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12:00 AM
I so figured somebody was gonna repgrab on that question. Are you people making me repgrab my own question and deny everyone?
I'm also waiting on Mr Atwood to move it :p
I have more dignity than that. :P
@drachenstern I just got more votes
@TimStone why are you here then?
@TheRenamedException hahahaha
Oh, indeed, it's 7:00 already...
I had used all mine up before lunch I think, LOL
12:02 AM
@TheRenamedException but isn't it time then for you to start getting new reps for tomorrow?
@RebeccaChernoff one moar sketchy favicon be gone next week, hopefully
I saw. (:
@Jin oooh which one?
But we're just going to create a new one. q:
12:04 AM
@TheRenamedException Physics
@TheRenamedException do you participate in Physics-se?
Hmm, we're gonna be creating a few in the next couple weeks.
@Jin I do not but I might start, signing up now. Physics was my favorite science
@RebeccaChernoff i lost count on how many sites we have. both beta and shipped..
@TheRenamedException mine as well. but math was my most fav.
12:07 AM
@Jin, do you look at the A51 list and sing
except s/cat/beta site/
@RebeccaChernoff no, i remain cool as Batman.
WOw, it's very different @Jin!
I like it, very nice
@Jin I thought you couldn't do light on dark themes? :o
@Jin Can I have the last 15 seconds of my life back please?
12:09 AM
@TheRenamedException thanks. first Dark theme evar. i think it suits the site.
That being said, my first impression is that I like it. I might take a second look and nitpick later. ;)
@RebeccaChernoff 15s? the video is 3:20m long. watch the whole thing
isn't photoSE a dark theme?
@Jin She refuses to commit to awesome things. It's rather disappointing, really.
@RebeccaChernoff Not majorily, I don't think?
@Jin is the rest of it different from the first 15s?
12:10 AM
I like that too
@RebeccaChernoff just the header
> I can literally feel my IQ dropping just from watching this. All knowledge stored in my brain is now leaking out. There goes first grade... There goes my first semester of college... There goes potty training...
@RebeccaChernoff why don't you find out?
@TheRenamedException was thinking of meta photo
12:11 AM
@RebeccaChernoff oh so it is, I have only been there maybe once
@badp IQ is overate
@Jin deeerp.
@drachenstern I double upvoted you:
Q: Clarification on StackApps "App" vs "Script"

drachensternPursuant to a chat conversation there's some clarification needed on what it means for a stackapp to be an app or a script. I'm posting this for the community and for future searchers and as a bit of a FAQ (sorta) If you haven't heard about this, read Jeff's latest blog entry Stack Apps and Scri...

@TheRenamedException ha! Thanks ;)
Once on meta and once on stackapps
is that a bug? :-)
12:12 AM
Ok, I admit it. I started laughing around the 1:30 mark.
@TheRenamedException I noticed ;)
Speaking of Batman, this answer is epic. quora.com/…
@TheRenamedException no, that's been asked before. We're supposed to smile and be gracious ;)
yes, i'll be tarred for linking to a Quora question here... but it's Batman
@TheRenamedException I'm sure that's [status-bydesign]
In the "Ugh, there's no point in addressing that" sense. :P
12:13 AM
We really should have a [status-meh] tag.
It would be much more appropriate than [status-bydesign] on some posts, heh.
@Jin where are you with the accepted answer for this question?
@RebeccaChernoff I'm surprised they haven't banned me for that profile desc.
12:17 AM
OK, well, I have a solution (I hope) for this nasty selection bug that my customer found. So now I will go off to find food. Somebody in here has been talking about soup and making me very hungry. I won't name any names or point fingers...
Change your name to Jin Jin and they'll ban you until you send them a scan of your id. (:
@TheRenamedException Someone's making me soup? That's nice of them.
@TimStone Yes. She goes by the name BECKERS
runs away
/applianceKill @TheRenamedException
12:22 AM
You can kill people by throwing appliances at them using the gravity gun in HL2:DM, by the way.
Right up your alley.
So, about this soup...
Right, so I've got work to do! (:
Anyways, I'm not making soup. It was just getting talked about and I'm craving it.
Ah, well...that's unfortunate.
Ah, what good timing...
	setInterval(function () {
		if (localStorage[clipping.storageName] != null) {
			clipping.items = JSON.parse(localStorage[clipping.storageName]);
		} else {
			clipping.items = [];
	}, 2500);
@YiJiang, why do we do that?
12:29 AM
which part? the delay or the test logic?
@TimStone Sync localStorage clips across all chatroom tabs that might be open
@YiJiang Ahh, alright.
12:46 AM
Whee, GoDaddy finally issued the SSL cert, now node.js is running HTTP and HTTPS :)
@DanGrossman Hooray!
Comcast is awfully slow this week.
100ms ping and 1.2mbps down... I think I should reboot everything.
1:13 AM
I wonder if it would be possible to extend addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/tab-badge to work with SO chat
1:25 AM
@YiJiang Hmm
Fml, a whole 90 minutes of work left to be done and my wife is freaking out for me to be home and not working ... Dammit, now I'm gonna forget what I need to finish :(
@MichaelMrozek You're wrong, because reality isn't what I want it to be. shakes fist Heh ( context )
is anybody home?
@TimStone I can't remember what I did, but it's @RebeccaChernoff's fault
@MichaelMrozek Yeah, the context part came after the fact, sorry about that. That being said, you're surely right.
1:34 AM
Oh, that. Yeah, he kind of converted the post from a question about how tags work to a discussion about how you can get screwed out of Taxonomist
I had a worse one sometime recently, where somebody asked how something worked and I answered, and got downvoted because the person didn't like that that was how it worked
Ahh, disagreeing with reality. Good stuff.
@MichaelMrozek never!
Turns out it's actually not :(. This time
Hmm, the script might be up to 1500 lines now (livequery inclusive).
@TimStone Can't you just pack livequery into a single line?
1:40 AM
I also suspect there'll be a 0% chance of it working correctly the first go, heh.
@YiJiang Yeah, not sure that it makes much difference either way though.
Now I'm getting 12.5mbps down, something needed a reboot.
@Maxim 'sup
> Watson has lots in common with a top-ranked human Jeopardy! player: It's very smart, very fast, speaks in an uneven monotone, and has never known the touch of a woman.
I didn't realize Daily Doubles are non-random. I assumed Watson was scanning Trebek's thoughts to help locate them
2:07 AM
This is really good too:
2:25 AM
2:37 AM
Has Monday off, do you?
3:00 AM
Is Monday a holiday?
Canada doesn't have presidents..
calls shenanigans
@MichaelMrozek It's apparently Presidents' Day, according to the advertisements I keep getting for sales.
I need to send out an advertisement for a sale, after I make up a sale.
It's a provincial holiday apparently invented by the Alberta government called "Family Day" in most places that everyone else decided to copy.
Ah, nice.
In most of Canada, Family Day is a statutory holiday occurring on the third Monday in February. In the provinces of Manitoba and Prince Edward Island, the statutory holiday on this date is instead termed Louis Riel Day and Islander Day, respectively. This corresponds with Presidents Day in the United States. The third Monday in February is a regular working day in British Columbia, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and the territories. As Family Day is not currently recognized in the federal sphere, federal employees in all provinces (such as public servants and postal workers) still ...
3:41 AM
> The manual says MySQL will clear the cached queries when their data changes, but is that true? Or should I reset the query cache manually all the time?
Are you really asking if the manual is lying? Gosh, I'm easily irritated.
@Dan no more easily than I am
4:16 AM
Darn users, getting upset when I move links to their reports without telling them :p
4:39 AM
I can feel a sore throat developing, urgh...
Hi @TylerChacha
72 hour to finish a robot
5:00 AM
nice! good luck @TylerChacha
1 hour later…
6:06 AM
shakes finger at chat
It's doing something it shouldn't be under the hood. Now to find out why, and then who to blame. :P
6:47 AM
Turns out it's not chat at all o_O
7:16 AM
Oh look, another Chrome scope bug...
1 hour later…
9:23 AM
Looks like the 'delete post after one year of inactivity' process' started already
Q: Inbox bug: Processing html tags (XSS possible?)

BrunoLMI received a comment reply on this topic, since it was like this I though the comment was deleted or something like that, but then I noticed the topic title has html tags. These tags are being processed on the inbox resulting in: comment on without ? @BrunoLM: a slight grayish (#222) bol...

too bad, that has been fixed :P
2 hours later…
11:18 AM
@YiJiang is that for all questions?!
@badp I believe so, within the criteria Jeff set out in that Meta post
yeah, found it now
in Game Development on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, Feb 11 at 4:12, by Josh Petrie
I am so irresponsible, and I don't even get to get a cool story out of it :( http://code.google.com/p/slimdx/source/detail?r=1928#
Q: Was Java originally designed for a toaster?

New to JavaI've heard this tossed around few times, but never really a source. The wiki page says it was designed for home appliances, but never really references a toaster. Anyone have a source?

11:52 AM
To anyone who is interested, we are doing a game later -
Q: Stack Exchange wide gaming night!

WilUPDATED - NEXT @18:00GMT 19th Feb Hi everyone! By posting this, I feel like this will become one of those Facebook parties where the entire house gets trashed... Crossing my fingers that it will not be like that! Just for the fun of it, a few of us are trying to hold a gaming night - So far it...

12:45 PM
Anyone interested in languages? Come and follow my French language proposal: area51.stackexchange.com/proposals/29480/french-language
Le bon usage du français [French usage]

Proposed Q&A site for people who have questions regarding the correct use of the French language, whether spoken or written. It is not about translating. Questions can be submitted in English or in French.

Currently in defintion.

although I really don't see the point in having a SE for each and every language known to mankind
I'd much rather have something with a wider scope.
@badp How dare you put down my planned Volapük proposal!
@Pekka l wouldn't oppose a börkbörkbörk.SE
@badp yeah, and Klingon
Seriously though, I think the "bon usage" type sites are fine
Seeing as the audiences do not overlap
A french linguist has no interest in sharing a site with an english or german linguist
It's different for translations - I could see the use of one huge site for that
At least from and to english
A Python expert has nothing to share with a C# expert?
12:56 PM
@badp , programmers always have some overlap
They converse in english, and have various interests
Jon Skeet is pretty good in Python, so that doesn't count :)
Linguists will want to deal with their subject matter in their native language, which takes away all potential linguistic overlap there might be
@Pekka Yeah, that's the other problem, those per-language sites would be in that one language. How'd a learner ask?
@badp yeah. That is probably the biggest obstacle right now
"I haff bin want lern herr Deutsche-Lankuage ya?"
1:00 PM
@badp yeah :) It wouldn't work.
...I mean, okay, fair enough, English.SE has the exact same problem.
The difference is that English is the de-facto lingua franca of the internets. Deal.
Would I mind asking in Italian? No. Would I reach an as wide audience? No. Would that help the internet become a better place? Not as much. Do non-English-mothertongue countries teach English anyway? Yeah.
@badp still, a "bon usage" site where the main language is english is doomed
which is why I'd rather see a Latin Languages SE
Spanish, Portoguese, French, Italian, Greek, ...
@badp interesting, that might work
At least for Spanish and Italian I think
The scandinavian languages could have one too
(Danish, Swedish and Norwegian)
Yeah, that probably means "Latin Languages" isn't wide enough
what about German? Anglosaxon languages are partly covered by English.
Do we want another AskUbuntu vs Unix/Linux issue?
1:04 PM
@badp my 2 cents is it's not going to work. If you want German linguists to participate in such a site, the language needs to be German, and probably even the UI.
Same for French and essentially every other big language where speakers aren't forced to learn good english.
I think SO iterates too fast to ever be translated tbh
Italians are taught English for 10-13 fucking years and have no damn excuse
@badp I'm thinking the same thing - especially seeing as it's not just the UI that needs translating, it's the whole culture
especially when you have certain elements such as badge names hardcoded in the SQL, but who'd do that? ducks
The countless Meta discussions about every damn subject... Jeff's blog posts that partly have gospel-like status when deciding on-topic questions.....
@badp hahahaha
Morning everyone yawns
1:06 PM
@TheRenamedException Good morning!
@Pekka Well, they're not as much gospel as they are official guidelines
They were priceless to let Gaming reach a decision about gamerecs e.g.
@badp yup, that's what I mean. And theoretically, those blog posts would have to be localized to some extent... Or you'd need a Jeff-like community evangelist for every language
Which is hard
@RebeccaChernoff just needs to learn a couple more hundred languages
piece of cake.
@badp ROFLOL
or, they could exploit their 144 mods which I guess aren't all English mothertongues
1:10 PM
I obviously came in at the last minute here, but from what I just read I think you're right @Pekka. SE "language" sites would probably have to be in the language they were about in order to get the best audiences as well as all the associated materials, and that's a lot of work
@TheRenamedException yeah. From what I've seen, linguists tend to be very fond of their language
like, uh, Stefano Palazzo for Italian passes barrel
and partly very un-fond of others
But I'm not sure about needing the blog localized. I think people who are that fond of SE could participate in the other SE sites, blog, mso etc, in English. IDK
Personally it was always finding StackOveflow in google searches and seeing the answers that made me want to join and hooked me. I didn't start reading the blog until maybe 6+ months after I joined
The blog is useful when closing new users' questions
1:13 PM
and even then, only when people would point me there on meta, lol
@TheRenamedException yeah, it's possible that the culture can permeate through a number of community members who can speak both languages
Stack Overflow, not closed

Proposed Q&A site for addicts favoring fun questions and discussions about programming and computing. Recently I posted a "fun" question on Stack Overflow, but it was closed within 5 minutes of posting. Please tell me which site I can use?

Currently in defintion.

Meta.SO, the capital, will always be an english-language site
@Nyuszika7H hahaha
All right, off to buy ingredients for lunch. Later!
1:15 PM
Later @Pekka!
User Interfaceui.stackexchange.com

Beta Q&A site for user interface researchers and experts

Currently in public beta.

This site will launch soon!
I need to pay more attention to that site
anyway, I wrote about my take on localization some time ago:
A: Are there any plans for localized Ask Ubuntu instances?

badpI think people are more frustrated by having problems they can't solve. When the asker speaks Danish and the guy who could write the best answer to that question speaks Turk, everybody loses. Having everybody use English instead, even if it's poor English, is far better. It's not a matter of te...

@badp very well said
I think my meta question, Hot brown on brown action in /review, received the perfect response.
1:27 PM
@Nyuszika7H That's the same for all sites more than 90 days in public beta
@YiJiang I know :)
@badp HA!
That's hysterical
Reminds me of a funny meme video I saw that is... somewhat inappropriate to post here :-)
Aw, I was ready to wave my flags and all in celebration
OK lemme see if I can find a youtube link
Hmm, I'm not sure if I really need NotScripts… or not
1:39 PM
QQ sucks >_< makes me wonder why most of China is on it
@badp OK well I cannot find a youtube link, just some lame myspace video link :-p
@TheRenamedException why?
trust me. :-p
@Nyuszika7H see:
@TheRenamedException NO
15 mins ago, by badp
I think my meta question, Hot brown on brown action in /review, received the perfect response.
ok @badp flag away! ;-)
1:44 PM
Oh look, The Meaning of Liff is online: folk.uio.no/alied/TMoL.html
The ancient art of being able to balance the hot and cold shower taps.
@Nyuszika7H was it you who mentioned the chat status?
like available / away / etc?
@TheRenamedException yep
ok cool I'm going to work on that now
1:55 PM
Like this: /status Available or /status AFK
@Nyuszika7H Well you mentioned in the issue you wanted a way to display the info which users stick in that 100 char blurb
Could be interesting, I never really cared much about that blurb.
@YiJiang Yeah, change it and also display it in italics or somehow. Example:
/status Available
Status: Available
Changing it would be a lot harder than just displaying it
1:58 PM
The status is changed by sending an ajax request to http://chat.{site}.com/users/usermessage/{user_id}
@YiJiang I am working on the display portion
A POST containing the fkey and the new status
@YiJiang That's for the "About Me" section?
@MarcGravell The limit on that blurb is 150 on MSO and 200 on SO, what's with the difference?
1:59 PM
@JoshsSocks Quiet, you have work to do
@TheRenamedException It is indeed
@YiJiang cool thanks
Hmmm, maybe I'm mistaken, changing it might be easier than getting it, let me see about how to get it
@YiJiang working on that now
Should be available with an ajax request too, though it might be easier to just pop open the popup by triggering the click event on the gravatar
2:01 PM
contains JSON data user_message
Marc said to use showUsage=false though
when we were using this for XMPP
http://chat.meta.stackoverflow.com/users/thumbs/{user_id}?showUsage=false is enough
@Nyuszika7H showUsage=false
@JoshsSocks yeah sorry
1 hour later…
3:21 PM
It got real quiet in here when I left, lol
Did it huh? Well, LET'S MAKE SOME NOISE!!!
waves hand around madly
any mac users here who have ever seen this?
Q: Intermittent editing issue in Safari on Mac OS X?

RobustoI'm using Safari 5.0.3 on Mac OS X v. 10.6.6. When I try to edit a chat post in English.SE to fix a typo, selecting text and hitting the backspace key (for delete) often for some strange reason will send me to the main page of the Stack Overflow site. I find this rather bizarre behavior prevents ...

@balpha checking
@balpha could it be they hit backspace without actually clicking in the box and thus trigger the Back shortcut?
3:25 PM
have not seen that, let me switch to Safari
@badp He notes that SO's homepage isn't in the history queue
@badp that's what I was thinking
@YiJiang I see
no, works for me
okay, thanks for testing @TheRenamedException
3:27 PM
@badp without clicking in the box, hitting backspace focuses the box for me
nope, that's also
@balpha sure, no problem
@balpha would it be a problem if I polled http://chat.meta.stackoverflow.com/users/thumbs/{user_id}?showUsage=false every 5 seconds?
it's especially weird since a english.SE chat room shouldn't even contain a link to SO.com
@balpha yeah that doesn't make sense
@JoshsSocks that's indeed a higher frequency than that's made for -- you shouldn't currently run into issues with that (unless HAProxy intervenes), but I won't promise anything. What information exactly are you querying for?
in JavaScript on Stack Overflow Chat, 2 mins ago, by Raynos
So the other day I was parsing HTML with a regex, And all of a sudden I got murdered by raptors!
3:33 PM
@balpha looking for user_message for every user in the chat room
want to poll for updates so when it changes I can indicate visually, so if you change your user message, I can update the title of your gravatar in #present-users
with a 5 second precision???
well I could go slower, maybe 30sec
but I was thinking since it can only get one user at a time (right?) if there's a large number of users in the room, if I do every 30 seconds that might take a while to update a given user
I'm pretty sure your puppet master is the only one who changes their user message that often...
LOL. This is true... for now
@balpha With the new /status command, everybody now can!
3:36 PM
@JoshsSocks If they're idle, they probably don't need to be updated as frequently...
Well not really with 5 second precision, but every min maybe?
The poll will have to be staggered, of course
@YiJiang that means if there's 10 users in the room, updating the last user's status will take 10 minutes
I could go AFK and come back in that time, and nobody would know
I mean polling for everybody's status every 1 min
@YiJiang can that be done in one request?
Of course there's going to be a cut off number when there's too many people in the room
3:38 PM
@JoshsSocks we could do multiple requests spaced out in 5 sec intervals
@JoshsSocks Not that I know of
We need to do this only for people who are actually talking
I think
I think at least we need to do it much more frequently for people who are actually talking
so maybe once every 10 minutes for people who are idle
Not necessarily, but.. hrm...
We don't need to do it for people who are not talking, since if I want to know their status I can look at it myself manually
Or maybe we could simply hijack the about me section
@TheRenamedException that has problems too. If your status is "Available: working, @The me to interrupt me" and you're therefore idle, if you then to AFK and change your status to "Away: At lunch" then someone might @ you thinking you're there when you're not
Then display a small colored block indicating status on the gravatar based on that
3:41 PM
@YiJiang isn't this what we're doing? :-)
@YiJiang that's exactly what I'm planning on doing
That plus a tooltip
@JoshsSocks Indeed, but leave some room for an actual message, like what you have there
@JoshsSocks when I change my status, I can send a message to the chat, thus making me active
So that means the polling interval should not be decreased for non-talkers, though... hmmm...
That way we do only need to poll for active users
3:42 PM
@TheRenamedException what about for other rooms? What if you're active in here but inactive in the Town hall room?
@JoshsSocks Good point, this does need some thought
Here's a radical idea:
What about a status "control" room
The script would automatically cause you to join it, and would parse / post messages to that room for status updates
That would make the right bar messy
@JoshsSocks Incredibly, and our benevolent dictators, ahem developers may not like that
(Me participating in this conversation makes me look like a sock puppet of @TheRenamedException)
@YiJiang they may prefer that over us abusing the /user/thumb route
@YiJiang LIES! @TheRenamedException is my sockpuppet!
3:50 PM
@JoshsSocks let's not start this again...
Hm, my jQuery AJAX knowledge is lacking
He makes sense, though. It's easy to interpret "sock puppet" as "sock's puppet"
@JoshsSocks Indeed, it's Ajax, not AJAX :P
@JoshsSocks I'm impressed you do even jQuery, what with you being a sock and all
What is your question?
We're always glad to help our fellow users' socks out :)
@Pekka Why is this failing?
data: {
  'text':'Testing 2'
It doesn't POST
3:56 PM
@JoshsSocks cache: true?
@Pekka he's written in Prototype.js, so...
Iirc, type is the return type
No, thats aray
@YiJiang still causes a GET request.
@balpha No, that's okay. Data type is datatype
3:57 PM
Looks like the URL is empty, looks like it's GETting http://chat.meta.stackoverflow.com/rooms/89/the-tavern-general
Wooo, first time live support chat with a customer led to something productive. Interactively fixed a bug I couldn't reproduce myself.
The only thing I can see that could fail is the fkey().fkey call
@JoshsSocks The URL should be in the Object as the url key; $.ajax only takes a single settings Object as parameter
@YiJiang I thought that too but it does accept two parameters
3:58 PM
@YiJiang indeed this works though
@JoshsSocks We're not using 1.5 here are we?
.ajax(url, settings)
hates documentation which is invalid / outdated / misleading
Chat's using 1.4.2
So that won't work
Aaah, the two parameter notation is new
3:59 PM
@YiJiang shrugs not sure, didn't check. I am just a sock you know.
@YiJiang ah yes, you're right
18 hours ago, by balpha
I am never wrong. If I give a wrong answer sometimes and later correct myself, that's just a caching issue.
I thought I used to use it all the time
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