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4:00 PM
iTunes fail?
@MichaelMrozek nice :P
@TimStone random itunes not really random
@TimStone yea ... although cypress hill just came on sooo not bad
@Moshe yep .8
belated allo (:
@drachenstern Indeed shakes fist
4:01 PM
@RebeccaChernoff you're in just after me, so I think that's like fashionably late. Everyone knows the party doesn't really end till I get here ;)
Heh, my boss is on our conference call, but he's outside scraping ice off of his wife's car..
Hi @Rebecca
@Zypher - Hang on, I'll send you what I sent Apple.
@moshe ahh excellent
4:02 PM
@drachenstern PFFFFFT
we all know I'm the life of the party.
busy in here at t'moment
@RebeccaChernoff Did you bring cake?
@RebeccaChernoff I know, I said it doesn't really end till I show up, you're just fashionably late ;)
@tombull89 it almost always is at this time of day. Check the histogram
Has this page title been reported yet?
> Editing Info for StackOverflow.ViewModel.ElectionEditViewModel - Gaming - Stack Exchange
@tombull89 peaktime
4:04 PM
@badp ? where is that?
@badp not according to mso
ah indeed. 4:30pm GMT is when I head home
@RebeccaChernoff It's the title of the "Editing Nomination for <fool/>" page
Everyone say goodbye to the next fifteen minutes of your life: juliamap.googlelabs.com
when you nominate yourself or edit your nomination.
(No. I'm not nominating. Not yet.)
4:05 PM
@drachenstern Haha, i have a friend who'd love this.
@Zypher - Sent. Received?
@drachenstern Wow, I had just opened that before you linked to it.
@Moshe recieved thanks!
@drachenstern I'm going to lose my legs in fifteen minutes ifn I don't just close that now.
@drachenstern needs html5?
@Zypher - Great. Enjoy. Let me know when you find bugs. (Notice how it's not even a question of if, but rather when.)
@TheRenamedException - Your Gravatar should have a lighter exclamation point. It's barely distinguishable.
@Zypher - Incidentally, it could be that .8 didn't yet support those two achievements that you were having trouble with.
4:11 PM
ahh yea i'll have to try for them again when i get a chance
And now, to find that ride...
@tombull89 if you're not using chrome GTFO ;)
@TimStone yeah, /. is great ;)
@Moshe it has an exlamation point?
Gotta love when the answer starts off like this: Dear drachenstern, Unfortunately, you have no idea about
Q: Does entropy apply to Newton's First Law or does "acted upon" always require an external factor?

drachenstern First law: Every body remains in a state of rest or uniform motion (constant velocity) unless it is acted upon by an external unbalanced force. This means that in the absence of a non-zero net force, the center of mass of a body either remains at rest, or moves at a constant speed in a straigh...

Hey, did anyone see the new example.com?
@drachenstern IE8 System policy dammit.
@Nyuszika7H Ooh, new IANA logo.
4:16 PM
@Nyuszika7H nice catch. I wish they had left it alone instead of redirecting it on the URL tho
@drachenstern me too
@tombull89 it happens to the best of us. So we use thumbdrives with "to go" versions of things like firefox and chrome. Hopefully tho you'll get to use IE9 before 2012
@drachenstern now there's an idea.
@tombull89 only kind I have ;)
@Nyuszika7H no. How do you do backwards text, btw? @drachenstern look closely. It's a triangle alert symbol from system alerts (probably windows - Havent seen it on Mac)
4:19 PM
@Moshe using a special char.
eh, also, this is the second flag I've had to give this guy today... meta.serverfault.com/questions/1187/…
Which one?
I don't know, I've copied it from George's post.
@Moshe I don't think I see what you see.
@drach btw, I got the Windows XP install working by copying a registry hive file to the old install from the new one.
switches to computer to demonstrate to @drach
@tombull89 And with that, I'm well on my way to having cast more votes on MSF than on SF.
Heh, in my first programming course in college, we did a java applet for Julia Sets.
@Moshe which hive did you copy? I presume you were able to keep the old user profile and most of that worked with no problem?
Also, @badp, fixed.
4:21 PM
@PopularDemand thats because programmers are a bunch of pretty *good/talented*guys / girls who love their jobs and they usually ask questions that have wide ranging answers
@RebeccaChernoff thanks!
@RebeccaChernoff a couple of my co-students in college were working on distributed fractal generation on our cluster... that was fun
@Reno ...huh?
I can't give you reps for that but let me give you a star
@drachenstern It was the "software" hive. Strangely, Word ran as usual. Didn't test anything else, but it look unscathed.
4:22 PM
oh its a reply to something i saw in my inbox o_o
What was not fun was being the guy in charge of setting up a compute cluster for a school without dedicated facilities, for no reason other than because two profs wanted to and had a bit of grantmoney and a broom closet
@Moshe I'm open to suggestions, it didn't come out the way I wanted
I wanted an error icon, but in my logo's colors
4:25 PM
@TheRenamedException Okay, on it.
Q: Should moderators delete "make correction... done" comments?

Robert CartainoThese types of comment discussions are pretty common: @AuthorX: In your post, I think you meant "you're", not "your". - user1234 35 mins ago Oh, thanks. It's fixed now. - AuthorX 30 minutes ago Once resolved, those comments are useless and noise. As a user, I was always wary about ...

@Moshe my gravatar
looks better
when it
@TheRenamedException you
@TheRenamedException Still looks like an ugly pyramid
4:28 PM
get more messages in your chat account.
But finding a purple error icon is hard too
@Moshe trying to make the gravatar show at a larger size
Maybe if the "!" was white, it might look better.
Is that Josh?
@TheRenamedException @statuscompleted I am working on it folks, hang on.
4:30 PM
@Moshe I don't think that's really a problem for me and Josh ;)
@statuscompleted I can make a version like that
@TheRenamedException WAIT, i got this.
waiting for it...
"Too long; didn't read" (abbreviated "TLDR", "tl;dr") is used as a reply to an excessively long written statement. The term indicates that the reader did not actually read the statement due to its undue length. This essay especially considers the term as used in Wikipedia discussions, and examines methods of fixing the problem when found in article content. As a label, it is also effective as a tactic which thwarts the kinds of discussion which are essential in collaborative editing. is a shorthand observation very much like the complaint that Mozart's music has too many notes. Th...
it has a tl:dr at the top
> This page in a nutshell: Be concise.
Be concise to the level others are expecting of you at the time... it's not always black and white.
@TheRenamedException Wow that gravatar is horrible
Note to self: Use that icon everywhere
@MichaelMrozek LOL. OK, ok, @Moshe is making a better one for me!
user image
is totally paying attention to this conference call
That's not bad
@TimStone ooooh, I like!
4:45 PM
Not bad, I'm doing one too..
Very nice @Tim
@MichaelMrozek I am a programmer, not a graphic artist! :-)
I will use whatever version of the concept is the most stared in here :-D
Me too, that's why I stole my icon from Wikipedia. Stop being creative
Concept being: an "error" or "exception" icon, showing the colors / pattern of my company's logo
I'm doing one too :)
4:48 PM
sweet :-)
/me has a non-designy avatar. It's just (part of) a photo I took in New Zealand. :-)
And because I took that photo, it has the advantage of being 100% copyright to me, and I can go after people who use my avatar without permission. :-P
@TheRenamedException btw, your gravatar is a warning. An error is much more serious. Any programmer or compiler will tell you...
@Moshe I know
Any idea for a universal error con would be good
Google Images for "error" or "exception" produced a lot more ! in triangles than anything else
@MichaelMrozek From Wikipedia?
Yeah, what, the blinking red eyed one?
4:53 PM
@PopularDemand Yes
Wierd time bug
@statuscompleted That happens pretty much continuously. Josh does seem to cause it more often though
Someone named The Renamed Exception did time travel
is also totally paying attention to a conference call
4:56 PM
@MichaelMrozek Ah, I knew it was a chess piece! I was briefly thinking that you and Rook should have made a chess piece mod cabal thing, but by then the primary was nearly over and there was no point.
@PopularDemand Also, we don't exactly get along
@MichaelMrozek Irrelevant!
Jan 21 at 19:24, by Michael Mrozek
@Josh Stop hacking time please:
I am good at that
So who's running the pot on who wins the moderator elections?
5:01 PM
@TheRenamedException - It's hard to do a character on a patterned background...
@Moshe tell me abount
I think I have mine done
Oh I am so over having to support email!
I have a digital tread depth gauge which measures negative depths somehow.
I really would like to outsource all our email services
5:05 PM
user image
@TheRenamedException Sure. It's called Google Apps. :-P
subtly stamped "OY"s in the background
@TheRenamedException You really don't want to; we're trying to do exactly the opposite right now
@TheRenamedException Interrobang. :-)
5:06 PM
Wow. That julia set page got me curious. The webpage for my college course is still up: cs.wustl.edu/~cytron/cs101 Holy flashback!
@ChrisJesterYoung we've considered it
Also, all hail the iterrobang!
@ChrisJesterYoung HA!
@MichaelMrozek Are you guys a SaaS/hosting prvider?
> Announcing winner of the Scary Emote programming contest.
Okay, I wasn't going to say anything, but now another star for Tim? I spent dozens of seconds on that avatar! I will never forgive you all.
5:07 PM
I was so disappointed to not see Rebecca Chernoff there
@MichaelMrozek I know, I was disappointed she didn't win also
@TheRenamedException Oh, no; I thought you were talking about a normal company just hosting its own e-mail
@TheRenamedException -
...wait for it...
No, we host email for our clients, and I have spend all morning trying to help a customer send email from mac's Mail.app
I can send email from her account fine, she cannot
I have not tried it small, it's 512px squared.
5:09 PM
@MichaelMrozek oy.
is doing it wrong.
points and pings @TheRenamedException simultaneously
(no interrobang :()
@TimStone Interrobang, not iterrobang. :-P
@RebeccaChernoff I had to look up WTF Jikes was from that course description O_o
@ChrisJesterYoung Shhh :P
Wow, I did that twice. O_o
shakes head at self
5:12 PM
@TimStone Heh.
Hm, that reminds me, my university still has me up as a blogger...They should probably take me down, heh.
user image
People are too good at image manipulation around here
@MichaelMrozek Yep; just ask the [boat-programming] crowd.
That was fun
5:15 PM
Final Fantasy III, TASed. Here's the final battle.
My efforts:
user image
@TheRenamedException You're welcome
Awesome job
@Moshe I like it
@TimStone also very nice
@TheRenamedException Thank you. Check your digital fruition email.
@Fosco this is a very touch choice!
@MichaelMrozek thank you :-D
Everyone should star the gravatar they think I should use!
The one with the most stars wins. So far it's the one by @MichaelMrozek
5:19 PM
@TheRenamedException Aw, can't I freehand circle it instead?
@TimStone's second one looks most professional, IMHO. @Fosco's is the coolest. @MichaelMrozek's is awesome, but it lacks purple.
@TheRenamedException Oh, I remember the rules, I promise you. If I can't win, I'm sticking you with Mrozek's abomination.
@TheRenamedException What should I star for "it couldn't possibly be less important"?
@badp this counts as two stars!
5:20 PM
@Moshe thanks!
@PopularDemand ROFLMAO
@Fosco yw
@TheRenamedException I can't star my QBert screenshot :(
loves Inkscape
I learned a lot from Professor Andross. (That was an educational video game, right?)
5:21 PM
I know I know, I didn't even take the minute it would have taken to make it more purple.
@TheRenamedException Mine is the only "open source" one. mosheberman.com/Josh_Alert.psd And, it's already in your inbox.
@Moshe might be in somebody's inbox, but, not mine. Oh, please don't tell me you sent that to my boss!
I gotta catch a train. hopefully it's only one train this time and not a four hour trip either...
@TheRenamedException josh At yourcompany . com Not yours?
5:24 PM
How about sending these to new_gravatar@josh.gitlin.name ? :-)
@badp Why does the exclamation mark look like a stick of butter?
@TimStone I thought @MichaelMrozek didn't have enough cowbell
@badp Ooo. 3D
5:24 PM
Why did Isubject myself to this? ;-)
lmao @TimStone
@TimStone No, it's a block of cheese.
@TimStone Don't be ridiculous, that's clearly one of those briefcases that gets handcuffed to a guy until it reaches its destination.
5:25 PM
@PopularDemand it contains pages and pages of nothing but Oy!
@PopularDemand Wow. I can actually see that now
@MichaelMrozek me too
@MichaelMrozek You're welcome.
@Moshe let's use new_gravatar@josh.gitlin.name and keep my personal email separate from my company email :-)
@RebeccaChernoff Fabian wants answers
5:26 PM
@TheRenamedException Ok, I just want to make sure I didn't send it to your boss.
@PopularDemand Ah, I missed the....handle....there....
And keep my corporate email out of the eyes of spambots and google, kthx :-D
@badp That is wrapped in jQuery, did anybody else notice this?
@RebeccaChernoff Don't make fun of my automatic association of everything with food!
@TheRenamedException So sorry.
5:27 PM
@Moshe Oh, that's a dollar sign?
so far the efforts of @TimStone and @MichaelMrozek are tied :-D
@TimStone That raises a lot of questions.
@badp The answer is jQuery
@TimStone Yeppers indeed.
@TheRenamedException Hahah, uh oh (for you) :P
5:29 PM
Once again, mine is the only one with a PSD source file available online
I wonder if that qualifies it for SO FOSS sidebar advertising?
@Josh Hi! How did you change your name?
@Moshe I'd rather keep my PSD source thank you very much :)
5:30 PM
@badp XCF? What do I open that with?
@Moshe jQuery GIMP plugin.
I don't like the horrible Gimposorous.
@badp Hahahah
Go vote this great idea up:
Q: Add possibility to remove comment noise

PekkaThis is a feature request to offer an alternative to moderators cleaning up comment noise as suggested by Robert in this question, which I'm not entirely comfortable with for these reasons. Add a "recycling" symbol underneath each comment thread that exceeds two or three comments. Like so: I...

@Moshe You better petition Adobe to support XCF in Photoshop, then.
5:31 PM
@LanceRoberts so much potential for abuse
@LanceRoberts Pikachu, Enough! Votaring GO!!!
@PopularDemand the "football"
Okay, really. Time to catch a train.
later @Moshe
Go star my gravatar folks, it was my idea to remake it.
@TheRenamedException thanks.
13 mins ago, by Moshe
user image
closes window
5:34 PM
I don't think he left
... wait for it ... ;)
@badp I'm not sure how it could be abused if it takes a unanimous vote from all involved users.
@TheRenamedException Wow, another Triangle person! Small world. :-P I wonder if we can grab a whole bunch of Triangle SO people and do some sort of meetup. :-P
where can I host SVG files?
@Nyuszika7H You're in RTP also? SWEET!
@TheRenamedException RTP?
5:40 PM
@TheRenamedException: I live in Durham.
@Nyuszika7H Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. :-)
@TheRenamedException nope, I'm in Hungary
@Nyuszika7H Yeah, @TheRenamedException just replied to the wrong person ;)
@ChrisJesterYoung soon!
@RebeccaChernoff ...is something in the works, Community Manager?
5:42 PM
@ChrisJesterYoung local SO meetup would rock!
/rename TheRenamedException TheTwoTimesRenamedException
@RebeccaChernoff Ooooh! That'd be awesome. :-)
Great. Now I have to find "friends" to do "social events" with so I can have an honest excuse of why I can't go to the upcoming SO meetup(s).
And if you won't give out specific time info, I'll have to plan something for every day!
5:45 PM
$('.username').width(80).height(30) Try this!
@TimStone I did, sorry @Nyuszika7H
um, why?
$('#chat').ajaxComplete(function() {
This is an attempt to show the full usernames in chat. But this will break pop-up profiles :/
@Nyuszika7H LOL
Ok. Lunmchtime for me, bbl!
@PopularDemand secret! (for now)
5:47 PM
@PopularDemand expect me to show up at around 4:18 ... just expect it ;)
@TheRenamedException I want to eat lunch. :( shakes fist at phone
@drachenstern I expect you to show up somewhere every day.
Twice a day, even.
@PopularDemand touche
@drachenstern I waved at him when I was in Virginia the other day but he didn't wave back, don't expect him to have snacks ready or anything.
@TimStone Oh, man, sorry Tim, my avatar is actually a really old photo, my hair doesn't look anything like that anymore.
So, I dunno who you were waving at, but... it wasn't me.
5:51 PM
Ah, it must have been someone else holding a "Down with @MichaelMrozek" sign then.
@TimStone Those are incredibly common around here.
Also, remember that I'm on record as supporting @MichaelMrozek.
Indeed, my mistake.

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