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4:00 PM
@PiersMyers I'm in 4th year
Im suppose to be working on an editorial ...
I'm writing about the ever current topic on Wiretapping the internetz
I might even publish it on my blog
Since it is kinda related to the ethernetz
@radp so it's the last year for you? My software engineering degree was 4 years with one of them being work placement. What are you studying?
What's that site where you can mock up HTML+javascript?
@PiersMyers Nope, 4th out of 5. IT Engineering, or whatever that name is (just please let it not have "Computer Science" in it please please please)
forgot the name of it
4:04 PM
"Computer Science" sounds horrible.
@radp ha, yes, we always looked down on the SC students :)
@Chacha102 haha, no, the one with like four frames, you can enter HTMl and javascript and evaluate it?
like a JS+HTML playground?
@TheUnhandledException @rchern has it
@radp is IT Engineering a cross between software and hardware subjects?
4:05 PM
@TheUnhandledException it's jsfiddle.net
@PiersMyers Aye. The course covers everything from how a transistor works to how to build a web service
@radp AWESOME thanks!
Sure, not everything we study is quite up to date ._.
For example, this semester we must build a project in J2EE [sic] (which apparently is totally not Java)
@radp cool, build the computer then program it. I did an Electronics diploma too (for radio and radar equipment).
Well, we focus more on software issues obviously :)
At least, I do
what do i have?
4:11 PM
@rchern give us a clue
it is plastic!
ah, i see, jsfiddle
i think 20 questions is the other way around though (;
Wow ... we just got Thunder near San Diego...
that never happens..
@rchern Lego?
@PiersMyers nope!
4:13 PM
@rchern Sindy Doll?
wth is a Cindy Doll?
HA! So, I got rid of my Parameter not valid error. Now I get A generic error occurred in GDI+.
Sindy is a British fashion doll created by Pedigree Dolls & Toys in 1963. A rival to Barbie, Sindy's wholesome look and range of fashions and accessories made it the best selling toy in the United Kingdom in 1968 and 1970. After Marx Toys' unsuccessful attempt to introduce Sindy in the United States in the late 1970s, Hasbro bought the rights to Sindy and remodelled the doll to look more American. As a result, the doll's popularity declined and Barbie manufacturer Mattel filed a lawsuit for copyright infringement, which was settled when Hasbro agreed to remodel Sindy's face. During the 199...
@PiersMyers You broke my joke. I spent hours on that
4:15 PM
similar to Barbie (and Ken)
I'm really bored
@Chacha102 well try to guess what plastic thing @rchern has
Ummm ...
I give up
Still bored..
that's not how you play 20 questions >_>
4:18 PM
@rchern I bet I can find out with only one question. Here it is:
@rchern What is it?
@Chacha102 Cheater
@rchern, is it shaped like a rocket?
is it big or small?
4:21 PM
that's relative...
is it bigger than a breadbox?
what shape is it?
@TheUnhandledException no
what colour (color) is it?
@PiersMyers I thought it was yes/no only? Been too long since I played
4:23 PM
is it an new laptop?
i wish!
does it contain any electronics?
@PiersMyers Good one!
That's three right?
4:24 PM
solid plastic?
@PiersMyers Another good one
@rchern Is it a utensil used for eating?
is it a cup?
4:26 PM
Damn, I was thinking it was a spork :-)
@rchern Is it round?
@TheUnhandledException you mean a foon?
A foon? haha
@TheUnhandledException yes
@PiersMyers No, I mean a spork :-)
A spork or a foon is a hybrid form of cutlery taking the form of a spoon-like shallow scoop with three or four fork . Spork-like utensils, such as the terrapin fork or ice cream fork, have been manufactured since the late 1800s; patents for spork-like designs date back to at least 1874, and the word "spork" was registered as a trademark in the US and the UK decades later. They are used by fast food restaurants, schools, prisons, the military, and backpackers. The spork is a portmanteau word combining spoon and fork. Similarly, the word foon is a blend of fork and spoon. The word "spork" ...
4:27 PM
CD or DVD?
> "Foon" redirects here.
@TheUnhandledException it was a joke Josh :)
@rchern Is it a ball?
I want a fife. Or a knork.
4:28 PM
@PiersMyers I thought it was a joke until I saw "Foon" redirects here., LOL!
is it frisbee?
@rchern is it heavier than a pound or 0.45359237 kg?
nope, not heavier than a pound
is it flat?
4:32 PM
flat like a sheet of paper? no, it has height shrugs
is it disk shaped?
disk shaped? you mean circular?
@rchern is it a mouse?
I thought it was round
4:34 PM
@PiersMyers A mouse is half round...
if it is round isn't it circular? >_<
round is either spherical (ball) or flat (disk)
@rchern haha, ok, I see
How many questions do we have left? :-/
@PiersMyers I suspect a pen but don't want to waste any more guesses :-)
since so far I have been way wrong :-)
@TheUnhandledException a pen is not solid plastic though
Also wasn't this game to entertain @Chacha102 who now seems to be sleeping? LOL
@PiersMyers Good point, I forgot about the solid plastic
Ah! And it has no electronics. I am sucking at this game, HAHA
4:37 PM
hmmm, i suppose if you look at it in pieces, you'd see disks not balls (;
@rchern What the...?
@rchern Is that one of our three hints? Or is that our only clue? :-)
is it a kinder egg?
can I phone a friend?
Well I am off for lunch. @The me with the answer so I can see what it was :-)
Are you people playing 20 Questions?
I guess "Ask the Audience" wouldn't make much sense here.
4:39 PM
Slow day, huh?
@PiersMyers Din din din! We have a winner in 1 question!
I think it may be more than 20 now though
No, "Who wants to be a millionaire". rchern is giving away cash prizes.
@mmyers If by "cash" you mean "NothingToInstall dollars," perhaps....
4:42 PM
ooooh, you mean rep?
nice, valuable, glittery rep?
@radp that's an idea, you think there's a black market for SE Rep?
The question isn't whether there is one, the question is how do you get in!
@rchern - are you going to put us out of our misery and tell us what you have?
She can give us an exclusive account on soon to be released NothingToInstall.com!
/* This program will only run if the laws of mathematics hold */
if(1 == 0)
    fprintf("Oh crap - we are not running in the correct Universe\n");
4:56 PM
btw, the FOSS Ubuntu font has been released today to the Maverick repos, if you're interested
the ubuntu font is ugly
I used to be a TA in college, and I once had somebody submit code that said:
if(cond) {
// do stuff
} else if(!cond) {
// do stuff
} else {
printf("Something's wrong!\n");
well, you never now
I give up; how do you format as code?
5:07 PM
click "fixed font"
// do stuff
} else if(!cond) {
// do stuff
} else {
printf("Something's wrong!\n");
(which will just indent four spaces)
On the chat, not on SO
Where is this fixed font button?
5:08 PM
@MichaelMrozek paste the code / click on fixed font
@MichaelMrozek only appears when you have multiple lines in your input box
@balpha how do you get multiple lines directly in chat box ?
Oh, but the whole message needs to be that way then. I see
I tried indenting all the code lines in my message, but it didn't work because I had the line before it that wasn't indented
yeah, either the whole message is fixed width, or none of it is
5:09 PM
  Testing indent
haha, sorry...work stuff came up
@Sathya What if //do stuff changes cond? :\
thought it was back quotes
@PiersMyers, @TheUnhandledException i have a slinky.
@radp the else if block will still be skipped
because it's else
5:10 PM
@rchern ah, would never have guessed that :)
@balpha tsk, you must've skipped the goto hidden in a completely different place pointing there.
oh, that
can you goto an if body?
well, you can goto into an if body I guess
//2050 lines down
goto poo;
this seems like an active channel! :P
5:14 PM
if(true) {
} else if(false) {
	return 0;
} else {
	goto b;

goto a;
I've scared myself -_-
@MichaelMrozek I blame your indentation!
I have gotophobia
sorry if I'm interrupting something, so I'll just redirect whoever might be interested in this topic...
There we go -- a mere 4 edits to get that right :)
didn't work o_o
anyway, anyone willing to comment on that area51's "gate" proposal of mine? area51.stackexchange.com/proposals/21859/gate
5:15 PM
@Cawas not cross-site (yet)
@balpha oh
that explains it :D
5:27 PM
i got +50 points today
but i dont know why
which site?
Whats bonuses?
5:32 PM
you're the only one who can see your reputation report.
did you get awarded a bounty maybe?
Its false..
Just scroll to the bottom and look at today's items I guess.
-- 2010-09-23 rep +7 = 631
3 3461605 (-1)
3 3792348 (-1)
-- 2010-09-25 rep -2 = 629
3 3804264 (-1)
3 3803143 (-1)
-- 2010-09-27 rep -2 = 627

** total rep 627 :)

days represented 45
627 matches your rep. so where are you getting 50 from?
5:36 PM
@fahad Well, none of that is close to +50. And it shows your recent downvotes, so you might want to delete it, unless you don't care
i dont know i just checked my id from my friends computer an hour ago and my repo was 580 something
@fahad: I merged an old unregistered account of yours an hour ago.
and so the mystery is solved
/blame mmyers
/praise mmyers !
5:39 PM
blaming is more fun though ):
/annotate mmyers
all equivalent :)
Now that that's all settled, @rchern, you made us run through that whole 20 Questions thing earlier and left us hanging anyway.
co-worker came to talk to me about stuff, had to do work >_<
and i did say the answer
How do you remmeber it was mine?
5:42 PM
but feel free to guess (;
@rchern Did you mean... /blame balpha?
not this time, though that's fun too (;
any sharepoint admins around?
Should everyone know the hardware interaction with C language?
@fahad My mother shouldn't
That could really be disastrous!
5:45 PM
I mean that a programmer should?
Web developers shouldn't. That could be disastrous!
Or should i move to another language
I heard that C provides far better hardware control than other languages
what hardware do you wish to control?
5:47 PM
but i was wondering that who uses C today
Starting from mouse and keyboard to whatever is the end
I'm not sure any language can control a mouse or keyboard. That would be fantastic though
having the little mouse moving around the desk
I mean using mouse in a computer program
He knows
that int86()
5:50 PM
People who write operating systems use C
People who write device drivers often use C
You mean operating systems are still made on C?
Some are
Usually the foundations are ASM/C
I know basic programming in C
If you program on microcontrollers you would probably use C
like structures,arrays and filing
5:53 PM
someone asked me an unusual question some days back
I'm not really sure where we're going with this conversation
Make sure your programming is better than Pokemon Yellow's.
he asked me how will i read some thing like 1 2
3 4
5 6...by filing and save it into two ararys
and odd in another
5:55 PM
even in 1 array
@rchern AH HA, A slinky!
@radp can't watch YT from work. what's the scoop on Pokemon Yellow?
@spoulson Didn't you get the quite descriptive image preview? :)
@radp yeah, it reminds me of what can happen when you remove a cart while playing games on various gaming consoles
@rchern and @PiersMyers I should have guessed that. Good one
5:59 PM
@spoulson Yeah, 'cept it's part of a "glitch" that brings you to the final screen in 1 minute 40 seconds :)
@radp Awesome.
@TheUnhandledException, ^__^
i have one at my desk. (:
Ah, my new Aeron just arrived at lunch.
I could use one of those
Mine has been hurting my butt lately
6:06 PM
I've never understood the thing with chairs; I know there was the whole CH post about it, but my chair doesn't seem particularly essential
My butt is essential. Its comfort is tantamount.
Well, it has arms. My old chair doesn't.
@rchern Helps to keep idle hands busy while thinking of code?
I have a little wooden toy which keeps me busy while I ponder my errs
hard to describe, I'll try and find a link
@TheUnhandledException exactly
fricking finally hahaha
6:10 PM
/me cheers for @rchern
apparently the answer was 123
Congrats - is it bad that I haven't got the Civic Duty badge yet?
That reminds me to start voting on more meta questions...
@ChrisF Really? I upvote like crazy, I got that one really fast
@TheUnhandledException I'm slow at voting - I guess I'm just reluctant + I hardly ever down-vote
@ChrisF I hardly ever downvote
unless we're talking MSO... :-)
6:15 PM
I've down voted most on MSO, but even there my ratio is 1460 up to 42 down
On SO it's 1606 up to 8 down ;)
@ChrisF Here, downvote this
@ChrisF You should have Civic Duty then!
I'm not a good voter. On SO I have 45+9
Q: How can you stop new users from answering your question?

johnnyI have asked several questions and the persons answering have low numbers for the "score." Because they have answered they may have kept those who might have seen an unanswered question and read it. I think because a question has a couple of answers it keeps others from even looking (they like ...

hey guys check this out
6:16 PM
I have (and electorate on SO) - I was talking about web apps - sorry for the confusion
@KronoS 's link will waste all your productive time :-)
@ChrisF Ah, ok
On SO I'm 1850+ / 39-
870+ / 74- on MSO
I waste more time trying to make designs at cesmes.fi/pallo.swf heh
@rchern I'm addicted already
DANG! I can't combine the two
6:21 PM
@rchern I knew I shouldn't have checked in here at The Tavern after lunch. There goes my afternoon. pew! pew! pew!!
@KronoS You're several hours too late :)
2 hours ago, by Chacha102
I got that link yesterday
Pretty awesome
i just thought that I'd rehash it :)
yesterday, by Chacha102
A: Why are questions off-topic for Super User being migrated from other trilogy sites?

Jeff YatesI think you're assuming that members of one community are completely aware of what is in-scope for another community. This will not always be the case. Therefore, I expect that those who migrated the example you gave considered that it feels on-topic for Super User and, not being wholly involved ...

6:26 PM
I suppose I should've known; Chacha102 isn't known for posting things once. Although in this case he was answering a question
@mmyers Oh, I missed that
@Sathya I just saw that, lol
@Sathya Yay, just the assist I needed!
@TheUnhandledException yeah my question on meta.su :P
@radp Eh ?
Does everyone get that after-lunch crash?... I was bordering on falling asleep at 1:10, and by 1:40 I was wide awake again.
@Sathya nvm
6:40 PM
@Fosco Sometimes
You sound like that energy drink commercial @Fosco :-)
@Fosco yep
ok, i think this takes care of wasted time for the day, heh
6:43 PM
@Fosco What do you usually have by lunch? Carbohydrates do bring drownsiness.
and yet another random image...
@radp yeah i had pasta today
@Cawas those almost killed my browser, LOL
@Fosco Yeah, it does do that.
lovely, and no way to get rid of those in the chat >_> they look just great over rdc btw
6:49 PM
@rchern there's a bookmarklet
javascript:var noimages = function(){$('div.ob-image').each(function (){$(this).hide()});};window.setInterval(noimages, 500);
Now that everyone's seen them, mind if I delete them?
@rchern Or use the "Kick ass" bookmarklet :-)
@mmyers Please do
I have that one too..
@TheUnhandledException Oh, that would've been clever. I have a jquery plugin I use to get rid of them :)
It's a bit of a bad sign that we've got like four different hackified ways to get rid of annoying images in chat
the problem with those is they get rid of everything. i don't necessarily want that.
@mmyers, you rock!
6:52 PM
Wow, my CPU graph took a dive.
AdblockPlus -> block specific image
...nor do i want to go in and add a url each time (;
I think there was a chat feature request to easily hide posts. Alternatively, people could just stop posting them. I'm open to either solution
There, waiwai933 is banned from Meta.
Who wants to be next?
6:56 PM
my hackified way to get rid of images is to use irc. :)
+1 @GregHewgill
o: waiwai?
@rchern His profile says
> @SOTeam: Yes, I have requested a 1-month ban.

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