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6:00 PM
Are deleted questions ever bumped, from the perspective of users who can see them?
Hmm... they're probably not listed so that's not a meaningful question.
uh, right
@JeremyBanks Well, inadvertently by the realtime updates (for the moment)
@TimStone Ah, interesting.
why does the moderator not have diamond on chat?
6:06 PM
@moguzalp @balpha hates diamonds. He'd rather be blue
Never liked Eiffel (as a programming language)
It seems everybody is equal here as nobody has no diamond :)
@mootinator What about Eiffel? (as in tower)
@Shog9 So...you really had that link easily accessible, huh?
6:08 PM
Of course everyone is equal here. Some of us are just more equal*
@moguzalp And I am the most equal of all!
@jadarnel27 If I don't link to it often enough, @RebeccaChernoff gets sad
Haha, fair enough.
You moderator guys, is it possible you share your screen shot of SO screen
I wonder what it looks like?
@StevenJeuris Never been there.
6:09 PM
@moguzalp We see all the really good questions
@mootinator Do you like stairs? If you do you should really go there!
@StevenJeuris Stairs are considered romantic, I hear.
a lot of control buttons everywhere, ban this guy, delete this post, "destroy the world" :)
@moguzalp It looks pretty much exactly like yours.
@mootinator Yeah, ... take the stairway to heaven for example.
6:10 PM
Except they have a link to the mod tools.
"god tools" :)
@TheUnicornWhisperer I'd imagine it has a lot more incoming 'blame the mods' comments though.
@Shog9 Can you see draft questions?
6:29 PM
@Shog9 I hate you ):
How do I get this timeline thingy to work on questions?
@jadarnel27 SEE! I haven't been linking to it enough! HER FURY WILL DESTROY US ALL!
"/questions/xxxx/timeline" doesn't seem to work
@moguzalp No
@StevenJeuris /posts/
6:31 PM
@JeremyBanks Thanks!
I won't be able to read your comments this evening. Perhaps tonight when I get home. (hopefully a bit drunk)
Unless you are nearly finished?
Ah mockups! good idea, SE loves those!
So what does it represent?
Low-granularity voting is fine for Stack Overflow proper, but for meta where we're having long discussions people need to express approval or disapproval in a much more nuanced way, and the current voting system doesn't do a very good job.
People are forced to express it in comments, which is incredibly inefficient and not obvious to somebody glancing over the thread.
I appreciate the technical and UX issues in doing something like this, but I really feel like this is one of the larger problems contributing to the "mob-like" mentality, to whatever extent it exists.
6:34 PM
Additionally, might I add that that post as far as I know is becoming one of the posts with the most positive outcome to 'the bigger picture'. It could end up being allowed to be interpreted of being proof we should be discussing this here.
It may or may not be worth the cost to implement, but consider the idea, folks.
If you want to add extra argumentations to the cause, that might be a good place to add them. I don't mind one bit. I will roll back if I don't agree with the edits.
@JeremyBanks I still don't fully understand what the colors mean. Care to expand a bit on that?
@StevenJeuris Displaying the actual vote counts beside paragraphs (at least by default) would be way too much noise. Orange = neutral, red = downvoted, green = upvoted.
I'm not sure how best to normalize/scale the values, I just generated random ones there.
@JeremyBanks Oh! So you can vote per paragraph? That would be pretty neat! Unfortunately not many people structure their text in clear separated paragraphs.
6:40 PM
What I currently have in mind is that you hover the right hand column beside a paragraph and you would have paragraph-specific voting controls.
@StevenJeuris Yeah, I know... paragraphs aren't optimal, but they're the only remotely-practical choice that occurs to me.
From a developers viewpoint, I feel this suggestion would be easier to implement than my pro/contra suggestion. That's a pro argument! :)
Contra would be you still have only one comment thread to discuss all those issues, as you have raised is a problem: chat.meta.stackoverflow.com/transcript/message/896101#896101
In general I find it a really great idea, and it's these kinds of discussions we should be able to be having without people constantly intervening they don't want change.
@StevenJeuris I will post this there later.
Why does SO use the IP for gravatar(in the absence of an email address), instead of say the user ID? This has almost no upsides, and serious privacy concerns, since the IPv4 space is easily brute-forcible.
@JeremyBanks Hmmm, I want to keep a clear separation between 'the problem', and 'the solution'.
Voting is difficult enough, adding both a problem and a solution makes this even more so.
The granularity concept might be a good thing to go into detail there, yes.
6:46 PM
@StevenJeuris Sure. You meant into your "Question" post?
I can't immediately recall whether I mentioned something of the like.
Complications: what do you do when a post is edited? Urg.
The post which is attracting up votes. If you edit it it gets bumped, and it has a chance of receiving even more up votes. That's what's been happening the last few times it got bumped.
@JeremyBanks What do you mean?
6:49 PM
If votes are per-paragraph, the paragraphs might change when the post is edited.
Maintaining the vote association might be impossible.
@JeremyBanks Simple solution, when a post is edited I would clear all votes on the edited paragraph.
And as to address the commenting issue I believe I might have an idea.
Just as referring to previous posts in chat works. We could use a similar system for paragraphs. You refer to a paragraph, clicking it takes you to it.
Then I no longer have to constantly quote myself, which is something which I have been doing a lot lately. :)
... Either way, if you end up posting something on Meta, and it gets down voted to shreds. Just come back here. I really feel that might be the most valuable feedback we have gotten from Meta.
Even better, link to here.
I'm leaving now. Talk to you later!
I'll be sure to make a post or edit later, I also am busy now. Bye!
7:23 PM
...what's the "A" stand for again?
Does editing community wiki answers bump the question?
Strange. I've edited an old CW answer of mine 15 mins ago, and it hasn't been bumped.
On meta?
@RebeccaChernoff JINX!
7:34 PM
She beat you by a second, I'm afraid. NINJA!
on meta
@TimStone But I said jinx first. Which means @Rebecca can't talk again until her name is said 3 times.
@CodeInChaos link to post please?
A: Is Gravatar a privacy risk?

CodeInChaosOne problem with gravatar isn't solved by blocking the server. The website you use publishes the hash of your email address. At minimum this makes it possible to find other websites where you used the same email address. Looking at the Jan 2011 SE data dump: 105k unique gravatar hashes 10k ar...

7:36 PM
...n/m >_<
@jadarnel27: Into the bathroom mirror with the lights off?
be slower (:
@jadarnel27 I was declaring shenanigans on your jinx due to the one second difference in your messages.
@animuson I think we're merging urban legends with silly games now =)
@TimStone But my jinx was shenanigans. You can't call shenanigans on shenanigans.
I've confused myself.
yeah, our question list page is having a bit of an issue...you're caught in the crosshairs of the bug
7:38 PM
Does chat make a sound for normal messages? Can I just not hear it? Because my silly IDM pops up a "Download this audio" for normal messages as well as the @-notify messages. :|
Quickly, strafe to the left to avoid the bug's aim!
and bug is fixed.
@Rebecca: That was too fast, be slower (:
we'd been looking at it for a bit before I saw your post. (:
@Rebecca: I'm still waiting for my t-shirt :x
I check my mail every day and it's just never there :o
7:44 PM
erm, huh?
Did you follow the link and read the comment?
I did. Just confused how I'm involved. If you're asking me why you've not received a shirt that I've sent, well, it's because I haven't mailed one.
Who is responsible for sending the t-shirt? :P
tim post obviously
Woah woah woah, don't go dragging me into this.
7:51 PM
Nah, I already bugged him about that once before... He declared shenanigans...
sorry mixed up the names
Hahaha xD
Oh, poor Tim
@animuson He's known for that. Declaring shenanigans, that is.
all tims look the same to me :P
Whoa whoa whoa.
We won't have talk like that in this tavern! =P
7:54 PM
Comments don't bump questions do they?
that would be correct
@animuson I've always been tempted to reply to I'm not getting my free Beer Stein, am I? by pointing out that I did.
@Popular: Why, hello. I'm currently busy reviewing posts again.
Those steins are clearly not big enough to hold Jon Skeet's upvotes....
The important thing is that it is big enough to hold all the other SE swag I've accumulated over the years.
8:03 PM
I have a meta sticker somewhere...
I put the StackOverflow sticker on my car and it completely washed off. Now there is nothing but a white square!
8:55 PM
Not only is this sort of interesting, +1 for the title alone:
Q: mystical flag with unusual properties

Ben LeeSorry, if these questions are really basic, but I never really flagged anything until a few months ago, and I've still submitted less than a dozen flags. And I've just looked at my flagging summary for the first time. At the very bottom of my flagging summary I see this (as the last item): I h...

9:06 PM
Well...that was a little harsh @animuson =)
@jadarnel27: Why is it? It's a silly question.
You think any SE dev is actually going to go check if he, himself actually submitted the flag? They'll probably just mark it [status-bydesign] and be done with it. xP
@animuson I suppose. I did not know that flags were not dismissed as helpful or not helpful in January of last year.
I guess that's why I thought it was interesting.
@animuson Ha, you're probably right.
They didn't start doing that until mid-year last year.
My first flag which is actually marked helpful is from September 1st, 2011.
@animuson Ah. That's about when I started posting on Stack Overflow haha
I joined SO when I was still pretty much a noob, so I never used it xP
9:13 PM
Well, July now that I actually check it. But my first flag ever is from September, so that's probably why I was unaware =)
I didn't start getting active until spring-ish of 2011
I should find some questions to answer, I'm getting close to the 10k mark xP
Nice. I should be there in 1.5 years =P
I actually think I might pass my SO rep on MSO before reaching 10k
Lol my stats... Visited SO 507 days with 9417 rep, visited MSO 140 days with 7464 rep
@animuson Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahaha. "Pass." I remember when my non-MSO rep wasn't a speck in the ol' rearview mirror. Also, see this old question.
@Popular: I do spend plenty of time on SO, you just can't view all my hidden stats publicly xP
9:50 PM
sometimes my times is in my shoes. other times a wallaby christmas show. times is times no?
@JeremyBanks Someone put a dot between your uppercase and lowercase O's.
I have greasy hair.
@mootinator: Frogs don't have hair, just grease.
I have greasy head slime.
Allow me to be offtopic for a second.
10:00 PM
@mootinator Gross.
We have a topic?
The only thing more depressing than Canadian politics is US politics.
No, we have things that are generally avoided though ;)
@jadarnel27 You forgot the dot between your lowercase and uppercase O's...
10:02 PM
@animuson WINNER!
@animuson toooo.OOOOOOOOPIC
Better? =)
Much better :)
It looks more like Justin Bieber now.
@mootinator I agree though. There are probably very few things more depressing than U.S. politics.
@jadarnel27 Where did that come from? What does that even mean?
I don't follow politics, unless I happen to watch The Daily Show when I'm bored late at night
10:04 PM
Ok. I'm allowed to leave work now. Peace gentlemen!
:o Today is National Panic Day
Everyone get their panic buttons!!!
10:19 PM
I'm glad Battle Royale is coming out on Blu-Ray, I've been wanting to see that again, but am too lazy/cheap to import stuff.
Awww damn I got printer ink all over my hand
My hand is blue!!!
I guess @Shog9 is asleep at the wheel.
4 hours ago, by Shog9
10:46 PM
Happy Hour is coming!
I need a beverage
opens a Guinness... and then drinks it
Hey! You still have 5 minutes to wait Mr!
@animuson No, but I don't serve any of y'all until I do
@Shog9: It's cool, I don't drink anyways :P
10:59 PM
...more for me...
@Shog9: Are you in charge of t-shirt sending by chance? xP
@animuson ah... Tim should really know that I don't get ping'd when I'm not in a conversation :-p
More importantly do I get free swag to give away if I arrange another successful meetup this year? :P
I need to pick a less sketchy location this year if I do this.
@mootinator I'm not sure exactly how we're doing that this year, but AFAIK it'll be announced fairly shortly.
@Shog9 So does that mean you are in charge of that?
11:11 PM
@animuson No, not usually. Just funny that Tim thought I was
Ya'll need to have a lil' meeting and decide who is in charge of the epic t-shirt department. :P
I like that it was moved to Saturday. Probably harder to get all these young hipsters to come out though, what with their independent music concerts being on Saturday and whatnot.
It's a logical conclusion. Since you're a bodiless head, you're most likely to be in charge of t-shirts since you gain nothing by stealing inventory.
And yet, I've stolen soo much inventory
I've got a shirt, a beer stein, a coffee mug, a sharpie, a water bottle, bunch of stickers, a pen...
Clearly you guys are too generous.
11:23 PM
mmm... Still need to get me that stein
I've gotten a few Stack Overflow stickers :P
I want my t-shirt!
I require a mug.
Ok, give me all your money @mootinator
Actually, I don't need a mug.
The code smell would drive me nuts.
mug.fill('coffee'); really? A magic string?
Nononon it's mug.fill('milk');
11:28 PM
It should be mug.fill(Drinks.BEER);
@PopularDemand Tell me why would Stack Exchange use their API in order to get list of questions, for example, if they could call a function for it ?
Why would you want to write two APIs?
@Shog9 might know answer to my question
@mootinator hmm. There was no API when they were starting
@mootinator Look. There are two categories. Stack Exchange (which has all function needed) and Stack Exchange API. They're currently using API just to call function declared in Stack Exchange API?
11:39 PM
That's...not how it works. Also, as Kevin's mentioned somewhere, being a consumer of your own API helps you make sure that you're designing it effectively.
@TimStone I've apparently missed his post. Good point
11:55 PM
@animuson You haven't actually been promised a shirt by an SE staff member yet, have you?
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