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12:00 AM
Hi all
12:15 AM
1 hour later…
1:42 AM
@mootinator where r u @?
is it just me or did the SO Tavern suddenly erupt in ... lesser mortals?
they came from the woodwork!!!
wasn't sure who was starring over there, figured it was you injecting levity
could've been zerk
anyways, I'm headed home
I hadn't noticed.
Have a good one.
2:27 AM
Wow, the BBC magazine got a fresh coat of paint
The design is nice
Hi all, I need some help
Javascript related
Anyone here?
@YiJiang - Can you help with a JS problem?
@Moshe Sure, go on
You know Firesheep, right?
The infamous FF extension?
(There's a Javascript room on SO Chat that's active too)
@Moshe Of course
Right, but What I'm working on will seem evil if you don't know me,
I figured the people here know me a little already
That said, we have a router here in school
A guy took it over by changing the default user/pwd
I can't hard reset it.
I'd like to Firesheep my way in.
I need to modify Firesheep to get the login info.
2:38 AM
I don't think FireSheep can do that
Unless it's not using cookies of course
Are you sure?
I haven't looked at it in any amount of detail
My question is:
What does the login interface look like?
how do i modify firesheep to pick up other sites than the default?
It's a Verizon login
a logo and two boxes
2:39 AM
@Moshe There are configuration files, like I've said, I haven't looked at FireSheep in any amount of detail
@YiJiang - Okay, do I sound too evil to ask this in the JS room?
3:20 AM
> One student was arrested for investigation of assault with a deadly weapon after a campus police officer was hit with his own baton, Roskowski said.
What is that talk of the UI @MarcGravell said in the starred message?
I think I'm missing some context here
We were talking about XMPP stuff (going around the UI to get to chat)
@YiJiang You could go to that message in the transcript and read the context. (;
@rchern I did that, and I still didn't get it
@TimStone So? Makes perfect sense if the student took the officer's baton and did the hitting.
3:28 AM
@PopularDemand It's riot suppression gear if the officer uses it, but a deadly weapon if someone else uses it?
@TimStone It's a deadly weapon no matter who uses it. If the officer's using it in the course of his official duties, he gets a pass.
@YiJiang the point is that they didn't write the backend for the use of us in our own applications, they wrote it to be used with our browsers only.
@drachenstern Ah, right, that explains it
3:47 AM
@PopularDemand If that's the case, use of a deadly weapon by anyone seems inappropriate for the situation, heh. Unless someone was trying to kill the officer, which I doubt. That being said, I have a hard time understanding the protest in the first place, so. shrugs
Ah, yeah. I guess I should have given some context to the quote.
University of California students protesting about tuition and fee increases.
Sounds very European.
Ugh, everywhere you look, problems.
@PopularDemand - those students don't know how good they have it. They should be thankful they aren't debugging methods that are super-massive-bug-holes at 3:54am
3:55 AM
It's hard for me to feel that sorry for them when they still end up only paying $11,000 a year in tuition, heh.
@TimStone - They should just do the sensible thing, skip the degree. Sorted.
@AidenBell I'm not sure how well that goes over here anymore. That being said, I'm not sure how much better off you are even with the degree at the moment, so. :P
@YiJiang did you still need context for the starred messages?
Well, over hear universities turn out thousands of CS grad Java coders ... not sure how many can program however
@drachenstern if you were still wondering about why my XMPP gravatar code wasn't working
in XMPP, 44 secs ago, by The Unhandled Exception
The VCard code I am using only works with XMPP clients, not XMPP components
4:02 AM
Yeah...I'm not sure the situation is drastically improved on this side of the Atlantic either.
@TimStone It's not.
dang I was hoping that would OB
Someone please give me some good news (or buy me a drink) to cheer me up -- tonight's a frustrating one for me for sure!
Personally, id back experience and demonstrable code that was written with other programmers over a degree ... but im young, foolish and degree-less.
4:04 AM
@TheUnhandledException you're not dead
@TheUnhandledException - Good news .... Prince William is getting married .... though that's meh
@drachenstern +1
@TheUnhandledException - I have a better one, you aren't coding what i'm coding
@AidenBell I got my current job not because of my degree but because of the program I wrote for my senior project for my degree. Had I had the project and not the degree I think I would've gotten the job
@drachenstern Ok, I'll take that :-)
I flat-out cannot believe that 199 out of 200 applicants for any programming job can't program FizzBuzz.
@AidenBell And that one too :-)
4:05 AM
@PopularDemand Or they write a DSL for creating FizzBuzz solutions ... almost as bad
@PopularDemand This is your good news? Has anyone mentioned to you before that you might be a pessimist?
@PopularDemand It's true. I will give you the next 10 minutes to write one from scratch that fits here in the window
But to make it interesting, let's do 4,7 and "Fog" and "Bugz"
hell it's probably easier to write it to take four inputs off the command line :p ~ Let's hear it for DSLs!!
@drachenstern - Good luck with that FizzBuzz framework
4:11 AM
@AidenBell well why not?
Didn't somebody do Enterprise FizzBuzz?
watches everyone rush off to read that blog entry, again
@drachenstern - sorry, nobody did
4:13 AM
I think I can get it right eventually :p
@drachenstern @PopularDemand it's been six minutes ...
Hm, it seems that the botched Windows Update for my AMD graphics driver has killed video...
I have that issue a lot sadly ... Windows and AMD
I haven't had any problems until the update failed for some reason. Now all of my videos green-screen, heh.
Not sure what that's about..
New pet peeve: Installation unpackers that call the temporary save path the "installation location".
4:30 AM
@AidenBell Heh, when did we start cheering for mathematical functions?
@YiJiang - Since the incompleteness theorem. They need all the help they can get.
(trying not to say "isn't that rooting for ...")
4:48 AM
Ah, much better. And Acrobat has stopped bitching at me to restart after applying its update, hooray.
@TimStone so you uninstalled Acrobat then?
Designing UIs is hard work
@YiJiang takes a lot longer than structural code doesn't it?
@drachenstern Building one right now and I just can't seem to get the hang on it
Going out for lunch now, maybe fresh air will help me think
do you listen to music @YiJiang that might help
4:59 AM
@drachenstern Restarted. :P
@TimStone the road less traveled I see
I would recommend next time to try the more popular road ;)
These were updates for Acrobat Professional, heh, not the reader.
...Which for some reason doesn't share a common update interface with the rest of the CS5 programs. They seem to get by fine with updating without a restart, not sure what Acrobat's game is, but oh well.
The driver update decided to forget that I had two graphics cards in my machine, so a restart was necessary anyway.
@TimStone Oh, I knew what you meant. Else you would've said Reader, not Acrobat. ;)
@TimStone I'm pretty sure it's the same as Excel (that whole VBA bit)
night all
@drachenstern Ah. ;) Well, it came with CS5...so I figured since I paid in part for it I should have it installed for kicks. :P G'night.
6:00 AM
Hello peoples, can any js gurus around explain this to me? jsfiddle.net/QKCdK
@Benjol You want to know why the same expression give different results?
@Eldros, yup. is there some kind of hidden state in there?
That's a very good question...
That's quite an intriguing behaviour
you're setting the index position to the end and then calling it again basically
@rchern, so it is stateful.. hm.
also, how many times do I use a regex before it becomes worth pre-compiling?
6:16 AM
@Benjol I'm not sure that there's any one right answer to that question/if it even makes a difference due to whatever optimizations the browser performs under the hood.
@TimStone, thanks, I have to admit what motivates my question is preferrring the // syntax to having to escape everything into strings :)
Ah damn, checked in code with print statements in it earlier, heh.
6:32 AM
@Benjol, I got distracted and just got around to writing the 2nd function haha, sorry. jsfiddle.net/QKCdK/1
@rchern Ahahah, so fancy with the jQuery functions. ;)
...There is nothing pleasant about the construction of that sentence. scratches head But you know what I mean. :P
chaining is a nice thing (:
Is it just my impression or Android questions tend to be of lower quality?
6:35 AM
@rchern This is true.
all that just to say regex.lastIndex=0;
@TimStone unfortunately, the meaning of the code is hidden behind the jquery for me :( I'll have to think a bit more
@AlexandreJasmin I'm not sure. However, many people say that about several different popular tags, so I think it's just easy to stumble upon a lower-quality question every now and then.
1 min ago, by rchern
all that just to say regex.lastIndex=0;
@Benjol ^^
@rchern There should have been a jQuery dialog chained to the end of everything that popped up with this message, for good measure. ;)
6:40 AM
getting rid of the alerts was my first modification >_<
@rchern ok, I see :)
7:11 AM
20 hours coding ... im dead.
All the braces and semi-colons are just merging
At least you aren't programming in Objective-C, then you'd be plagued by square brackets.
@TimStone this is true :D
Additionally, at least you've been coding.
Or ..... a Lisp dialect!
I've just been thinking about coding, for about half as long. :P
7:13 AM
@TimStone - Sometimes code-based meditation is coding ... but with the mind.
I should probably clarify.
By "thinking about coding", I really mean telling myself "I should really work on something."
Ah, sofa-orientated-programming
Indeed. ;)
7:15 AM
The dreaded sofa-anti-pattern lol
It's the most comfortable programming style you can never effectively use!
Well, im off to raise a sleep exception for an hour
Before my eyes bleed and I have to program via braille
Hopefully you have an efficient rest routine then, heh.
Yeah, that might be a good idea. :P
heh nice.
Let's just hope the pillow test case .... oh nevermind! Later @TimStone
Hah, see ya.
8:12 AM
Q: Crunch-time Sleep Deprivation: Survival Strategies?

Dan RayFore-warning: I'm typing this question on 3 hours' sleep in the last 48, after a month straight of long hours and sacrificed weekends. Launch deadline D-day was 12 hours ago, now we're in red time. What do you do to make it through delivery deadline crunches? Survival strategies? Tips? Caffeine...

2 hours later…
10:07 AM
Man, english.se's user info box is really fancy
@YiJiang dejavu
@radp Somebody already posted this while I was sleeping?
yay georgia digits!
@YiJiang No, I just think we've had this discussion before, probably about another theme.
A: Crunch-time Sleep Deprivation: Survival Strategies?

Benjol Get sleep whenever you can - even 20 minutes at a time Avoid driving a car Sign up here

@YiJiang :)
@YiJiang thanks, I'd forgotten to hang out on meta to see what was going on there
10:27 AM
Q: I am struggling to make a page look the same in crome and IE

Chandan Khatwani Above screenshot is in Crome. above screenshot is in IE HTML <div class="wholediv"> <div class="rightdiv"> <strong>Your Company Name</strong> <br /> Evergreen Terrace 742<br /> Kansas Missouri<br /> Phone: 432-653-3121<br /> sal...

Please, read the comments. It's worth it, really
The first version of the question is the best ;)
10:49 AM
@YiJiang lol, by that preview it seemed like a legit answer, followed by spam.
2 hours later…
12:41 PM
@Benjol Relevant to my interests
@AidenBell, So you slept what, 4 hours?
@Benjol - Yea, pretty much just died. Only intended to have 2
So what are you aiming for, everyman?
Sorry, sleep cycles...
Polyphasic sleep, a term coined by early 20th century psychologist J.S. Szymanski, refers to the practice of sleeping multiple times in a 24-hour period—usually more than two, in contrast to biphasic sleep (twice per day) or monophasic sleep (once per day). It does not imply any particular sleep schedule. The circadian rhythm disorder known as irregular sleep-wake pattern is an example of polyphasic sleep in humans. Polyphasic sleep is common in many non-human animals, and is believed to be the ancestral sleep state.Capellini, I., C. L. Nunn, P. McNamara, B. T. Preston, and R. A. Barton. 2...
12:50 PM
@Benjol - Na Uberman sounds more like it
so you're a hermit, right? ;)
@Benjol - No, not hermit, programmer.
with no external constraints though? Anyway, if you're aiming for Uberman, sleeping 4h you've blown it :)
Tell me about it
1:11 PM
Ubuntu Monospace.
@radp Nice. After experiencing Ubuntu's font rendering I can't get used to Window's anymore
The real test would be when it's syntax highlighted at 11px/10px size
Just hit the rep cap for the first time in my life. On Programmers :(
@drachenstern Gah, you were serious about that? I wandered off to play New Vegas.
Also, argh to bad tags and questions... but what else is new?
public static void main(String[] args) {
    for(int barchern = 1; barchern <= 100; barchern++) {
        if(barchern % 4 == 0) System.out.print("Fog");
        if(barchern % 7 == 0) System.out.print("Bugz");
1:33 PM
public static void main(String[] args) {
    for(int barchern = 1; barchern <= 100; barchern++) {
        if(barchern % 4 == 0) System.out.print(")");
        if(barchern % 7 == 0) System.out.print(":");
@radp ):)):)):)):):)):)):)):):)):)):)):):)):)
Too many chins, not enough eyes!
@YiJiang Proggy FTW
@radp I never got that. That's not schizo, it's a mutant with eyes both above and below its mouth.
1:44 PM
hrm, what's up with Dropbox today.
@radp I like that color scheme..
@Fosco In gedit it's Cobalt.
Kids today and their fancy "color monitors"....
+1 to the Ars graphics designer
What I like about the Ubuntu font is that it is even usable as a programming font.
1:51 PM
@radp to tall and skinny
@Fosco use the upload button for that image.
@AidenBell I agree
@AidenBell tastes; I find Proggy too fat.
1:52 PM
@radp Sublime Text has a Cobalt theme that is pretty close.. going to use it for a while..
@radp That's too round, not enough mono-angle
New computer on Black Friday? Vote now!
2:25 PM
I'm using a large drawing block as my mouse pad right now, so that I can scratch notes while I use the computer
2:46 PM
user image
cough cough
my favorite things...
Quote of the day:
Eventually he had to quit [sleeping very little] because his schedule conflicted with that of his business associates, who insisted on sleeping like other men.
3:13 PM
@PopularDemand only partially ;)
subtle indeed
3:46 PM
I think y'all have an unhealthy obsession...
@TheUnhandledException I changed my mind and cancelled my ORM project. I made a pro/con list last night and it was totally lopsided.
@Fosco Oh I'm just scrolling up and looking at all the rchern mentions lol.
@rchern :) You've become a meme.. I think it's pretty cool.
I'm not convinced it is a good thing. (;
If we didn't like you, we wouldn't talk about you so much.. at least where you could see (=
I was going to build a giant OY in Minecraft last night, but I forgot about it..
4:01 PM
@Fosco Have you not been invited to the secret room where will all mock rchern yet? I'll hook you up with an invite
I'm no robot!
@rchern rchernbot is designed to say that, yes
I mean, it's great that she passes the Turing test and all, but we shouldn't get too hung up on her
4:34 PM
shakes fist at Excel
@TimStone Why?
@PopularDemand A certain group has a file that they regularly publish in both Excel and tab-delimited format that acts as input to our program, and apparently the tab-delimited version is made by saving from Excel.
Only someone botched something up in the Excel file, so there were far more tabs than were expected. There's also something generally wrong with this new version that's making it not work correctly.
5:11 PM
'Ello @Chacha102, @Zypher
who is Zypher?
To find the answer you're going to have to go down the rabbit hole ... here, take this pill
5:17 PM
I can't catch a f**king break! >:o
@TheUnhandledException I'm sensing that you're feeling some frustration.
@PopularDemand Your sense is correct sir! :-)
@TheUnhandledException Would you like to vent at us?
(That's right, rest-of-the-room, I just volunteered you.)
@PopularDemand have I told you about the situation with my landlord?
@TheUnhandledException All I know is that your plumber didn't pass his unit tests.
5:24 PM
Haha. Just one of many things contributing to the rationale for my saying I can't catch a break!
The above message will self-destruct in 1:30 @PopularDemand
The above message will self-destruct in 1:30 @PopularDemand
@PopularDemand I do it all the time
@TheUnhandledException I saw all but the last sentence; good enough.
@drachenstern the first or the second?
yeah, that's what I thought it said
Get yourself a nice foreclosure or something.
Let someone else's poor choices benefit you!
5:34 PM
@PopularDemand Yeah that's a good idea! :-)
I love how it's all redacted :p
Have ya'll seen the movie RED yet?
A: Is using gravatar a security risk?

user153580What I'm actually concerned for is the gravatar authentication itself. Someone who knows my e-mail could as well impersonate me and MY gravatar would appear on the site. Can anyone confirm this?

According to jjnguy, this is a problem.
Bruce Willis's file is all black bars on all the text in his file, and it was like seven inches thick ... hilarious
I thought gravatar asked for confirmation.
sighs and gets back to work
5:36 PM
@PopularDemand you're assuming the author doesn't abuse gravatar regs
@drachenstern I have not seen it yet; reccomended?
@TheUnhandledException yes
I will check it out :-)
I think the six second response was probably a better recommendation than anything I could say :p
but don't miss the first five or ten of the movie, you'll know why afterwards
5:38 PM
@drachenstern What regs?
@PopularDemand I've never seen gravatar ask for confirmation.. I even wrote a site that used it. It's not abuse, it was how their documentation instructed me.
@PopularDemand whatever you agree to when you agree to use their site? I have no idea how that works
@Fosco I was not aware of that, thanks
Huh. That's... scary, but in a really insignificant way.
Yeah I don't see the concern..
@Fosco I saw your earlier message, sorry I didn't respond yet I have had an... unplesant... morning
5:40 PM
What would someone get by impersonating me on another site?...
@TheUnhandledException Sorry to hear.
Thanks. Such is life, well my life at the moment anyway. Hopefully not for long. @PopularDemand has a house he wants to sell me... ;-)
Actually a confidential legal SE site would be an awesome idea now that I think about it
but it would probably have to be set up slightly differently from other SE sites
@TheUnhandledException I think that's called going to a lawyer :p
@Fosco A bad reputation?
@PopularDemand :)
@drachenstern yes. Actually I have spoken to my father about my whole situation, he's a divorce attorney so I feel very comfortable with his counsel on my matter. I meant more if I didn't have such great (and cheap) counsel
@drachenstern it could be called ianyl.stackexchange.com :-)
5:45 PM
@TheUnhandledException Ugh, you're renting a house from your wife? This is not going to end well.</intentionalMisinterpretation>
@TheUnhandledException lmao
ummmm did someone add support for stars to XMPP while I was sleeping???
In case I'm not the last person to have seen this link: the original "I got e-mail addresses from SO gravatars" post
My XMPP client's new theme... it's... it's full of stars!
5:49 PM
@TheUnhandledException There, have one back.
Wouldn't want you to run too low.
no, but it's not a stretch to imagine that most of us <-- use gmail and the same name on multiple sites ;)
@Popular Demand Thanks. I was running a bit low actually
@PopularDemand In other news, putting your email address on the internet could potentially give people access to your email address.
@TimStone shocker!
5:53 PM
Thanks @Tim Statestheobvious!
I felt it was my public duty to keep you informed.
Excellent work as usual @Tim
Thanks, I appreciate the positive feedback.
@TimStone Wait, what? Like, human people? I thought the Internet was for computers!
anytime @Tim. Were you here for my rant?
5:55 PM
@PopularDemand There's a new jQuery plugin that allows it to interface with people too.
@TheUnhandledException I think I was distracted reading news at the time, what's up?
$.Internet.interfaceWith($.People) ?
@Tim You're probably better off reading news :-)
@TheUnhandledException returns undefined
I knew some jQuery would wake @YiJiang up!
@TheUnhandledException I've stopped doing that following reading something on airport security again.
@TimStone Points to the new TSA logo I've put up there
5:58 PM
@YiJiang Hahah, nice
@Tim yeah the news just depresses me these days!
@TheUnhandledException "These days"? As opposed to which other days?
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