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4:00 PM
@Shog9 Which ones? I added old Gmail account to Area51, and this triggered something.
Or maybe it was the moderator initiated thing, after yesterday's meta post about me?
Frankly, I don't care either way: if they get merged, so be it. More rep for me.
@JanDvorak It was something super douchey, like "10 minutes and 5 close votes. Check and mate!"
Oh. That wasn't nice.
The ones with that email address. No rep; just dups. @raff
4:03 PM
Then let's not merge.
I should not have linked that Gmail on area51
@Shog9 Has the number of times you've had to explain revenge down-votes decreased yet?
@InfiniteRecursion Those building are the same ones :) Just in evening.
the head is here! all praise the head (and remember him @Benny alluded to a Twilight Sparkle hat for this year bash)
@Rafflesiaarnoldii rejected for now. If you don't want them merged, remove the shared email - otherwise, it'll eventually trigger a merge.
Also note that that's the only valid email on your account, which usually isn't a great idea
@JasonC ^^^ this is all the support I'm doing this week. Unless you count cranberry sauce.
Which I do.
4:10 PM
ships Shog 100 cans of cranberry sauce - Get to work!
I know @nicael, but blue is so much better. The Duck is also the same, just in the rain with some overhead clouds.
look at ani, he is cat-less :(
remove @JasonC's oneboxing privilege...the gifs hurt our eyes
They've got it worse in the den.
If you want I could animate that last one with a rainbow palette cycle.
Jason is stalking you, Shog! He has a picture of the back of your house!
4:15 PM
The wall is the height of rudeness in a conversation Jason. Have patience.
It's not just me, there's a whole crowd of us out here.
Results take time to be visible and conclusive after any change. It's too early to conclude anything from the change.
I think you misunderstood the graphic; I was referring to shog's stonewall response.
That's exactly what I inferred from the picture.
4:21 PM
I have a day completely to myself with no one around. Ah, it's been a while.
Go answer this if you are bored :P
Q: Equivalent of "Excuse me" for "you're not in my way"?

user1748258Is there a quick phrase, like "excuse me", that means "You're not in my way; please don't change this fact"?

user image
I propose this
Steady as she goes
4:37 PM
I just ran into some lady standing outside the store holding a stroller with her kid in it and begging for change. My immediate thought was "come on, really?"
Then I questioned my reaction, then I turned around and looked and realized it was a fake baby, and stopped questioning my reaction.
This is why legit beggars don't get my change.
Hello Meta.
Q: What is the benefit of reputation on a meta site? How and where is it getting counted?
Meta sites don't have reputation. Except for MSE
So UpVotes/DownVotes on questions there don't mean anything?
4:43 PM
And on MSE it works the same way as everywhere else.
@Farhan not in terms of reputation, no.
@Farhan The rep displayed for you on a meta site is your main site rep. Upvotes/downvotes on metas are generally taken to mean "I agree / I disagree" or "I like this / I don't like this". They don't affect reputation though.
This in addition to the normal reasons for votes. Bad questions still get downvoted. Good ones upvoted
Well they don't affect reputation points, I suppose they still affect personal reputation to some.
Got it. Thanks guys.
I always love it when I get answers quickly.
4:46 PM
And the best place to get answers quickly is a chat room full of bored, grumpy people looking for an excuse to change the subject.
can someone please bin those?^^
we aren't so bored yet
@JasonC At least you have people. Some places in the world are deserted.
@InfiniteRecursion Pictures can be posted, pings can happen. This is how the chat rooms you choose to be in work.
4:53 PM
Which pings are you referring to @JasonC? If Haney acted on those pings, it's again a matter between SE and myself. Noses should be kept out of other people's business. I have had enough discussion about "pings", please.
... huh?
grabs popcorn
also grabs popcorn
Are you guys watching the latest lpapp debate?
Nov 11 at 19:49, by Haney
I'm not defending anybody. I'm enforcing the rules of Stack Exchange which include no harassment.
^next time please read that before you educate me about chatrooms
4:57 PM
No I'm just grabbing some popcorn to watch the show while InfiniteRecursion writhes around for a while in a conversation alone.
@InfiniteRecursion <3 ur new pic!
Thanks @cVplZ
@animuson where can we view?
Q: Failed audit - why is this a good question?

Moshe KatzI had a review audit on this question, and I said it should be closed because it is primarily opinion-based. The system said that I failed the audit because the question is actually high quality. How can a question that basically says "why don't people implement x" not be opinion-based? How is...

grabs more popcorn
Jeez. grabs a popcorn refill
5:01 PM
@animuson yay, he's back!
grabs more popcorn
Oh, oh, oh, it's magic!
I will never understand the people who randomly protect questions just because they can...
If we add "It is my opinion that..." to the start of every paragraph in each answer, then at least we can give it fact-based answers.
Should your common sense be pardoned? Not sure what he got suspended for, but it's been 5 months already. Maybe a pardon in time for the holidays?
No please
@cVplZ That's not gonna happen. He got a lot of chances because of his reputation. And to be fair, this is his second 1-year suspension.
You could probably search MSE and find a bunch of posts mentioning him being rude.
5:11 PM
ok :) I would like to see a pardon though for someone who the higher ups think has been/could be rehabilitated.
Hey, how do you guys feel about that IEDC support thing? Do you think it could bring in some interesting questions and answerers?
@cVplZ search for "Col. Shrapnel" as well
Looong history
IEDC @JasonC?
Rude hardly describes it, they were literally abusive @cVplZ. I have seen and flagged them, so I don't think he should be pardoned.
Also, lol @animuson's "closure kingdom"
5:15 PM
Two of those reopen votes came from the review queues, from users who likely just saw upvotes and text and went "ooooo Reopen!"
One of them is being... investigated...
@JasonC Ah gone :/
someone should suspend this animu ... ah, he's here ... nevermind.
but his cats are missing :(
@Kendra: some of my important and upvoted comments were removed because I criticized an IMHO moderator abuse in here. For me, this is the end of the discussion in here. — lpapp 1 min ago
it's over
@Bart I wonder what word in there triggered the insta-flag-delete.
5:21 PM
@animuson "despotic"
Oh, he used the word "shitload" I see...
@cVplZ anything after <3 doesn't arrive in the red notification
@cVplZ <3 :D
^check if it's an empty notification
@animuson whatever it was, it wasn't valuable enough to keep around
All the notifications I get with a <3 are truncated..
I like how he claims some of his "comments" in plural were removed, when it was just one. He's really good at exaggerating.
Important comments, even.
5:27 PM
> important and upvoted comments
Upvoted comments on Meta don't really mean much. Anyone can get a comment upvote on Meta. That's like being excited because you have grass.
@Rafflesiaarnoldii Yeah, that one didn't go too well...
Not that type of grass. For those of you with naughty minds.
@Inf you look weird.
Thanks @Frank
5:29 PM
yup, np
How's u?
Happy. How's u?
@InfiniteRecursion good
@animuson If there's no grass, play hockey?
Your closure kingdom is only #13.
5:32 PM
Does that count deleted posts, though?
Nice truck, I saw the picture @Frank. Finally you puchased it :)
@InfiniteRecursion I already clicked the notification , so won't receive message notification , maybe you can try later when I'm not on
I often nuke questions when I close them.
@InfiniteRecursion thanks
@JasonC Cool!
Check when the others send you hearts @cVplZ, all get truncated
5:33 PM
@JasonC What does the query return exactly?
@ProgramFOX Number of posts closed by that user (not including deleted, working on that now)
@JasonC Oh, cool!
My close votes tab says I've cast 6,936 close votes in my time.
@JasonC I don't think the query works correctly with the current format of votes. It shows nothing for me, and I closed thousands of questions.
@JasonC ? not understanding exactly... rene has better query probably
5:35 PM
@JasonC Do you have to be the last close voter?
It's not close votes.
I think his query looks at closure notices and finds which ones have your name in them.
It's posts closed, e.g. animuson here: stackoverflow.com/questions/13120669/…
@JasonC Isn't that the same as being the last close voter?
(not in case of mods of course)
@ProgramFOX No, like when a mod walks in and closes a post. I don't really know how it works on the mod side.
5:37 PM
@JasonC There are many non-mods on that list and they cannot insta-close a post, unless you are the 5th voter.
We close the post like any other user. Ours is just binding.
Then maybe it is last close voter.
I think that counts when just last vote, not necessarily 5th ^
@Rafflesiaarnoldii You haven't changed your name for some time.
5:38 PM
It's not the last close voter.
Neither have you @cVplZ.
Actually now I'm a little confused. So in e.g. cvPlz's query it, as expected, shows all the posts I was the last cv on.
But if I look at my query (PostHistory, where PostHistoryTypeId = 10), it's all the sort of "unilateral" pre-vote actions that I took. Like my dupe hammers.
@JasonC yea it is , look at animuson's data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/query/202555/…
Here are the recent closures in the PostHistory table‌​. Note that UsedId is usually -1. Voters are listed separately, in a format that's next to impossible to parse with SQL.
@cVplZ No I mean mine is not the last close voter.
5:40 PM
I don't think your query works @JasonC. I was the last close voter on at least one PPCG post but it doesn't show me in the PPCG list.
Mine is, for reasons I don't comprehend, posts that were closed by a binding vote.
but animuson, only 1583?
@ProgramFOX No, mine is not the last close voter.
Mine was intended to show binding votes, and it does, but I don't actually know why it does.
@JasonC But... non-mods cannot cast binding votes.
@ProgramFOX Dupehammer
5:41 PM
@ProgramFOX Sure they can, like when I use my gold badge to dupe hammer a question.
oh right
I want a query hat shows me which posts I cast the first cv on.
I was looking for binding votes in that query and it worked as intended. I think. I'm just intrigued now to learn that PostHistory seems to show the binding votes only.
@Frank You can probably modify cvplz's to do that.
@JasonC It shows all votes, in the Text column. (And the binding dupehammer is annotated there).
5:45 PM
The stupid sede graph is crushing my browser again.
Q: Ability to disable SEDE plot for a query link, before the query is run

Jason CThe Problem This request is to address Data Explorer page keeps freezing Chrome and Firefox. There is an issue now where large queries that result in complex plots can bring the browser to a grinding halt when plotting the query, thus leaving the query unviewable and uneditable - even for queri...

^ Shameless plug
Highest mod with most binding close votes I've found so far is Robert Harvey with 5270 Shog, bluefeet, animuson, Flexo are in the 1000's
@JasonC There's a checkbox "Text-only results".
I only cast 61 cvs on GL.
@Rafflesiaarnoldii Yeah I had to rebuild my query. Text-only results not always sufficient, see description.
@cVplZ: because they nuke the posts. Deleted posts don't reflect on SEDE
5:48 PM
50 of them were 1st cvs
@InfiniteRecursion oh right
If anyone is interested, Amazon currently has Watch_Dogs PS4 or Xbox One for $29.99 on Lightning Deal.
@JasonC i don't think this could be right data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/query/250867/… , community has to have tens of thousands of deleted posts not just 500
@cVplZ Wait how did you get that query
I copy + pasted it into a new window instead of forking it, I thought
oh, just saw it in recent tab
5:53 PM
Anyways that one's not ready for public consumption, I'm looking into that now.
Oh lol
I was actually confused why Community was in the list. Afaik the Community user doesn't close questions? How has it closed almost 300,000?
@cVplZ You get only those that were subsequently undeleted; this is why they are in SEDE.
Everyone is busy with SEDE, trying to find your closure kingdom @animuson, they aren't interested.
@animuson If there is no binding vote, UserId is set to -1. The voters are listed in the Text column.
I'm getting things that don't make sense.
5:54 PM
Ah, that actually makes sense now that I think about how they're displayed in the timeline.
Why is stackoverflow.com/questions/7825753/… in the above query?
Ohhhhh is it because the answer was deleted then undeleted by animuson (who also wrote it)?
^ yes, that
I don't think questions that are currently in a deleted state show up in PostHistory.
They are not in SEDE at all, including PostHistory
So the deleted thing isn't possible, the best I can do is add deleted then undeleted questions to the count.
5:56 PM
That's me. Even back in the day, I was doing things just to throw you off my trail way in the future. Take that!
That's actually my conspiracy theory about stonehenge and the pyramids too. They served no purpose other than to troll people a few thousand years later.
That's what I would have done at least.
So yeah that query's the best you get. You're the 13th most despotic close monarch, @animuson. Shape up or ship out.
Not even a bronze.
No, I'm sure they were trolling people at the time too. That's the mark of a really successful troll: it keeps working long after the intended audience is dead.
Indeed, ancient troll heroes.
"Hey guys! You really wanna mess with people? Let's build a pyramid!"
If all the moderators ever get together, we are so gonna build a human pyramid. You all will suffer!
Archaeologists recently uncover 4500 year old stone in pyramids with the inscription, "PWNED"
6:04 PM
@InfiniteRecursion Got your message.. Thanks :)
Reference to Hitler dated 12000BC discovered as earliest known occurrence of Godwin's Law.
@cVplZ data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/query/250867/… excludes answers, shows as much as possible in database.
And I like this cute bird, too :) @InfiniteRecursion see you tomorrow. :) night..
@ProgramFOX hiya
6:16 PM
@SilentKiller Hiya!
6:18 PM
@ProgramFOX hey fox!!
Everybody saying hi to me, while I was already here for a hour...
6:20 PM
@ProgramFOX <sub>hey</sub>
@JasonC -1 shouting
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: SEVEN - NINE= EIGHT by satwik satapathy on math.stackexchange.com
@ProgramFOX me entered just a several min ago ;)
@SilentKiller Message fixed ;)
@SmokeDetector Your - Math = Wrong
6:21 PM
@SmokeDetector Er, is that kind of stuff OK at math?
"Somebody asked me to solve a questionably math-related puzzle. Solve it for me now thanks."
6:34 PM
@mikeyjk: except that your question is not on topic on Stack Overflow and should be burnt. — lpapp 30 mins ago
Not vindictive at all, is he? :D
@JasonC According to some, it is. Not according to me.
@Bart don't use words I have to google first... TIL
You're welcome @rene
Thanks @MysticMagic :)
@rene wraakzuchtig
6:38 PM
@Bart I might us it as my win-word in the Den....
@ProgramFOX Tnx
@rene "Vindictive"'s got nothing on "boobs" and "farts".
Ooh, the mod who deleted those comments might have revealed a bug :)
@JasonC those make me wraakzuchtig...
well... not sure about the boobs...
ping @rene!
waiting for cv queue stuff in so-close-vote-reviewers room
\o/ 98 on photosythesis test
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: SEVEN - NINE= EIGHT by satwik satapathy on math.stackexchange.com
Congratulations, you're now officially a plant @bjb568
And yay! Thanksgiving. Oh FSM, now have to endure relatives.
7:27 PM
I earned an Announcer badge on MSE? Interesting...
I think the slowing down part is the line: n = targetDataLine.read(tempBuffer, 0, tempBuffer.length); Java isn't quite good and fast at getting data from the system. I guess because of the virtual machine architecture. — AliceInChains 8 mins ago
@Rafflesiaarnoldii I gotta say, though, that Haskell answer is kinda cool.
7:51 PM
@TGMCians sure... we have started...
Q: Expand reputation change event when clicking date, not just arrow

MoosemanSteps to reproduce: Open the reputation on a profile (Such as mine) Click on the date next to the arrow. The details aren't expanded, even though the td. If you click the arrow, the details are toggled as expected. I think the click function should be bound to the parent td rather than the ar...

@Mooseman Is that more of a ?
@JasonC I don't think so, seeing as "the td has cursor:pointer."
@Mooseman Ah, I see the cursor:pointer edit. Your first revision missed that.
7:56 PM
@JasonC Correct
I think the whole site should have cursor:pointer just to drive everybody mad.
Or progress, lol.
Anything the spec gives us. let the evil laughs commence (The spec includes a demo, if you scroll down)
Q: Expand reputation change event when clicking date, not just arrow

MoosemanSteps to reproduce: Open the reputation on a profile (Such as mine) Click on the date next to the arrow. The details aren't expanded, even though the td has cursor:pointer. If you click the arrow, the details are toggled as expected. I think the click function should be bound to the parent td...

I just noticed that super-compiler question had a whole bunch of review audits on it and a further look reveals a lot of people clicking No Action Needed almost exclusively in review.
@bjb568 Me thinks it's even more random than this tavern
I guess it's not obviously bad @animuson
@Bart I'm just commenting on how it accumulated a bunch of really bad reviewers. Every single one of these people ended up automatically review banned by the system at some point after "passing" that audit.
Hah, okay
8:30 PM
Maybe it would be good to move it to programmers?
This guy - ugh - his reviews are just... Wtf...
Heh, if most people that fail that audit don't end up review banned later, they could just leave it and pre-emptively review ban everybody that passes it.
hmm good night!!
Good night
Good night
8:39 PM
@Mooseman Btw, started to think that my answer is... simply unneeded. I'll delete it.
@nicael Up to you :)
Q: Recent deleted answer doesn't show up in my profile

reneYesterday I deleted this perfect answer because we wanted to shut-up a bot. That plan worked. What I find strange is that in my profile/recently delete answers the link to that answer is not present. Should I blame caching or is there another reason that the deleted answer didn't make it ont...

Are you sure it's not 60 days old?
@ShadowWizard please make sure I'm not losing more rep due to me having to ask stupid questions on MSE....
@Rafflesiaarnoldii yep, 100%
8:41 PM
spam at -2
@Rafflesiaarnoldii unless they use a 6-8 calendar....
@rene 60 days past September 11 (when you posted it) is around November 11...
It's November 25 now.
60 days is for the creationdae of the post
not the actual creationdate in the posthistory of the delete event?
@Undo Should SmokeDetector also check for email in the title? (There are ready-made regexes for that). Missed title: "BUY TOP QUALITY NOVELTY PASSPORTS, DRIVER LICENCE, IDS, (kimdouglasNNN@gmail.com)"
@rene It's from the creation of the post, not from its deletion.
8:44 PM
Which is why it's "recent deleted answers" and not "recently deleted answers".
Just went from -4 to -5. Accepting last flags!
@Rafflesiaarnoldii I got it ....
Documented here: "currently limited to those posted in the past 60 days.". I proposed to extend it to all answers once upon a time...
By the way, this ^ is an "experiment" running for year and a half by now...
8:49 PM
@Rafflesiaarnoldii it was an experiment in the "if this causes problems, we'll pull it" kind of sense. since it didn't all that much, we left it in.
@JanDvorak nope, perfectly fine. exactly what meta's for :)
I was hoping for "if it works well in limited form, we'll extend it" @AnnaLear
@JanDvorak that's the same link as your "too promotional?"
not sure if intentional trolling ;)
@JanDvorak Can be easily edited into shape.
@Rafflesiaarnoldii What is the actual question there? What I see is a rant.
@JanDvorak Yeah, SU! You all should be ashamed of yourselves for screwing this up!
Changing the default spacing in Word, I suppose. My edit was blocked by another suggested edit.
OK... the first sentence can be parsed as a question... assuming "2003" is a style (umm...)
It's really not hard to edit that one...
Let's linespace like it's 2003! ... no, doesn't flow.
8:57 PM
It contains two sentences. Both end in question marks. The second is unanswerable. Therefore, question is the first. The end.
Not that it's not a crappy question.
@JanDvorak No, he means that he want to use the normal.dot from Office 2003 to be the default in his current office 2013 normal.dotx
Yeah, subpar question but calling it offensive is a hell of a stretch here.
uhhhh... can you edit that in @rene?
What where who how?
8:59 PM
Would VLQ have been appropriate?

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