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12:00 AM
Oh wait @rchern, no, you didn't luck out. Sorry. Better luck next time!!
DNS still propagating ;-)
Confirmation email was just slow to arrive...
For a second I was afraid I'd been conned, lol
Aren't you supposed to be at PF Changs right about now?
12:05 AM
That would have served me right. A silly ruse backfires into identity theft, LOL
@rchern HAHA
Ever been @rchern? If not and they have one in your area, you really should
Nah, I think you should go. And to make sure you have enough money to pay for dinner, you should probably cancel any recent credit card transactions.
@rchern Awwww, even the $1.99 ones? ;-)
you wouldn't want to risk it. the fees on these kinds of things are ridiculous.
12:11 AM
Stop being so rational @rchern!
Well one of us has to be, and it clearly isn't you!
WHy do we have to be rational? It's quite overrated ;-)
@rchern @TheUnhandledException I'm not sure that's such a requirement ya know?
Hi, I'm back.
Welcome back @Moshe
12:16 AM
I spoke with a client earlier.
egads I'm looking at a revision of our software from 6 months ago and I'm nearly revulsed at how we thought this looked "acceptable" given where we've gotten to now...
@TheUnhandledException - Actually, before I got distracted, you were discussing my headlessness.
@drachenstern Happens to me. Not as much recently but it was like that over here aroudn 1.5 years ago
@Moshe I was. It was shocking
@TheUnhandledException - I took it on my iMac.
Did you know that Photo Booth can remove limbs from photos at will?
Just kidding.
12:18 AM
@TheUnhandledException Yeah, it's definitely one of my preferred cities.
I used the reflect filter and leaned out of the photo so my head was just out of the reflection.
Hence my hands holding my collar in place.
is now full
So, did my question get undeleted yet, or am I downvoted into oblivion, or both?
I hate that Safari spellcheck doesn't recognize downvote as a word.
In fact, I think it should have an optional dictionary with tech slang.
@Moshe Ahhhh. that's a neat trick!
If you've got 20K rep, does spending rep on a bounty even matter really? meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/69989/…
12:21 AM
Actually @drachenstern - I have a similar problem with a Flash project.
I looked at two year old source code ugh! Unusable.
I'm rewriting it, but I'm not being any more careful than the last two times around.
Gah. no. Now I have to get 20k on SO
Just seems like a useless priv at that level.
@rchern I guess if you did drive-by bountying.......but yeah, I don't see the use.
@TheUnhandledException - Know anything about PHP and PDF interaction?
@rchern It does if going under 20k now affects your privileges :)
12:25 AM
@rchern Joel supports making the rich richer and the poor poorer. Part two of the plan is to make low-rep users spend 500 rep to offer a 250-rep bounty.
ok did I hork something or is jsfiddle on the brink?
@drachenstern stole my comment. ):
@Moshe I sure do. What do you want to know?
You get the privilege of more easily keeping your privilege to more easily keep your privilege.
It's the gift that keeps on giving.
I want to know what's involved in an annotation system with PDF and visual queues.
Where the visual queues are stored separately and then overlayed
on the original
when loaded
I assume you can store more information in those annotations.
12:27 AM
@rchern which to where? I figured there was a reason you didn't comment before you came here
Think along the lines of a Google Maps, like points on the map.
Only, using PDF not graphics.
@TheUnhandledException - ding
I hate not being able to copy my posts without a right click.
Is there meta.chat.meta.so?
@drachenstern I was just wondering if I was way offline
if so can they create a chat.meta.chat.meta.so?
@Moshe Sec, phone
12:29 AM
@TheUnhandledException - k
@rchern from what I've seen so far if you aren't uncomfortable with it, it's valid. granted I've only interacted with you a few days. c'est la vie. Say the word and I hit the (X)
@drachenstern - I'm confused what that whole conversation is.
@TimStone - thanks
I just mean you seem really rational, so if you think it's out of alignment, then it probably is. grrr, I'm not being clear here am I?
You are discussing sthing w @rchern and I'm missing it. Since this is a public forum, I'm asking.
12:31 AM
I thought your point was very valid about Joel's comment.
I don't care if you leave the comment lol. Why would I?
which comment?
@rchern He was afraid of your wrath, you used an exclamation point! ;)
so you can be the one to shake a fist at Joel, of course ;)
12 mins ago, by rchern
If you've got 20K rep, does spending rep on a bounty even matter really? http://meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/69989/propose-a-new-20k-reputation-privilege/70006#70006
12:33 AM
@drachenstern Got you covered!
Oct 25 at 15:51, by Popular Demand
Coming up next: chat.meta.chat.stackoverflow.com... chat.meta.chat.meta.stackoverflow.com....
I missed it.
Personally, although I'm nowhere near that level of rep - If it aint broke, don't fix it.
@PopularDemand seee!!!!!!
I'm not even CLOSE to 20k ... hell, I wanna just see 2500 in the next few months ;)
and that's on SO
Why complicate a working system with more rep privileges and stuff?
@Moshe check out TCPDF: tcpdf.org
12:35 AM
It just adds to the complexity of the site engine.
Or @Mose check out dompdf: code.google.com/p/dompdf
@TheUnhandledException - does it handle right to left text?
I'm fine with adding a rep level (since, ya know, it's up to me lol!), I just am not sure that's a useful priv to add.
@Moshe because they are trying to prevent staleness, and they want to enhance usability by all members
@Moshe This I am not sure of
12:36 AM
I don't think Joel's is, but I think JonS makes some really good points
Look, if they want to make something less stale, add some easter eggs, like a Snake game, over 20k only.
Or rebrand the site
This is where products fail - feature bloat.
Let's make it cook eggs
I want coffe with that.
@Moshe, I don't think it's feature bloat though.
And fries.
@rchern - rep generation changes?
I think there are some useful things that can be given to high rep users to help out.
Make them not quite mods, but more power
12:38 AM
@rchern *It's ready now!!!!!* backwardsmile.info
I see this as trying to fill a gap, not add bloat.
@TheUnhandledException she's gonna use ! on you
Jeff has 100K. What does 100K do besides show that he's been generating rep since beta testing?
Congradulations to @rchern for being the first user to have a domain name for her profile page!
12:39 AM
@Moshe, what does that have to do with the issue we're discussing? |:
20K users should be able to summon unicorns.
End of story.
@TimStone so long as I don't have to see them, fine
@TheUnhandledException Oh no... :P
@TimStone - You mean "Oy Vey".
I got to get to work.
I said it was over the top, but you didn't listen, you didn't listen. shakes head
12:41 AM
I got this unwritten Flash project nagging me for days.
@TimStone When do I ever listen???
@TheUnhandledException - Thanks for the links.
@TheUnhandledException I guess when it happens we'll know. :P
Anyway I can see there's a serious discussion going on. Since I hate those I'll sit quietly and wait until it passes
shakes her head in disbelief
12:42 AM
@Moshe You're welcome
Odds are that I'll forget them, but I think someone posted a link to a question I asked and that linked question has them I think.
Good night.
(And I'm enjoying my 2k edit powers immensely.)
@TheUnhandledException I don't get it. What does rchern have to do with running a mile backwards?
@PopularDemand Transpose the invisible space: backward smile
@PopularDemand :-)
12:43 AM
@PopularDemand Or spend your own $1.99 and buy backwardssmile.info but that doesn't look as clean
@Moshe you too? I use them judiciously at best right now
@drachenstern - No, it was a joke. Ask anyone here. Honest.
@TheUnhandledException, you should have learned from the site we shall not name and added a dash.
12:44 AM
really, g2g work.
@TheUnhandledException - what'd I miss an hour ago?
@rchern Yes I am now realizing this. My evil plan has been foiled
@Moshe awww, I was hoping to find another precedent ;)
@Moshe An hour ago I bought backwardsmile.info and now you demonstrated a better name ;-)
oh well
@rchern You should be happy that now you have a plausible reason to claim that the domain redirection is due to a routing error.
12:45 AM
Do I at least get upvotes for my genius?
@Moshe +1
I wonder if I can get a SO dev to change my id on meta...
@TimStone Unless I point it at my own servers and serve up: <html><body><span style="font-size:172px">(:</span></body></html> ...
@rchern Marc'll probably help you out
12:46 AM
@rchern - Everyone on SO is a dev, just not an SO dev.
@TheUnhandledException Hahah
@TheUnhandledException - Quick, grab a photo of @rchern's profile. Perhaps right a script to update "her" info.
poor @rchern (-:
@rchern Now you just need to get him to at least point it at Stack Flair :P
12:49 AM
oy, people are starring that‽‽‽‽‽‽‽‽
@rchern I know, that's silly. People star anything. It's pointless ;-)
What the heck kind of ? key do you have @rchern??
This morning we learned about the interrobang!
(a.k.a. the quesclamation mark)
@rchern Oh, I must have been working on new versions :-)
@rchern Nes! People are and are not starring that!
12:52 AM
bangs head against desk.
@TimStone (AKA the interabang (for completeness))
you forgot the `/o\`
@rchern You mean interrobangs head against desk, no doubt.
@PopularDemand +1
12:52 AM
@PopularDemand +2
@PopularDemand Haha, ok, I admit. That made me lol for real.
Woo hoo!
That was a good one
MSO Chat Praise: SLP -85 AP +10 HP+1(30s)
(MSO Chat Praise has no effect on the speed of builds or server startup.)
@PopularDemand Can you trade it in for prizes?
12:59 AM
@TimStone It is a prize.
Ah, very well then.
Just woke up and had to crawl under my desk to kill a Great Big Mosquito that was sucking my blood. It was so full of it that when I killed it tiny blood droplets got splattered onto the walls
you were sleeping at your desk?
Well, that's a nice change of pace.
1:00 AM
We don't need to know that.
Nor do we want to know that.
@drachenstern No, why would you think that?
@rchern It's distracting people from your new domain, just roll with it. :P
10-4. ):
@rchern Sure you do, just like we need to know your new domain!
1:01 AM
@YiJiang because you just woke up and crawled under the desk ...
@drachenstern The mosquito was hiding under the desk biting my leg
were you at the desk at the time of the biting?
I think that we should now turn our focus to mocking @MichaelMrozek. (;
But he ran away. :(
Or is that why we should turn our focus to mocking him? :P
Never stops you when I'm not here...
1:03 AM
@rchern I'm game!
I'll buy a domain name for you to use to mock him if you want ;-)
@YiJiang That is the best time.
Right after they get you, there's a short period of time when they can't fly accurately and have to find a vertical surface to land on to quick-digest some of the blood and squeeze out some of the excess liquid. So, bites are itchy, but revenge is easy. If you're paying attention.
@PopularDemand Yeah, but that's a bit too late if they were carrying malaria or something like that....
@YiJiang What's better, some revenge or no revenge?
So, in other news, um, anyone?
1:06 AM
so @rchern how goes the vendor integration?
Haha, I should watch that movie again. So great
They did not reply to my email yet.
well foo
OK, I'm off to make dinner
Catch everyone later!
in JavaScript on Stack Overflow Chat, Nov 2 at 14:38, by Yi Jiang
Hmmm.... we need to register http://hasrchernwrittenasmileytherightwayround.com
1:09 AM
shakes head
@TheUnhandledException "Firefox can't find the server at www.backwardsmiley.info."
d'oh forgot my own new name, lol
lol, I was curious
1:15 AM
@drachenstern It's gonna be a popular domain, gotta watch out for squatters!
Someday when rchern is (even more) famous, we'll all be like "we were around when backwardsmile.info was invented, man!"
Me? Famous? Nuts!
Yarr, I hear they know about you on stackoverflow.com AND meta.stackoverflow.com
but not WA? (;
lost me, I don't guess I know that one ...
always the noob
Let me introduce you to webapps.stackexchange.com
1:18 AM
yeah, I don't go there often, don't know the theme, probably should check it out
Hm. Note to self: DST changed over. SE switchover time is 1900 again, not 2000 anymore.
but ... must ... finish ... open ... Visual ... Studio ... Project ... then ... go home to wife (that's a tedious style to keep going with, and quite dumb)
@drachenstern, there's a crazy mod on the site, but other than that it's good. (:
lol, mkay
remind me tomorrow AM and I'll go peruse it ...
@drachenstern So your wife isn't important enough for you to keep the ellipses going, eh? For shame!
1:20 AM
@rchern Nay, that's a crazy, lazy mod :P Look at your activities tab!
no she's the point, stop wasting time whenever I see that VS has come back around to working so I can get on to the house. 45 minute commute min on my way
stupid P4 processor and PATA disks
@YiJiang It doesn't list the closing I've done!
@rchern I likes the new homepage sorting
or are you wanting to keep the discussion in that room?
um I don't care I guess hehe
1:41 AM
Ooh, I'm in a position to give someone Unsung Hero.
The power!
meee mee :p
On the Wicket question, or?
@TimStone Yeah. Don Roby is totally the kind of person the badge was designed for; he's pretty active in [wicket], which is not a well-loved tag.
@PopularDemand How do you know that this is the one that'll give him the badge?
1:46 AM
@YiJiang I counted his answers.
He's at 10/42, which meets the "min 10" requirement but not the "25%" requirement. 11/43 would do it.
2:01 AM
@YiJiang while I've been at work, you've gotten a full night's sleep and woken up.
@PopularDemand Yeah, that the magic of timezones isn't it? :P
2:34 AM
makes note to switch from Subversion to Mercurial one day
You know, if they actually make a 20k privilege..
I'm actually going to have to start asking/answering questions again..
Although on SO it is only 4k rep away, so meh..
I seem to be wrong about the bounty discount. 7 upvotes.
@rchern People are just surprised that Joel made an appearance
'Ello @AidenBell
@TimStone hehe... true
2:43 AM
How's everyone
@AidenBell Fine
@TimStone lol
Q: "__class magic method" (mediating references to class names by a custom code)

gidireichYou can redirect calls to some properties/functions by using __get, __call. Is there a way to do it for classes? I would like to convert all mentions of some_class_name in the code to, MY_VERSION_some_class_name (not only for one class, it's a pattern). This would be easy if methods / prop...

anyone a PHP guru out there?
Not bad, I just tested some of the code that I finished several hours ago and somehow managed to go several hours without testing. :P
@rchern If only I weren't serious. :P
2:45 AM
@TimStone - cool
Did I break some cardinal rule by questioning Joel? (;
@Chacha102 Maybe a fresh-rested Aiden Bell is up for the task, I'm having a hard time even wrapping my head around the question at the moment...sudden onset of exhaustion, heh.
@TimStone I'm more interested in someone checking my answer
@rchern - Na that cardinal rule is for people who fear him
@Chacha102 - Seems sane. +1 and comment.
@rchern I dunno, all I know is I agree with you on this one, and I don't get why his suggestion would be actually appealing.
2:49 AM
@Chacha102 - I would probably put in a clearer explanation of factories and how to implement that pattern in PHP
A: "__class magic method" (mediating references to class names by a custom code)

Aiden BellAiden's untested approach: variable variables and generating a string: <?php $myObj = new {getClass()}($a, $b); ?> Whereby the function {getClass()} returns a string for the class. You could call it getDogClass() or whatever. This means the only refactoring you need is to find/replace o...

The parser can handle that syntax? :P
Maybe I don't understand because I don't have 20K rep
Ah, of course.
@TimStone - Nope. lol
Then again, if there's a great revelation at 20K....isn't that a privilege unto itself?
@AidenBell Hahah
2:59 AM
@TimStone - Updated

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