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12:07 AM
More Oy?
Well, I retract my Oy, I left my charger in the dorm after all.
Whew, that's a relief I'm sure
@TheUnhandledException - Yep, now I can go try to fix my broken scroller.
Of course I forgot another case earlier: Where there are less thumbnails than can fit on the screen.
And I can hopefully finish this project, was hoping to have been done 2 hours ago >:o
You said you're not looping it @Moshe?
I don't want to confuse users.
12:10 AM
Remember, my userbase is kids.
Yeah for looping we had a clever idea, but for non-looping I'm not sure
It's a camp "yearbook"
Ah, I didn't know that.
What ages?
Erm, third grade and up
Cool, that should be a fun project!
12:12 AM
The counselors and parents etc are going to be interested too, but...
It kinda is, but it should have been done yesterday.
We have to get this to the printer. The reunion is Saturday night of Hanukkah.
That's a few weeks.
I know that feeling
Yep :) sighs
My team is overwhelmed with feature-request s
Okay, almost got it...
I think.
I just discovered a little bit ago that somebody didn't add a new feature where they were supposed to
12:15 AM
@TheUnhandledException /blames the sockpuppet
Only half the module has the feature so I'm having to do someone else's job. Frustrating!
Haha, he's innocent this time @Tim :-)
Tell him I still have my eye on him, so no funny business, hahah.
@TimStone I'm being good!
Yes, you have been... the past hour or so...
I'm having some problems positioning these icons initially.
12:21 AM
What specifically seems to be the issue @Moshe?
Keeping in mind I really can't help with code much at the moment
My images are appearing on top of each other.
The original algorithm isn's positing them properly.
Sounds like an issue :-)
I know very little about flash debugging, but, look at the algorithm you use for determining their positions
I just looked at my icon class.
I can tell each icon what number it is in the sequence.
It can know who it is.
better would be to tell them what x-position to be at, I would think, and have a class responsible for managing the sequence and positioning the icons
but that's just my $0.02
Right, but for some reason, the icon is getting a new .width property after i set it.
And thanks for your dollar-double-zero-double. It's helping to keep me focused.
12:30 AM
Sure. You know a dollar-double-zero-double is worth two in the bush?
...that was supposed to be funny, but was decidedly not
Okay, it's a weird thing, but I think I may have gotten it.
Almost... Still a bug, but it's kinda working.
7:45 PM and no food yet ingested... Josh is getting cranky!
...must refocus... must go on...
Ohmigosh! Almost done.
Good luck, get some food. coffee or something.
12:45 AM
Hopefully I'll be done soon and can get food
Coffee would not do me good right now ;-)
aw, crap, now I've been told I used the wrong images and must re-code part of this site.
/me screams
achem. sorry
Where'd that Zen Garden go...? :-)
I'm wondering about conditional for loops.
12:54 AM
What about them @Moshe?
if it's possible to change the "direction" of a for loop depending on a condition
I'm under the impression that a for loop is initialized as:
for(var i=0; i<number;i++){ //do something}
I was wondering if it's at all possible to do something like:
for(if(condition){var i=0;}else{var i = number} ... ... etc){
for(var i = (condition ? 0 : number); i < whatever; i++) ?
but it sounds like you want two different for loops
almost, except I want to reverse the direction of the loop
I want the same thing to occur in each loop.
for (var i = 0, index = condition ? 0 : count; i < count; ++i, index += condition ? 1 : -1) or something like that, but there's almost always a better way to design it.
    for(var i = 0; i < number; i++) doSomething(i);
    for(var i = number; i >0; i--) doSomething(i);
12:59 AM
I hear that, but that means sorting out which part of my animation deals with which direction.
Also, @TheUnhandledException - I'm not a fan of conditionals without braces. Makes refactoring neigh impossible later.
What I did was an infinte while loop for the animation, and a separate threat which sets the speed to a positive or negative number
threat? or thread? ;)
@Moshe the lack of braces was for ease of IMing. Please do add braces :-)
o ok
Thread, sorry
1:00 AM
Don't you threaden me!
Don't thread on me!
Here's the problem with refactoring:
I'm using local variables and when I reuse them, my compiler complains.
Q: Conditionally change the direction of a "for loop"?

MosheIs it possible to conditionally change the direction of a for loop in ActionScript? Example: for(if(condition){var x = 0; x<number; x++}else{var x=number; x>0; x--}){ //do something }

An interesting answer, but it doesn't seem correct.
well, it was deleted - the answer, that is.
Answering question...
I see that answer...
I think I like the other one though...
Lemme see if it works.
This is so darn complicated...
Added the for loop
Adding one more...
1:13 AM
You found Matthew's solution.
I like it.
Let me see if it looks.
yes, that's a good one
xscott posted my third idea
Someone please upvote this so it's higher than @xscott 's answer!
A: Conditionally change the direction of a "for loop"?

Matthew FlaschenInteresting requirement. One way to keep the for is: var start, loop_cond, inc; if(condition) { start = 0; inc = 1; loop_cond = function(){return x < number}; } else { start = number - 1; inc = -1; loop_cond = function(){return x >= 0}; } for(var x = s...

ok thanks
I loved upvoting an idea which I then commented on and said "This is not a good solution, don't use it" :-D
Reminds me of @Tim's answers :-)
Incidentally, that's quite close to what my code sample here was. ;)
I think we are DONE!
It worked.@TimStone - feel free post it.
Nah, I'm good here, heh ;)
1:20 AM
You used @Tim's solution?
No offense @Tim but that was totally awful in every way :-)
Hey, it doesn't appear in my code, I was just answering the question. :P
Actually, my company's ECommerce module is really just a ton of functions and a gigantic mess of conditional operators.
function main() { return (commandIsAddToCart() ? doAddToCart : ( commandIsViewCart() ? doViewCart() : commandIsDisplayProduct() ? doViewProduct() : commandIs/* ... *. ))))))))))))))))); }
haha. I should write something like that just to produce the worst code ever known to mankind!
That's OK, the autocomplete code for SEModifications is a 73-line jQuery chain, just for fun. :P
No, i used @Matthew's solution
Close enough.
Good, his was a good answer
1:29 AM
Yep, and it worked.
Now I just have to rework my edge case checking.
It was broken.
Based on a different answer to a different question, but whatever.
Ok, xscott added a new, really slick answer :-)
well, he edited
Noticed, but I'm afraid to mess with my code.
Besides, honestly, I don't completely understand it.
That's why it's so slick :-)
Care to explain?
Actually, i think we'd all be better off working and not chatting.
I'm playing Minecraft, so I'm already screwed.
1:32 AM
It's a conditional operator (condition ? forward : backward) to choose a function, and passed to that function is the number and the code to call
it's complicated and still not very clear at all
Isn't there a way to just reverse the array in Actionscript? (I'm assuming you're traversing an array, if not then nevermind)
but based on condition it either calls foreward(number, { your code} ) or backward(number, { your code} )
I don't think he wants to do that @Tim
he's trying to build something like that
Ah, OK.
where the animation direction changes
(hover over the slideshow and go left or right)
As you can see, clearly I wasn't paying attention. Not because I don't care, but...Minecraft. :P
Ah, so now we know where you work? ;)
1:36 AM
That's far more important!
@Tim yeah. It's also IN MY PROFILE ;-)
If I get one more email about these "overdue" tasks in our old project management system..
but that requires like 3 or 4 clicks, so I understand
Oh, is it really? I know I've looked at your profile..clearly not ...clearly enough.
heh. "overdue" describes like 90% of the tasks we have in Trac :-)
I thought I was finished!
So the animation is smooth enough, but the edge cases don't work
1:37 AM
Website developer for Digital Fruition, LLC. I specialize in PHP, Javascript, CSS, Ruby, Linux, VMware and more.

* My Company
* My Personal Site
What if we looped the items... ?
I wonder
That part @Tim ;-)
Erm, any thoughts?
@TheUnhandledException We don't even use the system anymore, but apparently it reset itself one day and started sending out emails about things we finished two years ago..
@Moshe: Ours took many hours of fine tuning
1:38 AM
@JoshsSocks Yeah...I have no excuse for that one. :P
@Tim oh, HAHA!
Someone else is supposed to fix that, and they keep saying they're going to do it...I'm about to knock the whole damn server offline, heh.
I can tell you're not the sysadmin also ;-)
I am, just...for stuff we care about. ;)
1:40 AM
Here's the aforementioned question:
Q: Moving movieclips across the stage on FrameEnter

MosheI'm making an image gallery and I want to have a bunch of thumbnails on the bottom of the screen that smoothly slide from side to side when the mouse moves. I'm working with a custom class for the container (Tiles) and a custom class for the thumbnails (ImageIcon). I have a ComboBox which all...

man, no good answers for
Q: How can I send an image on the web in an XMPP (Jabber) message?

JoshFor the XMPP interface for the Stack Overflow chat, I am currently taking the HTML of the chat messages and converting to valid XML, and setting that as the html child element of the XMPP message object. In my Mac OS X jabber client this was working great! It meant that when users in the SO chat ...

Maybe a bounty will be required for that one...
How do I get SO chat working in iChat?
SO chat? or this room?
I'm not a ruby person, can't help.
this room
Got a Jabber account?
1:49 AM
gmail etc.
Ok, that works
join the room: the_tavern@msochat.smart-safe-secure.com
btw, cmd + C is broken on OS X 10.6.4
Now to chat, you need to send the room your fkey and cookie
1:51 AM
how so?
You can get the fkey by entering in the address bar for the browser window which chat is opened in: javascript:alert(fkey().fkey)
send that to Jabber with: /fkey whatever-it-was
and cookie?
The cookie is a bit more tricky. What browser @Moshe?
Ok good
Safari > Preferences > Security> "Show Cookies"
search for meta.stackoverflow
1:54 AM
find the "somusr" cookie
aw, man, you can't copy it! That sucks
so what do I do?
Well you send that to Jabber with: /cookie somusr=t=whatever
sorry, /cookie somuser=t=whatever&s=whetever
Hm, something was wrong:
Yea, my cookie, I probably used l instead of capital I
DEBUG: posted a message, response was: #<Net::HTTPNotFound:0x7fd4bbb1b290>, data was: You must login to post
you can reset cookie with '/cookie newval
er /cookie newval
DEBUG: posted a message, response was: #<Net::HTTPNotFound:0x7fd4bbb89fd8>, data was: You must login to post
you can see your cookie and fkey with /cookie and /fkey
1:58 AM
Didnt work
I have FF
cookie should be like:
/cookie somusr=t=3Zj29sj0Ktn&s=tsx20IG53dX
That was it?
Ah, it worked.
I left out a number
Although this is significantly slower than my browser.
I copy the cookie val and save in a text document, hasn't changed for me in 3+ days
1:59 AM
Really? Maybe the server's getting slow. Normally for me it's faster
Well, I don't know how often I'll be using that
the browser is faster
But it has other advantages like dock icon notifications :-)
well, no
erm, not sure, but iChat takes time
and there's no "up to change"
"up to change"?
2:00 AM
but the dock is nice
up arrow to change your last post
Also I haven't tested iChat. I'm using Adium
and, the browser is faster
Oh. yes, no editing at this point
This is a problem
I have to get my code done
2:01 AM
does personal chat work here?
I am now burt out and procrastinating
personal chat? Not here, but I'm josh@smart-safe-secure.com
In ichat, I'm using the sidebar
there's a sidebar of all of the current room users
None of those users are real -- those are all Ruby objects :-D
2:02 AM
And sadly, it's not all current users, just users who have signed in since I started the script
They are ruby cheshire cats.
This project needs a lot of work :-)
Here today, gone tomorrow and do nothing but smile
But it's come a long way already
2:03 AM
so we will talk
Yeah. I'm going to get dinner before I eat my keyboard
Go for it.
Hey @Moshe does iChat show double messages when you post?
Adium does, and it's frustrating, but Pidgin does not
2:04 AM
apparently not
Must be an Adium thing then.
not even triples
IM client for Mac
ok gn, got get dinner
2:05 AM
Beats the pants off iChat :-)
I'm outta here for now, will be back when I'm fueld up. Catch you later @Moshe and @Tim!
@TheUnhandledException See ya
2:23 AM
I think I got it!
Congrats :)
Okay, slightly hackish
and it is not perfect,
but it works
everyone take a step back
operates on every icon every frame (30 fps)
hey, that's interesting
The above line is not grayed out. (Why?)
Anyhoo, my code now works.
I'd like to make the animation more complex, but it works and I'm afraid to break something.
3:12 AM
Anyone here?
I am not here.
Ok, good. hehe
So I fixed my problem after two days of hacking around blindly.
And since the pastime here is to post meta posts:
Q: Ability to add "source" to quote?

MosheWhen people quote others, it is common practice to add a source or attribution of the original speaker. When you select text and hit the quote button, there should be a pop-up that asks for an optional attribution. The attribution should be added and formatted in some way as well. (While I orig...

@PopularDemand - I searched SO, I think this is an original.
@mootinator - what do you think?
@TheUnhandledException - Got dinner yet?
Sorry I was busy getting piled on for not putting a regex in a code block and having 800 people think I don't know ( is a special character as a result.
@Moshe Yes.
@mootinator - ouch. - Yes what?
I think it would be useful.
3:29 AM
@mootinator hey! You're here too huh? This seems to be the better chat, but now that I've said that they're gonna kick me out :p
@mootinator - thanks.
There are more people yet it feels wrong :(
I was on English.SE and I wanted to quote a SO post actually, but then I realised that it should work for all SE sites.
Any random developer type can have reputation on SO to chat, but you need to have a more intimate relationship with the company behind it to chat here
3:32 AM
Anyone here ever done ActionScript?
@Moshe a tiny bit
@MarkE - I am polishing off a script that I spent the last two days ripping everyone in sights hair out over.
@Moshe sounds like fun
Yea but when the deadline was two days ago...
@Moshe so post a question on SO?
and we can take a look
3:34 AM
@MarkE - I am pretty much done.
I just wanted to know if there was any way to perfect this...
I posted enough questions about it.
Long story short, I'm moving icons across the stage.
Thumbnails, that is
I have a varying number of them, based on the gallery the user has chosen
So I have it working pretty much, that the icons scroll
based on the mouse position
the distance between the center and the mouse determines the speed
I'm ranting
i didn't see a question in there
@Moshe response on your Q on meta.SO for clarification?
@MarkE - So right now my icons stop at center stage
I want to offset that
@drachenstern - You for or against?
3:51 AM
1 hour later…
4:56 AM
Am I barking up the wrong tree, or is absolute row ordering by date near impossible with MySQL
Best I have come up with is Epoch microseconds in BIGINT
ORDER BY on DATETIME doesn't seem to distinguish the order of rows whose INSERT time was within a second of eachother.
If you want to order by INSERT time, use an autoincrement and order by that guaranteed unique identifier.
@DanGrossman - I have sworn against auto_increment ... it is evil.

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