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11:00 PM
which, in fact, it had no problem with until I wanted to change it.
Know what really doesn't work? Binding to a DOM element that's not on the page yet ...
Collation conflict between SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AI and SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS. Well good. I doubt anyone at this company even knows how to type an accent, never mind worrying about whether words are equivalent without them.
Looks like @mootinator and @drachenstern and having a smuch fun as I am this afternoon :-(
@TheRenamedException probably not as much fun as you, I am only trying to port a bunch of C# code over to JS so I can have zero dependency on the page (except I'm going to take full advantage of PageMethods)
Which includes every bit of dom manipulation as I was doing in my C# via Lists and reconciliation ...
.live('click', I think I love you
heads over to area51 to find some random proposal to commit to.
11:05 PM
Also I only have +163 rep on MSO today, looks like I won't even hit the rep cap as a consolation prize for a tough day!
"Practical Algorithms and Data Structures" really?
Are any of the example questions off-topic for SO proper?
I would think if there are any, a [practical] tag on cstheory would be just fine...
Oh no, we only want to talk about practical theoretical compsci here.
Not the impractical stuff.
Anyhoo. Enough ranting about that.
I guess I'll use my SE klout to get skeptic exchange started :P
Darn, I'm only worth 1% today.
> Our auto-check recognized copyrighted, trademarked, or phishing-related words in the distinguished name. Please allow 2-24 hours for us to manually review your domain authorization. If we require more information, we'll notify you by email.
wooohoo, almost there, thanks guys!
11:19 PM
Is it Happy Hour?
Are you feeling happy?
Why am I still at work?
Oh right, it's a long weekend.
oy! (:
I'm going to sleep in 2 mins.
I'm going to drive home now, assuming my car starts.
Jeff's blog post kinda makes me want to press 'delete' on a couple of questions.
but that'd be childish.
11:22 PM
@TheRenamedException what was that number again? :p
@drachenstern haha. If I can't get +3 on my own in the next 30 minutes I'm an idiot :-)
@Nyuszika7H It is. Have a hot cocoa before bed
No drinks for you, I know you're underage! ;-)
@TheRenamedException thanks for the tip :)
night :)
@Nyuszika7H oh haha, I was pretending to offer you one, since "Happy hour" is when drinks at a bar are offered at discounted prices
@Nyuszika7H sleep well
Also, that was message 521,000. W00t!
wait, why is my rep capped at 197. The rep cap confuses me sometimes! :-)
oh, wait no it's actually 200, it's just the profile tab is wrong
Well at least that makes me feel better
Voting ring, what voting ring? I've never heard of such a thing!
Hey it's the little things in life sometimes. Bugs getting you down? Go to meta and get your friends to give you reps!
11:35 PM
@TheRenamedException yeah, I know the feeling.
And in my case, "bugs getting you down? Let you friends on meta give you unicorns" !!
Different bugs. I'll take software bugs over bodily bugs any day!
True enough
Yay, my boss has finally figured out (cos he's gonna be gone for 7 or 8 days) that it works best for both of us if he'll FogBugz his work for me so I can keep him abreast of where I am :D
I have been trying to get my boss to use Trac. He does sometimes but prefers IMing me issues for me to enter and fix, LOL
@TheRenamedException when mine does that, I turn around and fogbugz it (as I remember)
'ello @JeffAtwood
Posted by Jeff Atwood on February 18th, 2011

As part of our ongoing improvement to our 1.1 API release, and the site that supports our API, stackapps.com, we’ve extended Stack Apps to support the listing of browser scripts.

Since Stack Overflow began, there have been tons of nifty browser scripts people have created to enhance their experience — and they usually work on any site in our network. In fact, you may remember that the favorite / ignored tags feature now built into every site originally started life as a user script listed on userscripts.org by Jonathan Buchanan aka insin. …

11:41 PM
@JeffAtwood we saw
list your scripts! we also added rudimentary post templates per tag
(some of us anyways)
therefore you may notice something interesting happen when you visit stackapps.com/questions/ask?tags=script
Almost done, almost done...
So what's the word on people using those as bugtrackers as well? :\ ... just a thought.
11:41 PM
@JeffAtwood okay, okay, I'll go lis the XMPP Bridge now... :-)
"Hey I was using your script and I found out it broke when I did ..."
@JeffAtwood Ah, very nice.
(this REQUIRES the ?tags=blah querystring afaik)
@TimStone lmao, wasn't that getting said last night?
@JeffAtwood VERY NICE
@drachenstern I said I was working on it. This script is over 1000 lines long, gimme a break. :P
11:42 PM
@TimStone :p so's my page I'm working on ... but I'm converting one 1k page to another 1k page so I'm all :\
haha, also, boss just came in a few minutes ago asking what was taking so long, I'm all "you wanted it ajaxy, which means I gotta get rid of all my viewstate stuff and convert it :\"
I'm about 1/2 or 2/3 ... I think
Hm, so is the XMPP Bridge an App or a Script? I think a script, but...
@TheRenamedException does it run inside another app or standalone?
I'm pretty sure it counts as an app since it's a completely separate entity...and I think Jeff covered the difference last night.
@drachenstern It is a Ruby script which parses the chat JSON feed and connects to an XMPP server.
2 days ago, by Jeff Atwood
that's up to you.. in my opinion, things that run as "add-ons" in the browser to enhance the site rather than replace the UI entirely are scripts
11:45 PM
@TimStone Bah, you people and your never sleeping!
@TheRenamedException so let me see if I understand this ...
does markdown do a bolded italics?
@drachenstern ... replaces the chat UI with an XMPP interface...
it's pissing me off, so it goes away
@drachenstern yes it can but not alone.
YESSSSS finally my migraine is totally gone. \o/
11:47 PM
@RebeccaChernoff Yey!!!!!!!!
@TheRenamedException I think I slept at some point..
oh nice. and chat.se has logged me out for the first time in ages. hehe
11:47 PM
@TheRenamedException "replaces the chat ui" it's an app
@RebeccaChernoff Do you want to be the tiebreaker? @drachenstern says XMPP is a script, @TimStone says XMPP is an App, and @JeffAtwood isn't weighing in
@TheRenamedException no, I changed my vote
Oh wait, @drachenstern flip-flopped
@TheRenamedException because you redefined, of course
your xmpp bridge?
11:48 PM
Why would it be a script? |:
@RebeccaChernoff Because it doesn't use the API and is written in a scripting language...
I would say scripts are also relatively lightweight.. they aren't thousands of lines of code and don't replace the entire UI
> they aren't thousands of lines of code
11:49 PM
it's really a judgment call
Yeah since this replaces the chat UI, it's an App.
don't look at SEChatModifications please
It's slightly smaller now...Well, kind of, but not really since I embedded livequery.
I decided to be proactive on reorganizing it a little bit before posting something on StackApps, heh.
app = off the network, standalone. script = in your browser while on the network
11:51 PM
@RebeccaChernoff I like this definition
I think it needs to be defined on the stackapps meta as well
BTW, @TheRenamedException, you'll be able to plug in new commands/key bindings.
obviously that can be fudged a bit, but at a high level I think it works well enough
@TimStone awesome
11:51 PM
I think you asked for that, anyway.
I did, now I will write a status command
That will be fun!
> The Q&A site meta.stackapps.stackexchange.com doesn't seem to exist…yet.
@TheRenamedException Oh, uhm.. >_> <_<
@drachenstern meta.stackoverflow.com (:
@TimStone You did that? awesome!!!!
11:52 PM
@TheRenamedException I think he's saying it's not done yet
@RebeccaChernoff I see this >_<
@TheRenamedException I started to, heh, per this
@TimStone Sweet. If you do the slash command part, I will do... the other part :-)
I switched to Notepad++ and changed my colour scheme to something dark and my userscript productivity shot through the roof in the last day and a half. :P
I think all of the white was boring me. ;)
stackapps is its own meta
Q: Clarification on StackApps "App" vs "Script"

drachensternPursuant to a chat conversation there's some clarification needed on what it means for a stackapp to be an app or a script. I'm posting this for the community and for future searchers and as a bit of a FAQ (sorta) If you haven't heard about this, read Jeff's latest blog entry Stack Apps and Scri...

@JeffAtwood >_< that's not what your dev/community person said!!!
11:57 PM
Meh, I blame the migraine!
if we had a Meta Physics site....
I'm gonna let Jeff migrate it ...
@Jin heh
:shakes fist at godaddy:
@drachenstern shhh, quiet! Haven't we gotten the employees in enough trouble already? ;-)
@TheRenamedException no ??? :p
11:58 PM
Oh wait what am I saying, causing trouble is what we're good at! ;-)
Hey, what can you expect from a guy who names himself after kinds of exceptions...
@DanGrossman don't we all?

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