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12:56 AM
@Rob Thanks. I'll keep that in mind. I saw the post about that tables were now possible, so my first thought was. Lets convert 4 pages of post data to a table. Pain in the arse manually.
4:55 AM
@Catija we could chat about possible attribution-FAQs in The Sphinx's Lair later, but I'm sleepy and about to sign off for the night. (You can also talk to the other people in there if y' want)
2 hours later…
7:03 AM
/ \
7:18 AM
David going out of your way I see ;)
19 messages moved to Chimney
8:22 AM
Get all that milk out of the black gold :(
I don't think that's petroleum.
@VLAZ that's last centurys black gold ;)
In that case, I don't think it's eyeshadow either.
I see, turns out this song is about chocolate!
9:06 AM
Whisper of the Heart
not a surprise, those kind of decorations are quite common in Japan, so expect a lot of anime characters.
Such a waste of time/money/resources XD one sip or stir and the thing is gone anyways.
9:35 AM
@Tinkeringbell I think I can get you covered on this... give me a sec....
If you like sushi, this one will last you forever.
@Tinkeringbell would it be worthwile tagging this for review? meta.stackexchange.com/questions/367993/…
@Luuklag probably, yeah
@SPArcheon that is somewhat disturbing to see someone organize single grains with a tweezer ...
9:51 AM
@rene I assume you do realize that is a model kit... How would go at it otherwise? It is not like you can use your hands to make a rice ball when the pieces have to be glued togheter....
but if you prefer, you could go for some noodles?
@SPArcheon I do realize that. I find it still disturbing.
@SPArcheon :D
I think I find the noodles more disturbing.
at least you don't have to glue every single noodle string together.
Maybe something prebuilt would be better for you?
What about...
Looks awesome.
10:30 AM
@SPArcheon is that... a scrollbar on the title overlay???
@MetaAndrewT. I don't see any
@MetaAndrewT. yes, the ob-youtube-title class has overflow-y: hidden; but no rule for the X overflow.
So with long titles... it put scroll bar.
Looks like SE bug, not YouTube.
But with the current state of onebox I won't bother posting bug report, I'm afraid touching its code will be the killing blow. lol
Huh, weird. When viewing in mobile device (even full site) or mobile theme of chat, it's fine, no scroll bar.
Only full site in desktop machine.
10:47 AM
this requires scientific methodology.
does this totally random long title video reproduce the same issue @ShadowWizardWearingMaskV2?
No scrollbars for me. On desktop, full site. Firefox 90 on Windows 10.
2 hours later…
12:22 PM
@Tinkeringbell No! The point is, it lives inside of you ;)
Hmm... I don't know if I want that living inside of me though :P
1:07 PM
@curious So do tapeworms
Can someone please tell this user that edits like this are discouraged, even if accepted by the post owner? meta.stackexchange.com/review/suggested-edits/78982
Adding HTML comments to circumvent the character requirement? >:(
@JourneymanGeek oh yikes lol... '^^
@Spevacus Its a fairly old thing, and ehhhh
@JourneymanGeek I saw a video of proboscis worms recently and it's the stuff of nightmares. I can't get it out of my head
It would be too much even as a fictive critter in movies
1:21 PM
@JourneymanGeek yeah especially because of that. What is the point in editing such stuff that is ages old, only to add 1 letter and some random crap to circumvent system restrictions
@Luuklag Cause it bothered him :D
I know the feeling though I'd probably find someone else to do the edit :D
I made a comment to the question, and rolled it back, and then did an edit myself :)
@cigien my apologies. I forgot that people can always ask about their own questions on meta, so I've edited my comment here to reflect that... No clue why that happened, I'm usually the one reminding others of that possibility XD
1:43 PM
Hmmm I ran into an orange bar notification to load new answers on GD.SE... the color looks really off but it's my first time seeing it. Is it typically orange on MSE?
Nope. I've never seen that notification before, not up there at least.
Delete: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/368030/… @rene @Mithical @ShadowWizard? Rubbish, IMO.
@curious pretty sure it's been orange everywhere I've seen it
@Mithical I was wondering if it may have been something that remained from the "orange incident"
It's been orange for notices like "this question has been locked - yadaydadayada".
ok, not a new thing then. thanks!
the link to "load new answers" is really low contrast! It sort of seem unintentional
1:52 PM
You can report that, I guess, but I've never seen that particular banner before, on any site. It's always the gray bar with "1 new answer to this question".
@Ollie blame stacks I guess ;)
@Ollie oh but it's gray for you normally? I thought it was orange everywhere
@curious Not up there. The gray banner below the question and above the answers. You've not seen it before?
@Ollie oh yes, this one I've seen
I thought you meant you had a similar top bar but it was grey
2:12 PM
@Tinkeringbell Oh, that's interesting. It can be posted, but needs a link to a main question. Thanks for editing the comment. Though it appears MSE is fine with the question so far anyway.
Yeah, seems like it will stay.
My first declined flag on MSE D:
'Twas fair though. User did, indeed, not have the rep required to post on MSO.
User can be suspended for star-ing excessive messages?
Sure, if the behavior is disruptive, you can get suspended. "Excessive" sounds disruptive.
A mod will probably ask you to knock it off before doing anything, though. Unless it's super excessive.
2:21 PM
@Spevacus Mod can see who starred a message?
@Tinkeringbell what if it's the mod's messages being starred? ;)
@Ollie You'd still be disruptive and making it personal :P
@Wolgwang I don't think so. But if they could, it'd probably be a secret - and for good reason.
@Wolgwang No, not automatically I think... The only automatic thing is that you can run out of stars for the day, just like votes, IIRC.
In any case, any moderator or room owner can clear stars, and users have a limited number of stars per day, so star spam is easy enough to counter.
2:24 PM
RO can clear stars by moving the messages?
@Mithical and people can be kickbanned ofcourse
@Wolgwang No, by clicking the "clear stars" button.
O_O I didn't know
Thanks :-)
Hi! @Slate
2:29 PM
How's it goin'
*waves* mornin'
@Slate hello! Forgot to throw you a welcome post the other day, sorry :D
Oh y'know. It's... goin'.
Send coffee pls.
sdc coffee Spevacus
@Ollie brews a cup of Mocha for @Spevacus
2:30 PM
thank yee kindly
@Ollie How could you forget... I am mortally wounded ;)
clicks all simultaneously
@Mithical 'lo!
@Feeds They closed the roads here a little while ago because they were clearing a minefield...
(The highway goes right through a minefield. They were clearing further around it.)
@Slate And behold!
2:32 PM
@Slate been a little busy, sorry ;)
user image
@Feeds There you go.
I'd like to proceed now then...
Minesweeper captchas: for all the linear systems of equations computers can't solve.
It is a known fact that the objective is to find the Dodoco.
@Slate Please, solve this Go game to continue.
2:49 PM
user image
@Slate pretty sure it had black sails for the Minotaur tribute and all.
@Slate Captchas with philosophical dilemmas would be so much fun
@Slate This is amazing!
@user Or just game theory. Present two buttons to click. If everybody clicks the same button, everybody is allowed in. Otherwise, they have to repeat the challenge.
@Ollie Huh, for real? I'll have to look into it some, I don't actually know the myth very well...
@Randal'Thor I don't know whether it's possible, but I kinda wonder whether we could take into account the URL of the page someone was trying to get to and serve different text depending on it - so, for example, if someone's followed a URL to a deleted question, maybe we could display something that recognizes "It looks like the question you found was deleted, if you can't find another similar one, consider asking the question yourself" or something... I don't know all of the reasons people end up on 404s but it'd be interesting to get some JIT help there. — Catija ♦ 21 mins ago
@Catija I'm pretty sure this already exists
you get either a "this was deleted for moderation reasons" page or "the owner decided to remove this post"
2:58 PM
But that doesn't actually help anyone.
As long as it doesn't have links to teams for trying to visit pages unrelaed to teams
@Slate The myth is that he Theseus was offered as a tribute to the king Minos. Where the whole Minotaur thing happened. He then returned to his father Aegus, however forgot to put down the black sails (they were sign of the Minos tributary ships) and Aegus seeing it from afar thought Theseus had died and threw himself in the sea. Supposedly, that's why it's called "the Aegian sea".
@Catija Right.... but it does mean it should be technically possible, since it's already implemented in some form.
Ah, I see what you're saying.
I thought you meant we were already giving guidance. :)
3:15 PM
@Slate I don 't even frequent the Philosophy site but... this should be re posted on their chat.
@VLAZ Oh, huh. That's one hell of a mistake, but it makes sense. Thanks for the summary, at some point I should really get better acquainted with Greek history, just hasn't been a very high priority so far for me
@SPArcheon I'll repost it, lol
"put up white sails if you live" "ok" *proceeds to not*
Philippe Beaudette on July 29, 2021
Here’s a brief recap of what we accomplished in Q2, along with details on our Q3 plans.
No major initiatives in Q3! :D
> This will likely form the corpus of a “moderator emeritus” program, one which will allow communities to recognize and honor those who have served as moderators, while also giving them a consistent and recognizable stable of mentors for new mods and new users. We will recognize these emeritus moderators with some icon similar to the diamond that mods wear today.
oooh, that sounds interesting
@Mithical Oh, right, I disabled images for the SO blog. So the blank spaces are probably images without alt text.
3:46 PM
> They will also retain access to a more limited set of the moderator tools, to allow them to surge in and support existing moderators if needed, but also allow them a graceful transition out of the role.
I am quite interested in what the plans for this are.
4:00 PM
:: waves ::
@Mithical - sorry about the alt text. I'll get that fixed.
(thumbsup) Saw your comment. Thanks!
and @Catija even did her job right and warned me first.
4:04 PM
I'm about to sign off for Saturday, but good to know that constantly beating the same drum will get some attention ;P
...would this be a good time to plug this feature request
@Mithical There's a whole post asking for pet peeves out there ;)
I know, but I answered it already :p
@Mithical No one seems to care about that, I see a lot of people having more than 1 answer ;)
Little do they know, I can count to two.
And if I'm plugging that on that post, I'd have to plug this at the same time... it's a rabbit hole!
4:07 PM
But three? I know there's at least one user that wrote 3 answers... I think they're all in the top 4 there now :P
Last time I checked, 3>2, and since i stop at 2..... :P
Yeah, it's hard to figure out sometimes. I can say I can count to 10, but that doesn't rule out I can also count to twenty :)
I can't get to 20. Run out of fingers, and not coordinated enough to involve toes
That's why I use hairs instead of fingers. Works for me :D
Yeah, but that's at best a temporary solution for me.
4:09 PM
What if you're bald?
There's the issue
@Ollie That's the joke? :P
There's always quipu's, I guess...
Problems, problems...
@Ollie you count baldly
omg. Journey.
4:11 PM
Terrible pun.
He's done worse, but I'm glad to finally see someone address the problem :)
This might actually require pulling out my modtools and trying them out. That was truly terrible.
Not sure there's any other sort
4:13 PM
Slate did one in staff chat today that had my trigger finger twitching too
@Philippe ah uh. I have a bit of a reputation for that 😁
@JourneymanGeek terrible puns?
@Ollie uh huh?
?huh uh
?huh uh Ollie@
4:17 PM
@Philippe Yep, he is evil. Robin said that too before.
(and after this one, I think that the prize is once again mine)
‬‮‮‮‮‮‮‮‮‮‮‮‮‮‮‮‮‮‭‬‭‭‬ ‭‮‬‬ ‬‮‮‮‮‮‮‮‮‮‮‮‮‮‮‮‮‮‭‬‭‭‬ ‭‮‬‬ ‬‮‮‮‮‮‮‮‮‮‮‮‮‮‮‮‮‮@JourneymanGeek, have you been pinged?‭‬
OK, im gonna go find food. I'll be back by later for the traditional post-roadmap-blog-post stoning. :)
Post-roadmap-blog-post stoning?
4:21 PM
Looking at all the answers to his newest meta question and throwing stones at the ones he doesn’t like?
@Ollie yup
@Philippe tbh that mostly happens when we needed to post the meta post 😁
Now we just throw lumps of cardboard, not stones.
At least cardboard is biodegradable.
But you have to cut down trees, which store Co2
Surely that's more efficient than wasting precious rocks, which aren't biodegradable... ;)
4:36 PM
Our job postings say "Employees will never be poked with a sharp stick" so I think stones are fair game
@Slate But rocks are more difficult to break by throwing at stuff, therefore they can also be re-used more times. I might have to ask this on sustainability SE though 🤔
Pointy rocks on a stick :)
@Slate we can reuse them ,😁
@KylePollard Hey, wait a minute, my job listing didn't say that... do I need to start watching my back for wayward sticks?
Unlike slightly rotten produce
@Slate pretty sure it should have
4:39 PM
@JourneymanGeek I find the omission frankly ominous.
It's tradition and if it is lacking someone needs to have a word
@Slate neither did @Catija's, I think you need to bring it up with @Philippe 👀
@JourneymanGeek that needs a full stop right at the end for more emphasis ;)
@Slate it's been there over the last decade 😁
@Slate Hmmm, someone named Slate, promoting the value of rocks...seems like a hidden agenda 🤔
4:39 PM
@Ollie or a tm
@KylePollard totally sure cat and Cesar had that.
Can't remember the last two or the current ones
If you're talking about the not being poked with sharp sticks bit, I can absolutely attest that my JD did not include it.
Have any of y'all been poked with a stick (sharp or not), regardless of JD?
@Catija ...so, be honest, Catija, and -- don't mind this voice recorder here on the table, trust me, it's off. Have you been poked with a sharp stick yet?
No, but I was almost in the same room with all of the CMs and a bunch of axes... but that got cancelled... for... uh... probably valid reasons.
hiding sharp stick below the table using bubblegum to stick it
@KylePollard <sarcasm> 1. Get your friend to poke you with a sharp stick 2. Sue SE 3. Profit </sarcasm>
I'm protected from sharp sticks via the Canadian border, unless someone wants to send another remote Canadian stacker at me
Ask, and ye shall receive.
I thought y'all were opening the border soon-ish?
@KylePollard Bad news for you, then...
Which reminds me, for entirely non-sharp-stick-related reasons, that I need to renew my passport...
4:45 PM
@Catija oO
My MiL is bound and determined to get out of the country this year and she lives in Ohio... so she's just waiting for those travel bans to be dissolved... though, apparently the US can go to the UK now without a quarantine, so that's good.
painting sharp stick in blue and throwing one on @Ollie
@KylePollard I'm imagining it's a legal requirement. We'd need some more elaborate wording, like... I don't know, Stack Exchange, Inc. maintains its employees' health and safety, including but not limited to avoiding exposing employees to sticks, esp. sharpened. However, by submitting this job application, you release Stack Exchange from all liability for sharp-stick-related injuries occurring in the workplace.
@Catija we are supposed to be opening up September
@ShadowWizardWearingMaskV2 savage!
4:46 PM
@Ollie thanks!
@Slate do stakes count as sticks?
@Slate So what you're saying is that you need more JDs writing JDs.
@Slate lol
I really enjoy having more CM's in here
Two instead of one? You've doubled the fun!
Oh, I guess I've seen Rosie and Philippe in here, too... so four!
Wait isn't @Kyle a CM? :D
4:48 PM
@bobble "Are stakes sticks?" is a question for the courts, not for me.
No, he's more important than us. He can actually build stuff.
@ShadowWizardWearingMaskV2 Nope, developer on Public Platform 👋
@Catija *break stuff
Fix them, too.
@ShadowWizardWearingMaskV2 they're called features these days ;)
4:49 PM
@Catija And create more ;)
@Tinkeringbell lol
Creating bugs is fine, as long as you fix them!
Hey, the more I break, the more MSE users get reputation
... not to mention you, when you answer the bug reports.
@KylePollard Yeah, you're messing up the whole privilege system there. When will you fix that? :P
Sticks and Stones do break our bones and hearts
4:50 PM
@Catija well Dean fixed some recent bugs, question is did he also create them? ;)
With that I hope everyone has a nice weekend.
Speak for yourself ;)
passes Kyle 5$ As we agreed... I'll report it in a couple days so as to not seem suspicious...
@Spevacus confess!
@KylePollard Reputation farming? On my precious Stack Exchange? Well I never.
4:51 PM
@Rosie You too, and ehmmm... get some calcium for those bones, they seem quite fragile ;)
@Spevacus sure he didn't mean 5 bitcoins? :P
@ShadowWizardWearingMaskV2 If that's the case we might need to renegotiate.
@KylePollard your top tag is , not !
@Spevacus you have secret stash, we all know it :D
Then it's no longer secret...
4:52 PM
I didn't.
@Ollie what's my top tag?
Pulled that out of my hat. It's actually [waffles].
4:53 PM
Hello again @Philippe.
@Ollie Shadow is actually the 2nd top asker in that tag, funnily enough
@Catija "He's more important than us". <---- speak for yourself :P
I mean, he is. But still.
I had to come in because I got pinged that people were being poked with sharp sticks and I have a very serious rule about that.
"Nobody gets poked with a sharp stick unless Philippe goes first."
(on the poking side. Not the poke-ee)
"Pin the sharp stick on the CM" should be an internal party game :P
4:55 PM
We call it "all hands"
But it's the same deal
4:56 PM
Pay no attention to what is being said< Slate
It's obviously not at ALLLLLL true. <HUSH YOU GUYS>
stares at own shadow
I didn’t think shadows could have shadows...
4:59 PM
@Philippe Look I can forgive one or two collaborative stick injuries, but if it happens a third time, no promises. I just might... snap... the stick.
Shadows cast shadows? Someone should've told me that last time I looked into shadowcasting...
@EkadhSingh I just proved they can ;)
(Ok, that one was admittedly bad.)
It got everyone to be silent for a moment...
Yeah not gonna lie, not sure how to follow that one.
5:01 PM
No longer.
@Spevacus Drastic topic change? How's the weather? :P
Honestly? Very, very nice here. It was really stormy yesterday so I expected a lot of humidity, but it's just... Nice.
@Tinkeringbell It’s raining Magically Weaponized Ponies over here (in seriousness it’s good :P)
I'm not going to ask about the ponies.... nope.
@Spevacus Fingers crossed that keeps up :)
We've got a slight haze of smoke from the Canada fires upstairs, but otherwise, mostly rainy.
Isn't that your ground, @Kyle?
5:03 PM
Unicorns are the magically weaponized form of a pony. — TheTXI Sep 1 '09 at 21:46
I wasn't asking!
But... but... Unicorns!
Waffles > Unicorns.
@Ollie Them's fightin' words.
Okay, unicorns are kinda cool.
@Ollie Definitely not when it comes to crochet :P I hate waffle stitch.
5:06 PM
@Tinkeringbell But waffles are better.
Meh. Maybe stroopwafels, but not waffles.
@Spevacus You can put syrup, or eggs and bacon, on the waffles, you can eat them, you can throw them at SE employees. You can't do any of that with unicorns.
@Tinkeringbell oh yeah, because Prosus is Dutch...
@Ollie Sure, but can you ride a waffle?
Game, set, match.
@Spevacus ... a blue one.... maybe....?
Deng it.
5:07 PM
@Spevacus the closest I could come was the Belgian Waffle Ride.
@Ollie “throw them at SE employees” depends on the weight of the unicorn. Just make sure not to hit them with the horn as those might legally count as sharp sticks (idk I’m not a lawyer)
@Ollie yes please pardon our mess with the smoke. BC has been on fire too much and too long. Not a fun summer 😓
One town in BC hit 49.6C from the heat wave, and then two days later entirely burned down in a wildfire
5:19 PM
Yeah, that town got some 'world fame' you don't want to have as a town :(
On the plus side - and speaking of getting poked with a sharp stick - I'm moments away from my second vaccination! 💉
@Tinkeringbell Is it 20 ? for 24 hours?
@KylePollard ouch.
@Wolgwang I think so, yes... search Meta.se for 'complete rate limiting', it should give you a post that has those three words in the title... it should have a section on chat that includes the limit.
@KylePollard if the sharp stick turned you into a unicorn with hands and a computer, which jab would you take?
5:21 PM
@KylePollard Nice! Hopefully your arm doesn’t hurt too much :)
@KylePollard Oof... My second shot put me out of commission for a day and a half. Here's hoping you don't experience the same.
I spent a day with blankets and a fan too, because of fever... fingers crossed yours goes better @Kyle
Guess I got lucky compared to y’all. All I got was some mild arm pain
bofkont :P
Yeah I had a pretty rough fever, nausea, pretty brutal headache. Was not a fun time.
5:24 PM
Oof, yours sounds especially bad... all I really had was not being able to feel a comfortable temperature XD
Though I'd take that any day over not having access to the vaccine, ah'course.
@Spevacus really? No one in the fam (so far) got anything but an angry shoulder.
I was really happy to be a US citizen, and I feel a bit bad that vaccine distribution took as long as it did (or still does? I don't follow it too closely) to get to other countries.
@Ollie Yeah, I got the Moderna one. First shot was a complete walk in the park, the second sucked.
@Tinkeringbell Thanks :-) I got it "Star limit is 20 stars per room, per day for each user."
First one hit me hard, second one I treated myself like I was already sick starting a couple days beforehand, and that seemed to help a bunch... n=1, no control, though.
5:29 PM
Thanks for the well wishes everyone ❤️ fingers crossed 🤞
@Slate It's general advice here, so it probably has some merit. Take two paracetamol before getting your second shot, and make sure to be well-hydrated too. Then keep up the paracetamol and hydration for 24 hours.
Best of luck with the dice. No matter how it goes, after a couple days, it'll be a huge relief. Have a good weekend :)
@Tinkeringbell Yup, pretty much. Lots of water, solid and balanced meal, good sleep... made a huge difference. And if needed yeah, OTCs can touch up the rest nicely, a lot of the time.
I only did the hydration part but I was pretty drunk after 12 hours or so ...
@rene Hey, getting drunk to the point where you pass out probably also helps forget about the side-effects :P
5:35 PM
Can't feel sick if you're asleep!
Same tactic Benadryl uses. Can't feel allergic reactions if you're not conscious.
"Turn it off and on again" should be benadryl's new slogan.
Must go. Cya later, y'all - nice chatting with ya!
My sister just got her first (COVID) vaccine! She turned 12 yesterday.
Looks like people had some really bad reactions to the second shot
I feel lucky, I just felt a bit down for a couple days and got better, and the rest of my family had pretty much no side effects
5:49 PM
For some measure of 'bad'.... I guess the side effects of covid would've been worse :)
@Ollie Doesn't need to be said, waffles are much tastier than equestrians
@Tinkeringbell Well of course, or no one would take the vaccine
@user for early humanity horse meat was eaten far more often than waffles
Of course, they were uncivilized back then :P
We modern humans now know of the health benefits of waffles
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