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12:00 AM
@MichaelPetrotta ttyl. Ty.
Do you get a different menu because you're room owner, or something?
oh no...
Oh, you're being helpful. Ok, I take it back.
Oh, that looks like a chat fail.
12:02 AM
@TimStone Agreed
@Josh Uh yeah, it refuses to allow me to invite him to that room for some reason
@TimStone To the WoB!
@Josh Uh oh..
It's your fault. :O
> It's Aiden Bell's fault
@TimStone it's my room, so I take the blame!
goes off to eat
12:05 AM
enjoy it @Tim
Ok, time for me to eat too!
Later @JustinjjnguyNelson!
@Tek I hope you figure out who you want to vote for..
@Josh Ttyl
LOL. And if I don't? <.<
OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG. Windows works!
12:12 AM
@Tek if you don't, just vote for @MichaelMrozek!
lol ok
oh no, I'm in trouble now!
Ah, Benny appeared @Tim and @Justin!
@Josh. Strangest thing. I copied the missing registry file to the old install and it runs.
Yay indeed!
12:51 AM
@drachenstern it worked. Yay!
1:42 AM
Anyone here use funambol?
1:53 AM
Is anyone here?
@Moshe Sure, but with the way I misread that statement, I'm wonder just how "here" I am. ;)
Oh crap, hahahah
Friend's Facebook status:
> At the Philly auto show, just spilled my free monster all over the interior of a volvo. That was a $45,000 mistake.
2:09 AM
@GeorgeMarian haha. By the way, i got a friend to do the python service. The code took him a few hours. We are dressing it up now.
@Moshe Cool. It's nice when it turns out to be simpler then you had imagined.
For sure. I got to draw mockups too.
To quote Microsoft: The wow starts now.
I spent my entire extended weekend fixing Windows XP computers. Still going at it.
@TimStone o:
Yeaaaaaah, heh.
Oh, apparently it was a lie:
"That didn't actually happen. I wouldn't be caught dead in a volvo!"
"well, I feel cheap now that I have been bought by your web of lies."
2:32 AM
Chrome is apparently magic
The tale of my weekend. Fix Windows XP - again. I should buy a Mac. Wait, I already did. My neighbors should too. http://yfrog.com/h0ueajj
Yes this is my THIRD Windows XP machine that I'm supporting over vacation.
@MichaelMrozek Chrome 10 is slower than Chrome 8? I'm skeptical
Though honestly, when you're beating everyone by that much..
@MichaelMrozek Holy snaps. Though I wonder why performance dropped in Chrome 10? o.O
@Tek Close, but no :)
2:36 AM
I'm not Michael Petrotta
What are you talking about? I tagged you correctly.
2:50 AM
So how the heck did he do this? meta.stackoverflow.com/users/131541/josh
@GeorgeStocker Hm?
@Tim how did he condense the chat to only the questions and answers and sort them, right from the chat page?
Ah, it's the transcript to a room that only he had write permission to, and he did the ordering by hand using quote oneboxes.
But that's the townhall room, so only he had write access to it?
It's actually a separate room called Town Hall Digest
2:57 AM
1 hour later…
4:23 AM
Programmers THC scheduled:
Q: 2011 Moderator Elections - Town Hall Chat: 11pm UTC on the 2nd

Rebecca ChernoffIn connection with the moderator elections, we will be holding a Town Hall Chat session with the candidates. This will be an opportunity for members of the community to pose questions to the candidates on the topic of moderation. Participation is completely voluntary. I am working with the can...

@RebeccaChernoff Can I register even though I might not have any questions to ask?
@RebeccaChernoff I don't know if you plan to have a separate THC for each SE site, but you might be able to do the ones for sites that are in sync (e.g. WA, G, AU) all at once
I'd be ok with that, but the heart of the scheduling is when candidates are available.
It can be difficult enough finding a time all/most candidates from one site can do it, much less 3. (;
I think I'd still want them separate though.
Ok; the only person it really affects is you :). And Josh, if he's going to try and make digests for all of these, but I think that might kill him
Eh, for sites that skip primary phase, the chat isn't crazy and reading the transcript is ok.
What if you wanted to go back and read the transcript for one of them, but mods from 2 other sites are answering also?
4:37 AM
Mental filtering?
Easier for me, probably. Nicer for y'all? I'd say no.
@GeorgeStocker I did it manually, by copying and pasting
Ok. I is tired now and is going to sleepers
Goodnight everyone!
4:58 AM
G'night @Josh
In case you're wondering what those green, rectangular things are: boingboing.net/2011/01/26/mexican-drug-smuggle.html
5:18 AM
@Moshe g'night
5:59 AM

Proposed Q&A site for librarians and library professionals where they can share their expertise about libraries and everything in them.

Currently in commitment.

That should be about as quiet, as well, you know...
6:17 AM
yay silver badge
@DanGrossman For?
php tag
400 upboats
I don't think I have any silver tag badges
6:26 AM
I've got no golds :(
I have the 4th lowest rep of the 83 people with the badge
Ouch, finding out that you may have pricked your finger because you're eating an orange isn't exactly fun.
pricked your finger ... with an orange?
Didn't someone here have question about two verbs in a sentence?
@DanGrossman I found out that I may have pricked my finger due to the pain from the juice.
were you playing with rusty thumbtacks earlier today?
6:36 AM
There's no blood, so I dunno WTF could have caused it. It's like a paper cut of pin pricks.
6:52 AM
http://bets.stackoverflow.com/ could not be resolved by DNS - that's no fun, is it? :)
we're just funny like that
dunno what you waste your time at. you could do $1 a bet, and ... profit :)
While you're at it, you can do http://polls.stackoverflow.com :)
7:15 AM
ooo i love time travel
stick to the production infrastructure and you'll be fine. geroff our dev kit!
the subdomain could be less obvious
meh; you can't get in so does it matter?
:bites tongue:
:waves to googlebot:
7:31 AM
@DanGrossman They're building SO 2.0 thereinto. As you can see, it'll take 6-8 hundred weeks.
(not really)
Source (nfsw replies)
8:25 AM
Anyway, re bets, I'll go out on a limb and say Robert Harvey, Tim Post & Lasse
8:51 AM
All of these elections were for 3 guys ?
but srsly we should totally bet on our SO rep, thats the only currency we got on here
@Reno Yep, three guys
at least over on programmers there's one lady in the running.
@Reno Yeah, I think we need an SO store where we can buy virtual bling with our rep ;)
:D that would be cool yes
9:40 AM
Ohhhh yeah!
Bets with rep
On the election outcome
We need a SE bookmaker!
@Pekka, new room? :)
@Benjol ohhh and even bettr
Though the mechanism for using rep isn't exactly ready yet :)
Stack Overflow Poker
@Pekka, you or me?
9:41 AM
You play for rep
@Benjol the problem is that the money flow can't be handled without official support :)
But how 'bout creating a room?
to function as a 'bookie'
@Benjol yeah, an informal betting room may be a nice idea :)
Feel free to go ahead and start it
10:26 AM
@MarcGravell booboom :) wonders whether to expand scope to all elections...
When did the number of moderator posts get upped to 3?
@Kragen, wasn't it always?
Pretty sure it was 2 originally
Might just be me (it usually is)
@Kragen - it did get bumped from 2 to 3
psephology is bloody complicated, my head hurts :(
2 hours later…
12:24 PM
Hello Apple :)
Q: iphone inapp purchase ? how to get product list information from apple server

arul jenieHello Apple, I am developing a iphone app in which their is requirement that we need to add inapp purchase functionality.I learned inapp purchase programming guide in that one thing I feel little odd and old style of programming is after creating product ID . We Manually update that in iphone...

Hi! I've just posted a zero-width comment. :P
12:39 PM
@Nyuszika7H nice one! have a star for that trick
ah HA, I was wondering how you did that!
@Josh now see my right-to-left comment :P
‮Yes it is.
You will fit in very nicely in this tavern @Nyuszika7H :-D
Here's the character you must include before your comments: ‮
12:45 PM
yay, pizza
@badp ‮yay, pizza
@badp what kind?
I should get some for lunch
Ham and mushrooms
I haven't even had breakfast yet, a bit early to be thinking about lunch :-D
@badp yum
12:47 PM
just copy that character
say what now?
damn, didn't work
/me is leaving, coming back after some hours :)
@Nyuszika7H catch you later!
anybody got any commenst about serverfault.com/questions/229628/…? he's posted most of the question on pastebin.
@tombull89 I'll clean that up; thanks
@tombull89 done, better?
12:58 PM
Better, thanks.
1:51 PM
oh wow!
That's... the future!!
2:14 PM
@badp - it is. There are still slimmed down versions of Windows around. The difference is that they are being distributed as torrents, not sold.
Q: orientation problem in android

user493244hi every one.. In my project i am able to render pdf and i when i open the pdf in potrait mode i should fit the pdf to screen height and in landscape mode i should fit the pdf to screen width. I am able to render when i open the pdf in landscape mode and if i change the orientation i can ...

Im tired of people like this 0% accept rate
Q: Android Radio Buttons issue

VenkateshI am using ListView which include one TextView and one Radio Button.. I use Custom Adapter Method to Inflate View.. I am having one Radio Button for each List....First i select Radio Button in List 1 then i select Radio Button of List 2.. If i select Radio Button of List 2 previous selection sh...

how about .. if the accept rate < 40% dont let them ask anymore questions ?
@Reno you have to factor in the total number of questions. If I have 5 questions, I may not have gotten any good answers yet. I'd say 10 questions and then two weeks with an accept ratio less than say, thirty percent. However, if a question has an open bounty, it's exempt from the count.
The reason a bounty question is exempt is because it shows that the user is still looking for an answer. That said, I agree with you, low accept ratios are a bad thing. How about a badge for a high accept ratio?
@Moshe If a user is dumb enough to ignore a huge tick mark , i dont think they will give importance to a tiny badge
I agree there must be a few users who ask sharp questions that no one can answer , but thats a rare thing because of the talent pool at stackoverflow ... I feel diamond mods should do something about this , if they can
2:32 PM
Right. I don't disagree. I've brought it up here in te past. There's not much that can be done. It's a math question. Ratios are based on the number of questions asked. I have 300 questions , so three unanswered questions is a percent for me. A single question for user12345 is one hundred percent. See the problem? We need a grace period but we need the right balance.
lol i dont know it must be my pet peeve on SO or something :)
I said already, @Reno, I agree with you.
@Moshe iknow iknow
@Reno post a question on meta. I'm on iPhone now and I can't. But I'll try to answer later if it's not marked status-bydesign.
This thing works on the iphone ? , thats pretty cool.
Q: What's an "answer" in Stack Overflow culture?

Peter NelsonThis is a question about Stack Overflow culture: What's an "answer"? I recently got dinged by someone because my "accept rate" was so low. So I went back and clicked the Accept checkmark on a couple more questions. But it's true that I've left many questions un-checked. Sometimes I find that ...

Found it .. apparently im a part of the accept-rate police
2:50 PM
@PopularDemand had a great answer.
3:11 PM
Rebecca is not here? this must be an error, a glitch in the matrix
I thought her avatar was static unlike the rest
@Reno Even if you're on board with that, you'd have to adjust it per-site; at Programmers, for example, accept rate doesn't really matter.
@PopularDemand And neither for CodeGolf.
CodeGolf.SE has a fair amount of non-golf questions, and I don't expect those to accept any answer.
Whenever someone says "This question is impossible to answer." I take that as a challenge. Sigh.
@mootinator Hahahahaha. I will henceforce place that line in all my CodeGolf.SE posts! Mwahahahaha! (Not.)
Anyhow. I have to get to work on adding a 'Fatality' field to a safety incident tracking system today. I guess they were being optimistic when they overlooked that one O_o.
3:26 PM
@mootinator When I saw "Fatality" I thought you were talking about Mortal Kombat. But yeah, this is definitely more morbid.
@mootinator My solution to that is to just modify the question
@mootinator Oh wow, let's hope they didn't suddenly need it and realize it wasn't there >_>
@TimStone Unfortunately, I didn't see an edit button anywhere. It could really use it: codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/514/…
Good morning everyone
'Ello @Josh, @RebeccaChernoff, and @PhilippeHarewood
I should no longer be Josh :-)
3:29 PM
Two days of running around the island >_<
Ah ha :P
(may take time for chat to refresh :-)
Unfortunately they haven't fixed that, yeah..
I'm surprised I can still walk
Running errands, or actual running?
3:30 PM
My suspension period from Zypher has expired!!!
@TheRenamedException \o/
Hi! :)
@TheRenamedException Oh god, I hope you did some refactoring with your renaming
@badp I did. Moar jQuery solved the problem!
‮ Hooray, I'm typing backwards!
3:38 PM
@badp I found out the real reason why there were only two mod positions originally.
@TimStone I'm glad to see our blame assigning heuristics work out so well in practice.
...unlike other blame assigning heuristics.
Yes, it's very encouraging.
Q: System message renders a "—"... very favorably ♪

Grace NoteThe community-generated election banner is supposed to have a dash (—) separating the start and the link. Instead, it renders something like the following. Note that even if you copy and paste it from the banner, you'll get the dash. I wasn't sure if it was just me, but on chat Arda Xi reporte...

Also, I love how that was marked [status-bydesign], hahah.
Ug, more client email issues. I hate dealing with client email issues!
shakes fist at your clients' emails
@The really? What's up the new name again? :P
3:45 PM
I'm wondering if we should start editting some of those post with better reference
It was so easy to type @Josh...
There's a bit more than 6k post with reference to w3schools.com
What's wrong with w3schools?
By the way, @VotingRing, I am 50 rep away from 4K on SO.
There's a lot of misinformation on that site
And outdated content
3:48 PM
@Moshe New name? I have renamed myself after my nme was so rudly taken from me!
Josh did you rename yourself AGAIN?
I guess it IS the first isn't?
Ah, @Theגצכצцдадвбц.
@drachenstern I am the RENAMED exception!
I see this
3:50 PM
I kinda wish w3fools would cite its sources, though.
He was The Unhandled Exception before ... that's funny.
@drachenstern, Wanna put me over 4K?
@statuscompleted I almost changed myself to The Eletion EXception
@TheRenamedException The Elected Exception would be better tough :p
This also remembers me, I should change name
I haven't done that in ages now
1-2-3-4 I declare a downvote war.
3:55 PM
@moot on what?
Anyone who is close to 4000 rep.
Well I better get some more upvotes then. I have surpassed 4K. I'm near 4.1K now. Leave me alone before I call ceil(myRep)
bashes crickets to a bloody pulp
@Zypher how goes it?
3:57 PM
BREAKING: Bing cheating, copying Google's results? You have to read this: http://goo.gl/U41pb Please RT!
const downvoteVar = array( USERS => array(52351 => array(DOWNVOTES => 83), 23588 => array(DOWNVOTES => 1), 23858 => array(DOWNVOTES => 352), 23583 => array(DOWNVOTES => 3458), 92358 => array(DOWNVOTES => 4238542, RANK => 'LEADER')));
I think this is my favorite story of the day
@Zypher how is the ice storm treating you?
ehh not bad ... wfh cowering waiting for the storm to hit
getting really annoyed at random on itunes
it is failing me
and letting me know i have ALOT of songs that i don't like
Hehe. I gotta get back to school. My extended vacation is expired already. Gotta get a ride.
3:59 PM
haha enjoy it while you can
@Zypher Don't you hate when that happens?
What version of Nippon do you have?
@TimStone yes yes i do
@Moshe .8 i think lemmie check
@TimS vacation or iTunes fail?

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