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7:01 AM
And, just like that it decides to boot-up. PFM, I tell yah.
Q: Why should I keep answering on Stack Overflow? Observations from a new user.

ErikObservations, suggestions and some questions after 4 days on Stack Overflow. I've been hearing about Stack Overflow from more and more people, and it turns up more and more often in my Google searches. This weekend I decided to finally give it a try, see how it compared to e.g. the original expe...

Someone asked me for help earlier, and I just said "It should be fine."...and then it was. Hooray magic!
Very nice, polite, thoughtful feedback!
@TimStone Unfortunately, this required some hands-on incantations.
Ah :P
7:04 AM
Now, I my 2nd monitor (which I had to use in order to troubleshoot the issue) is showing a black screen, though the mouse cursor shows up just fine.
PFM, I tell yah!
ok new code was deployed.. fully random on suggested edit order now
also, ANY active mod flag suppresses items from /review
@JeffAtwood, good stuff.
prior to this only YOUR flags were suppressed for YOU
@JeffAtwood, you closed my rant, but /review just got a whole lot less sucky :D
Hey! I just saw the panda on the SE 404 for the first time. Cute!
7:26 AM
Ok, it's settled. I need to find another location for this server. Some place where I won't hear its incessant humming and rattling.
1 hour later…
8:27 AM
A: Does Ruby on Rails affect how a web page looks?

Nick SilbersteinRuby on Rails is a server side technology, so it doesn't lend any specific quality to the user visible design. That said, it is a "trendy" technology so people who are likely to write their back-end code with RoR are likely to choose a particular "Web 2.0" style for their views. It's kind of li...

Eh... 200+ upvotes in 2 days?
Hi! :)
@YiJiang Yeah, but it's CW, so he hasn't got any rep for that.
@Nyuszika7H But that's probably only after it hit that number of votes and Jeff stepped in and CW'd it
It's still such a weird question
@YiJiang yeah
@YiJiang Passing a second parameter (context) to jQuery calls .find(), so how can it be faster sometimes? jsperf.com/jquery-find-vs-context
8:33 AM
It's on the list of highest voted answers over the last two days; second place has...36 votes
@MichaelMrozek That's how I saw it, yes
@Nyuszika7H Not sure, I'm not exactly up to date with jQuery internals, and I definitely don't usually use the context parameter
@YiJiang Neither me.
Hooray! Chrome 11.0.672.2 dev is there!
Sorry all, just starred a load of useful stuff...
@Benjol For balance I'll go and star a bunch of less useful stuff...
8:41 AM
Awww crap... ants got into the cookie tin
I think I'll have to stick it in the fridge now... or maybe put it beside the computer... but that'll just make me fatter
@YiJiang While that certainly stands out as significantly faster than typical, who's to say how much is enough/correct?
9:44 AM
Q: I want Pause and Resume for this jjquery function

user622880<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-strict.dtd"> <html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"> <head> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" /> <script type="text/javascript" src="htt...

jjquery - jQuery for jjnguy
what's a jjquery?
it does all things and then adds a 'j' onto it for good measure
imaginary jQuery!
J is a good letter.
@YiJiang, @badp, I've just written a gm script for "we were planning to replace the Unanswered button with Review". is GM overkill for that?
@badp Shouldn't that be iQuery? Or vapor.js for that matter?
9:46 AM
@YiJiang In Engineering the imaginary unit is typically j
@Benjol So they're not doing that after all?
@badp, yes they are, but they haven't yet
@Benjol It's just a single line script isn't it? And I'm still for including it in the top bar, not just under the questions route
@badp i thought that's "i"
@YiJiang It's not that simple, see Gaming for an example
9:48 AM
where "UNANSWERED" is a black image overlayed on a green div
@badp, blame Jin :)
@badp yeah.. i had to hack it..
Oh, there, hrm... interesting. I think I can understand why the team might want to hold back on this
@Jin The total effect is awesome so I won't complain about that
...unlike, say, this:
Q: Hot brown on brown action in /review

badp The suggested edits counter in the Review page features a .hotbg brown on .mod-flag-indicator brown counter. Can it be made more readable?

Opening the floodgates on SO could mean hundreds of flags per hour coming in, hmmm...
9:49 AM
@badp the problem is. there's no way to give each top nav item its own "highlighted" treatment.
@Jin I appreciate the difficulties, I for one don't know better
@badp i probably should've asked for a HTML change early on.. but it was too late.
@Jin Very early on, some of the use of tables are really unnecessary
"Hot brown on brown action..."
@YiJiang i know... i wish they could've taken them out too. the user page is a mess
How many designs do you support now, 20?
9:51 AM
@badp i lost count.
@Jin Grace and badp are having a competition to see who can come up with the most outrageous Meta bug report title
17, not counting S[OFU] and including A51
Ask Ubuntu is supported by someone else I believe, so -1 from that number if you want to exclude that
i say 17 x 1.5, if you include metas
no, ubuntu is supported by me
with_jquery(function ($) {
    $(function () {
        var unanswered = $('#nav-unanswered');
        unanswered.attr('href', '/review');
        if(document.location.href.indexOf('/review') > 0)
9:53 AM
Mat only gave me the PSDs for ubuntu
@YiJiang, I'm ready, shoot me down... :)
@Benjol You don't have to use jQuery there.
21 hours ago, by badp
captures the jQuery virgin for the offering ritual
Just trying to lose my virginity :)
(That and copy pasting what I found elsewhere)
@Jin why misleading? it's brown on brown text and one of the classes is .hotbg :(
I didn't say, "Supernova brown on brown action" :P
maybe i'm just a perv.
9:56 AM
var unanswered = document.getElementById('nav-unanswered');
unanswered.innerHTML = 'Review';
unanswered.href = '/review';

if(document.location.href.indexOf('/review') > -1) {
	unanswered.parentNode.className += ' youarehere';
Fixed that bug in there
It's not a bug
unless you can provide me with a url that starts with /review ;)
the only thing now is that it's horrible slow... (in ffx anyway)
Hmm, can't edit it anymore, but you should be checking against location.pathname there
@YiJiang ok, I was just too lazy to type the extra character, but I had thought about it
Also, isn't location a property of window, not document?
9:59 AM
@YiJiang, dunno, you tell me :)
It is, and since window is the global object, you can just use location, though if you're working in a heavily nested scope for performance you should just call window.location
For the moment I'm not heavily nested, I'm slam bang in the gm file... dunno if that's best or not.
not really worth posting to stack apps, I suppose?
// ==UserScript==
// @name           FutureReview
// @author         benjol
// @description    Hack Unanswered tab to point to review
// @include        stackoverflow.com*
// @include        http://*.stackexchange.com/*
// @exclude        gaming.stackexchange.com*
// ==/UserScript==

var unanswered = document.getElementById('nav-unanswered');
unanswered.innerHTML = 'Review';
unanswered.href = '/review';
if(location.pathname.indexOf('/review') > -1) {
    var parent = unanswered.parentNode;
@Benjol The uh... parent = part can be removed, just use += for string concatenation (I forgot about that in the original, yeah)
@YiJiang good point
Hi! :)
10:13 AM
stackoverflow.com/posts/1909441/edit - inviting someone to edit this
@YiJiang done! now please approve it…
uptime: 21 hours
@badp uptime?
biorythm phase difference: 5 hours
deadline: imminent
Anyone knows where can I host my .js and .css files?
10:23 AM
status: up and kickin'
@Nyuszika7H github? userscripts?
@Benjol No, GitHub transfers scripts and stylesheets as text/plain.
FWIW, done
@Benjol No, it doesn't run on all SE sites…
stackapps, for example? :)
10:37 AM
@Benjol And Gaming, and many more…
oops, typo, hang-on correction coming up...
	@include stackoverflow.com
	@include meta.stackoverflow.com
	@include superuser.com
	@include meta.superuser.com
	@include serverfault.com
	@include meta.serverfault.com
	@include askubuntu.com
	@include meta.askubuntu.com
	@include stackapps.com
	@include http://*.stackexchange.com
@Nyuszika7H, try again
@Benjol OK, but button text isn't replaced on Gaming. Interesting, Chrome's dev tools show Review, but I see Unanswered on the site.

Disabled on Gaming: the tabs texts are image-based there."
10:43 AM
@Benjol Not working on AskUbuntu.
10:54 AM
on gaming just remove the image, set the text and for bonus points use those diagonal border-radius sorta things
We're wondering if the original author can always delete a Community Wiki answer, even when that author is no longer the main contributor. We already know that it cannot be deleted if it's accepted, but when not accepted, then zero or one upvote(s) don't seem to matter. So: could anyone please upvote this CW answer? (It will be deleted afterwards.) meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/79189/… Thanks!
(Thanks: 2 upvotes don't stop me from deleting either.)
@Arjan, and three? :)
Nor does 3. Odd! (Dangerous for FAQs!)
If it was that easy, @Jin would already have done it :)
11:09 AM
@badp The pixel thingys can't be simulated with border-radius, that's for sure
LOL. I've logged out, edited that answer as anon, then logged back in – and that Thanks for your edit message is still there!
@Benjol (Okay, as for the deletion of CW answers: testing up to 3 upvotes seems enough investigation; filed meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/79791/… Thanks for the upvotes.)
1 hour later…
12:28 PM
do I get notified of an @ on an answer to one of my questions?
12:40 PM
@Benjol I don't think so.
@GeorgeMarian, ok, thanks
12:53 PM
Is there any point commenting on an answer before flagging it for mods to delete?
@Benjol FWIW, the comment will remain for the poster to see.
@GeorgeMarian, good to know. I like to educate new users, but not if they'll never know!
@Benjol Agreed. Though there's no guarantee they'll read it. :)
@MarcGravell, is it just me, or are the random+auto-dismiss changes really making a difference?
@GeorgeMarian, yeah, well if they're one-rep-never-came-back, I don't bother ;)
@GeorgeMarian, it's all here:
Q: How to review? Can we agree on a review 'policy'?

BenjolOn the review page, there is a one-sentence guideline on reviewing. I think that as the number of reviewers increase, it is going to become increasingly necessary to come to some kind of agreement about a standard way to handle the different 'cases' that arise. I'm not sure if 'one question to r...

@MarcGravell, in any case, I'm 'enjoying' reviewing again now. suck=suck-2 :)
then my work was worthwhile, thanks
1:01 PM
Weird, I was logged out of Meta / chat on my laptop overnight
But not my desktop
@TheRenamedException power save got clever :)
@MarcGravell it'll be interesting to see if it means more posts are 'processed' long-term
Q: Better the use of the site by indicating the questions can have answers accepted.

nelaarAs a new user, only 2 days old now. I only just found out that I could accept an answer, because I curious about those green tick thing's. I did not know what they were. Now I know, but it was not immediately apparent to me. I think a little more info when asking a question would go a long ...

I have been arguing that it's really clear that you can accept answers, people are just lazy and stupid
But maybe I've just been wrong this whole time, LOL
Hi! :)
@Nyuszika7H hey there
1:24 PM
@YiJiang I do not understand your statement
@TheRenamedException you missed one, when you upvote you get a 'Have you considered marking this answer as the accepted answer'? or something like that. Can't remember the exact conditions. searching now...
@Benjol oh yes, thanks, I will add that
@TheRenamedException, but I think he's right all the same, the popup should have an arrow on it, and move, and blink :)
um, I can't screen cap it though, it only shows up for lower rep users
@TheRenamedException, my problem exactly :)
1:30 PM
@Benjol edited
See the bottom of my answer
@TheRenamedException It can hardly be a coincidence that the day we discover jjquery is the day jjnguy starts using jQuery, no?
> Because all these things exist, I have always thought that the additional clarification you ask for isn't needed... I've answered meta questions stating this before. I used to be very steadfast in my position... however you as a new user bringing it up makes me rethink my position...
> I have always seen longer term users complaining that new users didn't know how to accept, and thought they were wrong. Now that I see a new user saying "I didn't know how to accept an answer", I think that maybe I have been wrong.
@YiJiang Oh, I did not know of jjquery, hence my confusion
3 hours ago, by Yi Jiang
jjquery - jQuery for jjnguy
Starred, too, for good measure
@YiJiang because we know how starring things in this room is used only for the most important facts ;-)
I missed it, it was sandwiched between two STARRED ITEMS THAT WERE IN ALL CAPS -- OY!
@TheRenamedException Ask @MarcGravell to migrate them to the ALL CAPS ROOM!, where they belong
1:34 PM
@YiJiang, NO! Just star appropriately to keep them both together :)
Anyway, I've just got my graphics calculator, that $150 piece of junk...
1:50 PM

Show me your editors

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Bookmarked 7 secs ago by Yi Jiang

Some of the things we do in the JavaScript room...
@YiJiang I should hang out there more often
And we pretty much all use general purpose editors - no VS in sight hehehe...
I use NetBeans but am unable to produce a nice screenshot right now
@TheRenamedException Gave up on Netbeans because of it's 'orrible slowness
Yeah it can be sluggish
I use Coda for quick edits
2:27 PM
@TheRenamedException Why'd you @ me with this?
2:41 PM
@JeffAtwood All hail Jeff, benevolent dictator of all Turkmen for life!
Do British people spell "morning" as "mourning"? kidding
Yay! 46 downloads yesterday. A bunch of new ratings! iTunes.com/apps/nippon
Not enough!
Congrats on 46 new downloads
Did you change anything?
Thank you. I made it free. No published changes yet. I am working on the bank and CU buttons.
Although I've determined that in the palm version those buttons did not exist.
I sent to some more review sites. I am working on a screencast too.
I'm out for now.
2:57 PM
@PopularDemand Sorry, I should have edited out the @
Was the palm version the first one?
I was quoting where Rebecca had said that
@Moshe Yey!
3:15 PM
Q: What's StackExchange-ese for "OP"?

Seva AlekseyevAs in "Original Poster". How do I refer to the user who asked the question in the third person, other than by account name?

Erhm... OP?
I prefer "asker"/"answerer", but I think "OP" is more common
@MichaelMrozek Same
Also in honor of Friday I have switched to the Mrozek exception Gravatar
@TheRenamedException I really like your new Gravatar!
I'm stepping down today as a moderator of SitePoint forums (427,000 member developer forum)... forums are dead, forum jargon will die out too :/
@MichaelMrozek "OP" is shorter, so I'll use it when context makes it unambiguous. Sentences like "In the answer, the answerer said..." are irritating.
3:23 PM
@Nyuszika7H Thanks. @MichaelMrozek designed it
We could use names instead of inventing pronouns. "In his answer, @Josh said..."
@YiJiang thanks for that cool checkmark on my answer, I didn't know that existed!
Is there a link to /review anywhere on SO?
@MichaelMrozek I think the edited version of this is a valid bug report, why do you disagree?
A: What's StackExchange-ese for "OP"?

Shog9Referring to the person who asked the question: OP Asker Person who asked the question Blankman Referring to the person who answered the question: OP Answerer Person who answered the question Jon Skeet

3:28 PM
@DanGrossman not that I know of
@DanGrossman I've not seen one. @JeffAtwood was discussing the removal of "Unanswered" in replace of it
@PopularDemand damn you and your 10k on meta ....
@Nyuszika7H ^
@drachenstern Well, I wasn't going to get it on SO, so....
3:31 PM
@PopularDemand hahahahaha
Honestly I'll be pretty happy when I hit 3k on SO and can join the Evil High-Rep User Close Vote Army of Repressing Totally Real Questions.
goes to upvote all of @PopularDemand's SO answers
@PopularDemand yeah, I'm 3.7k over there, so I'm pretty happy where I am. Plus I've gotten a taste of all the tools now that I'm pro-tem )
@TheRenamedException No! Only two or three! Remember, you have to do it in moderation, or else you'll attract, uh, moderation!
@PopularDemand LOL
3:35 PM
> I'll pay someone 100$ to say yes to the next question @RebeccaChernoff asks them (attrib: @Zypher)
@PopularDemand I edited it 5 minutes after Jeff deleted it by mistake; I figured when people asked "what happened to Evan" they would get linked there, so I wanted the post the way he'd written it
@PopularDemand lol, a shame I was conversing in another room. That deserves another star
I was going to make a final drive toward 2k so I can edit without some other idiot's permission. Then I didn't.
Do it! You can get that in less than a day
@drachenstern @RebeccaChernoff Yes. (Why even wait for the question?)
3:40 PM
@YiJiang Because $100 might not be enough to cover whatever you've just agreed to. For example: "Will you give me $400, Yi Jiang?"
@YiJiang I did :p
(@RebeccaChernoff: you're welcome.)
@PopularDemand something like that did transpire over there... :p
@PopularDemand Of course, but saying 'yes' doesn't really mean anything does it? It's about as legally binding as what Zypher just promised me :P
@YiJiang @PopularDemand I think I just nominated myself for my second pro-tem diamond :\
3:46 PM
Anyways, the only problem is that I've received a competing offer from the Mean High-Rep User Close Vote Air Force of Shutting Down Highly Voted Questions Normal Users Like. (Also the Angry High-Rep User National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Commissioned Corps of Editing Posts Without Permission.)
NOAA has a CCEPWP now?
@drachenstern The what has a what now?
@YiJiang NOAA is the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
@drachenstern I find it interesting that you're willing to put up with claims of my hypothetical army and air force, but not NOAACC.
@PopularDemand I mean seriously, there's just a limit to hypothetical situations :p
stupid fingers wanting to write what my mind is thinking ... bad fingers, next time, just write the right thing ...
3:51 PM
@drachenstern That I believe I know, but what's the CCEPWP?
@YiJiang Commissioned Corps of Editing Posts Without Permission
@YiJiang The Commissioned Corps of Editing Posts Without Permission of course
4:16 PM
Just thought I'd share before I flagged...
A: Source control in Visual Studio 2010?

nyadiewqhi rihanna i'm nyadiew i'm just say hi to and i love your music video the music so so funn to u i love thim and you are the best girl i want to be look like your bebecause your are bpertty girl nice girl have a pertty pic we all love you rihanna everthing we love thim okay so thank rihanna we all...

@PopularDemand That... wait... what?
My new version naming scheme: whoever was topping the Billboard 100 five business days before the day we have to come up with a name.
@balpha Why does the deletion not show your name? Have you learned the silent ninja assassination skill from Grace?
I destroyed the user. That means deleting the user and all their posts. Since the post deletion is just a side effect of that, it doesn't have a real deletion user.
4:21 PM
@balpha Ooooooooh. Balefire. Shiny.
4:32 PM
@drachenstern nope. Palm wasn't the first, but it was the most popular afaik.
Hrm. Seems like time for a new scoring mechanism....
Which is great because I wanted to change the leaderbaoards anyways...
4:55 PM
@TheRenamedException ROFL (re: email)
@Moshe seems like time for a little more research too ;)
@GeorgeMarian HAHA
I'm glad you got a kick out of that :-)
Apparently, my lack of sleep wasn't a band thing today. :)
My boss just brought his middle-school-aged kids in, and one asked "why are all the lights off?", and he said "they like it that way"
@TheRenamedException I totally understand where you're coming from. Like my dad said once in regard to all the projects he has going on: "It's like trying to carry water sieves."
5:04 PM
@MichaelMrozek ROFLMAO
In other words, run fast and don't worry about what falls through.
I like it @GeorgeMarian
@MichaelMrozek nice
Is it bring your kids to work day?
@GeorgeMarian dunno, have no kids, LOL
I always hated bring your kids to work day.
5:06 PM
@GeorgeMarian He just does it randomly sometimes
Productivity was inversely proportional to the stress.
@MichaelMrozek that way he gets free babysitting
@TheRenamedException That's exactly what bring your kids to work day turns out to be. A day off for the other parent. :)
@MichaelMrozek heh, my boss has a tendency of turning my lights on when he comes in the office ... I'm all "wtf mate"
This guy makes a great babysitter:
5:09 PM
We have maybe two people that like them on, and we expanded into two rooms and they both ended up in the other one
@TheRenamedException If I could do that in real life I would
I'd trust my kids to anyone with flashing red eyes
My boss is on a call with a new customer and is finding all sorts of new ways to break v2.1 of my code. ARGH
And then I come in and everything's fine, LOL
Ain't that always the way?
5:16 PM
Sure is
@TheRenamedException I hate that one
Especially since he's talking to a customer. ARGH HE'S CALLING ME AGAIN!
Client is starting to see the benefits of entering data in a deterministic way.
@mootinator win!
Again with the error saving, what the hell? >:o
5:20 PM
@TheRenamedException If it's any consolation, my one small (non-technically oriented) client texted me yesterday, in a panic because emails were bouncing. Apparently, the hosting provider had a bit of an outage.
LOL, that's always fun
my favorite is, "my email's not working"
Thankfully, things were back up soon after I spoke to him. :)
@GeorgeMarian see, you fixed it! (that's what my non-technical "clients" would say)
@TheRenamedException I'm pretty sure he knows better than use me as tech support. Though, I don't mind helping out with reasonable requests. Especially ones that help keep his checks flowing in the door.
@drachenstern Behold, the power of PFM?
5:24 PM
@GeorgeMarian apparently I don't understand the reference?
Pure eFfing Magic
I love it, PFM, I'll have to use that next time
Maybe this time given that I can open this data on my computer no problem but my boss can't, argh
heh. if only
I run into it all of the time. My server wouldn't boot-up. I finally got it working, but it was really nothing but PFM. :)
@TheRenamedException Yah, that never got us real far at my last job. lol
oh, wait, it really was PFM! I just was able to recreate the bug
I swear I fixed this...
5:28 PM
Actually I might have fixed it in 2.0, and this is 2.1, that would nice if it's that easy
points and laughs
@TheRenamedException o.O
@GeorgeMarian The irony of that statement... returns to his email
@TheRenamedException Oh, you mean fixed in 2.1, but live is 2.0? Right?
@TheRenamedException Is 2.1 the customer-friendly name for that one-point-pi-post-omega-candidate monstrosity you were complaining about some months back?
Ah, that would make sense, as well.
The Order of the Black Swan () was a short-lived chivalric order founded by Amadeus VI of Savoy in 1350. It was defunct by 1364, when Amadeus founded the Order of the Collar in its stead. Along with Amadeus, Amadeus III of Geneva and Galeazzo Visconti were the "great lords" (grans seignours) of the Order. At the time of its founding, the existence of black swans was unknown to Europeans. The order was originally composed of fourteen knights. The requirements of membership were the possession of a charger and a palfrey, and the ability to serve at one's own expense for one week whenever ...
5:34 PM
@PopularDemand yes! it is indeed
Now two customers have it, and it actually is a valid 2.1, it has a whole new system for managing font data
That has a certain appeal to me, obviously because I really liked the book. I especially like:
vastly improved
> At the time of its founding, the existence of black swans was unknown to Europeans.
but @GeorgeMarian 2.1 is still an alpha, 2.0 is the only one being used in production. The two customers using 2.1 are not live yet
Ah, convoluted as it always should be. ;)
5:36 PM
Of course!
2.0 added the ability for customers to upload photos, a major improvement over the 1.x line. 2.1 adds this new font management code, and the new zoom code @PopularDemand mentioned
clearly 2.1 still has some issues :-)
@TheRenamedException Ah, nice.
I can see the rampant graininess spreading already. ;)
@GeorgeMarian How esoteric and inapropos.
rampant graininess?
I is bamboozled
5:43 PM
@TheRenamedException From people enlarging tiny images.
@PopularDemand Have you read The Black Swan? (Other than that, yah I agree. WTF, an order of knights with a black swan as their crest?)
@GeorgeMarian oh, yes, lol
We do have in Trac a warning if the resolution will fall below 300 DPI. So far, it hasn't been too much of an issue
@TheRenamedException Nice. Good idea.
One of the most popular requests we get is the ability to add Black & White and Sepia Tone functions to the customizer. I die inside a little bit everytime we get asked for Sepia Tone
@GeorgeMarian I have not.
@PopularDemand The basic jist of the of the book is that some numbers we can estimate/predict (i.e. height/weight of a human) others we can not (highest income of an individual, stock prices, most economic data).
So, we need to evaluate what kinds of things we can predict and what we cannot. The idea of the black swan seemed ludicrous for quite some time, until they were discovered in New Zealand.
The book really struck a chord with me, with regard to risk and forecasting.
5:53 PM
@GeorgeMarian I'll add it to the list. But that list tends to have a terrible enqueue/dequeue ratio.
@PopularDemand LOL I know the feeling. My list on Amazon is huge and mostly technical; nevermind the other subjects of interest to me.
Oh, random spam: anyone know of job opportunities for a new attorney?
@PopularDemand sadly not I
6:07 PM
What happens to the revision history if multiple people edit within five minutes?
@PopularDemand if someone not the owner posts then it drops the five minute history
however, if it's CW I have no clue
@drachenstern what else should I research?
@Moshe did you follow the link from WP to mobygames and read all the details on the game there?
I would
Ok. Will do.
ok, dogs, lunch, doctor appt. I'm cutting myself short on time to do this one
I got to jet nao
6:20 PM
@drachenstern read. I need to change the amount of initial cash. The bank/CU buttons are up in the air still.
6:36 PM
Q: Was Java originally designed for a toaster?

New to JavaI've heard this tossed around few times, but never really a source. The wiki page says it was designed for home appliances, but never really references a toaster. Anyone have a source?

A: Was Java originally designed for a toaster?

MoronsIt was designed for a Coffee Maker.. why do you think it is called "Java"?

I have a feeling we are going to go through a few kitchen appliances on this one.
"The ironing is delicious."
Attention PSE mods: prepare for "Was X originally designed for a toaster?" posts for every programming language X I can think of. If you attempt to close them I'll jump on meta with complaints of Java favoritism
6:43 PM
@MichaelMrozek Heh. Welcome to PSE, BTW.
Am I new? I think I had an account pretty early, I just don't generally visit the site
@MichaelMrozek Fair enough, I only looked at your rep.
It's entirely from the association bonus and suggested edits, I think. Go me
I'm going for 1k without posting
6:49 PM
if (userId==485) { suggestedEdit.reject(); }
New Badge Idea: - Earned when a voter is the first downvote for an entry and does not enter a comment or upvote a comment. Sigh...
@ircmaxell ...no? The notion of "you should always leave a comment for downvotes" is absurd
@RebeccaChernoff if (userId==150235) { food.give(); }
@MichaelMrozek That's why I said first and enter a comment or upvote a comment
@ircmaxell The notion of "it's necessary to explain downvotes on every post" is absurd
6:57 PM
the -1 without comment for an otherwise upvoted non-cw post is just annoying and doesn't help anyone (since the comment could help steer people in the right direction, both the post owner and visitors)
If it's not obvious why the post is wrong, a comment would be helpful. If the answer is "LOL NO IDEA?!?", a comment isn't exactly necessary

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