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7:00 PM
That's fair
@TimStone Okay... what is the food giving, and what is it giving it to?
but a post which an otherwise valid implementation I think really should be commented if it's going to be downvoted...
shrugs I'm just hungry. :P
@TimStone I believe what you meant was
if (userId==131713) { food.give(Food.DESSERT, userId); }
@PopularDemand I see your dessert assignment and raise you a if (userIds[0]==150235 && userIds[1]==131713) { food.giveAll(Food.LUNCH, userIds); }
7:05 PM
Dang it. Stop talking about food. Nothing I have at home sounds appetizing ATM.
mmm...rice cakes....
@TimStone Take it all. I already ate lunch. I want me some dessert.
7:28 PM
Gravatar just sent me an e-mail with a broken "confirm this e-mail address" link.
Only Google would do this:
@MichaelMrozek Eh. They all use Google results anyways.
Fact: Arbitrary symbols are way better than text links:
7:49 PM
I just FGITWed Grace Note on meta:
A: Do moderators ever need to clear comment flags?

Grace NoteI had a section on the whole flags aging thing, but Michael Mrozek covers that. Do we ever need to clear comment flags? Yes. Rarely, but yes. Generally, moderators don't really need to clear comment flags. But, for the same exceptional circumstances that lead to us stepping in to immediately de...

This is a good day
@MichaelMrozek Which one leads to the mod++ dashboard?
@badp All of them
(I am actually planning to add extra symbols for things like /review and /reputation; I might add one that links to the mod++ graphic for my own personal amusement)
@MichaelMrozek I approve.
7:50 PM
@MichaelMrozek ☠
is that a userscript?
"mod++ dashboard"? Hmm.
@MaximZaslavsky You unlock it automatically at 15k, when they've decided you're leet enough
@MichaelMrozek Google only does that because they don't want more antitrust scrutiny from the EU, which already forces Microsoft to offer "choose your browser" and "choose your search engine" dialogs.
@DanGrossman IE does that? I thought it defaulted to bing
7:52 PM
@MichaelMrozek hold on, are you serious?
@MichaelMrozek Depends what country you're in.
@MaximZaslavsky No, it's a script :)
@DanGrossman Oh, right; that makes sense
@MichaelMrozek Bah, I thought it was the result of handcraft in the browser inspector.
@MichaelMrozek okay, because I was worried for a second there. Those actions don't actually work, right? :)
@MaximZaslavsky The downvote roulette is a real tool you will be subjected to at the first sign of defiance.
7:53 PM
Oh, this day is going to shit so fast...
(read that in GLaDOS's voice.)
Oh, we're talking about different things. The symbolic header is a script. The dev++ menu was just fiddling with the site source, and no, it doesn't work. Yet
I installed IE9 RC to test some websites, and it killed my start menu. I can't search for programs/files anymore and if I click on certain icons pointing to local folders I get internet security warnings...
7:55 PM
@DanGrossman Bizarre.
I set all the security settings to the lowest value :/
This reminds me of when I installed Policykit on Linux and it promptly locked me out of doing anything, including changing Policykit settings
I just used IE to search Bing for Google just to spite them.
@DanGrossman Somebody did that in a conference presentation, it made me day. The instructions for reproducing something started with "1) Type www.bing.com into your browser. 2) Search for 'Google'"
8:04 PM
Amazing that Firefox is now the slowest loading browser on this computer, they've really gone backwards over the years
@MichaelMrozek that happened to me during an Ubuntu upgrade. The CPU governor got reset to performance; policykit locked it and the lock settings got themselves locked. I tried everything I could, then the computer shut off due to overheating.
Why does that computer overheat regardless of OS policies?!
That laptop was aging.
(I know where you're going here.)
Sigh, pulseaudio just crapped itself again
8:09 PM
Nobody has realized the 30 year old promise to one day have your music instantly follow each person in the house to whatever room they're in, on whatever device they want
Which somehow leads me to this
Crashed Firefox.
8:31 PM
wtf. the Rai.tv silverlight player doesn't let me pause or seek
Why are closed questions listed in /review? Should we flag for "this is so bad it needs to be quick-deleted"?
@MichaelMrozek I am still chuckling about this
Is there specific information somewhere about merging accounts/flagging yourself triggering a recalc?
A: Does flagging a question cost Rep?

The Renamed ExceptionNo, flagging does not cost you Rep. It looks to me like you were downvoted here and that's why you lost 2 rep. EDIT: Wait, you flagged your own question to have it merged in with yoru new account. I see. Then you probably triggered a reputation recalc on yourself, either that or it was a byprod...

That exact question is a dup, but I can't find it. I tried searching for it a few minutes ago
@MichaelMrozek I was sure it was also, but Lucene didn't like me today
Searching for "merge recalc" was not useful
@MichaelMrozek Including the part about flagging?
8:46 PM
@TheRenamedException Most likely the account owning that question was merged into his account, which caused his account rep to be recalculated automatically
@TimStone Yes, somebody had a similar situation where they flagged a post and got downvoted simultaneously, so they thought they lost rep for flagging
Ahh, gotcha.
@MichaelMrozek That's what I thought, but I could find no definitive question stating that
@TheRenamedException There's this non-authoritive one for the recalc-on-merge bit.
...Scroll past the images to the accepted answer, heh.
LOL, thanks @TimStone that looks prefect
Here's the relevant part of a merge log, if you want that:
Beginning merge into master User 'user4834' (Id=4834) for merge User 'user4890' (Id=4890).
. . .
Recalculating rep - before: 1
Recalculated rep for User.Id = 4834 -> old rep = 1, new rep = 1
8:50 PM
@MichaelMrozek Awesome, thanks!
Argh, it's annoying me that I can't find that post now.
ROFLOL @Jon's edit:
A: Display question view counts above 1k as n.n kviews until the count reaches 10k.

The Renamed ExceptionI like it. I keep watching the following, expecting that I am close to Notable Question for this question: In reality the question has 1,737 views. (No, I'm not doing all this just for more views! Ok, well maybe I am. No, I am not! I swear... really... :-) I checked and sure enough, a single ...

I need a better avatar.
WTF search?
@PopularDemand You've come to the right place
8:55 PM
@PopularDemand I'll make you one. I'm a pro, just ask @TheRenamedException
I was given a whole bunch in here
@MichaelMrozek sure is @PopularDemand. Just look at this beauty!
Ah ha
@TimStone's was great too!
@MichaelMrozek Oh, dang, sorry, um, wow, this is embarassing, but, I meant to say that in the double-secret VIP back room where you can't go.
8:57 PM
Tim Post just changed his a few minutes ago, so this is up for grabs:
I probably should have made a higher-res version, heh.
@PopularDemand ROFLOL
@TimStone The Oys would have been too much for rchern then
Maybe I'll just use the one I made that nobody loved.
8:58 PM
I thought you were already doing that
@MichaelMrozek True story. s/made that/made for Josh that
@PopularDemand I liked it! It's in my rotation to use after these other two lame ones ;-)
I said I would use the highest starred one...
@TheRenamedException Pity, huh? Okay, I accept.
A: Confused by CSS pseudo-class :active.

zzzzBov Any Ideas? Short answer: w3schools is wrong Long answer: Anything by Tolstoy

Insulting w3schools on SO is turning into the equivalent of insulting PHP on reddit -- it's just instant upvotes, regardless of how useful the post is
9:06 PM
@MichaelMrozek I feel like this question must have either been deleted or significantly changed, because I remember reading it, but definitely can't find it.
Oh, and there's the w3fools comment with the obligatory 10 upvotes. Stay strong SO
@MichaelMrozek If I have to choose one I'd rather pick w3schools bashing
@badp I'd rather pick helpfully answering people's questions and not turning into every other site I've abandoned over the years
@MichaelMrozek That's not SO. That's the internet.
@MichaelMrozek God help us if w3schools puts out a jQuery tutorial.
9:09 PM
@MichaelMrozek Memes happen. No amount of hating will stop lolcats.
@badp No, but I can just not hang out on sites that spam lolcat pictures
psst @RebeccaChernoff ↑
I'm going to start monitoring new SO posts for links to w3schools so I can edit them out before the answers come in
9:10 PM
Tyler wasn't here, so...
Speaking of things I blocked ages ago
@TheRenamedException yay for anti-hotlinking.
@badp, I'm not exactly sure what I'm looking for here...
9:12 PM
Sadly, my block doesn't work on other sites. Fortunately Tyler is very consistent when it comes to those things
well, this is at least well-written blog comment spam:
@PopularDemand I assume that any question posted more than 20 seconds ago has already been hit
Now I'm curious.
9:13 PM
> I simply wished to thank you so much once again. I am not sure the things I could possibly have handled in the absence of those thoughts discussed by you relating to such topic. Previously it was the frustrating condition in my view, but discovering a new specialized fashion you solved that took me to leap with gladness.
> Now i am happy for this assistance and thus hope you find out what a powerful job you're putting in teaching many people via your webpage. More than likely you've never come across all of us.
@balpha LOL! That's hysterical
Hmm, 75% done fixoring the chat script.
@TimStone \o.
now for the remaining 75%
Hahah. Then once that's done I'll post a blurb on StackApps (unless someone did so without mentioning it) and get back to the Town Hall script...which is about 60% done.
9:16 PM
@TimStone That reminds me, I need to put the XMPP bridge on StackApps
But my company's product has suddenly developed a nasty bug in the past 18 hours, and I must fix that. It's frustrating as hell
shakes fist at it
haha, thanks
@TimStone The gazebo does not respond.
@PopularDemand you must be playing a lot of D&D these days
@TheRenamedException Actually, I can't stand playing D&D. I just think the jokes are funny.
9:22 PM
Ah, OK
I never played traditional D&D, but in high school I loved verbal role playing games. Never kept actual cards and used dice though, LOL
@TheRenamedException It's a link, click on it :P
@badp WHy so it is!!!
I am so tempted to answer like LessPop did :-)
Okay, what?
Q: Is it appropriate to ask for subjective input on self-taught homework code?

FarmBoyI'm teaching myself Java, and it's (effectively) my first programming language. Sometimes when I complete an exercise I wonder if I've done things in the right way. For example, perhaps I write a little program that successfully copies a file. Have I dealt appropriately with the things that ...

A mod just said the other day that we don't migrate old questions.
Hint: There is no hivemind
Unrelated fact: I used to name my primary desktop HIVEMIND and my workgroup THECOLLECTIVE
@DanGrossman What? Then who the heck have I been listening to for the past year and a half?
9:33 PM
70F outside, odd for mid-February.
@DanGrossman yeah it was really warm here today; I wore shorts. Crazy weather
@DanGrossman Indeed.
In fact, it's a new record high. I blame global warming.
@TheRenamedException FIFY
Hi! :)
Anyone there having Chrome 11 or newer? Is it just me or the SEChatModifications userscript is broken again?
9:36 PM
I see what you did there, @TheRenamedException ;)
this picture is just crying for a montage
@Spolsky cuts the cookie http://yfrog.com/h6n57ecj
@balpha Caption contest!
I am really confused
@balpha, since you're here
59 mins ago, by Popular Demand
Why are closed questions listed in /review? Should we flag for "this is so bad it needs to be quick-deleted"?
9:37 PM
Not that me being confused is news to anyone but
I've solved the problem. stackflair.com was blocked in NotScripts.
Joel Spolsky and a knife? Surely this opens up photoshopping ideas...
@balpha Not just a knife, a knife in complete "I'm gonna stab you" fashion.
@balpha Hm, salami.
9:38 PM
@TheRenamedException What are you confused by?
@TimStone You and @badp
3 mins ago, by Tim Stone
I see what you did there, @TheRenamedException ;)
4 mins ago, by badp
@TheRenamedException FIFY
Yeah, as far as the poll goes. :P
Some user posted as "(:"
@TimStone OH! I closed the poll, hence my confusion, LOL
as if you could fool us
9:41 PM
Yeah, we all know that she'd just hack the poll and add in Drop7 anyway.
damn you badpazzword!!!!!!
Hello Kitty MY A...!
@MichaelMrozek Not to be too dumb about this, but are you seriously using that? Is it a userscript or stylish or? Can I steal it?
Hmmm, an @lert to a deleted message...
9:47 PM
@PopularDemand You do know why right?
Sure wish I could see the TRANSCRIPT of that room. glares at @balpha
gah I was just typing that
@MichaelMrozek give me a good idea where to put the transcript link on there -- nice, unobtrusive, non-ugly
and you'll get it ASAP
I want that link myself (not the transcript, but the info)
9:49 PM
@balpha on the bottom number
Where it shows 281 currently
{description} - (info)
@drachenstern the bottom number only exists for 2 hours
@balpha then the top number?
doesn't make any sense for it to be a link
@drachenstern If I did, I wouldn't have asked.
9:50 PM
Actually the histogram would be a good place to link back to the transcript
@balpha Really? That's weird
@PopularDemand caching
@TimStone read the tooltip
even better if you could link back to the transcript sections
@drachenstern That's your answer for everything!
9:51 PM
like the transcript does now
@PopularDemand indeed
@PopularDemand no but really, it's been hashed to death why that happens. It's because the /review route is heavily cached
Speaking of caching, my bottom-left corner avatar is different than my avatar in the actual chat and the "who's in the room" panel.
@drachenstern I believe you, I just missed out on that discussion somehow.
@PopularDemand Refresh?
@balpha I'm not seeing your point :P
9:52 PM
@PopularDemand just telling you why people won't be in a rush to answer you ;)
@TimStone no messages in the last 2h -> no link
@PopularDemand I see your new av on top right and left messages
I am never wrong. If I give a wrong answer sometimes and later correct myself, that's just a caching issue.
@balpha then would anybody care?
@drachenstern 'kay.
9:53 PM
@balpha Or..just 0?
@drachenstern yeah, I guess we could make it a transcript link
but I'd really like the info link, too
You didn't like my idea?
@TimStone that sounds so empty
Let's click on the activity graph!
Argh, can't get into EL&U chat.
9:53 PM
Having it on text that can be selected with gleebox would be handy. Just saying. (:
@balpha oh, you want to add two links ... I somehow just caught on to that :\
@balpha The number really provides no value to me, so I don't care much about what it is as long as it's a link to the transcript :P
@Nyuszika7H LOL
@TimStone you're so five minutes ago, read the transcript of this room to find out why
@PopularDemand how do you mean?
looks fine from here...
9:54 PM
@drachenstern we were talking about the info link so far -- but maybe a transcript link is enough
are we talking about the room onebox?
Info link please.
@drachenstern Never!
need to investigate, hold on
9:55 PM
@badp Yes
@MarcGravell I've reverted to being unable to log into SE chat, somehow. Everything on the test page passes.
<--- Just won an argument from 13 months ago. Woohoo. Gloating time.
@mootinator \o/
Position a new box under the <div class="room-current-user-count" title="current users">11</div> with a T icon for transcript and one under that with an I for info
I said "non-ugly"
9:56 PM
@balpha The info link gets you to the transcript in one more click; that seems fine
@MichaelMrozek yeah, I know. maybe I'll just go with that
@RebeccaChernoff We'll agree to disagree on the link placement
@RebeccaChernoff if the room description is long enough that won't be shown
Or maybe after the title. Iunno. Just somewhere that's text.
Make the onebox a line taller and put it on its own line shrugs
9:58 PM
@RebeccaChernoff I was halfway through typing that :)
drop the numbers and replace with a dropdown menu, in a corner, for transcript and info.
Yeah, I know, dropdown menus are kinda weak on chat
@badp I like that idea less than my own most recent suggestion
@drachenstern Do the numbers really mean anything before you hover on them?
@badp when you're used to seeing them yes
Oop. node.js just crashed itself. There goes a 29 day uptime record.
10:03 PM
@Popular - is it the "too old" thing?
also - try the ghetto option - should show at the bottom of that page, under all the green ticks
but it sounds like something is very "up" there..
Man today is just getting worse and worse. More bug reports flying in for products which haven't changed in almost a year
What is everyone complaining about? Transcripts?
Solution: Don't offer a bug reporting mechanism!
I guess adding the links really is ugly...Hrm.
What was the reason to not have the chart link to the info page? That seemed sane
It's non-obvious, but oh well
@MichaelMrozek I wanted it to link directly to the transcript as all the other times I see the histogram it does
And if anything I think the info should be on the left and transcript on the right, but that's just me
10:20 PM
@MichaelMrozek The chart is actually readable, unlike the numbers.
(The numbers would be readable with a small explaining icon next to them)
So, let's say I had a list of X question.
On what non-SE site would I ask that?
What do you mean a list of X question
"What are the small differences Windows users will trip on when using OSX?"
I have a few myself from personal experience today, wondering if there are more.
Just, I'm not going to ask that on SE. ;)
(...I could post the items I do have as a CW answer to the question, but people for some reason refrain from editing CW posts. =/)
10:56 PM
Dear T-SQL PISS OFF. Sincerely, Kevin.
:waits for GoDaddy to issue $12 SSL certificate:
makes minor modification to view.
pulls hair out while SQL picks nits about a collation conflict which will never actually affect anything.

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