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12:00 AM
@fahad you don't get special 64bit RAM
@fahad 64 bit means your address space is much bigger so you can have more than 4GB if you wish
fahad: Speed for operations that need more than 32 bits. Also, one can implement two 32 bit operations in one 64 bit operations as an optimization...
I'm going to step out. have a good one, all
Another good benefit of 64 bit is hardware-based DEP, ASLR, NX, ...
Okie BTW its dawn there now
@TomWij open a few visual studios with resharper too
12:01 AM
@PiersMyers: Done, still no difference.
This argument seems silly. Obviously at some point you will fill your RAM, at which point having more RAM would be useful
That is always true, for any amount of RAM
better to have too much than too little
I don't see why I would need Chrome with 20 tabs, MSN, Mirc, Outlook, Photoshop, Visual Studio and a bunch of other small things running at the same time...
Well, if you're going to stipulate that you don't use more than X amount of RAM at once, then yes, adding more than that isn't going to help you
But it's not like that's true for everyone
12:04 AM
@MichaelMrozek: My point is...
if i had a 4 gb RAM and a 64 bit processor than my RAM is going waste?
You add more RAM if you want to do more, not to increase performance.
@fahad: No.
@TomWij but if you want to do more and you don't have enough RAM then your performance will suffer :)
@TomWij Ah. Then yes; if you have 4G of ram and you're using 1G of it, doubling it to 8G won't somehow make all your apps run twice as fast
When you do more,you send more data to processor and more should be the bitsize
12:06 AM
But that's doing more <--> performance
not RAM <--> performance
@fahad: No, instructions from different applications don't magically combine.
@fahad: A real-life example instead:
get a multicore CPU to increase performance
If I need to add 12 and 34, if I can do one thing at a time I could do "2 + 4" and "1 + 3", combine them and end up with 46.
If I could do two things at the same time then I would do simultaneously "2 + 4" and "1 + 3" and end up with 46.
So I'm handling twice as much data so what I want to do is done twice as fast.
12 + 34 = 46, not 64 :)
@TomWij :Obviosly it does onething at a time until the processor is one
oops ^^
(A data thing, not a task thing)
Getting a multicore CPU can even decrease performance, again, not a good example...
It could result in less FLOPS than your previous processor thus resulting in your applications (that would support multicore) to run slower.
12:11 AM
@TomWij only if it wasn't written to utilise the multi cores
BTW why why does windows do paging itself?It ruins the harddisk
@fahad if no paging then what does it do when all RAM is used? BSoD
Technically all disk activity "ruins the harddisk", but it's kind of necessary
BSoD = Blue Screen of Death
@PiersMyers: No... I'm not using a page file, no BSoD at all. ^^
12:12 AM
Paging does the most
@PiersMyers Start killing things -- the Linux solution :)
@TomWij it will if you ever manage to use all your RAM
Or you can have more ram like tom
@PiersMyers: Proof? It doesn't, I have seen.
There isn't even a bug check code for being out of memory.
If you have unmarked file paging it would never be performed
12:15 AM
It gives a message"Virtual Memmory too low"
The bug check that comes closest to that is "0x4D: NO_PAGES_AVAILABLE" but that is if the page table fills, not the memory... A completely different thing.
@MichaelMrozek: Yes, it gently notices you or instead starts killing the least important things... Which doesn't hurt you.
that's for XP, but probably applies to Vista and 7 too
@PiersMyers: Doesn't state anything about a BSoD.
It says:My advice, therefore, is not to disable the pagefile, because Windows will move pages from RAM to the pagefile only when necessary
But i dont agree that something like that can happen
12:19 AM
@TomWij see what happens by using all you memory - bump up the cache for photoshop if you have it, there must be plenty of memory hungry apps out there
> Web Applications will be graduating and changing its name to nothingtoinstall.com tomorrow!
@TomWij you will get a lot of out of memory errors and your PC will probably grind to a halt
@rchern nice name
@PiersMyers: No, it doesn't.
Can we also increase our RAM by pagefiling?I mean to any extent we can increase?
Someone told me it was dangerous
12:21 AM
hehe and i just got yearling on SO (:
@PiersMyers: Why would this halt your computer? Any proof to that?
This has been tested extensively by filling both your memory and hard disk and doesn't result in such thing...
I fail to see how that user answer is a proof?
Nothing essential is killed in the progress.
Also, a program that could tend to have a lot of memory should correctly handle the OUT_OF_MEMORY error.
Why would we ever go out of RAM?
@TomWij unfortunately a lot of applications aren't well written and never think they will run out of memory until they do
12:28 AM
You are both stating yourself upon false assumptions, you should read technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb963901.aspx
@PiersMyers: But how does that halt the system? You're only losing some data, nothing more...
Serious applications are written to handle that, it's a software quality attribute that is considered for assuring you comform to standards like CMM or IEEE Std 730-1998.
The computer stops responding because all the memory is being used by the program
@fahad: No... The programs are informed and closed.
that Mark Russinovich article looks really interesting, thanks for that. never seen a task manager window with 64 cores before :)
@TomWij - ok windows may not explode when all RAM is used but I know that my laptop with only 1GB or RAM runs like a dog once it is used (and that doesn't take much) :)
It changed my entire vision on Windows, it's quite impressive what you can do with simple tools...
At the computer store my dad runs there are like computers that are running on 256 MB RAM, it's like magic if you turn it into 512 MB.
Probably one of the cheapest upgrades for such computers.
The reason I have disabled my pagefile is because I'm using a SSD (which I don't want to suffer by continuously writing to it) and I don't want my HDD to use energy just for the page file...
need sleep, later guys
12:43 AM
Good night.
I'm out too...
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7:16 AM
Yup that works! ^ there's a zero character message here
1 hour later…
8:40 AM
small request; I need someone to @mention me (or reply) to test something. I can't @mention myself...
@MarcGravell like this?
looks like I need to fix the reply prefix, but yes; thanks
and some copy tweaks, of course
8:55 AM
hi @Marc looks like you were stung with the same "windows cares not for your unsaved work" sting
@MarcGravell, will that work even for rooms you're not currently in?
@Benjol - yes; any messages that you haven't dismissed will (after a short delay) be sent to the global inbox.
To prevent flooding, we'll batch up multiples
but if you've already dismissed it in chat? no global inbox
@MarcGravell, Nice, just spotted the upload button too :)
9:39 AM
darn; I've had to disable that for now - the links that the inbox generates aren't quite right
unfortunately the fix needs "not me" to do something
@MarcGravell why not create a sock puppet for your testing? :)
I have one; my openid seems to have failed, though
and yes, that account is just for testing
9:55 AM
It's not blue
meh, no amount of diddling works:
> Unable to log in with your OpenID provider: Error occurred while sending a direct message or getting the response.
10:35 AM
Hi all
hey fahad
10:57 AM
not much all around right now...
What's this events thing in chat?
e.g. Oct 1st is Happy Hour. I click and no real details within.
Not sure what I'd be registering for.
you'll be signing your soul away to SE if you click on it :)
I haven't worked out what the Happy Hour is either
I have a feeling it involves drinking.
Thus, I should register for it at whatever the cost.
may someone should create an AA room
I registered and ....
nothing happened
11:11 AM
Imagine that. You're in the system.
part of the Matrix
I have been borged, soon I will be part of the hive mind
and start shutting down random questions as subjective :)
Cancel removed me from the list. I have no idea what being in the list actually means though... I'm never around at happy hour anyway - bad time zone.
@Benjol does that mean if you park there, your wheels will be gone when you get back?
I you've all been drinking, the car will probably be burning in a ditch 10 miles away when I get back :)
12:00 PM
How much repo is needed to edit qstion in SO?
2000 I think it's in the FAQ: stackoverflow.com/faq
i had 600 repo ,i cant edit *cries
@fahad Well, you can always edit your own question
I wanted to edit my friends question
12:07 PM
@fahad Any reason why you can't just directly ask them to edit it?
You can always ask an user that can to do so.
she doesnt no much abt SO
For the right reasons, of course
Can anyone tell me how to edit display picture?
i mean change it
@fahad, what display picture, the one that goes next to your name?
12:17 PM
you mean your avatar? You change it on Meta.stackoverflow.com - edit your open ID details
@Benjol yes
the method to upload image was difficult,i tried it once by clicking got flair
@fahad, it's called an avatar, and as Piers says, you need to change it in your meta account. Flair has got nothing to do with it. There is no upload.
@fahad flair is something different, you use that to put on your own web site to show off your SE rep
@fahad, goto meta, click on your name, click on the 'edit' link, click on 'Change Picture' -> that takes you to gravatar where you can associate your email address with an image.
It's not terribly user friendly, I know
12:24 PM
haha thanks
at the time of creation, the StackOverflow team didn't want to do any image hosting, I imagine. That and it's kind of coherent with the use of OpenId.
Its too terrible
I quit,i dont want to change lol
Q: How do I change my profile picture, or avatar?

SLCHow do I change my profile picture, or avatar? How can I use different avatars on different SE sites? How do avatars work? How do the SE sites know when I changed my Gravatar? See also: How is the default user avatar generated? Return to FAQ index

12:43 PM
Q: Can we get a flair style that is narrower?

JohnFxTrying to incorporate the new flair into my blog, however I am finding it too wide to fit easily in the 3 column format. There seems to be a lot of empty space in the middle of the clean theme that could easily be stripped without losing content. Could we get a new flair theme that is more cond...

rchern this one is for you ↑ pity both instances of StackFlair seem broken :)
1:06 PM
Now we can upload images, I wonder if there are any plans to allow us to upload avatar images if we don't want to use gravatar
@Benjol what's the point?
you upload it to gravatar instead of uploading it here
@radp, another password to maintain/remember (or forget, in my case)
ooooooooooooof i'm an idiot
1:21 PM
@LasseVKarlsen Is there any text to explain what it does? video blocked here :(
Anyhows, better bookmark it quick before xmark is cremated...
lastpass integrates with your browser, and saves passwords, synchronizing across your machines (because it stores them online, encrypted)
so you can log in from iPhone, iPad, all your machines, with the same database
if you install the extensions/addins/plugins, to your browser, it will detect new and changed passwords as well and suggest you save/update them
So it encrypts locally then uploads to their servers? And decrypts locally again anywhere? Just have to trust them.
Sounds interesting
uses javascript libraries locally (ie. client-side)
I currently use KeePass, but that doesn't fill in forms for you.
so it appears they store it on the server in normal form, but it doesn't reach their server in readable form
1:26 PM
so you have to trust them?
Yes, you do
I'm not sure I'd trust anyone with my google login, it's a pretty important master key
LastPass has been scrutinized and reviewed by 3rd parties before, I don't remember any links, but it got green flags all across, but yes, you have to trust them :)
Security Now! did a podcast about it. Gave it a great review
There's still an implied level of trust
The cipher may be running on client-side, but the cipher code is provided by LastPass and could be doing anything
<3 lastpass
1:35 PM
Yes, as I said, you have to trust them
@Lasse do you use the iphone app?
Even if they currently offer a 100% secure system, that is reviewed, and given thumbs up, they could replace those javascripts tomorrow
I have it installed
It's not very good
oh ):
was gonna say i should install it hehe
It beats having nothing, but what I did was add a link to the "Login!" javascript in the browser
which means that if I end up on a login page I have the password to, I just hit that login link in the browser (on my iPhone), and it logs me in
It won't detect new and changed passwords, but that rarely happens on the iPhone anyway
i've been using lastpass for a bit on computer, but still in the collecting stage rather than changing all my passwords to be more secure
so it isn't really an issue on my phone yet
hmm, login javascript?
1:37 PM
i need to research this
For the last 4 years I've been using this crummy tool I wrote myself. It's not perfect, but it's built such that the password you login with is used as the cipher key, so it's not stored anywhere.
When you're logged in on their website, in the left menu, you have a link for "bookmarklets"
All Web UI is over SSL
What you need to do is to copy the javascript of the bookmarklets you want, and send to yourself through an email, as normal text
Then read that email on the iPhone and copy the text
You can't hold on the javascript links on the iPhone to save them, doesn't work, so you need to make a normal link to anything at all, then paste in a new url, which can be that javascript
Of course, if you have MobileMe, or something that synchronizes your url's to your iPhone, you can use that, but I had some problems with the IE bookmark synchronization in this respect, so I just did it manually
1:39 PM
got it
and won't require the premium subscription, so bonus!
Nope, not at all :)
will play around with it
Of course, the website works abysmally on the iPhone, so if you want to get hold of the actual password text on the iPhone, for instance to paste into a twitter client, you should go for the lastpass app
this one is for you ↑ pity both instances of StackFlair seem broken :)
1:42 PM
stackflair.com gives a server error page
stackflair.somee.com just reloads the form
yeah i know
oh hrm
stackflair.com doesn't work because of
Q: Problem converting .ico in byte array to Image object

rchernI am trying to take favicons and add them to a dynamic image that I am creating. See StackFlair. The website code works fine locally, and on one shared hosting server. blah blah, free hosting plan, you get what you pay for, blah blah My trouble is that I get an exception from a new hosting set...

i'll look at somee
seems to load on my profile though
@rchern sure, but I can't seem to make a new one for the asker
headed in to work but i have a conf call first thing so i'll be able to look lol
Morning everyone
'afternoon Josh
1:53 PM
@TheUnhandledException morning (and hah! I'm about to start my weekend.)
@radp Lucky dog. I wish I were!
@PiersMyers Good afternoon. I forgot, where are you again?
@TheUnhandledException UK
so no power outage fiascos last night then?
@rchern I tell you again (when you return) you're welcome to use my helper service in the meantime... :-)
@PiersMyers LOL, it's been a weird few days
We have major flooding in my local area but so far the lights have stayed on
And our datacenter repaired the UPS issue from yesterday pretty quickly, no other issues with them yet
That was the first major issue they've had in years
1:57 PM
@TheUnhandledException I'm in university, so I'm not actually done ;)
@TheUnhandledException that's what they tell you
@radp how many more years till you graduate?
I really am going for the weekend now. may seeyou later...
have a good one @Benjol
2:16 PM
@Chacha102 Shhhh, it's OK! Calm down, we're all friends here ;-)
@Chacha102 Your bases
All of them
2:58 PM
Is Javascript Threaded?
efreedom.com = lame SO clone ripping data from SO. i.e. efreedom.com/Question/1-740482/…
I repeat: Is Javascript Threaded?
@Fosco According to a comment on the big list of sites that steal SO data, that site apparently attributes it correctly
A: Is it legal to copy Stack Overflow questions and answers?

Jeff AtwoodThere are a number of "illegal" clones popping up which use the cc-wiki data without following the attribution terms (these are linked at the bottom of every webpage, and included as a .txt file in every data dump we produce). Here's a place to list all the illegal clones, since we didn't have o...

3:24 PM
@MichaelMrozek ah ok thanks... that was the first time I googled for something and ran into a fake site..
@Chacha102 Sort of. You can achieve very basic thread-like code using setTimeout() / setInterval()
3:55 PM
Haha .. I'm using the 'kick ass' ship to delete all your messages
@Chacha102 What?
I've been using it to delete the failing builds on our build server's status page
You click, and you move around the spaceship
and then blow up parts of the page

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