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7:10 AM
sd k
11 messages moved to Chimney | Daily Housekeeping
Daily? Sometimes hourly. ;)
psst, 6-8 hourly...
7:25 AM
I usually do it once a day, when I first log on for the day
@andmyself not really. It's 0 when rep is 1.
So usually that -100 is pointless...
that's true though...
7:52 AM
@Catija well now with diamond everywhere, you no longer need to do that. :)
and nice new avatar! ;)
8:12 AM
8:29 AM
33 messages moved to Chimney
8:59 AM
9:12 AM
less than one week to hats
2 more days until the new PoE league :D
the hype is real
@Magisch Parrots of Europe?! Is @Tink part of that?
Power over Ethernet is a sport?
3 more days to having a really good cake! :D
9:17 AM
The cake is a lie?
old meme is old
@JourneymanGeek sometimes :D
Shouldn't we focus on the Chicken Summoning ritual instead?
I'm afraid the bird ate the chicken this year. :(
Let's hope the bird didn't eat too many hats as well.... ;)
9:34 AM
Shouldn't we summoning the Duck?
@ShadowWizard path of exile
@rene Duck Duck Go!
@Magisch oh
hmm... looking good I might buy it for PS4.
I finished the current game, kind of, so now looking for a new game. :)
do yourself a favor and get it on pc
@Magisch I don't have gaming PC anymore.
But why PC? @Magi
9:42 AM
oh, nice, the #PC-MASTER-RACE thing again
Shall we leave that to Arqade, yep?
MS-DOS text adventure games master race.
@ShadowWizard Game is a asymmetric arpg, and the control scheme works infinitely better on pc
the economy, trading and third party tools also do
Its a CRPG and they play better on a PC
Yeah but there's also more cheaters on PC.
A good bit harder to cheat on console.
there's some games that play better on controllers (cuphead is impossible to play on a keyboards) but CRPGs are typically better on mouse and keyboard
POE is single player no?
9:45 AM
PoE's server architecture doesn't lend itself to cheating
i.E ultimate server authority & the server sims all "normal" gameplay alongside and reigns your client in from time to time
the worst you can do is automate pressing your flasks. But they have a detection algorhitm that works similar to google's recaptcha to map randomness of keypresses
Right now I'm playing sunset overdrive. Which is a port of a 3-4 year old console game and actually dosen't suck inspite of a few small bugs.
@Magisch does it feature a client-side controlled global auction house clock :P?
@forest I don't plan to play multiplayer so not relevant for me. :)
I barely have time for single player...
All I play is Touhou.
Which is only good for PC since the latency of a console would suck.
There was a car race game for PC once, which I played with an XBox controller. Felt weird, but it was fun for a while. :)
In that game, part of the goals were to crash into things. lol
@JourneymanGeek from what I read it offers both single or multiplayer option.
10:00 AM
@ShadowWizard FlatOut?
@forest Project Diva Future Tone works fine....
@ShadowWizard Destruction Derby?
Touhou and some similar shootemups (Mushihimesama Futari) require a lot lower latency than Project Diva since it can be far harder to predict your movements.
try Bangai-O
Also know as "and you were thinking Nuclear Catplosion in Dwarf Fortress was bad..."
10:44 AM
huff... puff...
@ShadowWizard you completed Ni No Kuni, switch to Dragon Quest.
10:56 AM
@Bart nope. Think something with Paradise. 10-ish years ago...
@Derpy nope ^
@Derpy completed but not satisfied. After 3 hours IRL time (spanning over whole week) of trying to complete a quest I gave up on it, and it means I can't have level 4 kingdom. Plus, I didn't even find the quest for the 100th citizen. :(
I do "cheat" when stuck with main quest sometimes, but not going to do that for side quests. So... EoG for me.
@Derpy heh. Looks familiar, i.e. same genre as many games I played. But is it relevant to start with Dragon Quest XI? Won't I miss too many background details of the game?
@andmyself you were... running... ?!
11:27 AM
@ShadowWizard First six games were kinda related (two different trilogies) but after that it went for isolated games
you can still see a common pattern but that's it.
So if you were worried for the plot, that's not a problem.
hmm... appears to be more expensive than others (280 NIS compared to 200 for others I bought so far, maybe because it's still very new) but since I buy about once a year... might give it a try. Thanks! @Derpy
I bought Ni no Kuni II in March. So 8 months to complete the game. Not bad, for me. :P
@ShadowWizard just remember for added fun to check all the available checkboxes on this page during the "New game" setup.
Especially the one that says "(flutter) shypox" :P
Shy... pox... ???
literally "Shy syndrome"
Think I'll pass. On all of those. ;)
I'm not into all those "Super Mega Ultra Difficulty level".
Give me standard level of difficulty and I'm good. :)
11:42 AM
Apparently millenials killed tuna nytimes.com/2018/12/03/business/…
and can openers.
Strange, I'm the only person in my family who can operate a sidecutter
@ShadowWizard You may want to check the strong enemy and low experience settings if you feel that you are leveling too fast, but I advise you to stay clear from the rest.
@JourneymanGeek wait.. StarKist just closed their factory in Israel.. is this related??
There was quite a big noise about it.
(local only, I guess)
@JourneymanGeek you mean this?
Same for me, and I know how to use it only due to army.
Had to open hundreds of tuna cans.
Thus is trivial to use ^
Or... should be?
what derpy linked
11:46 AM
shockingly there's people who use it the wrong way
an actual can opener that normal-out-of-army-nonsense people use :P
@Derpy less experience from easy battles should be default, it's common sense. We'll see. :)
@JourneymanGeek but.... how.... ?? lol
@Derpy my parents used to use the nicer stabby sorta can opener
@ShadowWizard they use it to cut the top
you need to use it to cut the side
@JourneymanGeek side?? But then everything spills out.
What am I missing?
11:48 AM
@ShadowWizard they actually kinda mean 0. It already works with reduced exp, that option basically disables gain altogether and pretty fast. It is basically a "disable grinding" setting
Oh... not can opener on vending machine
@Derpy hmm... yeah, this does make sense. I don't like getting too strong without actually trying to. (which often happens since I do lots of side quests just for fun)
@ShadowWizard anyway, you can enable those setting at the start of the game and disable them at any "save point". After disabling it, you cannot re-enable it on that save game.
@Derpy that's weird... OK, will see. :)
11:51 AM
@ShadowWizard it is a sort of challenge thing, but they added the option to revert to "normal mode" at any time.
oh, that's good.
painting @doppel in red
If you do, the challenge is considered "lost" and you can't resume it after saving in normal mode.
(so that we'll get @doppelredder)
it is easier than it looks
Hmm... I think there's a similar Hard Mode thingy on La Mulana
11:52 AM
@ShadowWizard [breaks out in hives]
Many games got Hard Mode, usually unlocked after finishing the game though.
it is similar to those games where you can lower the difficulty level after starting the game but you can't raise it
@doppelgreener no no, don't break! Plz!
12:23 PM
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog Your Italian plumber historical rival got a reference yesterday in my swag contest attempt. If you want to suggest something Sega/Sonic related, feel free to.
@Derpy Well, Sega already came up with a ton of time references in Sonic Generations, so not much options for original creations.
oh, wait, maybe I should work on their claim about the Sonic and Knuckles story modes in S&K happening at the same time...
12:39 PM
Trivia time! What does a Prime Minister do when deep in legal mud (nothing special, just some corruption and bribery issues) threatening to take him down? Destroying secret tunnels, of course! lol
@JourneymanGeek I tried to do this with my can opener and broke it.
@Ash the "wrong" way?
ya, my parents did the same. Then blamed the can opener.
Proper can opener should arrive with full usage guide, including images. :)
Dec 7 '12 at 16:30, by Tim Post
@TimStone Your base and the stuff you asked for in SE Asia are ready. I gotta ask though, what did you want the can opener for?
@TimStone did you get the can opener? ^
(and if so.... you know how to really use it? ;))
@JourneymanGeek Yep, the only thing missing on that video is a disclaimer "Sponsored by LifeHacks.SE"
12:50 PM
seems an image from a patent found on Wikipedia is probably more trustworthy than random youtuber user
@random? Our @random?
anyway, thanks @JourneymanGeek. Now I managed to make all my coworkers think that one is actually true.
.... thinking about it maybe it is better if I warn them before they actually try.
Opening a can that way is probably a very fast way to hurt yourself
@JourneymanGeek I think they are going to try the alleged "right" way that video is advertising. And I hope you didn't mean that the video should be taken seriously o_O
Unless that also implies that the guy that patented the can opener didn't realize how to use his own invention.
1:16 PM
@Derpy that's totallly the actual right way ._.
@JourneymanGeek You will have to persuade Charles A. Bunker before me :P
It's opener specific ;)
We have a 'smooth edge opener' that should go horizontally, but the old-fashioned one should be done vertically (to risk less cuts)
@JourneymanGeek I agree. Someone once showed me IRL how to do it, forgot who. It was like magic. :)
But I very rarely use a can opener, buying only those cans with that "pull to open" thing. :D
1:27 PM
@ShadowWizard oh, fell free if you want to cosplay Frodo -_-'
Does someone happen to have a couch? I need a nap.
That's vague even in Derpy standards. ;)
@ShadowWizard thanks
@Bart sure thing, always at your service. :)
1:29 PM
One advantage of working on VR, I can just put on a headset and close my eyes :p
@Derpy that is some amazing 3d printing
@Mgetz they sell 3d printed figurine. Hopefully they have top-level machinery and not just hobby/entry-level stuff :P
that said, I think they just do the printing based on models people send in. So the artist gets a percentage in the actual sales of figurines based on his/her models.
I seem to remember some of the models were actually "officially" endorsed by Hasbro too
@Derpy why she faints so much? :(
1:41 PM
@ShadowWizard She is a sort of "drama queen" archetype.
One of her most popular phrases is "This is the WORST. POSSIBLE. THING."
@Derpy Like that user who used to come here and rant every time he got a downvote? ;)
@Derpy There is no "Sort of" with her
@Mgetz you watch MLP too?
1:44 PM
in the past
the later seasons have been meh
oh, nice, a victim fellow pony.
You didn't know?! Thought you have Pony Sensor. @Derpy :)
pretty sure we've talked about this before
was supposed to be a joke?
@Mgetz not here in Tavern...
@Derpy sensor? probably... :D
1:47 PM
no, I mean my alleged not knowing.
You still have the SugarCube room somewhere? @Derpy
@ShadowWizard yes here... you might not have been around
@ShadowWizard it is on Sci-Fi.
@Mgetz I searched for mentions of "pony" or "mlp" from you... got no results. :)
May 31 at 14:13, by Mgetz
@Derpy tbf the equestria girls didn't help this
1:49 PM
@Derpy well, if @Mgetz did mention MLP before, pretty sure it was with you, since I don't think we have other (known) ponies here... :P
@Mgetz oh.... tricky. Neither pony nor MLP key words in there. ;)
Yeah I searched for "Mane"
as in "Mane six"
because I wouldn't have used MLP because context would have been implicit
@Derpy I'm still at season 4
To be fair, I was counting Sunset, not Starlight.
Sunset being the one from EG
@Derpy A character whom I know nothing about
gotta love when someone joins chat and asks for instructions on how to commit a crime CC @Shog9 (apologies for the ping)
2:00 PM
@Mgetz context?
@ShadowWizard someone came into a chat and asked for instructions on how to write a malicious driver
(Also, think Shog doesn't like having to dig and look for context. Just saying. :))
@Mgetz what chat? Why you need a CM for that?
@Mgetz actually that's a good thing, clearly means they don't have the skillz
right before this message
in C++ Questions and Answers on Stack Overflow Chat, 7 mins ago, by Mgetz
@ptr_user7813604 we legally cannot answer this question
As room owner, I'll just tell the user it's not acceptable in the room, move the message, and if the user keeps doing it, kick them out.
2:02 PM
If this also fails and user returns and posting it again, escalate to moderators.
yeah but if they are asking how to commit a crime that has legal reprecussions
like it has to be preserved
or grab a MSO mod - presumably by flagging
hence pinging a CM
@Mgetz someone can also come to chat and ask "How can I kill someone?".... so? It doesn't mean anyone should answer, or that person should be banned right away. Unless it's persistent and becoming a burden on the room regulars. Still, personally I don't see the need for CM.
Anyway, let's wait to see what Shog says. :)
2:05 PM
@ShadowWizard In the US at least it's proof of Means Rea, which means it's evidence of intent to commit a crime. It really only matters if they actually commit it or attempt to, but there is law against destruction of evidence that immediately kicks into effect
The Sarbanes–Oxley Act of 2002 (Pub.L. 107–204, 116 Stat. 745, enacted July 30, 2002), also known as the "Public Company Accounting Reform and Investor Protection Act" (in the Senate) and "Corporate and Auditing Accountability, Responsibility, and Transparency Act" (in the House) and more commonly called Sarbanes–Oxley, Sarbox or SOX, is a United States federal law that set new or expanded requirements for all U.S. public company boards, management and public accounting firms. A number of provisions of the Act also apply to privately held companies, such as the willful destruction of evidence to...
Q: Should virus or illegal-activity related questions/code be allowed?

Dylan KatzI've seen posts pop up every once in a while on virus coding, and I went to flag them, but I didn't see a category under which to do so. After further investigation, I've had no luck finding rules against it, so I presume this means that there are no rules against it (correct me if i'm wrong). So...

@Mgetz ^
(and its dupe)
We entered the realm of law-enforcement by SE community members?
carefully stepping out
@ShadowWizard They explicitly said it was for use against their brother
That's a violation of CFAA
@rene no, just flagging something for preservation
there is a difference between a prank and a crime ...
2:10 PM
@rene not in the US
CFAA is very very poorly worded
@Mgetz so.. its someone being a dumb kid
and deletion isn't really destroying stuff in the SE context
@JourneymanGeek more than you can possibly know... because the CFAA basically means what a US federal prosecutor makes of it.
waiting for article about USA citizen arrested for asking in a chat how to write a virus
@Mgetz assuming the user's in the US
@JourneymanGeek I'll leave that to the feds, I suspect they would argue that it shows intent to destroy evidence
2:13 PM
and depends on whether said prosecutor is trying to make a point.
@JourneymanGeek they usually are
When they do
we're all bound to the US law ...
So, I used to know an idiot.
fighting bounds
2:14 PM
Threatened to break someone's legs on the internet.
The person threatened called the cops, and in this case a very polite FBI agent had a word
nothing much else happened
and unless there's an actual, well action and a victim I don't see how a crime is committed.
IANAL, but I do have some super vague legal modules in school ;)
I could come in here, jokingly asking how to destroy a body but I'd primarily be guilty of crimes against good taste not murder
@JourneymanGeek easy!
Sadly there's some problems you can't solve with JS ;p
boo hoo
now you have 2 problems. JS and a dead body.
2:18 PM
either way... I'm done
just dereference body and let it garbage collect
And guess what? It exists! LOL /cc @Derpy ;)
@rene ouch, nasty death.
This went better than the last time ;)
in C++ Questions and Answers on Stack Overflow Chat, 23 mins ago, by ptr_user7813604
OK, I were just kidding, I'm learning about device driver
too late, the feds are on them ...
2:21 PM
@Mgetz please try to be more... open (?) for humor. :)
@ShadowWizard ENOENT
(even if sometimes in bad taste)
and assume good intent ;)
in defense of brothers: pranking them is not good intent ...
silly kids ;)
I used to sneak in the rubber ducky song into my brother's MP3 player
2:24 PM
You screenshotted that of your W95 box?
lol of course!
@JourneymanGeek eww that's cruel!
quite honestly someone who really knew me could do worse ;)
there's a few ear worms I hate
2:27 PM
Since you hate twitter.... making a twitter account on your behalf with real info about you would be a proper prank. @Journeyman ;)
@ShadowWizard I have a twitter account actually
(sending suggestion to @JourneymanBrother)
with my real name too
@JourneymanGeek oh. So how come you never mention it or use it to... umm... ask politely for things to be done in SE? ;)
2:29 PM
@ShadowWizard cause I'd like to do things the right way
Practicing what I preach and all that
I guess I have a little more pull than some and that helps?
But that's the longer game - pick your fights, and make sure they matter
and its not always about what you want right now
Twitter sometimes gets you what you want quickly - but I've got a longer term need to take care of things - mostly on the sites I mod, but a few others as well.
and the influence my words carry kinda are useful there ;)
and twitter dosen't help me there.
On the hand, twitter's great for passively picking up on stuff, if you tactically follow the right people
That is a cool new picture @Catija
@JourneymanGeek and fake stuff as well
if you happen to follow russian hackers accounts, that is. ;)
@ShadowWizard I only follow back people I know
Wait... does a deleted answer makes same noise as a question?
more oooooom?
uses the same acme (tm) kaboom box.
OK! approved
2:57 PM
Oh lol, the tumblr implosion is getting worse
I'll link to the hacker news article... news.ycombinator.com/item?id=18606593
TLDR machine learning doesn't work well determining fingers from things rather more NSFW
Article 13 is going to end SO WELL
That's pretty much the case, I'm pretty sure it will require that stack block all of the EU
because code is an absolute nightmare from a copyright perspective
3:11 PM
@Mgetz oh, the typical stage when a social media site grows up and bans NSFW stuff? Yeah, it happens to all of them, at some point.
@ShadowWizard oddly the other way around it seems. Tumblr has actually shrunk since it was bought due to questionable policies
This is the first time they've announced they were doing this, previously they just shadowbanned people
I don't have numbers, but I got a feeling this is indeed a death blow in their case.
Basically yahoo paid too much for them
oh, they're owned by Yahoo? Makes sense... Yahoo made so many mistakes.
I will only say that the ones that proposed some of the things in that article should also provide a fully functional and working POC on how to put those automated filters in action.
3:13 PM
and this is their last ditch attempt to make them profitable by shoving ads literally everywhere without serving NSFW ads
@ShadowWizard Verizon now, which is more conservative
hmm... someone going over faq answers and fix outdated info in them... and it's not @Sonic this time. :)
2 hours later…
5:42 PM
Nice brook :)
24 messages moved to Chimney
For some reason that picture looks way better on my phone than it does on my laptop.
It looks... duller, here.
@Mithrandir It often does. Depends on your screen, perhaps your phone screen has better technology?
Almost definitely :P
6:17 PM
@JourneymanGeek The from teh side instead of the top
When I did it from the side, the can opener broke.
6:32 PM
Winter, so good right now. Go out and it's dark. Come home from work, it's also dark
less then 8 hours of daylight ftw
@Magisch I can imagine a cactus wanting a bit more sunlight ;)
4 hours later…
10:13 PM
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11:07 PM
I've been playing with mockups...
I like lines better.
seems quite tall tho, are those sub lists collapsible
11:23 PM
Ditto with the lines
Seems tall cause there's no other context
Percentages might be nice
@Shog9 Why me though?
Lots of flags
It appears to be very out of date, though.
Yeah, probably a couple months old
I haven't pulled fresh data in a while
11:34 PM
@Shog9 Yep, it's probably from the last time I used this username...I've been through two other usernames before settling back on that one.
@Shog9 Are the last two bullets moderator-only, or will they be shown to the users themselves as well?
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