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12:51 AM
@AaronHall and we need more excellent questions; we are about statistics analysis and optimization, so I thought I'd ask.
@Rob never hurts to ask...
3 hours later…
4:23 AM
so inc down ?
No, just SO.com. :D
Only servers, and sometimes emotions :D
4:42 AM
Works now: askubuntu.com
sopilers in the link :D
Before view:
Jan 25 at 22:52, by Mithical
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8:40 AM
Since when korean characters in a question title make a question off-topic?
most of those are spam
outside of korean.se at least, if that site exists
OK, in that case I don't think it was spam. Ty @John.
9:13 AM
@rene Nice explanation of fubar :-D
I am not sure if we should close that as no longer reproducible or for some other reason. It's somehow quite useless though.
eh, just leave it
SO usually posts a post mortem anyway
OK, we'll leave it for roomba ;-)
9:21 AM
Oh, I was hoping we would learn who to blame. For educational purpose of course. put pitchfork down
Looks like the no ping policy has been permeated very nicely at this room now ;-)
Just remembering the shog drama staying away here.
9:38 AM
@πάνταῥεῖ there's other people to pingspam
Yeah, I still noticed :)
1 hour later…
10:58 AM
Don't ping me:
11:12 AM
@πάνταῥεῖ doggy!
Yup! :-D
How would Ash react?
@πάνταῥεῖ "Thunder shock, Pikachu!"
I prefer to harrumph
@John And I didn't mean that Ash BTW ;)
11:53 AM
@πάνταῥεῖ probably make friends. Ash got into a fight with and had to be pulled off a husky as a pup
2 hours later…
2:00 PM
A moment of silence for the heavenly past
Q: November 2011 Community Moderator Election RESULTS

Shog9Well, it's finally over. Our year-end excuse for navel-gazing has come to an end, with four new moderators fresh from the turkey-fryer and ready to volunteer their formerly-precious free time in service to the users of Stack Overflow: Let's take a moment to give a hearty meta-welcome to ou...

I dunno how I landed on it
3 hours later…
4:57 PM
Birthday party at the zoo with 10 kids in tow? Done.
In a storm, no less. xD
3 hours later…
8:05 PM
Q: Some tags are not trackable

Suvitruf says Reinstate MonicaFor example, on ruSO Meta we have tag выборы, but I can't track it and this badge isn't showed on the badges page in my profile. On the main site we have tag олимпиада. Our member reported, that he cant track this badge. But he has posts with this tag. Is it a bug?

Can someone explain those downvotes?
I don't get it.
From question about suspension, to 10 year suspension in a minute; and we can't ask. We also can't offer suggestion to use the contact link because the question is deleted. Prior contributions seemed reasonable: ell.stackexchange.com/users/106739/xaddell probably English isn't their first language.
8:42 PM
@SuvitrufsaysReinstateMonica The MSE regulars seem to believe that searching for duplicates is easy and punish you if you dare post something that might have been asked before.
@terdon (。•́︿•̀。)
@Rob The suspension was issued by a staff member. It's a safe bet that the user is a sock of a known trouble maker. I can't imagine any other case where this would happen.
I want a red flag. With lots of bloody red.
@SuvitrufsaysReinstateMonica When I first came to meta, I immediately noticed that in some questions, there's this culture, inherited from SO, probably, that people suddenly expect something to come of the question. When they notice it's misplaced or gets things wrong, they're much more prone to downvoting. Sort of like a boss being disappointed about the time they gave some employee, "this was a waste of time"
I never quite figured if that's the right impression, and if people are being bossy about it or I'm exaggerating it quite a bit. I got used to it, since I don't post much, but the plus side is they're often impersonal
Maybe since you have a reputation for posting good bug reports about non-English SO's, people expected this neat subtle bug you were able to trigger
@It'sOver sometimes I don't understand MSE =/
Oftentimes I don't understand people
I guess so many (jaded, burnt out from all the commotion) viewers, and four of them voting isn't really so significant
9:04 PM
@terdon I wouldn't even assign any motives here, it's really easy to get a bunch of quick downvotes on MSE. I'm not sure where they come from, but I get that as well on posts that later get a reasonably high score.
esp. recently
@MadScientist I've always been annoyed at MSE's eagerness to downote dupes though. Considering that the post was closed as a dupe, it seems very likely that people downvoted for that reason. Many users seem to think that posting a decent question that turns out to be a dupe is a good reason for downvoting. And not only on MSE.
9:23 PM
@terdon Personally, I think duplicates on MSE only make sense for stuff that are actually FAQs like "why don't you require comments for downvotes". For anything else it makes a lot of sense to allow new versions of old ideas to gain favor, or not
I've had questions I posted closed as dupes of posts from years ago. it's like people think that if one group of users discussed something in 2012, then this can never be discussed again.
A feature request from 2010 is never a duplicate, the sites have changed so much that it is pretty much irrelevant now
I've accidentally reopened some of my meta posts with the gold tag badge power at least twice, and while I wouldn't have used that power intentionally, I think keeping the posts open was still the correct choice. People tend to ignore the "exact" part of exact duplicate far too much
People are a bit close-happy in general on MSE.
9:43 PM
@MadScientist Fuzzy dupes can make sense on other sites, but yeah, they make even less sense than ever on MSE.
10:06 PM
@terdon I can appreciate that, and know that there can't be an official answer (for privacy reasons). The question was in the review queue for "needs details" but had two leave open votes and a few comments offering advice; then boom. --- It was more of rhetorical head scratching, I (we) only know what's on the surface; 10 years says that there's more than met the eye. --- I prefer to review correctly.
@Rob I know it was head scratching. I spoke up because I am privy to information that suggests what I told you is the case.
I'm sure you reviewed correctly, there was nothing in the question that would indicate the problems.
10:51 PM
OK, Thanks.

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