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12:00 AM
2 days ago, by Michael Mrozek
@TimStone Oh yeah. How in the world would you even notice that, it's like two pixels
@TimStone Our CEO's like that
He notices the smallest design issues, 1 or 2 pixels sometimes
Heheh, at least I'm not alone ;)
so/mso seem the same
and by eye he sometimes has been like, "move the header down 13 pixels" and in doing so makes it exactly 30 pixels from another element or whatever
@rchern Look very carefully at the search box in the top bar.
It moves a pixel, I think.
(I checked once, but I forget now)
12:03 AM
Oh I was looking at the navigation tabs
Yeah, that bothers me too as far as SF goes, heheh.
You must hate the SE sites (;
Why's that? :P
@TimStone Looking for more work? Our CEO would probably kill to have a PHP coder who shares his eye for pixel-perfect layout ;-)
My PHP is a little rusty, and my contract is a little binding. ;)
12:05 AM
And our budget is a little small ;-)
minor details!
I've been pushing for more coders for a while. Maybe soon, I hope!
I actually really love what I do, which thankfully hasn't involved too much design up to this point.
Next big project we land probably
12:06 AM
Oi traffic! I never see traffic!
@TimStone I'm spread too thin, as CTO I'm overseeing design implementations now and that shouldn't be part of my job, I should just be overseeing coders. But we do what we must when times are tight!
@drachenstern wtf is that redacting of the whiteboard
Is @drachenstern a spy
Customer specific data
@TheUnhandledException - I can sympathize there, and I will be working all weekend too!
@AidenBell We'll meet up on here and keep each other motivated ;-)
12:08 AM
Me too ;)
@TheUnhandledException - Im going to burn out if I carry on at this rate lol
fun times
is listening to the SO podcast for the first time
@drachenstern - my desk is ALL SE
@TheUnhandledException Yeah, I'm in a similar boat. We're not spread too thin at the moment, but we have to make decisions as far as what direction is most important to expand in employee-wise, so until we make that decision the responsibility falls on me to take care of things. A toast to CTO-ism! ;)
Gone again
12:11 AM
@TimStone @TheUnhandledException - I am simultainiously writing spec, handling various levels of feedback quality, writing code, testing and too much other stuff. Quality suffers.
@TimStone hear, hear!
raises his glass
@AidenBell There's gotta be a bright tomorrow around here somewhere, right? :P
@TimStone - One would hope so
Problem is, there is tight and then there is counter-productive-tight
Pain will be felt later
@AidenBell @TimStone Drinks all around then
12:13 AM
... getting drunk ... there's an idea
I'm having a Negra Modello, how about you @Aiden and @Tim? @rchern, want a drink? ;-)
@AidenBell +10 for the whited out whiteboard
@TimStone - lol, there was me ripping @drachenstern then I realize I have to redact
@TheUnhandledException I've been meaning to get my minifridge set up for this purpose, but I need to run another circuit from the fuse box because the existing one is already under strain..
Heheh ;)
@TimStone - Mine too, I have 12 plugs on one socket atm
If I plug anything else in, the box trips
12:21 AM
Oh look, it must be happy hours
Yeah, my UPS doesn't get too happy if too many things get turned on...my lights dim too. Of course, the lights in the whole house dim when the A/C kicks on, so I feel there may be a larger problem. :P
I'm sure @AidenBell feels much better now, thanks @Benjol :P
Ah good, now I'm 125/128
12:24 AM
I used that photo in an answer about analogies for the need for refactoring :)
That's scary. I hope noone here wires like that!
My father's house's circuit breaker trips if you have more than two of the following on at the same time: water heater, electric kettle, laser printer and microwave
I want to see this. :P
Does anyone thing Jeff and Joel will mind me branding everything lol
If you suddenly disappear one day I guess we'll know
12:29 AM
I shall email them.
@AidenBell That's great!
I shall start a debranding blog, showing the reality of the SO sweatshop
@AidenBell Actually I think they will, lemme find the meta thread...
It's on the legal page, hahah
Q: What are the rules on using the Stack Overflow logo?

I want to use the Stack Overflow logo as an image on a blog post about this site. What are the rules on using it? Can I use it in any way? Can I chop the words out and just use the image, or must I keep it intact? Return to FAQ index

@TimStone Legal page, shmegal page. This is Meta, we link to questions around here!
My bad :P
@TimStone Good. Don't digress again! ;-)
A: What are the rules on using the Stack Overflow logo?

Joel SpolskyIt is a trademark. The purpose of trademark law is to prevent consumers from being misled as to the origin of a product. So if you were making a product, and you used the name Stack Overflow or the Stack Overflow logo in your product or its advertising, in such a way that would mislead some consu...

Tricky @AidenBell
You're not advertising a product, but you're not exactly reporting news either :-)
Im gonna ask.
via team@
12:37 AM
I guess if you call it art it would be okay :-)
But IANAL and all that...
Joel's picture is kinda freaky.
@AidenBell That is the best approach. I am guessing you'll get a "no" reply, any other bets? ;-)
@AidenBell Don't forget to specify that it's Friday in Iceland (well, actually, technically it isn't anymore :)
@rchern HAHA.
@Benjol have a star ;-)
Evening, all!
12:39 AM
@TheUnhandledException - Maybe meta is the best place lol
@GraceNote Morning
@GraceNote allo
Mauve, @YiJiang, @rchern!
...I tried to merge "morn" and "eve" and that's what I got
@AidenBell <serious>If you want a definitive answer you should definitely ask the team. Pretty much everything else I said had a humorous intention to at least some degree.</serious> :-)
12:40 AM
@TheUnhandledException blushes
Yo, @Tim, @Theun!
Hey there @GraceNote
Good tidings, @Benjol, @Aiden!
Hello @GraceNote
@GraceNote, what ho ;)
12:42 AM
are we in an endless loop of greetings?
I was about to break that @rchern
Ok well even if I didn't get all my tasks done, I am taking the rest of the night off. I don't care what @PopularDemand says about that. So I'm of for at least a bit to play some Metroid Prime 3.
Enjoy, @Theun
Yes I realize that's like 3 years old, please don't make fun of me ;-)
I got Black Ops today, I might give that a shot sometime later.
12:44 AM
@rchern Hello. 'ello. ''llo. '''lo. ''''o. '''''.
@GraceNote Catch you later!
@TheUnhandledException This sounds like an invitation.
@TimStone Ooooh I want that
@rchern You have permission. But only you. ;-)
That's ok. I grant permission to everyone else.
@TheUnhandledException You say that like it would deter any of the other people in here. :P
12:45 AM
@rchern I didn't chown you, I chmod + -ed you. Nice try though.
@TimStone Of course it will. ...right?
Ok. Later!
Enjoy :)
@TheUnhandledException That may have been what you meant to do...but... (;
@rchern He forgot that you're not on Unix
@rchern Oh come on I still know basic unix commands after a single beer ;-)
Automatic administratorship!
12:47 AM
@TimStone \o/
@TheUnhandledException sudo rchern make me a sandwich
@TimStone We could just play around with group permissions
Q: Drinking, SO and Copyright Violation

Aiden BellDear MSO team, Recently I have taken to drink to cope with wading through boring SO questions to find some juicy nuggets. Unfortunately, this mix of heavy drinking and SO has resulted in a small Stackoverflow logo following me around: Would redistributing such images of myself be deemed copyr...

vote up early to dig me from impending wrath
@AidenBell No. (reaches for downvote button) :P
@YiJiang You left a <b> tag with me the other day, don't make me get it out
@AidenBell It's alright, the <table> tag on SO is far far heftier
Also, seeing [fun] and [copyright-infringement] tagged on the same question is mildly funny
12:53 AM
lol @Benjol
:) [with all due respect to rchern]
Anyone else laugh at those PR shots?
They might not need so many donations if Wales stopped hiring photographers
Hahah, this is true. :P
1:06 AM
@Chacha102 - [*for the purposes of self preservation, Aiden's opinion on Maroon5 is withheld*]
I see we have different tastes in music..
Get some of that in ya
awww click it, genuine recommendation
I did
hence why I said 'no'
1:08 AM
ppffft, you didn't even get past the intro :P
@TimStone - Not bad sir
I'm slightly worried that my /thread will cause an infinite loop when it's used on that recursive reply message by @balpha
@AidenBell And the same to you
1:11 AM
Can't beat Mars Volta
@TimStone - Do you have good speakers?
@AidenBell They could be better. :/
With an open mind:
I have a nice pair of Bose noise-canceling headphones though
yea, they'll do, you will need good bass range
@AidenBell Yeah, I hear what you mean. Good stuff.
1:21 AM
@TimStone - Not often I will take a leap of faith from Placebo to a dubstep track lol
I have diverse tastes, hahah
That track sounds like a robot apocalypse
I've got stuff like this in my playlist too, heh.
@TimStone - +1
Amon Tobin ftw
Skip 1 minute in lol
That is one creepy ass music video, hahah
1:29 AM
I totally need to find people who know their stuff to recommend me music, because I will listen to almost everything I find. I have no taste in terms of music...
126/128, hoorah.
@TimStone What are you keeping track there?
Integration tests that pass.
And one is supposed to fail in the sense that we can't test for it at the moment, so really 127/128, and I know why the remaining one doesn't work on top of that.
Makes me much happier than earlier.
Now off quick to eat.
1:49 AM
Alright! I just added the [always-friday-in-iceland] tag to @AidenBell's beer question through the exploit found on the previous new friday question
@AidenBell ;) and you thought I was being silly
You add a synonym to [always-friday-in-iceland] and it'll get corrected to that - instead of [fun]
2:14 AM
any way to remove closed questions from the list while browsing?
@drachenstern Have less than 3k reps, and closed questions shouldn't pop up. Only on SO of course
looking at meta
keep seeing closed questions with linkanswers
@drachenstern It would surprise me if there isn't a userscript for this.
@TimStone how can it know before you open the question? Is there a flag I'm missing somewhere?
@drachenstern Erm... the title, duh
2:20 AM
.... seriously? Am I that blind? surely not.... ummmm
goes into corner babbling to self and reexamining the list
@drachenstern It adds [closed] to the end.
But not in a fool-proof way.
Also, WTF?
<div class="tags t-cñ t-java t-ûnet t-generics">
@TimStone No, of course not, but 99% of the time it works
I may just be oblivious to the [closed] at the end, who knows
@TimStone UTF uh ... FTW?
2:21 AM
Fourth one down
I'm going to assume that was intentional due to character conflicts, but I'm also ...ah, of course.
Don't mind me.
@TimStone What do you mean?
all of a sudden I'm having a really hard time tracking SO Tavern
@YiJiang C# and .NET would make for troublesome jQuery selectors, so they swapped the problem characters out. I originally was confused why the classes were needed at all, then remembered interesting/ignored tags.
what am I missing here?
Q: How do tags influence the StackExchange's SEO?

C. RossHow do tags influence the StackExchange's SEO? On RPG we've noticed we don't get as much traffic from google as we would expect at this point. One of the reasons we think this may occur is that our most active tag is dnd4.0. This isn't a common search term in google. A much more common term i...

do tags even contribute to SEO?
@TimStone Still don't get it
2:26 AM
@drachenstern Heh, that's why I don't talk in there too often.
@YiJiang Which part?
@TimStone I don't see anything wrong with the display of that question
@YiJiang @TimStone I didn't either
@TimStone I try and help out where I can
Err I don't think that I ever said that there was. :P
@drachenstern I feel like it's unlikely that people ever land on the tag pages themselves, so I imagine not.
Then again, I'm not much of a SEO person, so the fact that the questions all link to the tag pages might cause some sort of content classification, who knows? It'll be interesting to see if he gets a response.
@NickCraver See, it's fun when you just randomly ping someone like this. I wonder if it works
1 hour later…
3:43 AM
@YiJiang: I don't know you tell me!.
user image
10 hours later…
2:08 PM
No one said anything for ten hours? Wow.
Yeah. But I've been lurking here for that 10 hours
Sounds exciting. :P
@TimStone It was brilliant
@YiJiang Sorry. I've been asleep :-)
@YiJiang Sounds lonely :-(
Me too. My sleep schedule seems to be evening out, and that scares me. :P
@TheUnhandledException I should've invited my sock puppet and put him on auto-pilot then
I'm sure the they won't mind me making the Tavern activity graph slightly more even
2:45 PM
@YiJiang haha. Nothing like talking to your own sockpuppet, I do that all the time in the XMPP room ;-)
He does. It's true.
I'm telling ya, you guys keep talking when I sleep - it's so lonely here most of the other times
Singapore timezone: unsupported.
@radp not just the timezone.
2:53 PM
I tried talking 24/7, but things do get quiet during that one stretch of time. :P
Out of curiosity
why don't I have the bronze badge then?
@radp Total number of questions?
@YiJiang ?
30 questions short
2:55 PM
@radp The tag needs a minimum number of questions before badges for it are awarded
> If enough votes are earned in a tag with 100+ total questions,
@YiJiang Darn. Thanks.
I'm sure that "100+ total questions" rule was introduced to deal with SO-only abuse :P
You just need people to ask 29 more Minecraft questions :P
@TimStone So to get the award I need to spam? :P
Perhaps if I finally get around to playing..
Maybe ;)
2:57 PM
@radp Well, getting 118 votes for 12 answers is a exceptionally good record
@YiJiang +22 +19 +17 +12 ...
People seem to vote a lot on Gaming
I feel there are less questions that can be asked in general
Speaking of gaming...since I got so much done last night (somehow), I think I'll go play Black Ops a bit. :P
on StackOverflow, any snippet of non-working code can become a question.
3:04 PM
@radp Yeah, but SO is just... sigh...
@YiJiang the word is "successful"
and not enough even
given XKCD and pals ignore this site.
(probably for its own good.)
@radp Totally not the word I was looking for :P
@radp Agreed
@YiJiang overpopulated?
@radp Much better
I think SO could do with assisted duplicate finding.
3:12 PM
Okay, Ubuntu just hanged. Is there anyway I can find some logs on what happened?
@TimStone The people of Simtropolis.com are crazy
150 million people O_O
4:07 PM
@YiJiang That.....is insane.
Also, fail on my Xbox 360 continuing to freeze as I was trying to play Black Ops, hrm.
That was from one of the "missions" they added, only the van in the picture is actually driving, and for some reason the game put those car and people sprites around it as it was driving down the street. :P
(From Golden E./M/Amman,Jordan)
hi ,how could i copy text from image to anoter image in another location in photo shop cs4,,many thanks
I don't know why I'm not removing myself from Aardvark. I had a question and didn't get an answer. The questions I'm receiving, on the other hand... well...
4:34 PM
I don't know that is cooler, the weapon, or the fact that someone made an animated gif out of it
4:49 PM
Is neither/none an option?
Apparently @rchern doesn't appreciate it. :P
I think it's cool, but I also demand that gifs no longer be able to infinitely loop.
@TimStone gifs can be made so they don't loop...
@radp ... but only by the person that made them
4:51 PM
@YiJiang and if, say, the gif was put midway in the page, nobody'd understand wtf is up with them. Now I'd suggest we star that picture so it stays on the starred list for future quoting needs.
we should talk
and push it off the page
@radp That doesn't bother me. :P
@radp Great idea! Although I can't star my own message
however, you can star this one:
4:53 PM
@radp, I didn't catch that. What'd you say? Flag it?
@rchern your eyes are in perfect working order
@radp No, they are functioning perfectly, but ordered incorrectly.
shakes fist
@YiJiang good point, no wonder rchern finds it offensive.
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