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9:00 PM
I try, I try.
I'm also off of my call now, making me even more helpful than before!
Actually, I'm starving...hrm.
Don't eat at NY Bagel and Deli. I ate there, it was horridddd
Yeah, I'm not going anywhere in this weather, it looks pretty unpleasant outside.
@TimStone hear hear
Oh, yeah that's right, you're getting an other snowstorm!
Every one of you is crazy. It's a beautiful sunny day outside.
9:01 PM
i've been waiting for the crap to start for hours now!@
@PopularDemand it's nice here, well, fair.. Overcast, but warm-ish
I thought about ordering pizza, but in light of that last message making someone else go outside would probably make me a bit of an asshole.
@TheRenamedException Or rain or something. We're always on the fringe here, urgh..
@TimStone not if you give them a great tip
hahaha i had the same thought @TimStone ... i still am not convinced i won't do it though
Well that's another problem, I hate giving them a tip on my credit card since I'd rather hand them the money and know that they got it...but I only have $50s for some reason...
9:03 PM
I accidentally gave a 40% tip to a pizza delivery guy once. After that, every time I ordered pizza it got here so freaking fast
i don't have the problem
@TheRenamedException Hahah, nice.
@TimStone yeah, I always prefer to tip drivers in cash
@TimStone MATH FAIL :-)
@TheRenamedException one drunken night both my friend and I paid for and gave like a 60% tip to the SAME delivery guy for the SAME order
@TheRenamedException I gave an extra $20 to a delivery driver in cash. Took me awhile to figure out why the heck he was so happy over 2 bucks.
@TheRenamedException People seem to like getting $2 bills as tips, in my experience.
I get the impression most people tip like crap. I normally tip about 20%, and for pizza delivery guys, often more because if I'm ordering a $12-$15 pizza, $2-$3 seems just so cheap. if I'm too lazy to get off my own ass and go get pizza, you deserve at least $5 for bringing it to me!
mm damnit
i really want pizza now
yeah me too, and I already ate! LOL
9:08 PM
I just want something...but I'm so hungry I feel too lazy to put that plan into motion.
hmm ok ... where to get it from
starts digging through the menu drawer
OK, I can do the same thing with imagemagick that I am trying to do with GD. Good bye, you POC library!
You'll be calling a StL place to deliver pizza to me as well, right @Zypher?
@TheRenamedException I just go get my pizza myself. Problem solved.
haha ... they ahve pizza in STL?
@Zypher Are you kidding? They have their own special cheese there.
@Zypher ...
@PopularDemand This implies you are not "too lazy to get off [your] ass and get [your own damn] pizza"!
Let me see you get a provel pizza in New York.
9:11 PM
Test failed.
Test again.‮
Test still failed.
@TheRenamedException I am too lazy to do tip math, you see.
Ugh, how do I do this on Mac?
@PopularDemand Oh. WHY DID I OPEN THIS LINK?
Now am really wanting pizza:-p
9:12 PM
Oh wait, I might actually have pizza here.
Victory is potentially mine! goes to check
@PopularDemand uhg processed cheese if i'm gonna eat processed cheese it's gonna be on a cheesesteak
@Zypher Mmm. I interned in Philadelphia one summer and I've been missing the steaks ever since. Although it probably wasn't good for me to eat two every day for lunch.
9:13 PM
@Zypher Have you played with 1.0?
In my defense... they were cheap and really tasty.
@PopularDemand SURE It was
@Moshe nah actually had to do work today :)
@Zypher Ah, ok.
@PopularDemand good for you emotionally, sure!
cnn.com Live coverage from Egypt.
9:15 PM
@Moshe it's a mess...
@TheRenamedException Indeed, but it looks like it won't get much worse. Mr. Mubarak has stated that he won't run for re-election. That should make some, but not all, Egyptians happier.
@TheRenamedException Wait, Egypt or CNN?
@Moshe Egypt
well, both, but I was referring to Egypt ;-)
@TheRenamedException For sure.
@Zypher I second this. You can never have too much cheesesteak
i may switch my pizza order to cheesesteak
9:18 PM
@TheRenamedException Nope, full out \o/
@Zypher sighs If only I was closer to Philly.
@TheRenamedException You know what's not good for you, emotionally? The complete and total breakdown of your cardiovascular system.
@PopularDemand they have a pill for that ... don't they?
Heh, prospect just turned us down because we charge them for the disk space used, and our cheapest plan has only 100MB of disk space. They said they are sure they need more than that, and this puts them over budget. They complained that it's unfair that we charge for disk space used because they right now get unlimited disk space from the hosting company they are with
@Zypher They do, it's a cheesesteak-in-a-pill :-D
I'd love to see someone actually make use of their "unlimited disk space" offer sometime...
@TheRenamedException my old boss did trying to get me some files, they cut him off at like 40GB
9:23 PM
@Zypher really? That's good to know
Preheat: COMPLETE!
I've always wanted to tell people that it's not really unlimited, but, never had anything to back that up with
@TheRenamedException You're all talk. Sign up for your own account with the company they're using now.
yea ... i think they cut him off for violating the "This isn't your personal storage space" clause right under the "You have all the disk space you need" bit
9:24 PM
@TheRenamedException do they actually have something on the small letters
@Zypher yep, that what I was talking about, the sure can find ways
@Trufa and @PopularDemand, I don't know who they're with now. But as our salespeople explained to them, we offer a software as a service, we're not just cheap hosting, so they can stick with who they are. They won't get our CMS/eCommerce system/Online Proofing tools
Has decided on business cards as a decent method of advertising his apps
Anyone know where a decent place would be to get business cards printed online?
@Moshe Damn, why didn't you ask that question later this week, we just last week landed a client who does business card printing :-)
@TimStone i'll see your preheat done and raise you an order placed!
But, we haven't delivered their site yet, they only completed the signup form yesterday
9:28 PM
@Zypher Thankfully I'll win on account of the 10-15 minute cook time.
@TheRenamedException I still need to design them. Can you find out what they would charge, next week, or whenever works? I'm tempted to go with VistaPrint.
@Moshe I will ask
haha yes but i'll have put less effort into it :)
@TheRenamedException I would check their website myself, but seeing as it's not built yet...
True :P
9:30 PM
@Moshe oh, it's built, just not designed :-)
We have a 3-5 day turnaround on new sites
@TheRenamedException huh?
@Moshe All the software is SaaS, so it's all ready to go, just needs to be installed
which is how we can get sites up so quickly. People are always shocked
@TheRenamedException Saas?
Software as a service (SaaS, typically pronounced [sæs]), sometimes referred to as "software on demand," is software that is deployed over the internet and/or is deployed to run behind a firewall on a local area network or personal computer. With SaaS, a provider licenses an application to customers either as a service on demand, through a subscription, in a "pay-as-you-go" model, or (increasingly) at no charge when there is opportunity to generate revenue from streams other than the user, such as from advertisement or user list sales. This approach to application delivery is part of the...
@TheRenamedException Ah.
9:32 PM
not exactly a good description as ours has public facing components also, but
@TheRenamedException - Tell me what you think of this: Distributing business cards with my app and info on it on the subway. I see iPhones and iPad all the time there.
I could also print postcards and send them up on balloons...
I'd go with the business cards :-)
is wondering how to generate a few thousand dollars in app revenue, aside from charging $1,000 each.
@Moshe Sell it on Amazon! :-D
@ChrisJesterYoung An iOS app? It's not a Kindle book.
9:34 PM
@ChrisJesterYoung Ahaha
Q: How do I use the "right-to-left-override" in Safari for Mac?

MosheI'd like to use the "left to right override" (unicode character 202E) in Safari. How do I make it work?

@TimStone Yes, I think you got the reference. :-)
Yeah ;)
@ChrisJesterYoung I must have not.
@Moshe Amazon has an app store for selling Android apps. However, there's been some controversy because Amazon reserves the right to sell your app at less than the list price.
@Moshe You will get 70% of the app's selling price, or 20% of the list price, whichever is greater.
@Moshe Your list price is the lowest price listed anywhere else. Thus, if you sell it on other app stores, you cannot undercut Amazon's price.
9:37 PM
@Moshe answered it
@Nyuszika7H really????? I do not believe this!!!
@TheRenamedException yeah
I must see this with my own eyes
@TheRenamedException Nah, I don't have neither a Mac or Safari, but both Chrome and Safari are WebKit browsers and I have a solution for WebKit browsers.
‮now for the test...
9:40 PM
@TheRenamedException It works?
@Nyuszika7H ‮ it works
Wait so does copy() work in any JavaScript application?
how did I not know this????
@TheRenamedException Nope, only in the WebKit console.
9:42 PM
@TheRenamedException It's a console command. Yi Jiang and I had this discussion a while back.
@TimStone oh, ok
I missed it
How do I get a console in Safari?
‮Testing 1 2 3....
Yep, that worked in Firefox.
Testing‮1 2 3
@JoshsSocks I don't see Develop anywhere.
@JoshsSocks I am glad you are behaving yourself today
(That's with the U+202E inserted in the middle, between "Testing" and "1 2 3".)
defaults write com.apple.Safari IncludeDebugMenu 1
9:45 PM
@TheRenamedException thanks
@Moshe Try Ctrl+Shift+J.
@Nyuszika7H Ctrl? On Mac? :P
@Moshe Well, Cmd+Shift+J.
Test erm
@Moshe test FAILED
9:47 PM
@Moshe No luck? You should paste that at the beginning of your text.
@Moshe Do you see the console now?
.siht ekil yllaunam sdrawkcab gnihtyreve epyt dluoc I rO
Yes, but that was typed manually.
@Moshe I proposed an edit
9:49 PM
@TheRenamedException approved
phone brb
@Nyuszika7H when I paste it in and then type, the type itself goes backwards, is this
@TheRenamedException Yeah.
‮Hello, world!
I found a year old thank you answer that wasn't deleted yet !
That's rare !
9:52 PM
copy('\u202e'); returns undefined in Safari Console
third email issue of the day! I am going to slit my wrists!
@Moshe that's correct
@Moshe that's correct, now paste it and then type something
this doesn't work...
@Moshe It works for me… :/
hrm? aaagh!
heads to formatting sandbox...
9:55 PM
@Moshe Sorry, I have to go now. Returning to that tomorrow.
@PopularDemand Clearly the correct answer to that question was "It uses a clock", but I gave you credit for your level of detail.
Good night!
well, whatever.
Good night!
@TimStone I inserted a crotchety old man comment below the answer. Is that somewhat better?
9:56 PM
I have to go do artwork now...‮
(But yes, that was the thought I had when I initially read the question title.)
@TheRenamedException I found this in the Character palette though: ‽
@PopularDemand It's a very nice touch, yes.
9:58 PM
@TimStone I'm glad I could edge slightly closer to your approval.
And now, time to go home.
Oh: I just discovered that my team lead is a Steelers fan and my system architect is a Packers fan. What do I do about this?
@TheRenamedException Whew, I'll no longer think I was mentioned by a five year old when I get desktop notifications.
(maybe. IDK if switching my email address takes effect as I think it does)
nice new avatar )
10:00 PM
@PopularDemand Get that elephant in Texas to step on one of them?
@MichaelMrozek GRAVATAR FAIL
@TheRenamedException Looks pretty amazing to me
@MichaelMrozek looks like your browser has decided not to refresh and still shows you yours :-)
2 mins ago, by Tim Stone
@TheRenamedException Whew, I'll no longer think I was mentioned by a five year old when I get desktop notifications.
Oh. Damn
Actually Firefox still shows the 5 year old's drawing
10:04 PM
@Fosco which one were you referring to? :-)
@TheRenamedException OY FTW!!!!!
@JoshsSocks I can add Oy if you want.
@Moshe I liked yours, but it didn't get enough stars. Maybe next month I'll add yours into the rotation also :-)
question to everyone
can I vote only one?
would me vote be valid
@Trufa vote once? as opposed to stuffing the ballot box and committing vote fraud? I do not understand...
10:09 PM
@TheRenamedException hehe no!
@TheRenamedException I mean only choose the first choice
and not the second and third
OH, can you omit the second and third choice and the first choice still count.
I think so. See...
@TheRenamedException exactly
Jan 29 at 0:12, by Justin 'jjnguy' Nelson
It just means that if someone is everyone's second choice, they will not necessarily get second place. They can lose.
Jan 29 at 0:10, by Justin 'jjnguy' Nelson
I'm pretty sure that 80% of the people have the same idea that all 3 of your votes count right away.
@TheRenamedException Perhaps I'll have time to add Oys and polish it a bit.
Actually @Trufa, start here and read down:
Jan 29 at 0:05, by Justin 'jjnguy' Nelson
@Josh I'm not trying to win your vote. Sorry. (Technically you only get one vote that counts btw)
10:12 PM
Anyone here know how to break apart text characters to separate letters in Photoshop?
@Moshe I think it's control-left/right arrow keys
@Moshe lmgtfy
(also removed)
Q: How do I break apart text in Photoshop?

MosheHow do I break apart text into one layer per character in photoshop?

10:15 PM
oh, you want each one on a separate layer
@TheRenamedException I did not get the conclusion
not to space out letters
@TheRenamedException yea, each character
wants to do some fancy per character shadow effect.
I know of no way to do that
do you want them still as text layers @Moshe?
@TheRenamedException preferably, yes. I could rasterize and then manually cut'n'paste...
10:16 PM
@Moshe that's ... not what I expected the question to be
@drachenstern What were you expecting?
@Moshe you could rasterize them and select / new layer via cut
@drachenstern same here
@TheRenamedException true
don't copy/paste, "New Layer via > Cut" is much better
What were you expecting? I seem to have a problem describing things. Please help me improve that.
What did I sound like?
10:18 PM
idk, something about each letter being a separate textblock on the same layer probably ...
@Moshe in chat, it sounded like you wanted to add space in between letters (kerning)
@drachenstern That too but I want it on different layers.
Ah, but that's not what you asked in here
6 mins ago, by Moshe
Anyone here know how to break apart text characters to separate letters in Photoshop?
you said letters, not layers
@TheRenamedException right
10:18 PM
the two questions you asked were both short and were somewhat different in detail
had one been a longer question than the other, then I would've expected that the length would add a great amount of detail
and I read that as seper ATE, not sepera AT, that is, "to separate"
but as short as they both were, I didn't expect new details in the new question
I have a word in a text layer in photoshop. I want each character to be on a separate layer, how can I do that?
10:19 PM
had you asked that I still would've said idk but it would've matched what you wanted
waiting for @Jin...
remember the golden rule from skeet's post:
> The Golden Rule: Imagine You're Trying To Answer The Question
@Moshe I really hope you're not doing all this just to create some glorified Oy image for me... ;-)
@TheRenamedException Oh, no.
10:22 PM
Obviously he wants to create something with your name in it too
But he wants a template process so once a month he can rerun the templated process and churn a new image ;)
@drachenstern churn or chern? :P
Joshua Oy! Gitlin
10:23 PM
I think I am going to start putting Joshua Oy! Gitlin, CTO on my business cards...
This isn't working.
Ok, what's the best way to turn an aircraft carrier?
semi-useless question, but I'm serious
@drachenstern What?
@drachenstern Error: unexpected identified 'turn'
10:26 PM
errr, syntax parser offline
@drachenstern um, using the rudder...? IDK, I don't have my Aircraft Carrier Captain's license yet...
Pretty sure that call's for Admiral status, altho I'm not sure who's really responsible for turning it :\
@TheRenamedException That's license, by the way. ;-)
So the problem is this: We all know the deal with migrating from forums to SE2.0, and we all (here in this room at least) have had great success in migrating from the one to the other, to the point that we have learned that SE2.0 != a forum. However, the dba crowd that ARE NOT SE2.0 people are having some sort of a tough time translating. I keep seeing a lot of forum style questions over there.
10:29 PM
Yeah, only the civilized half of this room is allowed to write licence!
@TheRenamedException ?
I know that the site could definitely take off, given some uptake from the right communities, but how the hell do I get them involved?
@TimStone half of this room is civilized?
@TimStone errrrrr
Yeah that's news to me @Tim
10:30 PM
@TheRenamedException Adding "u"s to words really changes the game.
@TimStone I find this to be an unhonourable course of action for you to take
Seems I may be able to do a photoshop script to split the text
@Moshe I recall saying something about templating it ...
@drachenstern Could be. I'm Googling.
it may, however, only be me that relates templates to scripts
10:31 PM
So the reason we need a licence is to turn the aircraft carrier that is these other forums that are not Stack Exchange?
no, I don't know how the groupmind got to licenses from how to turn an aircraft carrier
gets out his connect the dots marker
do I need tugboats or do I just not turn the thing faster than the rudder allows?
What's the fastest way to turn the USS Nimitz 180 degrees? Give her 7 miles or so of headway and leave her to it? Apply several large tugs? Ram her?
I imagine that they have side-facing rotors or water jets that aid in the turning. But either way I'm sure it's a painfully slow process.
Bank 'er off a steep wave!
"painfully slow process" seems to be the tack that getting people onto dba.SE as a SE2.0 instead of as a forum is ...
@TimStone yeah, lol, wish I could
10:34 PM
In this case, shin kicking may be more appropriate.
I think it amounts to the same thing
> What do people consider the pros and cons of this type of function, and are there any best practice guidelines as to when to use them, both from a performance and maintenance perspectives?
I'm pretty sure this does NOT fly, but I'm loathe to say NARQ or OT because the question does have some merit
@TimStone I do not follow this...
@TheRenamedException cf: honour vs honor, colour vs color, etc
OH. Ok. sorry. All this work I'm doing makes my chat suffer. I will speak to HR about this...
10:38 PM
hey, will you talk to my HR after yours?
@TheRenamedException My brain is shot anyway, it's all good
So what's the take HERE with that itty bitty snippet I gave above that has no context. Given just that snippet, would you let it on a regular SE2.0 site if that were the meat of the question?
I purposely left out context.
bah, you people and your working, you're making me work too ;)
@drachenstern LOL, I am under massive pressure, the digests and my slackng have me 2 days behind schedule :-(
And I am insane for considering cretaing a programmers' digets tomorrow!
@TheRenamedException forgot about the digests :p
@drachenstern Yes, working...I was totally not over on Gaming's chat
I can't believe I just caught myself writing this code: allowDeletes = ( settings.SettingValue.Length > 0 ) ? true : false; when obviously allowDeletes = settings.SettingValue.Length > 0 ; is the way to go
@TimStone lol
@drachenstern HAHAHA
I almost let it go too ... I'm slipping. I obviously need more sleep.
I'm not, however, going to comment on the stupidity of relying on a emptystring as my indicator of booleanness. Not today.
You've been under a lot of stress lately @drachenstern. Go easy on yourself :-)
Not till I can rewrite that whole module.
@TheRenamedException bah, that's about average.
I didn't tell anyone, I don't think, that I found out yesterday that my T-Levels have not gone UP since I've started treatment, they've gone DOWN.
So we're changing from transdermals to intramuscle injections
if that doesn't raise the levels, then I'll be going to see an endocrinologist
I will be happy when I don't feel totally slogged every waking hour
10:52 PM
This on top of the other stuff you've been through lately classifies as "a lot of stress" :-)
I may even start keeping time with @TimStone if I get back my older energy levels
@TheRenamedException lol, I imagine it does.
damnit, where's my button ... did I seriously just write that code backwards? pffft
yey, my images come in different colors now, finally
@TheRenamedException Sweet!
I had PHP code to colorize images I wrote like 5 years ago. I therefore estimated I could just reuse that for this new project. But they came out totally gray. So I just rewrite it with ImageMagick FTW
now the user can choose a motif image, place on the product, and change its color
10:57 PM
How goes @Fosco?
pretty good, you?
Yes, I know you probably don't have an email, my boss has been overwhelmed with a few other tasks :-)
that's cool.. the curiosity hasn't killed me yet.
@Fosco not too bad, will be better when I finish this module up, was supposed to have been done a while ago

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