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12:01 AM
@Jeremy: Close enough. :P
Isn't "Free T-Shirt" the 5000 rep perk?
Oh wait, that's "edit tag wikis".
I just realized all of the perks for gaining rep come in the form of "more types of free work you can do for us."
frowny face
@mootinator Keep that quiet
12:44 AM
Hey @JeremyBanks! What a coincidence, I just entered here too.
@mootinator As long as the free work gives the possibility to achieve more rep, people wouldn't mind either way. ;p
@TimStone Hey Tim, what's Josh been up to? Haven't seen him in a while.
I'm holding down the fort all by myself. :-(
1:12 AM
@StevenJeuris From the sound of it he's been fairly ill lately, with work to boot. Think he's on the rebound now, though.
@TimStone Good to hear.
2 hours later…
3:31 AM
pokes the tavern with a stick.
:o!!! You stole Rebecca's stick!
Speaking of people named Rebecca.
It's Friday.
Just throwing that out there.
@Martin Not a clue
@animuson o:
3:43 AM
goto o;
Q: -moz-linear-gradient not working on IE

bb2I'm using gradient as a background: -moz-linear-gradient(center bottom , #E8E8E8 0%, #F2F2F1 50%) repeat scroll 0 0 #F5F5F4; This is not showing in IE, I haven't found links or anything about what I need to do if the browser is IE. Any ideas on how to handle this?

Apparently opting for short values for vendor prefixes was a mistake.
CSS4 should demand all prefixes are named -only-works-in-<browser>
@TimStone dx-filter-moz-webkit-competible-experimental-gradient
3:45 AM
@TimStone If you honestly think that would have helped, I admire your optimism and wish to sell you insurance
@YiJiangsProble_ +1 for competible
@TimStone -like-ie-moz-6.02
@Shog9 I'm tired and have resorted to drinking, so I'm willing to believe I live in a fantasy world where I'm not bitter for knowing better.
@Shog9 Why would an optimist need insurance?
Whtt's your drink of choice, @tim? Getting bored with beer and scotch.
3:49 AM
Your next step has to be bourbon.
@mootinator In an ideal world, I would remember the synonym for "believer in human decency" I was looking for
Then you can write a song about how you can't afford your rent but you want one of each.
@mootinator dammit, I'm out
I have canadian whiskey, but no bourbon
@mootinator Everybody funny. Now you funny too
@Shog9 I thought the word for that was just "sucker".
@mootinator That sounds unnecessarily mean
3:51 AM
@Shog9 Tonight I've gone with the extremely boring Blue Moon Winter Abbey Ale, which I refer to as my soda of beers. When it's not beer, I'm a Jack and Coke kind of guy, for various substitutions of Jack.
I may have some gin left. Bad gin. But still gin.
@mootinator BRILLIANT!
(since Adam isn't here)
Also: I miss Wave
goes to look for gin
All I have right now is half a bottle of The Kraken spiced rum.
Q: Should JQueryMobile apps have a php extension

VaironIn my job I have been ordered to make a dynamic application.Also, that all the pages should have a .php extension rather than a .html extension. I could strongly agree the php files will be needed for dynamic related subjects, but I just don't know why is a php file needed ? Security? it's going...

ok! 6oz gin, 6oz ginger ale - that oughta finish off the night nicely
3:54 AM
Sounds like fun.
Am I causing depression and a general lack of faith in humanity by posting these questions here?
Yes. I hate you.
(but not, because we must unite against bad HTML for Great Justice)
@YiJiangsProble_ YES! (see comment)
@Shog9 go write a blog post draft! (:
3:59 AM
Good thing WordPress doesn't put a Publish button next to anything else
notice that I did say draft
you could start in google docs q:
@Shog9 [Make Coffee] [Publish Blog Post] [Destroy the Earth]
or Markdown Pad or w/e
I'm not the only one who has a blog which consists mainly of drafts?
@YiJiangsProble_ Don't forget the "Publish links to Tim's Gaming.SE answers so he can finally move up in the contest ranks" button.
4:01 AM
listening to NCAA on the radio because too lazy to get up and change station
4:20 AM
Reading about the Gimlli Glider on Wikipedia because I forgot what I was actually looking for.
11 hours later…
3:01 PM
waves Hi all!
3:25 PM
yesterday, by balpha
First we should agree on a date and time for writing an agenda for a meeting to talk about considering discussing the procedure by which discussions occur.
agree on date and time -> write agenda -> talk about considering -> discuss discussions -> proper discussions
Still a long way to go! :)
No ... I don't find it that hard to discuss this topic at all. :)
4:04 PM
For those who don't get the 'meta layers' theory: "First we should agree on a date and time for writing an agenda for a meeting to talk about considering discussing the need to consider discussing the procedure by which discussions occur." Hopefully you do believe that just sounds silly. :) But it's the same concept.
If Meta Meta belongs on Meta, don't push it aside as if it does not.
Otherwise you can infinitely add new 'meta layers' and you eliminate the possibility of having this discussion at all.
... bottomline, we shouldn't be discussing 'considering discussing the procedure', we should be 'discussing the procedure by which discussions occur'.
But, I'll still gladly hear the date for that proposal, and find out how we will be able to attract other people to participate in that discussion.
5 hours later…
9:37 PM
I don't care about how much rep I have any more, but I am curious how it's calculated. If you look at my profile, you'll see that two days ago I got 206 rep in total. For one answer I got 14 upvotes and 121 rep. How is this possible at all?
I'd expect that since I had one expected answer that day, I'd cap at 215 (not 206), and for that 14-upvote question I'd get 135 rep (not 121).
Before, if the rep score looked strange, I'd just do a recalc and everything would be clear. But now it should always be precise and the recalc button does nothing.
2 hours later…
11:36 PM
@Szabolcs: You should have. If there's no hidden events that only you can see, try filing a bug report. The devs can figure it out (or explain it to you if there's nothing wrong).

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