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12:01 AM
Haha, no.
Didn't think so ;-)
I could go for some good Chinese food tonight. I'm considering going to a local Indian restaurant tomorrow night, $25 dinner buffet with a great selection, live music, sounds excellent.
Pricey, but would be well worth it
You've likely eaten everything P.F. Chang's has anyway. (;
haha. Almost :-)
There's probably 4 or 5 dishes I haven't tried.
12:36 AM
Merry new year
Same to you @mootinator
How are you this evening?
Not bad.
Waiting on some DNS changes because cpanel is goofy :/
cPanel can be goofy, yes
thanks, that reminds me to check my mom's domain
she forgot to renew it and almost lost it, and when it was renewed the name servers were not set back to my name servers
I have two domains I'm waiting for the dns servers to change on so I can add them to my new hosting account.
I could have handled that transition better, but they're not particularly important domains, really.
It's a lot of work to make DNS changes very smooth
Thanks for the reminder @mootinator :-) I actually did have to do a bit of cleanup to get her domain back
Well, her website back
12:51 AM
If you can have the website hosted on the old and new machines, then nobody notices the DNS change... if you can't, then, sucks :/
@DanGrossman Right. There's also the issue of email
Check both mailboxes for a few days
That's the easy way, for the sysadmin :-)
The nicest way is to set the TTl down to a low value, wait for the old TTlk to expire, switch, and raise the TTL back up
<~ still being stalked by crazy person
that's a lot more work
@DanGrossman Yikes. That's not cool
What's going on??
Man Jimmy Wales looks pissed off!
12:55 AM
Complicated... amateur wannabe c*n arti*t pretended to be a friend for a while hoping to get me to buy her things. I found out, confronted her about it and cut her off. She's pretending it didn't happen, texting and IMing me, making new accounts to message me from. I'm just hoping her harrassment stays that harmless.
Oh jeez
That's not cool, not cool at all
I'd say do as you are -- ignore her. If she fails to get a reaction hopefully she'll move along
Yeah, hope so.
she gains nothing from you if she can't get a reaction from you
@DanGrossman My only problem with that is that this cpanel won't wait for the DNS to change.
but like you said, if she's more malevolent...
1:01 AM
What I need is a cron script
I'm good with those
What do you need it to do?
host -T NS [domain] | grep ns1.newhost.com with output emailed to me should do it :)
1:19 AM
mmmmmmm chinese food
Hey @YiJiang. How are you?
@TheUnhandledException Fine. My mother wants to go to the busiest street in Singapore on the busiest day of the year at the busiest time of day.
Sounds like fun... :-p
mmm digested pizza buffet pizza
@YiJiang Exciting stuff. :P
@TimStone Praying that I don't get squashed to death
1:21 AM
sighs a bit Meh
We hope you don't either, heh.
Also, WTF double notification?
@TimStone I second this!
And I don't mean chat/userscript, I'm getting two notifications from chat itself O_o
Chat wants you to talk more because it's been so quiet
Ah, could be.. :P
Ugh, headache again...the hell. :/
I'm arguing with someone on Kiva again.
This is a sign I need something more interesting to do.
1:30 AM
Hmmm... it seems that locationbar2 breaks the awesomebar on Ubuntu, but not Windows
Ugh. My house is such a mess. ): All my current office furniture is stashed in my living room to make way for new furniture.
@mootinator You do seem to be getting stuck with time-consuming, yet boring, tasks lately, heh.
@RebeccaChernoff At least you got new furniture? :)
Isn't here yet.
But wanted room in the office to assemble it when it does get here.
I know, but I mean, any progress... :P
1:33 AM
I just jumped ship and went to a different state instead of tending to that stuff, so...heheh.
yawns Wow...I am way too tired for it being this early.
1:54 AM
Oh, how lovely. Dual monitors on Ubuntu is wonkier than it is in Windows. =/
Gnome panels are showing up on monitor 2, instead of 1. Worse yet, it's restoring windows to monitor 1.
Sounds fun.
Well, apparently the windows are showing up on monitor 1, as expected. It's the fact that the Gnome panels are on monitor 2 that's the issue. I think.
The only time I've had multiple monitors, I've had UltraMon.
2:10 AM
wonders what the difference is between a screen and a monitor
A screen keeps bugs out.
The screen is the portion of the monitor which displays images
Well, I solved my Gnome pane problem. Though, I still wonder why the 2nd monitor is considered #0 (instead of #1) by Gnome/X.
why should it be the other way around
Cause that's the way the drivers identified them. Well, using 1 & 2, instead of 0 & 1 for the id number.
2:15 AM
I'm baffled as to how someone would ever feel the need to use this language on a friggin charitable website:
So, Gnome/X and the drivers have their monitor identifications swapped.
@mootinator testosterone
@DanGrossman Right you are.
@mootinator Did they really? :|
Yep :|
2:37 AM
@GeorgeMarian ask on unix.stackexchange.com!
OK. I will finish this new code tonight!
@TheUnhandledException heh. Not a bad idea. Even though I fixed the Gnome panel issue, I still have lots of questions about all this.
Post a link if you do
I'm looking at the stats for the current round of ads, and I have to say, I'm finding it difficult to find out what makes a good ad
What makes a good ad is not an easy question @YiJiang
Of course it also will have something to do with the general population on SO
That ruby framework ad will definitely get a lot less than the one for a C# framework
2:47 AM
This doesn't surprise me :-)
As far as I can tell, this one has the highest click-through rate:
The one for R is one of the lowest, but at only 5 times less than the one above, it's not bad actually for something so specialised
I actually really want to look at the stats for the first round - does any one here know where to find them?
Sorry, not I
The first round contained many great ads - far better than the second round
Before my time hehehe
Where are the stats for 2H.2010?
I'll ask a question
2:54 AM
@YiJiang Post a link afterwards
@RebeccaChernoff rads.stackoverflow.com/ossads/all hover over the stat button for each ad
I'm wondering if it would even be kosher to be advertising about SO userscripts on SO hehe.
@RebeccaChernoff Sure it would.
That's what I was leaning towards. (; Tis just interesting.
Kosher law dictates you can't mix milk and meat. So following that analogy, it wouldn't be kosher to advertise Yahoo Answers userscripts on StackOverflow. But advertising to StackOverflow users something which complements StackOverflow is perfect!
That's my logic anyways ;-)
2:59 AM
Is SO the milk or the meat here?
I'd say the meat :-)
I guess my point is, whichever SO is, milk or meat, userscripts for SO are the same
or maybe userscripts for SO are breading... SO is the meat, with your userscripts now it's deep fried!
Just don't call them toast or @Tim will whine about their lack of doughy goodness
@TheUnhandledException Deep fried userscripts... mmmhmmm....
Sorry for waking you for no apparent reason @Tim ;-)
@YiJiang Everything's better when deep fried!
3:03 AM
The funny part about that is that I had dozed off for a second, hahah.
shocking (;
I feel like dozing off
@RebeccaChernoff Yeah! We all know @TimStone doesn't just don't sleep, but it is actually physically impossible for him to close his eyes to sleep!
he glued them open?
@YiJiang Exactly...!
3:06 AM
Q: Make Open Source Advertising statistics available even after the ads stop running

Yi JiangI'm building a advertisement for the next round of Open Source Advertising that will (presumably) start soon. You can see the stats for the current round of ads here, and that is helpful for me in determining what might type of ad might be more successful for Stack Overflow. Unfortunately, the ...

But no, my head still hurts, so I think I will go properly sleep for a bit. Back later!
@TimStone Sleep well, feel better!
Q: It is possible to control which monitor is identified as "monitor 0?"

George MarianI just added a 2nd monitor and I ran into that oh so typical issue where the monitors are swapped. Apparently, the 2nd monitor has been identified as "monitor 0" by X.org, but it's # 2 according to the ATI configuration applet. (The applet numbers the monitors starting with 1, not 0.) That sai...

Thanks wanders off
3:09 AM
@GeorgeMarian I don't know the answer myself but if Gilles doesn't answer right away I'll direct some people to it :-)
@TheUnhandledException Thanks. :)
normally he's all over new questions on Unix.SE though :-D
Wow, last.fm is playing all sorts of good new (to me) music tonight
Cool. Though, as long as it doesn't tumbleweed, I have some time to wait for an answer. I'm just borrowing the gf's monitor while she's sleeping over at a friend's house. :D
If I weren't so pressed for time I could probably find an answer for you, I've hacked xorg conf files quite a bit over the years
I really don't want to be working all day tomorrow though so I must finish this code tonight
and I'm fading faster than I'd like
@TheUnhandledException I figure something can be done in a config file, but I don't have the motivation to go digging for the info right now. :)
3:19 AM
haha, I just wrote a for loop which ends with c++
Can you tell I'm burnt out? :-/
Heh. You know you're tired when...
@GeorgeMarian The only thing you've done for the past hour is to stare at MSO chat messages scroll by
I also almost just broke the company policy I set up and committed code without a Trac ticket explaining why, because I was just too damn lazy to find it
(Josh is an idiot)
@TheUnhandledException I was continuing his sentence! :P
Sorry @YiJiang. Did I mention I was tired? ;-)
3:33 AM
hi all
hey @Moshe
How are you?
burnt out ;-)
Hehe. I know that feeling.
Way too well. >_<
Likewise o_O
I don't want to get into personal stuff online, so I won't . But I'm enjoying my coding when it works the way it should.
@RebeccaChernoff - You're learning iOS development, right?
3:34 AM
@Moshe Which is rarely. for me anyway :-p
Yesterday's Indexed - relevant to you, I think
Well, a word for the wise, use NSSet only if you don't care about the order of your objects.
Use NSArray instead or NSMutableArray.
@Moshe haven't looked at that in quite a while. Hoping to get back in to it early 2011.
@TheUnhandledException - I hear that.
@RebeccaChernoff - By which time I hope to ship some apps.
I hate the app store's price cap.
3:35 AM
Yes well, you've got 2 days (;
I'm writing an iPad app to make a certain turnkey solution obsolete.
@RebeccaChernoff - When does "early" end?
And my competitor starts at $3,500
and gets more expensive as you get larger screen sizes.
I'd like to undercut, but $1,000 is too little,especially since Apple shaves $300 off the top.
@TheUnhandledException - Really? Your code almost never works?
No, I'm being facetious. It just feels that way right now
@TheUnhandledException - I know.
Anyhoo, gotta run. ttyl. If anyone knows how to bypass the App Store's price cap, lemme know. ;-)
@Moshe Not a clue. Sorry!
Take it easy @Moshe
I guess I get to go to an ER now. Fun times.
3:42 AM
Well, that was interesting. Apparently, Gnome panel got confused about which icon did what.
@mootinator oh no, are you OK??
@GeorgeMarian Like idiot drivers who turn their right turn signal on when they turn left?
About the same level of confusion.
I assume you mean the "move panel to primary monitor" moved it to the wrong one or something :-)
OK, yey, my code is partly working
needs some work but I am just too over it right now =p
@mootinator, I hope you're OK! Same for girlfriend/wife/children/friends/etc although I suspect someone's hur based on your ER comment. I hope it works out!
For some reason it was opening the wrong application. As if the icons on the panel had shifted over one.
@GeorgeMarian that's weird
@GeorgeMarian good luck making Gnome behave
Tim, sleep well (@ intentionally left off to not wake you)
@Rebecca have a nice night!
I is gonna watch some TV and then crash for the evening. This has been a hell of a year and it's allllmost over, yey
later everyone
3:58 AM
@TheUnhandledException g'night
@drachenstern I suspect it's because most of the time it's when I have a problem, and I found a particularly clever solution that I would blog about it, whereas SO it's I have a problem, and I want you to help me solve it
Yeah but I mean that guys problem with my comments. It's like a blog, but it's not a blog. It's like a forum, but it's not a forum.
What am I missing on his commentary to my comments (which were never intended to be answers)
4:42 AM
@YiJiang I know you like CSS and javascript stuff so here you go: stackoverflow.com/questions/4567988/…
@drachenstern I don't usually look at questions that already have 3 answers... but okay
it has 3 answers now?
it didn't when I left the page somehow ...
Last two added in the last few minutes
Borkweb's answer is the correct one, btw.
width: 100% in combination with the usual box-sizing rule should be the best solution
At least, it's the correct solution - it doesn't explain why it happens
a) I wasn't aware of box-sizing, stupid CSS3, b) the author is vehemently opposed to width: 100% so why would he want to use it now? ;)
I figure the why is a bug in calculations because of the case-statement-like behavior of input compared to the other types
@drachenstern Ah, well... sigh - I'll look into the CSS specs then
Forms are different, though - always keep that in mind when styling them
4:47 AM
@YiJiang I just wasn't aware of box-sizing. I'm sure there's lots of CSS3 I don't know yet
And it's not just the box model - user agents impose their own restrictions on how you can style them
@YiJiang but of course.
@drachenstern Fairly well known solution to this - text input elements uses a different box model to other elements
no shit? why the hell??? probably the case I mentioned moments ago
Still can't find the source for why browsers uses a different box model for form elements - the problem is that neither the CSS nor the HTML specs goes into any amount of details on this
4:57 AM
@RebeccaChernoff I'm surprised here ... ;)
@YiJiang well yeah it's an implementation detail ;)
@YiJiang damnit, that's not what I meant!!!
@drachenstern FTFY :)
@YiJiang but it was funny!
@RebeccaChernoff I'm sorry, I didn't mean to cause a domino effect :(
5:02 AM
Is it very sad that I read like 90% of the transcript during a week?
5:19 AM
@drachenstern during holiday season ? yes it is
happy nu years eve :)
and to you @Reno ... btw, r u responsible for mylifeisg? since your profee links to mylifeisaverage
5:34 AM
no :D
well im just average
lol, just that mylifeisg is borked
i was sorta kinda advertising it
@Reno - You wanna advertise my iPad app?
@Moshe again hello and this time good evening (from my part of the world)
5:36 AM
@drachenstern - ditto that, evening.
What's a trendy word that pertains to cooking?
Or a funny word pertaining to food?
depends on what you want to convey
give us some context?
An app name ;-)
I work on a bunch of apps at once, btw.
For anyone reading this transcript, trying to guess at what I'm asking about.
@Reno - what does nom mean?
5:38 AM
it's the sound you make when you're stuffing your face and enjoying the food
Oh, right.
like this
noms is an interesting one.
Can we try a synonym for the verb, "to cook"?
every language has a word like that. I learned that it's "miam miam" in french
5:39 AM
also see: Cookie Monster shoving cookies in his pie hole
@GregHewgill - Interesting. Actually a European word might be better.
Doh! iPad died.
Bluetooth feature in an app I'm testing drained the battery.
@Moshe try using admob for advertising ?
@Reno - not yet.
Anyhoo, I gotta get to sleep before I talk too much about my projects.
Same here, it's a quarter ta midnight
I appreciate the idea, @Reno. My only question is if nom sounds too much like vietnam.
5:42 AM
im not saying you should use it , just throwing it out there
I like the concept of using the onomatopoeia of eating as an app name.
Thank you for that idea.
also it pretty popular , search dailybooth or twitter
@Moshe not for Westerners
what's the target audience?
@drachenstern - well, for this one, restaurant owners.
exactly it will work for americanese lol
5:43 AM
And restaurant go-ers
are they Vietnamese?
@drachenstern - No
Then why would that matter?
True, but nom is the second syllable in vietnam
it just sounds off too me. Maybe a little sleep would help.
True, and hit is the first syllable in Hitler
5:44 AM
nom != nam
Additionally rapier contains the sound of the word rape
@drachenstern -ture.
we can play this game all day
@drachenstern - True again.
I really, really hate moronic tags. "ignore" tag?? WTF?
5:45 AM
nobody expects "Nom" to mean "Vietnam"
it's a meme thing
@drachenstern - true. Perhaps I can go with that and localize for French.
perhaps so
Okay, really, It's 10 to 12 in @drachenstern town so I'm out.
5:46 AM
I'm almost certain you have plenty of time to decide. For now a working title is sufficient, yes?
@drachenstern yea
what is the sound that your stomach makes when you are hungry ?
goodnight, I'm shortly behind you myself ;)
@Reno ruahdwierdhfghgggggggggggggggggg
5:46 AM
thats a good app name
@Reno - growl, but almost certainly not an inviting app name
@Reno no it;s too long for the home screen.
growl has a meaning to most programmers/systems people
It would be ruah...ggg
5:47 AM
@drachenstern The OSX notification thingadongdong, yes?
@drachenstern On mac, it means desktop notifications.
@YiJiang yep
too bad burp is taken
indeed both of you (and not just OSX)
@Reno - Burp is taken?
5:48 AM
The only names already taken are the TM'd ones, like Coke, Kohl's, Sears, etc
Man, I was going to make a game based on a character called "burp"
if you like burp, use it
@drachenstern Yeah, but the uptake rate for Windows is pretty poor
Well, I wasn't going to call my app "Sears".
@Moshe if it was for cooking steak that would be a good name ;)
5:49 AM
or something cheesy like iSteak.
or iCookSteak
allright, pretend I'm still here ;)
5:50 AM
1) go to 4chan
2) post ending with 77 decides my ipad app name
3) ???
6:09 AM
/join 38
6:53 AM
@YiJiang Did you double slash that or are you not running the userscript?
@RebeccaChernoff Yeah, I reloaded the page too quickly and didn't wait for the code to init
Well that's just silly!
@RebeccaChernoff <voice type="stern"> I am an impatient man, Ms. Chernoff. </voice>
7:17 AM
Gah! Cross domain restrictions. Whose idea was it anyway for SO to host all static content from a different domain!?
Jeff Atwood

Over the weekend, we rolled out a few speed improvements to the Stack Overflow engine.

First, we did a quick pass with ANTS Profiler (which is great, by the way) and identified a few places where redundant or unnecessary database queries slipped into our code. We like to do this every few months on common pages as a sanity check. We start a trace, refresh a given page 50 times, then view the hot code paths in the trace. It’s almost always database queries gunking up the works, but once in a blue moon we’ll write code so bad that it actually registers in the hot code paths. Anyway, the golden rule is to measure, then optimize, and that’s what we try to do. …

7:43 AM
Q: put returns between paragraphs

user559071put returns between paragraphsputdd

I throw up my hands.
8:05 AM
I destroyed that user
drunkards on SO
not unusual at all
2 hours later…
10:32 AM
Happy new year guise :)
10:55 AM
@RebeccaChernoff I just pushed some changes, will send pull request when I'm finished testing some stuff
11:22 AM
@RebeccaChernoff Done. It should play nice with Chrome too
2 hours later…
1:36 PM
is celebrating New Year over a slice of Chocolate cake
2 hours later…
3:23 PM
@YiJiang hmm.
Q: C code autocomplete in Eclipse

IttaiHi, I'm a Java developer and I've downloaded the Eclipse for C (course purposes) and to my amazement the control+space shortcut (for autocomplete) did not work. I've created a new project and a new class using the wizzards and started to type "print" and then tried to find an autocomplete feature...

17 hours to go!
Ok, so I haven't had any caffeine yet, but is this truly end-user web app related?
Q: Cloud computing question (regarding remote computing)

I am new to the concept of cloud computing. I have a scenrio, that I want to create and I wonder if cloud computing is the way to do it. I want to create a system/environment which has the following features: have online applications applications installed on a server somewhere A user can log...

@radp Half hour more!
3:49 PM
@RebeccaChernoff It's a question about building web apps (at first glance), so it doesn't belong I think
He's talking about building stuff for users and login systems - definitely not about using webapps
Also, do you know that mold can actually grow on USB cables?

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