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6:00 PM
@rene But it is really a hack (seems to work only until the rep recalc however).
@nicael New year gift for devs?
@Braiam Yeah, leaves Jan wondering why he was pinged
@nicael ......
Will you get banned for using it?
@rene You are mean ;)
Low Quality A (100%): Maybe I can help msg me on wts app +917696569604, by Virk Jatt, on android.stackexchange.com.
6:02 PM
Flagged spam
@nicael You only get credits if your script distributes Jon Skeets rep among the helpless and clueless
@Unihedro I don't use it (only had one check and was very fffrrrrrrightened it worked). It leaves no track unless you used it on one post very many times.
@InfiniteSnowflakes No, Dutch
Basically the same
6:03 PM
I'm interested to see it but I don't dare using it :p
@Pham Not spam, just NAA
@hichris123 disputable
@Unihedro Maybe give it to the botlings...
it is advertising a phone number, but not the same type of "spam" that always happens
@rene Good idea! So you could run the script, add write access, and watch the rep go back down
6:05 PM
Not spam @gunr2171
@Uni And this script isn't yet cleaned up, so something can be excess. So, show this dangerous script?
@JanDvorak is the number used before
Yes, his "uni" eye will pop out
@nicael Yeah!
6:06 PM
@Unihedro But... what iffff I g-g-get suspended?
@InfiniteSnowflakes i'm agreeing that's not spam, just stating that it's more or less the same as putting a personal email address
inb4 @uni runs to join another room for the secret script :P
@nicael Then you get suspended. Seems fairly straightforward, right?
@nicael Then you should show it without showing it.
@hichris123 Ok, just wanted to know. Nothing wrong if I'll get suspended, I just don't like unexpected suspensions.
6:08 PM
@nicael I wasn't going to try it. Only said that to get Tam o' Shanter hat. :)
No, it isn't @gunr2171. That site is for academic institutions, the question is about a specific institution and it got an official response with full disclosure from a member of the institute. Where did you see spam defined as "contains email address"?
Ok so everyone ready for this script?
@InfiniteSnowflakes I think we're talking about android.stackexchange.com/questions/93271/…
ooops, negative already...
there it is. Who wants to know how to use?
oops @hichris123, sorry
6:10 PM
@InfiniteSnowflakes I dunno, maybe I'm wrong too. :P
yeah, it seems we switched posts on you @InfiniteSnowflakes
sorry for the confusion
Boo, you ruined my oh god what is it mood by messing up the counter
@nicael Why would you want to do that?
to get suspended
6:11 PM
It does work, really. Just go to some non-wiki post with many non-wiki answers (e.g. 20) and launch it!!!
@InfiniteSnowflakes Suspension is fun. Right @bjb568? :P

I need a mod to suspend me

Dec 5 at 19:26, 9 minutes total – 43 messages, 9 users, 20 stars

Bookmarked Dec 5 at 20:20 by gunr2171

Was @bjb568 suspended? :O
6:11 PM
@nicael Me!
@InfiniteSnowflakes For a very short time once. Mod pushed wrong button while dealing with vote ring.
@gunr2171 lolwut
@bjb568 Wait, you were? That was a joke. :P
Dec 5 at 19:28, by Anna Lear
This conversation makes zero sense.
sums up that conversation
It's a very funny conversation despite being a zero sense chat.
6:14 PM
@gunr2171 indeed.
@Unihedro see my previous message and try it (also: post shouldn't be meta) ;) @Shoggingthroughthesnow try this script
Can I post it on Stack Apps?
As a useful userscript?
Add anonymous statistics so mods can trace and suspend the users of the script
And get everyone suspended for new year? Cool!
@hichris123 Oh, I was talking about like a year ago.
I thot it was story time.
Was it not story time?
@gunr2171 we should open a help center for Stack Addicts... kind of AAA
6:17 PM
SE Anonymous
@InfiniteSnowflakes New Years Resolution: I wasted my life on Stack Exchange last year, so will the mods please be nice and suspend me in 2015? Thanks Santa!
@hichris123 I want a server farm for christmas.
@InfiniteSnowflakes Is there a hat for that?
And free electricity to power it for five years.
@Unihedro EC2. And/or if you want something run that's not a website or publicly available, ping me. I kinda have a powerful computer now. :P
(not as good as a server, but still)
6:19 PM
@rene Yes a hat and a suspension
@Unihedro You have to wait at least another year for that...
Anyone else tested the script? I am waiting for results :D
@rene Is that affirmative?! You're giving me a server farm next christmas? :D
@hichris123 :D
@InfiniteSnowflakes Secret hat: Get suspended for every reason at least once
@Unihedro No, I said you have to wait and I'm not Santa....
@nicael I couldn't figure out how to run it. I dumped it in my console and it had a syntax error.
6:20 PM
@Unihedro Test for Uni: When is Christmas? Tell us the date, quick!
Apparently Meta is a newspaper now!
@InfiniteSnowflakes December 26!
No, December 25!
@Unihedro FarmVill
@hichris123 I would actually want that. It's too hard to read everything that comes into meta (on any site)
6:22 PM
@Unihedro Nice answer, have a badge ●
Next on meta: 10 things you wouldn't expect a mod to do, #4 will blow your mind!
Yay Thanks @Inf! :D
@Unihedro Go to a nonmetanonwiki question with many answers, like this. Paste this script (first time I showed an invalid script,trynow) in the address bar and click enter: javascript:var down = document.getElementsByClassName("vote-down-off");for(var a=0;a<down.length;a++){down[a].click()};var i = 0;var timer = setInterval(function(){if(i<down.length){down[i].click();i++;}else{timer=null;}}‌​,200).
6:26 PM
inb4 "Room for suspended Uni and Shog"
Now, I just can't paste it....
Eh... It led me to a google search result
@Unihedro Google will handle your suspension. That will be all.
@hichris123 weird... I'm not seeing that
@Unihedro Holy crrrraaaappppppp, I pasted it to jsfiddle, copy from there: jsfiddle.net/7j7uqb20
Now works for sure. Use previous instructions.
6:30 PM
gives hatless @Braiam a tail ~
@Braiam You're obviously doing it wrong then. ;)
@hichris123 I lean on Google catching
@nicael please don't try to pull stuff like this.
Does it work?
Just tell me?
Oh I'm sure it works, not going to actually run it
6:31 PM
@uni go to sleep if you want to have an account in 2015
But giving people a script that downvotes stuff on its own isn't exactly awesome.
@UndotheSnowman It removes the down votes after the downvoting.
@InfiniteSnowflakes ok! :D
@Uni Try in Safari... Works for me.
@nicael Ah, okay. Sorry 'bout that :)
Just... ya know, make sure it works/
^ should I kick him to save him?
@nicael oh, you're doing this again? Didn't you get warned about that...
multiple times
What is this script?
6:35 PM
I'm pretty sure Nick told you what's happening there.
uni needs a warning too...
@Shoggingthroughthesnow What did I get warned about?
and you call me mean?
@nicael using that technique to temporarily increase your rep?
6:36 PM
@Shoggingthroughthesnow No, I wasn't warned... Please link me to this message...
tl;dr: the reputation will be normalized eventually, and if you use that technique to gain any privileges you'll probably find yourself lacking privileges.
dv plox stackoverflow.com/a/27710690/2371861 WTH 2 upvotes??! AND ONE ON THE QUESTION?!
@Shoggingthroughthesnow I already know it. It happens after the rep recalc.
If @uni gets a warning, he won't try such scripts again @rene. Education :D
@Uni chrome removes "javascript:" part, so you must write "javascript:" and then paste this script..
6:39 PM
Uni, you must go to sleep now!
I have an SEDE question, in case anyone knows about that... I'm trying to get the "parent" question of a "closed as duplicate" parent. However, this query returns all suggested "parent" questions. This is causing problems in my analysis I'm running...
@nicael just FYI: just reseting the variable holding an interval ID won't stop that interval from running...
@InfiniteSnowflakes Ok!
@JanDvorak just reload the page then.... I said it wasn't finished.
@InfiniteSnowflakes I'm happy not to have you as a teacher then ;)
6:41 PM
@nicael I'm not running it!
I wish you were @JanDvorak ;)
@SpencerWieczorek Answers that contribute to the demise of the site by encouraging low quality questions are not useful. — bjb568 51 secs ago
Demise? How dramatic :P
Yay! @bjb568 wrote English! ^^
@Doorknob冰 It was a meta reference. I don't know where the answer is tho.
It may have been deleted.
6:44 PM
Meh, I thought you were tranforming bjb, becoming Behaviour-ish.
@bjb568 To be fair, I only downvote answers to blatantly OT posts like "What language should I study next?" or answers preventing a question from being roomba'd.
Meh, I downvote answers when I get raged up enough to not care about the rep penalty.
^^ what hichris said, and/or if the answer contains incorrect content
@bjb568 this one? With accepted answer at -9?
6:47 PM
@Behaviour No
because they don't know how to handle spam. Spam posts stay alive for hours despite being flagged. Spammers go where they can thrive.
I think on sites like Poker and Beer the spam would last even longer, since nobody goes there. But perhaps that's the point: nobody goes there, even spammers.
@Behaviour right, Drupal has a fairly high eyeball/moderation ratio
@Behaviour oh burn
6:54 PM
Actually, SR would be a fairly good site for spammers. I sleep every day between 1 and 1:35 PM.
let's see if that has a result >:D
@UndotheSnowman Sleeping for 35 minutes? What are you, a robot? :P
lol akward silence
6:56 PM
I look dumb in a red shirt hat
What is SE supposed to do with that? A bunch of assassins might help, but you can never be sure... — Jan Dvorak 36 secs ago
We are shocked that nic isn't suspended yet :P
@InfiniteSnowflakes You want him to be? :P
wee, you are going to ship me "nice q" badge on meta.drupal??!!
lol @gunr2171 you beat me to it
6:59 PM
though you got the credit
not in the rev history
Interesting how stackoverflow.com/q/25518177/2371861 got a downvote just after my argument with the high-rep
i wanted to write "request denied", you chose the easy rollback
@InfiniteSnowflakes He has an ES account.
7:00 PM
Sounds like a plan @hichris123 :D
:D a +1 !
Hmm, excessive self-promotion of userscripts? >:D
voting irregularities :P
never heard of this saying before
7:02 PM
I haven't either. Maybe it's a UK thing?
ask animuson, he is the expert @hichris123 :D
make "the juice isn't worth the squeeze" part of SE culture
@gunr2171 I am so gonna use that :D
@InfiniteSnowflakes hah
It will be hilarious.
I hope.
7:03 PM
@hichris123 I won't be because I used for dev purposes... Suspending would be strange in this case...
@UndotheSnowman lol
[ SmokeDetector ] Score of 69.6600: i want to prevent to simplification? on mathematica.stackexchange.com
have a hat, @Undo.
@UndotheSnowman lol :D
7:04 PM
Did Smokey get the hat @UndotheSnowman?
★ 5
@InfiniteSnowflakes Oh, lemme look
I got a hat, smokey still has none
@Frank 101 !!!!!
7:07 PM
Strange, I see a hat on Smokey's MSE profile
Wait, I have civic duty! Just casted one vote today, didn't realize that I was 1 vote from it :D
There you go
I only have it on a few sites
7:14 PM
@gunr2171 lol
yeah, that just rolls right off the tongue
Smokey can get Tam o' Shantern if someone stars his report. But no reports recently. Unless someone post an all-caps title...
@Behaviour Apparently Smokey got starred because he has a hat.
4 hours ago, by SmokeDetector
I'm tired of not having a hat...
cc @Undo
@hichris123 how... how...
7:15 PM
@UndotheSnowman :P
Smokey has a mind of his own
checks commit history
ah lol
Well lemme check again
lol I really need it :D
Now use your spam flags to nuke my post :D
I want to see how it will look like :D
7:17 PM
@hichris123 Done
@hichris123 HATS ARE AWESOME. Winter Bash will end in 5 days, 4 hours, 42 minutes and 53 seconds. :(
yup, smokey has a hat now
@AstroCB How is this vandalism?
7:25 PM
yesterday, by nicael
2 hours ago, by nicael
Let's make a conspiracy ;) Someone posts a request to keep the hatz always and we all who are there upvote this question. Who agrees?
BTW, when retagging posts, make sure you correct other problems with it. Minor edits tend to be rejected. — bjb568 6 secs ago
@hichris123 pointless edit is pointless
@nicael stop.
That's just annoying.
7:28 PM
Also, closeworthy question is closeworthy, not editworthy
@JanDvorak But it's not vandalism.
misselected rejection reason?
7:30 PM
@ɥʇǝS That's an answer
@bjb568 Stop.
oops, wrong link :P
@bjb568 And notice, it wasn't me :P
6 of them was you
man, I was losing, then... bam!
7:35 PM
1 message moved to Sandbox
@hichris123 He was doing a mass-retag; I gave an explanation on one of them and said I'd reject the rest as vandalism.
@Frank losing is quite relative in chess, which is why it is so awesome..
looked like I was losing.
I could have checkmated earlier, but no. I didn't see it.
The worst part is when you lose and then realize this one move that would have checkmated them and you didn't see it earlier.
7:39 PM
@Frank Does the "Flip Board" button do what I think it should do?
if so, it should have been called "rage quit"
"break board over opponent's head"
@Behaviour It rotates the board so you see it from the other side.
@InfiniteSnowflakes y not move them all at once?
7:41 PM
someone kick bjb >.>
once more and I'll flag
getting spammy
@bjb568 hey now undelete it :D
7:42 PM
that applies to other rooms as well
@nicael You can't
@JanDvorak No it doesn't
@bjb568 I know :)
@Braiam Now you've trapped me. You.. You.. Grr.
@nicael It's in sandbox now
7:42 PM
@Inf should kick someone
cough @bjb cough
@ɥʇǝS do you want a TV tropes link to get out?
Be fun to kick someone who is never there tho
@Braiam no no no no
7:44 PM
1 message moved to Sandbox
figures... and then I'm the "bad guy"
1 message moved to Sandbox
1 message moved to Sandbox
1 message moved to Sandbox
@Frank On mobile web, not near a computer.
why are certain people still in this room?
7:49 PM
^ this cat needs a kick?
sorry for so many move message notifications
@InfiniteSnowflakes finds a hack to unkick for future use...
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in title: How To Build a Strong and Hard Muscles? by keyonlimejeby on stackoverflow.com
@InfiniteSnowflakes if he keeps posting that annoying room buster message..
7:52 PM
@SmokeDetector Why on SO? It'll be gone in like 30s
@bjb568 It's been 58..
and gone
by a mod
after only -3 score

In Praise of Moderators

This room has nothing whatsoever to do with criticizing modera...
7:59 PM
When is mistletoe hour?
4 hours from now.
sets timeout

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