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11:00 PM
What are you really gaining out of this approach? What's wrong with small differential backups? Storage space is cheaper than dirt, and file system management is easy. I don't see how the juice is worth the squeeze here. — Thomas Stringer 9 hours ago
@hichris123 "Sure, you can hook into some mechanism to watch for changes, either at the db- or fs-level. And your code will probably work correctly.. for a while, at least. But then, someday, someone will add code to do something additional that you weren't expecting. Which may not matter. And it will happen again, and again. Soon, all kinds of data is being changed that your algorithm isn't aware of. Oops."
^ Or, do I just post: "NO, DON'T DO THIS."
And I don't really care if it attracts downvotes. It's the truth. There be dragons in there. Let them the he** alone.
Da hell? What did you do @hichris ?
11:11 PM
Ok.. I'm out. Good night evening.. and good luck.
@LynnCrumbling It's not night where you are
@bjb568 wait what?
You got me suspended on MSE.
I think it'll propagate onto chat.
@bjb568 Uh................................... okay then.
11:13 PM
> The phrase "rep whore" is in common usage on meta.
In response.
Also, isn't a warning supposed to happen before suspension?
It says in the sidebar "Please note that continuing to persist in problematic behaviors is grounds for timed suspension."
@bjb568 Usually. But it's up to the person's discretion.
Ooh kewl a bounty
Hm… does suspension propagate to chat?
Maybe. Probably. shrugs
@bjb568 [Me too] :)
^^ Thanks @nicael
11:21 PM
@bjb wait wat? Why are u suspended?
I've searched everywhere. There is no reason for me to be suspended. "Other users tend to react poorly to this user’s contributions, posting negative responses in kind and generally causing a commotion." Nope. "There is a broad sense of community resentment over this user’s behavior, and they are frequently cited in discussion about the community." Nope. "There is a dark storm cloud of moderator flags that seems to follow this user around wherever they go." I really don't think so. "The moderators get email complaints about this user’s behavior." Not in plural. "This user makes overtly snid
Supposedly over this comment:
> No, you just want to hat whore more.
Did I need to add a flipping smiley?
> "The moderators get email complaints about this user’s behavior." Not in plural
How would you know?
Lounge<C++> is clear, LRiO seems to be fine, it isn't like there was flaming.
@Behaviour I can't imagine 2 users complaining.
11:26 PM
As for chat: you'll get kicked soon :)

 The SO Tavern (Free Snacks)

Room 5 was frozen for inactivity even though it was once an ac...
I'll be there when my connection here is cut.
@nicael Yes?
Holy $notholything… I got a 95 somehow on my spanish final.
Took long enough to grade.
Anyone here used ElasticSearch before?
I'm attempting to look for plagiarism with it. i.e exact copies.
Not sure if you can do that.
In comments?
11:32 PM
@bjb568 Oh, I'll import the posts table later.
Are you allergic to reputation?
Yes :)
@nicael What did you break there? I don't see anything unusual by your standards.
lol ;) Now tell me, how much rep did I have before those bounties?
11:40 PM
@hichris123 I often compile comments under old unanswered questions into CW answers. Some people don't check CW. The reuse of comments is allowed with attribution.
So I think even if you manage the technical part, it will be mostly false positives.
Maybe I'm thinking too highly of SO, though.
@Beha @bjb Aren't those numbers suspicious ;)
11:43 PM
I know you're gaming the system by using the bugged auto awarded rep from not having enough rep retroactively to bounty or something.
Ok so I'm just kidding :D Those are completely regular bounties and 2 days ago I had 6.4k.
Did they fix the bug?
Which one?
@Behaviour I just want to check Post - Post plagiarism.
Look at this question's duplicate chain: stackoverflow.com/questions/13100315
(5 layers deep)
Do people care if a question is marked as a duplicate of a duplicate of a ... etc?
(I just wrote an SEDE query + Java program to find long chains of duplicate questions)
11:48 PM
This doesn't really matter at all :)
@hichris123 you need git, git is your friend... get git now!
@anorton The ultimate target gets orders of magnitude views than all other elements of the chain. So, most people don't see the chain at all.
@Braiam lol. I have it, but Studio is giving me an error that I don't, and I don't care so much about it.
I sometimes close questions as duplicate of a duplicate if they are more similar than the end of the chain.
@bjb568 you mean this - yes it was :(
Q: About "Rep changes" and gaming system using them

nicaelEver seen this post? Read it carefully, if you didn't. Mysticial's explanation is great. To summarize the problem: You register, start with 1 rep. You posted an answer that was up voted 10 times, so you are now at 101 rep. You offer 100 rep bounty on some question. You are now at 1 rep (but yo...

11:50 PM
@anorton But I'm curious how you integrate SEDE search with your Java program.
@Behaviour Well, right now it's just SEDE -> CSV -> Java. I'll find a better way eventually...
The particular question I linked above is part of a connected component of duplicates with 238 entries, and 59 of those are more than one layer "deep."
/me yells at raspberry pi
/me sees how raspberry pi yells back to @Mooseman
@Moosemaniseatingpizza @anorton here does this kind of stuff, but don't know if he works with raspberry specifically.
11:59 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: FOOTNOTE NUMBERING AT END OF NOTE by N POLLAK on superuser.com

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