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Q: Remind new users to choose some answers?

MosheI've seen some new users lately with very low rep that are asking away and not selecting answers. This hurts them and others. It hurts them because they don't gain the rep of having selected an answer, and it hurts others because they don't award rep where it is deserved. Also, it clutters SE wi...

New users make be bug out.
It'd fine to be a noob, we all were.
Some of them develop bad habits though.
Also, there are way to many account that look like this and have no questions:
Anything that can be done?
@Moshe, cull, cull, cull :)
@Moshe, actually, I seem to recall there is some kind of auto-cull, can't remember where I read that though - it's mega-tolerant though, something like a year later with no repeat visits.
No there are some year old 1 rep zombies there. Even one with a profile pic and URL.
7:16 AM
Culling is the process of removing animals from a group based on specific criteria. This is done in order to either reinforce certain desirable characteristics or to remove certain undesirable characteristics from the group. For livestock and wildlife, the process of culling usually implies the killing of animals with undesirable characteristics. Origin of the term The word comes from the Latin colligere, which means collect. The term can be applied broadly to mean sorting a collection into two groups: one that will be kept and one that will be rejected. The cull is the set of items rejec...
Posted by Jeff Atwood on February 15th, 2009

Let’s talk about deletion.

Not question deletion, which works this way, for the record. The deletion I want to talk about today is account deletion.

Stack Overflow is a bit unusual in that our accounts are ultra lightweight. We don’t require registration; we allow essentially anonymous posting. We were inspired by Wikipedia in this regard. We wanted to reduce the friction of asking and answering to little more than entering an anonymous comment on a blog. For example, we often don’t even have an email address for our users. And we’re fine with that. I can’t think of very many sites with as loose a definition of account as Stack Overflow. …

I honestly haven't looked to see if that is still active
@MarcGravell, thanks, I couldn't remember whether I'd read it on the blog or on meta. Whatever, the long tail is still very long :)
And what about my other point, in the question?
Q: Remind new users to choose some answers?

MosheI've seen some new users lately with very low rep that are asking away and not selecting answers. This hurts them and others. It hurts them because they don't gain the rep of having selected an answer, and it hurts others because they don't award rep where it is deserved. Also, it clutters SE wi...

looks like it's not true though:
@Moshe, I'd say rather than fiddling with the appearance of the tick, maybe there could be a callout when you vote up an answer on your first question -> "If this is the answer, you can mark it as such by clicking here"
The subsequently maybe nags on the Ask a question page: "People aren't going to be motivated to answer your questions if you never mark answers"
@Benjol - that is another approach that can work.
Remember, this is only until users are more experienced/balanced.
7:22 AM
Having said that, I wouldn't push too hard, because otherwise you have people accepting answers "randomly" just to fiddle their stats
Again, just for the first X questions and only if you have less than Y accept rate between 5 and X questions. (Under about 5 a single question makes too much of an impact on the accept rate.)
updating my answer to reflect this discussion
@MarcGravell, re your comment, see mine ;)
Does anyone really understand how the system determines who gets the taxonomist badge? Does it keep track of the actual creator, or is it some other algorithm?
7:52 AM
@LanceRoberts, Not me, in any case :)
Hmmm... they pushed out their implementation of the new homepage algo already, hmmm?
Not bad, these questions do look pretty interesting to me
Seen this?
Q: Help us choose a sort order for the Stack Overflow homepage

wafflesA overwhelming amount of feedback for Help us redesign the Stack Overflow homepage was: "Keep the way the front page looks, just tweak the question order" Interesting algorithms were suggested by Kip and radp, but there was no real playground to experiment. Enter Home Page MiniCollider™ Questi...

@Benjol Yeah, but I didn't know they'll be pushing it out this quickly. That question was like, what, 4 days ago?
2 actually. Didn't expect them to move this quickly on a site that has such large amount off traffic
8:03 AM
Getting more question answered more quickly is top priority :)
@YiJiang, do you get the empty notification if you try the /update command?
It tells me that there's an error even though I've managed to update
@YiJiang, yeah, but the exception has no message - makes debugging a bit difficult. I'm considering just wrapping the update code in a try with empty catch. Which is pretty much the equivalent of VBs 'On error resume next'. Not pretty...
@Benjol Lemme see the code?
    try {
        window.location = "http://github.com/rchern/StackExchangeScripts/raw/master/SEChatModifications.user.js";
    } catch(e) { } //do nothing, swallow 'Unknown exception 0x805e000a'
   return CommandState.SucceededDoClear;
Okay, two Google hits suggests a problem with Adblock Plus
I'm going to say that swallowing it would be the best solution here
Maybe drop in a if(console) console.log(e), but it's pretty unlikely that a call to window.location would generate any errors anyway
8:19 AM
@YiJiang I don't have adblock, but if you're ok with swallowing it, so am I, we'll be two on the wheel of blame :)
Help, I did a git merge upstream, but my origin/master is pointing at my last commit, not rchern's merge :(
@YiJiang, pull request posted :)
8:41 AM
SPAM, please flag it.
Q: BTBNT supply Louis Vuitton Genuine Leather Handbags On Sale 95771 Green

user501628Louis Vuitton Genuine Leather Handbags On Sale 95771 Green Louis Vuitton Bag is made of original edition, with all correct markings in every details and 100% mirror image.AAA+ Quality. Made by 100% Sheepskin. Gold bronze hardware with right marks. Stamped serial number inside . 100% Silver I...

@LanceRoberts, too late :)
I hope it was deleted by spam flags, so that it's really deleted.
I think it was deleted by account nuking
8:58 AM
struggling: close or edit?
Q: how know what methods an oject has

sdfdfssdfsdfsdfhow know what methods an oject has for exmp oXMLHttpRequest?

then maybe close.
I edited it.
Hehe... it only took so long
Q: Default sort order for main page on SO is completely broken/wrong

leppieThe times are all over the place. Moderation tools for django apps ? 4m ago Using fixed text together with <%# when databinding in Asp.NET doesn't work 2m ago Looking for alternative PHP fgetcsv() function to handlle textfiles 2m ago How do i process date and time on sql and php 1m ago To ...

@radp, that's a joke right? why would you want to edit it before closing?
@radp Can't bother editing, especially for someone who can't even bother giving himself a proper display name (asdf, ha!)
9:07 AM
@Benjol Because you don't get to say what gets closed and what doesn't
but you get to say what gets edited and what doesn't!
@YiJiang Hey, he actually bothered changing his display name from user20931301284917
@radp As if the result of repeatedly banging on the first three letters of the keyboard is any better! :P
Why would you close a perfectly fine novice question like that?
@LanceRoberts, for not even bothering to type properly? :)
He could be foreign or he could be unlearned.
@LanceRoberts Admittedly, I've seen worse, but in its original form it's pretty bad
9:13 AM
Yeh, it was real bad.
And even if the question is asked in its current state, I'm 99% sure it's a dupe
You're probably right about that.
If there's something I don't like about the new interesting tab, its that the same question keeps popping up at the top
But all the closers chose 'Not a Real Question'.
The good thing about the old view is that new question will constantly be moving down
@LanceRoberts First person chose that, everybody else does too
I'll see if I can find the dupe
9:14 AM
My questions are moving, just slowly, which is good I think
@LanceRoberts But there's one question that has occupied my second place for nearly 45 mins now
@YiJiang Wow, that's pretty bad.
BREAKING NEWS: A poorly phrased question is a question nonetheless
@radp I've just found a bunch of similar questions, at least some of which can be dupes
Dupes are a completely different topic.
> Your search query dir contains characters which need to be escaped. See this FAQ for more information.
WTF, Mozilla?
9:22 AM
@LanceRoberts Now that question, after getting another upvote, just climbed to the top again
@radp Where did that come from? Bugzilla?
It doesn't help Google sucks when looking for JS doc.
@radp No, not the method in object one, the one I was talking to @LanceRoberts about
This question, strangely enough
Q: jQuery - select invisible text overlaid on image, ala GMail PDF viewer

StackOverflowNewbieI'm overlaying invisible text on top of an image. Is there a jQuery plugin (or similar) that will allow users to select an area on the image (which also selects the overlaid text) and be able to copy the content. Right now, I have placed each character in its own <span /> tag. Problem is w...

You're a jQuery magnet.
@radp https://developer.mozilla.org/index.php?title=Special%3ASearch&search=I+think+this+is+a+bug&language=en&fulltext=Search
@LanceRoberts It matched [Javascript] and [jQuery], and the system probably matches [jQuery-*] too, so it'll probably stay there for a long long time
4 hours later…
1:41 PM
my crappy rendition of the SO logo in minecraft... not obvious eh? i guess the background interferes at the top..
ohhhh riiiiiight i saw that instantly
your sarcasm is not amusing... )=)
that smiley works both ways
ambidextrous smilies are not amusing ):
1:55 PM
@rchern how about you start playing Minecraft?
Why would I do that?
2:08 PM
I was thinking about giving it a shot soon, actually.
Hrm, the fact that the sun has found a way to slip through the tiny crack in my blinds and shine directly into my eyes is not cool.
@rchern Because it's awesome?
@rchern (Points to my multi-directional :| displayed up there)
at the risk of creating an endless loop...
@YiJiang |:
2:16 PM
@rchern (Points to my multi-directional :| displayed up there. Again.)
No. Enough.
@Fosco \o/ They're synchronised!
29 mins ago, by rchern
2:20 PM
...So our project management software apparently thinks it's Amazon
"We have an update that you might be interested in:"
The update being that I was assigned to the task..
@TimStone I'm sorry (no particular reason.)
You better be!
Okay, I've got an idea...
Is it a good idea?
2:24 PM
Also, Github is silly. I can't send a pull request because it says that it's up to date, but that's such a blatant lie.
Ladies and gentlemen... I present to you....
in Sandbox, 31 secs ago, by Yi Jiang
9 secs ago, by Yi Jiang
11 secs ago, by Yi Jiang
8 secs ago, by Yi Jiang
11 secs ago, by Yi Jiang
8 secs ago, by Yi Jiang
7 secs ago, by Yi Jiang
15 secs ago, by Yi Jiang
13 secs ago, by Yi Jiang
10 secs ago, by Yi Jiang
The Oy Pyramid!
Luckily I have more stuff to add anyway, so I guess I'll send the pull request after that.
@TimStone The answer was no. ):
2 mins ago, by Tim Stone
Is it a good idea?
@rchern Ah, beat me to it ;)
2:28 PM
@YiJiang I think that is the reason why @balpha won't implement the "only star the original message" [feature-req]
Why did we let Yi Jiang learn how to use the advanced chat functions? Why, oy, god, why?
We'll have to write a Yi Jiang behaviour suppression userscript too.
@PopularDemand I remember a while back during the beta Jeff invited me to break chat in creative ways.
@YiJiang I promise you that that was a limited-duration offer.
2:32 PM
yeah, now there's a cash bounty for breaking it. try harder Yi!
Slow SO day again? The top 18 frontpage answers have at most one answer. The top ten have none.
@TimStone Your problem, as it so often is, is that you're using windows.
@PopularDemand Ah, how could I be so blind?
Probably because of the sun shining in my eyes, but beside that.
@YiJiang Make no mistake: taking away your copy of Photoshop is next on the list.
Hm, after every defrag comes the option to "View Report"... I never know what to look for in the report.
@PopularDemand Look for the stuff that didn't get defragged
2:46 PM
Hm, apparently Thunderbird doesn't want to let me dismiss the notifications of my upcoming conference call.
another star hat-trick for you, @PopularDemand
@Fosco Woo hoo!
Okay, now that I look at the list...
Are we still starring rchern's "oy" messages? Really?
Pretty soon we're going to be starring "are we still starring oy messages?" messages... then "are we really starring messages about starring oy messages?" messages....
Hm. Do you not get warned of new answers if your cursor isn't in the "compose new answers" field?
I just posted what I thought was a first answer to what ended up being a very saturated question.
@PopularDemand The answer is "Yes we are \o/ (: !"
3:01 PM
@YiJiang "rchern: the bobama of MSO chat"
arrives at work and peeks in.
I see y'all have been talking about me o:
@PopularDemand Shouldn't that be "amabo"?
@rchern Just because of Yi Jiang's message.
@YiJiang Not unless her real last name is ffonrehC.
@PopularDemand that was me, sorry :)
3:07 PM
@PopularDemand I don't get it. |:
Obama's Yes we can? :P
Or I'll assume that's where he was going with it, heh.
I still can't believe I got 65 rep on WA just for this:
A: How do I download a TED video?

Yi JiangTED videos can be downloaded directly from their website: You can also get it through their RSS feed if you want.

Oh WA... shakes head
10 of them are from me. You're welcome. (;
3:09 PM
Not that it's really any more ridiculous than the stuff that gets upvoted on SO :P
This is so freakin' easy... (feels like abandoning SO for WA just because I'm such a rep whore)
@YiJiang Why bother when MSO is right here?
Your CV is complete, filed, and fully searchable by employers.
@YiJiang go for it!
@PopularDemand By golly you're right! So much unearned rep floating right in front of me! I think I'm going to faint!
3:12 PM
@rchern Mine's totally better! ;)
(except almost guaranteedly not)
What a coincidence though, heheh.
(goes off to do a Photoshop of Jon Skeet, unicorns and waffles, then wait for Friday)
I haven't looked at it at all, just saw the tweet and it caught my eye.
@rchern Hey, you don't, by any chance, have any invitations to Forrst, do you?
Staff Pick: a totally rad nickname autocomplete jQuery plugin by @dougneiner - http://forr.st/~5ox - so good we'll likely use it on v3.
@YiJiang, wanna know when I first heard about Forrst?
3:16 PM
makes mental note to be much more polite and stop making "oy" and "):" jokes if it's true
@rchern Lemmee guess... that tweet
answer: about 5 minutes ago.
What is it?
Hah ;)
It's apparently an obscurely drawn tree..
@TimStone It's a gated community of graphics designers, actually
3:59 PM
@YiJiang, @rchern, any chance you randomly know where the code is for the fading background for answers you link to is?
Hmm, haven't looked for it.
looks like it is on the page itself, not in the external js
It is line 42 in several of the questions/answers I've tried.
how perfect that it is line 42 (;
Hi, does anyone know what HI JOEEE means? google.com/…
@Moak Never heard of it.
@rchern Oh, nice. Guess I should have, ya know, looked. Thanks ;)
4:14 PM
@Moak According to this it refers to a user there
@MichaelMrozek can't get in but ok, I guess that makes sense, cheers
Aw, we can't onebox future xkcds? Lame. @balpha, feature request!
Oct 23 at 20:39, by balpha
@PopularDemand Closing this as a dupe of the feature request you will make on June 7, 2012
4:27 PM
@balpha Now, I would have truly been impressed if, on October 23, you had cited this message.
Oct 23 at 20:26, by balpha
2 mins ago, by balpha
Oct 23 at 20:39, by balpha
@PopularDemand Closing this as a dupe of the feature request you will make on June 7, 2012
@balpha Nice try.
4:41 PM
Q: Configuring W3C's Unicorn to use a proxy server

user502128I've been trying to setup W3C Unicorn on Ubuntu 10 using Tomcat6 but running into a few problems with proxy servers. I've got Unicorn configured (via tomcat) to use a proxy server using java's -Dhttp.proxyHost and -Dhttp.proxyPort. This works fine and Unicorn is able to download the files it nee...

Posted solely because it says "Unicorn." I haven't even read the question.
5:11 PM
No response for Unicorn? I'm shocked!
Shocked, I tell you.
I'm in an epic battle with jQuery ;)
@TimStone Are unicorns involved?
@PopularDemand No, I suspect that's why it's not working
@TimStone Hm, it's odd that jQuery wouldn't just magically work. Have you tried $.fixJquery?
@PopularDemand It turns out that I needed to write the $.fixTim plugin.
Since it was totally my fault for providing jQuery with the incorrect sacrifice.
5:16 PM
@TimStone Wow, that's a pretty major undertaking. Good luck!
Thanks, hahah.
5:35 PM
@rchern You've got a new pull request for later. :) I actually "fixed" something that @YiJiang ended up fixing himself, but oh well. :P Keyboard navigation fix is still on the todo list, so I might have another pull request sometime tonight. Figured I should do some actual work now, though, heh.
6:05 PM
Hm. Three edits to a question, all within the threshold. All with different edit summaries. The second one seems to have stuck.
Aaand no-repro. Maybe I mistakenly failed to add a summary the third time. Don't mind me....
@PopularDemand I never do.
@Fosco Took you three minutes to come up with that?
@PopularDemand I wasn't at my desk.
@Fosco Suuuuure.
6:32 PM
Are we still starring oy messages?
lol 2 instant stars for you!
We're starring messages about starring oy messages too?
The illegitimate stars kind of ruin it a bit
my job is to ruin it...
6:46 PM
7:38 PM
damn we're boring today.
@Fosco Yep.
Apparently, you could pronounce my user name... meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/69839/…
@rchern will now be known as Becky
@rchern Actually, apparently he couldn't.
I suppose I meant, "apparently, for entertainment value, you could ..."
7:59 PM
@rchern What happened to "I say what I mean and I mean what I say"?
user image
kitten doesn't want his face reversed.
I'm going to start threatening people with "you don't want me to have @rchern reverse your face, do you?"
8:26 PM
8:53 PM
@PopularDemand I did. You just misunderstood. So I clarified. Yup, that's what happened!
@balpha My cat makes that face sometimes. My cat doesn't look like that though. (;
@MichaelMrozek oy
9:17 PM
Really interesting messages should be posted to the website to draw in more users to our tavern
/me snickers evilly -- to draw them into our trap
aka, the advertisements
then someone might see my messages
@altCognito For all we know they are and we've just never said anything of interest in here
So true.
Maybe if I formed it in the shape of a top ten list
"The Top Ten list of Things I've Said That Nobody Is Interested In"
9:49 PM
@TimStone What was that bug you found which I had fixed?
@YiJiang Just the changed sstatic URL
10:18 PM
Hey everyone... I have been and will probably continue to be absent for a while because things with work are getting crazy. No time to chat :-(
Sadly, no time for XMPP either. I try to keep it running but it looks like it crashed earlier today or maybe yesterday
@TheUnhandledException Sorry to hear that, hope things level off soon!
If anyone is actually usinnng it and it crashes just send an XMPP message to JID: josh@smart-safe-secure.com
@TimStone Thanks. Maybe January. We're determined to catch up to those other guys and that means a heavy workload just became an insane workload :-)
@TheUnhandledException Best of luck! Let me know when you're freed up again, as I'd like to see what I can do to help with XMPP (once I have some free time myself, heh :P)
Will do @Tim! Email me directly and I'll create a Trac and subversion username and pass for ya. I am determined to find some time to code XMPP write support someday :-)
Good stuff :)
10:22 PM
iPad speaking here :]
Can anyone explain how it is possible to loose 20rep by exceeding the daily limit and receiving a couple upvotes without downvotes?
@Harmen You "lose" any and all rep you gain from upvotes that's past the daily limit.
What's that good for? It cant be anti-spam...
Or is it to avoid addiction :p
@Harmen For one, it helps to prevent people going from 1 rep to 3k rep because of one really popular question.
A: Does a Rep Cap discourage participation?

Jeff AtwoodSee Podcast #72 The daily reputation cap is partly there to encourage programmers to take a break. The goal isn’t to be on Stack Overflow, but to generally do things that make you a better programmer. While that certainly includes the fractional time slices of questions and answers that progr...

10:32 PM
Hm, ok, I think it was a good idea to set a limit. To prevent people from getting locked in a clinic as being help-addicted ;)
Ok, it's quite hard to type fast on an iPad, so, bye
@Harmen Heh, at least you have an iPad. See you.
Anyone use NetBeans?
@TheUnhandledException I haven't recently, but I might be able to proxy a question to someone else who does for you.
@TimStone For the first time in... ever? I am using it to edit a plan HTML page and it highlights misspellings. But offers no corrections :-)
I assumed right-clicking would offer spelling corrections but no dice
Not important though, just was curious if anyone knew
I fixed the misspelling using Google :-D
Heh, the person I asked isn't sure either, sorry. :P
10:43 PM
LOL, no problem. Thanks :-)
What really gets me is I saw the menu popup once, then couldn't make it do it again, LOL
I don't need it, it's just like Damnit I know it should be working!
Hopefully the spell checker in NetBeans is less retarded than the one in Eclipse.
Apparently my name is a spelling mistake.
@TimStone So far, it's not looking like it ;-)
@TimStone HAHA
No "Add to dictionary"?
There is, but. :P
10:47 PM
Are you using some kind of bizarre alternate Unicode "T"?
Kinda the principle of the thing huh? :-)
@PopularDemand He's using the unicode "Tim" character
@TimStone No Tim, but they do have "Tom"! Have you considered a name change?
Seems to be the way to go, hahah :P
I wonder what "Ignore 'Tim' during the current session" would do. Probably just freeze your computer.
10:49 PM
@PopularDemand I should, just to really mess with it.
I know, no work would get done. It'd be a tragedy.
@PopularDemand LOL.
He has to get a coworker to come over... "Uh, tom, can you help me. I told my computer to ignore me and now I can't restart it..."
Hah :P
That was odd, my office net connection just died. Maybe that's a sign I should go home for the day :-)
@TheUnhandledException Perhaps, perhaps.
@TheUnhandledException It's protecting itself from whatever Tim has.
11:00 PM
Eclipse rejects me because I'm diseased? :P
@TimStone I... I'm sorry, I just... none of us wanted to be the one to break the news.
@PopularDemand Oh....Well. I see.
11:21 PM
Wow that sure killed the conversation @PopularDemand, nothing like talking about how the members of the room are diseased to shut us all up... :-)
@TheUnhandledException You're welcome. No need to thank me for taking that conversational bullet for everyone.
Everyone was deeply saddened by my plight. I naturally appreciate the support.
@TimStone I must say, it's good to see that your keyboard is still accepting input from you.
Of course @Tim, we're all with you!
Even if I'm not sure what sed disease is, lol
Is "Josh" in Eclipse's dictionary @Tim? If so, you know it's really not a bad name, you should consider switching... :-)
11:25 PM
Time to hit the road.
See you all later.
@PopularDemand I had to fight it, I admit...but I'm still able to get out the occasional character
See ya.
Later @PopularDemand, have a good night
@TheUnhandledException Hah, apparently not. We're both invalidly named.
@TimStone LOL. I'm glad I use NetBeans then :-)
Apparently it considers no name to be valid.
11:27 PM
except "Tom"
Unless your name happens to also be a normal word.
A tom is a turkey or a tomcat though too, heh. :P
@TimStone Good point
Likewise it accepts "Max", heh, though not his last name.
I'll bet it accepts the developer's names ;-)
I googled but couldn't easily find their names
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