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12:00 AM
But she does use her hands backwards :\
With that whole DVORAK nonsense? True, true.
I meant she's a southpaw
Oh, she's left-handed too? Hmm, I might have to make less fun of her then.
That is my understanding
Yah, I found it in the mod lounge transcript:
> I am left-handed, but that has nothing to do with my smileys. (:
I don't think I can onebox it reliably (nor should I :p)
@drachenstern She said that in a comment also
12:09 AM
Bonus points to @RebeccaChernoff :D
> What are your hours?
> The website is available 24 hours a day. I'm available whenever I happen to be near a computer.
Q: Graduated sites show "sketchy" offline page

Rebecca ChernoffThe Area 51 sites that have graduated (WebApps, Webmasters, Gaming, Cooking, etc.) show Stack Exchange Beta on their offline page as seen below. Shouldn't the name and logo from their graduated design be used instead of the sketchy design?

@TheRenamedException I bet she's one of those girls with really pretty handwriting
> @PopularDemand, no. A mouse, with my right hand. And I'm left-handed. – Rebecca Chernoff♦ Dec 9 '10
via @Ivo via GeeksAreSexy
we need to be able to migrate such interesting questions on SE
12:17 AM
.... That just makes me sad.
Microwaves are confusing. Not her fault. You type numbers in and sometimes it takes them as seconds, sometimes it takes them as minutes and seconds, on the same machine.
Math is hard ... let's go shopping
She's not confused by math, but by inconsistent formatting
I do find it hardly believable that a microwave would accept "777" as a valid input
(as 8:17 I guess?)
Mine does, anything 3 digits is M:SS
lets try!
12:20 AM
@DanGrossman yay engineers! go break stuff!
Yes, it cooks for 8:17 on input 7:77
See? Microwaves are confusing.
the microwave I have as a (+) and a (-) button.
My microwave does everything in minutes.
Google has determined what your preferences are. Click here to see them:
Oh wonderful, I see y'all have had fun while I've been away. |:
12:26 AM
@DanGrossman Are you still here?
Did you just nuke yourself for 7:77?
@DanGrossman OK good. I was concerned
@RebeccaChernoff gulp
Google has determined, from tracking me across the web without software or permission, that I am a male interested in discount coupons, photo sharing, web services, online video and TV comedies
If I encrypt 16 bytes of data with a 128 byte public key
how long is the output?
@RebeccaChernoff why? because we've discussed you being a southpaw and we've been blowing stuff u pin microwaves?
12:27 AM
Depends on the encryption algorithm
Q: Encrypted data size using RSA encryption (RSACryptoServiceProvider)

HemantI need to use some encryption mechanism in one of the project I am working on. I was exploring RSA encryption and wrote some sample programs to learn. I understand that block size of RSA encryption is 16 bytes. So I gave the string "12345678" as input to below function: public static string En...

16 byte input, it's your question.
@drachenstern Hahah
Q: Incomplete Tags page after typing part of a tag name

GillesThe Tags page is not refreshed correctly when I type or delete characters in the text box. Steps to reproduce: Visit the tags page (either the popular or the name tab will do). Type some text in the box, say a. I see a list of some tags containing a, filling less than a page. Not all of them, ...

What timing :P
@RebeccaChernoff It's all been in good fun :-)
But seriosuly @RebeccaChernoff I did get an email from a guy named Adam who had a backward smile in there
Very backwards. He's smiling that I sent him the wrong PCI DSS SAQ form. Now I have to fill out another one of these things
@TheRenamedException I'm not sure why this is so notable. (:
12:34 AM
@RebeccaChernoff First person who has ever emailed me a (:
Nobody else has ever used that emoticon in the history of the internet.
I call shenanigans! I see it on Facebook all the time!
@RebeccaChernoff I never do!
Google is never wrong.
It is now. (:
Gah, waking up "early" this morning after being up late has me dragging now. ):
I need a second wind!
12:40 AM
Got that 2:30 feeling?
Caffeine isn't helping. ):
Ask someone nearby to slap your face. It's invigorating.
:orders $275 in Amazon.com gift cards from Visa Extras website:
@RebeccaChernoff 15 minute nap!
12:45 AM
That would turn into waking up tomorrow morning. >_<
Heh. There's a 5-hour energy commercial on tv right now.
Your interpretation of 15 minutes confuses me.
Clearly Rebecca is travelling at near light speed and we're outside her frame of reference
@RebeccaChernoff exercise?
Time dilation is a phenomenon (or two phenomena, as mentioned below) described by the theory of relativity. It can be illustrated by supposing that two observers are in motion relative to each other, or differently situated with regard to nearby gravitational masses. They each carry a clock of identical construction and function. Then, the point of view of each observer will generally be that the other observer's clock is in error (has changed its rate). Both causes (distance to gravitational mass and relative speed) can operate together. Overview Time dilation can arise from: # the ...
Not strenuous, but get up and move around enough to get your heart rate up a little
12:49 AM
Tried that too!
9 mins ago, by Dan Grossman
Ask someone nearby to slap your face. It's invigorating.
The only version I know of slap over IP is a nice suspension.
@RebeccaChernoff ): Tried music?
@DanGrossman I refuse. If I were to do this she would return the favor with her BANHAMMER
Right Becca?
Wrong. Ban is so web 1.0
12:57 AM
@DanGrossman I could use that to express my displeasure at the PCI security counsel right about now
Why? What's today's frustration?
@DanGrossman meh.
1:03 AM
@DanGrossman Well it's my fault but I filled out the wrong PCI SAQ. But I did so because their website if freaking confusing
'Ello @Zypher
My SecurityMetrics subscription for quarterly PCIDSS scans ran out, I wonder if anyone will notice.
ill lay odds on you auditor
OH, I forgot about that.
I searched Google for my phone number and came up with the WHOIS record for fucknuggets.com.
1:09 AM
goes to google my number
meh boring results
Yeah same here
1:11 AM
ditto ):
> The performance is significantly improved from 15 hours previously to just 5 ½ hours now.
Apparently I did good, hooray.
@RebeccaChernoff I guess none of us own any shocking domain names.
@TimStone yey!
Though even five hours seems way excessive, but it's nifty anyway, heh.
What takes 5 hours?
A data-intensive process. :P
1:15 AM
Good, This tavern only shows up on page 6 of Google results for my name. whew safe so far!
@TheRenamedException Hahah
Oh actually it's the Town hall Discussion, LOL
@TheRenamedException im sorry did you just ask me to set you name on meta?
Also I am shocked at how many Josh Gitlins there are. Apparently we are multiplying.
I feel like that has the potential to be worse, on account of all the "I really should be working instead of doing the Town Hall" ;)
in Rename TheRenamedException, Feb 3 at 17:37, by George Marian
Suggestion: AllYourFaultAreBelongToMe
@TimStone oh, ummmmm yeah that's a really good point there
crap. crap crap crap! :-p
I get 279,000
@DanGrossman you're #2 I suppose
1:19 AM
yeah :/
that damn CS professor
I'm #2 for Josh Gitlin but #1 for Joshua Gitlin
The first thing that comes up that's actually me is my SO profile, heh.
Second is Gaming. :P
Let's see what comes up for Becky...
1:22 AM
I'm cited as a reference by over 200 wikipedia pages.
needs less nofollow
@DanGrossman soip (SlapOverIp). I have that domain name :-P (I think)
Since getting hired @RebeccaChernoff google links have become much more relevant
Anthony Ferrara?
never did anything with it...
Love Road, how sweet.
I don't live at the address in my WHOIS data.
1:25 AM
I don't either for most of them
i put my mom's address
@ircmaxell You're super into Joomla?
Not anymore
I was at one point in time
@TheRenamedException oy
You wrote your own CMS called Abillo?
> <meta name="generator" content="The Abillo Experience" />
1:27 AM
that was a half-completed project
@RebeccaChernoff That all? Calling you "Becky" elicits a simple "Oy" response? @MichaelMrozek and @PopularDemand will be so dissapointed
I once loved a girl named Becky.
in The Tavern hallway, 5 hours ago, by Popular Demand
You go towards Becky. When you call her name, she swings around, and you see that she is carrying a banhammer. The last thing you see is it glinting in the sun. GAME OVER
it's kind of disturbing how much info you can get with google. Then again, I haven't done a good job trying to hide it
1:29 AM
@TheRenamedException raises brow Hahah
@TheRenamedException Which... direction was the glinting in?
<6hp 38m 667mv> <New Darkhaven|HT|9,022,241> <> look sundial
This sundial was commissioned by Duke Luther for his subjects.
           //            12            \\
         //        11..........1         \\
       //      10....          @...2       \\
     //        ..        /\   @@    ..        \\
    ||      9..          []  @@@     ..3      ||
    ||      .            [] @@@        .      ||
    ||    8.             []@@@          .4    ||
But I'm only 3 of the top 10 search results on google for my name
Reading the context around that quote is disturbing.
@RebeccaChernoff it was all in good fun Bekkers!
1:30 AM
The Lounge
This cozy lounge lies directly above the Western Hall.  A warm, circular
fireplace in the middle of the room burns brightly, and a spiral staircase
next to this leads downward into the main hall.  A bookshelf dominates the
eastern wall, while a sofa rests beside the fireplace and a love seat sits
in a far corner.  The lounge is usually a very quiet place.
Exits: north east west down
The circular fireplace illuminates and heats the room.
Good call on my part actually doing work today, I clearly dodged a bullet on that one.
@TheRenamedException |:
> Your actions have been incompatible with the ideals of your race. This troubles you.
@RebeccaChernoff OK I'm done now (-:
I'll continue on the Town Hall script even after you inexplicably disappear, @TheRenamedException. ;)
No worries.
1:32 AM
Score for Thartos DarkBlood.
LEVEL: 50          Race : Drow             Born on: before The Shattering
YEARS: 3738        Class: Mage              Log In: Thu Feb 17 20:29:13 2011
STR  : 18(12)      HitRoll: 68               Saved: Thu Feb 17 20:29:48 2011
INT  : 24(16)      DamRoll: 91                Time: Thu Feb 17 20:31:52 2011
WIS  : 20(14)      Align: +0863, noble      Played: 7442 hours
DEX  : 20(17)      Wimpy: 0                Devoted: 3738 years
@TimStone AHAHAHA, thank you
<21hp 53m 690mv> <New Darkhaven|HT|9,022,241> <> cast 'astral walk' squirrel
You don't have enough mana.
@RebeccaChernoff you're seeing side effects of my being forced to fill in mundane forms. They make me go insane
On the plus side, anger keeps you awake!
Nice save attempt.
1:34 AM
It is distracting me from doing work. ):
OK. I'm done @'ing you now
works on userscript stuff
<26hp 258m 690mv> <New Darkhaven|HT|9,022,241> <> cast 'astral walk' squirrel
You come out of your trance.
Crossroads in the Wilderness
The small dirt path from the west develops into what looks to be an old roadway
that runs far off to the east. The remnants of ancient bricks litter what was a
very well built road, ages past. To the northeast, a weathered trail leads off
through a path of bramble bush and yellowed grass, and disappears into a thick,
dark forest. Far off to the east, under the haze and gloom of thick grey clouds
@TheRenamedException Good thing I just joined. I'll take over
<26hp 198m 690mv> <F. Woods|HT|9,022,241> <> cast 'quantum spike' squirrel
Your Quantum Spike **** SMITES **** a small grey squirrel!
A small grey squirrel is DEAD!!
A small grey squirrel gasps her last breath and blood spurts out of her mouth and ears.
You get 400 gold coins from the corpse of a small grey squirrel.
The corpse of a small grey squirrel holds:
1:35 AM
@MichaelMrozek Watch your step... :-)
> The smell of blueberry pancakes and bacon wafts in from the south.
The bacon waffle is a lie.
The bacon waffle is a lie.
The bacon waffle is a lie.
The bacon waffle is a lie.
I need more mana. I used it all killing that squirrel.
       _________________________   ____________________________
   __ /                          |                             \ __
  | /|                           |: The Quantum Spike is one of |:||
  ||:|                           |: the Sorceror's most awesome |:||
  ||:|    -= Quantum Spike =-    |: attacks.  With this spell,  |:||
  ||:|                           |: the casting Mage is able to |:||
  ||:|   Syntax:                 |: form, within the body of his|:||
  ||:|                           |: /her victim,  a sphere of   |:||
1:37 AM
@badp Now I kind of want bacon..
I considered reading the backlog to try and figure out what's going on, but decided it's better not to know
@MichaelMrozek regarding me or Dan?
Yeah I'm not sure there
1:40 AM
He's probably amazed by the combination of ASCII art and sillyness.
You attempt to scry...
Beneath the Canopy
The leaves and branches support your weight as you walk along
them.  Your feet begin to ache after such a long journey.
Exits: north south
(Glowing) There is a pile of dust here.
You finally see the monkey that has been piercing your ears with its scream.
A Spider Monkey shimmers beneath an aura of dark energy.
<51hp 448m 690mv> <For. Tears|HT|9,022,641> <> cast 'word of recall'
Harakiem wonders 'Welcome back Thartos, how was your adventuring?'
<1161hp 880m 690mv> <New Darkhaven|HT|9,022,641> <> cast 'elven beauty'
Your face is blessed with elven features as you grow more attractive.
Could someone please vote to close as a dup?
Q: Auto-generated duplicate links don't trim titles Test

The Renamed ExceptionThis is an intentional duplicate of Auto-generated duplicate links don't trim titles For testing purposes If a question is voted as a duplicate of a question with leading or trailing whitespace in the title, the whitespace isn't trimmed, breaking the auto-generated comment. E...

Someone? Anyone?
insufficient rep
I don't have the power. Also, damn you WwF, you're killing me.
@MichaelMrozek ?
1:46 AM
Feb 4 at 7:58, by Dan Grossman
meta is scary and incestuous, I only (ab)use its chat room
> Trumpets blare throughout Darkhaven, proclaiming a changing of the guard.
@TheRenamedException It's right
Why couldn't you vote?
@MichaelMrozek it's right? Looked broken to me
I meant the report is right
Wait @MichaelMrozek did you vote to close as Dup and SLaks voted to close as noise, or both as noise?
I voted for dup. He closed as noise so my dup comment wouldn't get auto-deleted
1:49 AM
Ah, great, thanks
I was going to say, it wasn't noise, it was specifically for him, LOL
but that makes sense now
@MichaelMrozek I was unaware I could vote to close my own question
never tried that before
JsonSerializer is there such a .NET class?
@drachenstern Natively? Not sure about that, but I can't imagine there's not a GSON equivalent for .NET.
Google says yeah, thought I had seen it before
2:07 AM
<1261hp 1092m 686mv> <F. Woods|T|9,022,588> <> eat pancake
As you eat the pancake, syrup dribbles down your chin.
You are no longer hungry.
Galbert, the cook smiles at you.
Galbert takes a dirty rag and wipes down a table for you.
Galbert says 'Welcome to my shop, Thartos, care for a meal?'

<1261hp 1092m 686mv> <F. Woods|T|9,022,641> <> list
[Lv Price] Item
[ 0    53] A blueberry pancake.
[ 0    78] A delectable mud pie.
[ 0    61] A fruit covered waffle.
[ 0    13] A glass of water.
[ 0    24] A mug of milk.
[ 0    44] A pile of pancakes.
[ 0    35] A platter of eggs.
[ 0    50] A waffle.
[ 0    31] Several strips of bacon.
You are in danger of dehydrating.
You feel great.
Your surroundings begin to fade as a mystical swirling vortex of colors
envelops your body... When you come to, things are not as they were.

A strange voice says, 'We await your return, Thartos...'
Connection closed by foreign host.
[root@mercury /var/www/html]#
Always just a quick telnet command away, as it has been for some 17 years.
So...was all that just a giant ad for a MUD?
Realms of Despair (RoD) is a MUD hosted in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada using the SMAUG MUD codebase. (SMAUG is a derivative of Merc, which in turn is a derivative of DikuMUD; see MUD trees.) It is operated by Derek "Thoric" Snider. History Realms of Despair was opened to the public in July 1994. It added to DikuMUD by allowing modification of operating parameters through the MUD itself rather than having to manually edit configuration files, or even the source code itself. This benefit was contributed back to the MUD community through the release of the SMAUG code. Gameplay Realms o...
2:54 AM
why did I suddenly have a gray triangle on this tab?
@drachenstern Gray triangle?
@TimStone I did I did on my tab
it was odd
like a warning sign
hey Josh what was the problem with the stickybar?
was it for site-announcement banners?
Because I know those are currently "broken" and I'm trying to figure out which way to go on those ... push them below mine vertically or stack mine under them
I could use some feedback ... @TheRenamedException
@TimStone you coding?
Aye, what's up?
Well if you're coding
Anyways, where's the post on what's kosher to move, on the blag or meta?
for old questions in particular
I'm admittedly not sure.
3:10 AM
k, thought it was worth an ask
go back to your coding
3:49 AM
kicks back as he 'compiles'
4:01 AM
I think it's time to watch a group of men get locked in a room filled with an old bus or an old tractor or an old semi and a couple welding torches and a lot of old sheet metal and some sort of projectile weapons
Oh, and we cant forget the use of a helicopter in like every third episode
Why does B.A.Baracus have to wear so much gold?
@drachenstern Because he can, because he can.
@TimStone true
4:16 AM
we need more scripts here ! stackapps.com/?tab=scripts
now with twitter and teh facebooks sharing icons
I think people are posting them as they have them Jeff
Working on updates to the chat modification script, and then I'll head on over.
except I don't know if Tim, Yi and Rebecca have posted theirs...
Tim you like doing that don't you? You must have a neural interface
So Jeff what's next on the radar?
4:19 AM
Unicorns! Please say unicorns!
lmao, yes do
Talking unicorns.
You have to make it awesome, remember?
@TimStone let's not go for overkill, leave something for the following gen too
4:23 AM
4:35 AM
we changed /review to work more on a random basis
take a look
Ah, nice.
I need to encourage people to click on tags at the bottom
where it says TAG SUMMARY on the sidebar
that filters by tag
Ah, gotcha.
4:38 AM
Very cool, I like it.
Sam will not be happy that his precious sort orders are gone, but I think there is nothing to be done about it
they DO come back if you filter by tag (eg you get the list <= 90)
Way to sneak in there while he's gone. (;
we need to get Ben to turn this into a game, like...
Q: Not a real question – A Stack Exchange game

balpha I have updated my game Not a real question, originally announced on Meta Stack Overflow, to retrieve the game questions via the API. Screenshot About Here's the intro text from the website: It's easy: After having chosen a site, you'll see a a button labeled "Play". As soon as you clic...

That game frustrates me. ):
4:45 AM
By the way, is this issue on anyone's plate, or can I make a fix suggestion later? :P
@JeffAtwood Yes, I look forward to "Post BURNINATION", iPhone edition.
@RebeccaChernoff Speaking of games...
Although I probably shouldn't be pressing my WwF luck right now, this game with Jin is painful with the letter selection it's dishing out, heh.
@drachenstern I am headed to bed, but check your script on Photo.SE
G'night Josh
@TimStone Good night!
(Goodnight @RebeccaChernoff and @JeffAtwood also)
@TimStone Heh, oops. I blame Drop 7.
The correct excuse was to blame work, for future reference. ;) Heheh
4:58 AM
Nah, this one's all on Drop7. I really shouldn't have it right next to WwF.
From the sound of it, having it on your phone at all might be a bad idea :p
Well that's just no fun. ):
Less distracting though!
Also, for someone who claims to not like games..
I'm embedding the livequery script, by the way. It checks on its own to make sure it's not initiated twice.
Oh come on. WwF and Drop7 are nowhere near those other silly games.
Right, those other games are that much more awesome, I'll give you that.
5:04 AM
mmmmmno. (:
shakes his fist at NARQ. Can never get the votes right.
@RebeccaChernoff shakes head
@mootinator Ugh, I know.
The stuff people vote for...heh.
> Great job, you got it all right in 35.44 seconds.
I am going to force random order always on the suggested edits tab of /review
When is it gonna get linked somewhere?
Random seems good. Spread out the eyes!
5:26 AM
Somehow I didn't realize exactly how long this script was, heh.
5:39 AM
we were planning to replace the Unanswered button with Review
since, you can get to unanswered by /questions now (it's a tab on all question views)
@JeffAtwood Or the google image labeller thingy. Random is looking good. (Now if we could just talk about that dismiss button :)
@JeffAtwood That's a good idea
But what about people who don't have enough rep for review? (Or is there no rep requirement?)
rep requirement for what? flagging? editing?
flagging is 15 rep, editing is 1
Here's what came top in my random list:
A: error on jquery ajax post request that don't returns anything

Federicoyes it is, I'm not expecting anything back, I just want to set the session var to use it in other pages, but in firefox and chrome isn't. I recon the problem is in the ajax call, but I can't find it. any help?

asks his question with one account, comes back an hour later with a different account :)
Adding the list of reviewers to the edit suggestion was a bad idea; I'm going to go crazy and start tearing people apart via comments
Better to add reject reasons...
You take the 5/6 bullet points in the editing sidebar, and turn them into 5/6 reject reasons...
5:56 AM
@benjol the code does screen for posts YOU have flagged
Q: Are the new moderator flag limits sufficiently high?

Jason PlankLast month, the flag limits got an increase based on rep: In order to encourage more flagging, we have increased the number of general moderator flags available to 10 per day, plus one per every 1k of reputation, up to a maximum of 100. So if you have 15k reputation, you now have 25 moderator...

@JeffAtwood, is that true even if I've flagged them from 'elsewhere' (i.e., clicked through and flagged from the post?)
not a bad idea
    // strip out all posts I already flagged
    if (Current.User.CanFlagPost)
        var flagged = Current.DB.ModeratorMessages.Where(m => m.UserId == Current.User.Id && m.DeletionDate == null).Select(m => m.PostId).ToDictionary(_=>_,_=>_);
        data.PostIds = data.PostIds.Where(p => !flagged.ContainsKey(p.Id)).ToList();
I think I am going to show flag weight on user profiles
I want people to start optimizing for this
Weird that there's no overload for ToDictionary() with no parameters...
that could also go hand-in-hand with granting more flags as your flag weight increases
@JeffAtwood, what about this:
21 hours ago, by Benjol
@JeffAtwood do things get removed from the list when a moderator does something, or already when enough people have flagged them?
I'm not actually sure that makes sense, by the way :)
By the way:
Q: Pending approvals: allow for adding reasons to rejections

ShobanCan we have an option to enter reasons when we reject edits by other users who don't have privileges? Reason: I was checking a pending edit for a question about .NET obfuscators, and the user edited an answer to include a tool. Even though this looked very genuine I decided to check the user's ...

So someone else already suggested something similar
6:04 AM
Seems kind of unlikely that anyone would actually go to the trouble to see the rejection reason in most cases, doesn't it?
so I'll add my suggestion in there
@TimStone, I dunno, at the moment you don't get much of a 'fanfare' either way...
If it gets approved you get the 2rep. If it gets rejected, you really have to be dancing on F5 to notice...
But I think that it should be implemented anyway, for quality's sake. If we're trying to improve site quality AND keep 'moderation' work down, we want people doing better edits, not just more edits. And we don't want to frustrate people with a binary 'yes/no' response which doesn't educate them about how to do better.
(I think)
Anyway, I'm adding the 'choose from list of reasons' suggestion as an answer on that question
A: Pending approvals: allow for adding reasons to rejections

BenjolI think it would make more sense to have a flag/close-type dialogue where you can choose from a number of reject reasons or fill out a free-form comment. The reasons could be (loosely inspired from here): Timid edit: Always strive to improve as much as possible with each revision - if you can...

I'm going to make you start using Quora
@JeffAtwood :) You could always just open source it and let me do the changes...
But I'm guessing you prefer my damn suggestions :D
I don't mind you rejecting my suggestions as long as you provide a reject reason. :D
Ah, the joys of nitpicking client-side features. ;)
@Benjol we're changing it so ANY live mod flag on a post, strips it from /review
6:18 AM
@Benjol You have to learn from @TimStone. Poke through and fix the javascript at the same time @balpha is doing it. But don't let anybody else know, especially not @balpha.
            // strip out all posts currently flagged
            var flagged = Current.DB.ModeratorMessages.Where(m => m.DeletionDate == null).Select(m => m.PostId).ToDictionary(_=>_,_=>_);
@RebeccaChernoff In my defense, I totally mentioned it each time :P
@Jeff, rats, I should have made a question on meta, I'm never gonna get that Feature-Request-Status-Completed badge :)
Just a question as I have two mod's attention.
Did I do the right thing there? comment but no flag? Or should I just have flagged?
6:21 AM
@Jeff, sorry, blocked here :( (if that was for me)
ah, the land o' chocolates
@Jeff, no, just the company with bored sysadmins who suggest websense to control freaks in HR :(
I'm trying to test something that requires the edit suggestion indicator to be in the top bar, and people keep approving the suggestions before enough pile up. People need to start slacking more
25 3
40 1
50 3
55 3
60 6
65 7
70 13
75 14
80 62
85 54
90 498
95 623
100 338249
105 280
110 1508
115 62
120 406
125 26
130 179
135 19
140 99
145 19
150 55
155 14
160 31
165 15
170 26
175 10
180 20
185 8
190 11
195 1
200 7
205 8
210 14
215 4
220 8
225 5
230 10
235 3
240 8
245 11
250 73
flag weight distribution so far
@JeffAtwood, what does it mean? Is it just a magic number?
6:34 AM
it means those users have filed more successful flags
(let me guess, you start at 100 by default, and you go up 5 if your flag is upheld, and down 5 if your flag is rejected?)
I'm assuming so, it is Marc's code
There should be a badge for people who hit a certain level
@JeffAtwood, and is that actually used yet? Does the moderator get to see the 'weight' of flags, or is there just a cut off below which you just ignore them?
@MichaelMrozek, at both extremes? :)
6:49 AM
it is used in sorting
I am proposing we display it, and that we give more flags not just for rep but also more flags based on your flag weight
I'd be down with that.
@TimStone why? @Jeff sounds good
Why would I want that, or?

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