM
Check out experimental Stack Overflow search: google.com/cse/home?cx=001706605492879182808:f1h60vpj5g0
@TheRenamedException @RebeccaChernoff was just picking on me, as usual.
@YiJiang Ah ha
@Pavel That looks like a scam.
Well there's the problem.
4:20 AM
@DanGrossman oops. Why?
@Pavel Since you have it searching your own site instead of the real SO, you could hijack the whole thing at any time to redirect somewhere malicious.
@ChrisJesterYoung I would never!
@DanGrossman I won't, I promise :)
@ChrisJesterYoung I am shocked you think this!
@Pavel Easier to just search Google directly, with site:stackoverflow.com
4:21 AM
(deja vu...)
@RebeccaChernoff Deja vu is right. :-P
@DanGrossman yes. I just wanted to see if it could be improved - with tagging.
OK well now that I have squandered away my final working hours, time for some Daily Show and then bed, because I now need to get up earl tomorrow if I'm going to finish this project!
Goodnight everyone!
@TheRenamedException Have fun!
4:23 AM
@JoshsSocks: get in the wash please
Aw, man! I was hoping I could hide in the corner and harass @RebeccaChernoff after you left!
@RebeccaChernoff Gogogo, fix the bug!
15 mins ago, by Tim Stone
Q: Question Editing tools appear to have died. Hacked?

Brock AdamsI went to answer a question on SO and quickly discovered that the editing tools had disappeared! They're also absent as I compose this. The handy buttons for links, bold, etc., are gone. Also shortcuts Ctrl L, Ctrl B, etc. do not work. No obvious errors in Firefox's error console (just the us...

4:30 AM
Hmmm... the people on Gaming is complaining that the list of tags for each canididates is inaccurate, and I would agree
Would it be better to just grab a list of recent posts, then extrapolate the tags from there?
What goes wrong with the list of tags?
@TimStone Well, there was one candidate who's list got [spy], but not [TF2], which is the game from which [spy] come from
I've updated the page so that that shows now, but there are other problems
I'm seeing this error on closed Apple.SE question:
missing ; before statement
Line 1
4:39 AM
@YiJiang Yeah, because the ' isn't escaped, heh
var shareMsg = 'Stack Exchange Apple Q: Why apple doesn't make every mac with batteries?';
WYNGZ! As required by the US Government. No other misspelling is allowed for food products that appear to be bite-sized wing appetizers but don't contain wing meat.
@DanGrossman Erhm.... o_o
So basically... food that looks like chicken wings but doesn't actually contains chicken wing meat?
yeah, exactly
@TimStone is this the same as that meta post or a different error?
@RebeccaChernoff Completely different
4:41 AM
just opening it now
ah ok
@DanGrossman And how alike must they be for them to fall into that category?
A fix was already pushed for the one I linked, hooray! :)
Silly if (Z == "") { return } shakes head
@TimStone Ha!
(Ahem, glares at @balpha with the I told you so look)
> FSIS allows the use of the term "wyngz" to denote a product that is in the shape of a wing or a bite-size appetizer type product under the following conditions in which the Agency considers its use fanciful and not misleading:
> The statement may only reference the term "wyngz" (no other misspellings are permitted). All labels bearing the term "wyngz" need to be submitted to the Labeling and Program Delivery Division (LPDD) for sketch approval because it is considered a special statement that cannot be generically approved
@YiJiang The best part is that it does nothing that would be upset about an empty string, then checks if the length of Z is 0 and return ""
4:43 AM
> The poultry used is white chicken (with or without skin); "wyngz" is placed contiguous to a prominent, conspicuous, and legible descriptive name (e.g., "white chicken fritters") in the same color font; the smallest letter in the descriptive name is no smaller than 1/3 the size of the largest letter used in "wyngz”; a statement that further clarifies that the product does not contain any wing meat or is not derived only from wing meat
> e.g., "contains no wing meat," "with no wing meat," "contains breast meat and wing meat") is placed in close proximity to the descriptive name and linked to "wyngz" by use of an asterisk. "Wyngz" referenced elsewhere on the package, e.g., on the front riser panel, would also need to be displayed with an asterisk linking it to this statement on the principal display panel.
"" was OK, undefined, not so much.
@DanGrossman Heh, nice
@YiJiang Are you going to report that other issue?
@TimStone After I finish glaring at @balpha
Ah, OK :P
He needs to feel the blame!
What are we blaming him for?
4:47 AM
Not adding back those damn semicolons
To where?
is confused now
Weird, I can't seem to repro that on any other sites
Why is Apple's wmd different?
@YiJiang Hm?
I think you may be confused. :P
@TimStone Well, yes, about the nature of the error, but I'm still checking if the error is present on other sites
The error you saw is due to the apostrophe in the question title, which isn't escaped in the Facebook share link prep code.
For example:
Q: Gamepad for Assassin's Creed for PC not working

user5377I have a Logitech wireless gamepad which is not recognized by AC. Any ideas?

I have no idea why Firebox tells you the error is in wmd.js, heh.
4:53 AM
@TimStone Ah, interesting. Why did the error for the Apple.SE question appear in wmd.js?
Huh, well... the one for the Gaming question is correct
Firebug is occasionally retarded?
@TimStone Only occasionally? ;)
@TimStone Not as often as you are. *grins, ducks, and runs* (Seriously, no offence; you just walked into it. :-P)
I was trying to be nice. ;)
4:54 AM
I just ran into a pending edit in the wild for the first time.
@ChrisJesterYoung :O Don't make me send @RebeccaChernoff after you
@DanGrossman It's a New Feature.
"Watch as @DanGrossman hunts his elusive prey..."
:grants reputation by approving... feels god-like:
@DanGrossman I don't think the rep award has been activated yet
4:55 AM
@DanGrossman I actually had fun rejecting an edit.
Someone wanted to add a [homework] tag for a homework question.
Though, IIRC, metatags are deprecated, so.
You know, @TimStone since you found the source of the problem, you should post the bug report ;)
@TimStone @RebeccaChernoff hassles me often enough without any prompting on your part. ;-)
I would never!
I am shocked you think that!
@YiJiang If you insist :P
@RebeccaChernoff I'm shocked at your continued shock.
4:58 AM
@TimStone connects @RebeccaChernoff to a light bulb Ah, light!
Ha. OpenOffice has no love for VBScript, but it doesn't complain about JavaScript.
@YiJiang ...yeah, just don't go there. :-O
I always get the most upvotes when I'm mean.
Q: Simple Java homework help.

user599272I have to create a this class called testscores Write a class named TestScores. The class constructor should accept an array of test scores as it argument. The class should have a method that returns the average of the test scores. If any test score in the array is negative or greater than 100, ...


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