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6:00 PM
@TheUnhandledException Nah, my favicon script is malfunctioning a bit. I can't see new messages count now
@PopularDemand it's worse with every passing year recently...
Whatever. I'm going to stop bitching now :-)
@Tim still no answers on where/how is the best place to branch out and instantiate one type of subclass . I am surprised!
Q: How can I improve the hierarchy of my event classes?

JoshFor the XMPP interface for the Stack Overflow chat I am parsing the JSON feed from chat and generating Ruby objects for every chat events, such as messages sent, edits sent, users logging in or out, etc. I also generate events for "slash-commands" sent to the XMPP server, like "/help" or "/auth" ...

I thought it would be a fairly common issue, apparently not, or people aren't seeing / reading it
A: Special styled tags are not styled correctly in the post body

Kevin MontroseThis is actually a fairly time consuming change (lots of little CSS tweaks to test in a bunch of browsers), and other issues* are taking up my time right now. Will probably get around to this sometime shortly after Thanksgiving. *And that mythical beast, "time off" is coming up as well.

.moderator-tag -> a.moderator-tag
@TimStone Yeah, this specificity thing, it's hard man!
writes a userstyle
I'd upvote that @Tim!
6:06 PM
@TimStone Don't bother, it's a specificity thing, you'd have to have separate styles for every one of the sites
Though it seems to be only used on Meta though
Yeah, I only wrote it for Meta, for myself, so I stop cringing when I see it. :P
I don't know why, but I compulsively star everything everybody else stars. Probably because a single star is just so lonely. It's just... you know, there. Alone. Stuck beside god-knows-who's message. It's sad really.
@YiJiang Can't star that!
@PopularDemand Oy!
(This is my equivalent of saying "dices" to you.)
6:09 PM
(You're welcome, language-snob-in-Yi-Jiang's-class.)
Somebody star that message! It's so sad! Just sitting there! Alone! Look, you made it cry, you meanie...
OK. headed to a lunch client meeting pushed back from this morning's mishugas. Catch you guys later!
@TheUnhandledException break a leg!
Hopefully not, I'd rather the client leave with both legs intact
6:18 PM
Maiming clients rarely leads to repeat business, I've found
@TheUnhandledException Then you're doing it wrong.
If they can't leave, you have a monopoly.
@PopularDemand Exactly. He has to perfect the art of blaming his competitors for the client's injuries.
...Oh... I get it now! So that's what "too big to fail" means!
later guys
Enjoy, see ya.
1 hour later…
7:33 PM
Man, @TheUnhandledException leaves and it's total radio silence.
@rchern I always thought that meant "I'm astonished!"
But that doesn't make much sense here.
What is it?
@PopularDemand Well, that, and I started playing Minecraft.
@rchern So you did intend to express astonishment. I don't get it, what are you astonished by?
7:37 PM
Don't you have to stop first before you can start again? (;
@rchern :p
@rchern I think Tim meant "four days ago," but he couldn't pull himself away from the game long enough to type all that out.
I had to stop to explain some things to a coworker. I also think that I slept at some point, so. ;)
@PopularDemand Raising an eyebrow isn't necessarily astonishment...
> "hold them to that" (this message will self-destruct after the 5 minute edit window passes, or thereabouts) – Popular Demand
7:39 PM
@MichaelMrozek Aww, you took a picture, so it'd last longer.
@PopularDemand I was trying to figure out what you were talking about
@MichaelMrozek Let's just say that Grace Note has questionable taste in waffle flavors.
(Hint: he likes Unicorn Meat waffles, made with real unicorn meat.)
Who doesn't?
@MichaelMrozek My build script. It drinks molasses straight and only eats sticky buns.
Interesting. Our build system feeds only on my suffering
7:44 PM
@MichaelMrozek It must be quite bloated.
And yet it never stops causing me pain
> @MichaelMrozek I originally wrote "hold that to them". Pop was suggesting a grammar fix. I opted a different route. And tell Pop I prefer my waffles with chocolate syrup, not unicorn meat. – Grace Note
... I'm scared
@MichaelMrozek Excellent.
8:03 PM
@MichaelMrozek how else would you know it was working if you weren't?
Ok, whoever introduced me to those rabid green pigs is going to be in for a cruel lesson one day (hint: it was a 9 year old)
and what sucks is on Poached Eggs I've got 188 out of 189 stars :(
I can't seem to beat 1.3.1
@drachenstern There's a SE for that? :)
lol, I know, but I'm trying to do it organically ;)
I'm nowhere near that close on the other four worlds
But they were talking about Minecraft and coming up for air, so ...
Now I'm fixing lunch. :P
@TimStone so you play Minecraft on your laptop do you?
8:18 PM
Hmm. I really should go answer a question on Meta.
8:33 PM
well did you?
All is well.
I got 2 upvotes instead (;
You and your 3000+ rep :P
@PopularDemand I have returned, radio silence can now cease
How was lunch?
It was good, thanks @Tim... a little stressful
8:41 PM
Yeah, I imagine that wouldn't have been too much fun.
but fortunately I did not
For once, the day is saved by the inaction of others, heh.
Sorry everyone for all the deleted messages :-(
Hey there @rchern. How are you doing? Give me some good news :-)
Yeah...That really sucks that you're stuck in the middle of someone else's mess, heh.
I know! Tell me about it.
My parents divorced as a kid, I know how messy it can be. I've been through the middle once as a kid, that's enough thank you very much!
8:50 PM
@TheUnhandledException Some good news, eh?
"I just broke 3K on Meta!" ;)
It's almost Friday!
Speaking of Friday, I think I have another conference call scheduled..
Ah, yep.
@rchern is @Tim right, you broke 3k on meta? That's awesome!
This calls for a celebration. Drinks are on me
@rchern "it's almost friday" is less encouraging as I have done almost no work today as I've been dealing with this personal mess, and my clients' deadlines dont change based upon crazy you-know-who!
When you say drinks, are we talking beer or champagne? (;
Champagne if you like but keep it cheap, I'm on a tight budget ;-)
@rchern Why haven't you closed something yet?
that'll work for cheap? :p
PS: eyuck
8:55 PM
I'm so incredibly full now, ugh.
@MichaelMrozek (;
Q: Did not get +100 reputation for associating account

Dan GrossmanMy account here, on meta, never got the 100 reputation from associating with existing accounts. According to the FAQ, it should. According to the accounts tab, my profile here is associated with my profiles on Stack Overflow, ServerFault and Area51. I don't remember what my reputation on any of ...

@rchern, that currently has four close votes... just sayin'....
man I wish I had 3k on meta :-D
@PopularDemand I'm pretty annoyed with that one; I hate when people close bug reports as duplicates of reports that were [status-completed] ages ago
9:09 PM
@MichaelMrozek I didn't vote to close it either. But rchern is a big girl now, she can cast her votes as she wishes.
> closed as exact duplicate by Popular Demand, Andy E's head, waiwai933, Kop, rchern 41 secs ago
Er, what?
She couldn't resist. And it seemed legit.
Wait, I did vote for that one?
Which one was I thinking of?
You tell us!
@rchern Gah! To the tools page!
9:12 PM
There's this one:
Why is it suddenly @rchern's responsibility to close like every single duplicate / bad question on meta! She's only one woman with 10 close votes!
Q: Bonus rep on new SE accounts not being awarded automatically

AttackingHoboBefore any new site would get +100 rep so I could use the core features. Now I have to link them, then disassociate them and relink them to get the +100 rep Is this intended site behavior?

Which comically I think is a duplicate of the one rchern just closed
He says it's not, but I think he's confused
Oh, I know. I did vote to close, and then regretted it as the comments thread developed.
It's exactly the same symptoms
@PopularDemand can you vote to reopen a question you voted to close...?
9:13 PM
... especially because of your comment, Michael.
@TheUnhandledException She only gets 10? That sucks
This is the 21st century -- I demand equal numbers of close votes for men and women
@TheUnhandledException Yes
So voted.
Meanwhile, that Tower of Babylon thingamabobber got reopened.
Hmm, it's mostly a nonsensical rambling rant thing, but there are some actual (barely) on-topic bits in there.
@MichaelMrozek sorry, 15 votes. Is it 15?
I can never remember
@TheUnhandledException A programmer's dozen.
@PopularDemand A programmer's dozen... 2^12 ?
9:20 PM
(Which is 12, the same as a "normal" dozen. Point is, we're exacting or rigorous or correct or some such thing.)
Q: Very frustrated with "enthusiast" questions, we need an "enterprise" flag

Stephanie PageA vast majority of database design questions I see are either I'm building a comment database about --------. I'm rebuilding Facebook I'm building a favorites database about --------. Homework I more than a little certain from the topics and how the questions are phrased that these are new pr...

9:35 PM
@TimStone Nice.
@PopularDemand +1 for Enterprise FizzBuzz
@rchern here's one you can feel better about:
Q: How to ask for a reputation recalculation?

Will MarcouillerI have read multiple posts related to reputation points, how much reputation one should lose upon a downvote, others about loss of reputation points for no apparent reasons, then I have hit the reputation recalculation topic where one can ask for it. How to ask for a reputation recalculation? M...

@TimStone To be fair, we were just talking about it like 20 hours ago.
I still stand by my +1. :P
Q: Help me identify these two old games from before I knew English well (with "screenshots")

mirikuFirst one is PC, circa EGA/386 era (early 90s). 4 small, square looking heroes that all follow in the footsteps of the leader, 2 shoot projectiles in mad spam mode, 2 are useless. They take missions/quests which are 2d side scrolling, platforming levels. They only level up once in the game, and w...

Forget the freehand circles, freehand screenshots is where it's at.
-1. screenshot isn't embedded.
@rchern It's kind of tall, so I can't take that -1 in good faith. :P
9:43 PM
but if they were split with the text in between them... (;
Picky, picky!
@TimStone Wow.
I am impressed. And I wish I could help.
I was impressed. :P
Ugh, I've been meaning to get back to Gaming. I fear spoilers, though.
9:44 PM
I guess that makes rchern the odd one out this time. ;)
@PopularDemand I do too, which is why I try to only look at questions related to games I've beaten, heh.
Or are less consequential in their spoil-able material.
@TimStone Yeah, but that makes the site useless for games I'm playing, which are the games that I would actually need to visit for. Also, current games tend to be where the action (and therefore, rep) is.
Fair point.
10:13 PM
@PopularDemand We're trying to use the spoiler tag for spoilery questions.
@PopularDemand how often must we go back to Enterprise FizzBuzz? :p
@drachenstern As many times as specified in the requirements document.
10:29 PM
Crap, set myself on fire with lava and died.
Oddly amusing since I was just reading a post on Gaming that happened to mention you should carry a bucket of water with you for just such a scenario.
@radp Eh, based on SO and MSO, I don't trust people to always be great at tagging. I'm pretty aggressive in my definition of "spoiler," too.
heh. More fucking crazyness happened over here, and I return to the chat to see:
> Crap, set myself on fire with lava and died.
@radp you still here?
@PopularDemand that's what I'm liking about gaming, I can ask a question and say, "I am here, I want to know x, but don't tell me any more than that because I don't want spoilers", as opposed to a google search which will reveal everything
Yeah, Google searching was how I found out about the disturbing ending to F.E.A.R. 2 before I got there, heh.
10:37 PM
Sucks. I don't search google for Metroid Prime 3 stuff because it's very much a mystery-figure-it-out-as-you-go type game. I love it
My friend recently describes it as being similar to Myst. Anyone where ever play Myst?
@TheUnhandledException Hm, interesting. Do you ever find that people still do it unintentionally (like, they assume that you got to town X by way of town Y even though you didn't, so their answer includes details about an NPC in Y) or that you ask a dupe but it's because the dupe doesn't have the [spoiler] tag?
I have Myst on my iPhone, heh
@TheUnhandledException Yes. That game was far too hard for me, though.
@PopularDemand haven't asked enough questions yet, so thus far, no
Q: V8 engine compiles JavaScript to machine code. So, why node.js isn't faster than C?

Polat AlemdarAccording to language benchmarks, JavaScript V8 is faster than other programming languages at regex-dna program. So, why node.js applications (i.e. http server) isn't faster than C applications (i.e. Nginx, Lighttpd)?

@TimStone seriously?
10:38 PM
@TimStone I could never get past the organ
But I wanted to talk to @radp because I think we do need better spolier handling even still
@Tim that is awesome
Ahhh, Myst, written in good old HyperCard :-D
@drachenstern I'm not sure where I am, it's been a while since I was somewhere where I was waiting around long enough to play games on my phone, heh. :P
Of course, it didn't help that (as I later discovered) my monitor's brightness was off, and there were some buttons I just couldn't see.
@TheUnhandledException Was it really? That would actually explain a few things :|
10:39 PM
But even if I could have seen them, I don't think I could've finished it.
@TimStone Nice. That just barely beats having SimCity, but only because it's Myst.
@TheUnhandledException Yeah, hahah. I think it was $5 or something, so I said "Why not?"
@GeorgeMarian Heheh. :D
I'm beginning to think that we should make [help] a synonym of [support].
@TimStone I think I paid $10 for SimCity. Though I hardly play it -- it is a freaking iPhone afterall -- It was worth it for the awesome factor.
Anyone here using Firefox 4.0b8pre, by chance and have gmail?
Yeah, playing Myst on iPhone is sometimes annoying because of mistouches, but it's still fun to have something more complex than Worm on my phone, heh.
10:44 PM
@GeorgeMarian waitacottonpickinminute, I can get SimCity Classic on my iPhone?
@drachenstern Yup!
I forget which version was translated.
@GeorgeMarian sorry, not I
Oddly enough, gmail isn't playing nicely with it today. They must have updated something. Priority inbox doesn't display correctly and I can't reply to emails. =/
I keep getting this annoying issue with Gmail (or Thunderbird) where multiple emails will run together all of a sudden.
@TheUnhandledException I did suggest having that tag ignored by default (even for anon users), then having that tag styled differently. Nothing happened so far though :(
10:48 PM
So that person y's email shows up mashed into the top of person x's, heh.
@radp that sucks!
I know this is controversial but I like the "hover over to reveal text" thing other sites have
@TimStone Heh. I've avoided thrunderbird since I've heard so many complaints about it. That said, i've avoided email clients since switching to webmail.
I thought that code blocks could have that style. I suggested that on agaming SE 1.0 site
@TheUnhandledException I also upvoted the spoiler markdown proposal on MSO and made one myself on a specific syntax.
@radp link please so I can upvote! (not urgent, when you remember)
10:50 PM
@TheUnhandledException Related stuff:
Q: Make the [spoiler] tag ignored by default, even for anonymous users

badpThat's what it says on the tin, although chances are spoilers are to be expected throughout the website really. This can make for a useful inbuilt spoiler warning: Alternatively, the spoiler tag could come in a different colour (say, dark yellow), although that could create problems with tag ...

Q: Add a <spoiler> tag that makes hidden-until-you-click text

Joel CoehoornUse cases: Programming puzzles. This way the answer can be posted the same time as the question, eliminating doubt that no answer is possible for hard questions and proving that the question is not a homework exercise (since the author already has the answer) The socratic method. In your answer...

Q: Implement the <spoiler> tag

radpPlease consider implementing the request for some sort of a spoiler markdown using the following syntax: why did we trust <spoiler>rchern</spoiler> ? WHY OH GOD WHY? <spoiler> The cake is a lie. </spoiler> I propose <spoiler> over the modified blockquote syntax &...

@GeorgeMarian It's not terrible, but it does occasionally do annoying things. I couldn't do webmail, otherwise I'd never remember to check it, heh. Though I imagine there's some program just for that purpose, but at that point I figure I might as well have a desktop client anyway.
Thanks @radp. Ha, I actually already saw the first question...
...I forgot... I downvoted it :-(
@TimStone Ha. Lately I've avoided the gmail notifier. I think I'm a touch less stressed w/o the constant pop-ups. :)
@GeorgeMarian Typically if I don't answer email questions quickly enough I tend to get phone calls asking the same thing, so for me the notification is important, heh.
10:54 PM
@radp no offense of course, I was just swayed by Grace Note's argument
@TimStone Yah, that does sound like the less annoying route, in your case.
But the other two I upvoted, doubleplusgood!
My PRECIOUS meta reps!!
It's ok, you're still cool radbadp!
What? [status-planned]?! Woo hoo!
10:59 PM
Yeah! I saw that!
/me dances
Nov 9 at 20:01, by balpha
user image
Ugh, it's kind of unfair to read some of those out of... "temporal context"?
An old time Mac OS users here?
Specifically pre-OS X?
@TheUnhandledException Not professionally, but a bunch in school... why?
Easy rep question (maybe)
Q: Where does Command-Shift-3 or Command-Shift-4 (for taking screen captures) originate from?

JoshI know that on Mac OS X, you can take a screen capture of the entire screen with CommandShift3 and you can take a screen capture of just a selection (or a window) with CommandShift4. Is there a rationale for this keyboard combination? Where does CommandShift number originate from?

I know the answer, I'm posting it because many don't, it's interesting, and I feel it adds to the site
Feel free to lambast me for doing so
but I think it helps "seed" the site
11:06 PM
@TheUnhandledException It better be a good explanation :)
@radp I have a good explanation
Especially because I didn't think there was one to begin with
All technical and shit.
I mean, one that wasn't "This Print Screen key is so Windows, let's nuke it"
@TheUnhandledException So much <kbd>!
But no, I could never remember the keys for screenshotting.
11:08 PM
originated from special code you used to be able to store in a special, Mac OS 7/8/9 area called the "reseource fork", and you could assign 9 of them, Command-Shift-1 through9
I'm excited about reading your answer, though.
I used to install them all the time
@PopularDemand I'm going to let someone else answer, even though I know the answer
@TheUnhandledException It still doesn't explain why Mac keyboards don't have a Print Screen key instead...
@radp mine does, it's F14
I think
but only works in VMware. Command-SHift-4 is for screen caps
@TheUnhandledException What about OS 6?
11:10 PM
...F14. shudders
Q: <kbd> (yes, still <kbd>) doesn't play nice with lists

radpSince kbd is disabled here, the pathological sample that triggered this is hosted on meta.gaming for your inspector/firebug/etc. pleasure. View the pathological example Perfectly innocent source Current answer after some <br/><br/> love (it still doesn't look great)

@TheUnhandledException you couldn't add them in OS 6
at least I'm pretty sure not
Mac OS 6 was a horrid, horrid OS
I should've said "and normal paragraphs too" now that I saw your post :(
I have only used it maybe 4 times
System 6 (also referred to as System Software 6) is a graphical user interface-based operating system for Macintosh computers. It was released in 1988 by Apple Computer and was part of the Mac OS line of operating systems. System 6 was shipped with various Macintosh computers until it was succeeded by System 7 in 1991. The boxed version of System 6 cost 49 USD when introduced.. System 6 is classed as a monolithic operating system. It featured an improved MultiFinder, which allowed for co-operative multitasking. The last version of System 6 was released in 1991. Main features MacroMake...
↑ Interesting at least CSS wise.
I want to roll back these edits
I don't like the + marks between the <kbd> s
If I wanted + there, I would have put + there!
Any thoughts?
Q: Where does Command-Shift-3 or Command-Shift-4 (for taking screen captures) originate from?

JoshI know that on Mac OS X, you can take a screen capture of the entire screen with Command+Shift+3 and you can take a screen capture of just a selection (or a window) with Command+Shift+4. Is there a rationale for this keyboard combination? Where does Command+Shift number originate from?

11:15 PM
Most people prefer key combinations with +, @Theun
You say Ctrl+F5, not CtrlF5, for example
I normally use a hyphen when I can't use <kbd>
Like Command-Shift-3
I say "Control, Eff-Five". The + is meant to indicate my pause, or are people actually saying "plus"?
@Tim I say it the same as you. I'm talking typing it
Do you type Control+F% @Tim?
using XMPP, can't edit, you know what I mean ;-)
Yeah...I'm honestly not sure.
But I was more or less questioning why "Ctrl+F5" would be how I say it. :P
I type plus because I mean "use them together"
11:20 PM
Admittedly, I think I switch back and forth depending on my mood.
@GraceNote Chocolate syrup, huh? You make me sick.
I think + is the standard as well.
@PopularDemand I have a sweet tooth, what can I say?
Anything else leaves it ambiguous whether you mean "press these all at once" or "press these in this order."
@GraceNote You can say "hey, it's better than a rotting unicorn patty."
@PopularDemand Why in the hejudas would I say that for? Other than truth, of course
@GraceNote Mostly because that was my initial accusation based on your cryptic comment.
11:24 PM
@PopularDemand What cryptic comment?
Did you just kill the rotting unicorn that you made the patty out of? or have you been carrying it in your bag for a few turns?
@GraceNote Something that was edited within the five minute window. I no longer remember.
You told me to change "hold that to them" to "hold them to that". I changed it so that I wouldn't have to swap "that" and "them". Is it that cryptic?
@GraceNote It was a different part of the same post. In the bullet points, I think.
OK. I recant, the plus remains
11:30 PM
@PopularDemand I made no mention of unicorns at any point in that post's lifetime
finally an answer to my OOP question!
ooh, it's a good one too
Third answer from a member who's been here a year
that's... unusual
Link, @Theun? I'm curious, not able to help
Q: How can I improve the hierarchy of my event classes?

JoshFor the XMPP interface for the Stack Overflow chat I am parsing the JSON feed from chat and generating Ruby objects for every chat events, such as messages sent, edits sent, users logging in or out, etc. I also generate events for "slash-commands" sent to the XMPP server, like "/help" or "/auth" ...

@Grace I was surprised I got no answers. It's for XMPP for this chat
I'm telling you, it's that Ruby tag ;)
which reminds me, anyone want a chat bridge for the stack exchange chat? I think I'm going to start one of those
@Tim I think you're right!
11:36 PM
@TheUnhandledException a what what?
I was going to rephrase it as PHP, because really it's language agnostic (mostly)
@TheUnhandledException I would agree with @TimStone here. It's definitely the ruby
@radp a way to access the stack exchange chat via Jabber (XMPP)
I'll see if there are Symbian apps that do XMPP. Tomorrow. Then I'll be interested :)
Shame on whoever's idea it was for me to start playing Minecraft. x_x
11:37 PM
In other news, Street View comes to Germany!
...or should it be called "Street Blur" rather?
I guess it's views of just the street.
I like to scout ahead and judge the quality of the route's pavement before taking my car on a drive.
@TimStone I tried that
@radp WTF? What's being blurred? Any possible private residence?
@GeorgeMarian I linked to the source. :)
@radp Oh, you actually expected me to hover over that to figure that out? ;)
Hahah, nice.
BTW...FF 4's killing of the status bar is effing stupid. Right up there w/ there change to the address bar suggestion functionality.
@GeorgeMarian Chrome never had or needed a status bar :)
11:43 PM
@GeorgeMarian I want the Firefox address bar to die.
@GeorgeMarian They did WHAT!?!1!!!1!11!1/?//
I liked it before when I typed in what I wanted and it brought up...you know, the actual match.
@radp and that's one of my major beefs with it
Not some URL that I haven't visited in 10 months that isn't related to what I was typing.
@TheUnhandledException well, now links appear in the awesome bar.
11:44 PM
There is nothing awesome about that bar.
and, unlike what happens in Chrome, you can't expand to the full URL if they don't fit
@TheUnhandledException Yah, it crowds the crap into the address bar now, on hover (for links, at least).
(in chrome, hover and wait)
@GeorgeMarian That sounds horrible.
@rchern It seems that the reasons for migrating to Chrome are becoming more numerous.
> Looks like ruby gets no love!
separates himself from Minecraft and reads the question
11:47 PM
I just installed Chromium, since FF 4.0b8pre wasn't playing nice w/ gmail.
What? What fiendish thing is it that must separate you from Minecraft!?
I hope it doesn't thrash the HDD like Chrome does. =/
I'm not holding my breath.
@GraceNote The overwhelming amount of programming I haven't done on account of playing copious amounts over the last few days. ;)
@TimStone I can't let you get away from Minecraft. That would be unwise and irresponsible.
AHAHAHAHAHAHA @Tim. You seriusly were waiting for em to remove the Ruby tag, LOL
Damn lack of XMPP edit support.
11:50 PM
@GraceNote I think you mentioned meat, or burgers, or rotting, or something, though.
@PopularDemand Waffles do go bad if you let them, like any grainy product
@GraceNote That's fine, but rotting makes me think of meat before anything else.
@PopularDemand Aye, and why I corrected you that I use Chocolate Syrup
Oh, Street View. And I thought Americans liked privacy.
privacy? what's that?
11:55 PM
@drachenstern That would be funny if it weren't, you know, so serious.
I specialize in Touche
Well @PopularDemand et all, my apple history question is backfiring, some poor soul got -1 for answering wrong (not by me!)
@TheUnhandledException His own fault for not reading carefully.
probably true
I added a hint :-)
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